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The Rematch IWA and MWR Champion Jack Gamble vs Karim Brigante in Troy, MO at WLW

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 28, 2018

Matches on tap for this weekend’s event at the Race Wrestling Arena! This event is the fundraiser to help out the Bread For Life food Pantry pantry in Troy so make sure you support WLW and this cause!

Purchase tickets online at http://www.harleyrace.com/troywrestlingevent.html or go to CT Harrisons Business Solutions at 101 South Lincoln Drive in Troy! @ World League Wrestling

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The New King of Missouri: Jack Gamble

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 21, 2018

This past weekend saw one of the biggest matches of the year as it was “Title vs. Title in Green Ridge, Missouri at Harley Race’s World League Wrestling. Italian Wrestling Association (IWA) Champion Jack Gamble took on the MWR Missouri Champion Karim Brigante on a frigid November evening in a match that lived up to expectations.

On one side, you had the MWR Missouri Champion Brigante. He has wrestled around the world with a desire to be the best in the sport. That respect for the sport brought him to the United States to train with the eight-time World Champion Harley Race. During his time with Race he has made multiple trips to the United States to work with WLW and promotions around the country. In 2017, he reached the mountaintop at WLW by defeating Leland Race and “Superstar” Steve Fender for the title. He has also participated in four of the annual camps that have involved WWE, NOAH, ROH and others. Brigante’s pop-up elbow-smash to the face of his opponent is beautiful.  In March, at WLW Night of Champions 3, Brigante captured the MWR Title by defeating the former PWI Rookie of the Year and two-time MWR MO Champion Ace Hawkins.

The other side of the ring was Jack Gamble. Midwest fans know him better as one half of the tag team High Level Enterprise with partner Jon Webb. They are former three-time WLW Tag Team and two-time Dynamo Pro Tag Team Champions that were honored with the MWR Tag Team of the Year in 2015. The hometown fan favorite also wisely graduated under the watchful eye of Race while participating in the WLW/NOAH/ROH camps during his early career. His talent earned him an invite to train at the Pro Wrestling NOAH Dojo in Japan two different years.

Gamble showed his heart and dedication when he was able to return from a horrific car accident that threaten his career in 2013.  Though it is true that he has found huge success in tag team action in 2018 Gamble has set his sights on singles gold. In the past calendar year prior to this weekend he had challenged for the MWR MO belt on two different occasions, the first against Hawkins at WLW and the last time at Dynamo Pro against Brigante, just coming up short each time.  In September, Gamble defeated former 2-time MWR MO Champion Brandon Espinosa in a match that proved that he was much more than a tag team specialist then picked up a DQ win against the WLW and IWA Champion Webb in October. His biggest single win to date came on November 3rd when he captured the IWA belt from Webb in a three-way that also included Brigante who was also wanting to recapture the IWA title a belt he held earlier this year before losing it to Webb.  Gamble’s superkick into a spin-out powerbomb is a deadly combination that is delivered with quick speed and precision.

Brigante with a victory already against Gamble in singles competition and 8 title defenses of the MWR title entered the bout with what many would believe may have had the edge.  Gamble’s confidence though seemed to have been at an all-time high as the two had a classic battle with the fans clearly on Gambles side throughout the match. In the final moments of the match it looked as if Brigante was going to lock a submission leg lock but Gamble quickly pushed Brigante away and like lighting hit his patented superkick into the spin-out powerbomb to retain his IWA Championship and become the sixth man to hold the MWR Missouri Championship.

Jack Gamble celebrated via Twitter at @JackGambleHLE

The KING of Italy!
The King of Missouri!
I am now the @IWAItaly1 heavyweight champion and the MWR Missouri Heavyweight champion!!!

