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Neil “Diamond” Cutter is a One of a kind.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 13, 2009

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Today there are many high profile second and third generation superstars dominating the wrestling landscape. Cowboy Bob Orton’s son WWE World Champion Randy Orton is at the top of the list along with Ted Dibiase’s son Ted JR who is a tag team partner of former NWA World Champion Dusty Rhodes youngest son Cody form the team known as “The Legacy”. The Midwest also has there eyes on Curt Hening’s son Joe and his daughter Amy as they have got their start in the area with Wrestling Legend Harley Race.

Families and wrestling have a special bond throughout the history of the sport. Throughout the years fans have watched in excitement as the families of the Von Erich’s, The Harts, The Guerrero’s and The Funk’s have brought tears of joy, sadness and at times hatred in the eyes of the special fraternity called “fans”.

This leads us to the Cutters, Devin and Mason Cutter. Two Brothers that have been in the thorn of Midwest wrestlers who have faced them just as days long gone by, when the brothers Frank and Jesse James terrorized the government who they felt had gave them no choice but to fight back. The James Gang were known as outlaws whereas the Cutlers are known as The Hooligans.

The Hooligans (Photo By Brian "Flair" Kelley)

The Hooligans (Photo By Brian "Flair" Kelley)

What is a Hooligan you ask? I caught up with Devin and Mason and Mason gave me a thorough explanation “We are known as The Hooligans, we represent a society called Skinheads. That does not mean we are racists because we are not. We proudly come from the working class where you take pride in hard work. Skinhead means that we stand up against a government that is slowly taking apart a society that once belonged to the working class. We will strap on our boots and march with our fellow working men and stomp out these fascists governments. In the end we will finally give the power back to the people the way it was meant to be.” he continued to say “United we stand in this movement, united we will stomp the oppressors out. We are not a gang, just brothers black and white we stand and fight, we fly no colors, our torn up knuckles and faded blue jeans are the colors we wear. We don’t need no gang to watch our ass just loyal friends from the working class. Arm and arm we fight as one. We should be labeled as the men and women that have built this society from scratch. We should be known simply as WORKING CLASS HEROES!!

Midwest fans have been watching The Hooligans join together as family going to war with Ian Rotten at IWA. What one may have missed is that there is a third Cutter.

The black sheep of the family - Neil Diamond Cutter(Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

The black sheep of the family - Neil Diamond Cutter(Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

His name is Neil “Diamond” Cutter, one would say he is a little on the strange side. While the Devin and Mason were planning and plotting on how to take a stand against the oppression in this politically correct world, “Lil” Cutter was in the back room listening to Neil Diamond classics, “Sweet Caroline” and “Kentucky Women” blaring much to the disdain of the Cutter family.

Mason Cutter confirmed this with displeasure in his voice. Neil would always be listening to those damn Neil Diamond cds all night. It drives us crazy. Mason Cutter

I was able to catch up with Neil at a recent Independent  Hardcore Wrestling show in Dupo, Illinois to get his thoughts on his brothers and there upcoming match in the semi title tournament match for the High Voltage Wrestling tag team titles to question weather he would be in the house to support his brothers all he could talk about was the BIG NEWS!!

Neil Diamond had his first ever online store!!?? Yes, now he can buy all his Diamond merchandise at one spot. The little Cutler was quite pleased with himself as he explained to me that “You can get all your Neil Diamond merchandise From the Neil Diamond messenger bag to the Brand new Neil Diamond album The Home Before Dark Deluxe Edition CD which features two BONUS tracks and a second DVD disc with up close and personal footage of the new music. Neil proudly stated “Brian, Don’t Buy it anywhere but from the online store because there you can get the free Neil Diamond Poster!”

With great advice from Neil withstanding, one can not discount the talent of the runt of the family. Fearlessness and toughness have never been in question from Neil, he showed that this April at IWA’S Bloodshowers part one when he assisted his brothers to get the win against the hardcore brothers known as Bad Breed, Ian and Axl Rotten in a Barbed Wire- match.

