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St. Louis Anarchy May 2016 Night One Angelus Layne Returns, Fitchett Retains Title, TJ Perkins vs Davey Vega

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 3, 2016

By Patrick Brandmeyer
Photos By Brian Kelley


Jojo Bravo vs. Sammy Guevara: Young Texas standout Guevara was making his SLA debut here. Jojo had been frustrated in his recent outings as officiating miscues had led to several losses. While the traditional face-vs.-heel structure often falls by the wayside in Anarchy(more on that in a bit), Sammy was decidedly the arrogant punk as opposed to the longtime favorite Jojo.




After a fine opener, Jojo won with a modified backslide in 9:33 and proclaimed “I still got it!” Good for him.


Angelus Layne made her first SLA appearance in quite some time. I’m a fan…she’s a cool person with a unique look compared to a lot of female wrestlers. Would like to see more women’s wrestling in the area in general, but I seem to mention that approximately once a commentary. At any rate, she said that her goal was to win the St. Louis Anarchy Title as she only had one prior title shot(when Gerald James was champion). That prompted an interrupted by The Cause(minus Adam Caster) and words were exchanged over who truly deserved a title shot(Angelus or Mr. Gelistico), setting up Angelus vs. Mr. (Everett) Connors for the following night’s show. Gelistico officially took up Heavyweight Champion Mat Fitchett on his open challenge for the evening.


“The Outlaw” Ken Phoenix vs. Kevin Lee Davidson: Phoenix has made a handful of appearances on Ring Of Honor television and this was his St. Louis-area debut. He had a rough time of it as he was attempting to be the fan favorite against K.L.D., who was decidedly the heel of the match but gets a lot of fan support in this area.





The match was good otherwise, but it had to suck for Phoenix as he did his best to play to the fans only to get a lot of boos from the K.L.D. supporters. Davidson won with his signature spinebuster in 6:25; that move tends to disrupt ceiling tiles in low-clearance buildings such as the Alton venue.

Heavyweight Champion Mat Fitchett came out to set the ground rules for his title reign. (Previous Gerald James had set it up that his defenses would be best-of-three-falls.) Fitchett’s rules were simple: No countouts, DQs, or time limits so a decisive winner would be established. Okay then…SLA has relaxed rule enforcement anyway, though they do have time limits(as established in the Gerald James-Davey Vega sixty-minute draw).






Paco Gonzalez, Mike Outlaw, Nick Cutler, & Jason Roberts vs. The Cause(Tag Team Champion Mr. (Evan) Gelistico, Mr. (Danny) Adams, Mr. (Everett) Connors, & Mr. (Austin) Blackburn): I don’t think co-Tag Champ Adam Caster was specifically advertised for the SLA weekend, but Blackburn probably saw more in-ring duty than anticipated. This was advertised as Paco recruiting a team of “upstarts” to fight The Cause; Outlaw was the only other known quantity on that side. I think I had heard Cutler’s name in the past(central Illinois guy?) but hadn’t seen much of him; apparently he and Roberts are both trainees of Michael Elgin.



The match was more competitive than I would have guessed and Blackburn tagged into the match out of a desire to prove himself…but that backfired as Paco pinned him after a Death Valley Driver in 10:40. Paco’s teammates left ringside as Paco confronted Gelistico, saying HE deserved a title shot(having given Gerald James a good fight recently)…that prompted a gang attack by The Cause until Jojo Bravo made the save.


Jojo and Paco challenged The Cause to a tag match for the following night’s show.

Roscoe Eat Lisa(“Zesty” Zakk Sawyers & “The Big Mustache On Campus” Mikey Mcfinnegan) vs. The Viking War Party(“American Viking” Alexandre Rudolph & “Littlest Viking” Jake Parnell), Tag Team Title Contenders Tournament:


This was part of a mini-tournament to determine the next challengers for The Cause with four fan-favorite duos competing for that right. While Sawyers has done week in recent months for both SLA and PWCS, he and McFinnegan were probably the underdogs in this matchup against the Vikings. The Vikings were their usual rambunctious selves, throwing chairs into the ring before the bell…Parnell headbutted the top turnbuckle until the pad fell off, then he threw the pad into the crowd and they played keep-away with it…heh.






