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Pro Wrestling Phoenix Live 2015 Mid-Year Report

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 5, 2015

By Cody Murphy
Photos courtesy of Gary Giaffoglione

2015 has been a wild ride for PWP Live, seeing all sorts of amazing matches and rivalries. We kicked things off with our Year of the Phoenix 10 event in January, featuring an exciting match between former WWE Superstar Bob “Hardcore” Holly and a man who competes all over the MWR coverage area, “Showtime” Bradley Charles!

 photo Match 6__ 110_zpsrlwq1vzo.jpg

Also, Darren “Thunder” Russell successfully defended the PWP Championship against Branden Juarez in a Street Fight!
 photo Match 7__ 45_zpsinyvyjyh.jpg

After the match, Abu Colossus brutally attacked Russell and demanded he put the title on the line. Russell, never one to back down from a fight, did just that, but Abu was too much and was able to become the 18th PWP Champion.

 photo Match 6_ 21_zpssstsu3yt.jpg

Russell looked to get a rematch for the PWP Championship but was sidelined by Chainsaw King, whom he had a series of matches with throughout spring, culminating with a dangerous Dog Collar Match at our Chained Chaos event in April.

 photo _MRG0821_zpsyguerdg9.jpg

Russell was victorious, sending King back into the shadows.

 photo Match 3_ 95_zpsv6gskoou.jpg

In March, we started a tournament to crown the first ever PWP Rising Phoenix Champion. It came down to “ Chainsaw King and “The Greece Pit” member L-Ray w/ “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece. At our 10th Anniversary Spectacular event in May, L-Ray was able to cheat his way to victory and become the first man to hold that title.
 photo Match 6_ 119_zpsrqx5ctpc.jpg

That night was full of amazing moments, as former WWE Superstar Scotty 2 Hotty went one on one with “The Greece Pit” Member Joey Daniels w/ “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece. Greece ran his mouth a little too much and ended up on the receiving end of The Worm!

“Babyface” Tony Cortez became the first man in history to win two PWP Championships on the same night, as he was victorious earlier in the night in a Triple Threat Match for the PWP Championship that included Abu Colossus & Darren “Thunder” Russell.
 photo Match 4_ 112_zpsrdd1h42z.jpg

Then in the main event, “Simply the Best”, which is the team of Cortez & Hype Gotti, defeated Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling in a brutal Ladder Match to end their year long reign as PWP Tag Team Champions.
 photo Match 7_ 81_zpsbv8ovkvd.jpg

 photo Match 7_ 300_zpsrtlap5e9.jpg

The results of that match led Wyatt to challenge Hype Gotti to a Loser Leaves PWP match, and it all went down at our July event. Years of rivalry would come to a close as both men put everything they had on the line. Wyatt thought he had the match won, but with Hype’s foot on the rope, the match was ordered to continue, and in the end, Hype Gotti ended the career of Jeremy Wyatt at PWP Live!

 photo Match_7 155_zpscbnb8key.jpg

With big superstars popping up left and right, and 3 Championships available for competition, PWP Live events have never been more exciting! Most of our events are available on DVD via our website, however nothing matches the experience LIVE at one of our events! Monthly events are held at the National Guard Armory in Council Bluffs Iowa, and we just announced our expansion into Nebraska as well with events held at The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha.

Keep up to date with PWP at our website http://www.PWPLive.net, like us on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/PWPLive, follow us on Twitter @PWPLive, and check out our Youtube at http://www.YouTube.com/PWPWrestling ! 2015 has been hot and it’s only getting hotter!

 photo 11855832_982984225077652_6777890170081537473_n_zpsvoreb5nv.jpg

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Pro Wrestling Phoenix Feb 28th in Council Bluffs, Abu Colossus vs “Babyface” Tony Cortez

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 20, 2015

 photo pwpddddd_zpsllf8tk7z.jpg

Wrestling fans, 2015 started off hotter than ever for PWP, with major developments at our annual Year of the Phoenix event. Now, we move forward to February 28th, with huge matches taking place! Let’s see what’s in store!

PWP Heavyweight Championship:
Abu Colossus Vs. “Babyface” Tony Cortez

Tony Cortez returned to PWP at last year’s Anniversary Spectacular, and has been on a tear ever since. In January he defeated Ryan Slade in another fantastic match, and later in the night he explained that it was time to fight for the PWP Heavyweight Championship one more time, and he had already signed a contract to face the champion on February 28th. No one could have predicted how the night would unfold however, and after defeating Branden Juarez, Darren “Thunder” Russell was attacked and challenged by Abu Colossus! After some controversial decisions, Colossus became the PWP Heavyweight Champion for the first time since 2008! Now these two PWP Icons will clash in the main event on February 28th in what is sure to be a classic bout. But can Babyface become a 3 time PWP Heavyweight Champion? Or will Abu continue to show the total brutality we have seen as of late, and leave the building with the title once more? You don’t want to miss this one!

PWP Tag Team Championship:
Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling Vs. “The Beautiful Bodies” Derek Cornell & Brian Gott

Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling have had a stranglehold on the PWP tag team division for almost a year now. Any team put in front of them has been defeated. Their tactics used to win are often questionable, but their level of in ring ability and talent cannot be denied. However, if any team has what it takes to defeat them, it is certainly “The Beautiful Bodies”. Brian Gott made his official return to PWP last month, and reformed one of the most popular tag teams in PWP history. Now Gott, along with Derek Cornell, vie for the titles in a rematch. But to defeat Wyatt & Sterling means not only out-wrestling them but out-smarting them as well. Can it be done? Be there February 28th to find out!

