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Harley Race’s WLW 2-Day Beginners Training Camp Nov 3-4 Only $150.00

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 16, 2017

Many of you have been asking – when is the next beginners camp? Well – we have answers! November 3rd and 4th! Coming up in just a few weeks is your opportunity to dive head first into finding out what training is like at one of the most prestigious wrestling schools around.

You will get hands-on training for 2 days straight, and this camp will be different from the others we have hosted as this 2-day beginners training camp will be held in conjunction with the November 4th supershow with WWE Hall of Fame member Ron Simmons comes to the Race Wrestling Arena!

You will find out what goes into training at a 5-star wrestling school, but also what it is like at a professional wrestling event.

Information on this camp can be found at http://www.harleyrace.com/2017beginnerscamp.html. Cost for this camp is $150 total.

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Congratulations to Jayden Fenix for Winning the 2017 Harley Race Invitational Tournament

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 14, 2017

Brandon Espinosa def. Danny Adams
Rex Fults def. Jaden Roller
Superstar Steve Fender def. Warwick Stephens
WLW Jr. Heavyweight Champion Jon Webb def. Orion Creed (W/ Cando Curtis)
MWR Missouri Champion Ace Hawkins def. Jack Gamble
Jayden Fenix d. Kyle Roberts to win the Harley Race Invitational Tournament

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Ron Simmons comes to the Race Wrestling Arena! Tickets Only $15.00

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 10, 2017

From the office’s of WLW

Tickets are now on sale for November 4th with WWE Hall of Fame member Ron Simmons! Meet the former WWE Tag-Team Champion/WCW World’s Heavyweight Champion at the Race Wrestling Arena in Troy, Missouri! Tickets are $15 per person. We will be giving away 1 set of 2 tickets with an online contest. Details will be announced this week.

The main event is set as Kyle Roberts and Warwick Stephans team up against Superstar Steve and Brandon Espy Espinosa! This past Saturday night, things got extremely heated between the 4. You won’t want to miss this main event match up! In addition to that great main event, World League Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Leland Race has laid out an open challenge to anyone who wants a shot at one of the most prestigious championships in all of professional wrestling. Who will step up? Find out on November 4th!

Visit www.harleyrace.com/event1.html now to purchase your tickets!

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Back By Popular Demand at WLW – Ron Simmons Comes to Troy, Missouri Nov 4th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 8, 2017

Ron Simmons by Rob Schamberger

November 4, 2017
World League Wrestling
198 Cherry Blossom Way, Troy, Missouri 63379

From robschamberger.com.

Ron Simmons follows in a proud tradition of men who have competed both on the gridiron and in the squared circle. In football, he played for Florida State University where he was recognized as an All-American. He briefly played for the NFL with the Cleveland Browns and the USFL’s Tampa Bay Bandits. One of his teammates in Tampa, Larry Pfohl, would also go on to wrestling fame under the name of Lex Luger. Simmons would then transition to wrestling, where in WCW he would join Butch Reed in the tag team Doom. Doom would feud with the likes of the Steiner Brothers, the Rock n’ Roll Express and the Four Horsemen, before breaking up and feuding with one another.

As a singles wrestler, he would soon face Luger for the World Championship, a match he would not succeed in. He would also face Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in their respective gimmicks Oz and the Diamond Studd. But it was in 1992 that he would face and defeat Vader for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship that Simmons found himself the company’s first African-American to hold the title. The crowd reaction from his victory is one of the greatest in wrestling history, with fans losing control of themselves, jumping up and down, screaming and crying. It gives me chills every time I see it. He held the title for five months.

In 1996 he joined the WWE as Farooq to feud with Ahmed Johnson, later forming the awesomely-named stable The Nation of Domination, a group inspired with the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam. Simmons would later lose control of the group to a young upstart by the name of The Rock. He would soon find himself partnered with John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield. The group was first called Hell’s Henchmen before being incorporated into the Undertaker’s storyline as the Acolytes. The two were a perfect pairing of hard-hitting, smash-mouthed bad-asses that blurred the lines of reality with the viciousness of their attacks. This was around the time I started watching wrestling, and they were instantly my favorite team. They really struck me as two guys you really wouldn’t want to be in a bar with.