Parnell tried to hide the pad in his tights…um, no. When he pulled the pad out of his tights, his driver’s license fell out…har har. (Do Vikings drive?) The Vikings tried to bum a smoke from Zakk before things officially got underway, to no avail. I’ve only recently seen more of the Sawyers/McFinnegan tag team, though they’ve been working together for quite a while now. They had a lot of false finishes between them, ending with McFinnegan getting the surprise pin on Parnell after an assisted Air Raid Crash in 12:40.





“The Leader Of The Pack” Stephen Wolf vs. “The Lone Star” Curt Stallion: Wolf was scheduled to face Trik Davis who was M.I.A. for the whole weekend as far as SLA was concerned. (This wasn’t directly addressed until the following night’s show.) All things considered, this show was pretty good about having face/heel matches as Stallion was in rulebreaker mode. This was a solid bout, though fans weren’t too familiar with either guy; Wolf won with a Blue Thunder Bomb in 12:40.







Gerald James(w/ Dorian Victor) vs. Jonathan Gresham: This was a battle of fan favorites as James has effectively turned face in SLA. Gresham has been getting a lot of attention in the Midwest in the past few years and also made a few appearances on Ring Of Honor television, upsetting Cedric Alexander and wrestling Roderick Strong for the T.V. Title. This shaped up to be a good battle between two smaller strikers, with Gresham having a slight edge in the technical aspect of the game as he focused his attack on James’ arm.


After the standard fighting-spirit exchanges and near-falls, Gerald got the win after a kick to the knee followed by a sliding forearm smash in 12:18. That seemed oddly short, all things considered. Cue mutual respect and all that.

Ricky Starks vs. Alex Castle: Starks made a lone appearance on NXT several months ago(as an unnamed-on-TV enhancement talent), so he’s gotten the big head and believes he’s inevitably WWE-bound. However, he competes on the indies FOR THE FANS~!…he’s clearly disingenuous, but he’s entertaining enough that the fans like him anyway.






That set him up as the fan favorite against the more traditional heel Castle. Starks blatantly copped a few familiar-looking moves and sequences, even saying “I’m sorry, I love you” before a superkick attempt(which missed). Starks won clean with a ropewalk DDT in 9:26, but the highlight was the post-match promo: Starks told Paul, err, TRIPLE H that his return to NXT would have to wait because he wanted to wrestle FOR THE FANS OF ST. LOUIS ANARCHY! He wants to continue to compete for the fans…wait for it…then, now, and forever. Forever…forever…forever…forever…forever…etc. Tremendous.





The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) vs. Team I.O.U.(“The Down-South Dandy” Nick Iggy & “The Music City Mutt” Kerry Awful), Tag Team Title Contenders Tournament: These teams have gone around the proverbial horn with each other on the Midwest independent scene, but this was my first time seeing one of their battles in person. This was the all-out brawl that you would expect, complete with one of the Hooligans’ favorite sequences:



They sit in chairs in a circle with the opponents and they just punch each other in the face as hard as possible. I know some people look down on the fighting-spirit sort of exchanges(“I’m going to let you hit me!”), so your mileage may vary on stuff like that. The exchange took place on the floor, leaving poor Brandon Tolle in a quandary about whether to count them out.


I.O.U. have worked as rulebreakers in St. Louis Anarchy despite being fan favorites in other promotions(which was how they competed in High Risk Wrestling last year), but then the Hooligans are likely to get cheered either way. I always joke that I lose track of which Hooligan is which, so I have to rely on the Bella System to figure it out: Wait for one to yell out the other’s name. (This was before the Bellas became distinctly different-looking.) This eventually got back into the ring and they traded the standard high-impact offense, ending out of nowhere as Devin pinned Awful with a sunset flip off the second rope in 11:31. The Hooligans were set to face Roscoe Eat Lisa on the following night’s show for the next shot at The Cause.







