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4 States, 14 Shows, 4,265 miles and 74 hours on the road in 3 months at MWR.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 26, 2010

With a plethora of great shows  these  past few months,  it has been hard to keep up with all the exciting  news flash, photos and happenings around the Midwest.

MWR has been active with some of the top stars in the country while meeting many of you the great fans, some for the first time while others we know quite well.

We have spent almost every weekend on the road covering the top promotions in the Midwest.

Let’s take a look at some of the sights of the past few months with MWR, the Fans and Superstars around the Midwest.

August 7- Granite City Illinois- High Voltage Wrestling

HVW returned from their summer break to with top stars Kahagas taking on Trent Stone , the Midwest Sweet heart Santana G going up against her arch rival Amy Hennig and the Great Cheyenne with MsChif watching.

Dan Walsh (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Would it be just by chance that the MWR Wrestler of the Week was MTV’S Dan Walsh who would give away a MWR T-Shirt in August only to see him get the HVW Livewire title soon after? Hey Dan we are just playing, you earned it….with a handful of Trent Stones tights.

August 21 – Council Bluffs Iowa – Pro Wrestling Phoenix

The trips to Iowa seem to take so long to get their, which has been a reason for us to scale back from going to PWP and 3XW. One problem they are so GOOD!! MWR fans don’t worry we have no plans what so ever to stop covering these two exciting promotions.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix delivered on this evening with some exciting wrestling action. We were on hand when Axel Greece assists Ryan Slade and Zac James cheat Chris Havius and Donnie Peppercricket out of the PWP Tag Titles. The show also saw the war rage on between Abu Colossus and Preston Maxwell.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix Champion Tony Cortez (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

The MWR Wrestler of the Night was the PWP Champion Tony Cortez. Cortez was able to survive the onslaught on Jayden Draigo to retain the championship in a feud that has become quite personal.

In the near future look for a phot recap from their last show in October  from PWP/MWR Photographer Gary Giaffoglione

August 28- Lincoln Illinois – Pro Wrestling Epic

The Balloon festival in Lincoln Illionis is a BIG deal and with PWE providing a FREE show if you attend you can not miss it.

PWE delivered with the biggest match in years in the Midwest literally when the PWE title was on the line between the Mississippi Madman taking on “The Future” Donovan Ruddick led by MR Late Nite.

Ohhhs and AHHHS were heard as the two behemoths battle for supermecy and who is truly the top big man. Nothing was settled decisively, but the crowd went home to tell their friends about the Madman and Future. The match that shook the Midwest .

Evan Money explodes on Eric Allen (Photo credit Brian Kelley)

“The Kid” Evan Money was the MWR Wrestler of the Week as he went on to defeat Eric Allen with a frog splash.

September 4th – Kansas City Kansas- Metro Pro Wrestling

We were thrilled to support Metro Pro Wrestling for several reasons; first off the wrestling scene in the KC market has been dry for some time now. With Metro Pro Sports having TV, showcasing several of the top stars in the country today and oh yeah our former partner in crime Josh Ray is the current ring announcer for this upstart promotion. Metro Pro proved to be a great time with a great upside going into 2010.

“Rock and Roll” Mike Sydal with Amber (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

Amber," The host of Dubi meets the Fans" Dubray and Brecca take in a picture after the show (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

All the girls love Tyler Cook (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

From the looks of Brecca’s face WLW Star Ethan Wright did not learn the Masterlock from former WLW Champ Chris Masters. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

September 11 – Waterloo Illinois – Independent Hardcore Wrestling

IHW has been on a roll in 2010 with some great matches in front of a packed crowd. On this night we were thrilled to debut the Tony Kozina MWR Trading Card. Kozina is one of the most well diverse and exciting wrestlers today. During the night Kozina wrestled one of the Midwest most impressive young men in the game Chris L.O.G.A.N

Tony Kozina (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Let’s take a look at a Video recap of this great show from IHW

September 22- Olney Illinois – IWA Unlimited

Our first trip to Olney lived up to the hype that has been told to me. A weekly FREE Wednesday show how can you go wrong. A great small venue filled with some of the top young talent in the area.

IWA Unlimited fan favorite The Intimidator gives away a free MWR T-shirt to start the night off. (Photo Credit Tim Dunahee )

Everyone that I talked to loved the stars of IWA U and looked forward to the hump day of the week. If you have the day off and live in STL I urge you to take the drive to see what you are missing.

September 25 – Hillsdale Missouri- MMWA-SICW

A great day for the community of Hillsdale as MMWA-SICW teamed up with the Hillsdale Police force to provide a free wrestling show. MMWA-SICW are always fan friendly and if a free outdoor show was not enough, the team work also offered free BBQ and back packs filled with treats from the police force given to them by the stars of MMWA-SICW.

Ace Hawkins is the MMWA-SICW Santa Clause in September while sporting the MWR T-shirt

The MWR Wrestler of the day was none other than Ace Hawkins. Ace fresh off of his appearance at Ring of Honor not only gave away a free MWR shirt but bicycles from the kids and some awesome ST Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame shirts before having a great match against Brandon Espinosa.

September 25- Wood River Illinois – MECW Double shot evening

One of the best kept secrets in the Midwest, is the fact that some of the best talent in Iowa makes the long trip to the STL to go to prove that they are among the best in the Midwest. Jimmy Rockwell, Devin Carter, Zach Thompson, Ryan Slade  and even self proclaimed  wrestling genius Chad Mylan has put an end to Gabriel Brimstones stranglehold  in the Independent title when his man Kwong won the belt in recent months.

Iowa is not the only area that is well represented as the upstate Illinois wrestlers BroMance (Knight Wagner and Jordan McEntrye)  with Erin currently holds onto the MECW Tag Championship and Matt Mayday, Mike Anthony and Chris Logan have all brought their own flavor in the company.

MECW Champion Bailey Mannix (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

On this night the MWR Wrestler of the Night was the champ himself, Bailey Mannix. Mannix is still one of the most underrated wrestlers in the game today.

October 2- Kansas City Kansas – Metro Pro Wrestling

Metro Pro Wrestling heated up with the brand new Metro Pro Wrestling TV Champion Trevor Murdoch taking charge. With an appearance from wrestling great Harley Race the fans where able to see some of the great from the past mixed in with some of the best today.

What has the best Wrestler on Gods Green earth Harley Race along with Ethan Wright and Jeff Strong so mad, could it be because of something that former MWR Josh Ray is doing? See it on METRO SPORTS in Kansas City (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

If fans in Kansas City want the best bang for their buck they need to give Metro Pro Wrestling a chance. You won’t regret it.

