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NWA Dynamo April Recap Jerry Lynn vs. Mark Sterling

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 22, 2009


By Brian “Flair” Kelley
Pictures by Dubray Tallman

Is Mark Sterling a future World Champion? Many experts throughout the Midwest believe so. On April 28, Sterling had the rare opportunity at NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling in Ottawa, KS to take on a current World Champion when he went head to head with Ring of Honor Champion Jerry Lynn. Would he be able to hang with the best in the World?

Before we found out, NWA Dynamo continued their tradition of bringing some of the youngest, freshest stars in the Midwest with Adam Rich taking on Aaron Hawley. Hawley and Rich were pumped up early, matching each other move for move. Less than two minutes into the match, one of the most powerful men that I have ever seen entered the ring, the mysterious Alexander Rudolph. Rudolph demolished Hawley and Rich and the referee declared the bout a no contest. OuTtKaSt came from out of the locker room quickly to stop the destruction. The two men quickly went at it and the battle escalated outside the ring and into the crowd, and then the two brawled into the locker room.

Alexander Rudolph leaves young guns Adam Rich and Aaron Hawley out to dry early in the match (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman)

Alexander Rudolph leaves young guns Adam Rich and Aaron Hawley out to dry early in the match (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman)

I must say with the excitement of Sterling taking on Jerry Lynn and the powerful Alexander Rudolph, I forgot to mention that none other than one of my best friends and fellow Missouri Wrestling Revival colleague, Josh Ray, stepped up to announce this monumental evening.

Super Electro gets ready for action. (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman )

Super Electro gets ready for action. (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman )

Up next, the Latino badass Domino Rivera took on fan favorite Super Electro, making his Kansas debut. The kids were excited to see the wrestler from Space Station 11, who is programmed with 1,000 moves and capable of every emotion except love. The always-dangerous Rivera looked to rain on the kid’s parade with technical wrestling and a ruthless style.

Domino kicked, punched and stretch Super Electro, and Electro made the mistake of taking it out of the ring. It looked as Rivera would have his hand raised when he had Electro in submission move.

Domino Rivera stalks Super Electro (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman )

Domino Rivera stalks Super Electro (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman )

The fans would not let Electro quit. Electro traded punch for punch and hit the ropes, which landed him into an Arn Anderson gutbuster. Rivera got a two count, which caused his frustration to set in and Electro struck with a choke slam for the one, two, three.

OuTtKaSt entered the ring to challenge Alexander Rudolph to a match the next time that NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling returns to Ottawa—a match that will sure to be a must see.

The Powerful and very popular Trent Stone came to the ring with fans excited to see him take on Pierre Abernathy, accompanied by Submission Squad Member Evan Gelistico. Abernathy started off trying to administer an arm bar, but Stone powered out of it quickly and flexed his muscles. Abernathy unwisely decided to show his “guns” which prompted “You suck!!” chants from Stone’s admirers. Abernathy tried to slow down Stone and play mind games. Stone looked to have the match going his way when he hit a bodyslam followed by a dropkick. With Abernathy in the corner, Stone went full force but Abernathy moved out of the way, sending Stone shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Abernathy pounced on the wounded Stone’s shoulder relentlessly, causing the referee to issue a warning. With the referee distracted, Gelistico took a cheap shot at Stone.

Pierre Abernathy just felt the power of Trent Stone (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman )

Pierre Abernathy just felt the power of Trent Stone (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman )

Abernathy and Gelistico succeeded to stymie any offense that Stone was able to muster. Kansas was getting restless while Stone took a beating. Abernathy continued to punish the arm and shoulder, in the process, keeping the big man off his feet. With victory in their sights, the Submission Squad threw it all away with a foolish move. Gelistico jumped up on the ring apron and attempted to hit Stone with a white powder, but Stone countered, sending Aberanthy toward Gelistico. Gelistico stopped himself before he threw it; Abernathy had that moment of relief, but Stone tossed Abernathy back into his tag team partner who accidentally hit him with the powder anyway. Stone wrapped up the disoriented Abernathy for the victory.

With the crowd popping from the last match, up next was the man who I feel is one of the guys who can keep my attention from start to finish—Mike Sydal.

Sydal has quickly improved in the past year and is rising among the Midwest elite with very entertaining matches. Sydal’s opponent on this night was KC Karrington. Karrington was last seen involved in two of the best tag team matches in the Kansas City area in the past 10 years with Ego Express tag team partner Steven Kennedy taking on the LONRs, Mark Sterling and Darien Sanders otherwise known as the LONRS.