No longer associated with the Undertaker, the duo rechristened themselves as the Acolyte Protection Agency, mercenary bodyguards available to the highest bidder. The team continued their smash-mouth matches, but would also have occasional barfight vignettes at a tavern in the town they were visiting. It was during the APA time that Simmons started incorporating what would become his trademark by saying ‘DAMN’ when something would disgust him. The team would disband as JBL went on to singles glory and Simmons left the company.

He still makes semi-regular appearances, largely in a comedic role. Some in-ring or backstage segment will get ridiculous with the wrestlers acting a fool, and the camera will pull back or pan over to reveal Simmons standing there with a disgusted look on his face, then loudly proclaiming, “DAMN!” It pops the crowd every single time, including me.

In 2008 he was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame for his time at Florida State, of which he was also entered into the Orange Bowl Hall of Fame. In 2012 he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame due to his accomplishments as the first African-American WCW World Champion and his prominence in the Attitude Era with WWE.

About the piece: I did this one in a similar style to the JBL portrait, but in a red color scheme rather than the blue one of Layfield’s. I wanted the two to compliment one another, while still letting each retain their individuality. I painted the background with acrylic red and black house paint and some watered-down gesso. I then brought in the figure and used a little bit of the red and black to give it some zing. I then took a couple pieces of scrap foam board I had sitting around and used them to mask the lines for the horizontal stripes of spray paint. I then put a little more watered-down gesso on and it was good to go! DAMN!

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MWR Missouri Champion Ace Hawkins Prepares to Tour the U.K.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 2, 2017

Can Ace Hawkins remain the the MWR MO Champion this coming weekend at Harley Race’s World League Wrestling when he defends his title against Jack Gamble in Troy, Missouri? If so this match may prepare him for his upcoming tour of the U.K. because Gamble has toured Japan for NOAH with multiple years attending the WLW/WWE/NOAH/ROH camps in the years past. Gamble is formally one half of the MWR Tag Team of the Year recipient with partner Jon Webb, so there is a great chance that Hawkins could be boarding the plane without the belt in hand.

Regardless of what happens, Hawkins is one of the truly exciting young stars in the country. Fans of the U.K are about to see why many people believe that he often has the match of the night when looks to take on all challengers in a huge tour.

Here is the early preview of the MWR Missouri Champions tour schedule.


22nd – Belper – Belper Leisure Centre
22nd – Chapel St. Leonards – The Club Tropicana
24th – John Fowler Holiday Parks – South Bay
25th – John Fowler Holiday Parks – St. Ives
25th – Ingoldmells – Coastfields Holiday Village & Parks
25th – Skegness – Embassy Theatre, Skegness WOW!!
26th – John Fowler Holiday Parks – Trelawne Manor
26th – Skipsea – Skirlington Leisure Park
28th – Private Event
29th – Chapel St. Leonards – The Club Tropicana

More October dates to be added


1st – Douglas, Isle of Man – Villa Gaiety –

Click here for the Megaslam website.

or Facebook here

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Win Big at WLW in Troy, Missouri on October 7th with 2 Tickets to WWE

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 28, 2017


The first of 2 announcements today! At the next event on October 7th, World League Wrestling will be raffling off 2 tickets for the WWE Raw Live Event on October 20th at the Scottrade Center!

The only way to get your chance to win these tickets is to attend the event on October 7th in Troy at the Race Wrestling Arena! Purchase your tickets at www.harleyrace.com/event1.html now

Now it’s time for the second surprise!

Earlier today, we announced that we will be raffling off 2 tickets to the WWE Raw Live Event at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis – which will take place on October 20th. These tickets will be raffled at the event on October 7th.

In addition to the raffle that will be taking place that night AND the awesome wrestling action also taking place, you will be the FIRST to find out WHO the special guest is we have coming in to the Race Wrestling Arena! We can say that this person is a WWE Hall of Fame member and a former WWF/E/WCW Champion.

To find out who this will be, make sure you make plans on attending our next event on October 7th – right here at the Race Wrestling Arena!

Purchase your tickets to October 7th at www.harleyrace.com/event1.html now! All tickets are just $10!


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MWR Missouri Champion Ace Hawkins vs Jack Gamble at Harley Race’s WLW Oct 7th in Troy, Mo

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 25, 2017

These matches have been announced thus far for next Saturday’s event!

