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Pro Wrestling Phoenix Returns on Wed Oct 28 Mark Sterling vs. Ryan Slade

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 21, 2015

Make sure to keep up to date on everything PWP


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3XWrestling 10th Year Anniversary Filled with Kisses, Chains, Ladders and Chairs

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 26, 2015

By Brian Kelley

For the past 10 years 3XWrestling has been thrilling fans in Iowa with family friendly action with 156 events. During that time they have showcased several of the top young stars in the country, former wrestling superstars and historic matches that have earned them a reputation as a must attend event in the area. Missouri Wrestling Revival was honored to cover the historic 10th year Anniversary event that started off with a chance for the wrestlers around the area to get the opportunity to learn from former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdoch during a pre-show seminar.

 photo 1_zpse1xhf7tk.jpg

Students in Iowa took advantage of training with former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdoch.

When the doors open the wonderful fans of 3XW filled up so fast that the 3XW crew was seeking chairs for the fans at the arena. When the action started the fans were treated to a stacked night of wrestling that included a Dog Collar match between Maddog McDowell and Ryan Slade, where the loser would have to eat dog food, the first ever matchup between the former two time MWR Female Wrestler of the Year Stacey O’Brien and Malia Hosaka, Marek Brave challenge Kraig Keesaman for the 3XW Pure title, Devin Carter defend his wife’s honor against Rory Fox to go along with an epic dog collar ladder match between 3XWrestling Champion Jeremy Wyatt and Mark Sterling. I hope you enjoy these exciting photos of a night that will be remembered forever.

 photo 2_zpshsbl6vnz.jpg

JC Slater with the elbow.

 photo 3_zps6v7udgah.jpg

Devin Thomas soars on the way to victory.

Devin Thomas d. J.C. Slater.

 photo 4_zpspjdu7vji.jpg

Hype Gotti delivers a punishing blow.

 photo 5_zpssyieymdd.jpg

Classic Double team.

 photo 6_zpsxuawgh6w.jpg

The power of Nate Redwing is awesome.

-Hype Gotti & Adrian Alexander d. Eli Machete & Connor Braxton.

 photo 7_zpsfzlhwoaw.jpg

Stephen M. King looks to slow down Nate Redwing.

-Nate Redwing d. Stephen M. King.

 photo 8_zpsngvkilsa.jpg

Jeromy “Skeletor” Robb prepares the Alpo dog food for the loser of the match to eat.

 photo 9_zpsmd2wg78b.jpg

Ryan Slade and Maddog McDowell.

 photo 10_zpsnsfrz6kt.jpg

Ryan Slade lands a blow with the steel chain.

 photo 11_zpspbigz0rv.jpg  photo 13_zpsgekyi8y4.jpg

 photo 14_zpsefcxzsdm.jpg

Even though he lost the Maddog sampled a bite of the Alpo, but finds the taste a little dissatisfying.

-Mad Dog McDowell d. Ryan Slade in a dog collar match.  photo 15_zpsusuocmkm.jpg

 photo 16_zpsgwt1n2mh.jpg

The powerhouse Derek Stone comes crashing from above.

 photo 17_zpskiodentl.jpg

 photo 18_zps2uujyvjg.jpg

Black Lives Matters attacks Trevor Murdoch and Derek Stone.

-Trevor Murdoch fought Derek Stone to a no-contest.

 photo 21_zpshcurcg4z.jpg

Jon West with the big leg drop.

 photo 22_zpsrgok77g0.jpg

 photo 20_zpsu3cudp3j.jpg

Ray Stryker punishes Jon West.

 photo 23_zpsn7vvab0c.jpg


Black Wrestlers Matter(Jon West & James Grizzle) d. Jaysin Strife & Ray Stryker.

 photo 25_zpszogiqz7r.jpg

Rory Fox from above on Devin Carter.

 photo 26_zpss3qxyvtu.jpg

Rory Fox finds himself in a bad spot.

 photo 28_zpsvxbawro2.jpg

Rory Fox hides an foreign object from the ref .

