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SICW July 15 Classic Champion Chris Hargas w/ Travis Cook vs. Heath Hatton

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 23, 2017


Saturday July 15th the SICW action returns to the East Carondelet Center at 7pm. Title on the line Hargas Vs Hatton.

And Special Guest Referee for the”MoonDog Rover” against “The Volitale one”, Curtis Wylde.

Doors open 6pm. Tv taping for Sprectrum Cable that airs Sunday at noon on channel 198 and FITE TV

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 125: Girl Fight, Super Show coming to CCW with Jason Wells

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 10, 2017

Cape Championship Wrestling has been entertaining wrestling fans in southeast Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky for nearly a year. CCW will have a big presence at this year’s Cape Con event. On Friday, April 21 it’s ladies night as CCW teams up with Madman Pondo for Girl Fight. It’s the first ever Luna Vachon Memorial Tournament.

Then on Saturday, April 22 it’s the CCW Super Show. You’ll see all the stars of CCW including champion Brandon Barbwire, tag champs Farmer Billy Hills & Dell Tucker and Austin Lane. Plus guests scheduled to appear include Colt Cabana, Joey Ryan and Jeff Cobb. The company’s COO Jason Wells explains more in today’s podcast.

Stride Pro Wrestling is working on a big show in May. It includes a TLC match for the Stride Pro Wrestling championship as Heath Hatton defends against Roger Matheus. And former WWE Superstar (Brodus Clay) Tyrus will also be on hand.

It’s a great time for indy wrestling. Come out and support the men and women of the mat. Thanks!

@kevinhunsperger (Twitter)
@kevin_hunsperger (Instagram)
@my123cents (Twitter & Instagram)
@StrideWrestling (Twitter)
@strideprowrestling (Instagram)
@CCWrestling573 (Twitter & Instagram)
@chadsmart (Twitter)
@jittery_monkey (Twitter)
@NerdsUnitedShow (Twitter)
@Craftbeericans (Twitter & Instagram)
@HarnessDM (Twitter & Instagram)
@itomharness (Twitter & Instagram)

To listen click here

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Former SICW ChampionHeath Hatton Returns to SICW on April 15

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 20, 2017

When one show ends plans for the next one begins. Just signed to appear on Saturday Night April 15th, Former SICW Champion Heath Hatton. Join the former Champion at the East Carondelet community center and next television taping for SICW Explosion that airs every Sunday at noon on Spectrum cable channel 198.

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Heath Hatton Spends a Day with Dalton

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 5, 2016

Throughout the years I have made so many friends in and out of the ring. Some of them have come and gone, while others I keep close contact with throughout the year. Each weekend I meet another person that loves wrestling and has a heart of gold for others, just like my old friends. One wrestler that I have known for many years now is Heath Hatton. The Southern Illinois fan favorite has always been a pleasure to work with as I took photos, promos and just have small talk during the events. Hatton in the past has been in many main events, won titles and even wrestled on a WWE PPV. At the end of the day he has always been the same person I first met, a wonderful smile, who loved wrestling, his family and went the extra mile for his fans.

I was heading to Metro Pro Wrestling this weekend when I read his Facebook post about a special day that he had meeting a young man named Dalton that was in the hospital and wanted to meet a wrestler. I asked Heath if I could share it with the MWR family, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Brian Kelley – MWR Editor


From Wrestler Heath Hatton

I got asked if I would drive over to Evansville today and meet a life long wrestling fan who is in a fight for his life. Without hesitation I said yes. Today I met Dalton, a 10 year old who has adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD) which is a terminal genetic condition that attacks the brain.

His dream was to meet a WWE superstar but it doesn’t seem like that is a possibility now. (WWE is sending him a package though!) He still wanted to meet a wrestler so I got asked to come. We sat and talked about my time at WWE, his favorite wrestlers, my favorite wrestlers, Stride wrestling, Star Wars, baseball and I got to break the news to him the Cubs won the World Series.. (he likes the cardinals)..it was an amazing visit.

I’m not a WWE super star or a wrestling legend. I’m not what you would consider a hero but today I met an actual star, today I got to meet a real life hero. My daughter is the same age as Dalton. This hit me so close to home and I’ve cried for the last 20 minutes trying figure out what to say. I’m not quite sure there are any right words To say but I still want to try to tell his story and I really want to say, Thank you to Dalton’, Dalton’s family and the company granted for making this happen. I am forever blessed To have met him and to have experienced this.

When I look back on my wrestling career, meeting kids like Dalton will be the only stuff I hope to remember.


