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SICW teams up with the Gateway Grizzles August 9-10th Jerry The King Lawler, Larry Matysik, Ken Patera, Rocky Johnson, Baron Von Raschke, Harley Race

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 11, 2013

 photo th2_zps72788059.jpg

SICW Promoter Herb Simmons has done it again, the Gateway Grizzles celebrates wrestling legends at the GCS Stadium in Sauget Illinois. August 9-10th.

 photo jerry-lawler_zps16738170.jpeg

“The King” Jerry Lawler to throw out first pitch on the 9th, followed by meet and greet with him, Larry Matysik,

 photo th3_zps9a5e8a2c.jpg

fFormer Wrestling at the Chase and WWE Star Ken Patera

Ken Patera,
 photo 4f7ba9ee169dc_230787n_zps554051df.jpg

Rocky Johnson,

Baron Von Raschke,  and Harley Race in a VIP Suite.

Saturday the 10th a super star card featuring CWC title match and other surprises.

Stay tune for more on this huge card presented by SICW and the Gateway Grizzles.

We will have information on tickets shortly here at Missouri Wrestling Revival as soon as we know…..

Wrestling is red hot at SICW.

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Legends week – Baron Von Raschke, Travis Cook, & The Claw

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 9, 2013

 photo baron_zps070a56a3.jpg

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Legends week – Meet Baron Von Raschke on May 10-11 at the Argosy Casino

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 3, 2013

 photo baronvonraschke_zpsc1393537.jpg

Artwork done by “The Artist of Champions” Rob Schamberger

Bio from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Waterloo, Iowa

For more on this great hall click here.

In less than one week several of the top legends in the world of pro wrestling will return to St Louis at the Argosy Casino for a meet and greet on Friday and a show with the legends. This week we take a look at the legends that are set to appear at this historic weekend.

At the bottom be sure to check out this information on how you can join MWR  for a weekend that you will cherish forever.

Jim Raschke won a high school state title for Omaha Central High School and moved on the University of Nebraska , where he was Big 8 Conference champion. He also won two AAU national titles and in 1963 placed third in the world championships in the Greco-Roman style of wrestling.

He spent two years in the Army and taught high school one year in Omaha before starting a professional career. Joe Dusek got him started, and he began working for Verne Gagne. As a professional, he was a huge attraction as Baron Von Raschke, stomping into the ring and using the feared claw hold. He was a top box-office draw for two decades and won many titles, including half of the world tag team championship with Mad Dog Vachon.

54th anniversary of Wrestling at the Chase! See all of your old favorites. On hand will be Harley Race, Baron Von Raschke, Cowboy Bob Orton, Gerry Brisco, Greg Valentine and former Wrestling at the Chase commentator Larry Matysik. Hosted by Frank Cusumano.

Date: May 10, 7:30pm

Location: Argosy’s Music Hall


$20 Argosy Preferred Card discount, $25 general admission.

See Guest Services or call 1-800-711-GAME(4263) for complete details. Must be at least 21 years of age to attend.


Catch every bone-jarring body slam at the Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling event. Live wrestling with icons like CWC Champ Ricky Cruz, Protege of King Kong Brody Ron Powers, Bull Schmitt and Flash Flanagan. Plus the legends of Wrestling at the Chase! will be on hand with Greg Valentine participating in a LIVE MATCH. Don’t miss the big event!

Date: May 11, 7pm

Location: Argosy’s Music Hall


$20 Argosy Preferred Card discount, $25 general admission.

See Guest Services or call 1-800-711-GAME(4263) for complete details. Must be at least 21 years of age to attend.

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May 10-11th LEGENDS OF ST. LOUIS WRESTLING. Ticket Info- Must be at least 21 years of age to attend.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 17, 2013

 photo LEGENDSOFWRESTLING_zps52990a34.jpg

Check out this billboard on I-70 heading east right past the St Louis Airport.- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Mark your calendars for the 54th anniversary of Wrestling at the Chase! See all of your old favorites. On hand will be Harley Race, Baron Von Raschke, Cowboy Bob Orton, Gerry Brisco, Greg Valentine and former Wrestling at the Chase commentator Larry Matysik. Hosted by Frank Cusumano.

Date: May 10, 7:30pm

Location: Argosy’s Music Hall


$20 Argosy Preferred Card discount, $25 general admission.

See Guest Services or call 1-800-711-GAME(4263) for complete details. Must be at least 21 years of age to attend.


Catch every bone-jarring body slam at the Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling event. Live wrestling with icons like CWC Champ Ricky Cruz, Protege of King Kong Brody Ron Powers, Bull Schmitt and Flash Flanagan. Plus the legends of Wrestling at the Chase! will be on hand with Greg Valentine participating in a LIVE MATCH. Don’t miss the big event!

Date: May 11, 7pm

Location: Argosy’s Music Hall


$20 Argosy Preferred Card discount, $25 general admission.

See Guest Services or call 1-800-711-GAME(4263) for complete details. Must be at least 21 years of age to attend.

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Memories of ST.Louis Wrestling “THE GOLDEN DAYS OF WRESTLING AT THE CHASE” May 10 and May 11”

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 12, 2013

SICW Promoter Herb Simmons has provided the MWR with the pleasure of being the first to break a major announcement.