October 9- Eldon Missouri – World League Wrestling

One of the biggest nights of the year brought several of the most influential men in the game today. Co-Owner of Pro Wrestling Noah was in attendance along with Harley Race and Cauliflower Alley Club’s Karl Lauer. The MWR Wrestler of the Night was Midwest knockout Lucy Mendez who gave away the very first MWR pink t-shirt.

Midwest Knockout Lucy Mendez has the attention of Cauliflower Alley Club’s Karl Lauer. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

Wrestlers from around the world took the week long camp in hopes of making it to the show.

MWR Photographer Bill Smith with the representatives of Pro Wrestling NOAH (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

WLW Super fan Vincent Heather gets an autograph Steve Fender trading card from the man himself

Look for a Full photo recap of this show in the near future from MWR Photographer Bill Smith

October 10- Marceline Missouri – Modern Championship Wrestling

Just down the road from my house was a new promotion was a rare Sunday show that featured local favorite The Iceman. Brian Blade won the belt at the very first show and has been a thorn in promoter Dustin Watson’s side ever since.

Larry Stilfield with Modern Championship Wrestling Champion Brian Blade (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

October 16- Glen Carbon Illinois – NWA Dynamo/High Voltage Wrestling

We were on hand to present the High Voltage Wrestling tag champs the Hooligans the 2009 MWR Tag team of the Year plaques. To be honest we offered the exciting tag team Full Contact Dojo  (Jonathan Gresham and Ric King) the chance to be the MWR Wrestlers of the Week to throw out a t-shirt as a way of being nice.

In a shocking development they defeated The Hooligans to become the NEW HVW Tag Championship . No HVW Champion was safe as “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt defeated Kahagas and Dan Walsh won the HVW Livewire belt.

The HVW Tag Team Champs Jonathan Gresham and Ric King with the lucky fan who caught the MWR shirt Rebecca Haynes (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Look for a photo recap as well and interviews with all of the new HVW Champions here at MWR in the future.

October 23 – Springfield Illinois – New Midwest Wrestling

NMW invited us and invited us and I am glad that they did, we had debut once before and was very impressed and happy to have added them in our NMW Coverage area. The last show I photographed the most dangerous ( and fun matches) to be a photographer at in my carrer during the4 team NMW Tag Team scramble match and returned for the biggest Battle Royal, rumble style of the year for NMW. All for the enjoyment of you the fans.

The MWR Wrestler of the Week was up and comer Christian Rose. Look for more information about this exciting night of wrestling at MWR soon.

Christian Rose (Photo Courtesy of Jon 'Skippy' Edgecomb)

There you have MWR fans, the itinerary of where Dubray and I have been in just the past tthree months. We may not be able to keep up with the miles that the 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year Mark Sterling does but who can, that man is a machine.

I would like to thank you the fans, the wrestlers, and the promoters for making

Missouri Wrestling Revival – The Wrestling Press of the Midwest.

MWR fans please support your local professional wrestling and we hope to see you at a show.

Brian Kelley Owner/Editor of Missouri Wrestling Revival

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A look at the first half of 2010 in the MWR Coverage area. Nominate your favorite.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 16, 2010

By Brian Kelley

We are very close to the half year of 2010 and what a year it has been!

In the past few months both WWE and TNA have hosted PPV’S with WWE’S Elimination Chamber and TNA’S lockdown that was also headline with a fan interaction that allowed fans to meet stars such as Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Rob Vam Dam, Jeff Hardy and most of the rest of the TNA roster.

Old school fans can be happy that they have had a chance to meet the stars that brought memories that will last a lifetime when at TNA’S legends main event brought in the biggest stars of the 80’s and beyond with Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Sting.

The fun would keep coming when you were able meet other stars such as former WWE World Champion Bob Backland, Roddy Piper, Road Warrior Animal, Jimmy Snuka along with several other greats during Wrestling Legends on Tour.

On the Indy front I have to believe that everyone involved with their promotions needs to feel thrilled with the support and attendance from the fans as attendance and action has picked up for the most part at most shows.

Former WLW Wrestler  Dennis T McHawes released an autobiography called “Blood Tables and Chairs that allows fans to get a glimpse of the Indy scene not to long ago.

Mike Sydal continues his rise to the National spotlight after winning the PWI Rookie of the Year he followed that up by wrestling during WRESTLEMANIA weekend with Ring of Honor in a six man tag team race and earned the pin fall for his team.

Will Metro Pro Wrestling jump over the competition in 2010 with their debut at Memorial Hall on June 4th?

Till then lets look at 2010 shortly and what to forward to.

Let’s start out alphabetical.

3XWrestlingThe 2008 MWR Promotion of the year continues their standard of excellence with some great action. 3XW Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Wyatt and Ring of Honor a World Champion Tyler Black earned a standing ovation in April when the two went to a draw. Rory Fox who came close in 09 by taking out “The Belt Collector” won the May “Gauntlet for the Gold”. This could easily set up Wyatt vs. Fox feud part 2, one that would be great for the fans.

3XW Pure Wrestling Champion Kraig Kessaman has been rolling through the company using the deadly “Nordic Spike” maneuver and has not been pinned at 3XW in 23 months. While 3XW cruiserweight Champion Jimmy Rockwell came very close in defeating 3XW Champion Jeremy Wyatt at the Over the top show earlier this month

On a sad note the very popular tag team The High Flyers of Zach Thompson and Mike Sydal was forced by Todd Countryman to go against each other in a loser leaves town match that saw Thompson earned quite possibly the biggest win his short career by defeating the smoking red hot Sydal.

All American Pro Wrestling – Exciting feuds , shocking moments and near riots mixed in with former WWE and TNA Superstars brought AAPW among the top of the most talked about promotions in the area coverage.

The year started off with the very popular Edmund “Livewire” McGuire holding the AAPW Championship. During a title defense against the popular and powerful Mississippi Madman that would soon end. McGuire’s mountain to retain was huge but the backstabbing of McGuire’s best friend Shane Rich during the match would cost him the title and a feud is set to happen anytime. Rich was suspended for his actions. The fans and McGuire have been itching for a rematch BUT…

The Madman would find himself in the fire quickly as the 2008 MWR Wrestler of the Year Jeremy Wyatt came knocking for the belt. The Madman would retain but not before a near riot almost broke out. AAPW had no other option but to sign a rematch between the two at the very next show. Problems arose when Rich talked his way into the match making it a 3way and capitalizing by taking home the belt.

