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Missouri Wrestling Revival is comprised of many, working both independently and collectively to support independent professional wrestling.  Tell us how you feel, but realize that we are a respectful group of people and we expect contact with us to be respectful, as well.

Staff - Brian Kelley

Brian “Flair” Kelley

Owner & Editor


Cauliflower Alley Club Member



Staff - Ben Simon

Ben Simon

Editor, Rankings Panel



Cauliflower Alley Club Member|


Staff - Dubray Tallman

Dubray Tallman

Contributing Writer





Staff - Drew Abbenhaus

Drew Abbenhaus

Rankings Panel





Staff - Mike VanHoogstraat

Michael VanHoogstraat

Freelance Photographer





Staff - Gary Giaffoglione

Gary Giaffoglione

Freelance Photographer

“GG” Hotshots




Staff - Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones






In Memory of Staff - Peyton Mitchell

Peyton Lee Mitchell

Graphic Artist


11 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Adam bell said

    Hi will u be having any more Tyler black series 1 no 10 cards available

  2. flairwhoooooo said

    Not at this moment, The only way to get the Black cards are with complete sets Adam

  3. te666x said

    For your wrestlers section, you should have it where a person can click on their names and have their profile.

  4. flairwhoooooo said

    I love the idea – Brian Kelley

  5. te666x said

    It was just an idea, and i am glad you liked it. I hope it happens.

  6. Walter Fink said

    Is Bill Kirsten still with us. I used to go to WDAF-TV back in the 60’s, and watch matches, then get home to watch ourselves on TV later that afternoon. We would see Bill Kirsten, then Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas was used for many wrestling events. Other famous local and national wrestlers had matches here.

  7. te666x said

    Will someone please reply to my comment about the date and area of when Bob Orton Jr. wore the mask as Red River Jack ?

  8. flairwhoooooo said

    I do not have the exact dates but it was at SICW and can be found on the FITE Network if you search for it.

  9. te666x said

    Thank You for the reply about Bob Orton Jr.

  10. flairwhoooooo said

    You are so welcomed.

  11. James Hand said

    My mother was Verne’s and Wally secretary. I was thankful of the wonderful way she was treated by Wally and Verne,Greg,Nick,everybody. She left me a few great memories but was closed mouth about everything. At her funeral they showed up and softened the blow a bit. Thanks. Jimmy Hand

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