In May of this year he and the Argosy Casino in Alton Illinois SICW will be promoting a two day wrestling event. Per  Simmons “the deal came about when he was contacted by the Director of Marketing from the Argosy Casino. I met with representatives and immediately knew they both had knowledge of the history of wrestling in the St. Louis Region. They not only had the knowledge, but had researched the “Wrestling at the Chase days”. Because of all the articles they had viewed regarding our history of preserving the history with Larry Matysik and the other greats that we have brought in over the past years, they felt there was a time and place to continue on our mission and passion of keeping those memories alive.”

So on May 10 and 11th at the Argosy Casino in Alton Illinois those memories once again will come to life.







AND LARRY MATYSIK to name just a few.

Also that night the Master of Ceremony will be St. Louis sports caster from KSDK channel 5, Frank Cusumano, He will lead the answer and question portion from the audience to the legends.

Then on Saturday evening the action in the ring will begin. you will need to come and be a part of this historic night of wrestling because all of this and much more is scheduled for a night that you will forever remember .

As more names are added to the list of legends MRW will be the first to know so check back and mark those dates, Friday May 10 and Saturday May 11th at the Argosy Casino in Alton Illinois, FOR MEMORIES OF ST. LOUIS WRESTLING “THE GOLDEN DAYS OF WRESTLING AT THE CHASE” !!!

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Once It’s in Your Blood… By Matt Murphy

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 19, 2011

Just a few months ago, I was content with my role as a passive wrestling fan. I watched WWE programming once in a while with lukewarm interest, mostly to see how a few of my friends were doing and what storylines they were involved with.

An old friend said I was getting bitter towards the wrestling business. He couldn’t have been more wrong. I love wrestling, always have and always will, but I had already struck out with WWE as a writer didn’t see any future for myself in the business. I thought it would be best for me and for my family if I just stayed away from wrestling.

And I tried. I pushed wrestling to the back of my mind did what I could to leave it there. My wrestling DVD library started to collect dust. And as I finished the first draft of my latest book, The Somebody Obsession: A Nobody’s Desperate Journey to Stardom, I wrote about my relationship with wrestling as if (and believing) I’d found closure.

My passion for wrestling never died and I could still feel it inside, but I dismissed it as indigestion and moved on with my life.

It had been more than a year since I’d done an interview when some old friends invited me to appear as the guest on their Squared Circle Round Table wrestling talk show on JCTV in Jefferson City. I wasn’t nervous or excited when the interview started, but I surprisingly had a blast talking wrestling with them. We filmed a pair of one-hour episodes and I felt like could have sat there and talked wrestling all night.

At Christmastime, I was adding items to my Amazon wish list to make my wife’s gift-buying as painless as possible. I thought it might be fun to kick my son’s butt at some WWE Smackdown vs. Raw on the Xbox 360, so I added that game to the list. On Christmas Eve, we let Hunter open one present. In turn, he insisted that I open one as well and he picked out the wrestling game to be that early gift. Minutes into my first match against Hunter, I could see that he was going to get hooked on wrestling.

During the next month, I watched and worried as Hunter’s obsession with wrestling grew. He staged matches with his rapidly growing collection of action figures, wrestled with his giant stuffed Batman on the dining-room floor, watched my Wrestlemania anthology and other wrestling DVDs (ever seen a five-year-old choose to watch a Verne Gagne vs. Baron Von Raschke match?), and played that wrestling video game so much that I had to buy a kitchen timer to make sure he still made time for other activities. I even tried to distract him with a little Super Smash Flash 2 game but after a few tries he went back to his wrestling! Have to try again later…

I had always said I would support my son’s interests to the best of my ability, no matter what those interests were, and he was putting that promise to the test.

Wrestling was a big part of my past that I expected to stay in the past, but he pulled me back in. And despite my uncertainty as I felt it happening, deep down I was glad.

I started looking for ways to contribute to the business again.

I’ve been called both a hack and a genius when it comes to the wrestling business. While the truth probably lies somewhere in between, I’ve always felt like I had something special to offer.

Many people who leave the business miss the camaraderie among the boys most of all. I miss it, of course, but more than anything I miss the thrill of feeling my creative wheels constantly turning, of scribbling down ideas for gimmicks and storylines and match finishes as fast as I could before they were lost forever, and that sense of accomplishment when I watched one of my ideas played out in front of a live crowd. Those are feelings I’ve never experienced in a “real” job and I miss them.

While browsing Facebook, I came up with an idea to create a networking site similar to Facebook but exclusively for those working in the business. Instead of piling that idea on the growing heap of ideas I’ve had in the last couple years that never made it a step further, I created the site that night. After one week, Kayfabe Connect has almost 80 members. I hope to see that number grow to 250 members in the next three months.

I didn’t watch Raw on Monday night but I heard about the Rock’s return soon afterwards. I found it on YouTube and watched in awe, forgetting about all my successes and failures in the business, and got completely engrossed in the segment once again as a fan. For the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long, I can’t wait until next Monday night.