 photo 29_zpsxklwlr3b.jpg

Fox was able to use the trickery to get the win, but the match was restarted once the ref found it on him after the pin fall as he taunted Carters wife.

 photo 30_zpsevzybgjo.jpg    photo 31_zpsxloqnf7t.jpg

-Devin Carter d. Rory Fox.

 photo 32_zpshbkfayv7.jpg

Marek Brave

   photo 34_zpsznup2qst.jpg

 photo 35_zpsg1oct1qh.jpg

Kraig Keesaman delivers a clothesline on the cocky Brave.

 photo 37_zpsc5cmmxh6.jpg

 photo 38_zpsgymgnv3u.jpg

After Todd Countryman blinded Kessaman with an unknown powder substance to allow Black to hit the superkick for the win.

 photo 39_zpsyotkjtlx.jpg

-Marek Brave d. Kraig Keesaman to win the Pure Wrestling Title.

 photo 40_zpskyohci94.jpg  photo 41_zpsvoffjzbg.jpg  photo 42_zps9it8bkyr.jpg

 photo 44_zps5k2xxp7m.jpg

Malia Hosaka catches O’Brien in the corner with a brutal swift kick.

 photo 45_zpsgce9rbnt.jpg

 photo 46_zpsote1k1tp.jpg

-Malia Hosaka d. Stacey O’Brien.

 photo 47_zpswxkgpgnr.jpg

3XW fan Amanda Elliott and friends thanks Jeremy Wyatt for the memories as he prepared for another war with Mark Sterling.

 photo 48_zpsui9ma5s0.jpg  photo 49_zpscjbf8o7t.jpg  photo 50_zpshspzbvts.jpg  photo 51_zpscfsjjk4p.jpg  photo 52_zpsffjbmve0.jpg  photo 53_zpsggsuacf3.jpg  photo 54_zpssafh958z.jpg  photo 56_zpsqymsnpgi.jpg  photo 55_zpstyfkpts8.jpg  photo 57_zpspvnsq7rx.jpg  photo 58_zps9uhdvcum.jpg  photo 60_zpsxgpuef9n.jpg  photo 61_zpstevpnw5h.jpg  photo 62_zps71prwtw1.jpg  photo 63_zpsvickyh4u.jpg  photo 64_zpsibmq2i7f.jpg  photo 65_zpsmmivvjdf.jpg

 photo 67_zpsskyblgq2.jpg

Marek Brave interferes on behalf of Mark Sterling, causing the Fittest Wrestler in the World, Mark Sterling to become the new 3XW Champion.

-Mark Sterling d. Jeremy Wyatt in a dog collar/ladder match to win the Heavyweight Title.

 photo 66_zpspvwg1fzt.jpg

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Ryan Slade Promo 3XW – Super Spring Showdown – Super Hero Night

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 31, 2015

 photo 3xw_zpslqbbbzmm.jpg

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The 2015 MWR Sexiest Wrestler is . . . .

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 14, 2015

 photo sa_zps0cm2tk92.jpg

 photo sa2_zps1tymym7t.jpg

Sorry Brian Williams, that is not true.


 photo Brandon Aarons_zpsbyzxhdz2.jpg

Good afternoon wrestling fans. It is time to announce the 2015 MWR Sexiest Male of 2015. Throughout the week you girls (and guys?) have come to Missouri Wrestling Revival.com website to vote for the man that you feel is the sexiest male in the Midwest.

First off, thank you so much, to EVERYONE that took the time to nominate and work with us to make this a success. What a great group of sexy men those were in the contest that can really entertain you in the ring as well as take your breath away. For the wrestlers and their friends that helped us find photos and shared the links to their fans and friends so they can come find the poll on MWR, thank you so much.

Early in the week, “The Sex Icon” Ryan Slade took the lead, and then Dustin Bosworth took over the lead by 3 votes. Sean Orleans would blow away the competition with a strong run midweek heading into Wednesday with an astounding 59 vote lead ahead of Bozworth. On Thursday, I could not believe that Brandon Aarons made a run to try to catch up with Orleans. Aarons would be able to take the lead on Friday by 2 votes and back and forth their fans went. Orleans looked to maintain the lead once again as he went up by 13 mid-afternoon.

