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New Champions lead Proving Ground Pro into the new year:

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 11, 2013

 photo D_zpse12ffff9.jpg

From Brady Lawrence

Proving Ground Pro‘s final event of 2013, Emergency Response, was a huge success and an absolutely wild night of action. New champions highlighted the best night of P.G.P.’s first year with a record crowd and hottest show to date!

 photo DDD_zps099db259.jpg

“America’s Favorite Son” Ruff Crossing is one of the few men today that has the package to match Jake Dirdens tenacity in the ring.

 photo DDDD_zps6ad434d2.jpg

Jake Dirden brings the pain to Crossing in route for the PWP Title. …Could these two men be heading towards a feud that could last for years?

With P.G.P.’s Franchise title vacant going into the evening, a one night,four man tournament was set to crown a new champion. The first round pairings were Ruff Crossing vs Tyson Dux and Jake Dirden vs TaDarius Thomas. “America’s Favorite Son” Ruff Crossing was able to move passed Canadian star”Textbook”Tyson Dux in a match that pushed Ruff to his limits.

 photo EE_zps74c371a6.jpg

“Textbook” Tyson Dux looked to take the “America’s Favorite Son” Ruff Crossing to school early on.

Dux’s scientific mat skills were almost too much for Ruff Crossing, but the big cowboy surprised Tyson with a roll up and moved on to the evenings main event. In the other first round match “Dirdey Jake Dirden overcame TaDarius Thomas in a classic battle of size versus speed.

 photo E_zps22e9bf24.jpg

TaDarius Thomas is a powerful man with a huge upside. Here he wisely tries to keep Dirden grounded.

TD showed the skills that made him P.G.P.’s first Franchise Champion by bringing his “A” game, putting Dirden in a tough spot on several occasions. In the end the size and power of the 6’10” bearded wild man proved too much for TD and “Dirdey” scored a pin off a huge driving choke slam, moving him on to the championship main event. The main event was then set, Ruff Crossing versus Jake Dirden for the P.G.P. Franchise Championship. This match had no time limit or disqualification, a winner must be decided. This stipulation resulted in Dirden calling Crossing out to the floor to start the match, this was a wild street fight from the opening bell. Spilling in and through the crowd from the get go, Crossing versus Dirden was and absolute old school classic that seemed to culminate in “Dirdey” Alabama slamming Ruff through an extremely stiff table. Somehow Crossing managed to kick out on the 2 and continue the match. Unable to get the 3 count Dirden appeared shocked and seemed to be taken out of his game, this allowed Crossing the opening he needed to hit Jake with a high impact lariat and score the pin. Congratulations to Ruff Crossing, new P.G.P. Franchise Champion.

 photo EEEEEE_zpsa2b8b79b.jpg

Zero1 X World Champion Jonathan Gresham can fly and wrestle with the very best in the world.

 photo EEEEEEE_zpsfc29ee03.jpg

P.G.P. Cutting Edge Champion”The Apex” Blake Steel changes the tide with his power advantage.

In the surprise shake up of the evening, P.G.P. Cutting Edge Champion”The Apex” Blake Steel was taken to a 20 minute time limit draw with Zero1 X World Champion Jonathan Gresham. This was the proverbial wrestling clinic. Both men executed solid game plans, but neither could gain a submission or 3 count before the time limit expired. With the crowd wanting 5 more minutes, Gresham and Steel seemed ready to make that happen. Before the referee could call for a restart, Mario Andrew Crivello interrupted the proceedings and cashed in the Cutting Edge Golden Ticket he had won earlier in the evening. This forced Blake Steel into a second title defense against a rested and ready Crivello. After kicking out of several early pin attempts, “The Apex” began to get the best of Mario and seemed on the verge of winning, but a distracted ref left an opening for Crivello’s manager “Mouth of the Midwest” J.P. To throw powder in Steel’s eyes.

 photo H_zps97381791.jpg

 photo HH_zps50137b98.jpg

NEW P.G.P. Cutting Edge Champion Mario Andrew Crivello

This allowed Mario Crivello to score the pin and take the title. Congratulations go out to new P.G.P. Cutting Edge Champion Mario Andrew Crivello.