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Neil “Diamond” Cutter is a One of a kind.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 13, 2009

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Today there are many high profile second and third generation superstars dominating the wrestling landscape. Cowboy Bob Orton’s son WWE World Champion Randy Orton is at the top of the list along with Ted Dibiase’s son Ted JR who is a tag team partner of former NWA World Champion Dusty Rhodes youngest son Cody form the team known as “The Legacy”. The Midwest also has there eyes on Curt Hening’s son Joe and his daughter Amy as they have got their start in the area with Wrestling Legend Harley Race.

Families and wrestling have a special bond throughout the history of the sport. Throughout the years fans have watched in excitement as the families of the Von Erich’s, The Harts, The Guerrero’s and The Funk’s have brought tears of joy, sadness and at times hatred in the eyes of the special fraternity called “fans”.

This leads us to the Cutters, Devin and Mason Cutter. Two Brothers that have been in the thorn of Midwest wrestlers who have faced them just as days long gone by, when the brothers Frank and Jesse James terrorized the government who they felt had gave them no choice but to fight back. The James Gang were known as outlaws whereas the Cutlers are known as The Hooligans.

The Hooligans (Photo By Brian "Flair" Kelley)

The Hooligans (Photo By Brian "Flair" Kelley)

What is a Hooligan you ask? I caught up with Devin and Mason and Mason gave me a thorough explanation “We are known as The Hooligans, we represent a society called Skinheads. That does not mean we are racists because we are not. We proudly come from the working class where you take pride in hard work. Skinhead means that we stand up against a government that is slowly taking apart a society that once belonged to the working class. We will strap on our boots and march with our fellow working men and stomp out these fascists governments. In the end we will finally give the power back to the people the way it was meant to be.” he continued to say “United we stand in this movement, united we will stomp the oppressors out. We are not a gang, just brothers black and white we stand and fight, we fly no colors, our torn up knuckles and faded blue jeans are the colors we wear. We don’t need no gang to watch our ass just loyal friends from the working class. Arm and arm we fight as one. We should be labeled as the men and women that have built this society from scratch. We should be known simply as WORKING CLASS HEROES!!

Midwest fans have been watching The Hooligans join together as family going to war with Ian Rotten at IWA. What one may have missed is that there is a third Cutter.

The black sheep of the family - Neil Diamond Cutter(Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

The black sheep of the family - Neil Diamond Cutter(Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

His name is Neil “Diamond” Cutter, one would say he is a little on the strange side. While the Devin and Mason were planning and plotting on how to take a stand against the oppression in this politically correct world, “Lil” Cutter was in the back room listening to Neil Diamond classics, “Sweet Caroline” and “Kentucky Women” blaring much to the disdain of the Cutter family.

Mason Cutter confirmed this with displeasure in his voice. Neil would always be listening to those damn Neil Diamond cds all night. It drives us crazy. Mason Cutter

I was able to catch up with Neil at a recent Independent  Hardcore Wrestling show in Dupo, Illinois to get his thoughts on his brothers and there upcoming match in the semi title tournament match for the High Voltage Wrestling tag team titles to question weather he would be in the house to support his brothers all he could talk about was the BIG NEWS!!

Neil Diamond had his first ever online store!!?? Yes, now he can buy all his Diamond merchandise at one spot. The little Cutler was quite pleased with himself as he explained to me that “You can get all your Neil Diamond merchandise From the Neil Diamond messenger bag to the Brand new Neil Diamond album The Home Before Dark Deluxe Edition CD which features two BONUS tracks and a second DVD disc with up close and personal footage of the new music. Neil proudly stated “Brian, Don’t Buy it anywhere but from the online store because there you can get the free Neil Diamond Poster!”

With great advice from Neil withstanding, one can not discount the talent of the runt of the family. Fearlessness and toughness have never been in question from Neil, he showed that this April at IWA’S Bloodshowers part one when he assisted his brothers to get the win against the hardcore brothers known as Bad Breed, Ian and Axl Rotten in a Barbed Wire- match.

Neil’s single’s debut at IWA was against up and comer Juice Robinson. Neil must have stayed up late jamming to Neil’s classic “Walk on water” because no matter what he did he crashed and burned with the young pretty boy taking home the win, while his brothers Devin and Mason looked back in disgust.

