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MWR Managers roundtable with Chad Mylan, Johnny Gold, Mr Late Nite, The Magic Man, Todd Countryman and Travis Cook.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 2, 2011

During the last MWR Roundtable we got insight from the Referees in the sport of wrestling (Take the time to check it out here) , today we are joined with us today a few of the very best minds in the game today, the managers. A group of men and women who gives their protégés an advantage going into the match….or they hope so.

Throughout the years in the sport they have been loved and hated. Names such as Bobby The Brain Hennan, Jim Cornett, “Captain Lou” Albano, Jimmy Hart and Paul E Dangerously are among the very best the sport Todd Countryman – There have been a lot of great memories as a promoter, referee & manager. Some of my favorite manager moments have been the night the Gentlemen’s Club formed in November 2007, our feud with the Northstar Express and Brian Ash joining the Gentlemen’s Club this year. has known.

On a personal basis, I can still remember Gary Hart unmasking Abdullah the Butcher prior to going to war with Bruiser Brody, the great interviews of Jim Cornett leading the Midnight Express and yes even the drama that came with the lovely Miss Elizabeth coming to the ring with the Macho Man Randy Savage.

I was able to sit down with The Magic Man, Mr. Late Nite, Chad Mylan, Johhny Gold and Travis Cook to get the views from some of the best in the field of managing in the Midwest.

How did you get into the business?


Travis Cook has had problems with authority in the past.

Travis Cook – I had an acquaintance who started his own promotion back in the Mid-90’s—Midwest Renegade Wrestling. I started doing time keeping and general “gopher” work for that promotion, and eventually started refereeing, which I transitioned to full time for the remainder of the 1990’s. The rest, as they say, is history.


The Magic Man with Pete Madden.

The Magic Man – I was performing as a “street magician” in Venice Beach, California in the late 80’s when word amongst the various performers was that Pro-Wrestling was about to become very popular and that a guy named Vince McMahon was going to do some major hiring. I remembered that my home town of Saint Louis, Missouri used to be the major hub of all professional wrestling (I enjoyed many, many matches at The Kiel Auditorium with my Grandpa!), so I returned home to figure out where to go or who to see to try to get in to the sport. I was already a fairly popular entertainer in the St. Louis area and had an idea about a manager character that I could perform as a magician.

After searching around the area, I found the South Broadway Athletic Club that hosts the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance/Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling. I went to their secret practice facility (not so secret if I was able to find out about it!) and met John Blackheart and several other members there. I pitched my idea to them and they asked me to show them a few of the gimmicks I had in mind.

They immediately liked my ideas and took me in and began to train me. It wasn’t very long, maybe two months, before Tony Casta booked me to be a manager on one of their monthly shows. On the night of my first wrestling gig I was surprised and disappointed that they FIRED the other manager they had (on the spot) and replaced him wth ME! I was unaware that Tony Casta has a policy of only using one manager. I felt really bad for the other guy because he was good ( I had gone to the S.B.A.C. to watch a few live performances before I got my chance) and they didn’t even have the decency to tell him he had been replaced until after the show had already begun.

Piss-poor politics….that’s the standard at Broadway. However, all said and done…they DID give me my first shot at being in Professional Wrestling.


MR Late Nite helps Cameron Cage bring pain to Brandon Aarons.

Mr. Late Nite– I started in the business with Missouri (later Midwest) Powerhouse Wrestling in the summer of 2001. I can’t say I ever really had a lot of fun working there. None of the management worked with me to help me improve. I left the company later that same year.


Johnny Gold with Superstar Steve Fender.

Johnny Gold -Well most people already know, Harley race is my step father.

Todd Countryman – In early 2005 I met David Andersen & Steve Biley. Together we created 3XWrestling. From there I ended up getting involved in our events as a ring announcer, referee and eventually as a manager.

Chad Mylan -Todd Countryman, one of the owners of 3XWrestling told me at my high school graduation party that he was thinking of opening up a wrestling company and asked me if I was willing to help out in some capacity or another. I gladly obliged.

How long have you been in the sport?

Travis Cook -Off and on (mainly “on”) for about 15 years.

Todd Countryman – 3XW’s first event was July 2005.


The Magic Man was one of the first to bring Sir Bradley Charles to St Louis....SBC and the Magic Man quickly parted ways.

The Magic Man– I have been in this “sport” for around 20 years but I have been a Magician for over 40 years. The first time I ever got PAID to perform as a magician I was seven years old. That’s well over 40 years ago!

Mr. Late Nite– I’ve been in the wrestling business since the summer of 2001, like I mentioned previously. My time with MPW was very short and only lasted about 5 months. I wouldn’t return to wrestling until 2006, when I joined Full Throttle Wrestling. I stayed there for a year and left in 2007, citing creative differences. I came back a third time in the summer of 2009 with Independent Hardcore Wrestling. It was the first time I had fun in the wrestling business and I was given a great deal of creative freedom. After that, I started getting booked in other towns with other companies. I finally got to showcase my abilities the way I wanted.

Johhny Gold– Going on 13 years.


Chad Mylan distracts the ref while the Mauler uses a chain on Tony Raze.

Chad Mylan– A little over 5 years, doing various things. Managing, running sound, running lights, play-by-play broadcasting, color commentary, interviews…I try to amerce myself in anything.

Were you trained as wrestler?

Todd Countryman – I have had minimal training in the ring, but did not go through a complete wrestling training course.

Travis Cook– I did go through some wrestling training, and I can take bumps and do some of the basics, but I’d never consider myself a “wrestler” per say. If I have to, I can work an entertaining match in such a manner that my limitations are taken into account—but I certainly don’t have the ability or athleticism to wrestle week in and week out. In my mind, there’s a world of difference between what I do and what an actual, honest-to-goodness, professional wrestler does.

The Magic Man– Yes and no…..at first I was merely trained as a manager (to know how to take a few bumps when it calls for it and timing….lots of timing practice…like when or when NOT to do something in the match). Later as we approached a big angle we had built (“we” meaning the wrestlers in the crew—NOT the promoter Tony Casta {he wouldn’t know what an “angle” was if it smacked him in the face!} the boys began to train me more as a wrestler so I could have a match with The Drill Instructor (READ HIS BOOK> “Blood, Tables, and Chairs The Story of an Independent Wrestler” IT’S GOOD!).

Mr. Late Nite– No. MPW wanted to train me as a wrestler, but I didn’t see how that was necessary. You don’t teach wrestling holds to a guy who wants to stand outside the ring and talk.

Johnny Gold– Yes

Chad Mylan– . I never formally had training to be a wrestler. I prefer to let the trained professional athletes do what they’re paid to do. That’s not to say that there isn’t any training involved. It’s vital to learn your basic bumps, certainly, but managing is more of a mental and verbal focus. What I’m saying is that you aren’t going to see Chad Mylan busting out any huricanranas. But a solid slap to the face while the referee’s back is turned? Yeah, I’ll do that.

Who trained you?

Travis Cook– What formal training I had occurred at Dory Funk Jr.’s camp. But a ton of guys have had a role in teaching me different things over the last decade and a half. If I named them all, I’m sure I’d take up several paragraphs and still leave out some people. But I’ll say that, back in the 90’s when I was an referee in MRW, I was fortunate to be around absolutely the best talent in the Midwest week in and week out –and I learned a ton from everybody that was in that promotion…a lot of things that helped me later on as an announcer and as a manager, even though I wasn’t doing either of those jobs at the time.

The Magic Man– John Blackheart and Pete “The Human Wrecking-Ball” Madden.

Mr. Late Nite– I’d like to say somebody trained me, but I can’t. I trained myself.

Johnny Gold- James Grizzle (Griz) and Harley Race.


Mylan has no problems getting involved as Mark Sterling found out during his match with Kwong.

Chad Mylan– Brian Ash has certainly helped me in the ways of learning not to seriously injure myself or others.

Todd Countryman – Brian Ash, Gage Octane

What was the training like?

Todd Countryman – Very hard work & painful. It makes you really appreciate what all of these athletes do.

Travis Cook– When I was in Dory Funk Jr.s camp, I was essentially the guy who took the ass-kicking in every one of our practice matches—and this made sense because I had the least amount of experience of anybody there. However, I always believed that was an opportunity because *every* good manager needs to have the ability to take an ass-kicking when the babyface finally gets ahold of them. Also, they made it a point to do promos every day as part of the training, and that was something that I excelled at very early. I think I always knew what it took to make a good manager, but once I actually got in there and took the punishment and started doing promos, that’s when I started having the confidence to believe “hey, I’ve really got something here”.

The Magic Man– The training was actually fun. I have never ever been athletically inclined (hence “magician” <{another word for “geek”}) and it was a unique opportunity for me. I learned how to take all the bumps “wrong” much like a manager character SHOULD do. This later helped me out in my career as a ‘wrestler’ in Michinoku-Pro in Japan.

Mr. Late Nite– I would practice promos anywhere and everywhere. I’d do them in the car or while I was at home. I’d practice facial expressions in my bathroom mirror while I was shaving. It sounds a bit unorthodox, but that’s what helped me during those times when I wasn’t in the business and couldn’t practice in front of a live crowd. Another thing that helped me was lying to my parents as a kid and faking sick to get out of school. I had to really act to fool the school and my parents!

Johnny Gold– Just like everyone else “hard”.

Chad Mylan– Brian Ash slammed me, avalanched me, Jimmy Rockwell dropped a flying elbow on me that took my breath away, and not in a Gone With the Wind kind of way. It’s painful, it’s brutal. But it’s neccessary. You have to know what you’re doing out there.

What promotions have to you worked for?

Travis Cook– Far more than I can name—and a good many of them that aren’t in business anymore! Off the top of my head, I did refereeing for MRW, managing for RCW, UWA, MMWA-SICW, and different promotions outside of St. Louis (most of which seem to have initials of which I can never seem to remember). Announcing for GCW, a second version of MRW that popped up in Kansas City a few years back, and MMWA-SICW. And different one-shots here and there all over the place over the years.

Todd Countryman – I’ve only managed in 3XW. I have worked as a referee for 3XW, Metro Pro, PWP, CSW, Dynamo Pro & Magnum Pro. I have also done ring announcing in 3XW & PWP. I was also the sound guy at several NWA No Limits events.

