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Bloody Harker Dirge debuts at New Midwest Wrestling this Saturday Night!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 17, 2013


Straight from the New Midwest Wrestling office…

We’ve received word that Harker Dirge, a professional wrestling veteran and Central Illinois Wrestling staple will be at this Saturday’s event. Dirge is a well-respected wrestler around the area, but has never worked for New Midwest Wrestling before.
Harker Dirge has stated that he will make the biggest impact ever for New Midwest Wrestling with one target in particular… Who could he mean?

New Midwest Wrestling is RELAUNCHED, REVIVED and RELOADED!


TICKETS — http://newmidwest.com/shop/Category.aspx?CatID=5


Lanphier High School Gymnasium
1300 N 11th St – Springfield, Illinois
Saturday, January 19th, 2013
Doors Open at 6:30 PM, Bell Time at 7:00 PM
You can get advanced tickets online or by calling 217-816-2112

Matches Signed:


Benz vs “The Dodgeball Superstar” Tyler Priegel
Central Illinois Tag Team Dream Match

The Hooligans (Mason and Devin Cutter) vs Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza)
New Midwest Wrestling Champion, Dan The Man makes his first championship defense. CHAMPION’S CHOICE!
New Midwest Wrestling Tag Team Championship

Champions, The PS Express (Scott Keyes and Perry Winkle) vs The #KOA (Sugar Dunkerton and Aaron Epic)
“The Ultimate Utility Player” Tony G vs Nelson Sixx
Central Illinois Championship Match

Jonathan Magnus w/Stephani King vs Nate Knox
Grudge Match

Southern Bloodlines (The Dixieland Destoyer and Waylon) vs The Crew (Eric Logan and Derek Moss)

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New Midwest Wrestling The Hooligans vs Zero Gravity plus Tyler Priegel vs Benz

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 10, 2013


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Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 10, 2012



Are you a wrestler who’s looking for an opportunity for experience and exposure under the New Midwest Wrestling banner? Well, you’re in luck! We currently offer a huge chance to be on a great roster of wrestlers and a great staff at New Midwest Wrestling. Please submit a resume of your work with any photos and video links to Talent@NewMidwest.com

Please give references and contact for those references. Other than that, our only rule is to sell yourself well! We want to know why you’d be a great fit in the True Midwest Legacy in Wrestling! So, hurry and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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New Midwest Wrestling returns to Lanphier High School after summer break for a Back to School Brawl this Saturday!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 20, 2012


New Midwest Wrestling returns to Lanphier High School after summer break for a Back to School Brawl!

Spencer Power and Guy Smith
Mason Cutter and Devin Cutter



Lanphier High School
Springfield, Illinois 6270


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The Kentucky Buffet receives their 2011 MWR Tag Team of the Year plaques.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 27, 2012

By Brian Kelley


2011 MWR Tag Team of the Year The Kentucky Buffet Alex Castle and Matt Cage- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Missouri Wrestling Revival caught up with Alex Castle and Matt Cage at New Midwest Wrestling recently as they look to continue their stranglehold over the Midwest. Cage and Castle better known as the Kentucky Buffet had a phenomenal year last year as they twice captured the IWAU Tag team titles, and though tensions heated up between the two leading into a match between friends turned ugly at times.

Still the KYB was able to make headlines with great matches against some of the best talent of the Midwest.

It was a great honor that we were to present their 2011 MWR Tag Team of the Year plaques.

Yet what did the 2010 MWR Tag team of the year Attitude Inc. have to think about the KYB winning the award for 2011?

Let’s find out.


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Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 15, 2012

In the latest edition of Inside the Infield With Tony G, the NEW Central Illinois Champion details 2011 and gives his thoughts on his first title defense against the monster known as Truk Thompson at BROKEN PROMISES – Presented by New Midwest Wrestling.


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Brandon Espinosa – Missouri Wrestling Revival 2011 Wrestler of the Year.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 1, 2012


During the MWR years, there have been no doubts on the skills of Brandon Espinosa.

