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ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer Returns to Metro Pro Wrestling on June 6th.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 5, 2015

 photo mmm_zps9zc0ih5v.jpgAs announced on Saturday night, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer will be returning to Metro Pro on Saturday, June 6, to face “The Fittest Wrestler in the World” Mark Sterling. It’s Metro Pro’s Fifth Anniversary celebration. Dreamer took part in our first event in June 2010 inside Memorial Hall. Should be a great night! Tickets on sale soon…

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Harmony in the Midwest- Maddog McDowell

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 1, 2012

Harmony Hardy returns to Missouri Wrestling Revival in 2012 with a collage of one of the most popular wrestlers in the Midwest. Maddog McDowell has been on the road last year working with top promotions such as 3XWrestling, Metro Pro Wrestling,Pro Wrestling Phoenix,  Pro Wrestling Epic, MECW and Dynamo Pro Wrestling.

Please enjoy this look at one of MWR’s favorite wrestlers today- Maddog McDowell.



The month of February is going to be huge for the fans of Madddog McDowel as this very weekend he  will be in action for the 2011 MWR Promotion of the Year Metro Pro Wrestling in Kansas City. This will be Metro Pro Wrestling first show of the year and you will not to miss it!!!!


Later in the month, Maddog McDowell will return to Des Moines, Iowa for 3XWrestling. 3XWrestling also welcomes  the hard hitting former WWE, WCW and ECW wrestling machine, Perry Saturn at 3XW REIGN OF TERROR III.


Let us watch a match from 3XW as he takes on Metro Pro and 3XW star Domino Rivera back in 2010.

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Bailey Mannix presented with the MWR 2011 Sexiest wrestler trophy .

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 21, 2011


(Photo Courtesy of Brian Kelley)

Recently Missouri Wrestling Revival made our way to Wood River Illinois for MECW wrestling to present MECW Champion Bailey Mannix with the 2011 MWR Sexiest Wrestler trophy.

The promotion was the brainchild of MWR’S Dubray Tallman, who asked the fans to vote on who they felt was the sexiest wrestler in the Midwest. Fans around the Midwest voted in February with the electrifying Bailey Mannix receiving the honor of being named the 2011 MWR Sexiest Wrestler of the Year.


(Photo Courtesy of Angela Huerta)

Dubray unfortunately could not be there to deliver the prized trophy herself so MWR owner and editor was invited to the ring by MECW announcer MR K prior to the opening match. Kelley let the fans know about the site, the award and then invited the champ to the ring to receive his trophy.


(Photo Courtesy of Angela Huerta)

Mannix thanked MWR and most importantly the fans who had voted for him, but before he could be finished Sarin Sinn came from the back demanding to be heard. Sinn quickly let Brian Kelley know that he was not happy at all about not being included for the voting. Brian apologized and stated that it was not meant to be a sign of disrespect.

Sinn continued to yell and berate Brian while poking him in the chest. Trying to avoid confrontation , Brian continued to let Sinn know it wasn’t personal. When out of the blue Sinn pushed Brian and in a blink of an eye the MWR editor shocked Sinn and the fans by pushing Sinn with so much force that he landed on his butt.

The Fuzzy Hat club and the fans went nuts. Thankfully Bailey Mannix stepped in at that time to save Brian and the MECW action was on.

A great night of wrestling with some of the top stars in the area including Bailey Mannix, Barry Ryte, Eric Allen along with many great young talent all around the Midwest will return this weekend to Wood River Illinois at the Knights of Columbus.

Each fan with a paid admission will receive a FREE Monster Energy drink to jump start the night. (While Supplies last)


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MWR Sexiest Wrestler of 2011 is…..Bailey Mannix.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 14, 2011

The MECW Champion Bailey Mannix with his manager Lovely Leon (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Bailey Mannix has often been in the talks as one of the top wrestlers in the game today, but on this Valentines Day he has won the title as the Sexiest wrestler of 2011.

You can catch Mannix at Windy City Pro Wrestling in Chicago and he is the current MECW Champion who had a phenomenal match with Tony Kozina at IHW in 2010.

Mannix can defeat his opponents with a plethora of moves but all it would take for him to be name the first ever Sexist Wrestler in the Midwest was to have the top votes from his many fans around the country.

