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A look at the first half of 2010 in the MWR Coverage area. Nominate your favorite.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 16, 2010

By Brian Kelley

We are very close to the half year of 2010 and what a year it has been!

In the past few months both WWE and TNA have hosted PPV’S with WWE’S Elimination Chamber and TNA’S lockdown that was also headline with a fan interaction that allowed fans to meet stars such as Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Rob Vam Dam, Jeff Hardy and most of the rest of the TNA roster.

Old school fans can be happy that they have had a chance to meet the stars that brought memories that will last a lifetime when at TNA’S legends main event brought in the biggest stars of the 80’s and beyond with Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Sting.

The fun would keep coming when you were able meet other stars such as former WWE World Champion Bob Backland, Roddy Piper, Road Warrior Animal, Jimmy Snuka along with several other greats during Wrestling Legends on Tour.

On the Indy front I have to believe that everyone involved with their promotions needs to feel thrilled with the support and attendance from the fans as attendance and action has picked up for the most part at most shows.

Former WLW Wrestler  Dennis T McHawes released an autobiography called “Blood Tables and Chairs that allows fans to get a glimpse of the Indy scene not to long ago.

Mike Sydal continues his rise to the National spotlight after winning the PWI Rookie of the Year he followed that up by wrestling during WRESTLEMANIA weekend with Ring of Honor in a six man tag team race and earned the pin fall for his team.

Will Metro Pro Wrestling jump over the competition in 2010 with their debut at Memorial Hall on June 4th?

Till then lets look at 2010 shortly and what to forward to.

Let’s start out alphabetical.

3XWrestlingThe 2008 MWR Promotion of the year continues their standard of excellence with some great action. 3XW Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Wyatt and Ring of Honor a World Champion Tyler Black earned a standing ovation in April when the two went to a draw. Rory Fox who came close in 09 by taking out “The Belt Collector” won the May “Gauntlet for the Gold”. This could easily set up Wyatt vs. Fox feud part 2, one that would be great for the fans.

3XW Pure Wrestling Champion Kraig Kessaman has been rolling through the company using the deadly “Nordic Spike” maneuver and has not been pinned at 3XW in 23 months. While 3XW cruiserweight Champion Jimmy Rockwell came very close in defeating 3XW Champion Jeremy Wyatt at the Over the top show earlier this month

On a sad note the very popular tag team The High Flyers of Zach Thompson and Mike Sydal was forced by Todd Countryman to go against each other in a loser leaves town match that saw Thompson earned quite possibly the biggest win his short career by defeating the smoking red hot Sydal.

All American Pro Wrestling – Exciting feuds , shocking moments and near riots mixed in with former WWE and TNA Superstars brought AAPW among the top of the most talked about promotions in the area coverage.

The year started off with the very popular Edmund “Livewire” McGuire holding the AAPW Championship. During a title defense against the popular and powerful Mississippi Madman that would soon end. McGuire’s mountain to retain was huge but the backstabbing of McGuire’s best friend Shane Rich during the match would cost him the title and a feud is set to happen anytime. Rich was suspended for his actions. The fans and McGuire have been itching for a rematch BUT…

The Madman would find himself in the fire quickly as the 2008 MWR Wrestler of the Year Jeremy Wyatt came knocking for the belt. The Madman would retain but not before a near riot almost broke out. AAPW had no other option but to sign a rematch between the two at the very next show. Problems arose when Rich talked his way into the match making it a 3way and capitalizing by taking home the belt.

As of press time AAPW is set to bring to the Midwest WWE’S Jerry Lawler and Kevin Thorn and more AAPW matches at RENT ONE Park on May 22 in prior to a minor league baseball game. AAPW has also brought in TNA’S Andy Douglas and WWE/ECW’S Simon Dean…. We can all look forward to McGuire vs. Rich in the second half of the year.

High Voltage Wrestling – What High Voltage Wrestling lacked in amount of shows they made up for it in quality of matches and continuing their tradition of debuting some of the top stars in the St Louis area. During HVW’s first year they brought you “The Internaininal Superstar” Kahagas, TNA’S Santana G, The Hooligans, Matt Cage, Zero Gravity and Tony Kozina and in their second year they brought to you the very exciting Ryan Phoenix, Flash Flannigan, Dan the Manand Sir Bradley Charles.

Kahagas vs. Flash Flannigan was an instant hit and when the HVW Tag Champions the Hooligans went against the KC Killers the ropes would break but the action would not. Santana G would earn the respect of one of the greatest women wrestlers in the world MsChif and earn the respect of her and the two would team up once again.