The Magic Man- MMWA/SICW, Steel City Wrestling, NWA-New England, Michinoku-Pro (Japan), Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling (FMW) (Japan), BattleArts (Japan), High-Voltage Wrestling Mid-West, Metro Pro Wrestling, NWA Dynamo and so many other indie federations I can’t possibly list them all here. You name one, I’ve probably worked there. I’ve been around the block, baby!

Mr. Late Nite– MPW and FTW (but I’m not proud of those). IHW, PWE, NBWA, and PWN.

Chad Mylan– 3XWrestling mainly. I’ve also worked for MECW, and I helped out during a 3XWrestling/IPW co-promoted show and NWA No-Limits. I also did a handful of interviews for MWR’s Best of the Midwest show.

Johnny Gold– WLW, Metro Pro Wrestling, and many others.

Who did you look up to as far as managers go in the sport?

Travis Cook– Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette, Skandor Akbar, Jimmy Hart (particularly his work in Memphis, which, in my opinion, blows his WWE work out of the water). And one guy that few people think of as a manager, but he was a great one—Eddie Gilbert.

Todd Countryman – Bobby Heenan is incredible. I am a huge fan of JJ Dillon. I also enjoyed Jimmy Hart & Paul E. Dangerously. Jim Mitchell is a great man as well.


The Magic Man and Brett Young have had problems recently at Metro Pro Wrestling.

The Magic Man– Bobby “The Brain” Heenan is my all-time favorite but I also admire Jim Cornette and especially Paul Hayman.


MR Late Nite with Cameron Cage.

Mr. Late Nite– Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenen.

Johnny Gold– The best Jim Cornette.

Chad Mylan– Jim Cornette certainly for his gift of being a verbal technician of the mouth. But probably the number one guy has to be Jimmy Hart. Hart, probably more so than any manager just had the look and sound to his voice that absolutely annoyed you. I mean, someone who would LOUDLY talk trash so everyone could hear him..how could you not hate the guy? He and I were not blessed with body defining genetics. But it didn’t really matter, because if you’re in the right place at the right time, a little distraction is sometimes all you need.

Who was your first protégé?

Todd Countryman – Gage Octane & Mark Sterling as we formed the Gentlemen’s Club.

Travis Cook– Down in Florida, I managed a guy named Big Bad John for Dory Funk Jr’s “Bang!” promotion. The guy was huge, in great shape, and was absolutely terrified of a microphone. So I saw an opportunity and volunteered to do all the talking for him while I was down there. It was a perfect situation to learn how to help someone get over in spite of their limitations—and at the end of the day, that’s the entire point of having a manager.

The Magic Man– Not sure what you mean by “Who was your first protege?”. I know what the word “protégé” means, I just don’t have anybody that I am modeling to be like myself and I never tried to be exactly like any of the managers I admire. If you mean “Who was one of your first wrestlers in your stable?” it was none other than my favorite of all time – “The Human Wrecking-Ball” Pete Madden!

Mr. Late Nite– The Beast. I managed him when I started in the business. We would do this thing where Beast was wearing a tribal mask. I would take it off of him and he would go nuts and attack his opponent. After the match, I would put the mask back on him and it would calm him down.

Chad Mylan– “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong. I taught him to fully embrace his heritage despite what the fans though. I also taught him some English so that he won’t constantly be a victim of a “random bag check” at the airport. I’m just saying…

Johnny Gold– Griz

Who was else have you managed?


Todd Countryman has been the brains behind the success of men like Gage Octane.

Todd Countryman – Brian Ash, Casanova & Devin Carter and in 2011 I have managed Genesis .

Travis Cook– Down in Florida, I managed a guy named Big Bad John for Dory Funk Jr’s “Bang!” promotion. The guy was huge, in great shape, and was absolutely terrified of a microphone. So I saw an opportunity and volunteered to do all the talking for him while I was down there. It was a perfect situation to learn how to help someone get over in spite of their limitations—and at the end of the day, that’s the entire point of having a manager.

The Magic Man– Oh, man, there have been so many memorable wrestlers I have managed….the fabulous “T. Rantula” of Steel City Wrestling and WCW fame, The Texas Hangmen (Psycho & Killer), Mascara Magica (the Magic Mask) from Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, Kahagas, Sir Bradley Charles <(that guy is going to go places!), “The Future” Donnovan Ruddick <(he’s going places too!), “Flash” Flanagan (or “Slash Venom if you’re in Puerto Rico), The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter), …oh the list goes on and on. Too many to list here.

Mr. Late Nite– Marcus Mansfield, the Stud, Christian Haze, Xander Frost, Curtis Payne, Graves, Cabal, and Michael Gideon Morbid. I recently started managing “The Future’ Donovan Ruddick and I managed Mason Beck for a show. It’s been such a blast managing Ruddick. He listens to my ideas and he’s extremely easy to get along with. He’s a true professional in every sense of the word. Editors Note: MR Late Nite managed Cameron Cage to the IHW Title while leading both Eric Allen and Ace Hawkins in 2011 since this interview has taken place.

Chad Mylan– I’m freshly breaking into my managerial career at the moment, so Ricky Kwong has been my only diamond in the rough thus far. Unless you count the 8 man tag we had at Vets Auditorium where I also managed Brian Ash, Devin Carter, and Casanova. Unfortunately we lost that match, thanks in part to facing, amongst others, a freaking RIVER MONSTER. I kept telling Kwong to poke him in the gills to cut off his air circulation, but the language barrier once again came into play.

Johnny Gold– Wow I have had 13 world title, 23 tag team titles, and five women’s world titles being held by someone that I have managed. To name a few there is Griz, Superstar Steve, Matt Murphy those three and myself are the original “Gold Exchange”. There is also dangerous Derek Mcquinn, Haku (Meng), Miss Natural, Ty Dalton and others.

Who would like to manage on the independent scene that you have not had the chance to work with?

Travis Cook– Well, I’m retired right now, so the short answer is “nobody”! I’m perfectly content outside the wrestling business at this point. That being said, there’s two guys out there that—way in the back of my head—I have a storyline for each of them that I think could work. I won’t mention here who either of them are–if the opportunity ever comes up to work with either of them, I want to be able to pitch the idea to the promoter myself…so I trust that you’ll understand if I don’t tip my hand here, the risk of somebody “taking” the idea and using it for themselves is too great! I’ll say this much, neither one of these guys currently have any idea that I would potentially have any interest in either of them…but if the opportunity were to come up, I’ll be ready

The Magic Man– Sinn Bodhi or possibly the exotic “Cassandro” !

Todd Countryman – I would welcome the opportunity to manage a lot of the talented wrestlers on the independents.

Mr. Late Nite– I’d like to manage Mason Beck more. Mason’s a total package in the ring. He’s got the look, the skill, and the charisma. Another guy I’d like to manage is Jimmy Karryt. I gained a lot of respect for him during his matches with “Future” this year. He’s young, but he’s got a good head on his shoulders and he’s very respectful, not to mention a lot of fun to be around. I’d also like to manage a tag team again.

Chad Mylan– The company I have founded in part of a generous donation from the Laotion government, MMA: The Mylan Management Agency is always looking for talent worldwide. I have my eye on a few existing talent, but as far as current local independent talent is concerned, The Mississippi Madman and Maddog McDowell certainly come to mind. What can I say? I like my underlings mean and monstrous.

Johnny Gold– Mark Sterling or Derek Stone.

What has been one of your fondest memories thus far in the sport?


For months Travis Cook tempted Donovan Ruddick to become part of the Connection. Ruddick would finally joined Cooks group and quickly rose among the top in the Midwest.

Travis Cook– I like to say that I’ve had my ass kicked by more Hall of Famers than any other manager I know! Within the last few years, I’ve been attacked by Rocky Johnson, beaten in a steel cage match by Bob Orton, taken the Claw from Baron Von Raschke, and appeared as “Friday” at a wrestling legends convention with Kamala. My biggest thrill was at that convention, sitting on the same stage with guys like Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, Paul Orndorff, The Midnight Express, Ted Dibiase, The Funk Brothers, The Rock & Roll Express, and many others. That was one of those “What the heck did I do to deserve to sit alongside *these* guys” moments! Also, the last year I managed in MMWA-SICW, myself, Donovan Ruddick, and Brandon Espinosa got the chance to do a storyline that I’d wanted to do for several years, but just couldn’t find the “right” guys to pull it off previously. However, Espinosa and Ruddick were the perfect guys to do it, and it was great to finally implement it and see the crowd reaction it got. That was truly a gratifying moment. Also, getting the chance to work with Larry Matysik on the creative end of the business was tremendously exciting, and something I’ve learned an awful lot from.

The Magic Man– Appearing and performing magic and wrestling in front of 30,000 fans in Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan for a Michinoku-Pro Wrestling Pay-Per-View on a National Holiday (All Sports Day) on October 10th, 1997. (over 100,000 watching on PPV!).

Mr. Late Nite– Managing “The Future” Donovan Ruddick, getting booked @ NBWA, PWE, and PWN, performing in front of 1,000 people @ the PWE Lincoln Arts & Balloon Festival show, and being in a feud with Mephisto in IHW.

Chad Mylan– Doing commentary for 3XW for the first time certainly sticks out. It had always been a dream of mine that guy, the lead guy, setting up the matches for the fans, calling those exciting moments, and finding offense in the shenanigans of the bad guys. Being a supposed “bad guy” now though, I clearly see how much of an idiot I was. The bad guys get things done.

Johnny Gold– Getting Mr. socko’d by Mic Foley in front of five thousand people in Springfield Missouri.

What is the easiest way for a manager to get a reaction from the fans?

Travis Cook– I’m not real sure how to answer that question. I guess that every manager has their “go to” spots in order to get a reaction—but really, if you don’t naturally have a bad attitude or you’re not really a jerk (at least to some extent) in real life, then you’ll never be able to get the reaction you need to get from people as a manager no matter what you do. If you are genuinely a nice, humble person in real life, then there isn’t anything easy you can do as a manager in order to get a reaction. But, on the other hand, if you really do have that “anything to get ahead” streak to some extent in real life that a manager is supposed to portray, then you’ll have no problem getting the reaction out of fans that you want…in fact, you’ll barely have to think about it. Fortunately for me, I’ve always had an aspect of my personality that would do “anything to win”, so I suppose that’s why I made the transition to managing so easily.