What’s Next For Darren “Thunder” Russell?

Darren “Thunder’ Russell defeated Branden Juarez in a vicious Street Fight in January, capping off their rivalry, and proving he is a worthy PWP Heavyweight Champion. When Abu Colossus attacked him and demanded he put the title on the line in an impromptu match, Russell simply had too much pride to say no, despite the brutal match he had just endured. The referee rang the bell, and moments later, Russell was without his title for the first time since last August. Many have questioned his decision, and Russell has stayed quiet for the most part. He has however, notified PWP officials that on February 28th, he plans to address Abu Colossus, the controversy surrounding the title, and the PWP fans. Don’t miss out on what Russell has to say!

“Simply Ravishing” Ryan Slade & “The Greece Pit”

Back in December, L-Ray & Ryan Slade were involved in a match that had opportunities to face the PWP Heavyweight Champion. Neither man won, but since that match, “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece has held Slade responsible for L-Ray’s loss, and after Slade helped “The Karaoke King” Purple & Dalton Lee Roth get a win over “The Greece Pit” in January, the Pit laid a beating into Slade after his match. Slade’s motto as of late is “Hakuna Matata”, but Axel Greece has vowed that after what he has in store for Slade on February 28th, he will have much to worry about!

“Showtime” Bradley Charles’ Next Move

Bradley Charles was sure he was going to defeat Hardcore Holly in January. After the loss he seemed devastated. He planned on using that win as a catalyst to superstardom. So what’s next for SBC? The former PWP Heavyweight Champion has vowed to make it back to the top and contend for the title once again.

Also appearing: Branden Juarez, “The Passion” Zac James, Dalton Lee Roth, “The Karaoke King” Purple, Mad Dog McDowell, and more!!

Saturday February 28th!

National Guard Armory
2415 E. Kanesville Blvd.
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Tickets just $10!! Available now via Paypal at http://www.PWPlive.net or in person at CD Tradepost at 84th & Giles in Omaha.

Doors open at 6:30
Bell time at 7:00



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Celebrate the Holidays with Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Dec 20th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 10, 2014

 photo pwp3_zpsc642ec6c.jpg

As PWP brings our 9th year to a close, we can look back at a fantastic year full of memorable moments and fun events! Now, we proudly present a night of explosive wrestling action on December 20th at the Council Bluffs National Guard Armory! Let’s take a look at what’s going down!

Main Event
Darren “Thunder” Russell defends the PWP Heavyweight Championship against the winner of a Triple Threat Match earlier in the evening

Darren “Thunder” Russell has proven himself a worthy champion in PWP since winning the belt in August, not only defeating a former champion in “Showtime” Bradley Charles, but also defeating Branden Juarez in a re-match. Now, he faces a new challenge, and a new contender, as three men will fight for the chance to become #1 contender. Earlier in the night a Triple Threat Match will occur featuring some of PWP’s best! Competing in this match will be: former PWP Heavyweight Champion Ryan Slade, L-Ray with “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece, and Derek Cornell!!

Grudge Match
“The Passion” Zac James Vs. “The Omaha Chainsaw” Stephen King

2014 has been a good year for Zac James, as he has turned over a new leaf in PWP. But ever since Stephen King returned in October, Zac has had nothing but trouble. After King attacked some of James’ students in both October & November, James has had enough. Now these two men collide in what is sure to be a vicious battle! Does Zac James have what it takes to defeat King, or will King continue with the vulgar display of power he has shown since he returned? Be there to find out!

“Simply The Best” Hype Gotti & “Babyface” Tony Cortez Vs. Abu Colossus & ???

At our November event, we witnessed a shocking and disgusting display, as Abu Colossus returned, only to unexpectedly destroy Hype Gotti. Hype has had tremendous success in PWP’s tag team division in 2014, most recently with Tony Cortez. But his former partner, Abu Colossus was taken out with injury in September, and as he explains it, he did not take lightly to being replaced so immediately. After he shockingly attacked Hype last month, he explained his actions, showing his disdain for the man. Hype has made it clear that on December 20th, he will be bringing “Babyface” Tony Cortez with him for a fight, and dared Abu to find a partner. Now, former partners collide in the ring, but who will Abu find? Or will he take on both men on his own? Don’t miss it December 20th!

What’s next for “Showtime” Bradley Charles?

2014 has been a tumultuous year for “Showtime” Bradley Charles, having a few title opportunities, but failing to become a two time PWP Heavyweight Champion. After a huge announcement last month that Hardcore Holly will be in action at PWP’s January 17th event, SBC laid out the challenge, saying he needs that signature win to help him skyrocket to the top of professional wrestling in the Midwest. But will Holly answer the challenge? Be there December 20th!

What’s next for Geek Singh?

Geek Singh exploded onto the PWP scene in January of this year, stringing together a series of impressive wins. But ever since losing to Darren “Thunder” Russell, he has struggled to regain that momentum. After a disappointing loss in November, Geek emotionally told the crowd that if he loses his match on December 20th, he will quit PWP! Will Geek regret his decision? And who will be his opponent?

Also appearing: PWP Tag Team Champions Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling, Branden Juarez, The Greece Pit’s Joey Daniels, & more!