As of press time AAPW is set to bring to the Midwest WWE’S Jerry Lawler and Kevin Thorn and more AAPW matches at RENT ONE Park on May 22 in prior to a minor league baseball game. AAPW has also brought in TNA’S Andy Douglas and WWE/ECW’S Simon Dean…. We can all look forward to McGuire vs. Rich in the second half of the year.

High Voltage Wrestling – What High Voltage Wrestling lacked in amount of shows they made up for it in quality of matches and continuing their tradition of debuting some of the top stars in the St Louis area. During HVW’s first year they brought you “The Internaininal Superstar” Kahagas, TNA’S Santana G, The Hooligans, Matt Cage, Zero Gravity and Tony Kozina and in their second year they brought to you the very exciting Ryan Phoenix, Flash Flannigan, Dan the Manand Sir Bradley Charles.

Kahagas vs. Flash Flannigan was an instant hit and when the HVW Tag Champions the Hooligans went against the KC Killers the ropes would break but the action would not. Santana G would earn the respect of one of the greatest women wrestlers in the world MsChif and earn the respect of her and the two would team up once again.

Young Brandon Aarons would get a huge win for the fan favorites by defeating fellow young star Mike Sydal for the HVW Livewire Championship.

The HVW Champion has been defending the title around world and looks to face on all challenges in 2010.

Independent Hardcore Wrestling– IHW has been filled with packed shows with action throughout the building. Filled with stars who do not get as much hype like Billy McNeil, Steve Kennedy, Eric Allen, Mephisto and Brandon Aarons they have made themselves a legit promotion and giving the fans their money’s worth.

Former TNA Star Mickie Knuckles and the Great Cheyenne continue the improvement of the  women wrestling Midwest while Eric Allen’s exciting Illinois state Championship shocked the Midwest. IHW Champion Brandon Aarons match with Kennedy was an instant classic. MR Late Nite looks to make his mark in the Midwest to finish off 2010.

IHW heats up the summer in 2010 with a stacked card on June 12th in Dupo Illinois when Mickie Knuckles returns to take on Mia Martinez, SLAM The Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame’s Tony Kozina will take on exciting Bailey Mannix; Champions will collide when IHW Champion Aarons will meet IHW Illinois Champion Allen in a street fight.

IWA Productions – One of the biggest announcements of the first half had to do with IWA P bringing at their free Wednesdays show last week when non other than ICP came into bring fans to their feet. So much excitement that IWA P had to turn fans away do to a fire code. ALL for free.

In January they brought in former WWE Superstar the Honky Tonk Man and their students stepped up to provide a much talked about match between Christian Rose and Danny Cannon ladder match.

A mixture of free shows and paid shows that has also showcased Matt Cage taking on former WWE Champion Eugene, Ladies star Ann Brookstone along with “Homicidal” Steven Davis provide the fans with some top notch excitement.

Metro East Championship Wrestling– Wrestling in Woodriver provides the fans with an exciting night to hang with friends and family. The promotion had a set back when the MECW had to announce that champion Mannix was unable to defend due to an injury. Mannix though respect for his talent was hated for his actions meant that possibly one of the fan favorites such as Devin Carter or the “Kid” Evan Money could get their chance as MECW Gold.

Imagine the disappointment when bad guy Eric Allen was able to win the 8 man tournament and gain his second title in months. Who will be able to take the title back from EA? Will it be Carter in his rematch on the 22nd, or will Gabriel Brimstone, Brian Scrilla, or the returning Shawn Santel come back to glory.

MECW Tag team champions The Bayou Outlaws are one of the most underappreciated teams in the Midwest and loved by the fans.

On a National level MECW can hang their head up high Barry Ryte in his opportunity to appear at the 14th annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament later this summer on Sat. July 10, 2010 in Newark DE.

MMWA-SICWThe 2009 MWR Promotion of the Year has seen some exciting new faces and old friends join the veterans of the South Broadway Athletic Club. Impressive Dave Vaughn has taken on all challenges in his way including the powerful Donnovan Ruddick.
Speaking of Ruddick the Manager of Champions Travis Cook looks to take him to the top as he has signed him to his stable “The Connections.” With the skills of Ruddick and the mind of Cook these two could be unstoppable.

Brandon Espinosa has returned with a vengeance and is currently the MMWA-SICW JR Heavyweight Champion as well as the MMWA-SICW Battle Royal Champion. Will he set his sights on becoming a Triple Crown championship?

Life is not all good in the world of Travis Cook; he has agitated the returning MMWA-SICW Superstar Ron Powers and Danny Boy. In Cooks favor is the fact that Gary Jackson has also wanted a piece of his old rival Powers.

On a National scene the St Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame that is located at the SBAC presented Ric Flair, Bobby Hennan, Dory Funk JR and Baron Von Raschke with their HOF Plaques at the TNA Fan interaction.

What Midwest Superstars will make their debut at MMWA-SICW in the rest of 2010? I can not wait to find out.

New Midwest Wrestling – The newest promotion at MWR, New Midwest have been around for a long time entertaining fans in Sprinfield Illinois.

The NMW Roster brings together an exciting roster with Cory Carter, Guy Smith, Ryan Phoenix, Dan the Man and Blake Steel as well the New Midwest Wrestling Champion Jonathan Magnus.

New Midwest Wrestling returns this week with Capital Punishment 2010 as Magnus have his title threatened when Rip Mystic comes after him.

NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling– NWA Dynamo has slowly been building steam heading into the second half of 2010. Home of the NWA Missouri Champion Davey Vega and NWA Central States Championship Mark Sterling they brought us the battle of Champions when the two took on each other during their May 1 show where Vega tapped out to the 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year.

NWA Missouri Champion Vega will look to get back on track when he takes on Dragon Gate star Kyle O’Reilly on May 22nd.

Like I said a quiet year so far for this top promotion but look for them to sprint to the top in 2010.

NWA Supreme – MWR was honored to be invited to check out this exciting promotion early this year and we were impressed. The giant Bear ST Pierre and the electrifying Da Cobra brings to the ring a fast paced wrestling show with a punch in the Face.

NWA Supreme Champion Da Cobra has been red hot and will look to add Danny Cannon on his list of men he sent home packing. Bear ST Pierre has survived the onslaught on Jeremy Wyatt and De Andre King and Guy Smith and on May 29 he will have the formidable foe of Christian Rose looking to take home the title.

. The Hooligans and the Hybrids tore each other apart in the cage and it looks to only getting hotter as the summer comes around.