The Magic Man– I don’t know about other managers, but for me….I just walk out there, twirl my mustache and grin….then I pick my nose and flick a booger into the audience!

Mr. Late Nite– Find out what traits people hate in other human beings and do them. Most people when they’re trying to be a heel just say “shut up” or use generic cut downs. That’s cheap. What you have to do is think about all the people that you just can’t stand personally and then try to be like them. Odds are, if you hate those traits, other people will hate them too.


Chad Mylan with the Mauler.

Chad Mylan- I’m a big proponent is using the “if there weren’t cameras rolling, I’d punch you square in the ovaries.” I’ve threatened to take children to orphanages; I’ve thrown ridiculous over-the-top celebrations after victories. Once I played an air banjo version of the song Banjo Ho-Down because I thought it would help me better connects with the fans in southern St. Louis. I’ll really stoop to any level, honestly. Morals really aren’t an issue with me.

What is the most common mistakes a manger makes on the independent scene?


Just when referee Jeromy Robb thought he stopped Todd Countryman from interfering on Zach Thompsons behalf….


Countryman masterfully distracts Robb while his other stable mate Casanova stops Rockwell from hitting a big move on Thompson.

Todd Countryman – Standing there and doing nothing. A manager should be involved in the match without taking all of the attention away from the wrestlers.

Johnny Gold– A common mistake by other managers is by insulting the people in the crowd. That is what I call getting a cheap reaction “cheap heat”. The best is by not getting caught by the ref when you interfere in a match!!

Travis Cook– There’s two of them—not paying attention to the match, and worrying more about getting yourself over instead of getting the guy you are managing over. If your wrestler is selling, you SHOULD NOT be turning your back and interacting with the crowd at that point. Psychology-wise, your “financial investment” is getting his brains beaten out at that point—you should be focused on getting him out of that predicament than arguing with some toothless hillbilly in the front row. I see tons of guys do it and it makes steam come out of my ears every time!

The Magic Man– The biggest mistake these new punks make is walking out there wearing wrinkled-up, dirty, common street clothes they bought at Wal-Mart three years ago. They look like slobs and they make it look like anybody can do this. We are performers and we should look a step up from the crowd. A manager should separate him or herself from the common fans.

Mr. Late Nite- Just standing there. A lot of male managers do that. They just stand around the side of the ring and don’t do very much (if anything at all). Male managers are already dying out to make way for a bunch of women with large breasts and no personalities. For us to just stand there and do nothing is a disservice to our profession and a disservice to those who have paved the way for us to be here (i.e. Heyman, Heenen, Cornette, Blassie, etc.). We have to be as animated and vocal as we can to get people to notice us.

Chad Mylan– Not paying attention. It’s so easy to get caught up in interacting with the fans, but you have to realize that there’s a match going on. You don’t want to be the main focus of the match, but you also don’t want the fans to forget that you’re out there and you’re smarter than the goon they’re cheering for. Also getting caught. Those refs will disqualify you, because they’re idiots.

Johnny Gold– I have been in matches with some of the all time greats. Dustin and Dusty Rhodes, Meng, the Barbarian, Mic Foley, the Harris brother (DOA), Terry Funk, Buff Bagwell, The Abyss, Ted Diabise, Vader, Greg “the hammer” Valentine, Honky Tonk man, Harley Race and I know there is a lot more that I cant remember right now.

Who have been your favorite wrestlers to guide throughout the years?

Todd Countryman – All of them. Each person really has been a different experience, but all positive. Mark Sterling, Gage Octane, Brian Ash, Devin Carter & Casanova have all been great to manage.

Travis Cook– I’ve enjoyed almost all of them, but I suppose my favorites were Brandon Espinosa & Donovan Ruddick…and again, that was mainly because we got to do an angle that I’d had in the back of my head for several years, and they were the perfect guys to pull it off. I think we got more heat with what we did than anything else I’ve ever been a part of in my career.

The Magic Man– My favorites would definitely have to include “The Human Wrecking-Ball” Pete Madden our characters went well together). Then I would have to mention “T. Rantula” from Pittsburgh, PA. He is a big man and takes control of the match and we also go good together although I really like his main manager The Black Widow (his lovely wife).

Mr. Late Nite– The only one that I’ve ever had fun managing has been Donovan Ruddick.

Chad Mylan– Like I said before, my managerial career has just began. Irregardless, Ricky Kong has been a joy to manage. Not just because of the fact that he’s the pride of a nation, but because he’s helped make The Mylan Management Agency bigger than wrestling. Seriously, do a Yahoo search for MMA then Pro Wrestling. MMA has more hits. That’s a Yahoo fact, kids.


Johnny Gold uses his cain and the ropes on The Iceman while the ref is looking away.

Johnny Gold– You can get some fans heated up to much in a match. You are always on the outside out the ring. Some promotions don’t always have a ring barrier so you need to keep moving around. I have been clubbed from behind by a fan not liking what I was doing to Trevor Murdock outside the ring. lol

Why do you feel that the use of managers have scaled down through the years?

Todd Countryman – There was a big shift to valets/women being used in that role several years ago. I don’t know the exact reason, but it is unfortunate to see the manager be phased out. It is a role that can add so much to a wrestling event and/or a match itself. A manager can be a mouthpiece for a guy that can’t talk and help them build feuds.

Travis Cook– I think the biggest reason is because both of the national promotions have gone to fully scripted promos on their TV shows. In the old days, you gave a guy a manager because he was good in the ring, but lacking behind the microphone. But since wrestlers no longer get to do their own promos in WWE or TNA, I assume they feel that the need is no longer there for a manager to “talk” for a wrestler—after all (in their flawed logic), it doesn’t matter if a guy isn’t good at doing promos, because “creative” will be writing all the promos for them anyway. I think both promotions are really missing the boat because they aren’t using managers anymore.

The Magic Man– The use of managers has been drastically scaled down since they started using “valets” or pretty girls to stand around at ringside looking sexy but having no clue whatsoever as to what the hell they are supposed to be doing out there. If they give them a “spot” it is usually so obvious that the spot is coming that the crowd doesn’t POP because they lost the element of surprise. If they are going to go with “valets” they should at least train them as to how to be a manager in some respect.  Do I sound bitter? Yeah, well I guess ‘Free LOVE ‘ will always trump ‘Free Magic Tricks’.

Mr. Late Nite- Vince McMahon is the industry leader, so whatever trends he starts, the rest of the wrestling world tends to mimic. Since McMahon has pushed aside male managers, lots of wrestling companies have chosen to do the same thing. It’s the “Well it works for Vince, so it’ll work for us” philosophy. That’s not always true. Doing things Vince doesn’t do gets you noticed a lot more than trying to be like him. It’s like watching Sleepy Hallow at the theater and then watching a 3rd grade presentation of Sleepy Hallow. The acting isn’t quite as good and the sets look cheap. Be special. Give people something different.

Chad Mylan– There’s great importance in the wrestler having the ability to talk for themselves, since they are the ones people are paying their money to see. People don’t spend their hard earned cash to go see a manager. Despite all that, having a manager at ringside can provide extra drama to the match, and through in-ring or backstage interviews their verbal talents can be used to draw people into a match that they normally might not be that into.

Johnny Gold– I don’t think I can name just one! myself, Griz, Superstar Steve and Matt Murphy started the gold exchanged and at that time in my opinion there were not any better four heels in the Indy scene and maybe better than some in the “show”

What goals do you have in wrestling in the future?


Little did Travis Cook and MMWA –SICW Commissioner Keith Smith know that MWR caught them speaking to each other at a NWA Dynamo show. Could a return of the Manager of Champions be in the works?

Travis Cook– None…after all, I am retired! That being said, if the right situation came up—either financially or creatively (or preferably both) –then I’d certainly be open to discussing it. Put it this way—if I ever come back, it’ll be for something good!

The Magic Man– I plan to return to Japan to have a retirement match with Shinzaki Jinsei (Hakushi) for Michinoku-Pro at some point but I also have offers to perform in England for two different promotions. I am looking into all of this as I wait for my Passport renewal to be approved. I also have several other plans related to the wrestling industry that I am unwilling to reveal at this time.


MR Late Nite at times have bitten off more than he can chew as he did here against U-Gene and the Madman.

Mr. Late Nite– To get booked in more towns and for more companies to get my name out there. I’d like to eventually land a contract with one of the major wrestling companies in the country. I’d also like to be on shows in other countries too.

Todd Countryman – I am always aiming to improve my skills in whatever I do in wrestling. I would like to continue managing for as long as I can and I would like to continue as a referee as well. I don’t hold any illusions of a WWE or TNA contract at all, but want to be the best that I can be.

Chad Mylan– Easy. World domination, a lucrative, long term contract, and to not get punched in the face by a do-gooder. Again.


Gold has had problems in the past with the Legends such as Piper.

Johnny Gold– Oh yeah there isn’t any in WWE at all. go back just twelve or so years you had Paul Heyman, Harley Race, Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heanen, Paul Bearer and others I’m forgetting. All of those guys all added something to the show!!

How can a promotion or wrestler get in touch with you?

They can reach me on facebook under my name, Travis Cook. Also, they send an email to inbox for my political TV show on Youtube “America’s Evil Genius”: americasevilgenius@hotmail.com

The Magic Man– Promotions and Wrestlers can contact me with LEGITIMATE OFFERS at magicman667@msn.com or at my MySpace page (www.myspace.com/magicmanjack) or at my Facebook page under the name “Jack Sinn”. I will then send them a phone number to call if further info is needed.

Mr. Late Nite– Fans and promoters can reach me at these.
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=632226302
Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mr-Late-Nite/245752018103?ref=nf
E-mail: mrlatenite82@yahoo.com

Chad Mylan– I’m Facebook accessible. You can contact 3XWrestling@gmail.com also. Or if you happen to live in Laos, your local mail gondola can drop off a letter of commitment to the Mylan Management Agency at the Laotian Grand Palace.