A few nights ago, I went into the Harley Race Wrestling Academy for the first time in more than a year. I spoke briefly with Harley, who I’d only seen once during that time, and stood beside my old friend Trevor Murdock as we watched our sons, who are two months apart in age and are best friends, wrestle around. Since then, Hunter can’t stop begging me to take him back there. It seems that wrestling is in his blood, just as it’s in mine. Maybe this is just a phase and he’ll lose interest, and it’s okay with me if that happens, but for now I’m having fun watching him get wrapped up in wrestling the same way I did when I was a kid.

I don’t know what the future holds for me in wrestling. I know only two things: 1.) I want to work in the business in some capacity again, and 2.) I don’t expect to make profit in wrestling, but I owe it to my family to make sure I don’t take a loss, either.

No matter what happens between me and the wrestling business in the future, it feels pretty damned good right now to feel that fire rekindled.

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2010 Missouri Wrestling Revival Award winners

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 27, 2011

What a great year 2010 was for pro wrestling in the Midwest. Shows throughout the Midwest showed a steady growth in an economy that is struggling.

The biggest companies in the World, WWE and TNA both had pay per views in the Midwest. Fans were able to meet the stars at TNA’S fan fest. The ST Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame honored Dory Funk JR, Bobby the Brain Heenan and Baron von Raschke with their inductions to the hall of fame during the celebration.

Wrestling returned to Kansas City in a big way when Metro Pro Wrestling debut at the historic Memorial Hall with special guest Tommy Dreamer and a TV deal on Metro Sports. Led by former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdock, the Metro roster has to step up their game if they are to be the best if they are to stand out of the 3 time WWE Tag Team Champions shadow.

We were happy to add New Midwest Wrestling to our coverage area.At MWR we have seen some of the NMW talents in past in Dan the Man and Ryan Phoenix but we quickly saw that Bobby Houston, Eric Logan and NMW Champion Jonathan Magnus are just a few that are worthy of seeing in action as well.

Once again we were able to enjoy another great PWE show at the Lincoln Balloon Festival. PWE later in the year saw Donovan Ruddick and Mason Beck go up against the fun lovin former WWE Star U-Gene and the Mississippi Madman.

We were able to see PWP get out of the grasp of the Murder Militia in a classic War Games match while on the other side of the state 3XWrestling continued their standard of providing the fans with great wrestling and an up and close look at their great website including the monthly Outside the Ring program.

In ST Louis MMWA-SICW was the 2009 MWR Promotion of the Year, but they did not rest on their laurels. They continued to train young wrestlers while bringing in some of the very best in Mark Sterling and Mike Sydal, fans where also  thrilled to see old favorites return like Danny Boy and Ron Powers.

AAPW had one of the very best feuds in the Midwest with Shane Rich turning his back on his good friend Edmund “Livewire” McGuire.

NWA Dynamo has brought back some of the GCW flavor and packed the house in a great show in the summer with Pete Madden and Mike Sharona going to war with Nikki Strychnine and Makaze in the main event.

HVW had a slow year but was proud to boast that HVW Original Santana G had made her way to Florida with a great opportunity to valet on Spike TV for TNA with Orlando Jordan.

World League Wrestling is primed to be at their very best with the young talent training at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy. Don’t be surprised to see the talents of Jason Jones, the Cancun Kid, Lucy Mendez, Jack Gamble, Brian Breaker and Ethan Wright hold titles throughout the Midwest and beyond in the near future.

IHW proved that they were one of the best with entertaining shows that grew more and more fans each time. Brandon Aarons has turned into the one of the biggest fan favorites in all of the Midwest. Eric Allen and Sean Vincent would test the skills of the rising young star.

MECW mixed hometown flavor with a dose of Windy City Wrestling, including former WWE Star Mike Anthony and the one and only Bailey Mannix along with teen heart throb Evan Money.

IWA Unlimited provided the fans of Olney Illinois with free wrestling each Wednesday. High flying and hard hitting action gave the wrestlers a chance to improve their skills in a great environment.

IWA Productions packed the house with special guest The Honky Tonk Man but it was the local fans that stole the show when Christian Rose and Danny Cannon tore the roof off the place.

NWA Supreme shows may not have that many shows but the ones they did have where filled with some of the best stars locally and nationally.

MWR wrestlers have been active working to get to the top. Mike Sydal was announced as the 2009 PWI Rookie of the year while Midwest stars Mark Sterling, Ace Hawkins, Brandon Espinosa all made appearances with Ring of Honor.

The fans and friends of Barry Ryte showed their support for their guy after he was diagnosed with cancer causing him to back out of the 2010 ECWA Super 8 tournament. Barry has shown in the ring that he has the heart of a champion, and that fighting spirit has helped him It has been announced that he has been cleared to wrestle in 2011. If we had an inspirational wrestler of the Year he would have won hands down.

Fans were blessed to have the Champion of the World Tyler Black make their way to their hometown as Tyler Black met Jeremy Wyatt at 3Xwrestling in Des Moines Iowa, while in Illinois Black went one on one with Brandon Aarons.

This fall word got out that the Future Donovan Ruddick had made his way to Florida with a developmental contract for WWE. He joined the before mentioned Black who has since lost his title to Roderick Strong but we all know the best is yet to come for Tyler Black.