We would like to congratulate Bailey Mannix and thank everyone for their vote.

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2010 Missouri Wrestling Revival Award winners

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 27, 2011

What a great year 2010 was for pro wrestling in the Midwest. Shows throughout the Midwest showed a steady growth in an economy that is struggling.

The biggest companies in the World, WWE and TNA both had pay per views in the Midwest. Fans were able to meet the stars at TNA’S fan fest. The ST Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame honored Dory Funk JR, Bobby the Brain Heenan and Baron von Raschke with their inductions to the hall of fame during the celebration.

Wrestling returned to Kansas City in a big way when Metro Pro Wrestling debut at the historic Memorial Hall with special guest Tommy Dreamer and a TV deal on Metro Sports. Led by former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdock, the Metro roster has to step up their game if they are to be the best if they are to stand out of the 3 time WWE Tag Team Champions shadow.

We were happy to add New Midwest Wrestling to our coverage area.At MWR we have seen some of the NMW talents in past in Dan the Man and Ryan Phoenix but we quickly saw that Bobby Houston, Eric Logan and NMW Champion Jonathan Magnus are just a few that are worthy of seeing in action as well.

Once again we were able to enjoy another great PWE show at the Lincoln Balloon Festival. PWE later in the year saw Donovan Ruddick and Mason Beck go up against the fun lovin former WWE Star U-Gene and the Mississippi Madman.

We were able to see PWP get out of the grasp of the Murder Militia in a classic War Games match while on the other side of the state 3XWrestling continued their standard of providing the fans with great wrestling and an up and close look at their great website including the monthly Outside the Ring program.

In ST Louis MMWA-SICW was the 2009 MWR Promotion of the Year, but they did not rest on their laurels. They continued to train young wrestlers while bringing in some of the very best in Mark Sterling and Mike Sydal, fans where also  thrilled to see old favorites return like Danny Boy and Ron Powers.

AAPW had one of the very best feuds in the Midwest with Shane Rich turning his back on his good friend Edmund “Livewire” McGuire.

NWA Dynamo has brought back some of the GCW flavor and packed the house in a great show in the summer with Pete Madden and Mike Sharona going to war with Nikki Strychnine and Makaze in the main event.

HVW had a slow year but was proud to boast that HVW Original Santana G had made her way to Florida with a great opportunity to valet on Spike TV for TNA with Orlando Jordan.

World League Wrestling is primed to be at their very best with the young talent training at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy. Don’t be surprised to see the talents of Jason Jones, the Cancun Kid, Lucy Mendez, Jack Gamble, Brian Breaker and Ethan Wright hold titles throughout the Midwest and beyond in the near future.

IHW proved that they were one of the best with entertaining shows that grew more and more fans each time. Brandon Aarons has turned into the one of the biggest fan favorites in all of the Midwest. Eric Allen and Sean Vincent would test the skills of the rising young star.

MECW mixed hometown flavor with a dose of Windy City Wrestling, including former WWE Star Mike Anthony and the one and only Bailey Mannix along with teen heart throb Evan Money.

IWA Unlimited provided the fans of Olney Illinois with free wrestling each Wednesday. High flying and hard hitting action gave the wrestlers a chance to improve their skills in a great environment.

IWA Productions packed the house with special guest The Honky Tonk Man but it was the local fans that stole the show when Christian Rose and Danny Cannon tore the roof off the place.

NWA Supreme shows may not have that many shows but the ones they did have where filled with some of the best stars locally and nationally.

MWR wrestlers have been active working to get to the top. Mike Sydal was announced as the 2009 PWI Rookie of the year while Midwest stars Mark Sterling, Ace Hawkins, Brandon Espinosa all made appearances with Ring of Honor.

The fans and friends of Barry Ryte showed their support for their guy after he was diagnosed with cancer causing him to back out of the 2010 ECWA Super 8 tournament. Barry has shown in the ring that he has the heart of a champion, and that fighting spirit has helped him It has been announced that he has been cleared to wrestle in 2011. If we had an inspirational wrestler of the Year he would have won hands down.

Fans were blessed to have the Champion of the World Tyler Black make their way to their hometown as Tyler Black met Jeremy Wyatt at 3Xwrestling in Des Moines Iowa, while in Illinois Black went one on one with Brandon Aarons.