Fan have to be excited as the NWA Supreme brings you the NWA Midwest Championship match between the Shiek with Joey Eastman and Silas Young as well on the 29th.

Pro Wrestling Epic – One of the youngest promotions in the MWR Coverage area has been working hard to get respect. Signing some of the top names in the sport they boast some of the top talents in the Midwest today.

One fallback to that statement is that the PWE Champion Keith Walker has been in Japan meaning that he is unable to defend the title as needed. Even with Walker out the states they have the new PWE US Champion Brandon Aarons and the PWE tag team Champions Zero Gravity on their roster.

At their only show of the year the night started of with Mark Sterling as the PWE US Champion. Sterling defeated Mike Sydal then announced to the crowd that he was not done. He would be more than happy to beat anyone else in the locker room. Aarons showed true heart by answering the call even though he was defeated by Wyatt earlier in the night. Amazingly Aarons would defeat Sterling and become the PWE US Champion.

PWE and Aarons returns with their biggest test to date when PWE US Champion Brandon Aarons takes on Ring of Honor World Champion Tyler Black go at it in a match that you will not want to miss.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix– The faction known as Murder Milita looked to have PWP on their knees and in total control at the start of the year. The Murder Militia (Jeremy Wyatt, #1 Brett Young, Mark Sterling, Joey Daniels & Jayden Draigo) would find that Team PWP (PWP Heavyweight Champion ”Babyface” Tony Cortez, Abu Colossus, Jaysin Strife, Chris Havius & Donnie Peppercricket) was not going to back down for nothing.

The bomb is about to go off in the name of WAR Games this coming Saturday. Will the Militia continue to leave the PWP Wrestlers and fans in fear heading into 2010?
Young David Clark, Jimmy Rockwell and Zac James is set to battle in a ladder match for the chance to get a chance at any PWP Championship that night as well.

The PWP Champion Babyface Tony Cortez has defeated Jeremy Wyatt, Joey Daniels Jimmy Rockwell and Jaysin Strife since becoming the Champion last December.

World League WrestlingHarley Race’s WLW took their time to get back in the game in 2010 but it was well worth the wait.

Starting off the year they had a tournament to crown new WLW Tag Champions and lo and behold Steve Fender and Mark Sterling walked away with the coveted tag team titles. Sterling and Fender are two of the most rounded wrestlers in singles, together they are scary good.

On the Singles from the WLW Title has been filled with action as the powerful Trent Stone held the title till in front of over 300 people in Richmond former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdoch pinned him in a leather strap match to regain the title.

It won’t be easy for Murdoch as Stone, Brian Breaker along with impressive young stars Jack Gamble, Ryan Drago, the Cancun Kid and Eathon Wright will all have their eyes to get to the top of the Mountain.

The WLW Ladies Champion Amy Hennig finds herself with competition all around as TNA’S Santana G earned a DQ victory from Hennig and the unknown Angelus Layne made her debut at WLW Keokuk IA. Some of the most exciting matches in women’s wrestler may well come from WLW.

That is a look at some of the promotions in the first half of the year. We are asking for the Promotions, Wrestlers and Fans to send in their thoughts on who was the best of the best in the first half year at MWR.

There will not be a winner announced for this but this will help the MWR Awards committee to not forget in the 2010 MWR Awards who is deserving. In each category there is some strong competition if the vote was to be voted on today I could not guess who would walk away the winners.

Wrestler of the Year first half
Tag team of the Year First Half
Promotion of the Year First Half
Women of the Year First Half
Match of the Year First Half

Please send in your nominations for the previous promotions to flairwhoooooo@yahoo.com

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MECW Returns on May 22nd Eric Allen vs Devin Carter

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 7, 2010

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Dubi meets the MECW Fans- Shawn Santel, Bayou Outlaws, Gabriel Brimstone and Jeremy Robb

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 1, 2010

By Dubray Tallman

Dubray Tallman back once again with Dubi meets the fans, this time we are back with our friends at MECW in WoodRiver Illinois. MECW often calls their fans “family” and it truly is a wonderful group of people that comes out to the Knights of Columbus hall for some fun wrestling action.

Brian and I have had the pleasure to be invited by MECW often in the past year that I have made some great friends including the famous Fuzzy Hat club.

“The Kid” Evan Money (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

On this night fan favorite Evan Money would be the throwing out the MWR T-shirt to a lucky fan in the stands prior to his match and I was off hanging with some cool people.

Their was one man in on this night that was the talk of the hall and that was Shawn Santel who I was told was coming back home to MECW. Before I even got the chance to ask if anyone wanted to be apart of DUBI meets the MECW Fans, people were coming up wanting to be a part of it and I found out quickly that many had came out to see Shawn Santel.

First up in the Shawn Santel fan club was a huge group of people Zach Lafferty, Brandon Rady, Sheryl Baumeister, Jacob Ford and Harry Baumeister from Bethalto Illinois

As Shawn hung out with his fans I caught up with a little cutie Jolene from Hartford, Illinois who enjoyed the Bayou Outlaws of Maddog McDowell and Aaron Masterson.

Aaron Masteron Shy little cutie Jolene and Maddog McDowell (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

The Outlaws are one of the nicest guys in the sport and was more than happy to take the picture with her.

Then I went back to Shawn Santel and got his picture taken with Junior Loeffen and then with Zach Leverett.

MECW Superfan Rebecca Hacker and Gabriel Brimstone.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

MECW Superfan Rebecca Hacker asked if she could have her picture with Gabriel Brimstone and then I asked my fellow fuzzy hat member Panther if he would take his picture with me.

Panther and me (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Last but not least another superfan Annie who was telling us that she had purchased an autograph picture of referee Jeremy Robb so I ask Annie she would like have her picture taken with Jeremy, making him the first ever ref in the Dubi meets the fans. Brian and a few wrestlers were laughing that Jeremy had already sold more pictures this year than Huge in Japans Jimmy Rockwell.

As always it was like a big party at MECW where everyone is your friend.

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MECW September 19 recap with Photos

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 20, 2009

By MECW Managment

1.) One half of the Bayou Outlaws Aaron Masterson Defeated Knight Wagner

MR K  made a night of friendly & fair completion as he pitted fan favorites against each other. This was a fast paced & high impact match. Both Aaron Masterson and Knight Wagner went back and forth for nearly 10 minutes. In the end it was Bayou Outlaws Aaron Masterson picked up the win via pin fall.

