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3XWrestling this Friday Night March 7, 2014

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 4, 2014

 photo 1604369_10151861124536781_204706126_n_zpsee9434fd.jpg

Friday March 7th, 2014

Des Moines Social Club’s Kum & Go Theater
The corner of 9th Street and Cherry Street
Des Moines, Iowa

Doors open at 6:45 pm for advance ticket holders
Doors open at 7 pm for everyone else
Bell time is 7:30 pm


3XW Heavyweight Championship
“The Intellectual Punk” Tony Sly (c) vs. the winner of a battle royal earlier that takes place earlier in the event

3XW Tag Team Championship
“Showtime” Bradley Charles & “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt
AJ Smooth & Ryan Slade (c)

Singles match – Due to a contractual stipulation Tony Sly had added to January’s match with Gage Octane, Octane has to get two singles match wins before he can get his rematch for the 3XW Heavyweight title
The Viking Warrior” Kraig Keesaman vs. Gage Octane

Singles match
The Omaha Chainsaw” SM King vs. Maddog McDowell

Tag Team match
3XW Pure Wrestling champion “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell & Hype Gotti
“The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson & “Rock N Roll” Mike Sydal

Battle Royal – Winner gets a 3XW Heavyweight title match later in the night!
Participants include: “The American Fury” Jon West, Maddog McDowell, “The Right Price” Aaron Masterson, “Delicious” Devin Carter, Latin Thunder, Brady A. Dezire, The Mauler, SM King, Ray Stryker, Nate Redwing, Geek Singh & more!

*Card subject to change

VIP – Row 1 and 2 (Kid’s or Adult) $15 Advance Tickets | $18 at the Door
Adult General Admission $12 Advance Tickets | $15.00 at the Door
Kids General Admission 10 & Under $6.00
Kids 3 & Under FREE Admission

Tickets will be on sale on February 15th at:

Jay’s CD & Hobby
3315 SE 14th St
Des Moines, IA

Cup O’ Kryptonite – The Original Coffee & Comic shop!
2608 Beaver Ave
Des Moines, IA

Or online at:
Info soon

This event is sponsored by:

Aspen Athletics

Prints Copy Center

Henry J’s Taco House

White’s Automotive

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The Return of the NWA World’s Heavyweight title to Des Moines— By Midnight Guthrie

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 21, 2012

By Midnight Guthrie


I’m sure you’ve read the hype for the upcoming NWA World’s Heavyweight title match between champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce and “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt at 3XW Divide & Conquer 2 on Jan. 27 in Des Moines.

You understand it’s a big deal because you may recognize the initials “NWA,” attributing it to names like Flair and Rhodes. Maybe when the subject of wrestling comes up, an uncle recounts for you the hundredth time about seeing the National Wrestling Alli-ance and “Handsome” Harley Race in Des Moines, years before he was called “King” in the WWF.

But, I’m guessing very few current 3XWrestling fans truly understand the history of the NWA in Des Moines.

This may come as a shock to many of you, but at one time Des Moines was one of the most important cities for professional wres-tling in the entire world.

Yes, the entire world. In fact, the first NWA World’s Heavyweight champion was crowned right here in Des Moines in 1948.

And on January 27, it will be defended in Des Moines for the first time in over a quarter century – 25 years!

The Origins of the NWA

To give you a little more history, we’ll start by looking back 104 years ago. In 1908 — 40 years prior to the founding of the NWA— Frank Gotch defeated George Hackenschmidt after over two hours of wrestling to become recognized as the undisputed World Heavyweight champion. Gotch, a farmer from Humboldt, Iowa, became one of the top sports stars in the world, amassing a for-tune rumored to be worth approximately $500,000 – which would be over $11 million dollars adjusted to today’s money!

Gotch, who never moved away from Humboldt despite his fame, retired as a champion in 1912.

Shortly after his retirement, the lineage of the World Heavyweight title became a total mess, with different promoters recognizing different champions all over the United States. By 1938, a minimum of six wrestlers were staking claim to the World Heavyweight championship. This led to frustration amongst fans and the popularity of pro wrestling as a whole started to suffer.

