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Ring of Honor electrifies ST Louis, then party like rock stars with Party Animal Radio and MWR.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 7, 2011

Ring of Honor Stars, Party Animal Radio and the fans are all smiles at the 5th Bar and Grill. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

By Brian Kelley

On the way to cover the red hot promotion in Kansas City Saturday to cover Metro Pro Wrestling I received a call from our good friends at Party Animal Radio. If anything that I have learn from the past is that when I hear from them, good times are just around the corner.

With Ring of Honor returning to ST Louis at the Collinsville Gateway Center, Dubray and I was already planning on checking out the hard hitting action with our good friend promoter Herb Simmons, Keith Smith and many other friends.

After hearing, the good news that there was going to be a special MEET/GREET/AND EAT!!! With the stars from Ring of Honor! I was on the road so I got on the wire to get ahold of my good friend Kari Williams to post the news straight to MWR. For a measly ten dollars fans could have a cheeseburger and fries with the stars from Ring of Honor!

Still the fans were treated to a Sunday matinée of Ring of Honor wrestling. My friends know I love wrestling but for me to miss Sunday NFL football, the show will have to be a guaranteed good time. With ROH World Champion Davey Richards announced to be in action that was all the info I need to know that the TIVO would have to tape the Denver Bronco game.


Steve Corino and Louie


Pro Wrestling Phoenix crew made the trip from Council Bluffs Iowa to check out the red hot ROH action.


Fans have fun before the ROH show.

Ring of Honor brings to the ring no nonsense, hard hitting action the way it is supposed to be. Filled with an awesome roster including the ROH Champ Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas formally of WWE fame as well as former TNA star and current ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal mixed in with the likes of MsChif , El Generico, Jimmy Jacobs, Steve Corino, Future Shock, Michael Elgin, and Tommaso Ciampa including a killer main event as the All Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King) proved that they were real when they defeated The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards).
A frog splash from Rhett Titus and a shooting star press from Kenny King that allowed King to pin Edwards for the victory. Mutual respect all around after the match, but Edwards told his partner “See you at Final Battle” iPPV on December 23, 2011 – 7:30pm Manhattan Center (Hammerstein Ballroom) , New York , New York.

The 2011 Cauliflower Alley Club 2011 Red Bastein Friendship Award recipient Darla Staggs was in attendance for her very first ROH experience. Darla has been a fan and supporter of pro wrestling for many years, when I asked her what she thought of the show she quickly replied “I Haven’t seen wrestling like this in a long time….fantastic show!!!”


Darla Staggs is in the clutches of 25 year wrestling vet Keith Smith and his lovely wife Michelle.

This coming from a woman who was live for many of the great Wrestling at the Chase shows in ST Louis’s golden era of pro wrestling is quite a compliment.

I was happy to run into “ECW Original” Angel after the show, Angel is looking in awesome shape and ready to run over the competition and a ROH run for the King of the Streets would be one that I would be very interested in seeing myself.


Young rising local star Aiden Young may not have a title yet but still has a beautiful women to come check out ROH with.


SICW Promoter Herb Simmons was on hand to check out ROH. Fans can check out SICW this Saturday in East Carondelet Il along with CWC Champ Ron Powers.

Also in attendance was one of the top tag teams today the Kentucky Buffett of Alex Castle and Matt Cage, Aiden Young former GCW Star Mike Sharona and the Manager of Champions Travis Cook.

Then it was off for ROH –Party Animal Radio after party 2011, if you missed the last ROH after party click here for all the great times from 7-23-2010.

This time the party was at the 5th Quarter Bar & Grill and as usual, we got there early and sat with our friends Drew, Gary and Ben while waiting on the ROH Stars to show up as they showered and if they were like us, got lost in the big streets of Collinsville Illinois.

While we waited the waiter and waitress worked hard to take the fans orders and drinks. I was stunned to hear that their special on that night was Natural Light for only $1.00, so for $22.00 I got Dubray and I 2 hamburgers and a beer, and though some of you may be thinking that “oh yuck” Natty light but I actually like it so the night was starting off right.


