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A Night to Remember Saturday May 13 in St. Louis with SICW’s Fan Fest

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 7, 2023

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Huge SICW Bruiser Brody, Larry Matysik, and Tony Casta Wrestling at the Chase Event May 13, 2023

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 30, 2023

If your organization or you may be interested in a sponsorship for the HISTORIC FAN FEST planned for Saturday May 13th, 2023 at the Aviator Hotel and you can call 618-719-1034

Thank you to the following sponsors.

Scott Wilder Promotions,
Wrestling with Classics owner Matty Montcalm,
Willie Hendricks family,
Falls County Everywhere,
Mr. Anonymous,
NBW(New Breed Wrestling)
Mid-State Wrestling
ACW (American Championship Wrestling)
Heart of the Ozark Wrestling League,
Interstate Sports Media,
Synders Toys.

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Jay Briscoe – Reach for the Sky (100% of Proceeds Go To Benefit The Pugh Family) Purchase From Pro Wrestling Tees

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 23, 2023

All Merchandise is owned by Ring of Honor

On January 17th, the wrestling world lost one of its most beloved family members when Jamin Pugh, known professionally as Jay Briscoe, tragically lost his life in an automobile accident. A member of the Ring of Honor family from the very beginning, Jay became a multi-time ROH World Champion, a 13-time ROH World Tag Team Champion, and a first-ballot ROH Hall of Famer with his brother Mark. Together, The Briscoe Brothers were a part of ROH’s foundation, the heart and soul, and were essential in building that company into the most influential wrestling promotion of the last twenty years But more than that, the Pugh family lost a husband, a father, a brother, a son, and in an effort to both honor Jay’s memory as well as support those left behind, we are offering this “Reach For The Sky” t-shirt with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the Pugh family as they cope with this tragic loss.

No Coupons Allowed

All t-shirts unless otherwise noted are 100% preshrunk cotton

All garments are made to order, please check size chart before ordering

Made in Chicago of imported fabric or material

Washing Instructions: Turn shirt inside out. Wash on gentle, cold water. No bleach, Dry with low setting or hang dry for best results.


Purchase here

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Jaysin Strife Gone Too Soon

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 30, 2022

2022 finishes the year with a gut punch as we lose one of the good guys of the wrestling world as cancer has taken from us the man we have grown to love, Jaysin Strife.

I was a part of Missouri Wrestling Revival in the early days as we tried our best to get our name out there as the voice of Independent Pro Wrestling. We were excited to work with Harley Race’s World League Wrestling, Iowa’s red hot promotion 3XWrestling, Kansas City’s best, Central States Wrestling and thanks to Kari Williams we had the door open to the likes of MMWA-SICW. As we continued to grow more and more invites came to those that worked at MWR. One of the first people that encouraged us to support the local scene was Jaysin Strife. We had met him at CSW and he welcomed us to come out and check Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Iowa. The trips to Iowa was quite the drive but thanks to Strife’s hospitality MWR was able to have a lot of fun covering the promotion through photos, video promos and meeting new friends.

Throughout the years we were excited to see Jaysin wrestling around the Midwest and believed that with his talent that he was destined to be one of the top wrestlers of the world. Strife would wrestle a who’s who of top stars including the likes of AJ Styles, Davey Richards ,a 7 hour Iron Man match as well as having a match at WWE with Akira Tozawa.

Strife would later become a promoter under the banner of Magnum Pro Wrestling and a person that lifted his peers up as they reached their goal to be a pro wrestler. His ring work was flawless, his work ethic amazing and his talent was unmistakable. Yet, when I remember all the times of Jaysin, the memories that come to mind is his relationship to the fans. Wherever he went, he had that smile. That friendly welcome that he had for us at the beginning was genuine for everyone as he done the same for every fan I saw that he encountered.

I believe that as life passes by, all we have is our memories. We should do our best to make them as positive as we can. In that regard, Jaysin Strife was truly a World Champion as he touched many of us in and out of the ring.

My heart and condolences goes out to Jaysin Strife’s family and friends. May you rest in peace my friend .

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Special Screening of  THE FLYING GREEK- This Sunday June 17th 6:00 PM Springfield, MO

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 12, 2022

The story of jeweler Manoli Savvenas and his previous career as a world renowned professional wrestler.
(NR, 45 min.)

The story of jeweler Manoli Savvenas, who grew up in Rhodes Greece with ambitions to be a boxer, but soon fell in love with another sport he never thought he’d like….professional wrestling. Manoli became known as the renowned Mike Pappas “The Flying Greek” and stepped in the ring with legends such as Andre the Giant, Rocky Johnson and the Blue Demon.

An American Wasteland Entertainment Production in association with Flintlock Syndicate and Carbon Trace Productions.