 photo DD_zps4e6dcdda.jpg

Matt Knicks on fire.

 photo F_zps274a87fc.jpg

Hooligan opponents beware , if what you see in the next two photos happens to you, then you are in deep trouble.

 photo FF_zpsec9449c6.jpg

Proving Ground Pro Tag Team Champions The Hooligans (Devin and Mason Cutter) successfully defended their titles in a fast and furious match with The 2 Star Heroes(Chris Castro and Matt Knicks).This one had moves and high flying that defied description. A great showing by the 2 Star Heroes came up just short. Congratulations to The Hooligans on a big win.

 photo EEE_zpsad9bcd0b.jpg

 photo HHHHH_zps45e750fd.jpg

The power of Alex Rudolph made an impact in the battle royal.

 photo HHHH_zps8a8e877a.jpg

Could this be the next the PWI ROOKIE OF THE YEAR? Raphael King enjoys beating on Jake Parnell.

 photo EEEE_zpsa91dc855.jpg

Gary Jay thought he was lined up to win the golden ticket…..but

The 10 man Golden Ticket Gauntlet was won by Mario Andrew Crivello who overcame 9 opponents to earn the Golden Ticket and a shot at the Cutting Edge title. The other entrants were Abe Jackson, Gary J, Jack Rebel, The Great Akuma, Alex Rudolph, Jake Parnell, Randy Ray, Mr. Nice and Raphael King.

 photo FFF_zps88083cd9.jpg

Colonel Gimp’s Mobile Home Militia

 photo FFFF_zpsa5142035.jpg

Derek Moss explodes!

 photo FFFFF_zpsda1155f6.jpg

Devyn Nichole hoped to chop down Melanie Cruise.

 photo FFFFFF_zps1ee80b2a.jpg

Poor Perry Winkle finds himself in the grasp of Melanie Cruise.

 photo HHHHHH_zps8e3af4b6.jpg

Two of the most entertaining wrestlers in the Midwest ,Evan Gelistico and Tripp Casidy

Colonel Gimp’s Mobile Home Militia, consisting of The Bum Rush Brothers(Shorty Biggs and Outkast) and Melanie Cruise crushed The Addiction ( Perry Winkle, Derek Moss and Devyn Nichole).

 photo EEEEE_zps7171fa4c.jpg

Jester Yorick from way up top.

Jester Yorick and Machine accompanied by Shonda Boomer defeated Tripp Casidy and Evan Gelistico.

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Mike Van Hoogstraats NWA Dynamo photo recap Glen Carbon IL 7-24-10

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 10, 2010

Dubray Tallman works hard meeting the fans prior to the matches to find out who their favorite wrestler is. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Results thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer
Photos from Mike Van Hoogstraat
Captions from your Friendly Neighborhood MWR Editor Brian Kelley


Evan Gelistico leads Pierre Abernathy into battle.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Pierre Abernathy toys with Super Castaldi XIII (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Pierre Abernathy tries to put Super Castaldi XIII to sleep.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Super Castaldi XIII d. Pierre Abernathy(w/ Evan Gelistico) via rollup after Pierre accidentally knocked Evan off the apron.

Two of the young stars in the sport go at it as Gary J takes on Mat Fitchett.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Gary J gets nailed straight in the head.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Gary J is usually the man flying around the ring, here is attempts to slow down the death defying Fitchett.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Love this picture, Gary J leap frogs Fitchett. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Air attack from Fitchett.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Power by Gary J. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Mat Fitchett d. Gary Jay with a 450 Splash

A determined Tyler Cook is ready to go.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Tyler Cook uses his speed to keep from the grasps of the powerful Alexandre Rudolph(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Cook holds on for dear life as he tries to put the monster to sleep. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Cook finds him in a bad situation.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Evil Sadie Blaze keeps Tyler Cook from entering the ring in time for the 10 count thus it was a double countout. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

-Tyler Cook fought Alexandre Rudolph(w/ Sadie Blaze) to a double countout.

