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The Magic Lives at Metro Pro Wrestling: Rebelucha …Jeremy Wyatt Defeats Derek Stone to Win the MPW Championship

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 5, 2015

 photo 48_zpsqmssabq3.jpg

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

I have been privileged to cover some of the top moments in the world of Indy Pro wrestling in the Midwest for the past eight years. During that time there have been great matches, title changes and events that have made myself a wrestling fan that much more.

Who can forget Michael Strider’s Ric Flair eques retirement, or Jeremy Wyatt and Mark Sterlings’ series of matches? One of the greatest run was Adam Pearce’s tour as the NWA World Champion that earned him his MWR Wrestler of the Year award. There was thee current Ring Of Honor’s Jerry Lynn’s visit to Dynamo Pro Wrestling and how can we forget the Submission Squad vs. The Bearded Men from Space Station 11 Street Fight? We were there to document the historic AAPW event that featured El Generico (WWE’S Sami Zayn) vs Pac (WWE’s Neville) . I was able to stay alive ringside around the unleashed Ron Powers during his Classic Wrestling title reign at SICW as well as frequently covering the biggest week of the year during Harley Race’s annual WLW/WWE/NOAH camp.

Yet, after having time to digest what I saw at Metro Pro Wrestling during the August Metro Proyale, I am convinced that I saw something that I may have not seen in the current product at this level during my time of covering the sport and that was a moment that could only be describe as the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker Wrestlemania aftermath.

As many fans know heading into that Wrestlemania the Undertaker was looking to add another victory in his win streak at the Superbowl of wrestling events. Even though Brock Lesnar has always been one of the truly gifted wrestlers to enter the ring, no one thought he would defeat the Undertaker, not Jim Ross, not Steve Austin and if you ask any fan if they tell you that they saw it coming they just are not being truthful to you. Todays fans are quite arguably the smartest wrestling fans in the history of the sport and the fact that Vince and the WWE was able to swerve them on a match proved that in the world of the Internet Wrestling Community and dirt sheets that there was still some magic in the world of pro wrestling.

Why will the Lesnar victory forever be remembered as much as any title change from the 1900’s to today? The fact that the WWE and Undertaker to his credit were able to get the fans invested in the streak. The Undertaker for years had wrestled mid-card Mania matches which a touch of main event status through the years that the streak became something that the fans themselves took ownership of. Thus when out of the blue the streak had been conquered at WRESTLEMANIA the emotions of losing felt as real to the fans as much as someone losing their wallet.

To get to the magic of the final moments of Metro Pro Wrestling’s main event match you would have to look at the roadmap left in the story at the beginning of 2015. The main event player for Metro Pro Wrestling is none other than the “Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt. Though Wyatt was once the most hated man in Metro Pro Wrestling, like many of the top biggest fan favorites of the sport including Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and even the Rock, the man the fans love to hate, they truly are thrilled to cheer.

Amazingly it would take the Metro Pro Wrestling commissioner Michael Strider, a guy who was once the most respected man at Metro Pro to allow the fans to embrace Wyatt as one of the own.

Strider with an attitude and arrogance about himself, Strider screwed Wyatt out of title back in December by helping Derek win.

 photo 00_zpsfixaggy1.jpg

Then in January he announced the, announced I’d never be given another title shot of any kind, but to make matters worse the very next match that he lost would be his last at Metro Pro. Since that time we have seen a who’s who of wrestling talent around the world looking to earn that honor of retiring the Rebel including Christopher Daniels, Matt Striker, Matt Cage, and Ricky Cruz.

 photo 000_zpskstyrnoi.jpg

Wyatt overcame the odds each and every time that the Strider hoped to end his career, but in the air was a small, but loud section of fans that hoped to put the spotlight on themselves by challenging the pro Wyatt fan base by chanting “Worthless Wyatt”.