Young Brandon Aarons would get a huge win for the fan favorites by defeating fellow young star Mike Sydal for the HVW Livewire Championship.

The HVW Champion has been defending the title around world and looks to face on all challenges in 2010.

Independent Hardcore Wrestling– IHW has been filled with packed shows with action throughout the building. Filled with stars who do not get as much hype like Billy McNeil, Steve Kennedy, Eric Allen, Mephisto and Brandon Aarons they have made themselves a legit promotion and giving the fans their money’s worth.

Former TNA Star Mickie Knuckles and the Great Cheyenne continue the improvement of the  women wrestling Midwest while Eric Allen’s exciting Illinois state Championship shocked the Midwest. IHW Champion Brandon Aarons match with Kennedy was an instant classic. MR Late Nite looks to make his mark in the Midwest to finish off 2010.

IHW heats up the summer in 2010 with a stacked card on June 12th in Dupo Illinois when Mickie Knuckles returns to take on Mia Martinez, SLAM The Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame’s Tony Kozina will take on exciting Bailey Mannix; Champions will collide when IHW Champion Aarons will meet IHW Illinois Champion Allen in a street fight.

IWA Productions – One of the biggest announcements of the first half had to do with IWA P bringing at their free Wednesdays show last week when non other than ICP came into bring fans to their feet. So much excitement that IWA P had to turn fans away do to a fire code. ALL for free.

In January they brought in former WWE Superstar the Honky Tonk Man and their students stepped up to provide a much talked about match between Christian Rose and Danny Cannon ladder match.

A mixture of free shows and paid shows that has also showcased Matt Cage taking on former WWE Champion Eugene, Ladies star Ann Brookstone along with “Homicidal” Steven Davis provide the fans with some top notch excitement.

Metro East Championship Wrestling– Wrestling in Woodriver provides the fans with an exciting night to hang with friends and family. The promotion had a set back when the MECW had to announce that champion Mannix was unable to defend due to an injury. Mannix though respect for his talent was hated for his actions meant that possibly one of the fan favorites such as Devin Carter or the “Kid” Evan Money could get their chance as MECW Gold.

Imagine the disappointment when bad guy Eric Allen was able to win the 8 man tournament and gain his second title in months. Who will be able to take the title back from EA? Will it be Carter in his rematch on the 22nd, or will Gabriel Brimstone, Brian Scrilla, or the returning Shawn Santel come back to glory.

MECW Tag team champions The Bayou Outlaws are one of the most underappreciated teams in the Midwest and loved by the fans.

On a National level MECW can hang their head up high Barry Ryte in his opportunity to appear at the 14th annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament later this summer on Sat. July 10, 2010 in Newark DE.

MMWA-SICWThe 2009 MWR Promotion of the Year has seen some exciting new faces and old friends join the veterans of the South Broadway Athletic Club. Impressive Dave Vaughn has taken on all challenges in his way including the powerful Donnovan Ruddick.
Speaking of Ruddick the Manager of Champions Travis Cook looks to take him to the top as he has signed him to his stable “The Connections.” With the skills of Ruddick and the mind of Cook these two could be unstoppable.

Brandon Espinosa has returned with a vengeance and is currently the MMWA-SICW JR Heavyweight Champion as well as the MMWA-SICW Battle Royal Champion. Will he set his sights on becoming a Triple Crown championship?

Life is not all good in the world of Travis Cook; he has agitated the returning MMWA-SICW Superstar Ron Powers and Danny Boy. In Cooks favor is the fact that Gary Jackson has also wanted a piece of his old rival Powers.

On a National scene the St Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame that is located at the SBAC presented Ric Flair, Bobby Hennan, Dory Funk JR and Baron Von Raschke with their HOF Plaques at the TNA Fan interaction.

What Midwest Superstars will make their debut at MMWA-SICW in the rest of 2010? I can not wait to find out.

New Midwest Wrestling – The newest promotion at MWR, New Midwest have been around for a long time entertaining fans in Sprinfield Illinois.

The NMW Roster brings together an exciting roster with Cory Carter, Guy Smith, Ryan Phoenix, Dan the Man and Blake Steel as well the New Midwest Wrestling Champion Jonathan Magnus.

New Midwest Wrestling returns this week with Capital Punishment 2010 as Magnus have his title threatened when Rip Mystic comes after him.

NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling– NWA Dynamo has slowly been building steam heading into the second half of 2010. Home of the NWA Missouri Champion Davey Vega and NWA Central States Championship Mark Sterling they brought us the battle of Champions when the two took on each other during their May 1 show where Vega tapped out to the 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year.

NWA Missouri Champion Vega will look to get back on track when he takes on Dragon Gate star Kyle O’Reilly on May 22nd.

Like I said a quiet year so far for this top promotion but look for them to sprint to the top in 2010.

NWA Supreme – MWR was honored to be invited to check out this exciting promotion early this year and we were impressed. The giant Bear ST Pierre and the electrifying Da Cobra brings to the ring a fast paced wrestling show with a punch in the Face.

NWA Supreme Champion Da Cobra has been red hot and will look to add Danny Cannon on his list of men he sent home packing. Bear ST Pierre has survived the onslaught on Jeremy Wyatt and De Andre King and Guy Smith and on May 29 he will have the formidable foe of Christian Rose looking to take home the title.

. The Hooligans and the Hybrids tore each other apart in the cage and it looks to only getting hotter as the summer comes around.

Fan have to be excited as the NWA Supreme brings you the NWA Midwest Championship match between the Shiek with Joey Eastman and Silas Young as well on the 29th.

Pro Wrestling Epic – One of the youngest promotions in the MWR Coverage area has been working hard to get respect. Signing some of the top names in the sport they boast some of the top talents in the Midwest today.

One fallback to that statement is that the PWE Champion Keith Walker has been in Japan meaning that he is unable to defend the title as needed. Even with Walker out the states they have the new PWE US Champion Brandon Aarons and the PWE tag team Champions Zero Gravity on their roster.

At their only show of the year the night started of with Mark Sterling as the PWE US Champion. Sterling defeated Mike Sydal then announced to the crowd that he was not done. He would be more than happy to beat anyone else in the locker room. Aarons showed true heart by answering the call even though he was defeated by Wyatt earlier in the night. Amazingly Aarons would defeat Sterling and become the PWE US Champion.

PWE and Aarons returns with their biggest test to date when PWE US Champion Brandon Aarons takes on Ring of Honor World Champion Tyler Black go at it in a match that you will not want to miss.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix– The faction known as Murder Milita looked to have PWP on their knees and in total control at the start of the year. The Murder Militia (Jeremy Wyatt, #1 Brett Young, Mark Sterling, Joey Daniels & Jayden Draigo) would find that Team PWP (PWP Heavyweight Champion ”Babyface” Tony Cortez, Abu Colossus, Jaysin Strife, Chris Havius & Donnie Peppercricket) was not going to back down for nothing.

The bomb is about to go off in the name of WAR Games this coming Saturday. Will the Militia continue to leave the PWP Wrestlers and fans in fear heading into 2010?
Young David Clark, Jimmy Rockwell and Zac James is set to battle in a ladder match for the chance to get a chance at any PWP Championship that night as well.

The PWP Champion Babyface Tony Cortez has defeated Jeremy Wyatt, Joey Daniels Jimmy Rockwell and Jaysin Strife since becoming the Champion last December.

World League WrestlingHarley Race’s WLW took their time to get back in the game in 2010 but it was well worth the wait.

Starting off the year they had a tournament to crown new WLW Tag Champions and lo and behold Steve Fender and Mark Sterling walked away with the coveted tag team titles. Sterling and Fender are two of the most rounded wrestlers in singles, together they are scary good.

On the Singles from the WLW Title has been filled with action as the powerful Trent Stone held the title till in front of over 300 people in Richmond former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdoch pinned him in a leather strap match to regain the title.

It won’t be easy for Murdoch as Stone, Brian Breaker along with impressive young stars Jack Gamble, Ryan Drago, the Cancun Kid and Eathon Wright will all have their eyes to get to the top of the Mountain.

The WLW Ladies Champion Amy Hennig finds herself with competition all around as TNA’S Santana G earned a DQ victory from Hennig and the unknown Angelus Layne made her debut at WLW Keokuk IA. Some of the most exciting matches in women’s wrestler may well come from WLW.

That is a look at some of the promotions in the first half of the year. We are asking for the Promotions, Wrestlers and Fans to send in their thoughts on who was the best of the best in the first half year at MWR.

There will not be a winner announced for this but this will help the MWR Awards committee to not forget in the 2010 MWR Awards who is deserving. In each category there is some strong competition if the vote was to be voted on today I could not guess who would walk away the winners.