Some love for the ref Mike Crase on this evening, after the night would be over he would need a little TLC thanks to the Ego Express. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Ladies and Gentleman “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Down goes Kennedy(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Kennedy shows Gary J that he can leap as well. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Kennedy can not believe that he was unable to put OuTtKaSt away for the win. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

OuTtKaSt was impressive in victory. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

With Shorty Biggs having car problems and unable to be at the building the KC Karrington takes the opportunity to make himself a part of the match that saw OuTtKaSt pick up a hard earned victory. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Kennedy gets a shot in on OuTtKaSt.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

KC Karrington drills OuTtKaSt with a chair in a disgusting and cowardly move as Kennedy keeps the ref at bay. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

The Ego’s were relentless in their attack.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

OuTtKaSt feeling the aftermath of the night.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

OuTtKaSt needed assistance after the vicious beat down from the Ego Express. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

-OuTtKaSt d. Steven Kennedy with a rollup after Kennedy missed the Magic Bullet. K.C. Karrington attacked KaSt after the match(Shorty Biggs was not in the building due to travel problems) and destroyed him with a chair, leaving him bloody in the ring.

-Unfortunately, the show was cut short by a power outage during intermission as a huge thunderstorm hit the area. We waited for a while to see if the lights would return or if they could light the ring another way, but they finally called it off and offered discounts for their next show in August…rest of the card was scheduled to be Adam Rich vs. Evan Gelistico, Shorty vs. Karrington, Dan Walsh vs. Kevin X, and Davey Vega & Trent Stone vs. Mark Sterling & Jeremy Wyatt.

Missouri Wrestling Revival will have exclusive comments from the Bumrush Brothers Shorty Biggs and OuTtKaSt in the near future discussing their feud with the Ego Express that has the looks to not end anytime soon.

NWA Dynamo Returns August 28TH in Glen Carbon, Illinois .

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Dubi Meets the NWA Dynamo Fans Glen Carbon IL 7-24-10

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 4, 2010

By Dubray Tallman

Hello once again wrestling fans, Dubray Tallman back for a brand new “Dubi meets the Fans“. I missed what looked to be an exciting night of wrestling on July 17th in Park Hills with World League Wrestling  due to an illness, but I am excited about returning with “Dubi meets the NWA Dynamo Fans”.

I always try to get with fans prior to the matches to find out their favorite wrestler so we have an ideal what stars to catch up to during the short intermission. On this night there was a wrestler who was really in demand and it was none other than Shorty Biggs. A problem did arise when it was announced that Shorty had not arrived yet due to travel problems.

Mat Fitchett with Kevin Agoain

The NWA Dynamo Superstar that was chosen for the MWR T-shit give away was young Mat Fitchett who had a phenomenal match with Gary J that saw him light up the fans with a 450 splash with the win. Prior to the match starting Fitchett threw Kevin Agoain from Granite City the brand new grey version of the MWR T-shirt.

John, Rhonda, and lil Blake Rushing with Dan Woods, and Cameron Lilley with NWA Missouri Champion Davey Vega

I caught up with a great group of fans John, Rhonda, and lil Blake Rushing from Granite City plus Dan Woods, and Cameron Lilley from Scotaunton, IL who were delighted that the NWA Missouri Champion Davey Vega posed with them with the historic title in hand.

Oliva Hale from Granite City, IL

Sweet Oliva Hale from Granite City , IL stated that she was unsure of who she would like to have a picture with, but thought that it would be fun. She told me “pick someone cute” and in my mind there is no one cuter than Tyler Cook. I have known Cook for sometime now and he was more than happy to pose with Oliva.

Mat Fitchett and Mark Body

Mark Brody wanted a picture with a female wrestler, but beings that there was none on the card he was impressed with the young Fitchett.

Austin, Cory, and Jake from St Peters, Mo with Trent Stone

Up next was three excited boys Austin, Cory, and Jake from St Peters, Mo who chose the powerful Trent Stone. Stone one of the most impressive looking men in the Midwest seemed to enjoy taking the picture with the kids as much as Austin, Cory and Jake did.