I hope that you have enjoyed the coverage of all of your favorite promotions. It is with the hard work of Dubray Tallman, Mike Van Hoogstraat, Bill Smith, Gary Giaffoglione, Matt Murphy, Greg Anthony , Dartallion Allen, Mark Campos, Josh Ray and Rob Schamberger that makes the site what it is today.

We would like to thank the promoters and wrestlers that support the site for the past three years.

Last but not least thank you so much to the fans of pro wrestling in the Midwest. Take the time to see a wrestler before they become the next Superstar.

On January first we were proud to announce that Mike Chapman was named as the 2010 MWR Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. For more info on Mike Chapman click here.

Now with further ado I give you the 2010 MWR yearly awards.

2010 Wrestler of the Year

Mike Sydal-

Mike Sydal (Photo Credit Scott Finkelstein)

The wrestler of the year was a close vote this year as the surge of Mark Sterling coming within votes to be named for the second year in a row for MWR Wrestler of the Year. Meanwhile Donovan Ruddick had a great push thanks to great performances in 2010 against Dave Vaughn, Mephisto, and the Mississippi Madman. Hard work would pay off for Ruddick as the opportunity that many felt was long overdue, came to pass when he was signed to the WWE developmental contract late this fall. Jeremy Wyatt and Trevor Murdock both garnered several votes thanks to what many voters voiced their respect for each of these men. Last but not least just on the outside of the voting range was Brandon Aarrons who and his former tag team partner Brandon Espinosa .

Mike Sydal toured the country in 2010 wrestling in matches each and every week. Promoters loved him, fans cheered him and the country noticed. His hard work and dedication combined with a true desire to improve earned made him the second wrestler that took part in the WLW/Noah camp that won the PWI Rookie of the Year.

Sydal was just getting started, during Wrestlemania weekend he was in California wrestling with Ring of Honor. He would continue wrestling with Ring of Honor training at their training center before making appearances on Direct TV’S HDNET against Tyler Black, Christopher Daniels and more.

In the fall Sydal returned to much fan fare. At Metro Pro Wrestling, Rock and Roll Mike Sydal was once again on TV with Metro Pro Wrestling against the former WWE Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdock.

At 3XW he was involved in one of the most emotional matches of the year when he was force to face “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson. Thompson defeated his High Flyers’ partner Mike Sydal following a Dublin Driver in a very emotional and hard fought Loser Leaves 3XWrestling match set up by 3XW Commissioner Todd Countryman in May. Fans rejoiced when Thompson overcame the odds to defeat Brian Ash in November to allow Sydal to once again return.

Throughout the year of 2010 Sydal popped up just about everywhere good wrestling could be found.

Sydal has earned the respect of his peers and promoters and it showed in the 2010 in the final vote. Out of 14 awards committee voters the lowest Sydal got were 16.

We would like to congratulate Mike Sydal as the 2010 MWR Wrestler of the Year.

First Runner upMark Sterling
Second Runner upDonovan Ruddick
Third Runner upJeremy Wyatt

2010 MWR Tag team of the Year

Attitude Inc. (Guy Smith, Spencer Powers, and Michael Shard)

New Midwest Tag Team Champions : Attitude Inc – Spencer Powers, Michael Shard and Guy Smith

Attitude Inc is a flashy tag team that has electrified the ring at New Midwest Wrestling for the past year. All three men are former NMW Heavyweight Champions who have come together and found success. Like the Freebirds, Attitude Inc have mixed partners to their advantages. Their success and talent has won over the awards committee.

At the start of the year they dismantled the faction the Sin Club of Steve Bishop, Dave Parker and Dareian Frost in impressive fashion.

In July the they outlasted the tag teams of Logantyre (Eric Logan and Justin McEntyre) , The New Immolare (Tom Arson and Ryan Phoenix) and the Full Metal Jackals( Danny Cannon and Alex Castle) in an exciting four way match to win the NMW Tag Team titles.

In consecutive months of October and November they defeated the up and coming tag team the Full Metal Jackals (Danny Cannon and Alex Castle) to retain the NMW Tag Team Titles.

Though Attitude Inc has their hands full with the tag team of the Uninvited (Rip Mystic and Tom Arson) heading into 2011, the team can hold their head up high that MWR has named them the 2010 MWR Tag Team of the Year.

First Runner up Gentleman’s Club- Devin Carter and Casanova
Second Runner up- Steve Fender and Mark Sterling
Third Runner up – The Hooligans -Devin and Mason Cutter

2010 MWR Female of the Year

Amy Hennig

Amy Hennig (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

The current World League Wrestling Women’s champion has been dominate in 2010. Hennig has trained at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy and has all the tools to make it to the top of the wrestling world.

Matches with Lucy Mendez, Santana G and Angelus Layne were must see matches in 2010.

You can catch her brother Joe every Monday night on WWE, do not miss the chance to see her in the Midwest while you still can.

First Runner up -MsChif
Second Runner up- Santana G
Third Runner up- Lucy Mendez

2010 MWR Promotion of the Year


3XW’s fifth year proved to be the best yet, featuring a mix of incredible wrestling, packed crowds, strong business relationships within the community, and a continuing commitment to charitable efforts.
Despite the common perception that interest in wrestling is on the decline, 3XW enjoyed consistently growing crowds throughout the year, routinely packing the Des Moines Social Club each month for events thanks to a loyal – and growing – following and strong television, radio, print and word-of-mouth advertising, not to mention the most talented roster of wrestlers in the entire Midwest.