Starring: Manoli Savvenas, Bill Apter, Constandina Savvenas, Valerie Savvenas, Maria Patton, Dino Savvenas, Packy Savvenas, Jason Brasier, Ray Mileur.
Director: Jason Brasier
Narrated By: WWE Hall of Famer Madusa
Producers: Brittney Greer, Jason Brasier, Shannon Cay Bowers
Genre: Documentary

Moxie Cinema
305 S. Campbell, Suite 101
Springfield, MO 65806

(417) 429-0800

Buy Tickets HERE

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A short but solid legacy: Missouri Heavyweight Championship deactivated

Posted by Ben Simon on July 2, 2022

Following the news of the retirement of the Official Missouri Rankings yesterday, Missouri Wrestling Revival is deactivating the Missouri Heavyweight Championship, effective July 2. Mike Outlaw is the final champion.

From 2015 until 2021, the title was at stake in every singles match the champion had in Missouri. A rule change late last year deemed that only bouts against ranked contenders were mandatory, giving the champ more freedom.

When results became unretrievable, the rankings discontinued, and now there is no basis for the “new rules” to which the champion makes defenses.

We wish Mike Outlaw the best. This deactivation is not a reflection of himself. On the contrary, Brian Kelley and yours truly both think that this time is indeed best to “go out on top.” Mike is truly the best wrestler in the State (look at the numbers). He represented MWR and Missouri well. Outlaw is also still the Crown of Glory champion.

Here are all ten men that have called themselves MWR Missouri Heavyweight Champion from 2015-2022.

Ricky Cruz: (217 days) 10/3/15 – 5/7/16

Brandon Espinosa: (322 days) 5/7/16 – 1/4/17, 5/13/17 – 7/22/17

Barackus: (28 days) 1/4/17 – 2/11/17

Ace Hawkins: (469 days) 2/11/17 – 5/13/17, 7/22/17 – 3/10/18, 12/15/18 – 5/11/19

Karim Brigante: (266 days) 3/10/18 – 11/17/18, 12/1/18 – 12/15/18

Jack Gamble: (14 days) 11/17/18 – 12/1/18

Hollis Giroux: (105 days) 5/11/19 – 8/24/19

Farmer Billy Hills: (44 days) 8/24/19 – 10/7/19

Adrian Surge: (<1 day) 5/7/22

Mike Outlaw: (253 days) 10/22/21 – 5/7/22, 5/7/22 – 7/2/22

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Missouri Rankings Update: End of the Road

Posted by Ben Simon on July 1, 2022

MO Rankings


It is with sadness that I announce the end of the MWR Official Missouri Rankings.

The MO Rankings page will stop at last period’s supplement (following the results of March and April 2022). To qualify for the Top 10, a wrestler must have had the highest ratings with consistent activity (RD ≤ 175). Rankings were published every two months.

For details on how the rankings worked, read the Introduction

The Rankings were published for 50 periods (or 100 months), beginning in January 2014. Since then, every singles bout from every card in the State has been tracked and double-verified. Overall, I tracked all 640 events (excluding select midget events) in Missouri during that time frame, with 552 wrestlers competing.

Those results were individually calculated using the Glicko rating system. The wrestlers are sorted by rating and activity, and Voila! We have a pretty solid list of the best pro wrestlers in Missouri at any time.

We crowned a champion twice! Ricky Cruz def. Jake Dirden in October 2015, and then after that lineage ended, Mike Outlaw bested Moses in October 2021. In both cases, the top two contenders had faced off.

You want records? The best wrestler in the system was “The Mile High Magnum” Dak Draper after August 2017. The lowest with a stable rating was Garrett Shanks, who hit bottom after December 2019.

I loved it, the wrestlers in the Top 10 liked it. The system was perfect and objective for seven years.

Unfortunately, cracks began to show in the match verifications last winter. In an unprecedented move, two wrestling companies withheld results and had their individual wrestlers withhold results as well. It was the closest thing to wrestling unionization I’ve seen outside of the Cauliflower Alley Club!

There are some events beginning this May-June period that have no bouts verified as having taken place. Therefore, May-June will not be calculated and the entire system will abort.

I considered going forward with a policy that disregards companies who “opt out” of results submission. Seems fair, except the basis of the Missouri Rankings is to cover all wrestlers’ matches. When MWR begins to disregard lawfully-held pro wrestling events due to the promoter, the wrestler pays the price.

Importantly, these particular promoters are also running shows in Missouri a lot, so the product would not be truly representative of Missouri wrestling.

The rankings system is defeated. Best to stop.

An announcement about the Missouri Heavyweight Championship, which the Rankings directly affected, will be made tomorrow. The champion is Mike Outlaw.

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Sunday July 17th Gateway Grizzlies Baseball and SICW action

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 30, 2022

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SICW July 9th Grudge Match Flash Flanagan vs. Attila Khan

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 30, 2022

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Dynamo Pro Wrestling Returns to Arnold, Mo on July 15th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 19, 2022

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