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Win a free MWR T -shirt this weekend at Pro Wrestling Phoenix just like HVW fan Leroy Turner.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 16, 2009

On January 10thin Granite City Illinois, Leroy Turner won a free MWR T-shirt at High Voltage Wrestling during intermission. All he had to do was come to the show and sign up at the door, sit down and enjoy a night of wrestling. During intermission his named was drawn out and he was the latest fan too own the exclusive wrestling wear for all the fans in the Midwest.



Leroy Turner is shown here with MWR staffer/ Contributor writer Kari Williams.



 Your next chance to win a free MWR t-shirt will be in Council Bluffs, Iowa at Pro Wrestling Phoenix this Saturday to see Hype Gotti’s last match in the Main event. Hype will be taking on the PWP Champion Jeremy Wyatt.


Hype was force to retire when his team Simply the Best ( Hype and Tony Cortez) lost a Texas Tornado match against the team of Jaysin Strife and Vic Victory along with the PWP Tag team titles. The stipulation was that whoever was pinned would have to retire and unfortunately for wrestling fans that man was Hype Gotti. Win, lose, or draw – this is Hype’s last match ever. If he wins, he will be able to retire on top, the PWP Title will then be vacated, and a tournament to crown a new champion would be held in February. Will Hype retire as the champion? Or will “The Rebel” retain? No question about it, this will be a MUST SEE CLASSIC!!!


We hope that you join us Saturday to watch history be made at Pro Wrestling Phoenix



For a full recap of PWP in 2008  go to PWP Rewind.

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Pro Wrestling Phoenix looks back at 2008.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 12, 2009


By PWP Management

Photo comments by Gary Giaffoglione/GG HotShots.com PWP Photographer


2008 was a very remarkable year for Pro Wrestling Phoenix. We came back from a four month hiatus in February. We had lost the rights to run shows at our old building, and had some trouble coming up with a new one. Once we decided on the Armory, we were skeptical about how many people could even find the place let alone who would show up. At “Year of the Phoenix 3” on February 16, we couldn’t have been happier with our second biggest crowd ever about 130 people. That night saw a lot of great action, and is notable for being the night “The LONRs” Showtime Darrien Sanders and Mark Sterling won the PWP Tag Team Championship by defeating “Pride and the Passion”, Zac James and Tyler Pride This caused massive problems between Zac and Tyler. At this point “Babyface” Tony Cortez was still PWP Heavyweight Champion, and was able to retain the title in a 3 Way Dance over “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt and Abu Colossus. Hype Gotti began an intense losing streak as well.

“Try and Stop Us Now” on March 15 had one of PWP’s best matches ever, a bout between “The Anarchist: Arik Cannon and Ryan Cruz, one half of the Northstar Express. I highly suggest checking this one out; you can find it on YouTube. “A New Era” in April saw the Northstar Express and Arik Cannon both getting title shots in PWP. However, “The LONRs” and Tony Cortez both pulled through, retaining their respective titles.


March 15 Wyatt vs Strife- Could be the most high flying and technical match I remember, there was so much nonstop action from both Wyatt and Strife- Gary Giaffoglione/GG HotShots.com PWP Photographer

This led to our “3rd Year Anniversary Spectacular” on May 10. “The LONRs” once again retained the PWP Tag Team Championship by defeating Ben Sailor and Nate Bash. Hype Gotti continued his losing streak, this time losing to Domino Rivera. This show also saw one of the greats Jerry Lynn show up to wrestle Arik Cannon in an absolute classic PWP match. Zac James finally agreed to fight Tyler Pride, but was only the beginning. A very big surprise also happened when PWP Alumni Payday Patterson showed up to answer Brett Young’s one shot challenge in a very memorable match. Chris Havius made his return to thank the fans, and was attacked by Stephen Saint. The big news here however, was Abu Colossus was able to win the PWP Championship in a 4 Way between Tony Cortez, Jeremy Wyatt and Jaysin Strife, thus ending his 20 month reign as champion.

May 10 Wyatt vs. Abu, Babyface Cortez vs. Strife, again so much action I couldn’t capture it all among these four

May 10 Wyatt vs. Abu, Babyface Cortez vs. Strife, again so much action I couldn’t capture it all among these four.-Gary Giaffoglione/GG HotShots.com PWP Photographer

We started the summer off with two shows in July. The first show saw Chris Havius try to get some revenge on Stephan Saint, however the match ended in a double disqualification. Jaysin Strife finally beat Hype Gotti one on one. Afterwards, Tony Cortez confronted Jaysin about some things that had been happening, especially in last months main event where he helped pin Tony. He attacked him, and it looked like Hype was making the save, but he shocked everyone when he too attacked Strife. It took Vic Victory coming out with a chair to run those two off, and it looked like Simply the Best was back together. Victory and Strife put their differences behind them. Abu solidified his status as champion when he was able to pin Tony Cortez in a one on one match.

