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Dreams Explode Into Reality at Dynamo Gym

Posted by Admin on June 30, 2008

Dreams explode into reality at Dynamo training gym

By Kari Williams
“I had always wanted to wrestle, just like most other kids at some point. And when all my friends turned to drugs, and I had nothing left, I moved from my old home to a new house and began training with Dynamo.”

Aaron “Ace” Hawanchak began his journey as a professional wrestler at the St. Louis-based Dynamo training gym in January. He practices two—soon to be three—nights a week.

“We start with stretching. Then we do cardio in teams and move from place to place. Then we do rolls, and then drills. Then we go into open practice so we can work on things we need work on.” Said Hawanchak.

The gym has been open since August of 2007 and can boast of containing multiple pieces of equipment that only help to make the trainees better.

“We have two rings—two full-size 18 foot rings. We have weight equipment, cardio equipment, bikes—stationary bikes—elliptical, StairMaster. We have available an extensive video library to study and watch. The gym facility itself has its own lounge that offers drinks,” said Evil Jim.

One aspect of Dynamo that stands out amongst other gyms in the area is the quality of the trainers.

“We have two of the best trainers around. We have Davey Richards; he’s ROH contracted talent. He wrestles all over the world—in Japan, in Europe. He leaves for Japan in two weeks; he’ll be over there wrestling. Dingo, he wrestles regularly for ROH, IWA, all over the Midwest. That’s one of the big things we have to offer over any one else, the caliber of the trainers,” said Jim.

Trainee Anthony Brock can attest to the quality of training given at Dynamo.

“It’s tough and it tests you mentally and physically, and if you’re not tough in both of those ways, you’re not going to make it,” said Brock.

After a year and a half of training, Brock has begun wrestling with local promotions.

“I wrestled for CSW-Missouri, and it was in Mount Vernon, Illinois and Cape Girardeau. You can definitely tell the difference between people that train here and people that train elsewhere,” Brock said.

According to Jim, “Our philosophy in the training is hard-hitting, fast-paced action. It’s a lot more of an east coast style of wrestling, which is different than what other people in the Midwest have.”

Dynamo itself has not aligned itself with any one promotion, which gives individuals a chance to choose where their training will take them.

“[The gym] is here to make better wrestlers in this area. They’re independent contractors, and they can work for whoever they wish to work for. We do have contacts with a lot of different companies, and we can direct them in the right way to go,” said Jim.

Although Hawanchak has not yet wrestled a match—he hopes to by late this summer—he knows what needs to be done in order to excel.

“You have to know your pace and know you can only do as much as your body will allow. And grow with your body,” said Hawanchak.

There are no requirements for trainees, but it is preferred that they are 18 years of age. However, one can begin training at 16, but it is necessary for a release form to be signed by a parent. Initial fees are $100 per month, which decrease as the level of experience increases.

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