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Steve Miller for LWA President

Posted by Admin on July 2, 2008

Miller seeks second term as LWA president

By Kari Williams
Steve Miller claims that he has done it all in professional wrestling. He has torn down rings, filmed and even competed. However, his most honorable position was as LWA President—a position he currently seeks to reclaim.

During his first reign, Miller played an influential role in bringing in international stars and sees only the same in his future.

“Bringing in Sabin [and] Shelley, I believe was one of the greatest moments for the LWA, and I was glad to be a part of that. When it comes down to it, I help[ed] lay the ground work and decided who would face who. The board definitely helped, but my first reign saw change, and my second will be no different,” he said.

When comparing himself against his competition, Miller asserts his astuteness over the other contenders.

“All the intelligent wrestling fans in the area know that I’m the proper man to vote for. Roberts brings a lot of experience to the table, but his ideals are too dated for a company like LWA. The little kid, whatever his name is, would look at the LWA like some plaything and would not be able to grasp the concepts needed to run a wrestling company. As far as Dangle, that bestiality freak, he left the LWA before. I’ve withstood many beatings and kept coming back, when times got tough he ran for the hills to be with a squirrel or something,” he said.

One word that would personify Miller’s “campaign” would be “improvement.” He feels that since his ousting as president, the company has been on a downward spiral. Specifically, he plans to focus on removing the “idiotic shenanigans” from the presence of the LWA superfans.

“You have a man that thinks he is a bird; I would get him the psychiatric help that he needs. There is one man that decides it would be a good idea to drink during [and] before a match, and that is not the kind of example we want to set to the fans. The other thing I would do away with are those lame videos that someone thought would be a good idea to show during the shows. Those are nothing but sophomoric humor and really serve no point what-so-ever,” he said.

On a more athletic level, Miller has notions to remove the wrestlers who he classifies as “the malarkey that is present in the current company.” Names such as Jordan Lacey, Evan Gelistico and Shorty Biggs have been mentioned. Miller’s goal is to turn the fans on to a more pure form of the sport.

“The shows would become re-centered on the smash mouth action and people will start abiding to the rules. The action would return to the hard hitting action that the fans have come to enjoy. On the other hand, if they feel that the rules are not worthwhile, then they are in for a treatment,” he said.

Also on his “presidential agenda” is a more rigorous travel schedule that would send the LWA to locations which it has never been before.

Overall, the former “Chief of Staff” relies on the simple fact that he has the brain-power to hold, and successfully handle, such an important position within the company.

“I am able to look past the simple emotions and make the decision that is best for the company. Will every fan like my decision, no, but it is good for the LWA. When I ran things, attendance was up, international talent was brought in and the shows were some of the greatest that have been seen in the recent years,” he said.

Voting for the election occurs through an LWA message board and continues up until the July 12 Circus Maximus event.

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