Saturday December 20, 2014

National Guard Armory
2415 E. Kanesville Blvd.
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Ticket just $10!! Available via Paypal at http://www.ProWrestlingPhoenix.com – in person at CD Tradepost at 84th & Giles in Omaha – or at the door the day of the event.

Doors open at 6:30
Bell time 7:00


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Pro Wrestling Phoenix returns Saturday Feb 15

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 4, 2014

 photo pwp_zps66f25b58.jpg

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MWR Trading card set Series Two: # 5 “The Big Hurt” Abu Colossus

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 28, 2013

 photo abu2_zpsbe0a7fc6.jpg

Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione

MWR latest addition to the MWR Trading card set it the powerful and talented Abu Colossus. For the past twelve years pro wrestlers in Iowa have had the unfortunate task of trying to go through the man who some call the “Big Hurt” and other call “Street Justice”. Regardless the nickname his opponents have to be at their very best to take the 6 foot 4 275 lbs. off of his feet.

One of the most popular men in the Midwest, his dog collar match with Michael Strider is legendary in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Battles with the likes of Brett Young and Jeremy Wyatt have proved that he can hang with the best in the Midwest.

MWR fans can catch Abu in action at 3XWrestling, Pro Wrestling Phoenix, and Magnum Pro Wrestling in 2013.
It is with great excitement that we are to announce that the number 5 trading card in the MWR Trading card set is Abu Colossus.

MWR Trading card series set #2

#1 Kyle O’Reilly

#2 TJ Perkins

#3  “The Alternative” Brandon Gallagher

#4  Nikki St John

To purchase MWR Trading cards:

1) Catch the star at a show to have them autograph the cards personally

2) Contact them via facebook or myspace

3) Send $1.50 in money order or check for each card at *

Brian Kelley

305 West 3rd Salisbury Missouri 65281

or Paypal at flairmwr@yahoo.com

*Checks will take longer to clear than money orders so expect time for that to happen. Make sure you list exactly what card you are wanting to have.

Please note that when purchasing MWR Trading cards from the wrestlers, that they decide the prices for their cards. We highly recommend that you get them from the stars themselves and let them know that you enjoy MWR.

These cards are limited and are not mass produced making them highly collectable.

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Steven J Girthy leads “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt to the NWA Central States title

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 14, 2011


NWA Central States and NWA Missouri Champion Jeremy Wyatt *Photo credit Brian Kelley*

A week after capturing the NWA Missouri Championship, Jeremy Wyatt won the NWA Central States at Metro Pro Wrestling with the mastermind Steven J Girthy and Abu Colossus  in his corner.

In a four way NWA Central States Qualifier Match the Champion Mark Sterling defeated the former NWA Kansas Champion #1 Brett Young. Mark would then head into a NWA Central States Four-Way Elimination Match that saw Jeremy Wyatt pinned current NWA Kansas champ Tyler Cook to become the new NWA Central States Champion after eliminating Jaysin Strife after Strife upsetSterling.

Mark Sterling won the NWA Central States Championship since 9/25/2007 when he defeated Michael Strider in House Spring Missouri. In the two years since Sterling has been a fighting champion taking on all challengers around the Central States.


Steven J Girthy now has the Wyatt poised to make a run at the Metro Pro TV title or the NWA World title.

Metro Pro Wrestling returns to Turner Rec Center in Kansas City, KS, on Friday, June 17 for our next television taping for Metro Sports! Doors open at 6 p.m., and bell time is 7 p.m.

Check back soon for match updates for our June show! Tickets are on sale now, and a SPECIAL DEAL for our June 17 show. Kids tickets (12 and under) are $5!

Metro Pro Wrestling airs every Saturday night on Time Warner Cable’s Metro Sports at 11 p.m. The show replays several times during the week! Check local listings for details.

Turner Rec Center is located at 831 S. 55th St, Kansas City, KS.
For more information, call Metro Pro at (816) 222-5455.

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Results from PWP‘s Year of the Phoenix VI – NEW PWP CHAMPION!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 9, 2011

Fans, you had to be there to witness an incredible night of action on January 15, 2011 as we kicked off the new year with Year Of The Phoenix 6! Shocking events took place and we will do our best to put it into words for anyone who missed it! The night featured an 8 man tournament in which the PWP Heavyweight Championship was being defended throughout!

At the beginning of the night, all 8 tournament competitors made their way to the ring for a group photo and to announce the tournament brackets. After that, we got underway with the action.


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione

*** Tournament Quarterfinal: Matty Star defeated Abu Colossus. You could see the look of pain on Star’s face when it was announced his first round opponent was “The Big Hurt”. This was a phenomenal opening contest with Star doing everything he could to bring the big man down! Star nailed a lionsault off the ropes and caught Colossus off guard just long enough to score the 3 count! Abu shook Matty’s hand after the match.


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione

*** Tournament Quarterfinal: Preston Maxwell defeated Derek Cornell. Cornell, one half of the Beautiful Bodies with Brian Gott, had to go at it solo this evening in hopes of winning the tournament. Maxwell wanted nothing to do with Cornell’s antics, and quickly brought him down with the Gator Roll Choke.