Mat Fitchett vs. Mr. (Evan) Gelistico for the Heavyweight Title: Gelistico seemed to play it straight for a while, despite being the obvious rulebreaker in the match, but SHENANIGANS~! were afoot in the big picture. Fitchett appeared to be on the verge of victory after a piledriver but Mr. Adams and Mr. Connors distracted the ref. Brandon Tolle ejected them from ringside, to the point that he physically chased them out the front door! In the meantime, Fitchett tilt-a-whirled into a DDT and went for a pin; that prompted Mr. Blackburn to make his entrance in a referee’s shirt to count two before stopping short. Gelistico decked the champion with the Rulebook and Blackburn nearly made the three-count, but Angelus Layne pulled him out of the ring and dealt with him in short order. Evan brought in a chair, but Fitchett turned the tables and hit a cradle piledriver on the chair…OW. Tolle returned to the ring just in time to make the three-count in 15:42…woo. Fitchett would go on to face the winner of the night’s main event…and he crossed paths with his longtime friend and tag partner Davey Vega in the aisleway.





Davey Vega vs. T.J. Perkins: TJP’s career has taken some interesting paths in recent years…he competed for Anarchy a handful of times, but TNA commitments took precedence as he held their X-Division Title as Manik(formerly Suicide). Since departing from that company, he has competed for EVOLVE and recently qualified for WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic…cool for him. Vega currently holds the All-American Pro and Metro Pro Tag Titles with Fitchett and recently made his Ring Of Honor debut in a dark match. However, the SLA Title has eluded him…he hasn’t held singles gold in quite a while(he’s been Lethal Wrestling Alliance Champion and NWA Missouri Champion in Dynamo Pro). Vega’s recent track record against national stars has been pretty good as he holds wins over such names as Chris Hero, Roderick Strong, and El Generico(whatever happened to THAT guy?).







It was a really good competitive battle between fan favorites and the audience wasn’t as invested in the match as I would have thought…hmm. In what came as a surprise to some in attendance, TJP got the tapout win with a modified heel hook in 16:14 and earned the title shot at Fitchett the following night…leaving Vega frustrated once again.

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“Murphy vows to destroy SICW” ?

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 22, 2012


Since his return to the ring, Matt Murphy has found himself in the thick of many top stories around the Midwest. He has been featured in main event matches in Kansas City ,upsetting WWE HOF Ted Dibiase in Iowa and last fall he returned for a historic match at the WLW/ WWE/ NOAH annual camp show in Eldon, Missouri. – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Editor’s note: While we were thrilled to find out that Matt Murphy was promoted to work with SICW, a couple a months ago, that happiness has tuned into a very volatile situation. Murphy would go on to lose in stunning fashion to the young beast Alexander Rudolph in his debut.

Since that time, Matt Murphy has had animosity towards SICW promoter Herb Simmons, announcer Larry Matysik, the wrestlers in the back and the fans out front.

In a war of words coming in from both sides, MWR stance with all of them is that they each are free to let the world hear their side of this story, in hopes that cooler heads will prevail in the end.

For the fans that are just joining us today for the first time, glad to have you at MWR and feel free to catch up with the first shot in this argument from Matt Murphy.

Matt Murphy calls out Larry Matysik and Herb Simmons after SICW Debut.

Click here to hear his reply to the accusations of Matt Murphy.

Promoter Herb Simmons has worked with some of the very best and most dangerous meant in the sport including Bruiser Brody and Ron Powers. Yet Murphy is a man that does not have the power of Brody and Powers but is able to be just as dangerous in his attacks, as he is normally one step ahead of his opponents.

SICW promoter Herb Simmons responds to “All That” Matt Murphy.

Letter sent via Matt Murphy

In today’s digital age, it doesn’t take much to call yourself a writer. You don’t need talent, ability to engage an audience, or even mastery of the Queen’s English. You just peck away at your keyboard, hit Send, and you’re published. Case in point: Herb Simmons’ half-coherent rant that was posted on Missouri Wrestling Revival concerning my debut with SICW. You’d think that a guy who calls an author, Larry Matysik, his friend would have the sense to reach out for some proofreading help before sending off his letter to Brian Kelley for web publication. But the poor grammar and style Herb used, while certainly as irritating to all of you as it was to me and quite possibly a felony in the U.K., isn’t what prompted my rebuttal.