Here we have Mike Sydal skipping to the ring. (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman )

Here we have Mike Sydal skipping to the ring. (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman )

Sydal entered the ring prancing, dancing and posing for all to see. Boos and heckling proceeded relentlessly until Karringtons music hit the armory. Sydal was really able to get the Kansas natives upset with his pretty pink and blue outfit. Karrington did not help matters by going along with the fans insults.
NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling Jerry Lynn vs. Mark Sterling 124

Karington took the advantage early and Sydal retreated to the outside turnbuckle. Karrington grew impatient and chased after him, which led to Sydal setting him up with a big boot to the face. Sydal seemed to gain confidence and pounded Karrington. When Karrington try to maneuver himself in a position to get ahead, Sydal was one step ahead of him.

The fans were not happy and chants of “Fairy Boy” rang through the building. Sydal looked to get the win on several attempts but the heart of Karrington has never been in question and he was able to gut it out. You could see the frustration set in Sydal’s face when he had a headlock on his opponent and the crowd clapped to urge Karrington to fight through. Karrington’s big break came when he hit a belly to belly suplex. Sydal quickly regained the advantage, but when he went for a backwards moonsault from the ground, Karrington just barely got his knees up. Karrington saw the light with Sydal hurt and went to the top to hit a flying body press, but Sydal was able to reverse it for the win.

During intermission, the Ring of Honor World Champion Jerry Lynn thanked the fans for coming. I took the time to talk to old and new friends during the show and everyone I talked to was impressed at how down to earth Lynn was. A true Champion in every sense of the word.


Shorty Biggs has momentum on his side (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman)


Wyatt hits a big move on his old enemy Biggs (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman)

With a fun and exciting first half done, we headed to three exciting matches that had talent galore. The first match back we were treated to a three way with the one man in the Midwest capable of causing a riot, Jeremy Wyatt, taking on the NWA Mid America TV Champion Shawn Shultz and the ever popular Shorty Biggs. All three men in this match up have held gold throughout the Midwest, but Shultz upped the ante by stating that his title would be on the line and whoever pinned him would be the Champ. The crowd did not like the words coming from the mouth of the NWA Mid America Champion.

The crowd was easily on Shorty’s side going into this match against two of the toughest men in the Midwest. Biggs had the place rocking with “Shorty” chants while he danced in the ring. Shultz wisely made Biggs an offer for the two of them to team up and work over Wyatt. Biggs, though, is his own man and looked to win this the right way and when the two were about the shake on it, Biggs withdrew to let him know that this was going to be a three way and the best man would win it.

Shultz quickly changed direction and asked Wyatt to team up on Biggs. Wyatt has always shown that he would do what it takes to live up to his name, The Belt Collector, and had no qualms against double teaming one of his most hated enemies. The two pounced on Biggs but Biggs was ready and beat them to the punch. Biggs hit a double shoulder block on Wyatt and Shultz, then went to the corner to work over Shultz, giving Wyatt a chance to catch his breath and strike from behind. Biggs rebounded nicely and used his wits to get the upper hand.

While Wyatt and Shultz argued outside the ring, Biggs sent them sailing with a double kick from inside the ring much to the fans delight. Biggs continued to punish Shultz then went after Wyatt, sending him back inside the ring. Shultz had time to recover and once again attempted to strike Biggs, who countered with a body slam then headed to the top. Biggs’ good fortunes came crashing down when, at the top rope, Wyatt was able to get a hold of Biggs’s foot. Biggs kicked Wyatt off but paid dearly when Shultz sent Biggs flying off the top ropes with a thud.

The two villains went at Biggs relentlessly, at times it looked like a competion to see who could administer the most pain to the fan favorite. With Shultz standing on Biggs face, Wyatt taunted him with words, enticing the crowd, getting the Shorty chants going full steam. Problems arose when Wyatt went for a pinfall, and Shultz made the save. Still, Wyatt allowed Shultz to hit a version of a Shake rattle and roll then got up to dance, Wyatt then snuck up from behind attempting to get the win and steal the NWA Mid-America Title.

While Wyatt and Shultz battled in the middle, Biggs caught his breath and made an impact with a double clothesline. One had to wonder, would Biggs have enough in the gas tank to get the victory? I thought I had my answer when Biggs looked to have the three count on Wyatt, but the Rebel kicked out. Shultz went on the offensive, allowing Wyatt to retreat outside of the ring. Shultz looked to have the match won, as he hit a killer DDT on Biggs. However, Wyatt was one step ahead on this night as he pulled Shultz to the outside of the ring and head first in the guard rails, then quickly went inside for the victory on Biggs with his feet on the ropes.