This continued until 1948, when Pinkie George, a Des Moines-based wrestling promoter, spearheaded the formation of an alli-ance of promoters to recognize one World’s Heavyweight champion, a champion who would travel to each of the different territo-ries throughout the country and face the best wrestlers available. George met with five other promoters from around the country in Waterloo, Iowa to share his vision and this group founded the National Wrestling Alliance. Eventually, upwards of 100 promoters joined the organization, covering almost the entire wrestling world.

Orville Brown was declared the first NWA World’s Heavyweight champion in Des Moines in 1948. Brown’s last defense of the championship came in Des Moines on Oct. 31, 1949, one day before injuries from an automobile accident would force Brown to retire.

Crowds of approximately 4,000 fans would pack the Des Moines Coliseum on Monday nights in the 1940s or the KRNT Theater on Wednesday evenings in the 50s for the wrestling matches promoted by George with the NWA title, now wrestling’s top champi-onship, being vied for in Des Moines upwards of five times a year.

George stopped promoting bouts in 1959, but the championship was still defended in Des Moines regularly through the late 1970s, including being fought for in the Coliseum prior to the arena being destroyed by fire. The Coliseum was located only a few blocks south of the current location of the Barratta’s@Forte Center, where Wyatt and Pearce will battle for the title on January 27.

It will be the first match for the title in Des Moines since “Nature Boy” Ric Flair defended against “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes on Oct. 2, 1986. The last defense of the championship in Iowa at all was Flair facing El Gigante in Sioux City, Iowa on May 21, 1991.

Still recognized in Japan, Mexico and Europe as one of the top Heavyweight championships in the world, the NWA World’s title has gone through some dramatic developments in the last 20 years here in the United States. Once featured as the top champi-onship in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), WCW broke off their NWA affiliation in 1993.

The NWA continued on through the 90s with the help of its many member territories. Former UFC star Dan Severn proved a dominate champion, winning the title in 1995 and holding it until 1999.

TNA Wrestling signed on with the NWA upon its formation in 2002, and the NWA World’s Heavyweight championship was featured as the top championship of the company until 2007, when they broke away from the alliance.

Enter Adam Pearce

In June 2007, “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce entered a tournament to crown a new NWA World’s Heavyweight champion. The star-studded competition included current WWE World champion Daniel Bryan, recent WWE signee and former Ring of Honor star Claudio Castagnoli, former WWE stars Aaron Aguilera (Jesus) and Brent Albright (Gunner Scott), British star Fergal Devitt and Japanese star Osamu Nishimura, among others.

Pearce outlasted the 15 other entrants over the course of four months to win his first NWA World’s Heavyweight championship, ce-menting his status as one of the best talents in the world.

Now a four-time NWA champion, Pearce has battled a “who’s who” of wrestling stars for the title all around the world over the past five years.

On January 27, he flies in from San Diego, California to battle “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt for the first time. Many fans consider Wyatt to be one of the best wrestlers in the Midwest today.

After years of dominating the Midwest, this is Wyatt’s first world championship match. Pearce, a 15-year veteran who’s known as one of the best speakers in all of wrestling, currently stars on the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood television show.

Wyatt is no stranger to championships himself. Also known as “The Belt Collector” for the number of titles he’s won during his 10-year career, he is a two-time 3XW Heavyweight champion and recognized as the current NWA Central States champion, among many others.

Wyatt was recently awarded the 2011 Match of the Year award by MissouriWrestlingRevival.com for his phenomenal 73-minute Iron-man match – a match length unheard of in the modern-era of wrestling – with current 3XW Heavyweight champion Mark Sterling at 3XW’s Divide & Conquer in January 2011. Incredibly, this is the fourth straight year a match involving Wyatt has won the award.

And so the stage is set for another classic Wyatt match, perhaps the most historic of all. It’s his first-ever World’s title opportunity and it’s against a nationally-recognized opponent he’s never faced.