Aaron Masterson gives a thumbs up after his hard fought victory from Knight Wagner. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Aaron Masterson gives a thumbs up after his hard fought victory from Knight Wagner. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

WINNER: Aaron Masterson

2.) The other half of the Bayou Outlaws Maddog McDowell defeated the other half of the MECW Tag Team Champions Deliciously Smooth’s Devin Carter

Two of the biggest MECW wrestlers on the roster both figuratively and literally collided!!! Not only did these two show strength and power but they showed style with great wrestling ability!! On this night it was Maddog McDowell who picked up the win in this epic battle. In the end they showed no hard feelings and shook hands after the match.
MECW September 036

WINNER: Maddog McDowell

3.) Matt Mayday (formerly known as Krotch) defeated Nacho O’Reily

Not only did the MECW family not witness the return of Krotch but they were introduced to a “new” MECW wrestler: Matt Mayday! Despite the new found hate the MECW Family had towards the MECW “newcomer”. He did make an impressive debuted as he quickly dispatched of Nacho O’Reily in timely fashion & also debuting with the “new” MECW wrestler was a new finisher. As Matt Mayday put Nacho O’Reily away w/ a top rope curb stomp all you could say was forget about it lights out 1,2,3 it was over.

Matt Mayday (formerly known as Krotch) goes for the pin on Nacho O'Reily (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Matt Mayday (formerly known as Krotch) goes for the pin on Nacho O'Reily (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Winner: Matt Mayday

4.) MECW Independent Champion: Gabriel Brimstone defeated Super Patrio

MECW Independent Champ took out his frustrations on Super Patrio in a harsh and timely manner. All it took was a DDT from Gabriel Brimstone who beat Super Patrio in record time!!

Super Patrio only shining moment of the night.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Super Patrio only shining moment of the night.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

WINNER: MECW Independent Champion: Gabriel Brimstone

5.) The “Unbreakable” Zach Thompson defeated Jordan McEntyre

It a awesome match that pitted two of the biggest MECW Family favorites in history took each other on head to head. Back and forth this match went but in the end it was the former MECW Heavyweight Champion: Zach Thompson who was victorious.

The "Unbreakable" Zach Thompson slows down Jordan McEntyre (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

The "Unbreakable" Zach Thompson slows down Jordan McEntyre (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Zach Thompson slows down Jordan McEntyre. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Zach Thompson slows down Jordan McEntyre. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

WINNER: The “Unbreakable” Zach Thompson

6.) XXXplicit Content: MECW Heavyweight Champion: Bailey Mannix, Manager: “Lovely” Leon Alexander and The “Pride of Peoria Champion” Eric Allen defeated the Saints & Sinner: Brian Scrilla, Marshall Garrett, and Evan Money

In a huge match that determined the career of XXXplicit Content’s Manager “Lovely” Leon Alexander. If XXXplicit Content and Eric Allen did not win the match then “Lovely” Leon Alexander would be fired from MECW. But if XXXplicit Content & Eric Allen won the match, then “Lovely” Leon Alexander would be resigned to a new MECW Manager contract.

Brian Scrilla has Bailey Mannix in a bad situation.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Brian Scrilla has Bailey Mannix in a bad situation.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Evan Money keeps Bailey Mannix in the corner.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Evan Money keeps Bailey Mannix in the corner.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

This match had a lot of action and high flying ability as well as some great tag team work done by Marshall Garrett and Brian Scrilla. Things got crazy when the match broke loose when Brian Scrilla went on a rampage and went after current two time MECW Heavyweight Champion: “XXXplicit” Bailey Mannix. While Scrilla and Money were taking Mannix pillar to post and with Eric Allen down it left “Lovely” Leon Alexander all alone in the hands of Marshall Garrett. Garrett forearmed “Lovely” Leon to stun him, then picked him up for the classic air plane spin, Garrett finished it off by putting Leon Alexander over his knee and spanking him. Marshall Garrett ready to put him away but the ref was distracted. This gave Eric Allen the perfect chance to waffle Marshall Garrett upside the head with his “Pride Of Peoria Championship”. Completely leveling Marshall Garrett and giving “Lovely” Leon Alexander the chance to pin him and pick up the 3 count victory.

WINNER: XXXplicit Content: “Lovely” Leon Alexander and MECW Heavyweight Champion: “XXXplicit” Bailey Mannix and”The Pride of Peoria Champion”: Eric Allen

After the match Scrilla wasn’t finished as he grabbed the mic and told the MECW Family that there was something he needed to come clean with and needed to get something off his chest. But he wanted to do it at the October 24th MECW show face to face with MECW Heavyweight: Champion: “XXXplicit” Bailey Mannix.

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Dubi meets the MECW Fans.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 23, 2009

This is Dubray Tallman out  and  about mingling with the fans of the wrestling community.  We all know as I had said before it is the fans that bring as much action as the wrestlers to the shows. 

 This past Saturday I was in Wood River, IL enjoying our friends at MECW. Prior to the show I had made my way through the crowd to find four fans with opinions of whom their favorites were and how long they have followed MECW.

 I did my best to get their favorite wrestler to pose with them during intermission. Unfortunately some fans like the bad guys of the wrestling world and I was unable to get MECW management to get those guys come out for a picture with the fans.  Why can’t we all just get along?? 

 The theme of the night was that many of the fans first favorite was Dewey “Booger” Dawson who had retired at the last show so I asked them to take a moment to think of who they liked currently at MECW.

The first fan I spoke to was Kenny Busby from Wood River Illinois who had been coming to MECW since their start in. Kenny stated that his favorite was Brian Scrilla. Scrilla is one of the tough guys with a big heart and I had no problem getting that special picture with the two of them.
MECW July 18th 150

 Up next I asked my wrestling buddy and fellow Fuzzy Hat Club member/president Terry Joe Wray (Panther) from Cottage Hills, Illinois who has been following MECW since 2007. Panthers favorite was one of mine as well Krotch, but when I went to get MECW to ask for him to come out for the picture they stated that he was in “No mood after his lost to Gabriel Brimstone”  Confused I asked my friend if I could take his picture anyway.

Fuzzy Hat Club member/president Terry Joe Wray (Panther) (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

Fuzzy Hat Club member/president Terry Joe Wray (Panther) (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

I was then able to catch up with Joe VanDuran who had traveled from Chicago, Illinois to MECW for the second time to see his favorite Bailey Mannix wrestled. I knew the answer was going to be a no because Mannix is a “JERK!!”  So guess what?  I was right so Joe said that he would be happy to take a picture with me for the site. Thank you Joe!!

