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HVW One Year Anniversary Show: –Fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 24, 2009

3 High Voltage Wrestling October 10th

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

High Voltage Wrestling returns on Oct. 10 with “Encore” in Granite City, IL to celebrate their one year anniversary. HVW will be giving back to the community by donating $2.00 from each ticket sold to the American Diabetes Association. ADA is hoping to invite a family to enjoy exciting wrestling action as well to receive the check from the proceeds of this event. ADA is a cause that TNT Keny G feels strongly about supporting because he fights with the disease himself every day. Also in attendance will be the wonderful people at The Fan Shop. The Fan Shop will be giving 20% of all sales at the show towards the fundraiser.

For only $10.00 you can watch the most exciting wrestling action in the Midwest and help a good cause as well.

HVW Poster oct 10

The main event could very well be THE must see of the year. HVW Champion Kahagas will once again go one on one against Dingo, this time with the title on the line.

These two warriors went blow for blow this past January with the ultra talented Dingo getting bragging rights in his hometown. As one of the most booked wrestlers in the Midwest, Dingo dominated as he reigned throughout the year as the IWA-Midsouth Champion and NWA Missouri Champion. Dingo returned to HVW last month at “You got another thing Coming” against Tony Kozina in a back and forth war. Dingo got his hand raised and as soon as Kahagas had defeated Donovan Ruddick for the championship, Dingo let the fans know that he had his eyes set on the belt.

Dingo may have the 1-0 lead in the series, but he should beware. Since their classic match, Kahagas has been on a roll facing some of the toughest competition around the world and HVW. Kahagas teamed up with “Big” Rick Fuller to take on HVW Livewire Champion Brandon Espinosa and HVW Champion Donovan Ruddick with the stipulation being that if either Kahagas or Fuller got the pin, they would be crowned the champion of the respective belt. Kahagas became the Livewire Champion after pinning Espinosa. In August, Kahagas got even with his former manager The Magic Man by defeating his protégé Ruddick in a Falls count anywhere match.

There will be no turning back when two of the best wrestlers in the Midwest meet once again to determine just who the best is.

The summer of 2009 will always be remembered as the feud of HVW and Mark Bland. Bland hosts Absolute Wrestling Radio, and maybe he thought no one was listening when he made the mistake of calling out champions throughout the Midwest. Weeks went by and Bland felt good about himself as no one stepped up to the plate. That changed with one phone call—not from a wrestler but HVW Promoter TNT Keny G called in to let Bland know he had an invite to May’s HVWPeace and Blood” show. Bland claimed he was busy that night and sent AWR’S Matt Krueger in his place. The aftermath saw Krueger hitting Donovan Ruddick with a chair and paying for it dearly. TNT Keny G added insult to injury when he kicked Krueger out of the building.

Mark Bland immediately went to the airwaves to let Ruddick know that he was going to “Knock him out.” Bland stated that he was a superstar in the making and if not for an injury that sidetracked him he would be in the WWE today. TNT Keny G made a move that sent Bland to the edge, with prior knowledge that Bland was not going to be at an AWR broadcast, TNT Keny G and Ruddick took over the AWR show to make fun of Bland and what he claimed as the popular wrestling drinking game “The Randy Orton Game.”

Bland was not amused and with his spy’s around the city, he got word that the controversial promoter was making a visit at The Fan Shop. With a camera man on hand, he videotaped a vicious assault on TNT that shocked the wrestling scene.

Later the two had words at Six Flags as Keny and Ruddick sent an invite for Bland to show up at HVW’S “You got another thing coming” on August 15.

The night started out with fireworks as the two had to be separated when Bland took the offer to wrestle Donovan Ruddick at the next show. Bland promised that Ruddick would be knocked out.

Little did anyone know that it would be THAT night he would make good on that promise. In the main event, Bland changed the course of HVW when he sent The Magic Man reeling with a punch then delivered a chair shot that KNOCKED Ruddick out and set him on a table. Kahagas then went to the top of the balcony and delivered body splash to be crowned the new HVW Kingpin.