Kyle Roberts vs. Jayden Fenix in the finals of the 2017 Harley Race Invitational Tournament

Warwick Stephans vs. Stephen Fender in a grudge match

Rex – Wrestling vs. Jaden Roller

Jack Gamble vs. Ace Hawkins for the Missouri Wrestling Revival Missouri Championship.
(If Ace Hawkins is able to retain the title after this weekends match at CCW against Mikey McFinnegan.)

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Bob Backlund & Édouard Carpentier Inducted into the St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 11, 2017

By Brian Kelley

MWR was honored to be a special guest at the induction ceremony of Bob Backlund and Édouard Carpentier into the St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame this past Saturday.


The Hall of Fame is located inside the historic South Broadway Athletic Club in St. Louis, Missouri. Bob Backlund made his way for the historic moment and took time afterwards for a special Q and A with his fans as well as a meet and greet with his fans.

Bob Backlund spoke highly of his time in St. Louis including the contributions of promoter Sam Muchnick, Harley Race and Terry Funk impact to his success in the squared circle.

Ben Simon, Herb Simmons, Bob Backlund, Tony Casta and Nick Ridenour


Bob Backlund sat front and center for the matches at the Historic South Broadway Athletic Club including MWR Missouri Champions second title match of the night. The first one was at the house of Harley Race at WLW.

Later in the evening Bob Backlund sat front and center throughout the night to visit the fans and watch all the matches as well as giving his advice to the wrestlers that asked him.

Young CJ Shine is getting better with each match. Getting advice from a legend like Bob Backlund is a wise move for any wrestler, young or old.

MMWA Wrestling returns on October 10th at the historic South Broadway Athletic Club.


Bob Backlund’s nephew Tim inducted him into the Hall of Fame.

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Ace Steel Comes Back to His Roots

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 29, 2017

By Brian Hoops

Photos Brian Kelley


Many wrestlers retire from wrestling, but almost all return to the ring at
some point. Ric Flair had an incredible send off at Wrestlemania XXIV,
wrestling his final match on the biggest and grandest stage of them all,
but Flair returned to wrestling less than 2 years later. Nick Bockwinkel
retired in 1987 but wrestled in 1992 and 1993 for special return matches.
The great Verne Gagne retired and came out of retirement numerous

Chris Guy, who wrestles as “Sexy” Ace Steel, never actually retired, but
the pull of wrestling for one of the top independent promotions in the
country, was too much for Ace Steel to ignore. Steel has once again
returned to active wrestling as part of the “Foundation” in the National
Wrasslin League. Steel was happy, living a comfortable life in
Springfield, Missouri with his wife working a regular job.

Steel plans to continue with his full time life outside the ring, but as the
NWL has increased the number of their monthly wrestling events, the
call to the veteran Steel was made and his interest piqued. “They wanted
me to come in as a trainer, but I didn’t want to leave my life and pick up
and move again. I am not going to wrestle on every event, but I
definitely will be more active in the ring than I have been.”

Steel worked for Chris Gough, former owner of Metro Pro and current
director of wrestling operations for NWL at Metro Pro Wrestling before
Gough closed Metro Pro Wrestling to work for Major Baisden and the

Steel attended a NWL show in Kansas City on July 8 and was so
impressed with the talent, the shows and NWL owner, Major Baisden;
he wrestled on the NWL show in Joplin, Missouri on August 4,
defeating Stevie Richards.

“Ace steel has such a tremendous reputation, both as a worker and as a
trainer. The years we worked together at Metro Pro hatched some of the
best moments we ever had. I was asking him for months to come back to
NWL, and when he told me he was ready, I knew it was going to lead to
great things again. He has joined Jeremy Wyatt and Michael Strider in
The Foundation, and they will be a trio that will be hard to overcome”,
Gough explained.

Steel grew up in Chicago and fell in love with professional wrestling. “I
grew up watching the AWA and as soon as I graduated high school, I
started training with Windy City Wrestling.”