This past July, 3XW also had the honor of being the last wrestling promotion to hold matches in historic Veterans Memorial Auditorium, a building with 55 years of wrestling history. The athletes of 3XW competed in the same building that NWA affiliates, particularly Central States, held matches years ago, not to mention some major WWE/WWF/WCW moments.

3XW’s webshow, Outside the Ring, enjoyed an increasing number of views, as did 3XWrestling.com, which was visited by thousands of fans each month.

First Runner up- Independent Hardcore Wrestler
Second Runner up- MMWA-SICW
Third Runner up- Metro Pro Wrestling

2010 MWR Match of the Year

Jeremy Wyatt vs. Tyler Black – 3XW – April 2, 2010

Spring Showdown at 3Xwrestling was a monumental night of pro wrestling featuring one of the top wrestlers in the Midwest proving to the world that he could hang with the Champion of the World.

The two wrestled to a 30-minute time limit draw in an incredible wrestling match that earned a standing ovation from the crowd after the final bell. The last minute of the match saw referee Jeromy Robb inadvertently get crushed in the corner by both men and fall to the canvas. Black quickly nailed Wyatt with a tremendous reverse brainbuster and covered him for the pin, only there was no ref to count the pin. As Black was checking on the ref in the corner, Wyatt slowly rose to his feet and grabbed Black from behind, slamming him hard with his patented Kansas Tumbleweed (Lightning Spiral) and covering him for the pin with 20 seconds remaining, only for the ref to still be out. Wyatt screamed and pleaded for the ref to get up to no avail and he even counted the pin himself. The time then ran out before a winner could be determined but the fans gave a standing ovation.

First Runner up- MECW November 20, 2010 – Bailey Mannix vs. Eric Allen – 30 Minute Ironman Match

Second Runner up- The Mississippi Madman vs. The Future Donovan Ruddick with MR Late Nite at Pro Wrestling Epic August 28th, 2010 Lincoln, Illinois

Third Runner up- Danny Cannon vs Christian Rose ladder match from IWA Productions OCC show in January 2010

For a complete list of nominations sent from fans, promoters and wrestlers around the Midwest click here.

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Dubi meets the IHW Fans September 11th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 20, 2010

By Dubray Tallman

Good day my wrestling fans, on September 11th we returned to Independent Hardcore Wrestling and for the first time we got to see them in Waterloo Illinois for “The Battle of Waterloo”.

On this weekend was my son Tyler’s 11th birthday so Brian offered to take him and his best friend Nick out for wrestling. This would be Nick’s first wrestling event so the boys were exciting about checking out the show.

The crowd was huge and the fans were really having a good time and it came to no surprise to me that the IHW Champion Brandon Aarons was one of the most request wrestlers for this edition of Dubi Meets the Fans.

Wesley Rodell and Justin Campbell with Brandon Aarons

I caught up with Wesley Roedl and Justin Campbell who were excited to have their pictures with Aarons. Justin has already snagged the trademark Aarons glasses at the merchandise table. My daughter Cheyenne loves those glasses and bought her one to have as well when we brought her last.

Up next was Hardcore fan favorite Mephisto who was chosen by Brandon Van Dever from Cahokia, Illinois.

Brandon Van Dever and Mephisto

Brandon told me that “after wrestling legend Baron Von Raschke, Mephisto was the best.”

We caught up with Aarons once again this time with friends who also picked up themselves a set of the Brandon Aarons player shades.

Michael Quinn and Aden Stein with Brandon Aarons.

Michael Quinn and Aden Steine from Waterloo Illinois were ready to cheer on Aarons as he was set to take on Bailey Mannix in the Main event.

Brandon Obst and Brandon Aarons

Blake Obst had hope to get his picture taken with the youth sensation Evan Money but before we could get it done Money had been jumped from after his match from Eric Allen, Lovely Leon and Bailey Mannix who cost him the win against the Canadian Sean Vincent.

Blake Obst and Cameron Cage

Money was being attended to in the back so Blake was willing to take his picture with the returning Cameron Cage.

I looked around to see who I could choose while we waited for Poo Doo the Cow to come out to have his picture taken with Tyler and Nick.

I saw Shorty Biggs  near and he had just got done signing autographs and took some pictures with his fans.

Shorty Biggs and Dubray Tallman

St Louis loves them some Shorty and so do I.

Aaron Brigance was lucky to have his picture taken with the Tony Kozina and I got so busy that I forgot to get one taken with the superstar.

Aaron Brigance and Tony Kozina

Kozina was also the IHW wrestler who wore the MWR shirt prior to his match to throw to one lucky fan.

Tyler Tallman with Poo Doo and his cowgirl along with Nick Bowne

Tyler and Nick quickly let me know when Poo Doo came out from the back and he was joined with him a cowgirl The boys favorite match did turn out to be his with Dash Rando and they were elated to get their picture taken with the popular IHW Star.

Tony Kozina had an amazing match with Chris Logan that saw chairs and tables involved throughout the match.