Our second July show was our huge Battle of the Phoenix show. This saw 25 contestants get a shot at becoming #1 contender. And who was more fitting to win than #1 Brett Young. He earned a shot at Colossus in August. This was a big night for Brett Young as he also defeated Arik Cannon in a singles match. Also on this show, “The LONRs” were once again successful over Northstar Express, Zac and Tyler tangled again, and Strife and Victory got their first taste of Simply the Best.

August was very intense, Tyler Pride finally defeated Zac James in a must see street fight to open the show. Stephen Saint defeated Chris Havius by cheating in a First Blood match. Afterwards, Chris challenged Stephen to a FANS BRING THE WEAPONS match at the next show. Brett Young fell short of his chance at gold when Abu Colossus once again dominated him. This led us to September, Malicious Mayhem and one of the most insane nights in PWP history. Chris Havius and Stephen Saint put it all on the line in a match that included tables, ladders, chairs, light tubes, thumbtacks, bibles and more. Chris Havius came out on top and both earned the fans respect that night.

This was the easiest to chose, of all the shots taken in 2008 this Weapons Match between Chris Havis and Stephen Saint will forever be in my conversation of “what  are some of your best shots”. September 21, 2008 Malicious Mayhem… would be the #1 Choice of my Best PWP Shots of 2008.- Gary Giaffoglione/GG HotShots.com PWP Photographer

This was the easiest to chose, of all the shots taken in 2008 this Weapons Match between Chris Havis and Stephen Saint will forever be in my conversation of “what are some of your best shots”. September 21, 2008 Malicious Mayhem… would be the #1 Choice of my Best PWP Shots of 2008.- Gary Giaffoglione/GG HotShots.com PWP Photographer

October 25 was a special night for PWP. The Northstar Express had their last chance at the PWP title, if they lost, they would never get another shot at the LONRs. They did pull through to become PWP Tag Team Champions. Also, the showed was named Night of the Rebel, because Jeremy Wyatt, who hadn’t lost a singles match in probably a thousand years in PWP, defeated Abu Colossus to become the current reigning PWP champion. Since then he has defeated both Abu Colossus and Brett Young to retain. The Northstar Express’ reign was short lived, as they were defeated in a three way dance by Simply the Best, also including Jaysin Strife and Vic Victory. Afterwards The duo challenged Simply the Best to a Texas Tornado Tag Title match in December, with the added stip that whoever was pinned in the match would leave PWP forever.

December came and new Tag Champs AGAIN, as Strife and Victory pinned Hype Gotti not only to win the titles, but to send him packing from PWP. Hype Gotti asked for one more match, and that is January 17th VS. Jeremy Wyatt for the Title. Regardless of winning or losing, he is gone from PWP. But he said he is going to retire as champion and go out with a bang.

What do we have to look forward to in PWP in 2009? You can bet that everyone has their sights set on “the Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt and his coveted Title. Look forward to your favorite regulars as well as new talent looking for chances at gold. Strife and Victory are the Tag Champs, but for how long? The LONRs won’t sit idly by and watch them take all the glory. Don’t forget about the Northstar Express either. It is a very exciting time for Pro Wrestling Phoenix, please check us out at www. prowrestlingphoenix. com for all the updates and add us as friends at www.myspace.com.prowrestlingphoenix.

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PWP Tag Team match will have huge ramifications this weekend!!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 17, 2008

By Brian “Flair” Kelley


In a match with HUGE implications, the new PWP Tag Team Champions – Simply the Best, will defend their titles against Jaysin Strife & Vic Victory in a Texas Tornado Tag Match, meaning all 4 men will be in the ring at the same time. The big story is that not only will the titles be up for grabs, but the man who is pinned or made to submit must leave PWP forever!


I was able to catch up to Pro Wrestling Phoenix tag team specialist  Vic Victory this coming week to discuss his upcoming match against the Pro Wrestling Phoenix Tag Team Champions and  November MWR Tag Team of the Month Simply the Best ( Hype Gotti and Tony Cortez).  The result turned out to be entertaining to say the least.


I give you Vic Victory and Jaysin Strife.







If you have never seen Simply the Best go to the #1 promo on MWR.




Pro Wrestling Phoenix presents a huge night of action on Saturday December 20th! What happens on this night will change PWP forever


For The PWP Heavyweight Championship- “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt will defend against “Number One” Brett Young!

