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Leland Race, MWR & Cold Meal Production Trading Card Promotion Night at WLW Night of Champions 2 Aug 27

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 6, 2016



Missouri Wrestling Revival is thrilled and excited to team up with Cold Meal Productions on the biggest night of the year for Harley Race’s World League Wrestling promotion on August 27th in St. Peters, Missouri. On a night that will have Harley Race, WWE Superstar Mark Henry and former star the Hurricane in attendance MWR and Cold Meal will be giving away to the first 200 paying fans in attendance a brand new MWR Trading Card of Leland Race.

cold meal

That is right the second generation superstar and former WLW Champion will be number 25 in the MWR Second Series and all you have to do is buy a ticket for the hottest show in town.


What is Cold Meal? We are a freelance film crew and marketing team based in the St Louis Metropolitan area. Cold Meal has been filming Indy Pro Wrestling events in the Midwest area for the past year. Our list of clients is ever growing and includes some of the hottest federations in the business such as Proving Ground Pro, Wrestling Invades America, Pro Wrestling Epic and Harley Race’s World League Wrestling.

The origin of our name is a simple one. Have you ever had an interaction with someone over dinner that was so engaging that you realize you have let your meal grow cold? That is the inspiration for the name “Cold Meal Productions”

It is a venture conceptualized and born from the minds of those who share the same vision, to never let another event go uncaptured! We feel that magic happens when people get together for special events and Cold Meal wants to archive and present that footage for you, our clients!

Cold Meal offers a wide variety of services including Custom Graphics, Logo and Website Design, Still Photography/Photo Shoots with full branding using green screen technology, Commercial Shoots & Product Advertisements as well as Videography Services.

When you hire Cold Meal you are supported by a dedicated production crew and events team, including commentators, event management, videographers, photographers, and design professionals; all of which are at your disposal. Our marketing team will ensure that your event/product receives the maximum exposure to reach your target audience.

We look forward to working with you and encourage you to contact Cold Meal with questions regarding booking, pricing and availability.



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Jeremy Wyatt vs. Michael Strider: War of a Lifetime

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 4, 2016



July 30, 2016 at Metro Pro Wrestling will be talked about for years to come as two of the best wrestlers in the country, Michael Strider and Jeremy Wyatt delivered an epic battle that left both men beaten, bloodied and battered.

Strider and Wyatt have spent years winning titles, matches and awards, but their biggest achievement will be reviving pro wrestling in the Kansas City. Gone many years ago were the days of Harley Race, Rufus R Jones and Bulldog Brown in Kansas City as the only wrestling making their way in the area was WWE and the rare appearance of Harley Race’s WLW.

Strider would come onto the scene with his hard hitting style, great mic skills and Charisma. This revolution would be called Strider Nation and the fire was lit for a new era in Kansas City. Just as Steve Austin had Mr. McMahon and Batman had the Joker, Strider would find his archrival in Jeremy Wyatt. Wyatt was a young upstart at the time looking to make a name for himself. The two would meet in the historic 2008 No Ropes Barb bloody barb wire match that would earn them the Match of the year. It would not be long that Wyatt would be traveling the country winning matches,nearly starting riots and being considered by many to be the best wrestler no signed for quite some time.

Strider and Wyatt would earn the respect of promoters and fans for their work rate and professionalism. So when the talented young promoter Chris Gough called Wyatt and Strider to let them know that he was to start Metro Pro Wrestling the foundation of the area was laid down.

Chris Gough would wisely book many of the best talent around the Midwest, mixed in with stars that had been huge success in the WWE and beyond .Wyatt and Strider would be in the thick of the action with the likes of Adam Pearce, Mark Sterling, Trevor Murdoch and Derek Stone.

Even though Gough is one of the finest minds in the sport today, make no mistake about it no matter what the storyline Wyatt and Strider was put in, or how fancy the lights around the ring were or the special guest on the evening is, the fans would not have come if the men at the top did not deliver.


This was the refs first night on the job.. Maybe the last.



























































































Each and every event that they were on, Strider and Wyatt did just that, they gave the fans their monies worth and then some. When the final bell rang in the final weekend of July of 2016 , Wyatt was standing triumphant over Strider with the fans on their feet. The Turner Rec Center looked like a warzone with blood splattered in and out of the ring, broken tables and chairs scattered everywhere.