This fall word got out that the Future Donovan Ruddick had made his way to Florida with a developmental contract for WWE. He joined the before mentioned Black who has since lost his title to Roderick Strong but we all know the best is yet to come for Tyler Black.

I hope that you have enjoyed the coverage of all of your favorite promotions. It is with the hard work of Dubray Tallman, Mike Van Hoogstraat, Bill Smith, Gary Giaffoglione, Matt Murphy, Greg Anthony , Dartallion Allen, Mark Campos, Josh Ray and Rob Schamberger that makes the site what it is today.

We would like to thank the promoters and wrestlers that support the site for the past three years.

Last but not least thank you so much to the fans of pro wrestling in the Midwest. Take the time to see a wrestler before they become the next Superstar.

On January first we were proud to announce that Mike Chapman was named as the 2010 MWR Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. For more info on Mike Chapman click here.

Now with further ado I give you the 2010 MWR yearly awards.

2010 Wrestler of the Year

Mike Sydal-

Mike Sydal (Photo Credit Scott Finkelstein)

The wrestler of the year was a close vote this year as the surge of Mark Sterling coming within votes to be named for the second year in a row for MWR Wrestler of the Year. Meanwhile Donovan Ruddick had a great push thanks to great performances in 2010 against Dave Vaughn, Mephisto, and the Mississippi Madman. Hard work would pay off for Ruddick as the opportunity that many felt was long overdue, came to pass when he was signed to the WWE developmental contract late this fall. Jeremy Wyatt and Trevor Murdock both garnered several votes thanks to what many voters voiced their respect for each of these men. Last but not least just on the outside of the voting range was Brandon Aarrons who and his former tag team partner Brandon Espinosa .

Mike Sydal toured the country in 2010 wrestling in matches each and every week. Promoters loved him, fans cheered him and the country noticed. His hard work and dedication combined with a true desire to improve earned made him the second wrestler that took part in the WLW/Noah camp that won the PWI Rookie of the Year.

Sydal was just getting started, during Wrestlemania weekend he was in California wrestling with Ring of Honor. He would continue wrestling with Ring of Honor training at their training center before making appearances on Direct TV’S HDNET against Tyler Black, Christopher Daniels and more.

In the fall Sydal returned to much fan fare. At Metro Pro Wrestling, Rock and Roll Mike Sydal was once again on TV with Metro Pro Wrestling against the former WWE Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdock.

At 3XW he was involved in one of the most emotional matches of the year when he was force to face “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson. Thompson defeated his High Flyers’ partner Mike Sydal following a Dublin Driver in a very emotional and hard fought Loser Leaves 3XWrestling match set up by 3XW Commissioner Todd Countryman in May. Fans rejoiced when Thompson overcame the odds to defeat Brian Ash in November to allow Sydal to once again return.

Throughout the year of 2010 Sydal popped up just about everywhere good wrestling could be found.

Sydal has earned the respect of his peers and promoters and it showed in the 2010 in the final vote. Out of 14 awards committee voters the lowest Sydal got were 16.

We would like to congratulate Mike Sydal as the 2010 MWR Wrestler of the Year.

First Runner upMark Sterling
Second Runner upDonovan Ruddick
Third Runner upJeremy Wyatt

2010 MWR Tag team of the Year

Attitude Inc. (Guy Smith, Spencer Powers, and Michael Shard)

New Midwest Tag Team Champions : Attitude Inc – Spencer Powers, Michael Shard and Guy Smith

Attitude Inc is a flashy tag team that has electrified the ring at New Midwest Wrestling for the past year. All three men are former NMW Heavyweight Champions who have come together and found success. Like the Freebirds, Attitude Inc have mixed partners to their advantages. Their success and talent has won over the awards committee.

At the start of the year they dismantled the faction the Sin Club of Steve Bishop, Dave Parker and Dareian Frost in impressive fashion.

In July the they outlasted the tag teams of Logantyre (Eric Logan and Justin McEntyre) , The New Immolare (Tom Arson and Ryan Phoenix) and the Full Metal Jackals( Danny Cannon and Alex Castle) in an exciting four way match to win the NMW Tag Team titles.