These fans traveled from Quincy Illinois for Ring of Honor and take in the after party afterwards. Here they get an awesome picture taken with the top women wrestler ever , (Of course we are 100% biased as well as correct :)) MsChif.

The first ROH star to make her way to the bar was MsChif, who was game for some food herself with some friends. I spoke to some really cool fans that had driven from Quincy Illinois to check out ROH and was interested in getting their picture taken with Your Soul’s Tormentor – MsChif. Before She left she was more than happy to take her photo with the group of friends who made their way to check her out in another win in her hometown of St Louis against Mia Yim(w/ Prince Nana, Robert Evans, & Ernesto Osiris) via Desecrator.


The wrestlers takes their seats to sign autographs and take photos with some of the very best in the world today.

Fans could line up for pictures and autographs with the stars such as Kenny King, Eddie Edwards, Charlie Hass and Rhett Tittus.

The service was awesome at the 5th Quarter Bar & Grill and the food was maybe the best that I have ever had at a small bar. When I asked the waitress who they would choose a wrestler to have their picture taken with, they quickly giggled and chose the former ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards.


My friend Darla Staggs asked me last week at a show if I could build a promotion around one wrestler today who would it be. My answer Eddie Edwards. Edwards has the talent charisma and skills for many years to come along with one great match after another . Here he gets all the love from the girls in the house.




Has Edwards met his match???

Edwards had been smiles all night with the  girls,Edwards the number one contender for the ROH title played around with funny poses along with the girls for MWR.


Awesome friends of MWR along with Ricky Cruz, International superstar (on the far right), see Cruz in action in East Carondelet Illinois for SICW this Saturday.

At one table was our friend Keith Smith with family and friends along with rising star in the Midwest Ricky Cruz chilling out with laughs and great food.

While walking around I noticed a couple that were just enjoying a beer, so I introduced myself and asked if they had ever heard of MWR. The couple stated they didn’t even know wrestling was in town and really wasn’t a fan but was kind enough to take part in the MWR Photo recap of the party. Her friend wasn’t interested in taking photos but she was able to get a photo with Charlie Hass and Delirious. Hopefully, the next time ROH comes to town, they will check out the show to see just how talented these guys were.


Dubray and POO DOO

MWR’S Dubray Tallman was even able to find local wrestling legend Poo Doo the Cow, coming out of the farm to get his drink on.



I am not going to lie to you; I was amazed that there were so few fans that took the opportunity to come to this event, , but I can understand when there was such short notice on the event but it was easily the best value for your money all year. The ROH Stars even after a show the night before in Louisville, KY and less than 24 hours made their way to STL only to give a 110 percent in the ring then make their way to be kind to each and every one of the fans in that bar giving them memories that will last a lifetime.

Let’s take a look at the rest of this awesome night of meet and greet with the ROH Stars and fans.


Fans party with Charlie Hass


Kenny King is a name you will soon not forget, as he seemed to enjoy the fans as much as they did him. Here he poses along with one half of the party animals themselves the Briscoe Brothers.


Eddie Edwards ,Rhett Titus poses with a fan in good fun.


You can see comedian Louie open up for the Iron Sheik’s comedy show this Saturday. My suggestion to Louie is a T-shirt would have been cheaper, and a MWR logo would have been a hell of a lot cooler.



Louie and the tatoo of the World Title.



Fans could have seen Tommaso Ciampa at Harley Race's WLW in the past, now he is one of top young stars at ROH.


Party Animal Radio's Mike Gordon.


ROH T.V. Champion Jay Lethal with the hottest girl at the bar that night, Dubray Tallman.


Shelton Benjamin and one of my friends Drew.


Nobody parties like Briscoe Brothers and Party Animal Radio Mike and Cody.



Dubray Tallman and Kenny King.


The hard working ladies of the 5th Bar and Grill.


I wished this photo would of came out better sorry guys.



ROH superstar Delirious


Gary, St Louis ring announcer Ben Simon and Dubray Tallman.