In less than one month, all the talking will be in the past. Can Mark Bland show the wrestling world that he is indeed an untapped wrestling talent and one to be reckoned with? Or will the former HVW Champion and 6 foot 9 monster Donovan Ruddick get revenge for his title loss?

Want more??

Tag team action does not get any better than this one. HVW will crown their first ever Tag team Champions, and the two teams going for this coveted prize do not like each other at all.

Devin and Mason Cutter, The Hooligans, have been dominating wrestling throughout the Midwest. Don’t let their actions fool you; what appears to be total chaos in the ring is text book tag teaming. From the moment that they signed the contract at HVW these two have been itching to prove that they are the team to beat in the Midwest.

The Bandana Mafia (Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico) are 2/3 of the 6 man cup. Always entertaining, these two have earned the respect of the fans with their own unorthodox style. They go into this match with bragging rights of defeating the Cutters younger brother Neil “Diamond” Cutter and his tag team partner, The Blackheart, in the first round.

MWR was able to catch up with both teams after the August 15th HVW show.

A main event match anywhere in the Midwest you will not want to miss The Hooligans and The Bandana Mafia battle to become the first ever HVW Tag Team Champions.

Fans of women wrestling will not want to miss Santana G’s one on one wrestling debut, as she takes on the St Louis debut of Mia Martinez. Santana has already won the hearts of wrestling fans with her sweet personality and work ethic. Santana has been getting proper training at the NWA Dynamo Gym as the veteran Mia Martinez looks to make a name for herself in the Midwest.
Mia Martinez
Mia, trained by Ace Steele, Danny Dominion, is dubbed La Chica Diamante…”The Diamond Girl”. Mia battled with one of PWI’s top 50 female wrestlers in the world, Malia Hosaka, this past year in the Midwest.

HVW continues to bring fresh talent to the area when the one and only Curly makes his way to Granite City. You will not forget the three stooge fanatic once you see him. One of my favorites and after October 10th he will be one of yours as well.
HVW Oct 10 Curly 2

On August 15th at “You got another thing Coming” Jeremy Wyatt was offended that he had no one to wrestle and he let MWR’s Josh Ray know about it. Josh responded that he would personally have a challenge set for “The Rebel” when HVW returns on October 10th. Who has Josh signed to be Wyatt’s opponent? He won’t say but he advises Wyatt to be ready. Wyatt promises to make an example of his said opponent as he gets closer to defending his HVW Cup on November 14th at the MWR Showcase Show in Granite City against Dingo.

Also appearing HVW will be Mark Sterling, Brandon Aarons, Davey Vega Gary Jay, Eric Allen, Alexandre Rudolph, Mississippi Madman, Brandon Espinosa, Cabal, and The Magic Man.

High Voltage Wrestling continues to mix the best in St Louis with elite in the Midwest. No where else can you get this much action for the measly price of $10.00 a ticket with kids 7 and under FREE.

Be a part of history as HVW celebrates their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with “ENCORE” on October 10th in Granite City.

For all your High Voltage Wrestling news check out the Brand new website here

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Ten reasons why you do not want to miss High Voltage Wrestling on August 15

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 10, 2009

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Pro wrestling fans, there are many shows to attend this August, but the one you will not want to miss is High Voltage Wrestling on August 15, 2009. TNT Keny G has broken out the piggy bank to give the fans the best in Midwest pro wrestling. Keny G said it best—“HVW fans will have a buffet of wrestling action on the 15th in Granite City, IL as we are bringing out all the stars to celebrate our return,”

Keny G pulled out all the stops to provide you, the fans, with the best bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 reasons you do not want to miss High Voltage Wrestling.

1.The HVW Champion Donovan Ruddick will defend his HWV Heavyweight Championship against the most hyped wrestler in 2009, the HVW Livewire Champion Kahagas.

HVW Poster

Poster by EA

Kahagas has toured around the world this summer and received an invitation to participate in the IWA Ted Petty International tournament in September and will return to his home promotion to try to prove his dominance over one of the most powerful men in the Midwest.