Johnny Gold Well I don’t do as much managing in WLW anymore since Mrs. Race (my mother) passed away. How can a promotion or wrestler get in touch with you MY EMAIL IS johnnygold2001@yahoo.com

Todd Countryman – By e-mail 3xwrestling@gmail.com or Facebook.-

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3XW is ready to rumble Friday night By Mark Campos

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 31, 2011

By Mark Campos

With less then a week away 3XWrestling’s “Reign of Terror II” is starting to heat up this frozen city! The real rumble will take place February 4th at the hottest place in town the Des Moines Social Club. Don’t miss your chance to see true professional wrestlers live in action!


Will this feud ever end? The hatred between two of the most talented wrestlers in 3XW has driven these men to extreme levels! The 3XW Pure Wrestling Champion, “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong, turned on his former partner, “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell, and the fans in a fit of jealousy last year. Since his turn to the darkside Kwong has assaulted Rockwell numerous times from behind and robbed him of the Pure Wrestling belt.

At last months show Kwong and The Mauler were disqualified after their manager and first class nerd, Chad Mylan, assaulted the ref! Rockwell and his partner Sir Bradley Charles got the win but not the way they wanted. “The Rockstar” had enough and took to the mic and challenged the villainous Kwong to a match at “Reign of Terror II”. There is one stipulation is in effect for that night. If Kwong gets disqualified the belt will change hands! This is sure to be a classic and brutal war between the one time allies.

The 3XWrestling Tag Team gold will also be on the line at “Reign of Terror II”. “The Horndogs” will be defending their titles for the first time against the “Genesis” team of Sly and Smooth. Maddog” McDowell and Krotch of “The Horndogs” have been together for some time and finally won the belts that they deserve. After beating another “Genesis” team, Casanova and “Delicious” Devin Carter, the “Dogs” will have to keep watching their backs as every tag team will be gunning for them now.

This new “Genesis” tag team of Sly and Smooth are not really new. As with all “Genesis” members “Torturous” Tony Sly and A.J. Smooth have been at 3XW since its inception. These two have yet to obtain any single titles so maybe as a tag team they will have more success. Being that this is their first tag match together it will be interesting to see how well these two clowns get along.

The 3XW Heavyweight belt will be defended as Brian Ash takes on the “World’s Fittest Wrestler” Mark Sterling. Team “Genesis” will take on the returning “High Flyers” and “The Canadian Sex Icon” Ryan Slade. In another tag team match American Ground and Air of “Genesis” will quarrel with Sir Bradley Charles and “The American Fury” Jon West. Also just recently added the always exciting Shane Hollister will have a match against the one and only Rebelucha!

Reign of Terror II” will be held at the Des Moines Social Club on Friday, February 4th located at 1408 Locust Street in Des Moines, IA. Tickets can be purchased online at 3XWrestling.com or at Cup O’Kryptonite and both Jay’s CD and Hobby locations. Advance presale tickets cost $12 for adults and $6 for kids 10 and under. Ticket will also be sold the night of the show at $15 for adults, $6 for kids 10 and under and kids 3 and under are free. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. with the bell time being 7:30 p.m. Be there or be square.

For all of Mark Campos work please click here.

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3XW Divide & Conquer Photo recap with Mark Sterling vs Jeremy Wyatt Iron Man from Jan. 07, 2011

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 26, 2011


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

3XW Divide & Conquer Results – Jan. 07, 2011 – Des Moines, Iowa


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

1. Jimmy Rockwell & Sir Bradley Charles defeated 3XW Pure Wrestling champion Ricky Kwong & The Mauler w/Chad Mylan by DQ.

Afterwards Rockwell challenged Kwong to one more shot at the 3XW Pure Wrestling championship next month and Kwong accepted.


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

2. Genesis – Gage Octane, Benjamin Sailer, Nate Bash, “Torturous” Tony Sly & AJ Smooth defeated “The American Fury” Jon West, Aaron Masterson, “Big City” 3XW Security Guard, The River Monster & Ryan Slade in a 10 man tag team match.


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

3. Brian Ash w/Todd Countryman retained the 3XW Heavyweight championship by pinning Zach Thompson after a press slam into a diamond cutter.


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

4. The Horn Dogs – Maddog McDowell & Krotch won the 3XW Tag Team championship by defeating “Delicious” Devin Carter & Casanova w/Steve Biley.


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

5. Mark Sterling defeated “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt in sudden death overtime in a No DQ Iron Man match that ended up going 70 minutes.

Next show


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3XWrestling returns this Friday with Holiday Havoc II.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 28, 2010

3XWrestling Holiday Havoc II

Friday – December 3rd, 2010

Des Moines Social Club
1408 Locust St
Des Moines, IA

Doors open 6:45 pm for Advanced ticket holders
Doors open 7 pm for everyone else
Bell time 7:30 pm

3XW Heavyweight championship
Brian Ash vs. Rory Fox (c)

3XW Pure Wrestling championship
The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell vs. “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong (c) w/Chad Mylan

*By orders of the 3XW Board of Directors, during this match Chad Mylan will be handcuffed to former 3XW President Skylar Pierce!*

Six Man Tag Team Match
“The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson & The Horn Dogs Maddog McDowell & Krotch
Ryan Slade & American Ground & Air Benjamin Sailer & Nate Bash

Rookie’s Biggest Challenge
“The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt vs. “The American Fury” Jon West

Also in action: 3XW Tag Team champions – “Delicious” Devin Carter & Casanova w/Todd Countryman, Gage Octane, Darin Corbin, Shane Hollister & more!


Tickets are available at:

Jay’s CD & Hobby – Tickets will be available at both Jay’s stores 3315 SE 14th Street – Des Moines, IA & Merle Hay Mall – Des Moines, IA


Cup O’ Kryptonite – Fleur Drive – Des Moines, IA

Or online at http://www.3xwrestling.com/

Advanced General Admission $12.00
General Admission day of event $15.00
Kids 10 & Under $6.00
Kids 3 & Under FREE admission
3XWrestling will also be collecting new, packaged toys & gifts at the door for Toys for Tots.

This is something we have done every year and are proud to be able to help brighten many children’s Christmas each year.

We will have a collection box at the door as you come in, please bring a new, packaged toy, sporting good, dvd, cd or other gift and help make the holidays a little brighter for Iowa’s children & teenagers.

For more information on Toys for Tots, check out these links:


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3XW champ ready to kick Ash -By Mark Campos

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 27, 2010

It’s that time of year again folks as we get ready for family gatherings, turkeys roasting in the oven, a time of peace and serenity……..and of course 3XWrestling’s “Holiday Havoc 2”! What better way to celebrate the holidays then with a full course meal of pro wrestling action?

The 3XW Heavyweight title will be on the line as the current champ Rory Fox will take on the “Gentlemen’s Club” own Brian Ash. This feud has been going on for the past couple of months and with the “Club” and their manager, “Commissioner” Todd Countryman, always interfering in the matches Fox may have to devise a new strategy for dealing with the big man.


Rory Fox made an immediate impact the first moment he stepped into the 3XW ring and to no one’s surprise was the 2009 3XW Newcomer of the Year. Many fans already knew Fox from the MTV reality show many moons ago called True Life: I Want to be a Professional Wrestler. The Iowa native has traveled the country mastering his craft for over ten years and is now setting his sights on Brian Ash and the “Gentlemen’s Club”. Fox won the 3XWrestling Heavyweight title in May at the “5 Year Anniversary” event from “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt in a sensational ladder match. Since then he has had to fend of the likes of Ryan Slade, Gage Octane and the rest of the “Gentlemen’s Club”. After having Ash and his cohorts continuously attack him from behind Fox is ready to end this once and for all!


Brian Ash is the very first 3XW Heavyweight champion and he carried the title for some time as he has wreaked havoc all over the wrestling world. Trained by the legends Harley Race and Dory Funk Jr., Ash has the tools, size and experience to take the strap from Rory Fox. But even with his natural abilities Brian Ash has once again chosen to take the easy ride to the top. Ash returned to the ring in March of this year after retiring in a “Loser Leaves 3XW” match from 2007 and seemed to be making amends for his past behavior. True colors were shown though as he returned to the ring and turned on his wrestling students Maddog McDowell and “The Unbreakable Zach Thompson. This is nothing new though as Ash along with Octane and Countryman were once known as the “Blue Chippers” before the creation of the dastardly “Gentlemen’s Club” and much like today cheated to win at all costs. Brian Ash wants his title back and Rory Fox will have to depend on speed, agility and maybe some outside interference to keep the big man down to retain his belt.

Other matches have been announced for “Holiday Havoc 2” including a rematch from last months show with the 3XW Pure Wrestling champion “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong taking on “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell. Last months match was incredible as these former tag team partners gave probably the best match so far in their 3XW careers. A stipulation has been put in place by the 3XW Board of Director as Kwong’s sneaky manager Chad Mylan will be handcuffed to Skylar Pierce during the match! Also a six man tag team match is in place as The Horndogs and Zach Thompson take on American Ground and Air with Ryan Slade. More matches will be announced soon!


In addition to all this pro wrestling excitement 3XW is putting on a “Holiday Havoc 2” preparty on December 1st at Cup O’Kryptonite, located at 4521 Fleur Drive, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. There will be free beer, door prizes, pro wrestlers, comics and did I mention free beer!

Also don’t forget to bring toys down to the show as 3XW is collecting for Toys for Tots!

“Holiday Havoc 2” will be held at the Des Moines Social Club on Friday, December 3rd located at 1408 Locust Street in Des Moines, IA. Tickets can be purchased online at 3XWrestling.com or at Cup O’Kryptonite and both Jay’s CD and Hobby locations. Advance presale tickets cost $12 for adults and $6 for kids 10 and under. Ticket will also be sold the night of the show at $15 for adults, $6 for kids 10 and under and kids 3 and under are free. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. with the bell time being 7:30 p.m. Don’t be a turkey bring a toy for a child in need!

Subscribe to Mark Campos at the Des Moines Examiner click here

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From Ric Flair to Trevor Murdoch to…. Who is the best talkers in the Midwest today?