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


*** Tournament Quarterfinal: “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt defeated Zach Thompson. Zach Thompson was on the microphone insulting the fans in that signature irritating voice when Wyatt’s music hit, much to the fans relief. “The Rebel” has been showing a new focus lately, forgetting his former teammates and setting his sights on competing. Thompson showed the fans of PWP a lot in this one, however Wyatt hit a devastating combo, a Superplex then floating over into a Fisherman’s Buster that got him the pinfall win and advancement in the tournament.


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione

*** Tournament Quarterfinal & PWP Heavyweight Championship Match: “Babyface” Tony Cortez defeated Joey Daniels. Joey Daniels seemed confident coming out, however Cortez took it right to him, holding nothing back. Daniels surprised a lot of people here with a few very close falls and almost became PWP Champion, however in the end the “Icon” of PWP nailed a back-drop driver to retain his coveted title.


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione

*** PWP Tag Team Championship: Zac James & Ryan Slade defeated Jimmy Rockwell & Mad Dog McDowell. Zac & Slade came out and explained their manager Axel Greece couldn’t be there however they would still defend their championship against anyone in the back. Jimmy Rockwell came out but Slade commented how he didn’t have a partner therefore couldn’t compete. Rockwell then brought out a surprise partner, the massive Mad Dog McDowell, and Zac & Slade did not look happy to see him! Mad Dog manhandled the tag champs for a bit until they got the upper hand on Rockwell. Zac, using every opportunity available, grabbed the Canadian flag and attempted to use it. When the referee took it away and set it aside, Zac used the distraction to nail Mad Dog with a low blow then he and Slade hit their Sliced Bread Splash combination finisher to retain their title belts.


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione



Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione



Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


*** Tournament Semifinal Match: Matty Star defeated Preston Maxwell. Both of these men could taste the finals so bad that they refused to back down. Maxwell tried to lock his choke hold on to no avail. Star hit his incredible top rope Falcon Arrow maneuver to get the three count and advance to the tournament finals! What happened next was absolutely shocking. Maxwell attacked Matty, then grabbed a pair of steel chairs. He shoved Star’s head inside one chair and slammed the other chair onto it! Maxwell then locked his Gator Roll Choke onto Matty and refused to let go. After 2 referees and a few competitors finally broke the hold, Maxwell went to the back. Star was helped to the back but the situation looked bleak.


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione



Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione



Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione

*** Tournament Semifinal Match & PWP Heavyweight Championship Match: “Babyface” Tony Cortez defeated “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt. It’s the first event of 2011 and already we have a match of the year contender! You had to be there to see these guys take it to another level. They have battled before but this time they put it all on the line. Wyatt, a former champion put everything he had into it, but in the end Cortez rolled through on a high cross-body to win the match and advance to the finals!


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione

*** David Clark defeated Branden Juarez. Clark came out for a match however during his entrance was jumped by the man formerly known as Donnie Peppercricket! Now we know he is named Branden Juarez and he claimed he served his suspension and still wasn’t booked, and was therefore “booking himself“! He grabbed a referee and demanded he ring the bell, and proceeded to beat on David Clark. Clark came back strong including a HUGE T-Bone Suplex however Juarez hit the Kryptonite Crunch and pinned David… until he pulled him up. Juarez delivered more punishment and set up another finishing maneuver when Chris Havius’ music hit the sound system! This distracted Juarez long enough for David Clark to roll Branden up and get the victory!!


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione

A furious Juarez had little time to react as Havius returned to PWP and immediately attacked him! He had the upper hand however Juarez bailed out of the ring before too much damage could be done. Havius then gave an emotional speech and challenged his former partner Juarez for February 12th!


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione


Photo credit Gary Giaffoglione

*** PWP Heavyweight Championship Match: Preston Maxwell defeated “Babyface” Tony Cortez to win the Pro Wrestling Phoenix Heavyweight Championship! Matty Star’s music was played, but no one was sure what was going to happen. Preston Maxwell came out and very arrogantly explained that due to his attack, Star couldn’t compete. He then asked Tony if he was a fighting champion and when Tony said yes, he challenged him to put the title on the line against him right there and then. Cortez of course instantly agreed, never one to turn down a challenge. However, the evening had taken its toll on him. His second title reign that began on December 19, 2009 ended on January 15, 2011 when Maxwell locked in the Gator Roll Choke and Cortez passed out. Maxwell then made PWP Staff put the belt around his waist and repeatedly announce him as the new champion.

No one could have predicted the events of the evening. This is why you always have to be at PWP to see what could happen!
The next event is February 12th at the Council Bluffs National Guard Armory!

Tickets as always are $10 and the doors open at 6:30, bell time 7:00!

We know a little bit so far:

*Preston Maxwell will defend his PWP Heavyweight Championship. Who he will defend against is unclear at this point. There have already been people demanding a title shot against him, and we will know more soon.

*Chris Havius will take on Branden Juarez one on one! These former Tag Team Champions, now bitter rivals will beat the crap out of each other, that is for sure! Be there to see Havius attempt revenge!

More details will be announced soon, thanks to all our great fans! 2011 will truly be the year of Pro Wrestling Phoenix!


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Gary Giaffoglione’s Pro Wrestling Phoenix November 2010 photo recap

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 16, 2010

Joey Daniels starts off fast. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)


1.) Jimmy Rockwell defeated Joey Daniels via Rock-On Bomb in our opening contest. Both men needed a win here to move up the ranks and in the end Rockwell put Daniels down for the count.

