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Missing Retro Rick – A Reminder that Friendships Are Made Everyday

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 4, 2018

Retro Rick, Logan. Peter, Kenneth and Daniel

Less than a week ago we heard the news that we lost our friend Larry Matysik. Larry set the standard for being a man that treated others right. Not only was he a Hall of Fame announcer but his greatest accomplishment was his ability to bring people together just by being himself.

So it was with great sadness when I heard the news that the wrestling world lost Retro Rick (Rick Grossman) in the middle of the week. Most likely, you are asking yourself just who is Retro Rick?

On a personal level, Rick was my friend. Before MWR, I took my new girlfriend (Dubray) on a date to Lawrence ,Kansas for a wrestling promotion called Central States Wrestling (CSW). The date was a huge success as the wrestling delivered a night of action that would be good enough to entice us to return for the 6 hour round trip month after month. Yet, as big of a fan as I would become of Michael Strider and Jeremy Wyatt, it would be the atmosphere that the fans at CSW generated during the show that was the clincher. Imagine ECW in Kansas.

As a Denver Bronco fan I love to give the fans of the Chiefs a hard time for fun but the truth of the matter is that the people in Kansas are as instrumental in having us return each month as did the wrestling. The fans were like a family and embraced a crazy couple from out of town as their own. They told us stories of past feuds, where to go to eat in town and what time to be there. People like Jeff, Logan, Peter, Kenneth , Jeff, Ray and a guy that wore his Kansas City Chiefs Jersey named Retro Rick who all became close friends for many years.

Because I always loved my hometown of Salisbury and never really wanted to move to the city. it always kept us from just being able to get into a car and drive to see our friends just for the hell of it. Thankfully we had the message boards of CSW and the Facebook of its day, Myspace. So when CSW went under and Metro Pro began we were able to all be on board to support upstart promotion.

A mutual friend’s post this week that mirrored our experience 13 years ago at CSW. I have asked them if I could share it here.

John Murray – “My sister and I started going to Metro Pro and we got front row. It was then we sat by him. Rick was very cool, welcomed us and gave us tips on who was heels and faces. Rick’s signs were always hilarious and were on point. Along with Tom and others, we were welcomed to the rasslin’ family. I found out Rick lived up north and I would visit him at Hayes and Dickey’s. Always talked sports and wrestling. Rest in peace Retro Rick, we won’t forget you.”

Once Metro continued, you could find Rick at all the shows hanging with the fans before and during   just as John described. He added too the experience of being at the show with just being himself.  Rick took the time at the end of the night to do a question and answers with the wrestlers that  would be later put up on the website for all to enjoy. They were called Post Show Quickies and featured some great moments with a who’s who of stars in the Midwest. His love and respect for wrestling were contagious to anyone that was around him.

Though Rick would never become a Hall of Famer in the world of wrestling, his presence in the Midwest as a positive supporter of wrestling should not be understated. He really did set the standard of excellence for a fan.

With the news of my friend Rick passing, I found myself sad that he is no longer with us but a reminder that each person we meet in this world can become a friend forever.

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Karim Brigante Regains the MWR MO and I.W.A. Title + NWA World Champion Nick Aldis vs Leland Race in 2019

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 2, 2018

From Patrick Brandmeyer

-”K.B. Violence” Karim Brigante d. Jack Gamble with the pop-up forearm smash to win the Italian Wrestling Association Heavyweight Title and MWR Missouri Title (8:20).
-”The Heartthrob” Jaden Roller d. Tag Team Champion Kyle Roberts via rollup with a handful of tights (13:26).
-Tag Team Champion “The Wrestler For The People” Rex Fults d. “The Attraction” Austin Cravens with a sunset flip (11:15). Jaden Roller attacked Rec afterwards until Kyle Roberts hit the ring to assist his partner, but Roller & Cravens got the upper hand. “Superstar” Steve Fender came out and teased joining in the attack, but instead walked away…that interaction gave Roberts & Rex time to recover and they fought off the two rulebreakers.
-Tag Team Contender Tournament: Alpha Omega(Camaro Jackson & Kenny Alfonso) d. High Level Enterprise(Heavyweight Champion “The Hybrid Ace” Jon Webb & Jack Gamble) when Alfonso countered Gamble’s tilt-a-whirl slam attempt into a pinning cradle (18:40). Gamble snapped and attacked his long-time partner after the match with a Blue Thunder Bomb, even hitting the referee when he tried to intervene.
-”The Legacy” Leland Race & Miss Monica Passeri d. Jr. Heavyweight Champion Jayden Dominic Rose & Women’s Champion Stacey O’Brien; Race hit Rose with the Go 2 Sleep and then boosted Monica into a splash onto Rose for the pin (14:33).