The greatness of any professional is to leave their environment better than when they started. There is no doubt that professional wrestling is in a better place today thanks to the talents and sacrifices of Strider and Wyatt.

Metro Pro Wrestling Referee Michael Crase

I’ve spent 24 hours trying to think of the right words to express my thoughts on the Metro Pro main event last night. I’ll try to give it a shot.

I’ve been extremely fortunate over the years and had the opportunity to work with many different workers and promotions, various “names” that have passed through the Midwest, younger guys that went on to get signed to bigger things, talent from different eras, etc.

There has never been a match involving Jeremy Wyatt that I have seen or been a small part of that failed to remind me why I fell in love with this business so long ago. He is a storyteller extraordinaire and I’m honored that I was given the opportunity to raise his hand in his final match. The rasslin’ business and my career as a referee are both better off because he has been a part of them.

Justin Appleberry, your performance last night was the absolute definition of brotherhood. Kudos on a job well done.

True backstage story for any fans reading this. Earlier in the day, before we knew the referee assignments, I approached Jeremy and said, “What if I just refuse to count to three? Then the match won’t end and you don’t get to retire, right?” His response was classic, simple and 100% Jeremy Wyatt. Without missing a beat he replied, “Nope, that just means I’ll have to knock you out.”

Metro Pro Wrestling Fan Debbie Chmidling

Since this going to be a conglomerate effort, I didn’t write a full-blown account, but this what I came up with. In an amazing display of skill and bravado, Wyatt/Strider harkened back to the “good old days” of wrestling, when you believed these guys really hated each other and wanted to hurt one another.
For over a year we watched as Strider did everything he could to remove Wyatt from his rightful place at the top of the company ladder. Dirty tricks, double, triple and quadruple teaming,
Two fabulously talented individuals who left it all in the ring to delight and entertain, made the main event a match-of-the-year contender. It started fast, furious and at the top, then worked its way into a frenzied crescendo. We bought tickets for this roller coaster ride that saw two mainstays of the local independent promotions put each other through the paces. No one would have ever guessed these two men were over 35.

It was a fast-paced match that told a story of frustration, bitterness and betrayal. Chair shots, landing on chairs, going through tables, using weapons, it was two gladiators leaving a path of destruction and pain. With each punch, kick, back drop and flying elbow, they pushed their hatred for one another to the limits and beyond.

With lightning quick turn arounds, no man kept the upper hand for a prolonged period of time, but with each move you believed the end of the match was within reach. Then a new reservoir of strength would be found and the battle raged on. Lucy managed to find her way into the melee with a couple of cheap shots and a choke on the ropes while the ref was distracted. Fans were on the edge of their seats, until Wyatt and Strider found their way into those seats, then it was a pushback by referees and security to keep the fans at bay as the action continued in the seats, in the bleachers and at ringside.

Both men ended the match covered in sweat and blood, but it was Wyatt who triumphed. As his hand was raised in victory, he was covered in confetti and streamers, as was Strider, lying on the mat.

Metro Pro Wrestling Referee Nick Chinn

I’ve only been a part of Metro for about a year and a half. Arriving at the arena for the show I was feeling more excited as usual, after saying hello to everyone, I was approached by Strider and Wyatt about being the ref for the main event, I was taken a back a bit and shocked that they trusted me with such a match. Now I’m standing in the ring and handed Michael ( Metro Pro senior ref) a jacket and he tells me “you deserve this” I told him thank you and as I turn back around I get choked up and almost start to cry, then Wyatts music hits and the place comes unglued.

Never have I felt that crowd that loud before, it was truly an amazing night for metro pro and Indy wrestling in Kansas. Nights like this remind me of why I love pro wrestling.


Look for a full recap from James Head in the near future at MWR.

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Dynamo Pro Wrestling Saturday August 20 in Wood River , Illinois Bell Time 5pm

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 2, 2016


Dynamo Pro is returning to the Douglas Club on Saturday night. Aug 20th with a special start time of 5pm.