With one hour to go it was back and forth with Orleans leading by 11. At 11:30 p.m. Aarons looked to be fighting but by being 6 votes behind time was running out for him and his fans as Team Orleans was still going to the polls. Amazingly with 13 minutes to finish the night Aarons’ fans were able to get enough votes for the tie.

Brandon Aarons’ throughout the contest biggest lead were only 2 votes, so the question was could he handle a last run from Team Orleans fans to be named the 2015 MWR male of the year? In an exciting 9 min flurry the votes came in as Aarons’ pulled away with a 9 vote lead. I watched the polls in the final 3 minutes as it was quiet as a mouse and as the clock struck Midnight, Brandon Aarons had won the 2015 MWR Sexiest Male of the Year.

Look for MWR in the near future to honor Brandon Aarons for his win as we will present him with THE 2015 MWR Sexiest Male of 2015 trophy.

1st Brandon Aarons
2nd Sean Orleans
3RD Dustin Bozworth
4th Devin Thomas
5TH Ryan Slade Read the rest of this entry »

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2015 Sexiest Male of the Year Contest – Vote Today!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 9, 2015

Hello wrestling fans, this year Missouri Wrestling Revival is hosting the 2015 Sexiest Male Award. The men listed below are some of the hardest working, most talented men on the independent scene. Not only do these guys work their asses off in and out of the ring with training/traveling/entertaining, they are attractive to boot. This contest is for some good-hearted fun and a shiny new trophy.

The Rules: You can only Vote Once.

Voting Times: 12:00 a.m. February 9, 2015 to 12:00 a.m. February 14, 2015

Winner will be announced: Valentine’s Day Afternoon.

 photo FullSizeRender 3_zpsojlvzzso.jpgThank you for your support!
Dubray Tallman,
MWR Fan Relations


 photo ach_zpspoqogcnh.jpg

Adam Pearce
 photo Adam Pearce_zpsmkxgsdeo.jpg
Blake Steel
 photo blake steel_zpsprbojntj.jpg

Brandon Aarons
 photo Brandon Aarons_zpsbyzxhdz2.jpg
Brandon Espinosa
 photo brandon epi_zpseg07gkyk.jpg
Dan Walsh
 photo dan walsh_zpsamgdsntq.jpg
Daniel Eads
 photo Daniel Eads_zpsiobsoc7o.jpg
Darin Corbin
 photo darin corbin_zpsigefxl9h.jpg
Devin Thomas
 photo devin thomas_zpssrn80uur.jpg
Dustin Bozworth
 photo Dustin Bosworth_zps8gplablt.jpg
Elvis Aliaga
 photo Elvis_zpsdandlxgh.jpg
Evan Money
 photo evan money_zps8acuw1oo.jpg
Everett Connors
 photo Everetty Connors_zpslwxhrvqq.jpg
Heath Hatton
 photo Heath Hatton_zpss70cggwb.jpg
 photo iceman_zps1cvpkjbl.jpg
Jeremy Wyatt
 photo jeremy wyatt_zpsiimn6est.jpg
Leland Race
 photo leland race_zps9xy0wpwd.jpg
Magic Man
 photo magic man_zps3hnpej6j.jpg
Mark Sterling
 photo mark sterling_zpskkrlafvm.jpg
Mike Sydal
 photo mike sydal_zpspz9mw5tx.jpg
Ryan Slade
 photo Ryan Slade_zpsvsxx2qpw.jpg
Sean Orleans
 photo sean orleans_zpsshdg3qrq.jpg
Showtime Bradley Charles
 photo showtime bradley charles_zpszgpcp8dd.jpg
Travis Cook
 photo travis cook_zpsvfnb4nq9.jpg
Tyler Cook
 photo tyler cook_zpsyqqjsrcg.jpg

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3XWrestling this Friday Night March 7, 2014

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 4, 2014

 photo 1604369_10151861124536781_204706126_n_zpsee9434fd.jpg

Friday March 7th, 2014

Des Moines Social Club’s Kum & Go Theater
The corner of 9th Street and Cherry Street
Des Moines, Iowa

