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Dubi meets the 3XW fans June 2010

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 18, 2010

Dubray Tallman back with you here at MWR with a brand new Dubi Meets the fans and for the very first time I am doing this feature at 3XWrestling in Des Moines Iowa.

I missed the last time Brian went as he and his good friend Josh Ray made their way to present 3XW with the 2008 MWR Promotion of the Year Plaque last year and since I have been they have moved from IN Play to the Social Club.

If you are one of my friends who live quite a ways and have not checked out 3XWrestling, I highly recommend that you take the drive and not only watch some exciting 3XWrestling but the beautiful city of Des Moines as well. This would be the third time that we have gone together and it never seems to fail that we run out of time to take in the sights. If we ever get enough money I am looking forward to staying in town and sight see after a show the next day.

I was told from Brian that 3XW had a sweet set up and he was not lying. With the lights on and the building painted black it was perfect for wrestling with a big league feel, with up close and personal feel of a local show. Easily the most professional looking shows that we have gone too.

Our good friend Skylar Pierce was very helpful by pointing out some 3XW faithful fans who was allowed in 15 minutes early because they bought their ticket early, which I thought was awesome because I hate to wait to get in so that is a great ideal 3XW.

While Brian caught up with his friends Maddog McDowell and Referee Jeremy Robb, I was off to work meeting the fans. First up was one of our facebook friends Amanda Elliot who I knew was a hardcore Mike Sydal fan but I was told that at last months show at 3XW Sydal had lost a loser leaves town match to high flying Zach Thompson, Say it isn’t so Mike!!

Amanda stated that she liked Rory Fox, a wrestler that Brian had stated he was excited about seeing live for the first time. Rory was impressive in his win against “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong with “The Laotian Liaison” Chad Mylan and Mylan’s new MMA security guard. I got so busy during intermission trying to get everyone rounded out that Amanda was nice enough to take the picture for us.

Amanda Elliot and Rory Fox

Next up was a great group of fans in the front row who was there to cheer on young up and comer John West. Hope, Joe, Brittany, Alyssa, Haley and Joey Maston from Des Moines Iowa posed with the young star.

Jon West hangs with Joe, Brittany, Alyssa, Haley and Joey (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Little did I know that 3XW was to provide the fans with an exciting surprise at the start of the show when to the ring came the easy on the eyes Tyler Black who was to wrestle later on that night. Eric Konecne from Exira Iowa quickly came up to me to see if it was possible to have his Dubi meets the fans picture with his favorite tag team The Horndogs of Krotch and Maddog McDowell with Tyler Black. I told him that I would do my best and though during the intermission that had wrestlers signing Autographs and hanging out with the fans we were unable to get Eric with the Horndogs and Black at the same time we took his picture separately with the stars.

Eric Konecne and Tyler Black ( Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Maddog McDowell, Eric Konecne and Krotch ( Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brian was asked by Midnight Guthrie to come to ring to show off the MWR Plaque that we were giving Jeremy Wyatt and Tyler Cook for their 3XW match last year then it was back to meeting with the fans.

One of the most popular wrestlers there had to be the “Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell who was birthday boy Jack’s favorite wrestler. Jack was turning 8 years old that day and was joined with Allison ( Sue City) and Randy from (Des Moines). It took us some time as Jimmy is great with his fans but young Jack and his friends looked to have a birthday to remember

Jimmy Rockwell with the Birthday boy Jack holding the 3XW Cruiser weight Championship belt with Allison and Randy (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Slowly but surely, I have been working on a new project here at MWR called MWR’S Sexiest wrestler in the Midwest and one man that is sure to be a part of the voting will be Kansas City Heartthrob Tyler Cook.

Tyler Cook (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

On this night I was thankful that Cook represented MWR by wearing our shirt to the ring and throwing it too one lucky fan.  A wonderful women, Paula Grove caught the shirt while sitting next to her husband Don. Unfortunately Cook took a beating from The Rebel Jeremy Wyatt prior to intermission and was unable to come out to pose with Paula but she was in good sprits as we talked about how long she had been coming to 3XW.

Paula Grove and Dubray Tallman (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A fun night of wrestling with some great guys, I hated to leave but before we left Brian picked up a 3XW dvd that had Tyler Black vs. Jeremy Wyatt and offered to buy me a Sir Bradley Charles T-shirt , a wrestler who he is thinks very highly of but he didn’t have my size so Brian got a XL, just my luck  .

The road home was filled with rain and storms and it took us a little longer than normal but it was well worth it. I was impressed when Skylar called us the next morning to make sure we made it home safe. It is always good hanging with people that care.

Once again 3XW and their fans thank you for the good times.

Brian will have a photo recap of this show very soon and I will be working on Dubi meets the IHW Fans from this past weekend.

Till next time MWR Fans be good.


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