Dubray Tallman with Dan Walsh

While I was waiting for Liz, Jen, Kayleigh and Bailey to get together for a picture, I decided to grab my choice for this feature. I have been very impressed with Dan Walsh. Walsh is a guy who I feel is a name that you will be hearing a lot out of in the near future.

my Liz, Jen, Kayleigh and Bailey pose with the lights out with wrestling Heartthrob Tyler Cook

Due to Shorty still not being in the building Liz, Jen, Kayleigh and Bailey stated that Tyler Cook would be a great pick. Then right as Brian was about to take the picture, human nature hit. The lights went out and it was almost pitch black due to a thunderstorm. The little girls were a little shaken up but Tyler, Liz and Jen was positive, while they along with Cook tried to make light out of the situation.

Bonus Picture fans that grabbed Brian to get a picture wih young Adam Rich

Unfortunately the lights would never come back on, but NWA Dynamo announced that everyone that brought back their ticket stub to the August 28th show they would get $5.00 off the admission price.

Look for a photo recap from MWR Photographer extraordinaire Mike Van Hoogstraat in the near future here at MWR and join me this Saturday in Granite City, Illinois for High Voltage Wrestling where the HVW Champion Kahagas returns plus a triple treat match with my friend Santana G taking on Amy Hennig and the Great Cheyenne plus be a fan for out “Dubi meets the High Voltage Wrestling Fans”.

Till then be good.

Love, Dubz.

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MWR Trading Card # 15 Brandon Aarons

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 21, 2010

The Ring of Honor offers his hand out of respect after his match with Brandon Aarons (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons is one of the hottest young stars in the Midwest today

Since defeating Gary J in the semi finals then outlasting Billy McNeil, Adam Rich, & Eric Allen to claim the IHW first ever St Lois Wrestling Invitational cup on June 14th

2010 has been a banner year for the young star since he parted ways in the very talented tag team B.A.B.EWatch with partner Brandon Espinosa. Big wins against would follow him and on February 6th Brandon Aarons defeated Mephisto, Sean Vincent, Billy McNeil, Eric Allen, & Steven Kennedy to become the NEW IHW champion

Aarons has been on a red hot streak since then racking up wins against the likes of Steven Kennedy and Eric Allen plus the big win against the Pro Wrestling Epic US Champion and 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year Mark Sterling in Mt Pulaski Illinois.

He would become a MWR  Triple Crown winner by upsetting Kansas City Killer and 2009 PWI Rookie of the Year Mike Sydal to become the High Voltage Wrestling Livewire Champion at NWA Dynamo Wrestling.

Just last month Brandon Aarons step up to the plate to take on the Ring of Honor World Champion Tyler Black at PWE in an impressive showing before “The Apex” Blake Steel attacked him (Aarons) thus giving the PWE US Champion a bittersweet victory over the World Champion.

The best is yet to come for this rising Midwest star. It is with great pleasure that we announce that the MWR Trading card number 15 is “Irresistible” Brandon Aarons.

#1 The Northstar Express Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz– 2008 MWR Tag team of the Year.
#2 Mark Sterling– 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year.
#3 The Hooligans Devin and Mason Cutter -2009 MWR Tag Team of the Year
#4 MsChif– 2009 MWR Female of the Year
#5 Mike Sydal – 2009 PWI Rookie of the Year
#6 Jeremy Wyatt – 2008 MWR Wrestler of the Year. 2008 MWR Match of the Year Michael Strider, 2009 MWR Match of the Year Tyler Cook
#7 Santana G –Seen on TNA
#8 Kahagas – The Tokyo Monster
#9 Mephisto– Hardcore favorite
#10 Tyler Black– Ring of Honor World Champion
#11 Sir Bradley Charles– Trained by Lance Storm
#12 Brandon Espinosa – Multi talented superstar
#13 Dave Vaughn – The Wrestling Machine

For a complete list of Missouri Wrestling Revival trading cards as well as WWE , TNA and Japan sets check out the website Wrestling trading cards.com here.