Photo Credit Susan Washburn

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IWA Productions Returns to Olney, Illinois This Saturday Shane Rich, Heath Hatton

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 28, 2016


Pro Wrestling returns to the Knights of Columbus bldg. on South Whittle, in Olney.
IWA Productions is returning Home.
Doors open at 6pm
Bell time 7pm
in action:
The Heavyweight Champion “Shane Rich”
Light heavyweight Champion ” Heath Hatton”
Tag Champions “The Rage”
Tommy snow, Angel Skycall, El Mgnifico, Chris Hargas, D.A. Morrison, Mississippi Madman, K.C. Jackson, and many more….

Tickets are:
$12.00 for front row
$10.00 General Adult
$5.00 General Kids under 12
available at the Resale shop or at the door

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The Night Train Captures The Gold

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 18, 2015

 photo 81_zps9u0fhphn.jpg

By Patrick Brandmeyer

There has rarely been a goal that Gary Jackson hasn’t achieved.

“The Night Train” has held championships all over the Midwest and has competed in the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling. However, the SICW Classic Wrestling Championship had eluded him since the very creation of the title. Gary was one of the favorites in the tournament to crown the inaugural champion in January of 2011, but he was eliminated in a time-limit draw with Dave Vaughn. He never got a chance to challenge Danny Boy Hawkins for the gold as his title reign was short-lived…and he only got one shot at Ron Powers when he was champion, dropping the fall in a triple threat match that also involved Chris Hargas. Gary challenged Ricky Cruz for the title on a few different occasions. One of Ricky’s first defenses as champion was against Jackson, but that match was thrown out due to the interference of the Travis Cook Organization. It would be months before Gary would get another crack at the belt…at the end of a hard-fought battle, Cruz locked on his Cruzeta Azteca submission hold. Jackson never submitted or tapped out, but he passed out in the hold and the referee called for the bell. The devastating defeat had halted Jackson’s title hopes once again.     The veteran had no problem with working his way back up the ladder…and soon he was in title contention once again. This time the titleholder was “Ironman” Ken Kasa, managed by Travis Cook. Jackson appeared to be on the verge of finally capturing the title as he had Kasa in the Texas Cloverleaf, but Cook blatantly interfered to get his man disqualified and save the title. That led to the return of Big Daddy as he was handcuffed to Cook for the following month’s rematch…but Kasa was able to counter the Cloverleaf with a small package to escape with the title. Once more, Gary found himself on the outside looking in on the title picture. Issues with Flash Flanagan and Mohamad Ali Vaez sidetracked him from his championship aspirations as the belt went from Kasa to Heath Hatton to Flanagan. Jackson defeated Vaez in a hard-fought Texas Death Match and then settled his old issue with Kasa by making him tap to the Cloverleaf in a tag match…and that finally put him in position the challenge for the title once again. However, this time around it was all or nothing for “The Great One”…it would be his last shot at SICW gold. It was the first one-on-one encounter between Flanagan and Jackson after the two had traded pinfall victories in previous tag matches. Gary had the support of Big Daddy in his corner, but Flash had a whole bag of tricks up his sleeve to potentially retain his title(some less legal than others). Of course, one can’t forget Gary’s famous “rules”…he’s not above bending or outright breaking the rules to achieve victory. It was a battle of two veterans, but “Gorgeous Gary” still had the edge in overall experience. Flanagan had the advantage in size and agility…the two were about even in terms of technical expertise and sheer toughness. Flash was no pushover, obviously…the titleholder had experience in the WWF, TNA, and Puerto Rico on his resume. He also brought his trademark kendo stick to the ring, something that had helped him score his tainted championship victory over Heath Hatton in November. The two battle-hardened competitors matched each other move for move as the momentum swung back and forth…it could have easily gone either way.  photo 000_zps8pdykw45.jpg  photo 82_zps8wnwljkd.jpg For Flanagan, the championship was at stake; he enjoyed holding his title reign over the heads of SICW higher-ups who frowned on his tactics. For Jackson, any hope of acquiring the Classic Wrestling Championship was on the line…it was “now or never”.  photo 0000_zpszffeqp4d.jpg When Flanagan was unable to put Jackson away, he went for his kendo stick…perhaps to deliver a cheap shot behind the referee’s back or perhaps to blatantly get himself disqualified to save his title. However, Big Daddy was the difference-maker as he distracted the champion from whatever he had planned. That allowed Jackson to roll up Flanagan in a pinning combination…and three seconds later, he had finally reached the top of the SICW mountain! Pandemonium swept the East Carondelet Community Center…other wrestlers came out to celebrate with the new champion and Gary reminded us of The Rules: He comes out to win, he refuses to lose, he will cheat to win, and don’t forget The Rules. After four years of pursuing his goal, he had finally become the SICW Classic Wrestling Champion!  photo 83_zps5y3zf3fe.jpg Of course, the end of one story is the beginning of another and the challengers are already lining up to face “The Night Train”. However, if the long road to the top was any indication, Gary Jackson isn’t the type to quit so easily and will be a tough man to dethrone as champion.  photo sicw 4_zps5bd7b9cz.jpg  photo sicw 5_zpswake3gbs.jpg  photo sicw1_zpshcjd5re4.jpg  photo sicw 2_zps57s1iwrm.jpg