Neil’s single’s debut at IWA was against up and comer Juice Robinson. Neil must have stayed up late jamming to Neil’s classic “Walk on water” because no matter what he did he crashed and burned with the young pretty boy taking home the win, while his brothers Devin and Mason looked back in disgust.

”I don’t understand Neil Diamond music and even less as to why Neil loves it so damn much.” Devon Cutter

Wrestlers should not let Neil’s odd behavior or his size fool them. He is one of the most fearless wrestlers in the Midwest today. Going into the match with the youngest and smallest Cutler looks to be a cakewalk. When the bell rings he has the ability to use his body like a missile hitting you from every direction. When Neil goes to the top rope and comes down on you with such great height the downward momentum feels like he hit you with a sledgehammer.

Ian Rotten stood up for the lil Cutter at the show , “Truth Justice, and the IWA way” when he stated firmly “Neil has a bigger pair of balls than both of the Hooligans combined!”

Watch out for Neil’s Bombs Away”. While his opponent is down on their hands and knees thinking that it is safe , Neil runs onto their back and jumps straight up to delivers a pain full senton bomb. Explosive and deadly, Neil is always looking to hit one of the many versions of his Diamond Cutter for the win which he calls D.N.D (Dedication to Neil Diamond).

Neil may not be a household name today but this journalist has been around the MWR coverage area scouting talent and he is what you would call a sleeper. A poor mans Evan Bourne, Neil has some of the raw skills that the WWE’S Bourne possesses. Neil shocked the Midwest when he was able to get the biggest win in his short career this past May at IWA Mid-South when he defeated one of the top 5 stars in the Midwest Mark Sterling by delivering the patented D.N.D. Just a small glimpse of what the little guy can do.

In a world where big men rule the ring Neil’s breathtaking moves have the chance to steal the show and the spotlight at any event. Even from his big brothers who look down on him as he tries to show them that he is worthy of the Cutter name.

The Cutters together (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

The Cutters together (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

I will leave you with a request from Neil “Diamond” Cutter himself. MWR fans (I never thought I would be saying this) I give you Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline…..

To book Neil Diamond Cutter please contact him by hitting him up at his myspace at www.myspace.com/redneckextremist. To book The Hooligans please contact them at www.myspace.com/devinnmason

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Win a MWR T-shirt at MECW Saturday just like Elec Terrell.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 24, 2009

Brian "Flair" Kelley and Elec Terrell

Brian "Flair" Kelley and Elec Terrell

Congratulations go from Waterloo, IL joined the Missouri Wrestling Revival family this month  at International Hardcore Wrestling in Dupo Illinois by winning the brand new MWR Brand T-shirt.

We would like to thank Elec Terrell and all the fans for coming out to support professional wrestling in the Midwest. We were treated to an exciting match with Mickie Knuckles, plus Brandon Aarons winning the first ever St Louis Invitational Cup and Mephisto taking a beating from hardcore legend Ian Rotten and live to tell about it.

Join us this weekend at MECW this Saturday for your next chance to win the Brand new MWR T- shirt just like our friend Elec Terrell.

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Win a free MWR T-shirt at IHW this weekend!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 11, 2009

Join Missouri Wrestling Revival in Dupo Illinois this Saturday for a chance to win a free MWR T-shirt at International Hardcore Wrestling.

Main Event
Mephisto vs. Ian Rotten for the PWE U.S. Title

Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico vs. The Hooligans for the LWA Tag Team Titles

Former TNA Star Mickie “The Moose” Knuckles

Plus The St.Louis Invitational Tournament.

It will be a 5 match Tournament where the winners of four singles matches will go on to compete in a 4 corner elimination match for the St.Louis Invitational Trophy.

The Winner automatically earns a spot in The IHW Championship Tournament that will be held at a later date.

1.Billy McNeil Vs Neil Diamond Cutter

2.Gary “The Night Owl” Vs Brandon Aaron’s

3.Cory Pillman Vs Eric Allen

Davey Vega Vs Adam Rich

Sean Vincent also added to the card and he has issued an open challenge to anyone willing to step up to the plate and face him.

For more information go to IHW

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