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 2, 2010

Two legends that have countless hours providing fans with great promos Jim Ross and Ric Flair. (Photo from JRSBARBQ.COM)

Jim Ross wrote of  Ric Flair “ Back in the day, and still today for that matter, no one could cut a more impassioned promo than the future Hall of Famer “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Flair dressed the part, lived the part 24/7, and, seemingly, became the “Nature Boy. Credit Jim Ross’s website here.

By Brian Kelley

On my long drive to school in St Louis I have a LOT of time to think about stuff and when I am not thinking about my homework, I have my mind working towards pro wrestling. This past week my thoughts took me to who in the Midwest is the best on the Mic? Who can your attention the most during a promo?

If you take a look at most of my favorite wrestlers they all can talk. From my very favorite Ric Flair to the Honky Tonk Man and back the Midwest’s own Harley Race they could all talk you to the show.

Lets take a look at 20 of the  most interesting wrestlers in today’s game here in the Midwest in my opinion, Feel free to disagree or add your thoughts but these are the top wrestlers who I Love to get hear from and the list is  in no certain order.

Before we go to the 20 plus  superstars lets give props to the three time WWE Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdoch who I felt was very underrated during his time at the big show.

First lets look at a promo from ALL-TIME greats Dusty Rhodes and Harley Race when he congratulated Trevor Murdoch for his signing with WWE.

Now lets take a flash back at a promo from Murdoch with his tag team partner the late Lance Cade as they were set to arrive in WWE. Some good stuff for sure.

1) Bloody Harker Dirge

The Vampire from the Midwest, Dirge has the look, can wrestle and is works his character to a T….or maybe he is a real vampire. Either way one of the best to get a promo from period.

2) Travis Cook-

The Manager of Champions or as my friend Herb Simmons calls him Travis “the Crook” Cook but no matter what you call him you will have no choice but to hear what he has to say. A link from wrestlings past, Cook knows how to get under the skin of wrestlers and fans alike.

3) Bailey Mannix-

In your face, no nonsense wrestler can talk the talk and walk the walk. Great in front of people and can bust out a promo in one take with out blinking an eye.

4) Michael Strider

– If you ask me this guy is the closest in the Midwest to have the same feel as my favorite Flair as anyone, and I am not the only one. Strider is believable in his words and can make you care for him in a heartbeat but just like Flair if he is in a foul mood can drive the fans in a frenzy.

5) The Northstar Express Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz –

The Northstar Express is so good that you always want more……

Ask me who my favorite to interview and to work with in a promo and I promise you that I will no doubt have these two right among the top of that list. Charismatic and you never know what they will come up with. They deserve to be on a national stage.

6) Gary Jackson

The total package who never got that one break, Jackson may very well be the most loved wrestler in St Louis. With classic lines and his golden rules the geourgous one is always one that you will want to  listen too.

7) Jayden Draigo

To be honest I didn’t know who Draigo was until this year. He quickly gathered my attention with the way he handled himself in the middle of the ring, drawing the ire of the fans without missing a beat.

8) #1 Brett Young –

Like the Northstar Express, Young has charisma to burn. A great talker he is able to do whatever is thrown his way be it serious or comedy it is always a honor to interview him…or at least that’s what he lets me know when we are done.

9) The Mississippi Madman –

Listen for this quote from the Madman at the interview “ You just saved a lot of lives, because there is going to be a lot of people running because the Madmans coming” Love it!

No wrestler in the Midwest can have the fans in the palm of their hands like the Mississippi Madman. His look, along with his mic skills is the reason why he would be one of the wrestlers that I would choose if I was a promoter.

10) BroMance Jordan McEntrye & Knight Wagner with Eryn –

Cocky brash and always entertaining this tag team is very underrated in the Midwest, they have a great look that catches the fans attention right away.  

11) Mr Late Nite

The Midwest wrestling agent has an ax to grind and never seems to be in a good mood. That is until he is making fun of the fans who come to see their heroes in action.

12) Curley-

You can’t miss him with all those 3 stooges’ tattoos but then he gets on the mic for a promo or before his match and laughter is surly to come. 13) Matt Cage –  

Cage is always willing to think outside the box. The scary thing about Cage is I believe he is only scratched the surface of how good he can be.

14) The Hooligans (Devin and Mason Cutter)

The 2009 MWR Tag team of the Year burst onto the scene making a name for themselves in and out of the ring with some great promos for their battles.

15) Attitude Inc (Guy Smith, Spencer Powers, and Michael Shard)

The trio of Smith, Powers and Shard bring to the table great wrestling action and a look that gets the fans and opponents attention quickly. They currently hold the NMW Tag titles while Shard is in the hunt for the NMW Title at November Reign. Look for great things to continue for these there.

16) Chad Mylan-

The man who many claim is the voice of 3XW has grew a chip on his shoulder. Leading his number one man Kwong into the ring to gain championships. He is a force at not only 3XW but MECW as well.

I am going to share with you a promo from 3XW’S monthly internet show Outside the ring from this past October. Look for Chad at the 5:16 mark into the show as he celebrates a big victory along with his protégé Ricky Kwong. Please take the time to watch the whole episode and add the 3XW website to your favorites to check out the new Outside the Ring.

17) Bobby Houston –

While many wonder what we do at MWR, “The Business Man” is not one of them. He knows that the site is out there to get the word out about wrestling, but more importantlyto Houston,  is MORE coverage for himself. In the ring on the mic or outside the ring for a promo Houston is all about the Business and that business is to let you know that he is the best in the Midwest.

18) The Magic Man-

If you have not seen this legend from Japan then shame on you. I have had a lot of fun working with the Magic Man every time we get the camera in front of him. The fans MAY love him or hate him but they always and I mean always remember him

19) Steven J Girthy-

The classic manager in every sense. Successful check, rich check, loud mouth check. The truth of the matter is the man is good at his job and that is leading wrestling’s top wrestlers into battle.

20) AJ Williams-

One has to see AJ do wrestling impersonations to get a true feel of this young wrestlers talent. Don’t believe me then just ask Bill Apter.

MWR Hall of Fame Video

Hype Gotti and Tony Cortez formed the charismatic tag team Simply the Best. The two would hold onto the PWP Tag titles but we were always prepared to see what these two would say when we got them behind the camera. Lets look back at this classic interview.

Last but not least I leave you with a promo that we did with the 2008 Missouri Wrestling Revival wrestler of the Year “ The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt. I took this to work to show some residents at the behavior unit that I worked with. The resident LOVE wrestling and my mother has been a nurse for over 30 years at the very same home.

My mothers reply to me after watching Wyatt blast , “Maybe you shouldn’t get involved in this wrestling, you’r going to get hurt.” …….SWEET

I now share with you that video that caused my mother such concern.

Honorable mentions

TNT Keny G

Shane Rich

Hunter Mathews

Sean Vincent

Gage Octane

Steve Fender

Dan The Man

Eric Ruffington

Steve Anthony

Phil E Blunt

Devin Carter

Mark Bland

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4 States, 14 Shows, 4,265 miles and 74 hours on the road in 3 months at MWR.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 26, 2010

With a plethora of great shows  these  past few months,  it has been hard to keep up with all the exciting  news flash, photos and happenings around the Midwest.

MWR has been active with some of the top stars in the country while meeting many of you the great fans, some for the first time while others we know quite well.

We have spent almost every weekend on the road covering the top promotions in the Midwest.

Let’s take a look at some of the sights of the past few months with MWR, the Fans and Superstars around the Midwest.

August 7- Granite City Illinois- High Voltage Wrestling

HVW returned from their summer break to with top stars Kahagas taking on Trent Stone , the Midwest Sweet heart Santana G going up against her arch rival Amy Hennig and the Great Cheyenne with MsChif watching.

Dan Walsh (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Would it be just by chance that the MWR Wrestler of the Week was MTV’S Dan Walsh who would give away a MWR T-Shirt in August only to see him get the HVW Livewire title soon after? Hey Dan we are just playing, you earned it….with a handful of Trent Stones tights.

August 21 – Council Bluffs Iowa – Pro Wrestling Phoenix

The trips to Iowa seem to take so long to get their, which has been a reason for us to scale back from going to PWP and 3XW. One problem they are so GOOD!! MWR fans don’t worry we have no plans what so ever to stop covering these two exciting promotions.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix delivered on this evening with some exciting wrestling action. We were on hand when Axel Greece assists Ryan Slade and Zac James cheat Chris Havius and Donnie Peppercricket out of the PWP Tag Titles. The show also saw the war rage on between Abu Colossus and Preston Maxwell.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix Champion Tony Cortez (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

The MWR Wrestler of the Night was the PWP Champion Tony Cortez. Cortez was able to survive the onslaught on Jayden Draigo to retain the championship in a feud that has become quite personal.

In the near future look for a phot recap from their last show in October  from PWP/MWR Photographer Gary Giaffoglione

August 28- Lincoln Illinois – Pro Wrestling Epic

The Balloon festival in Lincoln Illionis is a BIG deal and with PWE providing a FREE show if you attend you can not miss it.

PWE delivered with the biggest match in years in the Midwest literally when the PWE title was on the line between the Mississippi Madman taking on “The Future” Donovan Ruddick led by MR Late Nite.

Ohhhs and AHHHS were heard as the two behemoths battle for supermecy and who is truly the top big man. Nothing was settled decisively, but the crowd went home to tell their friends about the Madman and Future. The match that shook the Midwest .

Evan Money explodes on Eric Allen (Photo credit Brian Kelley)

“The Kid” Evan Money was the MWR Wrestler of the Week as he went on to defeat Eric Allen with a frog splash.

September 4th – Kansas City Kansas- Metro Pro Wrestling

We were thrilled to support Metro Pro Wrestling for several reasons; first off the wrestling scene in the KC market has been dry for some time now. With Metro Pro Sports having TV, showcasing several of the top stars in the country today and oh yeah our former partner in crime Josh Ray is the current ring announcer for this upstart promotion. Metro Pro proved to be a great time with a great upside going into 2010.