His response to me should have contained just two words. “Thank you.”

Quick backstory, for those of you joining this program already in-progress: International wrestling star and bestselling author Matt Murphy, kindly (and foolishly) thinking it would be good for the wrestling business, tried to breathe some life back into the corpse known as St. Louis wrestling when he agreed to make some appearances for SICW. While most promotions would have rolled out the red carpet for Murphy, SICW instead stabbed him in the back. Yet, despite a lackluster and controversial debut, our hero still captured the interest of sponsors, who signed on to help fund SICW for the next two years. In one night, despite it being one of the worst nights in his wrestling career, Matt Murphy did more for SICW than anyone who ever held a spot on the roster before him. But did promoter Herb Simmons give due credit? No. He looked the gift horse in the mouth and then spit on it.

Everyone up to speed now? Good. Let’s move on.


Murphy has challenged for the NWA World title against Adam Pearce and the Central States Championship held by highly touted ACH. – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Herb showered Larry Matysik with praise in his letter. He said that Larry is honest and doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone. Was he honest when he weaseled his way into a book deal for an idea that I pitched and a manuscript that I had already delivered to the publisher? Was he honest when he tried ending my storied career by sicking the unstable super-heavyweight behemoth Alexander Rudolph on me after leading me to believe I would be competing against someone in my weight class? Herb called Larry Matysik a household name. To paraphrase the great Jim Cornette, “Larry Matysik might be a household name, but so is garbage, and it stinks when it gets old, too.”

Larry Matysik has made a living in wrestling as a pencil-pusher and a jabber-mouth. Is that not enough? Wrestlers should treat him as an equal, or as if he’s better than us? The first time I was lifted six feet in the air and slammed onto the plywood and metal beams, I earned more respect in this business than anyone who’s never survived that experience. Sure, he’s a legend, as far as announcers go, but is it really saying anything to call yourself the finest slice of bologna in a steakhouse? This is the wrestling business. Wrestlers are the stars. Announcers, ring crew, referees…they’re all supporting cast, and it would be best for everyone involved in the business if the supporting cast remembered their place at the end of the catering line.

I don’t like old people. Call it one of my few character flaws, but I don’t like them. I don’t like the way they drive, smell, reminisce, beg pardon, and gossip. But I especially don’t like old people who talk tough to me. I don’t discriminate: I’m an equal-opportunity ass-kicker, and I will hit an old man, not just because I dislike old people, but because I do what I can to be politically correct. Larry and Herb are treading on thin ice with me, and every misspelled word Herb wrote cracked the ice just a little more.


“Murphy vows to destroy SICW”?
Is the title of this article but make no bones about it wrestling fans, Murphy is a real threat to our friend Herb Simmons and Larry Matysik. While he can wrestle with the best of them, he has showed recently that he prefers to take short cuts and play mind games. -– Photo Credit Brian Kelley

I return to SICW on August 18th. When I look across that ring and into my opponent’s half-awestruck and half-terrified eyes, I’m going to see Larry Matysik and Herb Simmons staring back at me. Every strike and every hold will reflect my anger towards the men who pull the strings at SICW. I hope my opponent has a bright future in professional wrestling, because bright wrestling futures are a beautiful thing, and right now I feel like destroying something beautiful.

-International Professional Wrestling Star and Bestselling Author Matt Murphy

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Jimmy Jacobs makes an impact- The Hooligans win more gold and Zach Gowen makes a cameo appearance in Mason Beck’s promo all at Pro Wrestling Epic.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 4, 2011

By Brian Kelley

This past weekend in Mt Pulaski Illinois, Pro Wrestling Epic brought to their fans once again some of the biggest and most talented names in the sport today for an action filled evening.