Quite frankly, I don’t have the words to describe the excitement I feel to have the NWA title back in Des Moines for the first time since 1986.

But on January 27 at Divide & Conquer 2, with decades of wrestling history in his rearview mirror, Jeremy Wyatt has the chance to do the once unimaginable;

Bring the NWA World’s Heavyweight title back home and make Des Moines one of professional wrestling’s most important cities once again.


My thanks to Tim Hornbaker at http://www.legacyofwrestling.com/and http://www.wrestling-titles.com/for assistance with researching the details for this article. Lots of phenomenal wrestling history at both sites, definitely check them out!




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All American Pro Wrestling kicks off 2011 in West Frankfort, IL.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 15, 2010


Last October, Edmund “Livewire” McGuire pinned AAPW Champion, “Serial Thriller” Shane Rich in a tag team main event. AAPW decided McGuire should receive one more opportunity to face Rich for the title. However, since then, AAPW has hired a new booker. The new booker feels that McGuire still needs to prove himself a worthy #1 contender in singles competition. Therefore, McGuire will face a “Mystery Opponent” in the main event in which the winner will be the #1 contender for the AAPW Heavyweight Championship. This booker is being very tight lipped about who he has chosen or will choose to face McGuire. Rumors are already speculating of whom it could be. Will it be a former AAPW Champion? Mississippi Madman and Shawn Shultz are both former champions who have never received a rematch since their respective title reigns ended.

Is it someone who has never received a championship opportunity in AAPW? Wrestlers such as “Da Bomb” Brian James and “Thee” Brandon Espinosa both have very impressive win/loss records in AAPW yet neither has had an opportunity to compete for the AAPW title. Or could it be “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt??? Wyatt has made it quite clear he believes he is the best in the Midwest and was cheated out of the AAPW Championship in his epic battle with Shane Rich. Nobody will know until January 15th.

Also in action; “Playboy” Paul Rose teams with Christian Rose to face The Convoy. The Convoy have had their eyes set on the AAPW Tag Team titles since the company’s inception but have come up short in every opportunity. They are wanting to make 2011 the year of The Convoy.

Pokerface makes his AAPW debut on January 15th. This ring veteran has spent most of his career tearing up the Mid South but has occasionally competed to the Midwest. He believes not only that he can compete in AAPW, but will soon be a top contender and a force to be reckoned with. Who will step up to the challenge of Pokerface?

Others scheduled to appear include: El Magnifico, “Dynamite” Seth Knight, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Heath Hatton, and Carnage.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $6 for children 12 and under.
Be at New Beginnings Assembly, 1011 E. 6th st., West Frankfort, IL.
Doors open at 6pm, Bell time is 7pm


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3XWrestling returns this Friday with Holiday Havoc II.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 28, 2010

3XWrestling Holiday Havoc II

Friday – December 3rd, 2010

Des Moines Social Club
1408 Locust St
Des Moines, IA

Doors open 6:45 pm for Advanced ticket holders
Doors open 7 pm for everyone else
Bell time 7:30 pm

3XW Heavyweight championship
Brian Ash vs. Rory Fox (c)

3XW Pure Wrestling championship
The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell vs. “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong (c) w/Chad Mylan

*By orders of the 3XW Board of Directors, during this match Chad Mylan will be handcuffed to former 3XW President Skylar Pierce!*

Six Man Tag Team Match
“The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson & The Horn Dogs Maddog McDowell & Krotch
Ryan Slade & American Ground & Air Benjamin Sailer & Nate Bash

Rookie’s Biggest Challenge
“The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt vs. “The American Fury” Jon West

Also in action: 3XW Tag Team champions – “Delicious” Devin Carter & Casanova w/Todd Countryman, Gage Octane, Darin Corbin, Shane Hollister & more!