Wrestler of the Year first half
Tag team of the Year First Half
Promotion of the Year First Half
Women of the Year First Half
Match of the Year First Half

Please send in your nominations for the previous promotions to flairwhoooooo@yahoo.com

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Missouri Wrestling Revival Trading Card #5 Mike Sydal

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 8, 2010



MWR card number 5 is the unforgettable Mike Sydal. Pro Wrestling Illustrated 2009 Rookie of the Year has gained national respect by traveling the country taking on the top stars in the sport today.

The brother of WWE’S Evan Bourne, Sydal has made a name for himself by working different styles around the country. At 3XW he is one half of the popular exciting tag team the High Flyers with partner Zach Thompson. At High Voltage Wrestling he is one third of Midwest elite faction the KC Killers with Mark Sterling and “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt telling everyone within hearing distance that he “IS THE PWI ROOKIE OF THE YEAR”. Some may have seen him don the pink tights and is his flamboyant self, often teaming with fellow Midwest up and comer Brandon Aarons.

Fan favorite or cocky rule breaker you will want to get your hands on the very first trading card one of the hottest rising stars in the sport of wrestling today Mike Sydal.

Catch Mike Sydal at a Wrestling show near you.

To own your Mike Sydal card or any other MWR Trading Card send $1.50 for the first card and a $1.00 each for the additional cards send your money to Brian Kelley
305 West 3rd Salisbury Missouri 65281

#1 The Northstar Express Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz- 2008 MWR Tag team of the Year.
#2 Mark Sterling- 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year.
#3 The Hooligans Devin and Mason Cutter -2009 MWR Tag Team of the Year
#4 MsChif- 2009 MWR Female of the Year
#5 Mike Sydal

Editors note: This card is a must have but a bad choice of picture for the back will mean that the next order will have another picture in the next order. What does this mean? There will be only 250 of these cards printed. Yes only 250 so Mike Sydal fans do not wait to get your hands on this rising stars card!

I have also had a lot of request from fans that are interested in purchasing the MWR T-shirt. You have seen stars such as Santana G, #1 Brett Young, Shorty Biggs, Edmund Livewire McGuire and Evan Money wearing the trendy MWR wear in the past.
Now is your chance to purchase your very own t-shirt.

T-shirts are only $15.00 shipping and handling Free.

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PWP’s Year of the Phoenix IV recap 2-28-2009

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 12, 2009


PWP- YEAR OF THE PHOENIX IV is in the books, and it will go down as one of the biggest and most special nights in company history! We had a great turnout, despite the bitter cold, as we said goodbye to a local legend – the one and only Hype Gotti. We kicked the evening off with a super hot tag team contest:
1.) Zac James and Preston Maxwell came out with a huge key, which they claimed was the key to the Council Bluffs Armory. They claimed THEY were the reason we couldn’t get into the building last month, as they stole the key to turn the armory into “Zac & Preston’s Den of Debauchery”. This brought out the PWP Tag Team Champions, “The Knights of Fire” – Jaysin Strife & Vic Victory. The champs offered to put their belts on the line, if Zac & Preston put the key on the line! After an exciting bout, Strife & Victory were victorious, retaining their titles, and becoming the new keepers of the key to the Council Bluffs Armory!
2.) Nate Bash made his return to PWP, taking on Stephen Saint. Saint controlled most of the match, grounding the high-flying Bash – however in the end, Bash scored the upset victory.
Up next, in a total surprise – SONJAY DUTT made his return to PWP! Sonjay went on to say that its no secret that he and Hype Gotti are very close friends, and that if Hype was having his last match – he wasn’t going to miss it! Sonjay then asked to be added to the match itself, making it a 3-Way Dance for later in the evening!


 Fans were thrilled when Sonjay Dutt returned to PWP to be part of History,Hype Gotti’s last match (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Fans were thrilled when Sonjay Dutt returned to PWP to be part of History,Hype Gotti’s last match (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

3.) Up next, Joey Daniels was set to square off with Donnie Peppercricket. Before the match, Donnie asked Joey why he slapped him in the face at the last show – Joey explained that he was simply caught up in the moment, and that he was sorry, the two then shook hands, and agreed to have a clean wrestling match, in the name of sportsmanship. A back and forth, even paced match followed, however, in the end, Joey hit his supposed best friend with a low blow, and pinned him with his feet on the ropes…..so much for sportsmanship.
4.) #1 Brett Young took on the highly entertaining Yellow Dog. Dog held his own with the Las Vegas veteran, but in the end, the Dog was tricked into a game of fetch, allowing Young to ambush him with “The One Shot” to pick up the victory.
5.) “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon battled one half of the Northstar Express, Ryan Cruz. Last March, these two gave us one of the greatest matches in PWP history, thus, the rematch was highly anticipated – and these two men did not disappoint! In the end, Cannon connected with “The Glimmering Warlock” to score the win. Cannon then helped Cruz up and the two shook hands in a true display of respect.