Prior to the evening MWR’S Dubray Tallman caught up with “Mean” Mason Beck to get his thoughts on his upcoming match with the PWE Champion The Mississippi Madman in a Steel Chain match….in the first of many surprises as the challenger Beck was ending his promo let’s find out which former WWE star showed up.

After some big matches that saw young Evan Money defeat Jordan McEntyre,

Alexander Rudolph over power David Osbourne,

Krotch taking down Eric Allen.


We got to see the grudge match between PWE US Champ Blake Steel and former champ Brandon Aarons. A hard hitting match that is far from over as Aarons won by DQ when Steels manager Melody interfered.

Prior to intermission we were shocked to see Jimmy Jacobs, who has torn in up at Ring of Honor, , Evolve, AAW (just to name a few) came into the ring to confront Jordan McEntyre. McEntyre had came back to the ring to taunt the crowd some more for his own amusement. After he disposed of loud mouth McEntyre he let the crowd why in fact he was there know that he was signed for Pro Wrestling’s tournament on April 29th which has been named the Epic 8.


With Jacobs signed it will be truly exciting to see who else will be signed in what could very well become something truly special.


When we came back the Pro Wrestling Epic the tag team belts was vacated by former champ Mephisto and his tag partner Kurt Styles who was not in the building. In a big match up that saw the Hooligans earning the belts in a win against Brandon Espinosa and Ace Hawkins.


Afterwards Espinosa turned on his partner, even adding insult to injury when the Hooligans took part in the beat down on Hawkins. Once again the talented Jacobs came to the ring this time the man to feel his wrath was Brandon Espinosa.





In one night the PWE fans was able to see a glimpse of what is to come on April 29th.

AJ Smooth defeated a tough Knight Wagner as we geared for the main event.


In the main event we got to see Mason Beck and the Mississippi Madman go at each other in a Steel Chain match.




Throughout the match the sheer power of both men caused the chain to break loose. Blow after blow, back and forth the Madman and Beck went at it.


In the end it would be the power the Madman who would stop Beck from making the final touch of the ring post and retain his PWE Championship.

The show was over but we were far from done as the MWR Wrestler of the Night ,Evan Money had worn our t-shirt to the ring. Prior to the start of his match he threw it out to the Goldman family from Bloomington, IL. Money was more than willing to take the time to meet his young fan after the show.


After much hard work throughout the night we were honored to get words from Jimmy Jacobs as he gave us his thoughts on Pro Wrestling Epic’s Epic 8 on April 29th in Mt Pulaski Illinois.

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Mike Van Hoogstraats NWA Dynamo photo recap Glen Carbon IL 7-24-10

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 10, 2010

Dubray Tallman works hard meeting the fans prior to the matches to find out who their favorite wrestler is. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Results thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer
Photos from Mike Van Hoogstraat
Captions from your Friendly Neighborhood MWR Editor Brian Kelley


Evan Gelistico leads Pierre Abernathy into battle.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Pierre Abernathy toys with Super Castaldi XIII (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Pierre Abernathy tries to put Super Castaldi XIII to sleep.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Super Castaldi XIII d. Pierre Abernathy(w/ Evan Gelistico) via rollup after Pierre accidentally knocked Evan off the apron.

Two of the young stars in the sport go at it as Gary J takes on Mat Fitchett.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Gary J gets nailed straight in the head.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Gary J is usually the man flying around the ring, here is attempts to slow down the death defying Fitchett.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Love this picture, Gary J leap frogs Fitchett. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Air attack from Fitchett.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Power by Gary J. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Mat Fitchett d. Gary Jay with a 450 Splash

A determined Tyler Cook is ready to go.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Tyler Cook uses his speed to keep from the grasps of the powerful Alexandre Rudolph(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Cook holds on for dear life as he tries to put the monster to sleep. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Cook finds him in a bad situation.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Evil Sadie Blaze keeps Tyler Cook from entering the ring in time for the 10 count thus it was a double countout. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

-Tyler Cook fought Alexandre Rudolph(w/ Sadie Blaze) to a double countout.