Ruddick is powerful, standing at 6”9. Many have stated that the man is just one step away from the WWE. Managed by the The Magic Man, Ruddick looks to impose his will on the Tokyo Monster. Ruddick taking on Kahagas has been boiling for some time. The HVW Arena will be crazy when these two go at it in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH!!!

2.Santana G’s debut.

Photo By Michael R Van Hoogstraat

Photo By Michael R Van Hoogstraat

With a huge void in the Midwest womens wrestling scene, Santana G has been the buzz of the summer. Training at the NWA Dynamo Gym, word has it that she has been working hard to learn her craft. Beautiful and sweet, Santana G was put in the line of fire when B.A.B.E.Watch members Brandon Aarons and Brandon Espinosa jumped her dad, Keny G, in the middle of the ring at the last show. Fan favorite Juice Robinson made the save and Santana’s dad let Aarons know that at this show he was to get a female tag team partner as Santana G would be teaming up with Juice for a mixed tag team match.

Come to HVW and be able to say that you were there when Santana made her wrestling debut.

One can not forget that two of the Young guns of the sport are in this match Juice Robinson and Brandon Aarons are the future of the sport and this will be the first match between this two but one would assume that these two will meet each other many times in the future.

3.Mississippi Madman comes to HVW !!

As punishment for the beatdown of TNT Keny G, Brandon Espinosa will have to face Keny G’s hired gun, the Mississippi Madman. The Mississippi Madman is a nice guy out of the ring but when the bell rings, the big man is one bad man. I caught up with the Mississippi Madman and he had these words for Brandon Espinosa.

4.The 2008 MWR Wrestler of the Year Jeremy Wyatt.

Poster by Kari Williams

Poster by Kari Williams

One of the baddest men on the planet, Jeremy Wyatt will be in the house. You never know what the Rebel is up to. The most talked about guy in the MWR coverage area, Jeremy Wyatt has arguably had a better year in 2009.

5. PWE US Title Defense

Mark Sterling defeated Hunter Mathews and Krotch for the PWE US title in June. Can he survive the speed of Gary J and Rebel Lucha? Both of these superstars are coming off heartbreaking title losses at HVW with Ruddick beating Rebel Lucha and Kahagas stopping Gary J. Sterling returns to HVW with PWE gold, will he be able to walk out with it, is the question.
HVW PWE Triple

6.The semi finals to the HVW Tag team tournament.

Tag team action at its best. The Hooligans, the Bandana Mafia, Zero Gravity and Nick Brubaker will be in the house with a partner of his choice. Who will emerge as the first ever HVW Tag team Champions?

We caught up with The Hooligans and they sent a warning the teams at HVW

7.Wrestlecraps Blade Braxton
Wrestlecrap 2
Since 2000, WrestleCrap.com has been THE definitive source for all the worst of professional wrestling. Whether it be an evil one-eyed midget named Cheatum or grown men fighting over an uncooked turkey, WrestleCrap is the place to kick back and laugh at the dumbest stuff ever presented in – and outside – a wrestling ring!

Come to High Voltage Wrestling to meet Blade Braxton one of the co-authors of one of my favorite books WrestleCrap book of List. Blade works hard on the website and will be sponsoring the special appearance of The Midnight Rose in the first ever HVW Battle Royal.


If you don’t like watching Dingo, then you just don’t like wrestling. Many believe that he is the most exciting wrestlers in the past few years in St Louis. Dingo’s last appearance in HVW was in a victory over Kahagas. Dingo looks to add HVW gold to his illustrious resume. That may be easier said that done. Dingo is set to match up with Tony Kozina. Kozina will be making his debut at HVW with full intentions of leap frogging Dingo to the title. Two wrestlers who can really go, this could be the match of the night.

9.Battle Royal
Who has it in them to claim the first ever HVW Battle Royal?