“Rock and Roll” Mike Sydal with Amber (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

Amber," The host of Dubi meets the Fans" Dubray and Brecca take in a picture after the show (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

All the girls love Tyler Cook (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

From the looks of Brecca’s face WLW Star Ethan Wright did not learn the Masterlock from former WLW Champ Chris Masters. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

September 11 – Waterloo Illinois – Independent Hardcore Wrestling

IHW has been on a roll in 2010 with some great matches in front of a packed crowd. On this night we were thrilled to debut the Tony Kozina MWR Trading Card. Kozina is one of the most well diverse and exciting wrestlers today. During the night Kozina wrestled one of the Midwest most impressive young men in the game Chris L.O.G.A.N

Tony Kozina (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Let’s take a look at a Video recap of this great show from IHW

September 22- Olney Illinois – IWA Unlimited

Our first trip to Olney lived up to the hype that has been told to me. A weekly FREE Wednesday show how can you go wrong. A great small venue filled with some of the top young talent in the area.

IWA Unlimited fan favorite The Intimidator gives away a free MWR T-shirt to start the night off. (Photo Credit Tim Dunahee )

Everyone that I talked to loved the stars of IWA U and looked forward to the hump day of the week. If you have the day off and live in STL I urge you to take the drive to see what you are missing.

September 25 – Hillsdale Missouri- MMWA-SICW

A great day for the community of Hillsdale as MMWA-SICW teamed up with the Hillsdale Police force to provide a free wrestling show. MMWA-SICW are always fan friendly and if a free outdoor show was not enough, the team work also offered free BBQ and back packs filled with treats from the police force given to them by the stars of MMWA-SICW.

Ace Hawkins is the MMWA-SICW Santa Clause in September while sporting the MWR T-shirt

The MWR Wrestler of the day was none other than Ace Hawkins. Ace fresh off of his appearance at Ring of Honor not only gave away a free MWR shirt but bicycles from the kids and some awesome ST Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame shirts before having a great match against Brandon Espinosa.

September 25- Wood River Illinois – MECW Double shot evening

One of the best kept secrets in the Midwest, is the fact that some of the best talent in Iowa makes the long trip to the STL to go to prove that they are among the best in the Midwest. Jimmy Rockwell, Devin Carter, Zach Thompson, Ryan Slade  and even self proclaimed  wrestling genius Chad Mylan has put an end to Gabriel Brimstones stranglehold  in the Independent title when his man Kwong won the belt in recent months.

Iowa is not the only area that is well represented as the upstate Illinois wrestlers BroMance (Knight Wagner and Jordan McEntrye)  with Erin currently holds onto the MECW Tag Championship and Matt Mayday, Mike Anthony and Chris Logan have all brought their own flavor in the company.

MECW Champion Bailey Mannix (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

On this night the MWR Wrestler of the Night was the champ himself, Bailey Mannix. Mannix is still one of the most underrated wrestlers in the game today.

October 2- Kansas City Kansas – Metro Pro Wrestling

Metro Pro Wrestling heated up with the brand new Metro Pro Wrestling TV Champion Trevor Murdoch taking charge. With an appearance from wrestling great Harley Race the fans where able to see some of the great from the past mixed in with some of the best today.

What has the best Wrestler on Gods Green earth Harley Race along with Ethan Wright and Jeff Strong so mad, could it be because of something that former MWR Josh Ray is doing? See it on METRO SPORTS in Kansas City (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

If fans in Kansas City want the best bang for their buck they need to give Metro Pro Wrestling a chance. You won’t regret it.

October 9- Eldon Missouri – World League Wrestling

One of the biggest nights of the year brought several of the most influential men in the game today. Co-Owner of Pro Wrestling Noah was in attendance along with Harley Race and Cauliflower Alley Club’s Karl Lauer. The MWR Wrestler of the Night was Midwest knockout Lucy Mendez who gave away the very first MWR pink t-shirt.

Midwest Knockout Lucy Mendez has the attention of Cauliflower Alley Club’s Karl Lauer. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

Wrestlers from around the world took the week long camp in hopes of making it to the show.

MWR Photographer Bill Smith with the representatives of Pro Wrestling NOAH (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

WLW Super fan Vincent Heather gets an autograph Steve Fender trading card from the man himself

Look for a Full photo recap of this show in the near future from MWR Photographer Bill Smith

October 10- Marceline Missouri – Modern Championship Wrestling

Just down the road from my house was a new promotion was a rare Sunday show that featured local favorite The Iceman. Brian Blade won the belt at the very first show and has been a thorn in promoter Dustin Watson’s side ever since.

Larry Stilfield with Modern Championship Wrestling Champion Brian Blade (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

October 16- Glen Carbon Illinois – NWA Dynamo/High Voltage Wrestling

We were on hand to present the High Voltage Wrestling tag champs the Hooligans the 2009 MWR Tag team of the Year plaques. To be honest we offered the exciting tag team Full Contact Dojo  (Jonathan Gresham and Ric King) the chance to be the MWR Wrestlers of the Week to throw out a t-shirt as a way of being nice.

In a shocking development they defeated The Hooligans to become the NEW HVW Tag Championship . No HVW Champion was safe as “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt defeated Kahagas and Dan Walsh won the HVW Livewire belt.

The HVW Tag Team Champs Jonathan Gresham and Ric King with the lucky fan who caught the MWR shirt Rebecca Haynes (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Look for a photo recap as well and interviews with all of the new HVW Champions here at MWR in the future.

October 23 – Springfield Illinois – New Midwest Wrestling

NMW invited us and invited us and I am glad that they did, we had debut once before and was very impressed and happy to have added them in our NMW Coverage area. The last show I photographed the most dangerous ( and fun matches) to be a photographer at in my carrer during the4 team NMW Tag Team scramble match and returned for the biggest Battle Royal, rumble style of the year for NMW. All for the enjoyment of you the fans.

The MWR Wrestler of the Week was up and comer Christian Rose. Look for more information about this exciting night of wrestling at MWR soon.

Christian Rose (Photo Courtesy of Jon 'Skippy' Edgecomb)

There you have MWR fans, the itinerary of where Dubray and I have been in just the past tthree months. We may not be able to keep up with the miles that the 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year Mark Sterling does but who can, that man is a machine.

I would like to thank you the fans, the wrestlers, and the promoters for making

Missouri Wrestling Revival – The Wrestling Press of the Midwest.

MWR fans please support your local professional wrestling and we hope to see you at a show.

Brian Kelley Owner/Editor of Missouri Wrestling Revival

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MWR celebrates 1,000 POST with appreciation to you all plus Josh Ray’s MWR Supporting Roles All-Star Team

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 30, 2010

By Brian Kelley
Owner and Editor of MWR

Helloooo wrestling fans as the great Bill Kersten would say. I am thrilled that today we are celebrating our 1,000 post here at Missouri Wrestling Revival. Throughout the past two and half years you have been able to come to MWR site to check out upcoming shows, interviews and stories of the top stars of not only the Midwest but around the world.

MWR started out simple enough from one of my best friends Josh Ray who had the dream to bring attention to wrestling in the Midwest. He worked hard to get the site going and along with myself and Kari Williams the site was off and running.

Thankfully we had a good friend Peter Hahn whos sister Rachel, is a wonderful graphic artist that came up with the logo that has became the face of MWR.

I have been so busy getting ready for school, preparing for my sons school year and other projects that I have yet to unveil some great new logo’s from our good friends at Awesome bomb radio so no time is better than the start of a new thousand. Adult MWR fans take a chance to check out the Awesome Bomb Radio for some wild and crazy interviews with some of the top wrestlers in the game today.

Everyone at MWR has worked hard to be respectful and polite to each promotion, wrestler and fans that we have gone across.

I have a strong belief that to be successful that no one can do it alone. In the history of MWR there have been some wonderful supporters of the site that is vital to MWR’S place in wrestling today. I am going to attempt to thank everyone that has made MWR possible. At every promotion we have worked with there has been not only promoter, wrestlers but also referees, ring announcer, security, video crew and fans that I have nothing but love and respect for. Several have become close friends, while others I have not seen in a long time, though time has past by and we may have not seen each other this post is still for you.

1) The Fans: I hope that you have found MWR a place that you come to enjoy. You are the most important piece to the puzzle to making a show a success. At times we are very busy at a show but I want you to know that I thank you for clicking on the site and we are always excited to get to meet you. Your support for the hard working men and women of the sport keeps the hope alive for pro wrestlers to live their dream. If you have not checked out a local show near you I urge you to check out a promotion soon.

We have made many Friends thanks to the MWR site. Drew and Gary are two great guys that I met at local shows, they knew us from the work we do thanks to MWR. During the Wrestling Legends on tour the three of us got to pose with some of the top wrestling stars ever in the sport. These are just two of the many fans that we are proud to call our friends.

2) The Promoters: These guys are judged, hated and sometimes forgotten. It takes a special person to risk there money and spend their time to run a show. The cold hard fact is that it is a LOT of work to be one and at times luck to be successful in this profession. Without them doing the ground work a show never gets off the ground. They have opened their doors to us and I hope they know we have been honored to try our best to get the word out about the dates of their show.

3) The Wrestlers, managers and referees: Call it a sport or call it entertainment, one can not deny that it takes true talent to make a show a success..

During the years I have been all around the Midwest checking out shows in the big cities and the small towns and I can say that I have no doubt that there is no athletes that cares more for their fans that the wrestlers.

We have been at a few shows that have had less than 30 people, that did not stop the wrestlers from going out there and giving it their all, then took the time to come meet the fans.

I watched time and time where they have took that extra moment to talk, pose for pictures and sign autographs to the kids of all ages and thanking them for their hard earn money to watch them do what they love.

There have been many shows where the wrestlers have donated their time and skills with no pay to support a fundraiser for a local family or school.

No matter what state we are in, or the three letters of the promotions every wrestles have the same goal and that is to entertain you with the best of their abilities.

This past weekend I was in Lincoln Illinois for the Arts and Balloon Festival where the a huge crowd witness some exciting wrestling action. One of the many talented wrestlers in the Midwest today, Knight Wagner asked if he could do a promo commemorating the moment that so many fans had a chance to see what wrestling was like in our area.

I was honored by the kind words that he said in the promo for our website in hopes that you the fans will check us out to find out where you can see the next wrestling show in your area. I want to share with you the words of Knight Wagner.