Not a wrestling fan but she was open for a lot of fun.




Rhett Titus



When you need to get great service , these three bartenders are the champs.

For the fans that missed this weekend’s events, you will not want to miss next Saturday as Party Animal Radio and ROSS ANTHONY PROMOTIONS have a fun filled weekend planned for you with former WWE World Champion the IRON SHIEK. For only $55.00 fans can have dinner with the Iron Sheik, fans will receive autographed photos from prior guests Tony Atlas and Harley Race free. Fans can also get a discount to the “Iron Sheik Stand up Show”, with the purchase of a “DWTL3″ ticket (you will still get the free autographs from Atlas & Race).For tickets call-314-669-4727 or 573-270-7218 or for more information visit the website at http://www.stlouiswrestling.webs.com.

Throughout the night fans were able to purchase raffle tickets for a chance at free tickets to these events as well as Party Animal Radio t-shirts. So please join us this Saturday for the Iron Sheik meet and greet dinner. A night you will never forget.

Do not forget to check out the Ring of Honor website to find out more on the ippv, events, DVDS and results by clicking here

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Dubi meets the IHW Fans September 11th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 20, 2010

By Dubray Tallman

Good day my wrestling fans, on September 11th we returned to Independent Hardcore Wrestling and for the first time we got to see them in Waterloo Illinois for “The Battle of Waterloo”.

On this weekend was my son Tyler’s 11th birthday so Brian offered to take him and his best friend Nick out for wrestling. This would be Nick’s first wrestling event so the boys were exciting about checking out the show.

The crowd was huge and the fans were really having a good time and it came to no surprise to me that the IHW Champion Brandon Aarons was one of the most request wrestlers for this edition of Dubi Meets the Fans.

Wesley Rodell and Justin Campbell with Brandon Aarons

I caught up with Wesley Roedl and Justin Campbell who were excited to have their pictures with Aarons. Justin has already snagged the trademark Aarons glasses at the merchandise table. My daughter Cheyenne loves those glasses and bought her one to have as well when we brought her last.

Up next was Hardcore fan favorite Mephisto who was chosen by Brandon Van Dever from Cahokia, Illinois.

Brandon Van Dever and Mephisto

Brandon told me that “after wrestling legend Baron Von Raschke, Mephisto was the best.”

We caught up with Aarons once again this time with friends who also picked up themselves a set of the Brandon Aarons player shades.

Michael Quinn and Aden Stein with Brandon Aarons.

Michael Quinn and Aden Steine from Waterloo Illinois were ready to cheer on Aarons as he was set to take on Bailey Mannix in the Main event.

Brandon Obst and Brandon Aarons

Blake Obst had hope to get his picture taken with the youth sensation Evan Money but before we could get it done Money had been jumped from after his match from Eric Allen, Lovely Leon and Bailey Mannix who cost him the win against the Canadian Sean Vincent.

Blake Obst and Cameron Cage

Money was being attended to in the back so Blake was willing to take his picture with the returning Cameron Cage.

I looked around to see who I could choose while we waited for Poo Doo the Cow to come out to have his picture taken with Tyler and Nick.

I saw Shorty Biggs  near and he had just got done signing autographs and took some pictures with his fans.

Shorty Biggs and Dubray Tallman

St Louis loves them some Shorty and so do I.

Aaron Brigance was lucky to have his picture taken with the Tony Kozina and I got so busy that I forgot to get one taken with the superstar.

Aaron Brigance and Tony Kozina

Kozina was also the IHW wrestler who wore the MWR shirt prior to his match to throw to one lucky fan.

Tyler Tallman with Poo Doo and his cowgirl along with Nick Bowne

Tyler and Nick quickly let me know when Poo Doo came out from the back and he was joined with him a cowgirl The boys favorite match did turn out to be his with Dash Rando and they were elated to get their picture taken with the popular IHW Star.

Tony Kozina had an amazing match with Chris Logan that saw chairs and tables involved throughout the match.