”I don’t understand Neil Diamond music and even less as to why Neil loves it so damn much.” Devon Cutter

Wrestlers should not let Neil’s odd behavior or his size fool them. He is one of the most fearless wrestlers in the Midwest today. Going into the match with the youngest and smallest Cutler looks to be a cakewalk. When the bell rings he has the ability to use his body like a missile hitting you from every direction. When Neil goes to the top rope and comes down on you with such great height the downward momentum feels like he hit you with a sledgehammer.

Ian Rotten stood up for the lil Cutter at the show , “Truth Justice, and the IWA way” when he stated firmly “Neil has a bigger pair of balls than both of the Hooligans combined!”

Watch out for Neil’s Bombs Away”. While his opponent is down on their hands and knees thinking that it is safe , Neil runs onto their back and jumps straight up to delivers a pain full senton bomb. Explosive and deadly, Neil is always looking to hit one of the many versions of his Diamond Cutter for the win which he calls D.N.D (Dedication to Neil Diamond).

Neil may not be a household name today but this journalist has been around the MWR coverage area scouting talent and he is what you would call a sleeper. A poor mans Evan Bourne, Neil has some of the raw skills that the WWE’S Bourne possesses. Neil shocked the Midwest when he was able to get the biggest win in his short career this past May at IWA Mid-South when he defeated one of the top 5 stars in the Midwest Mark Sterling by delivering the patented D.N.D. Just a small glimpse of what the little guy can do.

In a world where big men rule the ring Neil’s breathtaking moves have the chance to steal the show and the spotlight at any event. Even from his big brothers who look down on him as he tries to show them that he is worthy of the Cutter name.

The Cutters together (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

The Cutters together (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

I will leave you with a request from Neil “Diamond” Cutter himself. MWR fans (I never thought I would be saying this) I give you Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline…..

To book Neil Diamond Cutter please contact him by hitting him up at his myspace at www.myspace.com/redneckextremist. To book The Hooligans please contact them at www.myspace.com/devinnmason

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Ten reasons why you do not want to miss High Voltage Wrestling on August 15

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 10, 2009

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Pro wrestling fans, there are many shows to attend this August, but the one you will not want to miss is High Voltage Wrestling on August 15, 2009. TNT Keny G has broken out the piggy bank to give the fans the best in Midwest pro wrestling. Keny G said it best—“HVW fans will have a buffet of wrestling action on the 15th in Granite City, IL as we are bringing out all the stars to celebrate our return,”

Keny G pulled out all the stops to provide you, the fans, with the best bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 reasons you do not want to miss High Voltage Wrestling.

1.The HVW Champion Donovan Ruddick will defend his HWV Heavyweight Championship against the most hyped wrestler in 2009, the HVW Livewire Champion Kahagas.

HVW Poster

Poster by EA

Kahagas has toured around the world this summer and received an invitation to participate in the IWA Ted Petty International tournament in September and will return to his home promotion to try to prove his dominance over one of the most powerful men in the Midwest.

Ruddick is powerful, standing at 6”9. Many have stated that the man is just one step away from the WWE. Managed by the The Magic Man, Ruddick looks to impose his will on the Tokyo Monster. Ruddick taking on Kahagas has been boiling for some time. The HVW Arena will be crazy when these two go at it in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH!!!

2.Santana G’s debut.

Photo By Michael R Van Hoogstraat

Photo By Michael R Van Hoogstraat

With a huge void in the Midwest womens wrestling scene, Santana G has been the buzz of the summer. Training at the NWA Dynamo Gym, word has it that she has been working hard to learn her craft. Beautiful and sweet, Santana G was put in the line of fire when B.A.B.E.Watch members Brandon Aarons and Brandon Espinosa jumped her dad, Keny G, in the middle of the ring at the last show. Fan favorite Juice Robinson made the save and Santana’s dad let Aarons know that at this show he was to get a female tag team partner as Santana G would be teaming up with Juice for a mixed tag team match.