Sean Nautilus has Angelus Layne where he want her or so he thinks. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Layne looks strong on the offense. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

No longer Donnie Peppercricket he is BRANDEN. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Sean Nautilus came to the aid of Layne but Branden put a stop to that quickly.(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)


2.) Sean Nautilus and Angelus Layne wrestled to a No Contest when Donnie Peppercricket ran into the ring and attacked both competitors. Peppercricket was suspended from competing this evening, and he came in from the side entrance. He then said that he doesn’t care about being suspended or fined, that he is tired of being everyone’s dancing clown and he’s tired of the ridiculous name Donnie Peppercricket. He revealed that his name is actually Branden and he intends on making Chris Havius’ life a living hell.



3.) #1 Brett Young defeated David Clark via One Shot. David Clark was looking for the upset win here, and utilizing his array of suplex’s almost got it for him. However, Young’s experience and knowledge helped him pick up the victory over the rookie.


PWP Tag Team Championship: Zac James & Ryan Slade w/ Axel Greece (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Oh Geez (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Slade shows no mercy early on. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Zac James gets in on the fun. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

4.) PWP Tag Team Championship: Zac James & Ryan Slade w/ Axel Greece defeated Beautiful Bodies of Brian Gott & Derek Cornell via Sliced Bread/Splash Combo in a very fun tag team match! The Bodies seemed only to be interested in wrestling Ryan Slade for some reason. In the end the champions proved why they are on top in PWP.


Mike Sydal is intense as he tries to get a victory off of the Rebel Jeremy Wyat. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)


5.) “Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt defeated “Rock N Roll” Mike Sydal via Lightning Spiral in an intense bout. Wyatt returned to PWP after a short hiatus and showed he was no nonsense by taking Sydal down systematically. Sydal came close a few times but couldn’t defeat the Rebel.



Thompson nails a killer clothesline. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)


6.) Matty Star defeated Zach Thompson via Top Rope Falcon Arrow that was absolutely mind blowing! These two had a great wrestling match that showed PWP fans that Thompson can hang in the ring with one of their favorite competitors.

PWP Heavyweight Championship: “Babyface” Tony Cortez




7.) PWP Heavyweight Championship: “Babyface” Tony Cortez defeated Supafli via Ki-Krusher to retain his Heavyweight Championship. Cortez was given the opportunity to face anyone for the title and he chose Supafli because he said that he was very impressed by his recent victory over Jaysin Strife and wanted to see what he had in the ring face to face. These two crowd favorites put on a spectacle that will not soon be forgotten!

Maxwell has been under the skin of Abu for quite some time.(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)


Amazing the power of Abu (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)




Victory (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

8.) Last Man Standing: Abu Colossus defeated Preston Maxwell when Preston had the Gator Roll Choke locked on Abu and Abu found the strength to spear Maxwell through a table that had been set up in the corner, and Maxwell could not answer the referee’s 10 count. This match saw a lot of insane violence including scary repeated chair shots and brawling all over the arena. Maxwell even took the bottom rope off and choked Colossus with it! Maxwell had the Gator Roll Choke locked in a few times but Abu found a way out each time and showed why his nickname is the Big Hurt.

It was an amazing show, thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support! Next show is January 15th at the National Guard Armory in Council Bluffs, and it is Year of the Phoenix 6!!!

Details coming soon!

National Guard Armory
2415 E Kanesville Blvd
Council Bluffs IA 51503

Doors at 6:30
Belltime at 7:00

Tickets are only $10! Bring your friends!

For more information, directions, etc. visit:


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Gary Giaffoglione’s Pro Wrestling Phoenix Oct 16th Photo recap

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 5, 2010

The PWP Tag Champs with their manager Axel Greece. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

At the beginning of the show, PWP Tag Team Champions Zac James & Ryan Slade came out along with “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece. Greece explained that if Chris Havius & Donnie Peppercricket lost, they could never have another tag team title shot as long as James & Slade were champions. However if they won they would get Greece in the ring for five minutes after the match. They made fun of the crowd for a few minutes before Chris Havius & Donnie Peppercricket came out. They chased them out of the ring, and Chris Havius told them to up the stakes a little bit. He made the challenge to make the match a Tornado Tag match, which the Champions accepted!

One of the top young stars of 2010 Sir Bradley Charles. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Draigo goes after Sir Bradley Charles with a vengeance. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

SBC takes a shot to the mouth. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Draigo hits a rude awaking on SBC (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

1.) Sir Bradley Charles defeated Jayden Draigo. This was a very technical opening bout, and Draigo didn’t seem like his usual self. In the end, SBC got what most would consider and upset win over Draigo with his TKO maneuver.

Zach Thompson (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

These two have great respect for each other but at the end of the day there can only be one man at the top.(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Zach Thompson stomps Jimmy Rockwell. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Rockwell nails Thompson dead on. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Suplex from Rockwell. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Both of these wrestlers can fly with the best of them. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

2.) “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell defeated Zach Thompson. You could tell that each man was familiar with the other’s work as there were reversals all over the place. In the end Rockwell laid out Thompson with the sit out Gordbuster and hit his Rock-On Bomb off the top rope to get the 1-2-3.