Steel debuted for Windy City Wrestling in 1991 and wrestled in
independent promotions for most of the hey day of the wrestling wars in
the 90’s. In 1998, Steel became a wrestler and trainer for St. Paul
Championship Wrestling, which later became Steel Domain Wrestling.
Steel became friends with two other Chicago natives who were making a
name for themselves on the independent circuit; Colt Cabana and CM
Punk. Steel trained both Cabana and Punk.

“Ace Steel has worked for Steel Domain Wrestling and has incredible
respect in our locker room”, says Steel Domain owner Ed Hellior. “The
last time he was here, I watched him do a coaching session with a couple
of Ken and Shawn’s students. (Ken Anderson and Shawn Diavari). What
I noticed is it’s once thing to be a world class wrestler, but he his an
outstanding coach and teacher. There are a number of great wrestlers,
but it does not mean they can teach. Even Steven Regal (William Regal)
got wind of the session and commented on Ace. “

In 2003, Steel made his first appearance in Japan wrestling for NOAH.
“I couldn’t wait to be in a place where at times wrestling, the pure mat
wrestling techniques and training, were common and the norm,” Steel
told Slam Wrestling. “The Japanese have such a level of dedication and
to workout and train everyday, and get on a bus to the next town was the
best. I’ve been in the ring many times with (Mitsuharu) Misawa,
(Yoshinari) Ogawa, (Akira) Taue, KENTA (Kenta Kobayashi),
(Naomichi) Marafuji, (Yoshinobu) Kanemaru –– you name it. And each
time learning so much and to gain their respect is awesome. NOAH is
the top Japanese company.”

Steel briefly worked for TNA after its inception, forming a tag team with
Punk and also wrestling in the X Division. After his TNA contract
expired, Steel signed with Ring of Honor, forming a tag team with
Cabana and Punk called the Second City Saints. Steel also has wrestled
for WWE in the past. During a September 27, 2004 edition of Raw,
Steel wrestled as Scott Colton (real name of Colt Cabana), losing a
match to Eugene. As a repayment of the inside rib, Cabana wrestled as
Chris Guy, (Steel’s real name) on an April 10, 2006 episode of Raw.
Maybe Steel’s most memorable performance on Raw occurred on
January 8, 2007, when Steel portrayed Donald Trump in an inter gender
match against “Rosie O’Donnell“.

Steel later was signed to a
developmental contract with WWE and wrestled in both of the WWE
developmental territories at the time, Deep South Wrestling and Ohio
Valley Wrestling.

On December 5, 2008, Steel returned to ROH at the “Wrestling at the
Gateway” event, teaming with Necro Butcher against Jimmy Jacobs and
Delirious. Steel also appeared in the 10-man cage match at the “Caged
Collision” event on January 31, 2009.

Ace Steel once held onto Harley Race’s WLW Championship.

Steel recently turned 44 years old, making him a veteran presence and a
natural locker room leader. “I am really impressed by the guys in the
locker room. They are all really excited to be wrestling for the NWL.”
Jeremy Wyatt cryptically told NWL fans “Foundation” members
Michael Styder and Wyatt had an “Ace” up their sleeve weeks ago.

Steel debuted in Kansas City as a surprise opponent for Gil Rogers on
August 5 and affirmed his affiliation with the Foundation during an
interview later that evening.

Despite being a former Steel Domain Champion and Metro Pro
Champion, some of Steel’s greatest accomplishments have come from
the words of other wrestlers. “Having Regal (William) choose me to
work with him (on Harley Race events) is such an honor. Regal said he
chose me because he trusted me to do what needed to be done” Steel
explained. “Having Ricky Steamboat tell me ‘you made that match worth
watching’ is really special to me.”

For now, Steel is content to wrestle part time for NWL and also loves
training younger wrestlers.

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Miss Monica Regains the World League Wrestling Ladies Championship

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 23, 2017

WLW Women’s Champion Miss Monica with Karim Brigante— Photo Credit Miss Monica and Karim Brigante’s Facebook Page.

History was made in Richmond, Missouri on the night that WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons was in the house as Miss Monica defeated Lucy Mendez to regain the WLW ladies Championship. Afterwards the current MWR Female Wrestler of the Year, Miss Monica sent out these words to her fans and opponents.

2 times WLW Ladies Champion!
#WomenWrestling #MissMonica
#RomanDynasty #ItaliansDoItBetter #2Time

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