Some love for the ref Mike Crase on this evening, after the night would be over he would need a little TLC thanks to the Ego Express. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Ladies and Gentleman “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Down goes Kennedy(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Kennedy shows Gary J that he can leap as well. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Kennedy can not believe that he was unable to put OuTtKaSt away for the win. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

OuTtKaSt was impressive in victory. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

With Shorty Biggs having car problems and unable to be at the building the KC Karrington takes the opportunity to make himself a part of the match that saw OuTtKaSt pick up a hard earned victory. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Kennedy gets a shot in on OuTtKaSt.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

KC Karrington drills OuTtKaSt with a chair in a disgusting and cowardly move as Kennedy keeps the ref at bay. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

The Ego’s were relentless in their attack.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

OuTtKaSt feeling the aftermath of the night.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

OuTtKaSt needed assistance after the vicious beat down from the Ego Express. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

-OuTtKaSt d. Steven Kennedy with a rollup after Kennedy missed the Magic Bullet. K.C. Karrington attacked KaSt after the match(Shorty Biggs was not in the building due to travel problems) and destroyed him with a chair, leaving him bloody in the ring.

-Unfortunately, the show was cut short by a power outage during intermission as a huge thunderstorm hit the area. We waited for a while to see if the lights would return or if they could light the ring another way, but they finally called it off and offered discounts for their next show in August…rest of the card was scheduled to be Adam Rich vs. Evan Gelistico, Shorty vs. Karrington, Dan Walsh vs. Kevin X, and Davey Vega & Trent Stone vs. Mark Sterling & Jeremy Wyatt.

Missouri Wrestling Revival will have exclusive comments from the Bumrush Brothers Shorty Biggs and OuTtKaSt in the near future discussing their feud with the Ego Express that has the looks to not end anytime soon.

NWA Dynamo Returns August 28TH in Glen Carbon, Illinois .

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HVW ‘Peace and Blood’ May 9 arena report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on May 31, 2009

By Kari Williams

In Granite City, IL at the River’s Edge Complex, High Voltage Wrestling (HVW) put on nine matches for the 115 fans in attendance. From debuts to title defenses to a challenge from Absolute Wrestling Radio, this show was packed from top to bottom.

Alexander Rudloph made his impressive debut against Max Archer. Barely giving Archer a chance to breathe, Rudolph pummeled and absolutely punished his much smaller opponent. The brutality elicited from the newcomer surpassed that of Archer, who took a beating both inside and outside the ring. Rudolph easily pinned Archer for the victory.

Alexander Rudolph put on an impressive showing in his debut match against Max Archer. Photo by Kari Williams

Alexander Rudolph put on an impressive showing in his debut match against Max Archer. Photo by Kari Williams

TNT Keny G then came to ringside to introduce another new member of the HVW roster, his daughter, Santana. Before Keny could so much as state his daughter’s name, “Thee” Brandon Espinosa and “Irresistably Flawless” Brandon Aarons, B.A.B.E.WATCH, appeared to stir up some trouble. Aarons complimented Santana and made suggestive comments while advancing toward her as Keny attempted to block Aarons.

B.A.B.E.WATCH (Brandon Aarons and Brandon Espinosa) interrupted TNT Keny Gs introduction of his daughter, Santana, as the newest member of the HVW roster. Photo by Kari Williams

B.A.B.E.WATCH (Brandon Aarons and Brandon Espinosa) interrupted TNT Keny G's introduction of his daughter, Santana, as the newest member of the HVW roster. Photo by Kari Williams

Espinosa then hit Keny from the side and the two began attacking Keny until Juice Robinson made the save. As B.A.B.E.WATCH returned to the locker room, Keny announced that Aarons and a female partner of his choosing would face Robinson and Santana on Aug. 15 at the next HVW show.

A guantlet match took place next, as Mark Smart announced that he saw Rick Fuller’s gauntlet at the previous show and believed he could dominate oncomers just the same.