Abu Colossus will face Stephen Saint!

The LONRs’ will face the duo of Jimmy Rockwell and Ricky Kwong!

 Chris Havius will go up against Preston Maxwell!


“The Senasational One” Sean Cruz will meet Joey Daniels!

“The Passion” Zac James with his “bodyguard” goes one on one with Donnie Peppercricket!

All this and more!!!

PWP Saturday December 20, 2008!!!

National Guard Armory
2415 E Kanesville Blvd.
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Front Row $15
GA $12

Doors: 6:30 – Bell Time: 7:00


www. ProWrestlingPhoenix. Com

www. MySpace. com/ProWrestlingPhoenix


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MWR November 2008 Awards

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 12, 2008

November Wrestler of the Month


Jeremy Wyatt (PWP, LWA, 3XW, HVW, NWA-DPW)

The rebel wrestled in FIVE organizations in four states in the month of November. At 3XW in Iowa, he defeated the vastly improving Mike Sydal. In Illinois with HVW he wrestled Kahagas in such a tough match that Kahagas had to use a fake injury to get the upper hand to steal the win. At LWA in Missouri, he retained the LWA Championship in a three way between Dingo and KC Karrington when he pinned Karrington.


He traveled to PWP  in Iowa he was able to retain the PWP Championship when he defeated former Champion Abu Colossus and #1 Brett Young in a three way dance. Last, but not least he returned to Kansas with the NWA, he was scheduled to take on Dingo but when Dingo was unable to go, none other than ROH Star Davey Richards would be the man Wyatt had to beat. In a match up that Wyatt sure felt the next day; the outcome was once again a win for the Rebel Jeremy Wyatt.





1st Runner Up – Brandon Espinosa (AAPW, LWA, NWA-DPW, HVW)
2nd Runner Up –
The Future Donovan Ruddick (HVW, LWA)
3rd Runner Up –
Gabriel Brimstone (MECW)


Others receiving votes: Curly (AAPW, IWAP), Dacobra (HVW, NBWA), Steven Davis (IWAP,AAPW) Shane Hollister (SCW)




November Tag Team of the month






Simply The Best: Hype Gotti and Tony Cortez (PWP)

Pro Wrestling Phoenix bad boys, Simply the Best won the titles from the MWR Revival cup 2008 Champions the Northstar Express in the month of November.When they are not causing trouble Hype Gotti and Tony “Babyface” Cortez enjoys winning titles. They are the first in history to have held the Tag team championship as well as the PWP Heavyweight Championship.

1st Runner Up-  Steven Kennedy and KC Karrington (Ego Express) (LWA, NWA-DPW)
2nd Runner Up –
Mad Dog McDowell and Aaron Masterson (Bayou Outlaws) ( MECW)
3rd Runner Up –Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza (Zero Gravity) (NGW,SCW)


Others receiving votes: Mark Sterling and Gage Octane The Gentlemen’s Club (3XW),

Davey Vega, Pierre Abernathy, and Evan Gelistico The Bandana Mafia  (HVW),

The Feature Presentation Eric Ruffington and Blake Steel (NBWA) (NMW)

November Woman Wrestler of the Month



Malia Hosaka (3XW)

At 3XW the wily veteran continued her winning ways when she defeated Katie Syren, a former WLW superstar. A multi talented wrestler who has wrestled around the world, Malia is a force to be reckoned with in the Midwest.


1st Runner Up –Stacey O’ Brien  [WLW]  
2nd Runner Up
Destiny Diamond (MMWA-SICW)

                          November Promotion of the Month


NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling


In a time where 100 people attending is good, 221 is phenomenal. What is more impressive is the last time wrestling was there the attendance was low. More important than the number was the crowd response. From the time the bell rang to the last pinfall the place was off the hook.


1st Runner Up –New Midwest Wrestling   
2nd Runner Up – 3XW
3rd Runner Up – IWA Productions

Others receiving votes – AAPW,HVW, Chaos Pro Wrestling


November Personality of the month



Magic Man (HVW) 


Seemingly 100% behind his man from the PWI 500, The Magic Man turned on Kahagas during the main event of the last High Voltage show, aligning himself with “Future” Donovan Ruddick. He showed that he gravitates toward greatness, and he felt that Kahagas could not handle it anymore (see video on Missouri Wrestling Revival). Overall, Magic Man’s wit and knowledge warrant his nomination for Personality of the month.