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Independent Hardcore Wrestling Photo Recap March 6th Brandon Aarons vs. “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 18, 2010

Doug E Best goes full force at Adam Raw.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Raw sends Best to the mat with a message that no rookie will run over him. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Raw brings the pain to Best.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Doug E Best would bite and scratch his way through the match. Even in a loss Best would was impressive. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Adam Raw defeated Doug E. Best

Poo Doo the Cow (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Espy struggles against Poo Doo the Cow. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

You have heard the old saying about when pigs fly? Well how about cows Brandon Espinosa? (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Espinosa only needs one opening to take over a match. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Espinosa defeated PooDoo The Cow

MR LAT-NITE leads Morbid, Cabal and Brandon Graves to the ring at IHW(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Justin Wade drops bombs on Cabal. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Evan Gelistico finds out that Wade’s power is for real. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Pierre Abernathy cheers on his partner Gelistico as he takes over on Shawn Santel. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Gelistico prepares to drop Santel with a blow from the outside. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Cabal with a sidewalk slam.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santel overpoweres Gelistico. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santel overpoweres Gelistico IWA-ACW Tag team titles.. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

IWA-ACW Tag Champs Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico defeated Cabal & Brandon Graves and Justin Wade & Shawn Santel in a triple threat tag team match.

Eric Allen( Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen and Mephisto went at it tooth and nail in and out of the ring. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen Submits Mephisto to move on in the Illinois Championship Tournament. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen defeated Mephisto by submission.

Old foes meet once again when Sean Vincent hooked up with Billy McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

McNeils leg kicks can be a vicious weapon. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Canada’s Sean Vincent stalks Billy McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Amazing Billy McNeil (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

What can I say about this move? A tough win from the talented Billy McNeil.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Billy Mcneil defeated Sean Vincent

During intermission a IHW fan was celebrating her birthday when Sean Vincent who was just eliminated in the Illinois state tournament comes to ruin her day. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The Don Mega Shorty Biggs comes to the rescue of the birthday girl.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Once again Mr. Late Nite’s man Gideon Morbid makes short work on his opponent at IHW. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Micheal Gideon Morbid defeated Zabian Zypertin

Billy McNeil explodes on Eric Allen in the finals of the Illinois State Championship. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen goes full force against McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A stunning kick by Allen gives him the edge. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen takes a seat while giving pain to McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Someone asked me while taking this , will those tables give ? The answer yes. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen moves just in time. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A vicious sneak attack on McNeil…The man behind the mask Sean Vincent. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The aftermath of a scary situation after Allen takes the pinfall to win the Championship. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen defeated Billy Mcneil to win the IHW IL Title

Gary J gets the fans in an uproar. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The kids love the charismatic Shorty Biggs. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A kick to the head, dead on the mark from Gary J.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Shorty Biggs gets the victory in a very tough match up. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Shorty Biggs defeated Gary Jay

IHW Champion Brandon Aarons. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons has one of the most beautiful drop kicks in the game. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Spoiled Steven Kennedy sends Aarons flying. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Kennedy looked great in the match taunting Aarons during moment of the match. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons showed true heart by beating Steven Kennedy in a great match up. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen lets his arch rival Brandon Aarons know that he is coming after the IHW belt. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

B.A.B.EWatch together again?(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Espinosa cements the breakdown of BABEWatrch. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

IHW Heavyweight champ Brandon Aarons defeated Steven Kennedy

Look for an exclusive interview with Sean Vincent in the near future at Missouri Wrestling Revival as we try to get to the bottom of his viscous attack on Billy McNeil.

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Ten reasons why you do not want to miss High Voltage Wrestling on August 15

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 10, 2009

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Pro wrestling fans, there are many shows to attend this August, but the one you will not want to miss is High Voltage Wrestling on August 15, 2009. TNT Keny G has broken out the piggy bank to give the fans the best in Midwest pro wrestling. Keny G said it best—“HVW fans will have a buffet of wrestling action on the 15th in Granite City, IL as we are bringing out all the stars to celebrate our return,”

Keny G pulled out all the stops to provide you, the fans, with the best bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 reasons you do not want to miss High Voltage Wrestling.