Sam Bazzell and Tony Kozina

Prior to his match Sam Bazzell caught the shirt and Tony came out prior to the main event to take a picture with young Sam

The night of wrestling turned out to be a lot of fun and on a personal note we would like to thank everyone at IHW for making Tylers birthday a night that he will always remember.

I hope to see you at a show real soon my friends and feel free to come out to say that you want to be part of Dubi meets the fans and we will do our best to get you a chance to meet your favorite wrestler.

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Independent Hardcore Wrestling Photo Recap March 6th Brandon Aarons vs. “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 18, 2010

Doug E Best goes full force at Adam Raw.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Raw sends Best to the mat with a message that no rookie will run over him. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Raw brings the pain to Best.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Doug E Best would bite and scratch his way through the match. Even in a loss Best would was impressive. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Adam Raw defeated Doug E. Best

Poo Doo the Cow (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Espy struggles against Poo Doo the Cow. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

You have heard the old saying about when pigs fly? Well how about cows Brandon Espinosa? (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Espinosa only needs one opening to take over a match. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Espinosa defeated PooDoo The Cow

MR LAT-NITE leads Morbid, Cabal and Brandon Graves to the ring at IHW(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Justin Wade drops bombs on Cabal. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Evan Gelistico finds out that Wade’s power is for real. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Pierre Abernathy cheers on his partner Gelistico as he takes over on Shawn Santel. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Gelistico prepares to drop Santel with a blow from the outside. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Cabal with a sidewalk slam.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santel overpoweres Gelistico. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santel overpoweres Gelistico IWA-ACW Tag team titles.. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

IWA-ACW Tag Champs Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico defeated Cabal & Brandon Graves and Justin Wade & Shawn Santel in a triple threat tag team match.

Eric Allen( Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen and Mephisto went at it tooth and nail in and out of the ring. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen Submits Mephisto to move on in the Illinois Championship Tournament. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen defeated Mephisto by submission.

Old foes meet once again when Sean Vincent hooked up with Billy McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

McNeils leg kicks can be a vicious weapon. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Canada’s Sean Vincent stalks Billy McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Amazing Billy McNeil (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

What can I say about this move? A tough win from the talented Billy McNeil.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Billy Mcneil defeated Sean Vincent

During intermission a IHW fan was celebrating her birthday when Sean Vincent who was just eliminated in the Illinois state tournament comes to ruin her day. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The Don Mega Shorty Biggs comes to the rescue of the birthday girl.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Once again Mr. Late Nite’s man Gideon Morbid makes short work on his opponent at IHW. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Micheal Gideon Morbid defeated Zabian Zypertin

Billy McNeil explodes on Eric Allen in the finals of the Illinois State Championship. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen goes full force against McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A stunning kick by Allen gives him the edge. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen takes a seat while giving pain to McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Someone asked me while taking this , will those tables give ? The answer yes. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen moves just in time. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A vicious sneak attack on McNeil…The man behind the mask Sean Vincent. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The aftermath of a scary situation after Allen takes the pinfall to win the Championship. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen defeated Billy Mcneil to win the IHW IL Title

Gary J gets the fans in an uproar. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The kids love the charismatic Shorty Biggs. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A kick to the head, dead on the mark from Gary J.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Shorty Biggs gets the victory in a very tough match up. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Shorty Biggs defeated Gary Jay

IHW Champion Brandon Aarons. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons has one of the most beautiful drop kicks in the game. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Spoiled Steven Kennedy sends Aarons flying. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Kennedy looked great in the match taunting Aarons during moment of the match. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons showed true heart by beating Steven Kennedy in a great match up. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen lets his arch rival Brandon Aarons know that he is coming after the IHW belt. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

B.A.B.EWatch together again?(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Espinosa cements the breakdown of BABEWatrch. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

IHW Heavyweight champ Brandon Aarons defeated Steven Kennedy

Look for an exclusive interview with Sean Vincent in the near future at Missouri Wrestling Revival as we try to get to the bottom of his viscous attack on Billy McNeil.

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