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Dubi meets the IHW Fans September 11th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 20, 2010

By Dubray Tallman

Good day my wrestling fans, on September 11th we returned to Independent Hardcore Wrestling and for the first time we got to see them in Waterloo Illinois for “The Battle of Waterloo”.

On this weekend was my son Tyler’s 11th birthday so Brian offered to take him and his best friend Nick out for wrestling. This would be Nick’s first wrestling event so the boys were exciting about checking out the show.

The crowd was huge and the fans were really having a good time and it came to no surprise to me that the IHW Champion Brandon Aarons was one of the most request wrestlers for this edition of Dubi Meets the Fans.

Wesley Rodell and Justin Campbell with Brandon Aarons

I caught up with Wesley Roedl and Justin Campbell who were excited to have their pictures with Aarons. Justin has already snagged the trademark Aarons glasses at the merchandise table. My daughter Cheyenne loves those glasses and bought her one to have as well when we brought her last.

Up next was Hardcore fan favorite Mephisto who was chosen by Brandon Van Dever from Cahokia, Illinois.

Brandon Van Dever and Mephisto

Brandon told me that “after wrestling legend Baron Von Raschke, Mephisto was the best.”

We caught up with Aarons once again this time with friends who also picked up themselves a set of the Brandon Aarons player shades.

Michael Quinn and Aden Stein with Brandon Aarons.

Michael Quinn and Aden Steine from Waterloo Illinois were ready to cheer on Aarons as he was set to take on Bailey Mannix in the Main event.

Brandon Obst and Brandon Aarons

Blake Obst had hope to get his picture taken with the youth sensation Evan Money but before we could get it done Money had been jumped from after his match from Eric Allen, Lovely Leon and Bailey Mannix who cost him the win against the Canadian Sean Vincent.

Blake Obst and Cameron Cage

Money was being attended to in the back so Blake was willing to take his picture with the returning Cameron Cage.

I looked around to see who I could choose while we waited for Poo Doo the Cow to come out to have his picture taken with Tyler and Nick.

I saw Shorty Biggs  near and he had just got done signing autographs and took some pictures with his fans.

Shorty Biggs and Dubray Tallman

St Louis loves them some Shorty and so do I.

Aaron Brigance was lucky to have his picture taken with the Tony Kozina and I got so busy that I forgot to get one taken with the superstar.

Aaron Brigance and Tony Kozina

Kozina was also the IHW wrestler who wore the MWR shirt prior to his match to throw to one lucky fan.

Tyler Tallman with Poo Doo and his cowgirl along with Nick Bowne

Tyler and Nick quickly let me know when Poo Doo came out from the back and he was joined with him a cowgirl The boys favorite match did turn out to be his with Dash Rando and they were elated to get their picture taken with the popular IHW Star.

Tony Kozina had an amazing match with Chris Logan that saw chairs and tables involved throughout the match.

Sam Bazzell and Tony Kozina

Prior to his match Sam Bazzell caught the shirt and Tony came out prior to the main event to take a picture with young Sam

The night of wrestling turned out to be a lot of fun and on a personal note we would like to thank everyone at IHW for making Tylers birthday a night that he will always remember.

I hope to see you at a show real soon my friends and feel free to come out to say that you want to be part of Dubi meets the fans and we will do our best to get you a chance to meet your favorite wrestler.

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