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Flash Flanagan vs Attila Khan & Travis Cook MWR Exclusive May 2022 SICW Bruiser Brody Memorial Recap

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 18, 2022

Recap Patrick Brandmeyer

Photos Brian Kelley

Ring announcer:  Drew Abbenhaus.  Referees:  Nick Ridenour & Denny Thomas.

-The night started with a 10-bell salute to Karl Lauer and referee Charlie Smith.

sicwphotorecap (1 of 1)

-Ax Allwardt d. Jimmy Razor via double-leg rollup with feet on the ropes (7:19).  Razor dropkicked Ax out of the ring after the bell.

-The Intern d. Brandon Barretta by DQ when Intern brought his Canadian flag into the ring but Barretta got it away from him and hit him with the flagpole (2:18).

-Promoter Herb Simmons interviewed special guests Ron Powers and Joyce Grable.

-The Big Texan d. Payton Ayers after the lariat (5:27).

-Rob Kowalski d. “The Night Train” Gary Jackson to win the Central States Title.  The referee was knocked down and Mauler McDarby interfered with Lucky P. Larsen, Esquire in tow.  In the chaos, Kowalski managed to knock out Jackson with Larsen’s briefcase before covering him for the pin (7:46).  Larsen announced that he was “The Boss” who Kowalski & McDarby had been referencing in recent interviews.

-Herb interviewed special guest “Dirty” Dutch Mantell.

-“Volatile” Curtis Wylde, Danny Dollar, & Jayson Breed(w/ Wyldefyre) d. Mauler McDarby, “Rough Cut” Rick Ruby, & “The Son Of The South” Frankie D(w/ Lucky P. Larsen, Esquire) when Dollar pinned Ruby after the Bottom Dollar(Diamond Cutter) (10:09).

-King Christopher Hargas(w/ Travis Cook) d. Tag Team Champion Billy McNeil in a best-of-three-falls match.  Falls:  Hargas pinned McNeil by countering a tornado DDT attempt with a small package (5:37).  Hargas pinned McNeil by hitting him with a foreign object as he jumped off the second rope (Travis Cook had distracted the referee) before scoring the three-count (10:21 plus rest period between falls).

-Herb interviewed special guest Barbara Goodish.

-Bobby D won the Bruiser Brody Memorial Battle Royal.  Eliminations:  Jimmy Razor, David Lee Walker, “Rough Cut” Rick Ruby, The Intern, “Volatile” Curtis Wylde, Danny Dollar, Ax Allwardt, Payton Ayers, “The Night Train” Gary Jackson, Tag Team Champion Billy McNeil, The Big Texan, Mauler McDarby, “The Son Of The South” Frankie D, Brandon Barretta, Jayson Breed, and Central States Champion Rob Kowalski (16:17).  Lucky P. Larsen, Esquire had to be ejected from ringside after pushing Kowalski back into the ring on more than one occasion when multiple wrestlers nearly got him out.

-Flash Flanagan won a no-DQ elimination handicap match against Classic Champion Attila Khan & Travis Cook to win the Classic Title, preserve his own SICW career, and force Travis Cook to leave SICW.  Flanagan & Khan were left beaten and bloodied after brawling around the ring area, but Flanagan managed to score a quick fall on Khan after the champion missed a diving headbutt off the second rope (10:42).  Khan refused to leave the ring and continued his attack on Flanagan until Jayson Breed and other wrestlers fended him off with a chair.  Mauler McDarby ran interference as well, allowing Travis to score a close near-fall after hitting Flanagan with brass knuckles.  Flanagan’s wife got some payback on Travis by hitting him with Flash’s kendo stick, leading to Flash destroying Travis with a chair…one final fastball of the chair into Travis’ head put an end to him as Flanagan pinned him to send him packing (15:52)!

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