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Dubi meets the MECW Fans.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 23, 2009

This is Dubray Tallman out  and  about mingling with the fans of the wrestling community.  We all know as I had said before it is the fans that bring as much action as the wrestlers to the shows. 

 This past Saturday I was in Wood River, IL enjoying our friends at MECW. Prior to the show I had made my way through the crowd to find four fans with opinions of whom their favorites were and how long they have followed MECW.

 I did my best to get their favorite wrestler to pose with them during intermission. Unfortunately some fans like the bad guys of the wrestling world and I was unable to get MECW management to get those guys come out for a picture with the fans.  Why can’t we all just get along?? 

 The theme of the night was that many of the fans first favorite was Dewey “Booger” Dawson who had retired at the last show so I asked them to take a moment to think of who they liked currently at MECW.

The first fan I spoke to was Kenny Busby from Wood River Illinois who had been coming to MECW since their start in. Kenny stated that his favorite was Brian Scrilla. Scrilla is one of the tough guys with a big heart and I had no problem getting that special picture with the two of them.
MECW July 18th 150

 Up next I asked my wrestling buddy and fellow Fuzzy Hat Club member/president Terry Joe Wray (Panther) from Cottage Hills, Illinois who has been following MECW since 2007. Panthers favorite was one of mine as well Krotch, but when I went to get MECW to ask for him to come out for the picture they stated that he was in “No mood after his lost to Gabriel Brimstone”  Confused I asked my friend if I could take his picture anyway.

Fuzzy Hat Club member/president Terry Joe Wray (Panther) (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

Fuzzy Hat Club member/president Terry Joe Wray (Panther) (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

I was then able to catch up with Joe VanDuran who had traveled from Chicago, Illinois to MECW for the second time to see his favorite Bailey Mannix wrestled. I knew the answer was going to be a no because Mannix is a “JERK!!”  So guess what?  I was right so Joe said that he would be happy to take a picture with me for the site. Thank you Joe!!

 Joe VanDuran and Dubray Tallman (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

Joe VanDuran and Dubray Tallman (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

 The fourth fan I found was Annie Smith from East Alton, Illinois who had followed MECW for at least two years. Annie told me that Krotch was her favorite as well, so I explained to her that he was “In no mood” arrhhh… I offered her to choose another wrestler and she quickly picked The Bayou Outlaws Maddog McDowell and Aaron Masterson.  They were gracious enough to take a picture with her and during the excitement I forgot to ask the two tough wrestlers for a picture with me as well.

Maddog McDowell Annie Smith and Aaron Masterson. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

Maddog McDowell Annie Smith and Aaron Masterson. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair “ Kelley)

A great night of wrestling until Krotch ruined it by hitting Gabrille Brimstone with a chair. I thought that they were friends. Krotch, I want you to know that your no longer one of my favorite wrestlers.

 I want to thank MECW for allowing me to meet with the fans and will always look forward to coming back to Wood River.

This weekend I will be at Lethal Wrestling Alliance in House Springs Missouri hoping to meet more wrestling fans. If any of the LWA fans would like to be a part of “Dubi Meets the Fans” let me know. I am hoping to do four at each show. If you are not one of the first four I know that my boyfriend Brian “Flair” Kelley and I will be back to support pro wrestling in the Midwest.

Dubray “Dubi-Bear” Tallman

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