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2015 Sexiest Male of the Year Contest – Vote Today!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 9, 2015

Hello wrestling fans, this year Missouri Wrestling Revival is hosting the 2015 Sexiest Male Award. The men listed below are some of the hardest working, most talented men on the independent scene. Not only do these guys work their asses off in and out of the ring with training/traveling/entertaining, they are attractive to boot. This contest is for some good-hearted fun and a shiny new trophy.

The Rules: You can only Vote Once.

Voting Times: 12:00 a.m. February 9, 2015 to 12:00 a.m. February 14, 2015

Winner will be announced: Valentine’s Day Afternoon.

 photo FullSizeRender 3_zpsojlvzzso.jpgThank you for your support!
Dubray Tallman,
MWR Fan Relations


 photo ach_zpspoqogcnh.jpg

Adam Pearce
 photo Adam Pearce_zpsmkxgsdeo.jpg
Blake Steel
 photo blake steel_zpsprbojntj.jpg

Brandon Aarons
 photo Brandon Aarons_zpsbyzxhdz2.jpg
Brandon Espinosa
 photo brandon epi_zpseg07gkyk.jpg
Dan Walsh
 photo dan walsh_zpsamgdsntq.jpg
Daniel Eads
 photo Daniel Eads_zpsiobsoc7o.jpg
Darin Corbin
 photo darin corbin_zpsigefxl9h.jpg
Devin Thomas
 photo devin thomas_zpssrn80uur.jpg
Dustin Bozworth
 photo Dustin Bosworth_zps8gplablt.jpg
Elvis Aliaga
 photo Elvis_zpsdandlxgh.jpg
Evan Money
 photo evan money_zps8acuw1oo.jpg
Everett Connors
 photo Everetty Connors_zpslwxhrvqq.jpg
Heath Hatton
 photo Heath Hatton_zpss70cggwb.jpg
 photo iceman_zps1cvpkjbl.jpg
Jeremy Wyatt
 photo jeremy wyatt_zpsiimn6est.jpg
Leland Race
 photo leland race_zps9xy0wpwd.jpg
Magic Man
 photo magic man_zps3hnpej6j.jpg
Mark Sterling
 photo mark sterling_zpskkrlafvm.jpg
Mike Sydal
 photo mike sydal_zpspz9mw5tx.jpg
Ryan Slade
 photo Ryan Slade_zpsvsxx2qpw.jpg
Sean Orleans
 photo sean orleans_zpsshdg3qrq.jpg
Showtime Bradley Charles
 photo showtime bradley charles_zpszgpcp8dd.jpg
Travis Cook
 photo travis cook_zpsvfnb4nq9.jpg
Tyler Cook
 photo tyler cook_zpsyqqjsrcg.jpg

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Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 3, 2014

 photo f_zpsb924fcd8.jpg

Heath Hatton had been a fighting champion ever since defeating the Ironman Ken Kasa on July 26th in East Carondelet, Illinois. Since that time he has been the hunted by many of the toughest men in the Midwest today, including the “The King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz, Ken Kasa, and Bull Bronson. Yet, it would be one man who has been relentless in his pursuit of the SICW title and that man is none other than Flash Flanagan.

Flanagan has a long history of calculated violence in his career as he made his way to Puerto Rico to the WWE earning a reputation as a bulldozer that has been known to put true fear in fans as well as his opponents. The first piece of business was getting under the skin of the champion Hatton when he targeted Hatton’s protégé “The Man of Tomorrow” Daniel Eads. Flanagan dished out a brutal beating on the rising young star during a match, that brought out the champion to make the save.

That set up a title match in Fairmont City where Flanagan nearly cheated his way to victory, but the decision was reversed and Hatton was able to fight another day as champ. After a successful title defense back in East Carondelet, Illinois against Travis Cooks’ body guard Bull Bronson, Hatton once again was staring across the ring against Flanagan in the cold November night.