To be honest there have been many such compliments given to the MWR family from many many wrestlers that understand that this site is built for the fans, the promoters and wrestlers themselves.

It has been a pleasure to work each and every one of you. I have seen some of the craziest, weirdest and breathtaking matches ever in the past two plus years at MWR. The love that you have for wrestling is only equaled by the desire to give the fans their money’s worth. MWR could not be as successful or fun without your cooperation

4) Dubray Tallman: The old saying is behind every successful man is a good women. Thankfully I have Dubray to help support me while we drive the six hours roundtrip for many shows. There is no group of friends that live close enough that we can ride with to make the trip faster or cheaper. In less than a year and half we have made over eighty shows in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Illinois. At times the site takes away from what we can do elsewhere or together as it takes time to write and edit everything. Prior to the show Dubray works on one of the most popular articles that we have Dubi meets the fans. Often Dubi Meets the Fans is the among the top post for weeks on end . Dubray I love you.

5) Josh and Sara Ray: The founder of MWR is also one of my best friends. Josh has a great mind and love for the business. If only the two of us lived closer no telling how much more successful MWR would be. They don’t get much better than Josh and Sara

6) Kari Williams: MWR’S number one writer, you have read Kari’s articles from the inception of the site. Young and talented there is no doubt that you will find Kari’s work in a much bigger forum one day. Dubray and I always are thrilled to see Kari and her mother Joan.

7) Matt Murphy: Matt is one of the most underrated wrestling minds today. He has always been willing to give his advice and assistance for the site. In fact I didn’t take his advice early on and paid for it. Lesson learned, listen to Matt Murphy. Seriously Matt was kind enough to have his book showcased here at MWR in a weekly article that many MWR fans loved. If you missed it, there is a link at the top of the page that you can go to do catch up. MWR fans if you have read this article or book PLEASE take the time to review it on Amazon.com here.

8) Greg Anthony – Anthony brings to the site, a fan that is talented enough to excel in the sport today as a wrestler. I am never bored and often surprised to what he has to say in the MWR favorite the Golden Circle. As with Murphy if you have missed any of his articles I urge you take a look at the top of the page and enjoy.

9) Patrick Brandmeyer– As much as I love local professional wrestling, the truth is at times it can be nearly impossible to find out information on the past as well as the current history of the business. I often look to my good friend Patrick Brandmeyer for the what, how and why in the St Louis wrestling market and beyond. If a promotion wants a good source of advertisement then most defiantly contact Brandmeyer to make his way to your show.

10) ST Louis Wrestling Community and the Nose Bleed seats- Many people think that the man known as the Crimefighter and his website the ST Louis Wrestling Community are a competitor of the MWR website. The truth is that I have always enjoyed working with Crimfighter and his colleagues from the Nose Bleed Seats Chris Lee and MOAV5706. I often use the site and their advice for articles that you read here. They have had some great podcast and they are the number one source for all your wrestling in Central Illinois. Check them out here.

11) MWR T-shirts– Nothing brings a smile to my face than seeing a fan or wrestler wear a MWR Shirt. In the four states that we cover we have given away or sold 100’s of our shirts to wonderful people such as yourself. We started out with free drawings during intermission to a lucky fan.

Fans like this wonderful women has been thrilled to catch a MWR T-Shirt from a Midwest Superstar (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogsraat)

Then one day at PWP I was taken photos when Murder Militia’s #1 Brett Young came to the ring wearing an MWR shirt . That kicked a light bulb in my head, why don’t we have a wrestler wear to ring and unlike the greedy Young who kept his shirt, we have them throw it to a lucky fan. This promotion has been more than a success and I would like to thank all the wrestlers who have worn the shirt in the past in this promotion. The fans I feel have had a lot of fun in catching them . Most recently one fan told me that her daughter was so impressed with catching the t-shirt and having her picture taken with the wrestler(Jimmy Karryt) that she has that picture of her and him as the background picture on their computer. You can not purchase moments as special as that.

Words can not describe how important my friend Nick Ridenour has been this year in working with us to have quality and affordable t-shirts with the small budget we have.

12) MWR Top Draws – A very popular feature at MWR is the art work from MWR’S Dartallion Allen JR. Allen brings to life your favorite stars in a cartoon style. Mwr fans look in the very near future a chance to vote for who you think Allen Jr should draw in the MWR Classic Wrestler Top Draw. Till then take the time to click above to see one of Midwest brightest artist today.

13) MWR Trading Cards– This is my new passion and a set that I take great pride in. A worthy collectable for the fans of MWR, the set features the stars of the Midwest and around the world that we have all come to love or hate. We started off with the MWR award winners for 2008 and 2009, card number one was the 2008 MWR Tag team of the year the Northstar Express Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz with Pnut, the three who is awesome in promos looked just as good in a trading card.

“The Future” Donovan Ruddick takes the time to pose with young fans that had purchased his MWR Trading Card prior to him autographing the collectable that fans have been clamoring for the past few months.

Since then we have added a who’s who of stars in the Midwest including three people that I am forever grateful who brought worldwide recognition to the set, site and other wrestlers of the series and they are international stars MsChif, Davey Richards and Ring of Honor World Champion Tyler Black.

A big thank you goes out to Alyssa Major for her amazing talent on these cards.

As of press time we have announced Nineteen trading cards and each and every individual brings their own flair and worth to your collection. Look for many other superstars of the ring to grace their presence in the set. In fact I am so excited to name them that I need to stop writing about it.

For a look at these card check out our checklist at the number one site for wrestling trading cards Wrestlingtradingcards.com here.

14) MWR Photographers– People that know me, know that I love photos of wrestling. Often I will go to a website and see results from a show but never know what that person looks like. At MWR you get a chance to put a name with a face in an exciting fashion

I am blessed to be able to have some of the great photographers in the Midwest at MWR that allow us to use their work and expensive equipment for the site. A very underrated aspect to the scene is a photographer, these hard working professionals are able to capture that moment when your favorite wrestler goes for that high risk move, or the final moment when a wrestler wins the championship. With pictures you capture history.

Mike Van Hoogstraat, Gary Giaffoglione, Bill Smith and Scott Fieldstein are regulars with MWR who donate the pictures for you the fans to enjoy. I love all of these guys for their contribution and friendship.

15) Absolute Wrestling Radio: Amazingly when I wrote this article for 1,000 post I had somehow forgotten to recognize the AWR family. It’s not that they were not worthy or I hadn’t thought of them its just that I thought I had them done. Make no mistake about it that AWR was very crucial to MWR inception to the wrestling world. Based out of St Louis AWR has been a place where fans can listen and call in to talk about the WWE, TNA , local wrestling and MMA.

Mark Bland Matt Kreuger and Andy Echle have been a lot of fun throughout the time that I have known them and have created some of the most memorable moments in MWR history. They have always done a wonderful job getting the word of MWR out to the masses. We look forward to all of your hard wok and friendship.


In the past two and half years MWR has covered and worked with each of these promotions in one form or another. I don’t want to thank anyone in particular because of the fear of forgetting anyone. Once again there are many great people that are in each of these promotions who have made a positive impact for the MWR site.

All American Pro Wrestling
All American Wrestling
Central States Wrestling
Great American Wrestling
High Voltage Wrestling
Independent Hardcore Wrestling
IWA Productions
Lethal Wrestling Alliance
New Midwest Wrestling
New Breed Wrestling Alliance
NWA Supreme Wrestling
NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling
Metro East Championship Wrestling
Metro Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Epic
Pro Wrestling Next
Pro Wrestling Phoenix
Pro Wrestling Next
Rampage Championship Wrestling
World League Wrestling

I hope that you check out these promotions live in the very near future.

Thank you MWR Fans and we hope to celebrate 1,500 soon. Till then look for all the exciting developments and happenings in the world of Pro Wrestling in the near future at MWR.


Brian Kelley
Owner/ Editor of Missouri Wrestling Revival

My good friend Josh Ray and I spoke recently about the celebration of the MWR 1,000 POST. He stated that he had an article he would like to share with you so we started MWR post 1 with Josh Ray so it is only fitting that we end 1,000 with my good friend Josh.

By Josh Ray

Even though I left Missouri Wrestling Revival in the talented hands of Brian Kelley and Kari Williams a year ago to pursue other pro wrestling opportunities, as founder of this website/community I am extremely attached to any of MWR‘s successes and failures. It doesn’t matter whether the ideas came from my own mind or the mind of a friend, because once it is implemented by the site, it becomes part of the family.

As family, career, and life in general have siphoned time from one of my passions, most of my Midwest pro wrestling knowledge comes in spurts from MWR. It is a great site that has helped in more ways than it will ever get credit for, and that is due to a combined effort from contributors to MWR, promoters, wrestlers, behind-the-scenes staff, and of course fans! When Brian and I chatted last week and he informed me that the 1000th post was fast approaching, I wanted to get involved.

A lot is said of a wrestler’s desire and love of the business. Sometimes paid in hot dogs and other time not paid at all, these men and women travel at great physical, emotional, and financial expense because they love to entertain and they strive to improve. Unfortunately, there are other pieces of this puzzle that often go overlooked. These overlooked pieces are evident in those train wrecks that inevitably occur. Great wrestlers can make a great match, but those that work in supporting roles (the overlooked pieces I am referring to) are what make an entire event a success. In fact, those working in these supporting roles can make or break everything from the attendance to the safety at the show.

Those in these supporting roles include the promoter himself/herself, the booker, the referee, ring announcer, managers/valets, sound man/woman, camera crew, photographer, security, bloggers/journalists, and other volunteers. These men and women are no less a part of the wrestling business than the wrestlers themselves, but they often do what they do with little or no fanfare. There is no World Wrestling Entertainment developmental program for most of these roles, and many serving in these capacities are expected to do the work for free to pay their dues and to be a part of the show.

Even WWE legend Shawn Michaels acknowledged many of the great supporting members of WWE during his retirement speech on the March 29, 2010 edition of Monday Night RAW:

This is really gonna sound strange to you guys, but there’s a whole lot of people in those big ‘ol trucks out back, there are these guys here holding the camera, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and of course the greatest announcer of all time Jim Ross… but I want to thank all you guys. You guys always made me look better than I ever really was and I so appreciate that.