1st Runner Up- Luke Roberts (LWA)


November Match of the month


NWA Kansas Champion #1 Brett Young


Tyler Cook

(NWA Presents Dynamo Pro Wrestling)

October 29th Pomona, Kansas


On a night where every match was top notch, the pressure was on in front of 221 people. The Kansas Champion was at his very best, working the crowd to frenzy and using every advantage to retain the title. Tyler Cook, worked and worked to get the momentum going his way but when Cook hit the uncovered turnbuckle (Thanks to Brett Young earlier) he would go home without the belt. In the main event, you can make or break what the fans thought of the night. Cook showed that he can live up to the hype that many feel he is capable. The fans though, cant wait to see Brett Young get what’s coming to him next time. What more can you ask from the bad guy?


1st Runner Up-

Tournament for the SCW title

Danny Daniels vs. Krotch





2nd Runner Up-

New Midwest Heavyweight Title

Mississippi Madman vs. Benz

11-22-2008, Springfield, IL



3rd Runner Up-

Mark Sterling vs. The Future Donovan Ruddick

11-08-2008 House Springs Mo.




Others receiving votes :

(HVW)TheFuture” Donovan Ruddick vs. “TheeBrandon Espinosa v. Kahagas 11-22

(AAPW) Edmund “Livewire” McGuire V. Ax Stevens (I Quit Match)

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Hype Gotti and Tony Cortez (Simply the Best) – Has a message for you!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 16, 2008

By Brian “Flair” Kelley


Hype Gotti and Tony Cortez, are  the tag team known as “Simply the Best”. The two have more charisma than the whole locker room where they are booked. On a night before a Pro Wrestling Phoenix Show, they enlightened me with their thoughts on Missouri Wrestling Revival and at the time the Election between John McCain and Barack Obama.


 When the former Pro Wrestling Phoenix Champion Abu Colossus, enters the room, Simply the Best has to use their quick wit to live another day.


 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most underrated tag team in the Midwest- Simply the Best.




[Note: The views and opinions are of Simply the Best and do not represent those of the MWR staff. ]

Simply the Best will be in action this Friday, November 21, in a triple threat match for the PWP tag team titles with PWP Tag team champions the Northstar Express and the Jaysin Strife and Vic Victory. For more information go Pro Wrestling Phoenix

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MWR Spotlight: “#1” Brett Young

Posted by Admin on October 5, 2008

“#1” Brett Young
A Sit Down Interview by Brian “Flair” Kelley

Brett Young is hard to forget.  Just before his music starts and he comes through the curtain, a voice booms over the loudspeakers:

“The shiznitty of the city and the M.V.P. of this company. I’m the most charismatic guy on the show, because I’m Numero Uno Brett: You-Know!!”

That may very well be an understatement, as Brett Young is a multi dimensional wrestler. Many in this era want to be hardcore, a high flyer, or just simply like the next wrestler, but Brett Young is one of a kind.

Brett Young’s year has been full of ups and downs in 2008. While wrestling with NWA Central States Wrestling (CSW), he was able to win the NWA Kansas Championship in March only to see the organization fall on hard times and cease operations. Though it may have been rough to see a dream come true only to have it fizzle out, Brett went to work for Pro Wrestling Phoenix and quickly set his sights on the PWP Heavyweight Title.  He was close to that goal, too, just coming up short in PWP’s August show “Raising the Bar” against the mighty Abu Colossus.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to sit down with “#1” Brett Young.

Brett, when did you decide to become a pro wrestler and who in fact trained you?

In the fall of 1998 was when I started wrestling.  Psycho Sandman out of St. Joseph trained me with the help of Michael Strider. As I progressed a few years later in the southern territory of Memphis I actually learned a lot more about the psychology aspect (of wrestling).

[Brett Young had no time for fun and games in this classic match with the monster Abyss for Central States Wrestling.]


In March at a CSW show you were scheduled to wrestle Mark Sterling for the vacant NWA Kansas Championship, but when you arrived you were told by CSW management that you would have to qualify for the opportunity to wrestle Mark for the title later on that night. The twist was this: your qualifying match would not be a one on one contest, but rather an elimination match that would include the likes of Tony Cortez, Hype Gotti, Jeremy Wyatt, Jaysin Strife and Darrien Sanders.  What was going on in your mind when you found out that some of the best pro wrestlers in the Midwest were in your way as you attempted to make history?

For one it really pissed me off, because I was already billed as the number one contender, to be prepared for Sterling that evening just to be put into another match with so many obstacles was disappointing, but the cards were dealt.  I went into the match with one objective and that was to get the opportunity to become the NWA Kansas Champion.