Arik Cannon hits Ryan Cruz with a powerful suplex- Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione

Arik Cannon hits Ryan Cruz with a powerful suplex- Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione

6.) Mark Sterling battled the debuting Mike Sydal. Sydal was very impressive, showing that his brother (WWE’s Evan Bourne) isn’t the only impressive athlete in the family – however in the end, the more experienced Sterling was victorious. Despite the loss, Sydal looks to have a very bright future in PWP.





Mike Sydal was impressive in his PWP debut against Mark Sterling (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Mike Sydal was impressive in his PWP debut against Mark Sterling (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

7.) Up next, Chris Havius took on “Babyface” Tony Cortez. Cortez controlled a lot of the match, proving why he is still one of the best in PWP – but in the end, Havius defeated the former champion with a clean 1-2-3. Havius then stated that while he has been in PWP since day one, fighting through back surgery, taking on all opponents, in any type of match-up – he has never received even one shot at the PWP Heavyweight Title. He then made the following challenge for March 21st – in the following main event, if Sonjay wins the title, or if Jeremy Wyatt retains – he would challenge them to a one on one match for the title. If Hype Gotti should win the title, he would then retire as champion, and a tournament would be held in March to crown a new champion – in that case, Havius demanded to be the number one seed in the tournament, vowing that one way or another, on March 21st – he would become PWP Heavyweight Champion.
8.) It was now time for the main event, and Hype Gotti’s very last match ever!

Local legend Hype Gotti (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Local legend Hype Gotti (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

The match would be an elimination style 3-Way Dance for “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt’s PWP Heavyweight Championship.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix Champion Jeremy Wyatt is calm and ready for a three way dance with Sonjay Dutt and his friend Hype Gotti - (Photo Credit: Gary Giaffoglione)

Pro Wrestling Phoenix Champion Jeremy Wyatt is calm and ready for a three way dance with Sonjay Dutt and his friend Hype Gotti - (Photo Credit: Gary Giaffoglione)

 Wyatt, Sonjay, and Hype all hit high impact moves in the opening minutes, bringing the crowd to a frenzy.

Hype Gotti had Sonjay Dutt where he wanted him until Jeremy Wyatt made his presence known. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Hype Gotti had Sonjay Dutt where he wanted him until Jeremy Wyatt made his presence known. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

At about the 20 minute mark, Hype hit the Gotti Driver on Sonjay to eliminate him from the match. Hype and Wyatt then brawled all over the armory, in and out of the ring, all the while pushing the crowd’s excitement to it’s limit.

Hype Gotti demands that Jeremy Wyatt to have a seat. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Hype Gotti demands that Jeremy Wyatt have a seat. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

 In the end, at around the 40 minute mark, Wyatt hit in succession, his Lightning Spiral, the Angel’s Wings, and then applied a dragon sleeper – while Hype held on for as long as he could, he finally passed out in the hold, the match was stopped, and Wyatt retained. What then followed was without a doubt the most emotional atmosphere in PWP history. The locker room emptied, as Hype’s peers gave him an in-ring standing ovation, joined by the crowd at ringside – all of whom showed their appreciation for all that Hype has given to the business over the past 7 years. Hype Gotti’s career may be over, but his legacy to the mid-west wrestling scene, and especially to PWP will live forever. Thank you Hype!

Thank You Hype (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Thank You Hype (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

We now turn our attention to Saturday Night, March 21st.
We know that Chris Havius will finally get his shot at the PWP Title, as he challenges “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt.
There was a very profound aura of excitement at Year of the Phoenix IV – which is sure to carry over to the 21st. No doubt, this is an exciting time in PWP, and believe us, you don’t want to miss a second of it! More details coming very soon!

The talented PWP roster that thrilled the fans at PWP’S YEAR OF THE PHOENIX IV  poses for one great picture. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

The talented PWP roster that thrilled the fans at PWP’S YEAR OF THE PHOENIX IV poses for one great picture. (Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)



 PWP Fans Thank you!!!
PS – To check out the rest of the photos from Year of the Phoenix IV, as well as photos from past PWP shows, please visit – http://community.webshots.com/user/piasono



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