I want to follow in those great footsteps in this, the 1000th post on Missouri Wrestling Revival, by naming my own MWR “Supporting Roles” All-Star Team. This is by no means definitive and is solely based on my opinion with some input from trusted friends.

Supporting Roles All-Star 1st Team

BookerMatt Murphy
I have talked with Matt numerous times and know his credentials. This would be the guy to go to in order to get the matches lined up… and the first guy I would talk to to straighten out any backstage issues.

Referees –

Brandon Schmidt
Brandon Schmidt

Eric Davis
Eric Davis

Both men work hard and want to continue learning. You’d be hard pressed to find two more competent officials to ref a show.

Ring Announcer –

KL Snow

KL Snow

The man with the green socks has a great voice for ring announcing and is one of the nicest men you’ll meet in and out of the ring. He no longer operates in the area, but is worth the money to bring in.

Video –

Skylar Pierce

Skylar Pierce

This guy shoots and edits wrestling video on a regular basis and continues to improve. Watch 3XW’s Outside the Ring on Youtube to see the progression of his video work.

Camera – Jenny Bessman
3XW’s video team under the guidance of Skylar Pierce is my logical choice, with Jenny getting the by name selection, but without excluding the video talents of Sean Wilkerson. These guys keep the 3XW machine moving in the right direction by continuing their line of DVDs and providing footage for the 3XW web show Outside the Ring.

Security – Brandon “Bubba” Wacholtz
When I put together the MWR show for November 2009, “Bubba” was my first choice for security. Very professional in a security capacity and anyone that says otherwise has probably deserved being removed from a show.

Backstage Photographer –

Michael R. Van Hoogstraat

Michael R. Van Hoogstraat

Many of the great Midwest wrestler photos from backstage that you see on this site and across the Internet come from this man!

Ringside Photographer

Gary Giaffoglione

Gary Giaffoglione

You feel right there in the middle of the action when Gary is at the helm.

Mouthpiece –

Magic Man

Magic Man

I extended the offer to Magic Man a long time ago… whenever I have a video camera he is always welcome to jump in front of it.

Mouthpiece –

Chad Mylan

Chad Mylan

Quite honestly, I mark for very few things in this world… but I mark for Chad Mylan. I am a Mylanite.

Booster –

Chuck Maddox

Chuck Maddox

A genuinely nice guy with a love for professional wrestling that many do not come close to matching. Chuck is the guy you’d want to work with on any marketing plan or budget.

Journalist/Blogger –

Kari Williams

Kari Williams

The resident workhorse at MWR has a career beyond this site that is right around the corner. I am very proud to have met her and often go to her for writing advice.

That is all I have for this, the 1000th post on Missouri Wrestling Revival. Remember, if its worth supporting then support it. If not then run the other way and something better will eventually come along!

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Mark Sterling wins the 2010 King Of Des Moines tournament plus full results from this weekends event.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 9, 2010

Results thanks to the 3XW Website

Des Moines Social Club
1408 Locust St
Des Moines, IA

Thanks to all the fans who came out to see an excellent night of wrestling action!

King of Des Moines Tournament Event Results:

1. Pre-show match – Brady A. Dezire pinned Jon West after a superkick.

2. King of Des Moines Quarterfinals – “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson pinned “The Popular” Nate Bash after countering out of Bash’s Michinoku Driver with a cradle pin. Great high flying battle.

3. King of Des Moines Quarterfinals – In a battle of 3XW‘s two biggest athletes, Brian Ash pinned Maddog McDowell after punching him with brass knuckles while the referee was distracted by Todd Countryman and Casanova. Countryman’s loaded briefcase was also involved.

4. King of Des Moines Quarterfinals – “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt pinned “The Professional” Ben Sailer following a Kansas Tumbleweed (Lightning Spiral) in a great technical, submission-based encounter.

5. King of Des Moines Quarterfinals – Mark Sterling beat “Delicious” Devin Carter by submission with the Markshooter in a very heated bout.

6. King of Des Moines Semi-Finals – “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt beat “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson by submission with the Crossface in a very heated, hard-hitting encounter. Thompson came very close to defeating Wyatt on a number of occasions.

7. King of Des Moines Semi-Finals – Mark Sterling pinned Brian Ash. After the match, Ash and 3XW Commissioner Todd Countryman tried to assault Sterling with the brass knuckles, only for Sterling to move out of Countryman’s clutches, duck Ash’s punch only for Ash to stop his swing just in time to avoid hitting Countryman. Sterling then dropkicked Ash into Countryman and Countryman tumbled to the ground. Sterling then grabbed his own pair of knuckles from his trunks and punched Ash out with them to the cheers of the crowd.

8. Six Man Scramble for the 3XW Unified Pure Wrestling championship – “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell successfully defended the title, pinning “The Canadian Sex Icon” Ryan Slade with a Rock N’ Rollup to win. Also competing were Hunter Matthews, Casanova, “The Right Price” Aaron Masterson and Sir Bradley Charles.

9. 3XW Heavyweight championship – Rory Fox successfully defended the title, pinning “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong following a Fox Bomb. Kwong’s manager Chad Mylan was involved many times throughout the match and Kwong almost came away with the belt on more than one occasion. Directly before the end of the bout, Fox finally got his hands and Mylan and punched him right off the ring apron to a big response from the fans.

10. King of Des Moines Tournament Finals – Mark Sterling pinned “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt with a cradle pin in an excellent wrestling match.

After the bout, Wyatt challenged Sterling to a rematch at Clobberpalooza Classic 3 on September 3rd at the Des Moines Social Club.

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Dubi meets the 3XW fans June 2010

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 18, 2010

Dubray Tallman back with you here at MWR with a brand new Dubi Meets the fans and for the very first time I am doing this feature at 3XWrestling in Des Moines Iowa.

I missed the last time Brian went as he and his good friend Josh Ray made their way to present 3XW with the 2008 MWR Promotion of the Year Plaque last year and since I have been they have moved from IN Play to the Social Club.

If you are one of my friends who live quite a ways and have not checked out 3XWrestling, I highly recommend that you take the drive and not only watch some exciting 3XWrestling but the beautiful city of Des Moines as well. This would be the third time that we have gone together and it never seems to fail that we run out of time to take in the sights. If we ever get enough money I am looking forward to staying in town and sight see after a show the next day.

I was told from Brian that 3XW had a sweet set up and he was not lying. With the lights on and the building painted black it was perfect for wrestling with a big league feel, with up close and personal feel of a local show. Easily the most professional looking shows that we have gone too.

Our good friend Skylar Pierce was very helpful by pointing out some 3XW faithful fans who was allowed in 15 minutes early because they bought their ticket early, which I thought was awesome because I hate to wait to get in so that is a great ideal 3XW.

While Brian caught up with his friends Maddog McDowell and Referee Jeremy Robb, I was off to work meeting the fans. First up was one of our facebook friends Amanda Elliot who I knew was a hardcore Mike Sydal fan but I was told that at last months show at 3XW Sydal had lost a loser leaves town match to high flying Zach Thompson, Say it isn’t so Mike!!

Amanda stated that she liked Rory Fox, a wrestler that Brian had stated he was excited about seeing live for the first time. Rory was impressive in his win against “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong with “The Laotian Liaison” Chad Mylan and Mylan’s new MMA security guard. I got so busy during intermission trying to get everyone rounded out that Amanda was nice enough to take the picture for us.

Amanda Elliot and Rory Fox

Next up was a great group of fans in the front row who was there to cheer on young up and comer John West. Hope, Joe, Brittany, Alyssa, Haley and Joey Maston from Des Moines Iowa posed with the young star.

Jon West hangs with Joe, Brittany, Alyssa, Haley and Joey (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Little did I know that 3XW was to provide the fans with an exciting surprise at the start of the show when to the ring came the easy on the eyes Tyler Black who was to wrestle later on that night. Eric Konecne from Exira Iowa quickly came up to me to see if it was possible to have his Dubi meets the fans picture with his favorite tag team The Horndogs of Krotch and Maddog McDowell with Tyler Black. I told him that I would do my best and though during the intermission that had wrestlers signing Autographs and hanging out with the fans we were unable to get Eric with the Horndogs and Black at the same time we took his picture separately with the stars.

Eric Konecne and Tyler Black ( Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Maddog McDowell, Eric Konecne and Krotch ( Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brian was asked by Midnight Guthrie to come to ring to show off the MWR Plaque that we were giving Jeremy Wyatt and Tyler Cook for their 3XW match last year then it was back to meeting with the fans.

One of the most popular wrestlers there had to be the “Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell who was birthday boy Jack’s favorite wrestler. Jack was turning 8 years old that day and was joined with Allison ( Sue City) and Randy from (Des Moines). It took us some time as Jimmy is great with his fans but young Jack and his friends looked to have a birthday to remember

Jimmy Rockwell with the Birthday boy Jack holding the 3XW Cruiser weight Championship belt with Allison and Randy (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Slowly but surely, I have been working on a new project here at MWR called MWR’S Sexiest wrestler in the Midwest and one man that is sure to be a part of the voting will be Kansas City Heartthrob Tyler Cook.

Tyler Cook (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

On this night I was thankful that Cook represented MWR by wearing our shirt to the ring and throwing it too one lucky fan.  A wonderful women, Paula Grove caught the shirt while sitting next to her husband Don. Unfortunately Cook took a beating from The Rebel Jeremy Wyatt prior to intermission and was unable to come out to pose with Paula but she was in good sprits as we talked about how long she had been coming to 3XW.

Paula Grove and Dubray Tallman (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A fun night of wrestling with some great guys, I hated to leave but before we left Brian picked up a 3XW dvd that had Tyler Black vs. Jeremy Wyatt and offered to buy me a Sir Bradley Charles T-shirt , a wrestler who he is thinks very highly of but he didn’t have my size so Brian got a XL, just my luck  .

The road home was filled with rain and storms and it took us a little longer than normal but it was well worth it. I was impressed when Skylar called us the next morning to make sure we made it home safe. It is always good hanging with people that care.

Once again 3XW and their fans thank you for the good times.

Brian will have a photo recap of this show very soon and I will be working on Dubi meets the IHW Fans from this past weekend.

Till next time MWR Fans be good.


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