Already signed:
CJ Shine vs The Snitch
Makaze vs Ozzie Gallagher

Also scheduled to appear
Mike Outlaw
Brandon Espinosa
Shorty Biggs
D-1 Champion – Outtkast
Rocket Mapache

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Pro Wrestling Resurgence Aug 20th Moose Aug 28th Michael Elgin

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 1, 2016



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Pro Wrestling Phoenix Michael Elgin August 25th Omaha, Nebraska

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 1, 2016


PWP Live presents WrestleRama XI Featuring current IWGP Intercontinental Champion “UNBREAKABLE” Michael Elgin!

Tickets just $10 and available right now at http://www.etix.com/ticket/p/2921471

Doors open at 7:00 PM, action kicks off at 8!!

Make sure to keep up with PWP Live on our social media sites for event updates!


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5 Questions with Cooper: New Breed Wrestling’s Scotty Zei and Kris Wyatt

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 31, 2016


NBW Owner Scotty Zei and some NBW Fans


By Shane Cooper

I had a chance to sit with Scotty and Kris, Co-Founders of New Breed Wrestling, centrally located in Eldon, MO. And I gave them a few questions. It was a fantastic interview with a couple of truly class act guys.

1. Where did you come up with the name, New Breed Wrestling?

The name New Breed Wrestling was Scott’s (Scotty Z’s) idea. The thought behind it was the fact that we wanted to bring something new to the table that hadn’t been done before in the area, but combine it with the old school traditional style that came before us. It was a new era for a new breed of wrestling.

2. Harley Race has been a tremendous influence on both of you starting this new promotion. How much impact does he still have on this brand?

The impact of Harley Race on the sport of professional wrestling is overwhelming. He is still the measuring stick for what a true professional wrestler and world champion is or should be. As far as our brand and what we hope to continue doing with NBW, Harley’s influence was in the caliber of wrestlers that he trained.


Superstar Steve and Wild Wade Chism are two prime examples of that, which is why it’s such a privilege to have them on board to help make sure our in ring product is the best that it can be. Great wrestlers know great wrestling.


The Math Magician and the Iceman has had a memorable feud early on in NBW.

3. What has been your greatest achievement as a promoter thus far?

I think it’s safe to say the answer is easy. Starting a wrestling promotion from the ground up is an almost entirely uphill battle. To keep one afloat is another matter entirely. To simply see an idea start from a casual dinner conversation, then forming it into a real concept, and finally being a part of it as it leaves the runway to start whatever journey it might be taking is an amazing thing. Long story short, getting New Breed Wrestling off the ground to begin with, and no matter what we achieve. I truly believe that it’s going to be hard to top that.


KLD and Karim Brigante are just two of the young stars that are delivering hard hitting action at NBW

4. If you could bring anyone in the world to New Breed in Eldon, MO, who would it be and why?

Anyone who would bring an international element to our product. Beyond that anyone from the past that can still go in the ring would be an honor to have. While it’s great to bring someone in to meet fans and take pictures, to actually have an athlete from any era step into an NBW ring to practice their craft would be an amazing thing.


New Breed Wrestling delivered an historic match between the then MWR Missouri Champion Ricky Cruz and Leland Race in Sedalia, Missouri.

On a side note, with Eldon being our home town, in my estimation the caliber of professional wrestlers that the community center has seen make it a historic site on the same list as The Chase in St. Louis. No matter who we could bring in they would have a tough act to follow. Strictly based on my personal choice to continue that tradition there’s no question: The Great Muta.


Kyle Roberts electrifies the fans with his high flying moves.

5. What can we expect for the future of New Breed Wrestling?

That’s easily the toughest question to answer out of the five. As far as specifics we have so many ideas floating around on a daily basis that it’s hard to say which ones will become a reality. But you can expect us to continue to try and give our fans the very best wrestling product that we possibly can, and we’ll always start by listening to what they have to say. We want our fans to feel like more than just bodies in a chair every few feet at our shows, we want them to feel like an important part of our company and our shows. Maybe even the most important part of all.

If you’d like to know more about New Breed Wrestling. Follow them on Facebook at Facebook.com/newbreedmo


Two of the very best in the country is Steve Fender and Ricky Cruz. Both men have left their opponents black and blue at the end of the night at NBW. Today Fender is the first ever NBW Champion.