Come to HVW and be able to say that you were there when Santana made her wrestling debut.

One can not forget that two of the Young guns of the sport are in this match Juice Robinson and Brandon Aarons are the future of the sport and this will be the first match between this two but one would assume that these two will meet each other many times in the future.

3.Mississippi Madman comes to HVW !!

As punishment for the beatdown of TNT Keny G, Brandon Espinosa will have to face Keny G’s hired gun, the Mississippi Madman. The Mississippi Madman is a nice guy out of the ring but when the bell rings, the big man is one bad man. I caught up with the Mississippi Madman and he had these words for Brandon Espinosa.

4.The 2008 MWR Wrestler of the Year Jeremy Wyatt.

Poster by Kari Williams

Poster by Kari Williams

One of the baddest men on the planet, Jeremy Wyatt will be in the house. You never know what the Rebel is up to. The most talked about guy in the MWR coverage area, Jeremy Wyatt has arguably had a better year in 2009.

5. PWE US Title Defense

Mark Sterling defeated Hunter Mathews and Krotch for the PWE US title in June. Can he survive the speed of Gary J and Rebel Lucha? Both of these superstars are coming off heartbreaking title losses at HVW with Ruddick beating Rebel Lucha and Kahagas stopping Gary J. Sterling returns to HVW with PWE gold, will he be able to walk out with it, is the question.
HVW PWE Triple

6.The semi finals to the HVW Tag team tournament.

Tag team action at its best. The Hooligans, the Bandana Mafia, Zero Gravity and Nick Brubaker will be in the house with a partner of his choice. Who will emerge as the first ever HVW Tag team Champions?

We caught up with The Hooligans and they sent a warning the teams at HVW

7.Wrestlecraps Blade Braxton
Wrestlecrap 2
Since 2000, WrestleCrap.com has been THE definitive source for all the worst of professional wrestling. Whether it be an evil one-eyed midget named Cheatum or grown men fighting over an uncooked turkey, WrestleCrap is the place to kick back and laugh at the dumbest stuff ever presented in – and outside – a wrestling ring!

Come to High Voltage Wrestling to meet Blade Braxton one of the co-authors of one of my favorite books WrestleCrap book of List. Blade works hard on the website and will be sponsoring the special appearance of The Midnight Rose in the first ever HVW Battle Royal.


If you don’t like watching Dingo, then you just don’t like wrestling. Many believe that he is the most exciting wrestlers in the past few years in St Louis. Dingo’s last appearance in HVW was in a victory over Kahagas. Dingo looks to add HVW gold to his illustrious resume. That may be easier said that done. Dingo is set to match up with Tony Kozina. Kozina will be making his debut at HVW with full intentions of leap frogging Dingo to the title. Two wrestlers who can really go, this could be the match of the night.

9.Battle Royal
Who has it in them to claim the first ever HVW Battle Royal?

10. Will Mark Bland be brave enough to show.

My money is on the fact that Bland is all talk and no go, but HVW has sent him and invite to show up. The feud of 2009 has been HOT all summer. It started with Absoulte Wrestling Radio’s Matt Krueger insulting “Future” Donovan Ruddick in the middle of the ring. Bland was not happy about it all and called out promoter TNT Keny G during his show. Keny would infiltrate the show and take it over when Bland was out of town. Mark Bland then viciously attacked TNT Keny G at The Fan Shop in St. Louis, leaving him bruised and battered. The two had words at Six Flags during a special AWR broadcast in June.

Bland wants a match with Ruddick and promises to knock him out. Will Mark Bland be brave enough to show, or will he take my advice and stay far far away?

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MWR April Awards

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 9, 2009

MWR’s April 2009 Awards!