10. Will Mark Bland be brave enough to show.

My money is on the fact that Bland is all talk and no go, but HVW has sent him and invite to show up. The feud of 2009 has been HOT all summer. It started with Absoulte Wrestling Radio’s Matt Krueger insulting “Future” Donovan Ruddick in the middle of the ring. Bland was not happy about it all and called out promoter TNT Keny G during his show. Keny would infiltrate the show and take it over when Bland was out of town. Mark Bland then viciously attacked TNT Keny G at The Fan Shop in St. Louis, leaving him bruised and battered. The two had words at Six Flags during a special AWR broadcast in June.

Bland wants a match with Ruddick and promises to knock him out. Will Mark Bland be brave enough to show, or will he take my advice and stay far far away?

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“The Fan Shop in St. Louis MOVING Tomorrow!!!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 18, 2009


By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Our good friends at The Fan Shop are moving to a bigger location with More Merchandise!! The Fan Shop is known for its Celebrity autographs, music autographs, sports jerseys, custom jerseys, and everything else the Fan Shop / Sigs from the Bigs had before…Including a section dedicated to St. Louis Wrestling (First – Wrestling at the Chase).

They open this Friday at the Crestwood Plaza / Crestwood Courts Mall inside between Chevy’s and The Post Office. 150 Crestwood Plaza

Come check them out and tell them that Missouri Wrestling Revival sent you.

Email is still thefanshop@hotmail.com
myspace is still: myspace.com/proshirtshopstl
Website is sigsfromthebigs.com

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Al Snow visits The Fan Shop

Posted by reimaginejournalism on February 20, 2009

Compiled by Kari Williams

On Jan. 30, Former WWE, TNA and ECW Superstar Al Snow paid a visit to The Fan Shop located in St. Louis, MO prior to the training seminar he conduted with Dynamo Training Gym. In between signing autographs and memorobilia and talking wrestling with the fans in attendance, Snow accepted an interview with Missouri Wrestling Revival.

Inbetween signing autographs and memorabilia, Al Snow took time for an interview for Missouri Wrestling Revival before leaving The Fan Shop for the training seminar he conducted at Dynamo Training Gym located in St. Louis, MO.

Inbetween signing autographs and memorabilia, Al Snow took time for an interview for Missouri Wrestling Revival before leaving The Fan Shop for the training seminar he conducted at Dynamo Training Gym located in St. Louis, MO.

Kari Williams: How many years have you been wrestling?
Al Snow: This May will be 27 years.

KW:Which titles have you held?
AS: What titles have I held? *slight pause*

KW:Or just the major ones…
AS: I’ve held the WWF Tag Team Titles, WWF Hardcore Title, and the WWF European Title.

Independent Wrestler Michael Morbid waits while Al Snow calls Morbid’s girlfriend, who wanted to attend the signing, but was unable to because of her work schedule.

Independent Wrestler Michael Morbid waits while Al Snow calls Morbid’s girlfriend, who wanted to attend the signing, but was unable to because of her work schedule.

KW:What first hooked you on pro wrestling?
AS: You know, I don’t know. I just knew that it was something I wanted to do, that I had to do. I just fell in love with it.

KW:There’s nothing inparticular that stands out?
AS: Well, you know, I remember when wrestling came back on TV in the area where I lived in Ohio, we had the original shiek…we were part of his terrirtory then it went out of business. And then we didn’t have wrestling for quite a while, and then when I was like 13, I believe, we actually got cable television. I know that’s kind of odd to think, ‘You didn’t have cable television?,’ but they didn’t at that time. And, we got cable television and they started broadcasting Turner–TBS–and we got Georgia Championship Wrestling—NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling. The first thing I saw was they were showing a seen from the omni where Dusty Rhodes was supposed to be the special referee against, I believe it was Tommy Rich and Wahoo McDaniel, against Ole Anderson and Ivan Koloff, and they jumped Dusty in the parking lot prior to it. He was wondering, white shirt, torn, blood dripping all over the place, and so after that I was hooked.

Superfan and Former Independent Valet Barbie Shultz has her autograph jacket signed by Al Snow.

Superfan and Former Independent Valet Barbie Shultz has her autograph jacket signed by Al Snow.

