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Dubi Meets the NWA Dynamo Fans Glen Carbon IL 7-24-10

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 4, 2010

By Dubray Tallman

Hello once again wrestling fans, Dubray Tallman back for a brand new “Dubi meets the Fans“. I missed what looked to be an exciting night of wrestling on July 17th in Park Hills with World League Wrestling  due to an illness, but I am excited about returning with “Dubi meets the NWA Dynamo Fans”.

I always try to get with fans prior to the matches to find out their favorite wrestler so we have an ideal what stars to catch up to during the short intermission. On this night there was a wrestler who was really in demand and it was none other than Shorty Biggs. A problem did arise when it was announced that Shorty had not arrived yet due to travel problems.

Mat Fitchett with Kevin Agoain

The NWA Dynamo Superstar that was chosen for the MWR T-shit give away was young Mat Fitchett who had a phenomenal match with Gary J that saw him light up the fans with a 450 splash with the win. Prior to the match starting Fitchett threw Kevin Agoain from Granite City the brand new grey version of the MWR T-shirt.

John, Rhonda, and lil Blake Rushing with Dan Woods, and Cameron Lilley with NWA Missouri Champion Davey Vega

I caught up with a great group of fans John, Rhonda, and lil Blake Rushing from Granite City plus Dan Woods, and Cameron Lilley from Scotaunton, IL who were delighted that the NWA Missouri Champion Davey Vega posed with them with the historic title in hand.

Oliva Hale from Granite City, IL

Sweet Oliva Hale from Granite City , IL stated that she was unsure of who she would like to have a picture with, but thought that it would be fun. She told me “pick someone cute” and in my mind there is no one cuter than Tyler Cook. I have known Cook for sometime now and he was more than happy to pose with Oliva.

Mat Fitchett and Mark Body

Mark Brody wanted a picture with a female wrestler, but beings that there was none on the card he was impressed with the young Fitchett.

Austin, Cory, and Jake from St Peters, Mo with Trent Stone

Up next was three excited boys Austin, Cory, and Jake from St Peters, Mo who chose the powerful Trent Stone. Stone one of the most impressive looking men in the Midwest seemed to enjoy taking the picture with the kids as much as Austin, Cory and Jake did.

Dubray Tallman with Dan Walsh

While I was waiting for Liz, Jen, Kayleigh and Bailey to get together for a picture, I decided to grab my choice for this feature. I have been very impressed with Dan Walsh. Walsh is a guy who I feel is a name that you will be hearing a lot out of in the near future.

my Liz, Jen, Kayleigh and Bailey pose with the lights out with wrestling Heartthrob Tyler Cook

Due to Shorty still not being in the building Liz, Jen, Kayleigh and Bailey stated that Tyler Cook would be a great pick. Then right as Brian was about to take the picture, human nature hit. The lights went out and it was almost pitch black due to a thunderstorm. The little girls were a little shaken up but Tyler, Liz and Jen was positive, while they along with Cook tried to make light out of the situation.

Bonus Picture fans that grabbed Brian to get a picture wih young Adam Rich

Unfortunately the lights would never come back on, but NWA Dynamo announced that everyone that brought back their ticket stub to the August 28th show they would get $5.00 off the admission price.

Look for a photo recap from MWR Photographer extraordinaire Mike Van Hoogstraat in the near future here at MWR and join me this Saturday in Granite City, Illinois for High Voltage Wrestling where the HVW Champion Kahagas returns plus a triple treat match with my friend Santana G taking on Amy Hennig and the Great Cheyenne plus be a fan for out “Dubi meets the High Voltage Wrestling Fans”.

Till then be good.

Love, Dubz.

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