In consecutive months of October and November they defeated the up and coming tag team the Full Metal Jackals (Danny Cannon and Alex Castle) to retain the NMW Tag Team Titles.

Though Attitude Inc has their hands full with the tag team of the Uninvited (Rip Mystic and Tom Arson) heading into 2011, the team can hold their head up high that MWR has named them the 2010 MWR Tag Team of the Year.

First Runner up Gentleman’s Club- Devin Carter and Casanova
Second Runner up- Steve Fender and Mark Sterling
Third Runner up – The Hooligans -Devin and Mason Cutter

2010 MWR Female of the Year

Amy Hennig

Amy Hennig (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

The current World League Wrestling Women’s champion has been dominate in 2010. Hennig has trained at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy and has all the tools to make it to the top of the wrestling world.

Matches with Lucy Mendez, Santana G and Angelus Layne were must see matches in 2010.

You can catch her brother Joe every Monday night on WWE, do not miss the chance to see her in the Midwest while you still can.

First Runner up -MsChif
Second Runner up- Santana G
Third Runner up- Lucy Mendez

2010 MWR Promotion of the Year


3XW’s fifth year proved to be the best yet, featuring a mix of incredible wrestling, packed crowds, strong business relationships within the community, and a continuing commitment to charitable efforts.
Despite the common perception that interest in wrestling is on the decline, 3XW enjoyed consistently growing crowds throughout the year, routinely packing the Des Moines Social Club each month for events thanks to a loyal – and growing – following and strong television, radio, print and word-of-mouth advertising, not to mention the most talented roster of wrestlers in the entire Midwest.

This past July, 3XW also had the honor of being the last wrestling promotion to hold matches in historic Veterans Memorial Auditorium, a building with 55 years of wrestling history. The athletes of 3XW competed in the same building that NWA affiliates, particularly Central States, held matches years ago, not to mention some major WWE/WWF/WCW moments.

3XW’s webshow, Outside the Ring, enjoyed an increasing number of views, as did 3XWrestling.com, which was visited by thousands of fans each month.

First Runner up- Independent Hardcore Wrestler
Second Runner up- MMWA-SICW
Third Runner up- Metro Pro Wrestling

2010 MWR Match of the Year

Jeremy Wyatt vs. Tyler Black – 3XW – April 2, 2010

Spring Showdown at 3Xwrestling was a monumental night of pro wrestling featuring one of the top wrestlers in the Midwest proving to the world that he could hang with the Champion of the World.

The two wrestled to a 30-minute time limit draw in an incredible wrestling match that earned a standing ovation from the crowd after the final bell. The last minute of the match saw referee Jeromy Robb inadvertently get crushed in the corner by both men and fall to the canvas. Black quickly nailed Wyatt with a tremendous reverse brainbuster and covered him for the pin, only there was no ref to count the pin. As Black was checking on the ref in the corner, Wyatt slowly rose to his feet and grabbed Black from behind, slamming him hard with his patented Kansas Tumbleweed (Lightning Spiral) and covering him for the pin with 20 seconds remaining, only for the ref to still be out. Wyatt screamed and pleaded for the ref to get up to no avail and he even counted the pin himself. The time then ran out before a winner could be determined but the fans gave a standing ovation.

First Runner up- MECW November 20, 2010 – Bailey Mannix vs. Eric Allen – 30 Minute Ironman Match

Second Runner up- The Mississippi Madman vs. The Future Donovan Ruddick with MR Late Nite at Pro Wrestling Epic August 28th, 2010 Lincoln, Illinois

Third Runner up- Danny Cannon vs Christian Rose ladder match from IWA Productions OCC show in January 2010

For a complete list of nominations sent from fans, promoters and wrestlers around the Midwest click here.

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Win a free autograph t-shirt of “The Kid” Evan Money

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 17, 2011


Evan Money is truly a star on the rise. One of the most loved stars at MECW he has branched out to Independent Hardcore Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Epic as well as Chicago’s Windy City Wrestling.

A mixture of high flying and an impressive improving ground game, Money can steal the show on any given night.

We at MWR was proud to have Money be our Wrestler of the Night by wearing a MWR T-shirt to the ring prior to a few of his matches in 2010 then throw it to one lucky fan.

Now is your chance to own a t-shirt of Evan Money himself. Not only that but it has been autographed from the star himself.