Yet, in 2011, Brandon Espinosa experienced a breakout year. He sought out better training at OVW in Louisville and is now featured regularly on OVW TV with other future WWE stars. He arguably wrestled more matches for more companies than anybody in the area- at least 100 per year. Espinosa was a key player not only in his hometown of St. Louis but around the country

In what may have been his biggest win to date , Espinosa won the Pro Wrestling Epic 8 tournament by defeating Ace Hawkins in round one, Evan Money in round two, then in an exciting final matchup shocked the Midwest when he defeated one of the very best in ROH Superstar Jimmy Jacobs.

Throughout the year he wrestled for All American Pro Wrestling, High Voltage Wrestling, Independent Hardcore Wrestling, IWA Unlimited, IWA Productions, NWA Supreme, Pro Wrestling Epic, Metro East Championship Wrestling, & MMWA-SICW in the MWR covering area for 2011, has also wrestled for New Midwest Wrestling & NWA Dynamo in the past. In 2011, held the MMWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship, MMWA Wild World of Wrestling TV Championship (current holder), Pro Wrestling Epic Heavyweight Championship (current holder), and IWAU Club Championship but also held the Pro Wrestling Prestige US & Heavyweight Championship and TIWF Cruiserweight Championship in Tennessee, plus at one point held 4 Championships at once.

He competed in the following tournaments in 2011 – NWA Midwest X-Division Championship, AIWF Krazy 8 in North Carolina, IHW St. Louis Invitational, and OVW #1 Contender Gauntlet, reached the Finals in the SICW Classic Championship and TIWF Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet, and won the PWE Epic 8 and the first ever St. Louis Cable TV trophy by defeating David Osborne, Phil E. Blunt and Gary Jackson.

He would contend for the WLW title held by “The Prince” Jason Jones in his very first match with the company coming up just short when Jone’s manager threw salt in the eyes of Espinosa.

Espinosa had victories over nationally known talents such as Jimmy Jacobs, El Generico, Jay Lethal, and Mike Sydal.

In 2011, Espinosa wrestled in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, as well as in the past in Arkansas, and Kansas.

Espinosa also made an appearance on All Worked Up (Season 3 Episode 12) when taped at a ROH event in Ohio. Also is the trainer of MWR talent  and the 2011 PWI Rookie of the Year Ace Hawkins, as well as many others.

We are proud to announce that Brandon Espinosa as the 2011 MWR Wrestler of the Year.

1st Runner Up- Mark Sterling
2nd Runner Up – Jeremy Wyatt
3rd Runner Up – Ron Powers

Other wrestlers receiving votes : Derek Stone, Brian Ash, Trevor Murdock, Bailey Mannix, Ryan Phoenix, Jason Jones, Brian Breaker, Edmund McGuire, Mike Sydal and Gary Jackson.

Past Winners

2010 Mike Sydal
2009 Mark Sterling
2008 Jeremy Wyatt

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7) Zero Gravity ( Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza)

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 12, 2011

Even Powerhouses like Mason Beck can find himself looking up at an onslaught from Zero Gravity.

How can you not love the team of Zero Gravity?

Don’t blink or you will miss them as they will hit you high, then hit you low and back high again. The team of Zero Gravity is always a threat to steal the show.

The first ever PWE tag team champions have returned once again to New Midwest Wrestling providing fans in Springfield to celebrate.

The talented duo who was MWR’S Dubray Tallman’s pick for her favorite tag team never fail to impress as their talents have been sought out past the MWR Coverage area which certainly have cost them spots in this list.

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The wrestling mix of John Timmons featuring Dan the Man and Miss Mayday .

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 3, 2011


2011 has been another year filled with heroes saving the day. Fans have flocked to the thether to see the likes of Thor, Green Lantern, X-Men and Captain America in action.

One man has been fighting evil in Pro Wrestling is Dan the Man. What’s a super hero without a trusty sidekick? DTM knows this so when he is out there taking on the likes of Jonathan Magnus and Tyler Priegel he calls out for help in the name of Miss Mayday!

Fans at New Midwest Wrestling are seen wearing the headgear of DTM throughout the crowd and it will look as if DTM will need the power of the people on his side as #1 Tom Arson has him in his sights at NMW’S Blindside this August 27th , at the Lanphier High School in Springfield Illinois.