Sam Bazzell and Tony Kozina

Prior to his match Sam Bazzell caught the shirt and Tony came out prior to the main event to take a picture with young Sam

The night of wrestling turned out to be a lot of fun and on a personal note we would like to thank everyone at IHW for making Tylers birthday a night that he will always remember.

I hope to see you at a show real soon my friends and feel free to come out to say that you want to be part of Dubi meets the fans and we will do our best to get you a chance to meet your favorite wrestler.

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Premier Insulation & Firestop Company sponsors Fathers Day weekend Double Main event in East Carondelet.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 12, 2010

MMWA-SICW returns to East Carondelet on Saturday June 19th to celebrate both Fathers Day and their 51 year anniversary of Wrestling at the Chase first aired in May of 1959. Last year they had the great Harley Race in attendance along with Gene Kiniski and Baron Von Raschke via telephone talking to the packed house.

This years event in sponsored by Premier & Firestop Company who is bringing to you two explosive main events worthy of the occasion. General Manager Sean Walsh will be on hand with all his union friends to cheer on Ron Powers as he and Danny Boy have an all out war against Gary Jackson and Waco. Premier Insulation & Firestop have purchased ads on the radio and local newspaper’s including the Labor Tribune inviting all their union brothers and sister to join them in East Carondelet on Saturday June 19th at 8pm. Sean grew up watching Wrestling at the chase and felt like he wanted to help support a local wrestling show that gives back to their community.

That’s not all, the MMWA-SICW Championship will be on the line when Dave Vaughn defends his title against Travis Cook’s protégé 6’9 235 lbs Donovan Ruddick. This is the match that we have all been waiting for. Can the champion withstand the power of Ruddick or will Vaughn’s wrestling ability be the edge in this battle between two of the best in the Midwest?

Also on hand will be the voice of Wrestling at the chase Larry Matysik and Mickey Garagolia to celebrate the occasion.

MWR fans bring your fathers and sons, heck bring the whole family for a fun filled evening.

MMWA-SICW at the community Center at 823 State Street

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A look at the first half of 2010 in the MWR Coverage area. Nominate your favorite.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 16, 2010

By Brian Kelley

We are very close to the half year of 2010 and what a year it has been!

In the past few months both WWE and TNA have hosted PPV’S with WWE’S Elimination Chamber and TNA’S lockdown that was also headline with a fan interaction that allowed fans to meet stars such as Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Rob Vam Dam, Jeff Hardy and most of the rest of the TNA roster.

Old school fans can be happy that they have had a chance to meet the stars that brought memories that will last a lifetime when at TNA’S legends main event brought in the biggest stars of the 80’s and beyond with Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Sting.

The fun would keep coming when you were able meet other stars such as former WWE World Champion Bob Backland, Roddy Piper, Road Warrior Animal, Jimmy Snuka along with several other greats during Wrestling Legends on Tour.

On the Indy front I have to believe that everyone involved with their promotions needs to feel thrilled with the support and attendance from the fans as attendance and action has picked up for the most part at most shows.

Former WLW Wrestler  Dennis T McHawes released an autobiography called “Blood Tables and Chairs that allows fans to get a glimpse of the Indy scene not to long ago.

Mike Sydal continues his rise to the National spotlight after winning the PWI Rookie of the Year he followed that up by wrestling during WRESTLEMANIA weekend with Ring of Honor in a six man tag team race and earned the pin fall for his team.

Will Metro Pro Wrestling jump over the competition in 2010 with their debut at Memorial Hall on June 4th?

Till then lets look at 2010 shortly and what to forward to.

Let’s start out alphabetical.

3XWrestlingThe 2008 MWR Promotion of the year continues their standard of excellence with some great action. 3XW Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Wyatt and Ring of Honor a World Champion Tyler Black earned a standing ovation in April when the two went to a draw. Rory Fox who came close in 09 by taking out “The Belt Collector” won the May “Gauntlet for the Gold”. This could easily set up Wyatt vs. Fox feud part 2, one that would be great for the fans.

3XW Pure Wrestling Champion Kraig Kessaman has been rolling through the company using the deadly “Nordic Spike” maneuver and has not been pinned at 3XW in 23 months. While 3XW cruiserweight Champion Jimmy Rockwell came very close in defeating 3XW Champion Jeremy Wyatt at the Over the top show earlier this month

On a sad note the very popular tag team The High Flyers of Zach Thompson and Mike Sydal was forced by Todd Countryman to go against each other in a loser leaves town match that saw Thompson earned quite possibly the biggest win his short career by defeating the smoking red hot Sydal.

All American Pro Wrestling – Exciting feuds , shocking moments and near riots mixed in with former WWE and TNA Superstars brought AAPW among the top of the most talked about promotions in the area coverage.

The year started off with the very popular Edmund “Livewire” McGuire holding the AAPW Championship. During a title defense against the popular and powerful Mississippi Madman that would soon end. McGuire’s mountain to retain was huge but the backstabbing of McGuire’s best friend Shane Rich during the match would cost him the title and a feud is set to happen anytime. Rich was suspended for his actions. The fans and McGuire have been itching for a rematch BUT…

The Madman would find himself in the fire quickly as the 2008 MWR Wrestler of the Year Jeremy Wyatt came knocking for the belt. The Madman would retain but not before a near riot almost broke out. AAPW had no other option but to sign a rematch between the two at the very next show. Problems arose when Rich talked his way into the match making it a 3way and capitalizing by taking home the belt.

