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Cape Championship Wrestling Presents Homecoming Sat Aug 25th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 13, 2018

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The Sam Menacker Invitational Preview Show

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 13, 2018

PGP Owners Jesse Matthews and Brady Lawrence bring you the field for the Sam Menacker Cutting Edge Invitational Tournament as well as drop a couple HUGE matches that you don’t want to miss! The action takes place Sunday, Aug 26th 2018 at The Boars Nest in Athens, Illinois!


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Training Under the Tree of Woe

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 13, 2018

By Jay King

Photos by Brian Kelley

Kevin Sullivan the Task Master.  Kahagas the Tokyo Monster. Two of the top heels in the wrestling world.  Recently they taught a seminar in conjunction with Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling (SICW).  I debated whether or not to attend, being a referee I didn’t know how much would be applicable to me, but any doubt I had was quickly gone.


Let me start by saving I was disappointed by one thing – the attendance.  Only 6 people were there – 3 wrestlers that have been working a few years, 2 that essentially had no training, and me.  I thought every wrestler within driving distance would have paid $25 to learn from these two legends.


The seminar started with Kevin and Kahagas getting to know the attendees: experience, goals, etc.  They discussed character development with each individual person. Should they be a heel or a face. How should they approach the ring and interact with the crowd.  What kind of gear should they wear. Of course, name is important. One person was using a generic name. Previously he wrestled under a name that grabbed your attention.  I think he’s switching back.


One person described a little movement he used to add to his character.  Kevin explained that it might work for an adult show, but for a family friendly show people might get upset and not come back to future shows.  That’s a way to potentially loose bookings. The little details can make a world of difference.


Psychology was discussed throughout the seminar, but it most evident when it was time to get in the ring and work matches.  Being the only referee, I was in the ring with everyone and got to see things from a different perspective as Kevin and Kahagas gave suggestions. Attendees were shown how to tweek individual moves to make them look more effective and more visible to the audience. They were shown how to combine different moves to make them flow better.  It was fascinating to listen to these two. It was like attending a master’s class


The most important thing Kevin and Kahagas stressed throughout the seminar was story telling.  It is the story that really catches the audience’s attention. Sure, high spots are fun to watch, but after a while they just blend together.  It is the story that keeps the fans coming back for more. It’s the stories that a wrestler is involved with that with make or break his career.


At the end of the seminar, Herb Simmons, the promoter for SICW, asked one of the attendees, PT Beckham, if he could stay and work a match at the show later that night.  He did a great job and, as a result, has future bookings lined up. You never know what opportunities you could get by simply attending a seminar.


From a referee’s point of view, I didn’t learn specific things to do as a referee, but I did get a better understanding of everything that goes in to putting a match together.  It’s important that the referee understands what is going throughout the match. At one point, Kevin said a match is not a two-way dance, it’s a three-way dance and the referee can make or break a match. So no matter what you do, don’t bury the referee.


Later at the show, I had the privilege of working a match:  Ricky Crus versus Kahagas with Kevin Sullivan in his corner.  Before we went to the ring Kevin said, “You remember when I said don’t bury the referee?  Well, that’s because I save that for my match.” Needless to say, Kevin did everything a heel could do to cheat behind my back (important point: don’t cheat in front of the referee!).  And in the end Ricky, Keith Smith Sr., and I all took spikes to the head. Afterwards, I asked Kevin for suggestions and told him my wife said I am the worse referee because I don’t see things in the ring and I get knocked out all the time (both that occurred during our match – remember spike to the head).  Kevin, with a smile, said “That’s what makes you a good referee.”


This was one of my best days in the wrestling business.  I highly recommend if you ever have the opportunity to train with either of these men, don’t pass it up.  You won’t be disappointed.

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New Breed Wrestling & KCXW Team Up on Sat Sept 29 Eugene, Cowboy Bob Orton

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 11, 2018

Tickets for this event are on sale now and can be purchased at Car Mart in Sedalia during regular business hours. Special start time 6pm doors open at 5pm.

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Dynamo Pro presents “Mob Rules” Friday, August 17 Concordia Turners

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 10, 2018


Dynamo Pro returns to Concordia Turners on Friday night August 17th.
*Main Event*
Makaze, Viktor Von Stein and Xavier Shadows
Adrian Surge, Ricky Rodriguez and Jackal



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Ringside Championship Wrestling Comes to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO Dec 15th With Bobby Eaton

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 6, 2018

On the heels of last night’s excitement, work is already underway for RCW Christmas Crash 2018 coming to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO on Saturday, Dec. 15th! This star studded event will feature a guest appearance by the legendary “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express plus these great superstars in action …

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Dynamo Pro Wrestling Riot on the River at The Loading Dock in Grafton. Il Featured in the Telegraph

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 6, 2018

PHOTOS | Riot on the River pro wrestling at The Loading Dock in Grafton


The Alton Telegraph newspaper gave Dynamo Pro Wrestling’s “RIOT on the River” event this Friday front page coverage in today’s print copy and took close to 50 photos of the event. If you would like to see all of the pictures, please go to www.thetelegraph.com. Ben Trust and OuTtKaSt made the front page of the print editiion. Savanna Stone and Tootie Lynn Ramsey were also pictured in the article click here


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World League Wrestling Returns to Troy, Mo Aug 18th Brandon Espinosa, Stacey O’Brien TV Taping

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 6, 2018


Mark August 18th down in your calendars right now as WLW returns to the Race Wrestling Arena in Troy, MO! The main event will feature Jon Webb – current WLW Heavyweight Champion and IWA Heavyweight Champion – defending the WLW Title against 1/2 of the Current WLW Tag-Team Champions Brandon Espinosa! Stacey O’Brien has issued an open challenge! More wrestlers and matches to be announced in the next 2 weeks!

Get your tickets RIGHT NOW at www.harleyrace.com/troywrestlingevent.html!

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Proving Ground Pro – Jake Dirden vs. Michael Elgin August 26th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 5, 2018

PGP Returns to The Menard County fairgrounds for an exciting afternoon of family friendly pro wrestling! ALREADY SIGNED, “Dirdey” Jake Dirden vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

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The Empress Has Her Throne. Congratulations to Rahne Victoria for Becoming the First Ever Dynamo Pro Women’s Champion

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 4, 2018


History was made.
Rahne Victoria defeated Tootie Lynn Ramsey and Savanna Stone to become the first ever Dynamo Pro Women’s Champion!

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