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Is “Mean” Mason Beck the BIGGEST and most feared Wrestler in the Midwest today?

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 8, 2011


You may laugh at the fear in that kids eyes in the back but I have seen the same look ringside for some of Becks victims in the ring.

MWR fans throughout the three plus years that MWR has been in existence, there has been many who feel that wrestling’s nastiest wrestler has been “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt, there is very few that would argue that the hardest working wrestling is none other than Mark Sterling but what about the biggest and most feared wrestler today?

While no wrestler in the Midwest is more loved than the Mississippi Madman, he brings to the ring a softer side during his matches. In the past the name that was mentioned for feared was “The Future” Donovan Ruddick who currently resides in WWE’S developmental system with FCW under his new moniker DT Porter.

Ruddick standing at 6”9 was a machine that the fans in ST Louis loved to see weather or not he was in a good mood or heaven forbid the man was on a war path destroying opponents on a weekly basis.

With Ruddick’s absence who do we believe is heir to his throne of the Biggest and most feared wrestler in the wrestler in the Midwest?

At the top of any list one would have to say that is “Mean” Mason Beck. Beck a powerful man in the old of Ruddick towers over the competition. What makes Beck a front runner for this title is the fact of how much speed and stamina the man possess.

We have seen recently Mason Beck bully his way around the Midwest with power moves and wrestling combined.

Beck is a former partner of Ruddick as last year the two teamed up with manager MR Late Nite to beat the Madman and his partner former WWE STAR U-Gene at Pro Wrestling Epic ; the two looked to take over the Midwest before Ruddick’s signing of WWE.

While many wrestlers in the Midwest would like to see Beck get signed and move to Florida along with Ruddick, MWR Fans we highly recommend that you get to a show near you to see Mason Beck in action soon before that happens.

Let us look at a video package of why he is MWRS pick for Biggest and most feared wrestler today

Just a few weeks ago we were in Springfield Illinois for New Midwest Wrestling where Mason Beck took on fellow rising superstar Nick Brubaker in a phenomenal match. Brubaker by no means is a push over and went toe to toe with the big man but it was breathtaking at times seeing the power of Beck being demonstrated at times during the match on Brubaker.




Yet MWR may be wrong fans who else could be the man that puts fear in the Wrestlers heart?

In alphabetical order

Alexander Rudolph


Young and wild is words that come to mind for this Metro Pro Wrestling and NWA Dynamo star. Rudolph has been recently been seen around the Midwest more frequent the first part of the 2011 causing alarm for many young wrestlers. Led by manager Sadie Blaze winning has not seemed to be the objective as much as hurting people.

Brian Ash


Ash the current 3XWrestling Champion is intimating to say the least. He brings to the ring a ring presence of power and respect. He is the main reason that Genesis has had the edge over the fan favorites at 3XWrestling

Bull Schmitt

Schmitt is a former WLW Champion who knows how to wrestle but would rather cause trouble and hurt people like MPW Champion Derek Stone along with good friend Trevor Murdock. While Schmitt may seem fun lovin as he heads to the ring it is his roughneck ways in the ring that has his opponents running for cover.

The Dixieland Destroyer


Unpredictable and dangerous is what many have to say about the DixieLand Destroyer. You never know what you will get from the masked man. At times has shown a friendly side but when the bell rings he pushes his weight around in a ferocious manner. Referees and Security’s worse nightmare you never know if he truly understands the rules of the match.

Preston Maxwell


Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione

Maxwell was just a name on a card in the past at Pro Wrestling Phoenix but when he targeted the Big Hurt Abu Colossus last summer in a brutal feud he put the wrestling world in notice that he would no longer be forgotten. After winning the first stage of his feud he is now the PWP Champion with Abu once again knocking on his door.

Ron Powers


Powers has been feared for many years and age has not slowed down this monster. It looked as if time had soften the big man as he was cheered in 2010m but after feeling slighted with the love that CWC Champion Danny Boy Hawkins was receiving he went postal. MMWA-SICW promoter Herb Simmons has had to employ extra security to contain the rage of Powers during the shows in East Carondelet. Powers would win the CWC title this past March from Danny Boy with no looks of slowing down anytime soon.

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