You were able to overcome the odds of the elimination match, though.  The crowd was thrilled and you were in the zone, but such a match surely must have taken a lot out of you. Add on to that the fact that the match with Mark Sterling was that very night. Sterling looked to have underestimated you and seemed to think that with the energy rush of your win and the hard work you had put into it, you would tire and give up.  It was a strategy that he would regret.  He attempted many sleeper holds and leaned on you throughout the match.  In the end, he allowed you to use a little magic in the match when you puled a handkerchief from your ring jacket and, while the ref wasn’t looking, turned it into a three-foot magicians wand which you used to strike Mark Sterling.  You followed it up with a “One and Done” for the win.  With the crowd chanting “Number One!  Number One” you were the NWA Kansas Champion. That match led to you being named the MWR Wrestler of the Month for March. What was that moment in your life like?

Through out the match Sterling really brought his A game and pardon my French, he truly was beating the shit out of me. I just continued to tough it out and in the back of my mind I thought something will happen to give me an opening and I would have something to work with. Eventually he started to get distracted and frustrated. He started to lose his cool and with that opening I felt the energy which allowed me to get the upper hand and bring a little magic to the match.  With a little assistance of the wand, I hit him in the throat and like you said, that led to the “one and done” for the win.

That moment in my life was very special.  Not only did Central States Wrestling think I deserved a shot, but the NWA believed it as well.  I was overwhelmed, joyful, and excited to have such a prestigious belt and it was very rewarding.

In other matches you been known to use magic to your advantage as you did to win the Kansas Championship. Is there any chance that you could change careers on us and be the next David Copperfield?

Though I am very capable to do a small magic show, I do magic for fun and feel as if that is a talent that sets me apart from the many wrestlers who are out there today. Many times I hear the fans call for magic, so it truly has its place in a Brett Young match. It always keeps the fans eyes on the match, as they never know what they might miss.

Brett, it has to be asked, so I’ll just come out and say it.  A sad day in the Midwest wrestling community was when CSW announced that they were closing their doors. What did CSW mean to you and do you have any comments for what former promoter Martin T called the “Death of CSW”?

That is very personal to me, because I started in Central States Wrestling.  I worked every show that they have ever run in ten years minus three shows. Central States Wrestling is me.  It is everything I stand for.  It is everything that I have put my whole wrestling career into.  I don’t spend my time on the independent circuit looking to get rich.  That’s not important to me.  CSW was my home and my heart.  I felt it was inappropriate whenever Martin T put it in the words of “The Death of CSW”.  I felt as if it was also incorrect. 

Fine, it was over.  They are closing doors.  But to be claiming the death of CSW and that you are almighty and destroyed it was disappointing.  I put a lot into that company and into Martin T as well as the other people that helped promote, book and put time and effort in Central States Wrestling.  I always appreciated and treated everybody good and that was almost a slap in the face.  As for the company, I care very deeply about CSW and it is sad.  But like all good things, it must come to and end.  I must move on and that is what I will do.

On a brighter note, while wrestling with CSW has come to a close, you have been very active with Pro Wrestling Phoenix.  Once again when the opportunity knocked, you knocked the door down as you won the PWP 2008 Phoenix Challenge to become the new number one contender to Abu Colossus’ Heavyweight Title. This was after defeating one of hottest stars in the Midwest Arik Cannon earlier in the night. Explain to readers out there, what is a Phoenix Challenge match and what was your strategy going into it?

A Phoenix challenge is an over the top Royal Rumble type match where two men start the match and every thirty seconds or a minute a new wrestler enters the ring until all twenty-five men have been a part of the match. I was the twelfth man and, not to be cocky, but I am smarter than most of these guys who have wrestled for one or two years. When you have been in the business and you have been around for a long time you start to figure things out, so I work smarter not harder. I let them beat themselves up.

It came down to me, Payday Patterson and Arik Cannon. This in itself was a problem, as you stated I had defeated Cannon in a very tough match earlier in the night, but I also was able to get the win on Patterson the month before. These two guys double teamed up on me and attempted twice to eliminate me with the thought that I was over and done but I just never quit and their underestimating me was the one mistake that I would capitalize on.  I was the last man standing and looked forward to taking on Abu.

[Brett Young will not let you forget who #1 truly is.  From the wardrobe to the smirk on his face, he feels as if he should be the standard that wrestlers are judged by.]


With the victory at the 2008 Phoenix Challenge, you were granted a shot at the PWP Heavyweight title owned by the powerful Abu Colossus in August. Before the match started you claimed that PWP management would have to give you the belt due the fact that Abu would have to forfeit the belt.  You even took the time to brag about having some friends “get the job done” yet it was not meant to be as Abu appeared much to your dismay. Throughout the match you did everything you could to get the upper hand without having any luck. You were holding your own on the big man, yet you still had your friends, PWP bad boys Simply the Best (Hype Gotti and “Babyface” Tony Cortez) assisting you with your dirty deeds. Abu would land the Colossal Slam for the win, though. What problems did Abu present and how close did you feel you were to the PWP title?