Those anti-Wyatt fans had nothing to cheer about early in the night as Striders hand-picked opponent Christian Rose brought the pain in the match, but would prove unable to earn the reputation as the man to end Wyatts career at MPW as the momentum headed to the 2015 Metro Proyale (Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal) where the survivor of the match would win an immediate Metro Pro Title shot. Afterwards strider immediately put Wyatt in a handicapped match Vs the Kansas City Kings, which Wyatt won by DQ. Not satisfied with the outcome Strider, along with Sterling, the Kings, Rebelucha, and 2 other security guards beat him down so bad that the refs had to help him to the back.

 photo 7_zpseltdrd6q.jpg

After another stellar card from MPW that saw Ace Steel defeat ACH for the Central States title and Bolt Brady come up just short in his second chance to win the Metro Pro Wrestling title from Derek Stone it was time for the Metro Proyale.

One by one they came to the ring in the co-main event to earn that distinction. Favorites like the new Central States Champion Ace Steel look to win two titles in the same night while men like the Iceman hoped to live his dream to become the MPW Champion. One came in and they all gave a fight as they went over the top rope including Kraig Kessaman , ACH, Matt Cage, the King Brothers, Tyler Cook, the Commission, Davey Vega, Devin Thomas, Maddog Mcdowell and Bolt Brady as MPW Champion Derek Stone and Michael Strider both watched on at ringside with Striders henchmen in tow.

All along the anti-Wyatt fans taunted the crowd with “Where is Wyatt” and when Redwing the man who had won the last position in the Royal earlier in the match during the six man scramble by pinning Sydal, the chant Where is Wyatt along with a taunting smiles from the anti-Wyatt crowd only got louder.
As the match was about to come to a close Stone and Strider came to their feet to get a closer look as Red Wing Striders masked henchman Rebelucha to double team the powerful Redwing. All eyes was on the ring as my money was on Redwing to overcome the odds somehow, someway. When Mark Sterling eliminated Redwing, business picked up. Stone showed his true colors as out of the blue he eliminated Mark Sterling leaving Rebelucha as the 2015 2015 Metro Proyale Champion.

As a furious Sterling went after Stone, Strider was able to get his henchman to restrain him as he demanded that the title match began right away. Stone looking to end it quickly left himself open for a quick strike as Rebelucha nailed the eye of the hurricane finisher as the referee landed the final three count on the mat, time stopped and within moments the crowd erupted.

Rebelucha grabbed the MPW Belt and did a victory lap around the ring then headed to the middle of the Turner Rec center bleachers with his belt in hand. I never thought there would be a time in this era that the crowd would be shocked over who was underneath a mask, but when Rebelucha unmasked himself to show himself as Jeremy Wyatt I had chills up and down my spine as the crowd roared and mocked the anti- Wyatt fans as Strider demanded everyone to leave the building .. RIGHT AWAY

Metro Pro results from 8/8/15:

– Redwing won the Six-Man Scramble after pinning Mike Sydal.

 photo 55_zpsxkkrhspe.jpg

 photo 54_zpsfeu1q1jb.jpg

 photo 53_zpszuxgcox5.jpg

– Mark Sterling defeated Devin Thomas

 photo 50_zpsulafjdv7.jpg

 photo 52_zpshvp4lbhh.jpg

 photo 51_zpscgb9gii3.jpg

– Mr. Abernathy/Mat Fitchett defeated Mr. Gelistico/Davey Vega

 photo 66_zpsrx5lfchy.jpg

 photo 65_zpsgicnls2i.jpg

 photo 63_zps4tiibqut.jpg

 photo 62_zpstgbzsyep.jpg

– Jeremy Wyatt defeated Christian Rose.

 photo 61_zpsy59eegsv.jpg

 photo 60_zps7qzhosae.jpg

 photo 59_zpsshnsrcod.jpg

 photo 57_zpsssokhouf.jpg

 photo 56_zpsvsqfwx4p.jpg

– Jeremy Wyatt defeated the King Brothers via disqualification after Mark Sterling interfered.