KW:What were your aspirations when you got started and have they changed since you’ve been in the business?
AS: Nope. My goals when I first started were exactly the same then as they are now, and that was, I wanted to have the kind of matches that people would remember. I wanted to make a name for myself in the wrestling business that would last beyond my time in it, and I wanted to make really good money.

KW: What is your favorite match you’ve been in and why?
AS: Gee, I’d say everytime I get to go to the ring. That’s my favorite match.

KW: Is there anything you would consider the highlight of your career?
AS: The highlight of my career?

KW: Or your greatest accomplishment.
AS: I’d say my greatest accomplishment is that I’ve been able to do what I love to do for as long as I’ve been able to do it.

KW: Out of the companies you’ve worked with, which was your favorite to work with or the best to work for?
AS: All the different companies were good for different reasons at different times, but I really enjoyed ECW not just for the obvious reasons of the success that I had there, but also because it was a great comraderie in the locker room and the atmosphere as far as the fans was just amazing.

KW: When did you decide to come to Dynamo for a seminar? Or were you asked to come?
AS: They contacted me about coming.

KW: Why did you decide to come?
AS: Because they asked me to come and do a seminar. The reason I go and do seminars is because I love the wrestling business and there are things about the wrestling business that need to be taught to properly understand the wrestling business, and if they’re not taught and passed along then what happens is the wrestling business changes and it becomes something else. And then it goes away, and that’d be a shame considering that wrestling, other than jazz, is the only other true American art form and it’s lasted since over a century now, and it’d be sad to see it disappear.

KW: How many seminars do you conduct per year? Or does it just depend?
AS: It depends. It depends. Probably last year, I probably did 25 to 30 of them.

KW: All over the country?
AS: All over the country and including Canada too.

KW: Why have you chosen to work with wrestlers on the independent level?
AS: Well, to kind of pass along what I know, and I still enjoy—I still very much enjoy—getting a chance to go out and do what it is I love to do. I never got into wrestling just to be a WWE superstar or an ECW guy or a ‘blah, blah, blah’ guy, you know. I got into wrestling just because I love to wrestle.

KW: If you could give anyone wanting to get involved in wrestling one piece of advice, what would it be and why?
AS: The one piece of advice I would give them is that make sure you are absolutely passionate about what you want to do, and don’t treat professional wrestling as a joke, treat it as what it is. It’s a profession. It’s not a hobby. It’s not a fantasy. It is not something that you just undertake and do on a whim. It’s something that you have to be dedicated to and be willing to sacrifice to have any type of success. And whether you have all the personality, the charisma, the size, the build, the look, the gift of gab, physical ability, you have all of that, [but] if you don’t have passion, you’ll never get any kind of success.

Al Snow signs ‘heads’ while chatting with the owners of The Fan Shop about the local wrestling scene, as well as the goings on in WWE and TNA.

Al Snow signs ‘heads’ while chatting with the owners of The Fan Shop about the local wrestling scene, as well as the goings on in WWE and TNA.

KW: How do you think the Beyond the Mat documentary affected the wrestling business in general or do you think that it has at all?
AS: I don’t think the Beyond the Mat documentary has affected the wrestling business one bit.

KW: Why?
AS: Why? Because the wrestling business is the wrestling business. You know, you’re not exposing or taking the lid off of Pandora’s box on wrestling by watching the Beyond the Mat [Documentary]. You may show another side of it, that might give people either a greater appreciation and respect for it, or, even a greater disdain, but those people are going to have that no matter what. The fact that, the only thing about professional wrestling that’s fake is that it’s predetermined. When that became obvious was back in the 1930s when the newspapers in North America stopped covering it as if it were an actual sporting event. Since then, everybody’s known. It’s not all of a sudden, let’s pull back the curtain and realize that a magician is not actually performing reality-altering spells. We all know that magician is not actually doing that, but we pay to see it. Wrestling’s the same thing.

KW: If you could change anything about your career, what would you change and why?
AS: I would change all of the mistakes that I made and the missed opportunities that I now realize I had that I didn’t fully take advantage of that I could have.