-Announced for Night Of Champions on March 9th:

Nick Aldis vs. Leland Race for the NWA World Title!

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RCW Christmas Crash 2018 with Cowboy Bob Orton, Bobby Eaton in Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 2, 2018

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Tribute to Larry Matysik December 15th in East Carondelet, Illinois

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 2, 2018

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WLW: Brigante rematches double champ Gamble for Missouri and Italian belts, Dec. 1

Posted by Ben Simon on November 28, 2018

20181201 World League

World League Wrestling has an event on Saturday, December 1 at Race Wrestling Arena in Troy, Mo.

The big year-ender includes new Missouri champion Jack Gamble putting both of his belts (he is also the IWA titleholder) on the line against former champ Karim Brigante.

Gamble lifted the Missouri strap from Brigante in Green Ridge on November 17. If he loses back to the dominate Italian, he will be the shortest reigning State champion of the modern era.

Title History & Regulations

MWR Missouri Heavyweight & Italian Wrestling Association Championships
CJack Gamble (c) vs. fmrKarim Brigante

Mixed Tag Team Match
Jayden Dominic Rose & Stacey O’Brien vs. Leland Race & Miss Monica

#6Kyle Roberts vs. Jaden Roller
Rex vs. Austin Cravens

#1 Tag Team Contender Tournament | Semifinal

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

WLW 12/1/18

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The Rematch IWA and MWR Champion Jack Gamble vs Karim Brigante in Troy, MO at WLW

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 28, 2018

Matches on tap for this weekend’s event at the Race Wrestling Arena! This event is the fundraiser to help out the Bread For Life food Pantry pantry in Troy so make sure you support WLW and this cause!

Purchase tickets online at http://www.harleyrace.com/troywrestlingevent.html or go to CT Harrisons Business Solutions at 101 South Lincoln Drive in Troy! @ World League Wrestling

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Wrestling at the Chase Great and Friend to the Wrestling Fan Larry Matysik Passes Away

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 25, 2018

 From Promoter Herb Simmons

It’s with heavy heart this morning that I come to each of you and give you the news that my good friend Larry Matysik has lost the battle. As many know his health has been declining over the past several year. I ask that you keep his wife Pat and Daughter Kelly in your thoughts and prayers as the next few days will be hard for them. I will continue to update you on the arrangements when they are available.


It is so hard to find the words to express my gratitude and respect for the man known as Larry Matysik. I will not lie, I did not have the privilege to grow up listening to Matysik call the Wrestling at the Chase matches as the part in Missouri I grew up I never got any of the Chase programing, I remember the first time that I met him like it was yesterday, he was a special guest of TNT Keny G’s High Risk Wrestling in Granite City. He was only there to meet the fans and during that evening he smiled, shook hands, signed autographs and took pictures with every fan and wrestler that asked. I would be around him for over 100 times in the past 10 years and let me tell you, I never once seen him be disrespectful to anybody.

There is no doubt that Larry Matysik is highly underrated in the wrestling world as one of the All –Time Greats . He worked with NWA President and Wrestling at the Chase Promoter Sam Muchnick as well as WWE Promoter Vince McMahon. He is the author of four books every wrestling fan should own, Wrestling at the Chase: The inside Story of Sam Muchnick, 50 Greatest Pro Wrestlers of All-time, Drawing Heat the Hard Way and Brody The Triumph and Tragedy with his widow, Barbara Goodish. The past several years he has been very instrumental in Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling (SICW) , one of the most successful independent promotions in the country.

I could go on and on but I would like to hammer home the type of person he was. Thanks to my friendship with Promoter Herb Simmons I would become personal friends with the man I will now refer as Larry. My fiancée Dubray Tallman always looked forward to getting a hug, a kiss and photo with him when she attended an event. He was always supportive of Missouri Wrestling Revival, offering up his advice on writing and sharing his views and history on wrestling. When I asked him to please write in my yearbook, he did not hesitate to do so. Back in the day he would send me booking sheets for SICW to help us keep up with the shows and often gave reasons of why the matches were happening. The conversations were so educational each and every time. I remember receiving a call from Larry when my father died with him sending his condolences as well as him asking several times afterwards how I was doing.

We presented Larry with the 2010 Missouri Wrestling Revival Lifetime Award, an obvious choice.