As of press time AAPW is set to bring to the Midwest WWE’S Jerry Lawler and Kevin Thorn and more AAPW matches at RENT ONE Park on May 22 in prior to a minor league baseball game. AAPW has also brought in TNA’S Andy Douglas and WWE/ECW’S Simon Dean…. We can all look forward to McGuire vs. Rich in the second half of the year.

High Voltage Wrestling – What High Voltage Wrestling lacked in amount of shows they made up for it in quality of matches and continuing their tradition of debuting some of the top stars in the St Louis area. During HVW’s first year they brought you “The Internaininal Superstar” Kahagas, TNA’S Santana G, The Hooligans, Matt Cage, Zero Gravity and Tony Kozina and in their second year they brought to you the very exciting Ryan Phoenix, Flash Flannigan, Dan the Manand Sir Bradley Charles.

Kahagas vs. Flash Flannigan was an instant hit and when the HVW Tag Champions the Hooligans went against the KC Killers the ropes would break but the action would not. Santana G would earn the respect of one of the greatest women wrestlers in the world MsChif and earn the respect of her and the two would team up once again.

Young Brandon Aarons would get a huge win for the fan favorites by defeating fellow young star Mike Sydal for the HVW Livewire Championship.

The HVW Champion has been defending the title around world and looks to face on all challenges in 2010.

Independent Hardcore Wrestling– IHW has been filled with packed shows with action throughout the building. Filled with stars who do not get as much hype like Billy McNeil, Steve Kennedy, Eric Allen, Mephisto and Brandon Aarons they have made themselves a legit promotion and giving the fans their money’s worth.

Former TNA Star Mickie Knuckles and the Great Cheyenne continue the improvement of the  women wrestling Midwest while Eric Allen’s exciting Illinois state Championship shocked the Midwest. IHW Champion Brandon Aarons match with Kennedy was an instant classic. MR Late Nite looks to make his mark in the Midwest to finish off 2010.

IHW heats up the summer in 2010 with a stacked card on June 12th in Dupo Illinois when Mickie Knuckles returns to take on Mia Martinez, SLAM The Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame’s Tony Kozina will take on exciting Bailey Mannix; Champions will collide when IHW Champion Aarons will meet IHW Illinois Champion Allen in a street fight.

IWA Productions – One of the biggest announcements of the first half had to do with IWA P bringing at their free Wednesdays show last week when non other than ICP came into bring fans to their feet. So much excitement that IWA P had to turn fans away do to a fire code. ALL for free.

In January they brought in former WWE Superstar the Honky Tonk Man and their students stepped up to provide a much talked about match between Christian Rose and Danny Cannon ladder match.

A mixture of free shows and paid shows that has also showcased Matt Cage taking on former WWE Champion Eugene, Ladies star Ann Brookstone along with “Homicidal” Steven Davis provide the fans with some top notch excitement.

Metro East Championship Wrestling– Wrestling in Woodriver provides the fans with an exciting night to hang with friends and family. The promotion had a set back when the MECW had to announce that champion Mannix was unable to defend due to an injury. Mannix though respect for his talent was hated for his actions meant that possibly one of the fan favorites such as Devin Carter or the “Kid” Evan Money could get their chance as MECW Gold.

Imagine the disappointment when bad guy Eric Allen was able to win the 8 man tournament and gain his second title in months. Who will be able to take the title back from EA? Will it be Carter in his rematch on the 22nd, or will Gabriel Brimstone, Brian Scrilla, or the returning Shawn Santel come back to glory.

MECW Tag team champions The Bayou Outlaws are one of the most underappreciated teams in the Midwest and loved by the fans.

On a National level MECW can hang their head up high Barry Ryte in his opportunity to appear at the 14th annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament later this summer on Sat. July 10, 2010 in Newark DE.

MMWA-SICWThe 2009 MWR Promotion of the Year has seen some exciting new faces and old friends join the veterans of the South Broadway Athletic Club. Impressive Dave Vaughn has taken on all challenges in his way including the powerful Donnovan Ruddick.
Speaking of Ruddick the Manager of Champions Travis Cook looks to take him to the top as he has signed him to his stable “The Connections.” With the skills of Ruddick and the mind of Cook these two could be unstoppable.

Brandon Espinosa has returned with a vengeance and is currently the MMWA-SICW JR Heavyweight Champion as well as the MMWA-SICW Battle Royal Champion. Will he set his sights on becoming a Triple Crown championship?

Life is not all good in the world of Travis Cook; he has agitated the returning MMWA-SICW Superstar Ron Powers and Danny Boy. In Cooks favor is the fact that Gary Jackson has also wanted a piece of his old rival Powers.

On a National scene the St Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame that is located at the SBAC presented Ric Flair, Bobby Hennan, Dory Funk JR and Baron Von Raschke with their HOF Plaques at the TNA Fan interaction.

What Midwest Superstars will make their debut at MMWA-SICW in the rest of 2010? I can not wait to find out.