KW: What kind of opportunities?
AS: The one big opportunity is that everytime I would go to the ring, and I had an opportunity, and I didn’t realize that. I thought that it was because I either won or I lost or I did certain things or didn’t do certain things, and every time I went to that ring, I had that opportunity to do business and make myself a star, and I didn’t look at it that way.

KW: Is there anything you’d like to add?
AS: Keep an eye out for me, I am now involved in an even more extreme sport. I am part of the Russian Roulette Players Association. And, you know, it’s pretty extreme because every match is a sudden death match. No pun intended, but I’m gunnin’ for rookie of the year, but we’ll see. There are a couple good players that are coming off the injured/reserved list, and they could cause a problem as far as that—as far as my chances of being rookie of the year.

Paul Morad, the winner of the MWR T-shirt raffle poses with Al Snow, who appeared at The Fan Shop on Jan. 30.

Paul Morad, the winner of the MWR T-shirt raffle poses with Al Snow, who appeared at The Fan Shop on Jan. 30.

You will be able to meet former WWE and ECW wrestler at the The Fan Shop This Saturday at 3:00 P.M. The Fan Shop is located at 1393 Covington Manor Lane in Mehlville, Mo. The signing is sponsored by Southern Indiana Pro Wrestling.

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Kevin Thorn meet and greet at The Fan Shop.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 18, 2009


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Win Free MWR T-shirts this weekend!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 28, 2009


Join Missouri Wrestling Revival in Richmond Missouri to celebrate WLW’s first show of the year this Friday. Come early and sign up for a chance to win a free MWR T-shirt. Former WWE wrestler Eugene will be live in person along with all of your favorite WLW superstars.

Friday January 30th, 2009
Eagleton Center
1015 West Royle, Richmond MO.

Doors open 6 pm
Bell time 7 pm

Ticket outlets are:
Bank Midwest
Wal-mart Super Center
Daily News
City of Richmond Collectors office
Eagleton Center

Reserved tickets call WLW 573-392-4100
or Rob Kinnard 816-519-0605.

Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis and scholarship for recreational participants and Senior Program at Eagleton Center.

For information on WLW please take the time to go to the WLW Website.

The very next night in Ottawa Kansas, we invite you to NWA –Presents Dynamo Pro Wrestling. Come early for another chance to win the exclusive MWR T-shirt and meet former WWE,TNA, ECW Superstar Al Snow. This event will be a special fundraiser for Jimmie Bass. For more information on this event please go to A New Heart for Little Jimmie Bass.

St Louis Wrestling fans please take the time to go to The Fan Shop and Sign up for a free MWR T-shirt along with your picture with Al Snow. For information on The Fan Shop go to The Fan Shop –Where the customer is the #1 Fan.

We hope to see each and every one at the shows to support Pro Wrestling as they help a good cause.

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Win a Free MWR T-shirt at “The Fan Shop” and meet Al Snow !!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 25, 2009

Wrestling fans in St Louis take the time this week to go to the The Fan Shop located at 1393 Covington Manor in St Louis to sign up for a chance to win a free T-shirt. Only a limited amount of MWR T-shirts have been made and they are almost all gone. We have given away a free MWR shirt to fans at wrestling shows in Iowa, Kansas, Illinois and Missouri.

Our friends at “The Fan Shop” would like to make the winning even more special. How about a FREE T-shirt and your picture taken with former WWE, TNA,ECW Superstar Al Snow? All you have to do is come to the store today till January 29th at 5:00 P.M. and sign your name and phone number. That evening The Fan Shop’s Mr. Bigg or The Mat Maniac will call you to let you know you won.

Come in the next day (January 30th at 3 pm) to collect your free shirt and get your picture taken with one of the most loved wrestler in the world.

It is that simple. So please take the time to go to the store, check out their wide range of merchandise, find out when they are hosting a PPV parties and discuss what you would like to see at The Fan Shop with people who care about the business.

Don’t be left out on what is happing in wrestling in St Louis, become a friend of The Fan Shop at their myspace page.