We were so thankful to have Larry in our first series of the MWR Trading card set and with Herb’s blessing we had Larry Matysik day at SICW on July 16th in 2013. Personally, I only have a few regrets in my short time working in wrestling but I wished I would have done commentary with Larry on a match, an honor one of my best friends and the voice of SICW wrestling Drew Abbenhaus enjoyed many times. It was a relief to be around a legend that was not bitter towards the sport of wrestling or the fans. Was he a fan of today’s wrestling? I can’t say that, but I can say that he always appreciated every wrestling fan young and old. He took time to work with aspiring wrestlers looking to become better. He gave to all that he came in contact with.

Today the wrestling world lost one of the good guys. He was a legendary Announcer, a great writer and so much more.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Larry’s family and friends.

Thank you Larry for the memories, we loved you.

I will leave you on a positive note of a short video we did at SICW years ago with Larry, my fiancée Dubray and Herb Simmons wishing the fans a Merry Christmas.

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The New King of Missouri: Jack Gamble

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 21, 2018

This past weekend saw one of the biggest matches of the year as it was “Title vs. Title in Green Ridge, Missouri at Harley Race’s World League Wrestling. Italian Wrestling Association (IWA) Champion Jack Gamble took on the MWR Missouri Champion Karim Brigante on a frigid November evening in a match that lived up to expectations.

On one side, you had the MWR Missouri Champion Brigante. He has wrestled around the world with a desire to be the best in the sport. That respect for the sport brought him to the United States to train with the eight-time World Champion Harley Race. During his time with Race he has made multiple trips to the United States to work with WLW and promotions around the country. In 2017, he reached the mountaintop at WLW by defeating Leland Race and “Superstar” Steve Fender for the title. He has also participated in four of the annual camps that have involved WWE, NOAH, ROH and others. Brigante’s pop-up elbow-smash to the face of his opponent is beautiful.  In March, at WLW Night of Champions 3, Brigante captured the MWR Title by defeating the former PWI Rookie of the Year and two-time MWR MO Champion Ace Hawkins.

The other side of the ring was Jack Gamble. Midwest fans know him better as one half of the tag team High Level Enterprise with partner Jon Webb. They are former three-time WLW Tag Team and two-time Dynamo Pro Tag Team Champions that were honored with the MWR Tag Team of the Year in 2015. The hometown fan favorite also wisely graduated under the watchful eye of Race while participating in the WLW/NOAH/ROH camps during his early career. His talent earned him an invite to train at the Pro Wrestling NOAH Dojo in Japan two different years.

Gamble showed his heart and dedication when he was able to return from a horrific car accident that threaten his career in 2013.  Though it is true that he has found huge success in tag team action in 2018 Gamble has set his sights on singles gold. In the past calendar year prior to this weekend he had challenged for the MWR MO belt on two different occasions, the first against Hawkins at WLW and the last time at Dynamo Pro against Brigante, just coming up short each time.  In September, Gamble defeated former 2-time MWR MO Champion Brandon Espinosa in a match that proved that he was much more than a tag team specialist then picked up a DQ win against the WLW and IWA Champion Webb in October. His biggest single win to date came on November 3rd when he captured the IWA belt from Webb in a three-way that also included Brigante who was also wanting to recapture the IWA title a belt he held earlier this year before losing it to Webb.  Gamble’s superkick into a spin-out powerbomb is a deadly combination that is delivered with quick speed and precision.

Brigante with a victory already against Gamble in singles competition and 8 title defenses of the MWR title entered the bout with what many would believe may have had the edge.  Gamble’s confidence though seemed to have been at an all-time high as the two had a classic battle with the fans clearly on Gambles side throughout the match. In the final moments of the match it looked as if Brigante was going to lock a submission leg lock but Gamble quickly pushed Brigante away and like lighting hit his patented superkick into the spin-out powerbomb to retain his IWA Championship and become the sixth man to hold the MWR Missouri Championship.

Jack Gamble celebrated via Twitter at @JackGambleHLE

The KING of Italy!
The King of Missouri!
I am now the @IWAItaly1 heavyweight champion and the MWR Missouri Heavyweight champion!!!

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MMWA in Lemay, Missouri this Saturday Night Moondog, The Professionals, Big Texan, Brian James

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 19, 2018

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Celebrate Christmas with Harley Race and WLW Dec 1st in Troy, MO

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 18, 2018

Tickets are now available for the LAST EVENT OF THE YEAR – WLW’s Christmas Bash 2018! Head on over to www.harleyrace.com/troywrestlingevent.html now to purchase tickets or you can go to C.T. Harrison Business Solutions at 101 South Lincoln Drive in Troy, Missouri to purchase them in person.

This event will be our annual canned-food drive for the Bread For Life food pantry here in Troy. We will be raffling off a FREE 32″ TV as well as more prizes! To enter this raffle, bring at least 5 canned food items (or more) and you will receive 1 ticket per set of 5 items.

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