1.The HVW Champion Donovan Ruddick will defend his HWV Heavyweight Championship against the most hyped wrestler in 2009, the HVW Livewire Champion Kahagas.

HVW Poster

Poster by EA

Kahagas has toured around the world this summer and received an invitation to participate in the IWA Ted Petty International tournament in September and will return to his home promotion to try to prove his dominance over one of the most powerful men in the Midwest.

Ruddick is powerful, standing at 6”9. Many have stated that the man is just one step away from the WWE. Managed by the The Magic Man, Ruddick looks to impose his will on the Tokyo Monster. Ruddick taking on Kahagas has been boiling for some time. The HVW Arena will be crazy when these two go at it in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH!!!

2.Santana G’s debut.

Photo By Michael R Van Hoogstraat

Photo By Michael R Van Hoogstraat

With a huge void in the Midwest womens wrestling scene, Santana G has been the buzz of the summer. Training at the NWA Dynamo Gym, word has it that she has been working hard to learn her craft. Beautiful and sweet, Santana G was put in the line of fire when B.A.B.E.Watch members Brandon Aarons and Brandon Espinosa jumped her dad, Keny G, in the middle of the ring at the last show. Fan favorite Juice Robinson made the save and Santana’s dad let Aarons know that at this show he was to get a female tag team partner as Santana G would be teaming up with Juice for a mixed tag team match.

Come to HVW and be able to say that you were there when Santana made her wrestling debut.

One can not forget that two of the Young guns of the sport are in this match Juice Robinson and Brandon Aarons are the future of the sport and this will be the first match between this two but one would assume that these two will meet each other many times in the future.

3.Mississippi Madman comes to HVW !!

As punishment for the beatdown of TNT Keny G, Brandon Espinosa will have to face Keny G’s hired gun, the Mississippi Madman. The Mississippi Madman is a nice guy out of the ring but when the bell rings, the big man is one bad man. I caught up with the Mississippi Madman and he had these words for Brandon Espinosa.

4.The 2008 MWR Wrestler of the Year Jeremy Wyatt.

Poster by Kari Williams

Poster by Kari Williams

One of the baddest men on the planet, Jeremy Wyatt will be in the house. You never know what the Rebel is up to. The most talked about guy in the MWR coverage area, Jeremy Wyatt has arguably had a better year in 2009.

5. PWE US Title Defense

Mark Sterling defeated Hunter Mathews and Krotch for the PWE US title in June. Can he survive the speed of Gary J and Rebel Lucha? Both of these superstars are coming off heartbreaking title losses at HVW with Ruddick beating Rebel Lucha and Kahagas stopping Gary J. Sterling returns to HVW with PWE gold, will he be able to walk out with it, is the question.
HVW PWE Triple

6.The semi finals to the HVW Tag team tournament.

Tag team action at its best. The Hooligans, the Bandana Mafia, Zero Gravity and Nick Brubaker will be in the house with a partner of his choice. Who will emerge as the first ever HVW Tag team Champions?

We caught up with The Hooligans and they sent a warning the teams at HVW

7.Wrestlecraps Blade Braxton
Wrestlecrap 2
Since 2000, WrestleCrap.com has been THE definitive source for all the worst of professional wrestling. Whether it be an evil one-eyed midget named Cheatum or grown men fighting over an uncooked turkey, WrestleCrap is the place to kick back and laugh at the dumbest stuff ever presented in – and outside – a wrestling ring!

Come to High Voltage Wrestling to meet Blade Braxton one of the co-authors of one of my favorite books WrestleCrap book of List. Blade works hard on the website and will be sponsoring the special appearance of The Midnight Rose in the first ever HVW Battle Royal.