Who or WHAT is with David Clark?? That’s what I get for missing PWP. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

David Clark chops Joey Daniels. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

The look on David Clark’s face says it all. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Why was the match between Joey Daniels and David Clark so important that Draigo came out to watch??(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Joey Daniels feels good about a big win at PWP. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

3.) Joey Daniels defeated David Clark. Clark, returning to the ring after a lengthy stay in China was looking to pick up where he left off by taking Joey Daniels out. There was a lot of action here, and Clark showed an amazing array of Suplexes and holds. However Daniels had his tricks up his sleeve as well, and capitalized on one small mistake Clark made to pick up the victory in this one. During the match, Jayden Draigo was observing from the entrance area, and afterwards, he got in the ring and whispered something in David Clark’s ear. We are not clear what the meaning of this is and are trying to get some more details. Clark declined comment on the matter.

Sneak attack from Preston Maxwell.(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Preston Maxwell slams a chair to the back of Abu Colossus. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Abu with a big boot sending a chair in the face of Preston Maxwell. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Preston Maxwell takes the cheap shot, then will capitalize on it. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

4.) Abu Colossus defeated Preston Maxwell via Disqualification. Colossus was looking for revenge against Maxwell after last month’s mockery of the Big Hurt. However, during Colossus’ entrance, Maxwell sneak attacked him and they started brawling on the outside of the ring. They threw each other into walls and chairs as the referee tried to get them into the ring to start the match! Maxwell reversed a whip into the ring post and it seemed like Colossus was hurt. He rolled him into the ring and demanded the referee ring the bell but only got a two count. Some back and forth action between the two happened before Colossus set up for his big Full Nelson Slam, but Maxwell took the cheap way out by kicking him straight in the crotch! The referee rang the bell and Maxwell locked the Gator Roll Choke on Abu, refusing to let go.

The refs had a very difficult time getting Maxwell to break the hold. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Does Preston Maxwell have “The Big Hurts” number? It has look that way in the past few months. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

It took two referees and about 5 minutes before Maxwell finally let Colossus out of the hold and you could tell he was very proud of himself as he went to the locker room.

Zac James taunts the crowd while punishing Donnie Peppercricket. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

The champs had a great game plan during the match and it showed. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Havius does his best to help his partner. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Maybe James bit off more than he can chew with Chris Havius. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

James kicks Havius before he can re enter back into the ring. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

James drops on Peppercricket. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

In a match with so much tension you better watch your back and Donnie Peppercricket knows it. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Havius and James have a meeting of the foot to the face. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

It’s a bird...It’s a plane…No it’s the Canadian Sex Icon Ryan Slade (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

5.) Zac James & Ryan Slade w/ Axel Greece defeated Chris Havius & Donnie Peppercricket to retain the PWP Tag Team Championship. This match broke down fast with the Tornado rules in place, and it seemed that every time Havius tried to get in the ring to stop Peppercricket from getting double-teamed, they would knock him back outside. The end came when Slade whipped Havius into the ring post causing a deep laceration requiring stitches to close. Meanwhile James hit the Sliced Bread on Peppercricket, and Slade followed it up with a splash from the top rope to retain their titles and save their manager from a beating. Elated, the champions left knowing they will never have to face the duo again.

What happened next was perhaps on of the most shocking moments in PWP history, as Donnie Peppercricket brutally attacked Chris Havius! He yelled that it was Havius’ fault, and hit him in the back multiple times with a steel chair! He then his Emerald Fusion maneuver onto the chair before leaving Havius lying in the middle of the ring.

The refs do their best to calm down a wild Donnie Peppercricket (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

PWP official Cody Murphy goes into the ring to assist Havius…..Peppercricket ??(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

NO… Donnie Peppercricket drops PWP official and close MWR friend Cody Murphy...Peppercricket how dare you!!!!(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

PWP Official Cody Murphy was in the ring immediately to check on Havius but his timing was too soon as Peppercricket, furious with rage returned to the ring and gave the Crew Member a Fire Thunder Driver! He then dragged Havius over the corner, put the chair on top of him and delivered a vicious Vader Bomb. The crowd was shocked as Peppercricket taunted them and left out the front door, on his way out, he taunted Havius’ girlfriend who was practically in tears after witnessing the beatdown. PWP Referees and Crew Members helped the PWP Official and Chris Havius to the back once Peppercricket was out of the building.

A beaten, bloodied and betrayed Chris Havius tries to figure out just what happened?(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Abu Colossus came out, looking pretty upset at Preston Maxwell’s actions from earlier in the night, and he laid out a challenge for the show on November 13th. He challenged Preston Maxwell to PWP’s first ever Last Man Standing match! This is going to be brutal!

After being one of the few men in the Midwest to get a victory off of Jeremy Wyatt, young Matty Star had earned a chance at his first PWP Championship (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

PWP Champ Tony Cortez (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Pulling out all stops to get the PWP Belt from Champ Tony Cortez. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Matty Star Matty Star Matty Star with a BIG move, could we have a new PWP Champ?(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Momentum breaker from the champ Tony Cortez. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

6.) “Babyface” Tony Cortez defeated Matty Star to retain the PWP Heavyweight Championship. This was just an amazing contest, it’s hard to do it justice by just describing it! This match is the reason you need to be at PWP Live Events, the action was so intense between the two! There were multiple times when either man could have been pinned, but a critical moment came when Star (and the crowd) thought he had the match won with a Falcon Arrow off the TOP rope! Somehow Cortez found the heart to kick out of the maneuver! Star went up top one more time, but it was a mistake as Cortez was able to capitalize and deliver the Ki Krusher that he has been using to pin his opponents lately and retained his coveted title. After the match Cortez and Starr showed each other respect and you could see that Cortez deemed Star a worthy opponent.