The pro wrestling season typically heats up in the Spring and into early Summer.  May is a time to look at what has happened thus far in the year, and make educated predictions as to what is yet to come.  On that note, the April 2009 Awards should serve as a measuring stick when playing fortune teller.  Here are the winners, as voted by the MWR Awards Committee:

April 2009 Wrestler of the Month

Mark Sterling

(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat )

Mark Sterling (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat )

Simply put, a Midwest wrestling show isn’t a show without Sterling, who wrestled in eleven matches for nine companies (MWA, PWE, SCW, PWP, 3XW, AAPW, LWA, MECW, NWA Dynamo) in April. Sterling is also one half of the tag team champions at 3XW with Gage Octane (Gentelmans Club). A student of the game Sterling rarely gets outwrestled.

1st Runner Up – Jeremy Wyatt (LWA, PWP. 3XW, AAPW, PWE, DPW)
2nd Runner Up –Tyler Cook (3XW,LWA,DPW)
3rd Runner Up – Jimmy Rockwell (3XW, MECW)

Others receiving votes:
Jerry Lynn, Shane Rich, Zach Thompson



April 2009 Tag Team of the Month



Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza )


Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza ) Photo Credit: Brian Kelley

Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza ) Photo Credit: Brian Kelley

Zero Gravity became the first ever PWE Tag Team Champion by defeating The Northstar Express in exciting fashion. At NGW defeated Feature Presentation proving that they are one of the top teams in the Midwest.

1st Runner up – The Gentleman’s Club ( Mark Sterling and Gage Octane) 3XW
2nd runner – The NorthStar Express (Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz)(3XW,PWP,SCW,PWE,LWA,PWE)
3RD Runner up – (tie) Ax Stevens and ”Thunderbolt” Brandon Walker (AAPW), Money Makin Jam Boyz ( Mississippi Madman and K.C. Jackson) (AAPW, MPW)

Others who received voted:
Knights of Fire (Jaysin Strife and Vic Victory), Sexy and Smooth (”The Canadian Sex Icon” Ryan Slade and A.J. Smooth), Dustin Lane and Darin Waid


April 2009 Female Wrestler of the Month



On April 4th MsChif defeated one of the most talented female wrestlers today Sara Del Rey at LWA. MsChif is widely considered one of the top wrestlers not the Midwest but around the World.

1st Runner Up – Rain
2ND Runner Up- Mia Martinez (3xw)
One Vote: Mike Sydal?? The crazy MWR Awards commiteee.


April 2009 Promotion of the Month

All American Pro Wrestling




The quality of the AAPW show in Nashville on April 25th was possibly their best since last year. Our first time in this town, they had a paid attendance of 155. Not too shabby. The crowd was HOT. Yes, it was a bit warm in the Community Center, but not that kind of hot. The card was solid top to bottom. The crowd was so happy that The Nashville Moose Lodge, who raised $1,000 from the event, asked AAPW to set aside 4 more dates for fall and winter of 2009/2010!

1st Runner Up – MMWA-SICW
2nd Runner Up – IWA Productions
3rd Runner Up – All American Wrestling

Others receiving votes –Rampage Championship Wrestling


April 2009 Personality of the Month

Josh Ray and Brian Kelley
(Missouri Wrestling Revival)

The MWR Family

The MWR Family

One of our awards committee members wrote, “The two main men behind MWR. They do a lot of work, research & writing to help promote independent wrestling across the Midwest. They also log tons of hours in driving time to personally attend shows and support various companies around the Midwest”

(On a personal note, although we appreciate the gesture from the MWR Awards committee, both Josh and I abstained from voting in this category out of respect to the rest of the hard working men and women in the Midwest pro wrestling scene. We would also like to include Kari Williams who is a wonderful writer and the true talent of the three of us.)