Mark Smart issued a gauntlet challenge, to which Fish Farmer (pictured), Michael Sain, Shawn Allen and Cabal responded. Photo by Kari Williams

Mark Smart issued a gauntlet challenge, to which Fish Farmer (pictured), Michael Sain, Shawn Allen and Cabal responded. Photo by Kari Williams

Michael Sain, Cabal, Shawn Allen and the Fish Farmer all answered the challenge—and they all walked away, leaving Smart writhing in pain. Smart tried his best to maintain an advantage, but his opponents had the wherewithall to attack Smart at opportune moments.

Eric Allen, Eric Fantabulous and Hunter Matthews wrestled an impressive triple threat match. Early on, Matthews seemed reluctant to insert himself in the bout and Allen and Fantabulous fought it out for a while. However, Allen and Matthews teamed up in an attempt to eliminate Fantabulous from the equation.

Hunter Matthews recooperates as Eric Fantabulous pummels Eric Allen. Photo by Kari Williams

Hunter Matthews recooperates as Eric Fantabulous pummels Eric Allen. Photo by Kari Williams

The desire to win soon took over, and all three men fought for themselves. Filled with multiple near falls and impressive maneuvers, these three men put everything on the line. In the end, Allen pulled out a victory over Matthews with a quick roll up.

Evan Gelistico launches onto Michael Sain during their intense bout. Photo by Kari Williams

Evan Gelistico launches onto Michael Sain during their intense bout. Photo by Kari Williams

The Bandana Mafia’s “Notorious E.V.A.N.” Evan Gelistico took on Michael Sain in the following contest. Gelistico started strong, knocking Sain out of the ring and proceeding to fly over the top rope onto the dazed Sain. Gelistico then brought the match back in the ring and continued to control the match until Sain’s anger overcame him. Gelistico fought valiantly against the infuriated Sain, but Sain emerged victorious.

The Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE) Tag Team Champions Zero Gravity, CJ Esparza and Brett Gakiya, put their belts on the line against The Hooligans. Esparza and Gakiya started the bout off with highflying intensity, clearing the ring of their opponents.

CJ Esparza gives Brett Gakiya a lift as they double-team The Hooligans in their PWE tag team title defense. Photo by Kari Williams

CJ Esparza gives Brett Gakiya a lift as they double-team The Hooligans in their PWE tag team title defense. Photo by Kari Williams

The fast-paced risk-takers met the more grounded Hooligans in an impressive bout that could have gone either way. Using their blunt force and tag team skill, the Hooligans cut off the ring and blocked Esparza from tagging Gakiya for a large portion of the bout, almost causing them to win. However, the referee disqualified the Hooligans for using steel chairs on Zero Gravity, allowing Esparza and Gakiya to retain their recently won belts.

Following the successful title defense, Absolute Wrestling Radio Co-host Matt Kreuger addressed HVW fans and “Future” Donovan Ruddick, specifically. Kreuger explained that he called Keny while on the air, forcing him to put his champion’s belt on the line against Former Wrestler and Current Absolute Wrestling Radio Co-host Mark Bland.

Future Donovan Ruddick and Absolute Wrestling Radio  Co-host Matt Kreuger have words moments before Ruddick sends Kreuger smashing into the mat. Photo by Kari Williams

"Future" Donovan Ruddick and Absolute Wrestling Radio Co-host Matt Kreuger have words moments before Ruddick sends Kreuger smashing into the mat. Photo by Kari Williams

Ruddick emerged at ringside with Magic Man by his side and proceeded to attack Kreuger and literally threw him out of the building. HVW Livewire Champion Kahagas then walked through the door through which Kreuger was thrown, causing Keny to announce that on Aug. 15, fans would witness a Falls Count Anywhere match for the HVW Heavyweight Title between Kahagas and Ruddick.

As Notorious E.V.A.N. Evan Gelistico looks on, his tag team partner Point Blank Pierre Abernathy delivers a beating to Shawn Allen. Photo by Kari Williams

As "Notorious E.V.A.N." Evan Gelistico looks on, his tag team partner "Point Blank" Pierre Abernathy delivers a beating to Shawn Allen. Photo by Kari Williams

After intermission, Shawn Allen took on the Bandana Mafia’s “Point Blank” Pierre Abernathy. Allen’s brutal offense slowed Abernathy in the beginning, especially after Allen wrapped Abernathy’s knee around the ring post. The ever-valiant Abernathy slowly powered his way out of defeat with Gelistico’s ringside support, and soon, nobody could stop him. Point Blank’s determination overcame Allen’s strength, locking in a win for the Bandana Mafia.