Next event is October 22nd Eldon

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HRW Champion Mike Sydal vs Tony Kozina in Warsaw, Mo Sat Aug 6th Plus Win $500.00 Dollars

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 31, 2016


High Risk Wrestling Presents “There Goes The Neighborhood” our 2nd Anniversary Event on Saturday, August 6th at The Warsaw Community Building in Downtown Warsaw Missouri! Doors open at 6:00PM and The First Bell is at 7:00PM!

We are just one week away from the Biggest Party of the Summer!

To help make this the best Birthday Celebration ever, I have a major announcement to make!

We are going to have a $500 High Risk Pepper Eating Contest!

Here’s how it’s going to work. For those of you who remember a TV Game Show called Make me laugh, where Comedians would come out one at a time and the Contestants who could endure the Comedic onslaught without laughing or even cracking a smile would win the prize!

Our contest is going to work the same way, however it will be called “Make Me Cry”!

The FIRST person to be able to eat a slice of a Fresh High Risk Pepper and keep a straight face and show no reaction to one of The Hottest Peppers in the World for a full 2 minutes after chewing and swallowing, will receive $500!

Let me make it clear, there is only going to be ONE $500 winner, so you will want to be one of the first to enter the contest, to have the best chance at winning $500! Only open to current paid HRW ticket holders, 18 years and older!

Here is the full line up!

HRW High Risk Championship Match!
“The Yoga Monster” Mike Sydal (c) VS “Tornado” Tony Kozina

National Wrestling Alliance Title VS Title Match!
“Golden Boy” Greg Anthony (NWA National Champion) VS Deven Spade (NWA Central States Champion)

HRW Tag Team Championship Match!
2.0 (A. J. Williams / Da’Marius Jones) (c) VS BB & J (Bam Bam Malone / Jaxon Stone)

3 Way Mayhem Match!
Kiyoshi Shizuka VS The Canadian Cougar VS Justin D’Air

Veteran HRW High Risk Athlete VS Debuting High Risk Athlete!
“Simply Irresistible” Brandon Aarons Managed by Garret “Freakin” Williams VS “Kickin” Kyle Roberts

Open Challenge Match!
Miss Monica Passeri w/ Karim Brigante VS ? Mystery Opponent ?

“The Roman Dynasty” Karim Brigante w/ Miss Monica VS “The Freestyle Phenom” Jay Howard

Tickets are just $15 each for Ringside!

To reserve tickets, just send a message to this page with your name and the number of tickets needed.

HRW Presents “There Goes The Neighborhood”
Saturday August 6th
Doors 6:00PM, Bell time 7:00PM

Warsaw Community Building
181 W. Harrison
Warsaw, MO 65355

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Metro Pro Wrestling This Saturday Night Wyatt vs Strider No Holds Barred Match

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 28, 2016


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MMWA Presents Rush Hour Aug 13 St. Louis, MO MWR MO Champion Espy vs Swagg

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 26, 2016




From the office’s of the MMWA

With our next event only a few weeks away on August 13, it’s now time to make a match announcement.

After last months first ever Championship Scramble match at MMWA, we saw 2.0 sneak away with the MMWA championship once again. Champion AJ Williams had the help of his partner and other competitor in the match, Da’Marius Jones as well as their associate BT Daramola. This match saw Gary Jackson get busted open from the hands of 2.0 that lead to multiple stitches for the St. Louis legend.

Gary has contacted commissioner Jim Harris and requested a match with any member of 2.0 and Harris has answered. With that being said here is the first match we at MMWA would like to announce, Gary Jackson will face BT Daramola in a Street Fight with the rest of 2.0 banned from ringside!!!

If 2.0 decides to ignore this rule, AJ Williams will relinquish the MMWA Championship.

Fans will also be able to witness a MWR MO title defense as the Champion Brandon Espinosa looks to continue his impressive reign as champ against J-Mal Swagg . Swagg enters into this match with a lot of confidence. Will he be able to shock the wrestling world and become only the 3rd man ever to capture the championship?

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MWR Championship Match – Pro Wrestling Resurgance – ESPY VS PACO

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 26, 2016

The co-main event from Pro Wrestling Resurgence July 23rd, 2016. Champion Brandon ‘Espy’ Espinosa defending against challenger Paco Gonzalez for the Missouri Wrestling Revival Missouri Championship.

Filmed at The Ready Room by Cold Meal Productions.

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