1st Runner Up- JJ Merrick
2nd Runner Up – The Mad Conservative Crimefighter
3rd Runner Up – Travis Cook

Others receiving votes: Mark Storm


April 2009 Match of the Month

Lethal Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Title vs Career Match:
“The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt vs Jordan Lacey
April 18, 2009 in House Springs, MO

Bodies hit the floor when Wyatt and Lacey hooks up. This picture is from the fans bring the weapons match in March but the LWA Faithful was not please to see the The Belt Collector Jeremy Wyatt retain the LWA Championship and retire fan favorite Jordan Lacey in his hometown.

Bodies hit the floor when Wyatt and Lacey hooks up. This picture is from the fans bring the weapons match last month in March but the LWA Faithful was not please to see the "The Belt Collector" Jeremy Wyatt retain the LWA Championship and retire fan favorite Jordan Lacey in his hometown of House Springs on April 18. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat )

No match could match the emotion that flowed through the building as the fans wanted the hated Wyatt to lose the belt and didn’t want the loveable Lacey to lose his career. The controversial finish had fans throwing beer into the ring, with Wyatt retaining his title and officially retiring Jordan Lacey.

1st Runner Up:

3XWrestling Cruiserweight Title Match
 Part of the MWR Midwest Best Series
Jimmy Rockwell (c) vs. Mike Sydal

April 17, 2009 in Des Moines, IA

2nd Runner Up:

All American Pro Wrestling

All American Pro Wrestling Tag Team Title Match
The Money Makin’ Jam Boys (c) vs. Ax Stevens and “Thunderbolt” Brandon Walker
April 25, 2009 in Nashville, IL

3rd Runner Up:

All American Pro Wrestling
Mike Sydal and Rebel Lucha vs. Mark Sterling and Eric Fantabulous
April 25, 2009 in Nashville, IL

Others receiving votes:

Gary Jackson vs. Phil E Blunt (MMWA-SICW ,April 11, St Louis, MO) The Prestige Rumble, (SCW/PWN Davenport Iowa) (Mississippi Madman vs. Issan Hadeev (PWE April 4, Springfield Illinois ) Jaysin Strife and Vic VictoryArik Cannon and Ryan Cruz (PWP April 11, Council Bluffs Iowa)

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MWR Spotlight: “Homicidal” Steven Davis

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 31, 2008

Homicidal Steven Davis

"Homicidal" Steven Davis

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Steven Davis is the John Wayne of the Missouri Wrestling Revival coverage area. He is a man that commands respect with his actions and not with his words. Davis lives up to his nickname “Homicidal”, as he terrorizes fan favorites such as Chocolate Thunder and “Serial Thriller” Shane Rich.

Trained by the late Bud Chaplin, Davis is a ten year veteran of the sport. He has the skills and tenacity to work with all types of wrestling from old school, new school, technical, brawling and highflying. His matches in All American Pro Wrestling with Rich are sure to be make them a candidate for feud of the year in 2008.

When I first saw Davis live in action this year, it was in Chester, IL. He was trying to regain the AAPW wrestling championship from Rich. He had the crowd upset throughout the whole match. The fans booed Davis and then booed him some more, but he would not be denied and once again regained the title in a stellar match.

When I left the building that night, I knew down the road I wanted to not only see this guy more in action, but also wanted to do my best to let others know of the talent that he possesses. I can hype the guy with words and my opinions but more telling is what his peers have to say about them.

Edmund “Livewire” McGuire, who was trained by Davis said in an interview earlier this year at MWR, “I am grateful for all of the knowledge and time these (Davis and Donnie Sixx) gentlemen put into training me and molding me into who I am today.”

Promoter Sean Chambers said, “Steven Davis can hang with any one; he has the ability to make almost anyone look good.”

George the Animal the 3rd added, “I have known Steven Davis for the past 7 years and he is one of the top guys that I have worked with in my 16 years in and out of the ring. He commands respect wherever he goes. Davis puts everything into the matches that he is a part of. He is a rare commodity in the fact that he knows what he is doing and makes others look good.”