The questions are

1) Who did he defeat in his very first match at MECW?
2) What number is Evan Money in the MWR Trading card set
3) What is Evan Money’s finishing maneuver?

All you have to do is answer the 3 questions correctly and we will mail you this t-shirt for FREE thanks to Evan Money

Please send your answers to flairwhoooooo@yahoo.com under subject please put “EVAN MONEY GIVE AWAY

HINT HINT FIND THE ANSWERS at his MWR Trading card link.

See Evan this Saturday in action


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A special Main event Recap from MECW – Bailey Mannix is once again the Kingpin of MECW

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 2, 2010

By Brian Kelley

Missouri Wrestling Revival could not miss the main event of MECW’S Championship match between Champion Eric Allen defending it against Bailey Mannix.

Not only was this a title match but it would be an 30 minute IRON Man match where whoever could score the most pin falls or submissions in that 30 minute time limit they would be the MECW Champion.

In the end there would be only one man to get the pin fall victory or make him submit.

Join me as I share with you a special MWR Main event exclusive brought to you from the find people at MECW.

Remember MECW returns this Saturday with their annual Toys for Tots drive.

Bring a $5.00 Toy get a child admission in for FREE.

Bailey Mannix and Eric Allen trade blows over the MECW Championship in a 30 minute iron man match. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)

Mannix can hit a suplex at anytime from anywhere. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Lovley leon urges Allen to get up. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo credit Brian Kelley)



Allen turns the tide. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Mannix has Allen in a world of hurt. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Leon and Allen works with each other to try to make Mannix quit. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Mannix works the leg of Allen. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Allen finds a way to reverse the move. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Will Mannix make Mannix qwuit to take the lead 1-0 ? (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo credit Brian Kelley)



Frustration sets in for Allen as he could not get Mannix to submit. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Mannix stomps Allen into the ground. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Paybacks are hell. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Allen didn’t know if he was coming or going. (Photo credit Brian Kelley) (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Mannix has Allen on the run and in trouble could Mannix become the MECW Champion once again. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


The “Bad” guys come out to cheer Allen in the final moments with no man able to get a pinfall while….(Photo credit Brian Kelley)


The fan favorites give their support to Bailey Mannix Photo credit Brian Kelley)



Amazingly the first pin fall or submission in this Iron Man would be in the final seconds with Mannic able to knockout Allen for the win. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)


Mannix tooki and gave a beating but he would earn the MECW Championship. (Photo credit Brian Kelley)



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Celebrate the Christmas season with MWR at MECW on December 4th.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 27, 2010

Please join Missouri Wrestling Revival at MECW in Wood River Illinois on December the 4th for their annual Toys for Tots show.

Bring a $5.00 toy and get a child in for free!!

There will also be a Ham drawing in the evening. MWR’S Dubray Tallman is currently working on a MWR Christmas treat bag that one lucky fan will take home for FREE. We will also be giving away a rare Holiday style MWR shirt that a MECW Superstar will be throwing out to one lucky fan prior to his match.

MECW’S Main event match will feature one of the very best in the Midwest Bailey Mannix defending his title in an I QUIT match against Eric Allen.

The new MECW Tag Team Champions the Brawlers will meet BroMance.

Plus all of your other favorite MECW stars. Do not miss this show and help join MECW Celebrate the Christmas season.


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Rock and Wrestling cancelled this weekend.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 24, 2010

We received word that the Rock and Wrestling event in Granite City, Illinois  this Saturday has been cancelled.

Missouri Wrestling Revival would like to wish you a  Happy Thanksgiving .

 Please join us as we make our way to Wood River Illinois for MECW action on December the 4th for your chance to catch a rare holiday MWR shirt from a Midwest Superstar.


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Eric Allen update from Chris L.O.G.A.N plus MECW returns on Dec 4th in Woodriver Il

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 24, 2010

We received the news from Eric Allens good friend Chris L.O.G.A.N that Allen was going to be fine. The final word from the doctor is a mild concussion and Allen WILL be cleared to wrestle the new MECW Champion Bailey Mannix in an I QUIT match!!!

Plus the new MECW Tag team champs the Bowery Boys will defend against the former champs BroMance.

Check out the new poster to find out how you can get your child in the show for FREE.

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