 photo 72_zpshaegkaph.jpg

 photo 71_zpspqtagwza.jpg

 photo 70_zpsu7umsce3.jpg

 photo 69_zps2o09ql0v.jpg

 photo 68_zpsjc0wbzyq.jpg

 photo 67_zpshjoyjpgy.jpg

– Derek Stone retained his Metro Pro Championship against Bolt Brady.

 photo 79_zpsnmgzyvay.jpg

 photo 82_zpslkl2asaa.jpg

 photo 83_zpsvxrjm7qf.jpg

 photo 84_zpssnlxjivu.jpg

 photo 81_zps3s5kqrrf.jpg

– Ace Steel defeated A.C.H. to become the new Central States Champion.

 photo 80_zps5jbjjxmt.jpg

 photo 74_zpsqkp7tkto.jpg

 photo 77_zpszflssjki.jpg

 photo 75_zpscrrkqlkc.jpg

 photo 76_zpsspc8opdv.jpg

 photo 73_zpsubijigzx.jpg

– Rebelucha won the 2015 Metro Proyale (Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal) to win an immediate Metro Pro title shot.

 photo 92_zpswvi4zwol.jpg

 photo 886_zps2fjxgmgp.jpg

 photo 91_zps0ixgspkt.jpg

 photo 89_zpsqdwqw1sx.jpg

 photo 88_zpsoweq9kgg.jpg

 photo 85_zpspqb4t829.jpg

– Rebelucha defeated Derek Stone to become the new Metro Pro Champion. Rebelucha unmasked to reveal he was Jeremy Wyatt.

 photo 87_zpshrr2xke8.jpg

Metro Pro Wrestling returns to Turner Rec Center in Kansas City, KS, on Saturday, October 10, for our next event! Doors open at 6:15 p.m. Event starts at 7 p.m.

 photo 11665397_991377324240906_7792876589494610794_n_zpsxuoqpeid.png

Matches will include:

– A special appearance by wrestling legend Jim Cornette!
— You can now buy special limited Q&A/Meet & Greet tickets for Jim Cornette in our online store!
– Metro Pro Championship Match: Jeremy Wyatt (c) vs. Ace Steel. If Wyatt loses, he’s fired.
– Kansas Championship Match: Mike Sydal (c) vs. Redwing

Additional matches to be announced soon!

Front Row: SOLD OUT
General Admission: $15
Kids 5-12 (Does not count front row): $10
Under 5: Free

You can purchase tickets now!

Metro Pro Wrestling on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/KCMetroPro

Check out Metro Pro Photos on Facebook: Metro Pro Wrestling Photos

Metro Pro Wrestling airs every Saturday night on Time Warner Cable SportsChannel at 11 p.m. The show replays several times during the week! Check local listings for details.

Time Warner Cable SportsChannel is a regional 24-hour sports network, and it is the ONLY place you can see Metro Pro Wrestling! Catch us on:

• Time Warner Cable SportsChannel – Channel 30 & 323
• Time Warner Cable SportsChannel 2 – Channel 324
• Time Warner Cable Nebraska
• Comcast Cable Channel 44 & 258
• WOW! Cable – Lawrence 37

Turner Rec Center is located at 831 S. 55th St, Kansas City, KS.
For more information, call Metro Pro at (816) 974-7160.

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Independent Hardcore Wrestling Photo Recap March 6th Brandon Aarons vs. “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 18, 2010

Doug E Best goes full force at Adam Raw.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Raw sends Best to the mat with a message that no rookie will run over him. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Raw brings the pain to Best.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Doug E Best would bite and scratch his way through the match. Even in a loss Best would was impressive. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Adam Raw defeated Doug E. Best

Poo Doo the Cow (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Espy struggles against Poo Doo the Cow. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

You have heard the old saying about when pigs fly? Well how about cows Brandon Espinosa? (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Espinosa only needs one opening to take over a match. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Espinosa defeated PooDoo The Cow

MR LAT-NITE leads Morbid, Cabal and Brandon Graves to the ring at IHW(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Justin Wade drops bombs on Cabal. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Evan Gelistico finds out that Wade’s power is for real. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Pierre Abernathy cheers on his partner Gelistico as he takes over on Shawn Santel. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Gelistico prepares to drop Santel with a blow from the outside. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Cabal with a sidewalk slam.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santel overpoweres Gelistico. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santel overpoweres Gelistico IWA-ACW Tag team titles.. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

IWA-ACW Tag Champs Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico defeated Cabal & Brandon Graves and Justin Wade & Shawn Santel in a triple threat tag team match.