The next PWP Live Event is November 13th at the National Guard Armory in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Notes for the show so far:

The match has been signed and it will happen! Next month’s main event will be the first ever Last Man Standing Match in PWP: Abu Colossus Vs. Preston Maxwell. If a challenger cannot get to his feet to answer a 10 count from the referee, than his opponent will be declared the winner! This is not just a matter of who is the better competitor but also a matter of pride for Colossus as he has little patience for the games that Maxwell likes to play.

As a result of his heinous actions, Donnie Peppercricket has been fined a sum of $1000 and is suspended from competition for the duration of November.

PWP Heavyweight Champion “Babyface” Tony Cortez will be defending his title against an opponent that will be named in the coming weeks!

Thanks to all the fans who support us and we will see you on November 13th!

November 13, 2010

National Guard Armory
2415 E Kanesville Blvd
Council Bluffs IA 51503

Tickets $10

Doors 6:30 Belltime 7:00


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4 States, 14 Shows, 4,265 miles and 74 hours on the road in 3 months at MWR.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 26, 2010

With a plethora of great shows  these  past few months,  it has been hard to keep up with all the exciting  news flash, photos and happenings around the Midwest.

MWR has been active with some of the top stars in the country while meeting many of you the great fans, some for the first time while others we know quite well.

We have spent almost every weekend on the road covering the top promotions in the Midwest.

Let’s take a look at some of the sights of the past few months with MWR, the Fans and Superstars around the Midwest.

August 7- Granite City Illinois- High Voltage Wrestling

HVW returned from their summer break to with top stars Kahagas taking on Trent Stone , the Midwest Sweet heart Santana G going up against her arch rival Amy Hennig and the Great Cheyenne with MsChif watching.

Dan Walsh (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Would it be just by chance that the MWR Wrestler of the Week was MTV’S Dan Walsh who would give away a MWR T-Shirt in August only to see him get the HVW Livewire title soon after? Hey Dan we are just playing, you earned it….with a handful of Trent Stones tights.

August 21 – Council Bluffs Iowa – Pro Wrestling Phoenix

The trips to Iowa seem to take so long to get their, which has been a reason for us to scale back from going to PWP and 3XW. One problem they are so GOOD!! MWR fans don’t worry we have no plans what so ever to stop covering these two exciting promotions.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix delivered on this evening with some exciting wrestling action. We were on hand when Axel Greece assists Ryan Slade and Zac James cheat Chris Havius and Donnie Peppercricket out of the PWP Tag Titles. The show also saw the war rage on between Abu Colossus and Preston Maxwell.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix Champion Tony Cortez (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

The MWR Wrestler of the Night was the PWP Champion Tony Cortez. Cortez was able to survive the onslaught on Jayden Draigo to retain the championship in a feud that has become quite personal.

In the near future look for a phot recap from their last show in October  from PWP/MWR Photographer Gary Giaffoglione

August 28- Lincoln Illinois – Pro Wrestling Epic

The Balloon festival in Lincoln Illionis is a BIG deal and with PWE providing a FREE show if you attend you can not miss it.

PWE delivered with the biggest match in years in the Midwest literally when the PWE title was on the line between the Mississippi Madman taking on “The Future” Donovan Ruddick led by MR Late Nite.

Ohhhs and AHHHS were heard as the two behemoths battle for supermecy and who is truly the top big man. Nothing was settled decisively, but the crowd went home to tell their friends about the Madman and Future. The match that shook the Midwest .

Evan Money explodes on Eric Allen (Photo credit Brian Kelley)

“The Kid” Evan Money was the MWR Wrestler of the Week as he went on to defeat Eric Allen with a frog splash.

September 4th – Kansas City Kansas- Metro Pro Wrestling

We were thrilled to support Metro Pro Wrestling for several reasons; first off the wrestling scene in the KC market has been dry for some time now. With Metro Pro Sports having TV, showcasing several of the top stars in the country today and oh yeah our former partner in crime Josh Ray is the current ring announcer for this upstart promotion. Metro Pro proved to be a great time with a great upside going into 2010.

“Rock and Roll” Mike Sydal with Amber (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

Amber," The host of Dubi meets the Fans" Dubray and Brecca take in a picture after the show (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

All the girls love Tyler Cook (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

From the looks of Brecca’s face WLW Star Ethan Wright did not learn the Masterlock from former WLW Champ Chris Masters. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

September 11 – Waterloo Illinois – Independent Hardcore Wrestling

IHW has been on a roll in 2010 with some great matches in front of a packed crowd. On this night we were thrilled to debut the Tony Kozina MWR Trading Card. Kozina is one of the most well diverse and exciting wrestlers today. During the night Kozina wrestled one of the Midwest most impressive young men in the game Chris L.O.G.A.N

Tony Kozina (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Let’s take a look at a Video recap of this great show from IHW

September 22- Olney Illinois – IWA Unlimited

Our first trip to Olney lived up to the hype that has been told to me. A weekly FREE Wednesday show how can you go wrong. A great small venue filled with some of the top young talent in the area.

IWA Unlimited fan favorite The Intimidator gives away a free MWR T-shirt to start the night off. (Photo Credit Tim Dunahee )

Everyone that I talked to loved the stars of IWA U and looked forward to the hump day of the week. If you have the day off and live in STL I urge you to take the drive to see what you are missing.