If you don’t like watching Dingo, then you just don’t like wrestling. Many believe that he is the most exciting wrestlers in the past few years in St Louis. Dingo’s last appearance in HVW was in a victory over Kahagas. Dingo looks to add HVW gold to his illustrious resume. That may be easier said that done. Dingo is set to match up with Tony Kozina. Kozina will be making his debut at HVW with full intentions of leap frogging Dingo to the title. Two wrestlers who can really go, this could be the match of the night.

9.Battle Royal
Who has it in them to claim the first ever HVW Battle Royal?

10. Will Mark Bland be brave enough to show.

My money is on the fact that Bland is all talk and no go, but HVW has sent him and invite to show up. The feud of 2009 has been HOT all summer. It started with Absoulte Wrestling Radio’s Matt Krueger insulting “Future” Donovan Ruddick in the middle of the ring. Bland was not happy about it all and called out promoter TNT Keny G during his show. Keny would infiltrate the show and take it over when Bland was out of town. Mark Bland then viciously attacked TNT Keny G at The Fan Shop in St. Louis, leaving him bruised and battered. The two had words at Six Flags during a special AWR broadcast in June.

Bland wants a match with Ruddick and promises to knock him out. Will Mark Bland be brave enough to show, or will he take my advice and stay far far away?

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Join MWR in Welcoming Josh Ray back from Iraq this Saturday!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 10, 2009

By Brian “Flair” Kelley


Join MWR to welcome back Josh Ray from Iraq 3-14-09 at High Voltage Wrestling!


We would like to invite every wrestling fan in the Midwest to join MWR as we welcome back our friend Josh C Ray as he returns from Iraq.  MWR has teamed up with High Voltage Wrestling to bring together a top notch card that promises to excite the young and old.


High Voltage Wrestling boasts a wide range of talent that includes:


HVW Champion “The Future” Donovan Ruddick– Ruddick is one of the most powerful men in the Midwest. With his manager “The Magic Man” Ruddick has had a stranglehold on the HVW title with no plans on letting it go anytime soon.


 The Japanese Nightmare Kahagas– Kahagas is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the nation and has battled with Dusty Rhodes, Tomko, and just recently wrestled a classic against Dingo at HVW in January.


Dingo- Dingo is a Champion where ever he goes. He currently holds the NWA Missouri and the IWA- Mid South Championship and the HVW title looks to be in his sights.   


“Big” Rick Fuller– Fuller has wrestled Hogan and Goldberg in WCW. Trained under WWE Superstars Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas. A Star in New Japan Pro Wrestling Fuller has been terrorizing wrestlers around the world with a chop that you have to hear to believe.



Brandon Espinoza – Multi-talented, Brandon came close to becoming the first HVW Champion in a three way with Ruddick and Kahagas. Now he sets his sights on the HVW Livewire title.  Look for an exciting match when he takes on fan favorite Gary J.


Gary J – Gary never fails to excite the crowd and is not afraid to put his body on the line. Come and see what the Gary J will do next!!


Some of the most talked about tag teams in the Midwest will be in St Louis as well. The devastating duo The Hooligans, the exciting Zero Gravity, the team of the future The Hybrids and one can not forget the HVW’s own Bandana Mafia. Teams that have graced the HVW ring in the past are The LONRS, The Blackhearts, and NBWA’s finest. If you like tag team action then you will love HVW.


That is not all….MWR is proud to bring to HVW two of the premier wrestlers in the Midwest. “The King of the 450” Steve Anthony will be taking on “Superstar” Steve Fender These two men were chosen because they were two of Josh’s favorites in the ring. You will see quickly why Josh feels that way when two hook up. Both have trained under Pro Wrestling Legend Harley Race at WLW. Superstar Steve has been toured Japan several times and you recently saw Anthony wrestled at ROH debut in St Louis. This has a chance to be a match talked about in St Louis for years to come.


Don’t miss this opportunity to see stars around the nation this coming Saturday. Tickets are only $10.00. Children 7 and under is FREE!! HVW is supporting our troops by allowing all Military personal to save a dollar if you show you’re Military Id.




Doors open at 6:30 Show starts at 7:30.

We hope to see you there!!!









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