The night before me and my boys roughed him up when we jumped him outside a supermarket.  We took a shot at it and I thought for sure that he would not be able to come and defend his title.

Abu is tough as nails and to be honest even I underestimated how strong he is. When he lifted me with surprising ease, he proceeded to literally drop me on my head and I felt it for days after. I fought and I fought and at one time I thought I would have him prepared for a little magic, but he was not having any of it as he did his homework. On that night he was able to attain the title, but I hope to get another shot and next time it may not be as sweet for him.

That match set up a six man tag team match at Malicious Mayhem in September with you and Simply the Best taking on Abu, Vic Victory and Jaysin Strife.

Abu really wanted to take on myself and Simply the Best, 3 on 1.  He really has some balls.  Victory and Strife came out and said “let’s make it a six man tag”.  I felt very confidant as I have defeated both Victory and Strife.  I felt as if I should have beaten Abu.  I thought as if we had the match won hands down.  The match was wild and had bodies flying everywhere; at one time we had Strife in a world of trouble as we continued to beat him on our side of the ring. As with any time you have so many men in a match anything can happen, before we knew it the match was over and we ended up losing that night.

This year you have had the chance to show All American Pro Wrestling fans the talent that you possess, where else should a wrestling fan hope to see you at and what are your goals as 2008 comes to a close?

I am going to try to pick up bookings in the next coming months.  I look forward to wrestling with All American Pro Wrestling in October so definitely check me out there.  I plan on working with Tony Scarpone and Underground wrestling in Chicago, possibly in Denver for Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling.  You know you can always see me here in Pro Wrestling Phoenix and I look to take over 3XW, too.

Last but not least, you were the last NWA Kansas Champion. Is there any chance that the NWA will give you the opportunity to face NWA Missouri Champion Dingo?  It’s a match that I feel you rightfully deserve?

I would like to do that. I don’t have bad blood with Dingo as he has been a friend in the past, so it would be a match built on respect. He is a great wrestler. Dingo is very talented and agile and has an arsenal of moves that he brings to a match, which makes it hard to prepare for.  It would be a challenge but one that I am prepared for, and if I am ever asked, I will bring my all for that match.


I would like to thank Brett Young for taking the time for the interview. Brett is a talented wrestler who has a love and respect for the business and always gives a 100 percent whenever he wrestles. Next month you can see “#1” Brett Young at All American Pro Wrestling in Royalton, IL on October 18th, as well as on October 25th for Pro Wrestling Phoenix where he will battle Chris Havius.


For more Information check out

Pro Wrestling Phoenix
All American Pro Wrestling

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Your Trip to Space Mountain- PWP “Malicious Mayhem”

Posted by Admin on September 27, 2008

Your Trip to Space Mountain
PWP “Malicious Mayhem” on September 20, 2008

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Wrestling promoters usually have a title for their show to add excitement for the fans, WWE has the Summerslam and TNA has Lockdown. Pro Wrestling Phoenix’s card for September was called Malicious Mayhem. PWP’S main event on the evening would be a “Fans bring the weapons match”, and with that one match, I was able to convince my girlfriend for the 270 mile trip to Council Bluffs, Iowa . To say she was prepared was an understatement as she packed 30 industrial light bulbs, to be used in the match that would pit Chris Havius vs. Stephen Saint.

Also on the card was the excitement of seeing live for the first time, the Pro Wrestling Phoenix Champion, Abu Colossus. PWP also have the best tag teams in the Midwest in the LONRS (Mark Sterling and Showtime Darrien Sanders) and Simply the Best( Hype Gottiand Babyface Tony Cortez) who would be tagging with none other than the always entertaining Number One, Brett Young.Going into the show I knew they had talent, just was concerned on the presentation.

[The Sensational One, Sean Cruz is dressed to kill on this night.]

My first PWP experience was about to begin as the self proclaimed “The Sensational One”, Sean Cruz entered the ring with a look of disdain towards the fans. The music hits for the next wrestler and the kid sitting next to me goes nuts, jumping up and down with his homemade poster in his hand. This has me wandering if they had a WWE /TNA star on the card with how excited this young boy was. Who was about to come out from the curtain? Would it be Former WWE Star Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore? Or maybe it was TNA Superstar Sonjay Dutt who has been on prior shows at PWP. The man was none other than…. Donnie Peppercricket ???

[Donnie Peppercricket comes to the ring with much support from the PWP faithful.]