Doors open at 6:45 pm for advance ticket holders
Doors open at 7 pm for everyone else
Bell time is 7:30 pm


3XW Heavyweight Championship
“The Intellectual Punk” Tony Sly (c) vs. the winner of a battle royal earlier that takes place earlier in the event

3XW Tag Team Championship
“Showtime” Bradley Charles & “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt
AJ Smooth & Ryan Slade (c)

Singles match – Due to a contractual stipulation Tony Sly had added to January’s match with Gage Octane, Octane has to get two singles match wins before he can get his rematch for the 3XW Heavyweight title
The Viking Warrior” Kraig Keesaman vs. Gage Octane

Singles match
The Omaha Chainsaw” SM King vs. Maddog McDowell

Tag Team match
3XW Pure Wrestling champion “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell & Hype Gotti
“The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson & “Rock N Roll” Mike Sydal

Battle Royal – Winner gets a 3XW Heavyweight title match later in the night!
Participants include: “The American Fury” Jon West, Maddog McDowell, “The Right Price” Aaron Masterson, “Delicious” Devin Carter, Latin Thunder, Brady A. Dezire, The Mauler, SM King, Ray Stryker, Nate Redwing, Geek Singh & more!

*Card subject to change

VIP – Row 1 and 2 (Kid’s or Adult) $15 Advance Tickets | $18 at the Door
Adult General Admission $12 Advance Tickets | $15.00 at the Door
Kids General Admission 10 & Under $6.00
Kids 3 & Under FREE Admission

Tickets will be on sale on February 15th at:

Jay’s CD & Hobby
3315 SE 14th St
Des Moines, IA

Cup O’ Kryptonite – The Original Coffee & Comic shop!
2608 Beaver Ave
Des Moines, IA

Or online at:
Info soon

This event is sponsored by:

Aspen Athletics

Prints Copy Center

Henry J’s Taco House

White’s Automotive

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Pro Wrestling Phoenix returns Saturday Feb 15

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 4, 2014

 photo pwp_zps66f25b58.jpg

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Branden Juarez is the NEW Pro Wrestling Phoenix Heavyweight Champion!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 22, 2014

 photo pwpb_zpsa3bb75c9.jpg

Well as unpopular as it may be, and not without underhanded tactics – Branden Juarez is the NEW Pro Wrestling Phoenix Heavyweight Champion! On Saturday February 15th, Juarez will team with ”Showtime” Bradley Charles to take on Matty Star and the man who shockingly came to his rescue last Saturday, his former nemesis, Ryan Slade! Tickets available now at ProWrestlingPhoenix .com!

Results from PWP’s Year Of The Phoenix IX

January 18th 2014

Council Bluffs, IA

1.) PWP Tag Team Champion Hype Gotti defeated “Showtime” Bradley Charles.

2.) Mad Dog McDowell defeated “The One Man Cartel” Cuco Santiago.

3.) “The Passion” Zac James defeated “American Fury” Jon West with his feet on the ropes!

4.) PWP fan favorite Chris Havius returned for the night to answer “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece’s open challenge and defeat Joey Daniels!

5.) Darren “Thunder” Russell defeated Leslie Ray. After the match Leslie Ray attacked Russell and joined Axel Greece as he announced it was the “era of L-Ray”!

6.) PWP Tag Team Champion “The Big Hurt” Abu Colossus defeated Ryan Slade.

7.) In a shocking turn of events, Branden Juarez defeated Matty Star to become the NEW PWP Heavyweight Champion after “Showtime” Bradley Charles interfered. After the match Juarez & SBC were attacking Matty, and RYAN SLADE of all people came to his aid! Slade explained that while he does not like Matty Star, he does respect him, and was not going to stand by while Matty was beat down 2 on 1. Slade & Matty then challenged Juarez & SBC to a tag match on February 15th and it is officially the main event for that evening!

More details for February 15th coming soon!