 Joe VanDuran and Dubray Tallman (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

Joe VanDuran and Dubray Tallman (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

 The fourth fan I found was Annie Smith from East Alton, Illinois who had followed MECW for at least two years. Annie told me that Krotch was her favorite as well, so I explained to her that he was “In no mood” arrhhh… I offered her to choose another wrestler and she quickly picked The Bayou Outlaws Maddog McDowell and Aaron Masterson.  They were gracious enough to take a picture with her and during the excitement I forgot to ask the two tough wrestlers for a picture with me as well.

Maddog McDowell Annie Smith and Aaron Masterson. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

Maddog McDowell Annie Smith and Aaron Masterson. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

A great night of wrestling until Krotch ruined it by hitting Gabrille Brimstone with a chair. I thought that they were friends. Krotch, I want you to know that your no longer one of my favorite wrestlers.

 I want to thank MECW for allowing me to meet with the fans and will always look forward to coming back to Wood River.

This weekend I will be at Lethal Wrestling Alliance in House Springs Missouri hoping to meet more wrestling fans. If any of the LWA fans would like to be a part of “Dubi Meets the Fans” let me know. I am hoping to do four at each show. If you are not one of the first four I know that my boyfriend Brian “Flair” Kelley and I will be back to support pro wrestling in the Midwest.

Dubray “Dubi-Bear” Tallman

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Join MWR at MECW tomorrow night and get a chance to win a free MWR shirt

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 17, 2009


-Zach Thompson vs. Bailey Mannix – Heavyweight Title Dog Collar Match
-Gabriel Brimstone vs. Krotch – Independent Title
-Jordan McEntyre vs. Eric Allen – Peoria-Belt-On-A-Pole Match

102 Whitewall Ave
WoodRiver IL
Knights of Columbus Hall

For tickets call 618-254-2211

For all your MECW news check out their website here.

Plus much more !!

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MECW Recap June 27th with Pictures & Promos for Dog Collar match This Saturday

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 13, 2009

By MECW Management
Pictures By Brian “Flair” Kelley

JUNE 27, 2009

1.) MECW Great Plains Trophy Battle Royal

Mr.K started the night out with a bang & kicked it off with the MECW Great Plains Trophy Battle Royal!!!

This Match was intense, as it seen fifteen men enter and only one was left standing in broiled in an air of controversy

Eric Allen punishes Evan Money in the corner (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Eric Allen punishes Evan Money in the corner (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Eric Allen was eliminated by Jordan McEntyre. Eric Allen was so disgusted with being eliminated by Jordan McEntrye that he re-entered the Battle Royal just to illegally eliminate Jordan McEntrye. As you already know this didn’t set well with Jordan,. Jordan quickly leaped up and chased Eric Allen to the back!

Maddog McDowell stinger splashes Brian Scrilla and Bailey Mannix in the corner (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Maddog McDowell stinger splashes Brian Scrilla and Bailey Mannix in the corner (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Secondly “XXXplicit” Bailey Mannix (Leader of MECW faction XXXplicit Content) caused Gabriel Brimstone to accidentally eliminate Krotch. By shoving them into each other and knocking heads. With Gabriel Brimstone still stunned, the “XXXplicit One” was able to dispose of Brimstone as well. But Bailey Mannix wasn’t done cheating yet as slapped Dewey “Booger” Dawson across the face w/ his managers: “Lovely” Leon Alexander’s crop whip. Temporarily ringing Boogers bell long enough to gain elimination.

Bailey Mannix finds himself alone in the corner with not a friend in sight. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Bailey Mannix finds himself alone in the corner with not a friend in sight. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Unfortunately for “XXXplicit” Bailey Mannix he was left in the ring one on one with none other than Brian Scrilla. After being manhandled by every good guy that stepped in the ring against Bailey Mannix in the Battle Royal. He was now asking Scrilla for a time out breather.

Mannix begs for time from Brian Scrilla (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Mannix begs for time from Brian Scrilla (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Even going as far as begging on his knees for Scrilla to give him a moment. But Brian Scrilla only gave him a moment to kick Mannix square in the chest!!! Then Scrilla quickly started delivering shot after shot to the head of Bailey Mannix!! With it all looking over, Scrilla sent Mannix into the ropes but only for him to reverse and for Brian Scrilla to hang onto the ropes. But the “XXXplicit One” was quick on the attack and wanting to get the final elimination. But Scrilla was waiting for him and back body dropped him over the top rope too gain the last elimination!!! Or so he thought, during his celebration Ryan Slade came out and sent Scrilla over the top rope to gain the final elimination in the Battle Royal!!! Mr.K came out in dismay and confirmed that Ryan Slade was part of the Battle Royal but had taken his sweet time getting out to the ring to compete.

Bailey Mannix celebrates with the first ever MECW Great Plains Trophy Battle Royal Champion Ryan Slade

Bailey Mannix celebrates with the first ever MECW Great Plains Trophy Battle Royal Champion Ryan Slade

Winner and first ever MECW Great Plains Trophy Champion: “The Canadian Sex Icon” Ryan Slade

Ryan Slade had also gained the opportunity to face MECW Heavyweight Champion: Zach Thompson later that night in the main event.

2.) Knight Wanger vs. Juice Robinson

Both these men had competed in the Battle Royal but their completion wasn’t gonna take a back seat to that. Both of these men took each other to the limit but it was Knight Wagner who prevailed over the newest MECW wrestler. But it wasn’t without challenge, as Juice Robinson gave Knight Wagner a run for his money.

Rising superstar Juice Robinson electrifies MECW. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Rising superstar Juice Robinson electrifies MECW. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Knight Wanger is head over heels in his encounter with Juice Robinson. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Knight Wanger is head over heels in his encounter with Juice Robinson. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

WINNER: Knight Wagner

3.) MECW Independent Champion: Gabriel Brimstone with Brian Scrilla vs. “XXXplicit” Bailey Mannix with “Lovely” Leon Alexander

Bailey Mannix thought he had seen the last of Gabriel Brimstone from the Battle Royal. But he was dead wrong as he had one of the biggest challenges set in front of him. The MECW Independent Champion: Gabriel Brimstone!!

Bailey Mannix wasn’t alone as he was accompanied to the ring by his very resourceful manager: “Lovely” Leon Alexander. But Gabriel Brimstone wasn’t alone neither as his new mouth piece had accompanied him to the ring as well: Brian Scrilla!!

Even though the playing fields were evened, this still wasn’t an easy match for either champion or challenger. This match seen Bailey Mannix deliver a dangerous butterfly suplex,a Brian buster and a knee drop to the face of Gabriel Brimstone!!