Aarons and Espinosa wrestled The Hybrids, Jason Lyte and Curtis Gilly, in the following contest. From the moment B.A.B.E.WATCH made their way to the ring, the fans relentlessly harrassed them, setting up their mindset for the entire match. Despite pyschological distractions, Aarons and Espinosa put up a tremendous fight against their opponents.

Irresistably Flawless Brandon Aarons and Thee Brandon Espinosa look to Magic Man for guidance after taking a beating from The Hybrids.

"Irresistably Flawless" Brandon Aarons and "Thee" Brandon Espinosa look to Magic Man for guidance after taking a beating from The Hybrids.

Their unique offense and use of illegal tactics nearly propelled them to a win. However, The Hybrids focused in on a miscommunication between their opponents—Aarons inadvertantly superkicked Espinosa—and walked away victorious. After the match, the Hooligans appeared from the locker room and attacked the Hybrids.

Robinson, accompanied by Santana, wrestled Nick Brubaker in a fabulous bout. Before the two could even lock up, Aarons attacked Robinson. That distraction allowed Brubaker to start the match off in dramatic fashion, but Robinson quickly found his niche in the friendly competition.

Juice Robinson does his best to get out of the hold Nick Brubaker has trapped him in as Robinsons new-found manager/future tag team partner Santana observes. Photo by Kari Williams

Juice Robinson does his best to get out of the hold Nick Brubaker has trapped him in as Robinson's new-found manager/future tag team partner Santana observes. Photo by Kari Williams

The two put on a show for the fans, and with multiple nearfalls and close encounters, it was hard to tell who would come out victorious. Robinson ended up walking away with the one, two, three, after which, Brubaker attacked Robinson and turned on Zero Gravity and Robinson.

The always energetic and flamboyant Gary Jay challenged Kahagas for the HVW Livewire Championship. From the get-go, Kahagas had his hands full with Jay’s unpredictable offense. Once the champion grounded Jay, he controlled the match.

HVW Livewire Champion Kahagas puts the boots to Gary Jay in their title match. Photo by Kari Williams

HVW Livewire Champion Kahagas puts the boots to Gary Jay in their title match. Photo by Kari Williams

However, Jay was not one to be discounted, as he gave his all, and nearly won the Livewire title on more than one occasion. Kahagas’ power became too much for Jay, and he succumbed. Although Jay did not leave Granite City with the championship, he left with the respect of the fans, and Kahagas as well. One could argue that another title shot lies in the near future for Jay.

Rebelucha prepares for his chance at HVW Heavyweight Champion Future Donovan Ruddicks Championship. Photo by Kari Williams

Rebelucha prepares for his chance at HVW Heavyweight Champion "Future" Donovan Ruddick's Championship. Photo by Kari Williams

In the main event, Ruddick put his HVW Heavyweight Championship on the line against Rebelucha. As, arguably, the best match of the evening, Ruddick and Rebelucha held nothing back. The champion used his power and ferocity in an attempt to will Rebelucha away from victory.

Rebelucha attempts to lock Ruddick in a triangle choke. Photo by Kari Williams

Rebelucha attempts to lock Ruddick in a triangle choke. Photo by Kari Williams

Still, Rebelucha pressed on and had Ruddick teetering on the edge of defeat. The challenger’s distinctive skill set caught Ruddick off guard and nearly cost him the belt. In spite of this, when Rebelucha attempted to lock in a triangle choke, Ruddick’s power became too much to bear. Moments later, Ruddick put Rebelucha down for the count with his border toss finisher.

Stay tuned to Missouri Wrestling Revival and highvoltagewrestling.tk for more information on HVW’s Aug. 15 show.

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