Peppercricket was ranked number 91 in the 2008 Missouri Wrestling Revival Top 100, and this would be the first time that I would get to see him in person. From the looks of it, he had been working out and seemed to be in better shape than the times I had seen him wrestling on dvd in the past. There was no doubt that he was OVAH with the PWP fan base, Peppercricket had Cruz reeling, or maybe that was Cruz’s strategy because when Peppercricket went to the top he hit a flying body cross, Cruz yelled out in agony. The ref immediately asked for Peppercricket to give Cruz a break to see what was wrong. Peppercricket sincerely begged for someone to come from the dressing room to help Cruz, and with that one moment of weakness, Cruz struck from behind with a shot to the groin and then was able to hit a Snapmare Driver for the cowardly win.

The next contest saw Preston Maxwell taking on the ever popular Jimmy Rockwell. Just looking at Maxwell, one can tell he is not a technical messiah, but he was smart enough to know he had to slow Rockwell down, so he attempted to put his weight on his opponent and never allow Rockwell to get into a rhythm as I have seen him do in prior matches. When Rockwell would get the upperhand, Maxwell would bail out of the ring, which in turn flustered his opponent. This would allow Maxwell to capitalize with the Inside Cradle.

[LONRs’ – Mark Sterling and “Showtime” Darrien Sanders let Daniels know that he is in for a world of hurt coming out to the ring by himself.]

The next match was to be for the Tag Team Championship as the LONRS would defend their belts against the tag team of Leslie Ray and Joey Daniels, The SuperFriends. When Daniels came out alone with the deer in the headlights look, I knew he was in trouble. No tag team in the Midwest smell blood as the LONRS do and I had seen this myself in a match earlier this year at All American Pro Wrestling when they took advantage of JT Calhoun when his tag team partner Mike Masters left Calhoun out to dry. The LONRS took care of business then, and on this night it looked to be no different. The LONRS were taunting Daniels when out from the back came Donnie Peppercricket, who said he had no ideal why Ray was not there but he would do his best to bring home the Gold for the good guys. Though I give Donnie props for coming to bat for Daniels, this match was textbook LONRS, as they kept their opponent on their side of the ring with perfect tags. At one point the Superfriends would make the tag but it would not be long before the LONRS used some perfect distractions to get the upper hand. The LONRS are among the top tag teams in the Midwest and they teamed up and hit Peppercricket with the spike piledriver and the 1-2-3 as they retained their tag team titles.

The Rebel would be next as Jeremy Wyatt would be taking on Zac James. This was a mismatch on paper but don’t tell James that as he withstood the Rebels early onslaught, and with one swift move, James took out Wyatts legs and was relentless there on, James worked on the legs and the strategy was paying off as Wyatt never seemed to get more than two moves together. What look to be an upset in the making was not to be as Wyatt would put it all together and James would go down on the list of the wrestlers who has fallen in the past year and a half in Pro Wrestling Phoenix to the Rebel Jeremy Wyatt.

[Zac James pulls out all stops and strikes low on Jeremy Wyatt leg.]

[On this night James worked the perfect game plan as he punished Wyatts legs with a Boston crab. James was unable to get the win but earned this fans respect with the outing.]

The PWP bad boys Simply the Best,could easily be the most underrated tag team in the Midwest. These guys have the same tag team philosophy as the LONRS as they execute moves in perfect unison, but all the while they seem to want to get their kicks by antagonizing the fans and their opponents with their juvenile tactics, something I feel ashamed in Admitting is always entertaining. On this night they would be teaming with another charismatic wrestler in #1 Brett Young, a wrestler who just last month challenged the PWP Champion Abu Colossus for the title.

[Brett Young and Simply the Best works over Jaysin Strife with the classic triple team early on in the six man tag.]

The PWP Champion was looking to take care of business with his tag team partners Vic Victory and Jaysin Strife. Chaos would quickly ensue as Simply the Best and Young were causing trouble throughout the match with mind games. At one point, Hype Gotti had Strife grounded; Gotti teased the monstrous Abu by holding Strife’s hand just out of the reach of the Big Hurt. The big guy was so frustrated that he came in and sent bodies flying, but without the tag, the ref sent him back to the ring. Abu would be the Power while Strife and Victory would be the speed that was able to overcome the odds on this night and with a big Colossal Slam, Abu got the victory for his team.

Abu was celebrating in the ring when Jeremy Wyatt entered to issue a challenge for the PWP Championship match at next months show. Wyatt reminded Abu that he has not been defeated at PWP for over a year and a half and the time has come for the Rebel to become the champ. This match will be very interesting to see how Wyatt can overcome the rare power that Abu Colossus brings to the table. A match that I can not miss as it should be one that will be talked about for years to come.