But that couldn’t keep Brimstone down for the 3 count as he come fighting back with side Russian leg sweep, a spine buster, and a devastating charging corner clothesline!

Gabriel Brimstone looks to get a tough win against Mannix (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Gabriel Brimstone looks to get a tough win against Mannix (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Gabriel Brimstone went for the DDT, “Lovely” Leon took the moment to cause a distraction long enough for Bailey to drop Brimstone with his chain and go for a chair. Krotch quickly made the save and took the chair out of Bailey Mannix hand. Bailey Mannix quickly dropped to his back and started yelling, grabbing the ref attention which caused Bailey Mannix to gain the win via DQ!!

WINNER: “XXXplicit” Bailey Mannix

The fireworks were not over yet, with Gabriel Brimstone confused as to why he was DQ. He began to have words with Krotch on why he hit Bailey Mannix in the head with a chair. Krotch swore up and down he didn’t and was just trying to save Brimstone from a far worse fate.

A shoving match ensued between Krotch and Brimstone till Krotch got angry enough and walked away from Gabriel Brimstone. Gabriel Brimstone didn’t want this to go unsettled, so Scrilla quickly grabbed a mic. Telling Krotch, that this bickering and fighting has to stop. That at the next MECW show: JULY 18th, Krotch and Brimstone were going to settle all their problems in the ring. After the match whoever wins wins, but they gotta put everything behind them after the bell rings!!

4.) Bayou Outlaws vs. The “Pride of Peoria Champion” Eric Allen & Jordan McEntyre

1/2 of the Bayou Outlaws: Aaron Masterson (Photo Credit: Brian "Flair" Kelley)

1/2 of the Bayou Outlaws: Aaron Masterson (Photo Credit: Brian "Flair" Kelley)

Bayou Outlaws came out ready for a tag team number one contender ship match against the MECW Tag Title Holders: Huge In Japan (a part of XXXplicit Content). The welcome was quickly spoiled as Eric Allen the “Pride of Peoria” made his presents felt. He grabbed a mic to let the fans know that he was going to add more gold to his collection by getting a shot for the MECW Tag Team Championships next month. Mr.K pointed out one problem, he asked EA. “Who is your tag team partner for this evening?” Eric Allen in his excitement came to the ring without having a partner in mind or on hand.

“So Mr.K told Eric Allen that “Since you don’t have a partner, I’m going to find one for you. Were going to go to intermission and when we come back I’ll have your partner picked out andready to go!”

Mr.K shocked Eric Allen and the MECW Family by naming Jordan McEntyre the tag team partner for Eric Allen. Eric Allen to say the least wasn’t too happy. Also it wasn’t a good sign for things to come when Jordan McEntyre shook hands with the Bayou Outlaws!!
MECW 6-27-09 182
It didn’t take long for Jordan McEntyre to teach Eric Allen a lesson on being a good sportsman, but also in winning isn’t everything. Because in the end it was the Bayou Outlaws with an assist from Jordan McEntyre that picked up the win!!

WINNERS: The Bayou Outlaws

But after the match it went down hill quick, as Jordan McEntyre & Eric Allen were all over each others. Between Mr.K, Ref Waldo, and Brian Scrilla pulling them apart. It still took some doing but, Brian Scrilla calmed down Jordan and Mr.K & Waldo threatened Eric Allen with a suspension.

In the end Mr.K told Eric Allen that next month July 18th MECW show. That Eric Allen would be putting his “Pride of Peoria Championship” on the line in a championship on a pole match! Mr.K told Eric Allen that it was none negotiable and if she didn’t accept the match, that Eric Allen would never compete in MECW again!!

5.) Evan Money with Brian Scrilla vs. Dewey “Booger” Dawson

Dewey Dawson grounds the air attack of Evan Money (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Dewey Daweson grounds the air attack of Evan Money (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Dawson continues to lean on Money in the match. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Daweson continues to lean on Money in the match. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Evan Money had a huge challenge ahead of him as he was facing a MECW wrestler that had only two loses under his belt since he was in MECW. But with out hesitation this high flying, high impact, and fast paced match. Booger seemed to have this match synched up. But a springboard frog splash later and Evan Money had obtained his first victory!!!

(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

WINNER: Evan Money

Dawson retires from the ring and gives one of his biggest fans lil Ricky  ( Photo credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Dawson retires from the ring and gives one of his biggest fans lil Ricky ( Photo credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Goodbye Dewey Drowlling. MECW Roster & Family will miss you. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEVORS AND GOD BLESS!!!

6.) MECW Heavyweight Champion: Zach Thompson vs. MECW Great Plains Trophy Champion: Ryan Slade.
caption id=”attachment_3767″ align=”aligncenter” width=”1024″ caption=”MECW Champion Zach Thompson throws caution to the wind. ( Photo credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)”]MECW Champion Zach Thompson throws caution to the wind. ( Photo credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)[/caption]

This match started off with a blast as MECW Heavyweight Champion: Zach Thompson came off the top rope with a senton onto Ryan Slade who was standing on the outside of the ring. After both made it into the ring, Ryan Slade the “Canadian Sex Icon” quickly cut off Thompson by grabbing his tights and dropping him throat first into the middle rope. Then an assist by Bailey Mannix by choking Zach Thompson on the middle ropes. But that wasn’t enough for Ryan Slade to drive any air that was left in Zach Thompson body. Ryan Slade stood on the back of the MECW Heavyweight Champion, choking him further on the middle rope. At this point the “Canadian Sex Icon” was going for a lateral press and only garnered a two count.

Ryan Slade steps on the Champion showing no respect. (Photo credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Ryan Slade steps on the Champion showing no respect. (Photo credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Ryan Slade was focused on driving all the air out of Zach Thompson’s body by delivering clubbing blows. Following up Ryan Slade stood on the hands of Zach Thompson & started to chop the back of MECW Champion: Zach Thompson. Ryan Slade doing everything he could to push all the air out of Zach Thompson’s so he wouldn’t be able to kick out of a pin attempt.

Zach wisely used his feet to heel kick Ryan Slade in the head. Zach Thompson then sent Slade off the ropes only to reverse and connect with a side Russian leg sweep, but still the MECW Heavyweight Champion kicked out at the two count. Ryan Slade stayed on top of the Champion as he sunk in a deep dragon sleeper, now forcing Zach Thompson to fight for air!!