Jeremy Wyatt believes he just won Shawn Shultz NWA Mid America Championship (Photo Credit Dubray Tallman)

Wyatt’s music played and The Belt Collector looked to have added to his collection but Shultz screamed for the ref to give him back his belt. The reason? Wyatt had not pinned the Champ himself, so therefore he did not win the title.

Shultz was outside the ring hoisting his title, Wyatt inside the ring with Josh letting the fans know that he was the winner. A one on one match up between these two looks to be one that the fans will not want to miss.

#1 Brett Young and Tyler Cook was a special non title grudge match between the two arch enemies. A main event player and the proud owner of the NWA Kansas Championship, Young has been in some of the most memorable matches that I have ever seen. These two were awarded the Match of the month last November in Pomona, KS by the MWR awards committee.




Cook has really looked to elevate his game, but Young knows all the tricks of the game and at times seemed to be playing with the rising star. Young grounded Cook at every chance he got, all while working the crowd in frenzy. Cook kept fighting, much to the fans’ delight, and was able to get the one two three and the momentum in the feud against the NWA Kansas Champion.



The stage was set to see how Mark Sterling would fare against the number one wrestler in the World. Lynn offered his hand to show Sterling respect in the middle of the ring, but Sterling licked his hand out of disrespt then offered it to Lynn who wisely withdrew. Mind Games from Sterling, perhaps? Maybe, but Lynn has seen it all and quickly went after the young star.

Surprisingly, Sterling powered Lynn into the corner only to have Lynn get away. The two quickly played a game of chess as each one went for a move and the other had a counter. Sterling had the edge with the power game, but Lynn’s quickness and experience offset him.


Lynn looked to go for a pile driver after hitting Sterling with a kick to the gut, but Sterling high tailed it outside of the ring. The fans chanted “Loser!” as Sterling relented back by jawing with the fans. Back in the ring, Sterling went full force against the champion with a shoulder uppercut, before out of nowhere Lynn hit a frankenstiener. Sterling was reeling once again and cowered in the corner. With the fans a rocking and Lynn’s guard down, Sterling struck by forcefully sending Lynn into the turnbuckle.


Lynn was hurt, and Sterling smelled the blood. Sterling went out of the ring, then grabbed Lynn’s arm to drag him to the turnbuckle, doing considerable damage. Sterling was more than proud of himself as he put his arms in the air towards the fans as if to say, “I told you so.”



Back in the ring, Sterling was relentless as he went for Lynn’s injured arm. Lynn attempted a comeback but his left arm prevented him from tossing Sterling into the ropes. Every move and every moment was focused on the arm as he could sense he was moments away from victory.

The ref asked Lynn if he wanted to quit but the heart of a Champion showed when he would not submit. Sterling went for an elbow drop and missed. Lynn crawled to the corner. Sterling made his first mistake. He went full force into the ropes, but Lynn was not home. Lynn used all his energy to hit Sterling with two shoulder blocks then a flying clothesline. In moments, the fans saw the World Champion go to the top rope to hit a flying body press and get a two count.

Sterling went back to the injured arm to get the advantage once again. Lynn hit a knee to the midsection near the corner turnbuckle then went back to the top to attempt a spinning DDT. Sterling fought it off and delivered a clothesline sending Lynn down on the mat. Sterling, pulling out all stops went to the second row, to attempt a moonsault and secure the victory.


A few seconds later Lynn had recovered and this time hit a dead on Spinning DDT of the top ropes. Lynn had the pin, 1-2—-Sterling kicked out? Lynn pleaded to the ref for the slow count, and this gave Sterling time to recover. Sterling dropped Lynn with a kick near the corner post then used the ropes for leverage. One, two—but the ref saw the legs on the ropes and stopped the count. Sterling then went for a pile driver of his own. Lynn powered out and sent Sterling over head. Then, as Sterling, looked to pull Lynn down, the Champion suffocated Sterling and grabbed the legs for the hard fought victory.

The match was over, the test was completed and though Sterling did not win the match he had the Champion of the World in trouble. NWA Dynamo once again proved that some of the best wrestling in the Midwest comes in and out of their ring.

To find out more bout NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling go their myspace here.

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