Early and often in the match the challenger Flanagan worked on Hatton arm. Just as it look as if Hatton was about to take over, one minor mistake would lead to a world of pain for the champion when Hatton accidentally took out the ref with a blind cross-body off the second rope. Hatton locked in the crippler crossface on Flanagan , but the ref was still down and didn’t see the tapout. When Hatton attempted to revive the referee, Flanagan struck with a superkick and then a ruthless blow to the head via his kendo stick. Flanagan thought he had won the belt, as the referee counted 1-2-2 and a half, before Hatton kicked out. When Flanagan attempted to use a steel chair, Hatton was a step ahead of him and reversed it for an Irish whip into the chair, then attempt a rollup to end the match, but Flanagan blocked it and held onto the ropes to end the reign of Heath Hatton as the SICW Champion.

 photo S1_zps7f5db875.jpg

SICW- Legendary Wrestling Manager
Jim Cornette returns as Special Guest Referee Saturday December 13th in East Carondelet.
The night of Managers. Big Daddy, with
“Red River Jack” against “The King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz, with Travis Cook. Call now for tickets 618-286-4848

 photo S3_zpsa5825c58.jpg

 photo S2_zps9ba315f8.jpg

 photo CW_zpsd2921ee4.jpg


Signed, Sealed, Delivered!
We’re very pleased to announce, after months of negotiations, we can now reveal that on Dec. 13th. 2014 in E. Carondelet, IL…

“Volatile” Curtis Wylde w/ Wyldefyre will be making our official debut with SICW Wrestling Explosion!!

Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling has been a premier organization in Pro Wrestling for more than 40 years, and continues to bring in some of the top names in our industry! We are very proud to join such a great wrestling family!

Come out Dec. 13th, and see the LEGENDARY James E. Cornette!!
He will be a Special Referee for Ricky Cruz w/ Travis Cook vs. Red River Jack w/ Big Daddy, Champion Flash Flanagan defends his SICW Title against the “Old School Warrior” Chaz Wesson, Sean Vincent returns!!

With SICW ending the year with such a blowout show… 2015 is shaping up to be a great year for Pro Wrestling fans! Tell your friends and bring everyone you know! You are not going to want to miss all the great SICW Action!

Call 618-286-4848 to reserve your seats.

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Big Daddy & Red River Chat, Bull Bronson vs. Red River Jack, Big Jim Hoffarth vs. Ricky Cruz, Heath Hatton Interview

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 8, 2014


11/15/2014 – SICW East Carondelet Illinois 823 State St East Carondelet. Il 62240 –

Doors at 7 PM; Bell Time at 8 PM 618-286-4848

From SICW Promoter Herb Simmons

SICW- Look no further for the Best in Pro- Wrestling, next Saturday

WWE legend “Marty Jannetty” joins all the stars of SICW at the East Carondelet Illinois Community Center at 8pm. The SICW fans can tell you if it’s action you are looking for, then all you need to do is attend SICW shows. Join us and not only meet the legends, Join us as we pay honor and salute all our Military fans as “the Veterans Day Bash” takes place next Saturday. Call 618-286-4848 to reserve tickets.

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SICW in Swansea, Illinois This Saturday Heath Hatton vs. Bull Bronson for the Classic Title

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 8, 2014

 photo sicwswans_zps2cc31680.jpg

SICW- This Saturday October 11th the Swansea Fire House on Huntwood Road in Swansea Illinois is the place to be for the best in Professional Wrestling. Three “Main Events” highlight the night of action. Plus meet Legendary Announcer from the days of “Wrestling at the Chase”.Larry Matysik. Also bring your camera and snap a picture of “Fire Pup” as the Swansea Fire Department promotes National Fire Prevention Week. Come out and support this Fund Raiser for the Swansea Fire department.

“Fire Pup”. Doors open at 6:30pm with bell time at 8pm. Get you tickets at Tribute Carnival Supplies in Belleville Illinois, or stop by the fire house on Huntwood Road. SICW is the show to be at this Saturday October 11th at the Swansea Fire House.

Then on Saturday October 18th in East Carondelet Illinois meet Legendary Professional Wrestler, “One Man Gang” as SICW continues to be the leader in bringing you the legends, the present and future wrestling stars.

Next show is Saturday 10/11 in Swansea, IL:
-Heath Hatton vs. Bull Bronson – Classic Title
-Gary Jackson vs. Ricky Cruz
-Daniel Eads & Shiloh Jonze vs. Ken Kasa & Flash Flanagan
-Big Jim Hoffarth vs. Waco


SICW has a show on Saturday 10/18 in East Carondelet, IL:

-Heath Hatton & Daniel Eads vs. Ken Kasa & Flash Flanagan
-Red River Jack vs. Bull Bronson
-Big Jim Hoffarth vs. Ricky Cruz
-Gary Jackson vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez
-Appearing: One Man Gang

10/18/2014 – SICW East Carondelet Illinois 823 State St East Carondelet. Il 62240 – Doors at 7 PM; Bell Time at 8 PM 618-286-4848

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