Tickets are available at:

Jay’s CD & Hobby – Tickets will be available at both Jay’s stores 3315 SE 14th Street – Des Moines, IA & Merle Hay Mall – Des Moines, IA


Cup O’ Kryptonite – Fleur Drive – Des Moines, IA

Or online at http://www.3xwrestling.com/

Advanced General Admission $12.00
General Admission day of event $15.00
Kids 10 & Under $6.00
Kids 3 & Under FREE admission
3XWrestling will also be collecting new, packaged toys & gifts at the door for Toys for Tots.

This is something we have done every year and are proud to be able to help brighten many children’s Christmas each year.

We will have a collection box at the door as you come in, please bring a new, packaged toy, sporting good, dvd, cd or other gift and help make the holidays a little brighter for Iowa’s children & teenagers.

For more information on Toys for Tots, check out these links:


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AAPW Saturday April 10th Former WWE Superstar Paul Burchill takes on Simon Dean. Madman vs. Wyatt 2 in Herrin IL Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 28, 2010

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New 3XW Outside the Ring Plus a Great Six-Man Tag Online

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 10, 2009

The October 2009 edition of 3XWrestling’s acclaimed web show catches up wrestling fans on all the news following the successful Clobberpalooza Classic II event in September and builds toward October’s Halloween Horror III event.

Featuring promos and interviews with 3XW Heavyweight champion “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt, The Gentlemen’s Club, The Horndogs, “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell, 3XW Tag Team champions The High Flyers, “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong and Rory Fox.

A great highlight video building up the Pure Wrestling title rematch between Kraig Keesaman and Tyler Cook.

Other footage includes Al Snow in 3XW, Rory Fox’s remarkable debut victory, Kwong turning on “The Right Price” Aaron Masterson, Casanova joining the Gentlemen’s Club, and the High Flyers defending the tag team titles over Sheik Abdul Bashir and Arya Daivari.

That’s not all!!! 3XWrestling sent us some Chaotic six-man tag team action as 3XW Tag Team champions The Gentlemen’s Club (Gage Octane and Mark Sterling with Todd Countryman) team with 3XW Pure Wrestling champion “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt to take on the awesome challenge of powerhouse Maddog McDowell, heartthrob Tyler Cook and 3XW Cruiserweight champion “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell.

Will all six men be too exhausted from this bout to pose a realistic threat in the Gauntlet for the Gold battle royal later in the night? You can purchase the full event DVD at http://www.3xwrestling.com/to find out and see this entire awesome event. This battle was held on May 15, 2009 as part of 3XW‘s “May Flowers of POWER!” event at the Des Moines Social Club, 3XW‘s central Iowa home arena. Commentary provided by Midnight Guthrie and Chad Mylan. Footage


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3XW with Al Snow and TNA’S Sheik Abdul Bashir

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 13, 2009


Sept. 18 for Clobberpalooza Classic II – featuring WWE superstar Al Snow and TNA Wrestling superstar Sheik Abdul Bashir!


3XW Clobberpalooza Classic II

This Friday – September 18th, 2009

Des Moines Social Club
1408 Locust St
Des Moines, IA

Doors open 7 pm
Bell time 7:30 pm


3XW Heavyweight title match
Former WWE & ECW star Al Snow
“The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt (c)



3XW Tag Team title match
TNA star Sheik Abdul Bashir (WWE’s Daivari) & Arya Daivari
The High FlyersMike Sydal & Zach Thompson (c)



3XW Cruiserweight title match
2009 King of Des Moines – “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell (c)



Tag Team match
Sexy & SmoothRyan Slade & AJ Smooth
Aaron Masterson & “The Asian Sensastion” Ricky Kwong



Singles match
“Torturous” Tony Sly vs. “Delicious” Devin Carter



Tag Team match
The Horn DogsMaddog McDowell & Krotch
The Gentlemen’s ClubGage Octane & Mark Sterling w/Todd Countryman

Advance tickets will go on sale September 5th at:

Jay’s CD & Hobby
5921 SE 14th St
Des Moines, IA

Adults $12 General Admission
Kids 10 & Under $6
Kids 3 & Under Free Admission

This event is sponsored by:

The Video Warehouse
5801 Franklin Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa


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