Slade is ruthless in his attack against the Champion. (Photo credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Slade is ruthless in his attack against the Champion. (Photo credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

The MECW Heavyweight Champion quickly found a way out as he used his feet to climb the turnbuckles and get out of the hold. With a quick forearm shiver to the back of Ryan Slade and a Irish whip. Zach Thompson came back with an amazing flying clothesline, back elbow, and a tooth shattering wheel kick!!! The tenacious Ryan Slade kicked out at two!!! Zach Thompson sent him in the corner and though eating the boot of Ryan Slade would’ve given Ryan Slade the opportunity he needed to capitalize. But Zach Thompson caught Slade off the 2nd rope with an amazing arm! Once again only a two count!

Now Zach Thompson the MECW Heavyweight Champion was ready to end the match with his devastating spinning back heel kick. Ryan Slade though was one step ahead and ducked the kick and connect with a club to the back of Thompson. Slade followed that up with an amazing neck breaker, shades of the late great Rick Rude. Slade was still only able to get a two count, proving the heart of the defending MECW Heavyweight Champion, Zach Thompson.

Ryan Slade was growing angry at this point and was ready to end it all w/ a deadly spike pile driver! Zach Thompson fought back and hit a back drop and kick to the head and looked to be ready to put on his own pile driver. Ryan Slade found his way out with a single leg take down and attacked the Champion with sharpshooter! Zach Thompson made it to the ropes which in turn only angered Slade even more. Ryan Slade pulled Zach Thompson away from the ropes and slappedon a cross face submission, working even harder to make Zach Thompson the MECW Heavyweight Champion tap out. But the “Unbreakable” wasn’t going to tap out, and fought his way out of the submission hold!

Ryan Slade was getting desperate and went to use use his newly won trophy to take the head off Zach Thompson. The ref was distracted but Zach Thompson ducked and luck had ran out on the The “Canadian Sex Icon”. Especially after a skull cracking eziguri, followed by the Belfast Buster by the Champion ! 1,2,3 and Zach Thompson retained his MECW Heavyweight title!!

The refs face says it all in this hard hitting matchup. (Photo credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

The refs face says it all in this hard hitting matchup. (Photo credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)


Before the fans had a moment to celebrate the leader of XXXplicit Content Bailey Mannix attacked the MECW Champion with a chain!!
MECW 6-27-09 353

Mr.K ran into the ring to put a stop to “XXXplicit” Bailey Mannix. Bailey Mannix, apologized in jest for his actions. Zach Thompson, never one to back down challenged Bailey Mannix next month to a match. Oh, but it wasn’t any ordinary match, since Bailey Mannix liked to hit people with a chain. Zach Thompson was challenging Bailey Mannix to a DOG COLLAR MATCH!!

Bailey Mannix looking for an advantage going into their dog collar match next month seized the opportunity and attacked Thompson again, this time he floored him he a reverse death valley driver. Bailey Mannix did not end there as he put Zach Thompson on his shoulders while Ryan Slade delivered a top rope flip pile driver, injuring Zach badley/ Brian Scrilla and Evan Money came to ring to assist Zach Thompson, but he refused their help and limped out of the ring on his own power!!!!

Missouri Wrestling Revival caught up with the two competitors that will be putting their bodies on the line this Saturday in Wood River Illinois in a Dog Collar Match. Join Missouri Wrestling Revival on Saturday for this historic match and a chance to win a free MWR T-shirt.

Till then watch these exclusive promos for MECW’S First ever Dog Collar match.

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Fuzzy Hat member “Indian” wins a free MWR T-shirt at MECW.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 1, 2009

 MECW Independent Champion Gabriel Brimstone and MWR T-shirt Winner Fuzzy Hat member “Indian” (Photo Credit: Brian “Flair” Kelley)

MECW Independent Champion Gabriel Brimstone and MWR T-shirt Winner Fuzzy Hat member “Indian” (Photo Credit: Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Missouri Wrestling Revival was proud to be a part of the exciting MECW show in Wood River Illinois this past Saturday. MECW Champion Zach Thompson was able to retain the Heavyweight Championship by defeating the first ever MECW Great Plains Trophy Champion Ryan Slade in the Main event. Thompson’s life did not get any easier as next month, on July 18th in Wood River Illinois; he will take on one of the Midwest most exciting wrestlers Bailey Mannix in a DOG COLLAR match.

MWR and the MECW Family were sad to hear that Dewey “Booger” Dawson will be taking a hiatus from the wrestling ring. Dawson recently found the God and stated that he loved wrestling and the fans, financially at the moment he would have to walk away from the sport to pursue other goals. Dawson made his way around the building to thank the MECW Family (fans, wrestlers and staff) who were visibly upset. In a touching moment he gave his boots to young Ricky who had was back for his first MECW show since the surgery. Ricky’s mom had told me prior to the show that Dawson was one of his favorites and this moment was special to everyone in attendance.

Also during the evening many MECW fans generosity brought out cans for the MECW Help Feed the Needy.

During intermission MECW’S MR K picked a name out of the bag for one special fan to win a free MWR T-shirt. The lucky member was one of our friends with the Fuzzy Hat Club who goes by the name Indian. We hope to be back in Woodriver on the 18TH to check out more great MECW wrestling action and work with the great guys at MECW.

Look for a recap of the MECW  show in the near future at MWR.

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Help the MECW family feed the Needy on June 27th in Woodriver Illinois .

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 18, 2009



MECW team up with the Wood River Knights of Columbus June 27th for a canned food drive show for the needy.

For every 2 cans kids get in half priced. Adults bring 2 cans gets $1.00 off a ticket.

You will witness a Battle Royal where the winner will be crowned the first ever MECW Great Plains Trophy Champion. The winner of that Battle Royal will go on that night as well in the main event to get a shot for the MECW Heavyweight Championship held by “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson.

MECW Heavyweight Champion “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

MECW Heavyweight Champion “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

MECW Independent Championship on line Bailey Mannix vs. MECW Independent Champion Gabriel Brimstone.

MECW April 2009 Mike 019

The Bayou Outlaws Aaron Masterson and Maddog McDowell (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The Bayou Outlaws will be in action!!!

Join MECW for a full night of wrestling and help out the needy at the same time.

Plus one lucky fan will have a chance to win a free MWR T-shirt.

You will not want to miss the action on June 27th

SAT, JUNE 27, 2009 BELL @ 7:30pm Doors open @ 6:30pm

Ticket price: adult:Only $8.00 at the door. Children: $6.00 at the door.

Whitelaw Ave, Woodriver il @ the knights of Columbus Hall in Woodriver Il or contact the K.C. Hall @ (618) 254-2211 ask for Tom or Michelle (Hall managers)

For more info on MECW go to their website at MECW

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