Eric Allen( Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen and Mephisto went at it tooth and nail in and out of the ring. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen Submits Mephisto to move on in the Illinois Championship Tournament. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen defeated Mephisto by submission.

Old foes meet once again when Sean Vincent hooked up with Billy McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

McNeils leg kicks can be a vicious weapon. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Canada’s Sean Vincent stalks Billy McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Amazing Billy McNeil (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

What can I say about this move? A tough win from the talented Billy McNeil.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Billy Mcneil defeated Sean Vincent

During intermission a IHW fan was celebrating her birthday when Sean Vincent who was just eliminated in the Illinois state tournament comes to ruin her day. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The Don Mega Shorty Biggs comes to the rescue of the birthday girl.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Once again Mr. Late Nite’s man Gideon Morbid makes short work on his opponent at IHW. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Micheal Gideon Morbid defeated Zabian Zypertin

Billy McNeil explodes on Eric Allen in the finals of the Illinois State Championship. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen goes full force against McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A stunning kick by Allen gives him the edge. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen takes a seat while giving pain to McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Someone asked me while taking this , will those tables give ? The answer yes. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen moves just in time. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A vicious sneak attack on McNeil…The man behind the mask Sean Vincent. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The aftermath of a scary situation after Allen takes the pinfall to win the Championship. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen defeated Billy Mcneil to win the IHW IL Title

Gary J gets the fans in an uproar. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The kids love the charismatic Shorty Biggs. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A kick to the head, dead on the mark from Gary J.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Shorty Biggs gets the victory in a very tough match up. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Shorty Biggs defeated Gary Jay

IHW Champion Brandon Aarons. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons has one of the most beautiful drop kicks in the game. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Spoiled Steven Kennedy sends Aarons flying. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Kennedy looked great in the match taunting Aarons during moment of the match. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons showed true heart by beating Steven Kennedy in a great match up. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen lets his arch rival Brandon Aarons know that he is coming after the IHW belt. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

B.A.B.EWatch together again?(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Espinosa cements the breakdown of BABEWatrch. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

IHW Heavyweight champ Brandon Aarons defeated Steven Kennedy

Look for an exclusive interview with Sean Vincent in the near future at Missouri Wrestling Revival as we try to get to the bottom of his viscous attack on Billy McNeil.

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LWA invites you this Saturday in House Springs Mo to celebrate 6 Years of Cheers and Beers

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 19, 2009

Missouri Wrestling Revival caught up with LWA President Luke Roberts, and Evan Gelstico as he gets ready to hook up with one of the Hottest wrestlers today Davey Vega. Pierre Abernathy speaks on his battle with Jeremy “The Rebel” Wyatt.

A night of wrestling that you will not want to miss

It’s been called many things. Intense, crazy, and controversial. No matter what you call it, the LwA has been serving up the wildest damn brand of Prowrestling for six years!

On October 24th at the Knights of Columbus Hall in House Springs, LwA Productions is celebrating their sixth year of running the most outrageous prowrestling show around. It’s gonna be a huge party, and the celebration will be happening all night long! As always, beer is only one dollar, and the card looks to be stacked from top to bottom!

A special theme for this night will be the battle of the ex-champs: Nearly all the past LwA Champions will be battling it out against each other! Matches include:

LwA Champion KC Karrington faces Gary the Nightowl
Pierre Abernathy vs Jeremy Wyatt
The Future” Donovan Ruddick vs Adam Raw

Also in action will be “www.lwawrestling.com/, and many more!

Tickets start at $8 in advance / $10 at the door
For info or tickets call 314-805-4920
or visit http://www.lethalwrestlingalliance.com

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