Tickets available now at http://www.ProWrestlingPhoenix.com

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Pro Wrestling Phoenix May 24 – 8 Year anniversary show- Matty Star vs. Ryan Slade

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 21, 2013

 photo MAY13JPEG_zps1fde55af.jpg

On Friday night May 24th – Pro Wrestling Phoenix celebrates 8 years of bringing you the best wrestling available! Here is what you will see on that fateful night!

*** The MAIN EVENT will be MATTY STAR defending the Pro Wrestling Phoenix Heavyweight Championship against “SIMPLY RAVISHING” RYAN SLADE! These two have been in an all time classic PWP rivalry, which was never resolved. Along with that, Slade never received a rematch after losing the title last year, so the decision has been made to bring these two head to head once again, with the title on the line! Be there to see what is sure to be an incredible main event!!!

*** At our last event, a challenge was laid down for an I QUIT match between SEAN CRUZ and PRESTON MAXWELL, not only was the challenge accepted, but the stakes were raised! On May 24th, both men’s careers are on the line, as the one who says I QUIT won’t just be quitting the match, but will be quitting wrestling altogether! We will see which man’s career will go on, and which will end!!!

*** “Cheap & Dirty” member BRANDEN JUAREZ will go one on one with a man making his return to PWP after a two year absence…….“THE ANARCHIST” ARIK CANNON! This encounter is absolutely certain to be a classic!!!

*** NEW PWP Tag Team Champions will be crowned, in an Elimination style Triple Threat Tag Team match! It will Be “THE AMERICAN BULLDOGS” JON WEST & MAD DOG McDOWELL vs Cheap & Dirty’s “TEAM LARIAT” SHAWN NAUTILUS & “JOE-DOZER” JOEY ANDERSON vs a PWP Legends team of ABU COLOSSUS & HYPE GOTTI! The last team standing will take home the vacant PWP Tag Team Titles!!!

*** “THE OMAHA CHAINSAW” SM KING will square off against LESLIE RAY! Ray has been undefeated in PWP since returning last year, however King has been on a very impressive role as of late as well. Both men need a win here, but only one can be victorious!!!

*** DEREK CORNELL will do battle with “SHOWTIME” BRADLEY CHARLES! SBC is a former PWP Heavyweight Champion, and does hold a guaranteed shot at the PWP Title at a future date, however he must deal with Derek Cornell first! Cornell has now established himself as a top singles star, and is without question on the rise in PWP! This should be a fantastic matchup between two of PWP’s best wrestlers!!!

*** PWP newcomer Merlin Dean Banks will square off against the mighty Michael Monsoon, however Monsoon says he is on a very different path than the last time we saw him, and that he has created a program that will take him to the top, a program called……Yokozumba? Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIJhPbEDZeU

*** One half of the “Heroes for Hire” JIMMY ROCKWELL will take on one of the most popular members of the PWP roster, DARREN “THUNDER” RUSSELL! Russell will have to be ready for the underhanded tactics that the self proclaimed “hero” is sure to bring to the battle!!!

*** In 3 Way Dance action – JOEY DANIELS w/ “MANAGER SUPREME” AXEL GREECE will take on Cheap & Dirty member “THE PASSION” ZAC JAMES and the returning DARIN CORBIN! All three of these men are former PWP Tag Team Champions, with a lot to gain by picking up a victory here. Joey may have the biggest advantage, having Greece at ringside, Corbin is sure to have the most fan support, and Zac has an amazing undefeated record at PWP’s Anniversary events. This should be an awesome matchup, that could go the way of any of these three competitors!!!

Don’t miss what is sure to be an epic night, as we celebrate 8 years of PWP!!!

Friday May 24, 2013

Eagles Club
1530 Avenue F
Council Bluffs, IA 51501

Doors open at 7:00 – Belltime 7:30

All tickets just $10, available at the door the day of, or at http://www.ProWrestlingPhoenix.com via Paypal.


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3XW May 11 South Dakota- Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Ryan Slade, Miss Natural more.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 5, 2013

 photo 562562_10151356563951781_1232377411_n_zpsaa0c0b48.jpg

 photo 3xw_zps392da8e4.gif

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