New Midwest Wrestling – The newest promotion at MWR, New Midwest have been around for a long time entertaining fans in Sprinfield Illinois.

The NMW Roster brings together an exciting roster with Cory Carter, Guy Smith, Ryan Phoenix, Dan the Man and Blake Steel as well the New Midwest Wrestling Champion Jonathan Magnus.

New Midwest Wrestling returns this week with Capital Punishment 2010 as Magnus have his title threatened when Rip Mystic comes after him.

NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling– NWA Dynamo has slowly been building steam heading into the second half of 2010. Home of the NWA Missouri Champion Davey Vega and NWA Central States Championship Mark Sterling they brought us the battle of Champions when the two took on each other during their May 1 show where Vega tapped out to the 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year.

NWA Missouri Champion Vega will look to get back on track when he takes on Dragon Gate star Kyle O’Reilly on May 22nd.

Like I said a quiet year so far for this top promotion but look for them to sprint to the top in 2010.

NWA Supreme – MWR was honored to be invited to check out this exciting promotion early this year and we were impressed. The giant Bear ST Pierre and the electrifying Da Cobra brings to the ring a fast paced wrestling show with a punch in the Face.

NWA Supreme Champion Da Cobra has been red hot and will look to add Danny Cannon on his list of men he sent home packing. Bear ST Pierre has survived the onslaught on Jeremy Wyatt and De Andre King and Guy Smith and on May 29 he will have the formidable foe of Christian Rose looking to take home the title.

. The Hooligans and the Hybrids tore each other apart in the cage and it looks to only getting hotter as the summer comes around.

Fan have to be excited as the NWA Supreme brings you the NWA Midwest Championship match between the Shiek with Joey Eastman and Silas Young as well on the 29th.

Pro Wrestling Epic – One of the youngest promotions in the MWR Coverage area has been working hard to get respect. Signing some of the top names in the sport they boast some of the top talents in the Midwest today.

One fallback to that statement is that the PWE Champion Keith Walker has been in Japan meaning that he is unable to defend the title as needed. Even with Walker out the states they have the new PWE US Champion Brandon Aarons and the PWE tag team Champions Zero Gravity on their roster.

At their only show of the year the night started of with Mark Sterling as the PWE US Champion. Sterling defeated Mike Sydal then announced to the crowd that he was not done. He would be more than happy to beat anyone else in the locker room. Aarons showed true heart by answering the call even though he was defeated by Wyatt earlier in the night. Amazingly Aarons would defeat Sterling and become the PWE US Champion.

PWE and Aarons returns with their biggest test to date when PWE US Champion Brandon Aarons takes on Ring of Honor World Champion Tyler Black go at it in a match that you will not want to miss.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix– The faction known as Murder Milita looked to have PWP on their knees and in total control at the start of the year. The Murder Militia (Jeremy Wyatt, #1 Brett Young, Mark Sterling, Joey Daniels & Jayden Draigo) would find that Team PWP (PWP Heavyweight Champion ”Babyface” Tony Cortez, Abu Colossus, Jaysin Strife, Chris Havius & Donnie Peppercricket) was not going to back down for nothing.

The bomb is about to go off in the name of WAR Games this coming Saturday. Will the Militia continue to leave the PWP Wrestlers and fans in fear heading into 2010?
Young David Clark, Jimmy Rockwell and Zac James is set to battle in a ladder match for the chance to get a chance at any PWP Championship that night as well.

The PWP Champion Babyface Tony Cortez has defeated Jeremy Wyatt, Joey Daniels Jimmy Rockwell and Jaysin Strife since becoming the Champion last December.

World League WrestlingHarley Race’s WLW took their time to get back in the game in 2010 but it was well worth the wait.

Starting off the year they had a tournament to crown new WLW Tag Champions and lo and behold Steve Fender and Mark Sterling walked away with the coveted tag team titles. Sterling and Fender are two of the most rounded wrestlers in singles, together they are scary good.

On the Singles from the WLW Title has been filled with action as the powerful Trent Stone held the title till in front of over 300 people in Richmond former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdoch pinned him in a leather strap match to regain the title.

It won’t be easy for Murdoch as Stone, Brian Breaker along with impressive young stars Jack Gamble, Ryan Drago, the Cancun Kid and Eathon Wright will all have their eyes to get to the top of the Mountain.

The WLW Ladies Champion Amy Hennig finds herself with competition all around as TNA’S Santana G earned a DQ victory from Hennig and the unknown Angelus Layne made her debut at WLW Keokuk IA. Some of the most exciting matches in women’s wrestler may well come from WLW.

That is a look at some of the promotions in the first half of the year. We are asking for the Promotions, Wrestlers and Fans to send in their thoughts on who was the best of the best in the first half year at MWR.

There will not be a winner announced for this but this will help the MWR Awards committee to not forget in the 2010 MWR Awards who is deserving. In each category there is some strong competition if the vote was to be voted on today I could not guess who would walk away the winners.

Wrestler of the Year first half
Tag team of the Year First Half
Promotion of the Year First Half
Women of the Year First Half
Match of the Year First Half

Please send in your nominations for the previous promotions to flairwhoooooo@yahoo.com

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