Davis is currently working with IWA Productions as a instructor. Every Wednesday at 7 P.M. in Olney, IL you can check out a free wrestling show that has a full mix of seasoned veterans working with the future of Pro wrestling. The owner of IWA Productions John Bach stated that he is blessed to have Davis as a part of the company. Bach also added that Davis is a true asset to not only the company but to the Independent scene in the Midwest.

In the sport of wrestling, you are sometimes expected to bring the best out of your opponent. tThere are very few that understand this and even less that are able to achieve it, but Davis is one of the few that understands and executes well, day in and day out. He is a leader in the locker room, a main event wrestler and one of the most respected men in the Midwest.

You can see Homicidal” Steven Davis and “Bad Boy” Chris Thomas square off against The Money Makin’ Jam Boys (K.C. Jackson & Mississippi Madman at All American Pro Wrestling, November 15, 2008 in West Frankfort, IL.

For more information check out http://www.allamericanprowrestling.com/

You can train with Steven Davis at IWA Productions by contacting John Bach at (618) 843-4588.  Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM IWA promotes a free wrestling card with the instructors and students getting in ring for some on-the-job experience. The show is at 531 South Whittle Ave, Olney, IL 62540.

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Dreams Explode Into Reality at Dynamo Gym

Posted by Admin on June 30, 2008

Dreams explode into reality at Dynamo training gym

By Kari Williams
“I had always wanted to wrestle, just like most other kids at some point. And when all my friends turned to drugs, and I had nothing left, I moved from my old home to a new house and began training with Dynamo.”

Aaron “Ace” Hawanchak began his journey as a professional wrestler at the St. Louis-based Dynamo training gym in January. He practices two—soon to be three—nights a week.

“We start with stretching. Then we do cardio in teams and move from place to place. Then we do rolls, and then drills. Then we go into open practice so we can work on things we need work on.” Said Hawanchak.

The gym has been open since August of 2007 and can boast of containing multiple pieces of equipment that only help to make the trainees better.

“We have two rings—two full-size 18 foot rings. We have weight equipment, cardio equipment, bikes—stationary bikes—elliptical, StairMaster. We have available an extensive video library to study and watch. The gym facility itself has its own lounge that offers drinks,” said Evil Jim.

One aspect of Dynamo that stands out amongst other gyms in the area is the quality of the trainers.

“We have two of the best trainers around. We have Davey Richards; he’s ROH contracted talent. He wrestles all over the world—in Japan, in Europe. He leaves for Japan in two weeks; he’ll be over there wrestling. Dingo, he wrestles regularly for ROH, IWA, all over the Midwest. That’s one of the big things we have to offer over any one else, the caliber of the trainers,” said Jim.

Trainee Anthony Brock can attest to the quality of training given at Dynamo.

“It’s tough and it tests you mentally and physically, and if you’re not tough in both of those ways, you’re not going to make it,” said Brock.

After a year and a half of training, Brock has begun wrestling with local promotions.

“I wrestled for CSW-Missouri, and it was in Mount Vernon, Illinois and Cape Girardeau. You can definitely tell the difference between people that train here and people that train elsewhere,” Brock said.

According to Jim, “Our philosophy in the training is hard-hitting, fast-paced action. It’s a lot more of an east coast style of wrestling, which is different than what other people in the Midwest have.”

Dynamo itself has not aligned itself with any one promotion, which gives individuals a chance to choose where their training will take them.

“[The gym] is here to make better wrestlers in this area. They’re independent contractors, and they can work for whoever they wish to work for. We do have contacts with a lot of different companies, and we can direct them in the right way to go,” said Jim.

Although Hawanchak has not yet wrestled a match—he hopes to by late this summer—he knows what needs to be done in order to excel.

“You have to know your pace and know you can only do as much as your body will allow. And grow with your body,” said Hawanchak.

There are no requirements for trainees, but it is preferred that they are 18 years of age. However, one can begin training at 16, but it is necessary for a release form to be signed by a parent. Initial fees are $100 per month, which decrease as the level of experience increases.

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