September 25 – Hillsdale Missouri- MMWA-SICW

A great day for the community of Hillsdale as MMWA-SICW teamed up with the Hillsdale Police force to provide a free wrestling show. MMWA-SICW are always fan friendly and if a free outdoor show was not enough, the team work also offered free BBQ and back packs filled with treats from the police force given to them by the stars of MMWA-SICW.

Ace Hawkins is the MMWA-SICW Santa Clause in September while sporting the MWR T-shirt

The MWR Wrestler of the day was none other than Ace Hawkins. Ace fresh off of his appearance at Ring of Honor not only gave away a free MWR shirt but bicycles from the kids and some awesome ST Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame shirts before having a great match against Brandon Espinosa.

September 25- Wood River Illinois – MECW Double shot evening

One of the best kept secrets in the Midwest, is the fact that some of the best talent in Iowa makes the long trip to the STL to go to prove that they are among the best in the Midwest. Jimmy Rockwell, Devin Carter, Zach Thompson, Ryan Slade  and even self proclaimed  wrestling genius Chad Mylan has put an end to Gabriel Brimstones stranglehold  in the Independent title when his man Kwong won the belt in recent months.

Iowa is not the only area that is well represented as the upstate Illinois wrestlers BroMance (Knight Wagner and Jordan McEntrye)  with Erin currently holds onto the MECW Tag Championship and Matt Mayday, Mike Anthony and Chris Logan have all brought their own flavor in the company.

MECW Champion Bailey Mannix (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

On this night the MWR Wrestler of the Night was the champ himself, Bailey Mannix. Mannix is still one of the most underrated wrestlers in the game today.

October 2- Kansas City Kansas – Metro Pro Wrestling

Metro Pro Wrestling heated up with the brand new Metro Pro Wrestling TV Champion Trevor Murdoch taking charge. With an appearance from wrestling great Harley Race the fans where able to see some of the great from the past mixed in with some of the best today.

What has the best Wrestler on Gods Green earth Harley Race along with Ethan Wright and Jeff Strong so mad, could it be because of something that former MWR Josh Ray is doing? See it on METRO SPORTS in Kansas City (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

If fans in Kansas City want the best bang for their buck they need to give Metro Pro Wrestling a chance. You won’t regret it.

October 9- Eldon Missouri – World League Wrestling

One of the biggest nights of the year brought several of the most influential men in the game today. Co-Owner of Pro Wrestling Noah was in attendance along with Harley Race and Cauliflower Alley Club’s Karl Lauer. The MWR Wrestler of the Night was Midwest knockout Lucy Mendez who gave away the very first MWR pink t-shirt.

Midwest Knockout Lucy Mendez has the attention of Cauliflower Alley Club’s Karl Lauer. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

Wrestlers from around the world took the week long camp in hopes of making it to the show.

MWR Photographer Bill Smith with the representatives of Pro Wrestling NOAH (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

WLW Super fan Vincent Heather gets an autograph Steve Fender trading card from the man himself

Look for a Full photo recap of this show in the near future from MWR Photographer Bill Smith

October 10- Marceline Missouri – Modern Championship Wrestling

Just down the road from my house was a new promotion was a rare Sunday show that featured local favorite The Iceman. Brian Blade won the belt at the very first show and has been a thorn in promoter Dustin Watson’s side ever since.

Larry Stilfield with Modern Championship Wrestling Champion Brian Blade (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

October 16- Glen Carbon Illinois – NWA Dynamo/High Voltage Wrestling

We were on hand to present the High Voltage Wrestling tag champs the Hooligans the 2009 MWR Tag team of the Year plaques. To be honest we offered the exciting tag team Full Contact Dojo  (Jonathan Gresham and Ric King) the chance to be the MWR Wrestlers of the Week to throw out a t-shirt as a way of being nice.

In a shocking development they defeated The Hooligans to become the NEW HVW Tag Championship . No HVW Champion was safe as “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt defeated Kahagas and Dan Walsh won the HVW Livewire belt.

The HVW Tag Team Champs Jonathan Gresham and Ric King with the lucky fan who caught the MWR shirt Rebecca Haynes (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Look for a photo recap as well and interviews with all of the new HVW Champions here at MWR in the future.

October 23 – Springfield Illinois – New Midwest Wrestling

NMW invited us and invited us and I am glad that they did, we had debut once before and was very impressed and happy to have added them in our NMW Coverage area. The last show I photographed the most dangerous ( and fun matches) to be a photographer at in my carrer during the4 team NMW Tag Team scramble match and returned for the biggest Battle Royal, rumble style of the year for NMW. All for the enjoyment of you the fans.

The MWR Wrestler of the Week was up and comer Christian Rose. Look for more information about this exciting night of wrestling at MWR soon.

Christian Rose (Photo Courtesy of Jon 'Skippy' Edgecomb)

There you have MWR fans, the itinerary of where Dubray and I have been in just the past tthree months. We may not be able to keep up with the miles that the 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year Mark Sterling does but who can, that man is a machine.

I would like to thank you the fans, the wrestlers, and the promoters for making

Missouri Wrestling Revival – The Wrestling Press of the Midwest.

MWR fans please support your local professional wrestling and we hope to see you at a show.

Brian Kelley Owner/Editor of Missouri Wrestling Revival

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