The Fan Shop
1393 Covington Manor
St Louis, Mo

Store is open 7 days a week
Monday-Saturday 11-8
Sunday 12-7

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THE FAN SHOP- Where the customer is the #1 Fan.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 22, 2009


By Brian “Flair ” Kelley

The Fan Shop (formerly known as The Pro Shirt Shop) has changed location and name this past fall, but hopes to carry on the tradition of providing the wrestling fans with a place in St Louis that they can come and buy wrestling merchandise, souvenirs and autographs.



I went to their new location this past week and was delighted to not only see a wide range of merchandise but a mini museum of wrestling history. They had on display an autograph Cape from Hulk Hogan’s character Thunderlips from the movie Rocky 3 that really impressed me and for the younger generation there is a Rey Mysterio worn mask from his days in WCW. This is just a few of the fun stuff to check out at the “The Fan Shop”.


The store is now owned by wrestling manager Mr. Bigg and managed by fellow manager The Mat Maniac/ Mr. GQ Matthew Wayne Schuyler 3rd. With years in experience in the sport they are knowledgeable with a passion and love for the sport as you and I do.


If you know anything about me then you know I enjoy wrestling autobiographies and Wrestling shoot interviews. While I was in the store I picked up the Larry Matysik book Wrestling at the Chase- The Inside story of Sam Muchnick and the Legends of Professional Wrestling. A book so good I have had a hard time putting down long enough so that I can work on the Missouri Wrestling Revival site. The Fan Shop also has a wide range of classic St Louis Wrestling at the Chase videos you can catch up with the backbone of Professional wrestling’s History with matches that include Harley Race, Ric Flair,Dust Rhodes, Bruiser Brody, the Von Erich’s and much more.


Ladies, it is close to that time of the year where you will be searching for a Valentines gift for the special man in your life, why not try The Fan Shop? Show him that he is your World Champion with classic and current Replica Belts. Look for the T-shirt, action figure or DVD of his favorite wrestler, The Fan Shop also has many authentic autographs that will be sure to bring a smile to his day.


They also are branching out to All Sports- Collectibles and Autographs. Are you looking for a Custom Jersey or an Autograph come in the store to find out if they happen to have what you are looking for. If you are a fan of MMA, the Fan Shop should be a place for you too check out; while I was in the store my girlfriend even found her a sexy girl UFC shirt that impressed her proving that there is something in the store for anyone.    

My girlfriend Dubray finds something she wants at The Fan Shop.

My girlfriend Dubray finds something she wants at The Fan Shop.



The Fan Shop is world renown for bringing in some of the top stars in the area for you to meet. In the past three years they have been a part of autograph signings that is a who’s who in the sport. Current WWE Superstars Batista has been in the store as well as Hall of Famers Harley Race, Terry Funk, Bret Hart just to name a few of the legends to grace their way to the store.

Store manager The Mat Maniac/ Mr. GQ Matthew Wayne Schuyler 3rd  and WWE Superstar Evan Bourne.

Store manager The Mat Maniac/ Mr. GQ Matthew Wayne Schuyler 3rd and WWE Superstar Evan Bourne.



Two of the greatest to ever wrestler Harley Race and Terry Funk has been at The Fan Shop

Two of the greatest to ever wrestle Harley Race and Terry Funk has been at The Fan Shop




In fact this week they team up with Dynamo Pro Wrestling to host none other than former WWE, TNA and ECW superstar Al Snow to the store. Come and meet one of the hardest working Superstar in the business, January 30th at 3 P.M. You will have an opportunity to get an autograph or picture taken with him close up at The Fan Store.





Whether your love is WWE, TNA, Old school wrestling or MMA make your stop at  The Fan Store -Where the customer is the #1 Fan. Tell them that Missouri Wrestling Revival sent you.


The Fan Shop

1393 Covington Manor

St Louis, Mo



Store is open 7 days a week

Monday-Saturday 11-8

If you are a young and inspiring wrestler in the St Louis or Kansas City area that would like to have a chance to train with Al Snow. Take the time to contact Dynamo Pro Gym for a limited chance to learn from one of the most traveled wrestlers in the business.

Sunday 12-7





To train with Al Snow in Kansas or St Louis contact Dynamo Pro Gym.


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