[Jeremy Wyatt issues a challenge to Abu Colossus for the PWP title at the October 25th show when Pro Wrestling Phoenix returns to Council Bluffs.]

[Wrestlers themselves even seemed amazed at the plethora of weapons that the fans had brought for the match that Chris Havius and Stephen Saint would have later in the evening. Here Jaysin Strife is checking out one half of the pile with fans during intermission. Fortunately for the ladies, Jaysin did not have any part of the damage later on in the evening.]

I will not even try to relay to you in words the brutality and damage that occured during the Fans Bring the Weapons Match but will now share with you pictures along with short captions of one of the most eye dropping action I have ever seen. Readers beware as this is not for the faint of heart.

For fans of Hardcore I present you Malicious Mayhem

It’s a shame that the pictures can not give the full effects to the action of the two men going at it. PWP had close to 50 more Industrial light bulbs than what my girlfriend brought and when they went off it echoed around the building with the boom of a shotgun, with glass flying everywhere. The only two people smart enough to wear protective eyewear was the ref and my girlfriend. Malicious Mayhem had in fact lived up to the cards name after all.

Amazingly Attendance was light on this evening but that did not stop the wrestlers from showing up and giving the fans a 110 percent. With all independent wrestling, some matches are better than others, the same could be said about the wrestlers and this night was no different. Yet truthfully there wasn’t a match that hurt the card. If you were not able to be there, be sure to pick up the DVD as soon as it on the shelves because this card from top to bottom had a little bit of everything.

My friends, I hope to see you at a show soon. Till next time just remember the stars of tomorrow are only an independent show away.

Brian “Flair” Kelley

For more info on Pro Wrestling Phoenix go to www.prowrestlingphoenix.com.

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MWR Spotlight: Abu Colossus

Posted by Admin on August 20, 2008

Abu Colossus

By Brian “Flair” Kelley
Photo Credits: Gary Giaffoglione for Pro Wrestling Phoenix

Abu Colossus is a mountain of a man. Standing at 6″5 and weighing 280 LBS, the Pro Wrestling Phoenix Champion not only brings power to the ring but uses his speed to electrify the crowd. As soon as his entrance music, Ludacris’s “Move”, hits the PA the fans go wild and his opponents know they will have their hands full.

Abu has dominated the PWP ring for over three years while waiting to claim what he has always felt was rightfully his: the Pro Wrestling Phoenix Championship. That goal was achieved on May 10, 2008 at PWP’s 3rd Year Anniversary Spectacular when he was able to defeat Babyface” Tony Cortez, Jaysin Strife, & “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt in a 4-way Elimination Match for the title.

Tony Cortez will be the first to tell you that he was the longest reigning Champ with an amazing 20 months and that the belt will return around his waist yet PWP has claimed that we are in “The Era of Colossus”. Cortez and his partner in crime, Hype Gotti will pull out all stops to make sure that the Era is more like a Moment. Cortez and Gotti, once bitter enemies, now collectively known as Simply the Best, are sure to be a thorn in the side of the current champ.

Abu grew up a wrestling fan and took special interests in the Bret the Hitman Hart along with Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat. He was trained by “Irish” Mick Tierney and has worked hard building his reputation as one of the most respected wrestlers in the area. He also utilizes former ECW Champion Tazz’s suplex to punish his opponents along with signature moves the Two Handed Choke Slam and the Colossal Slam.

[Abu hits a Two Handed Choke Slam.]

I had the chance to talk to Jeremy Wyatt and asked him how he approaches a wrestler with the talent that Abu possesses. He said, “Abu is a guy who can be classified as a true heavyweight, there’s not many guys his size working the Indies. You might be able to wear him down if you can keep him from getting a hold of you but he’s not a guy to try and trade shots with. Seems as if he has stepped up his game a bit in the last year or so. With his size and strength, I think he should look to branch out a little more and try to work more places.”

I was able to track down Independent wrestling’s best kept secret, Abu Colossus, the night before he would defend his title at Raising the Bar against the winner of the 2008 Phoenix Challenge, “Number One” Brett Young on August 16th in Council Bluffs, IA .

When I asked him what his favorite matches were to this date, he was quick to say PWP’s December 9, 2006 Candy Cane Chaos match with Michael Strider that ended up in a double DQ. It was a match that took the big man to his limits and led to a dog collar match at PWP’S Year of the Phoenix . A Match with Mark Sterling on November 18th at PWP’S In Your Church was a close second as he feels Sterling is among the elite in the business.

Michael Strider had this to say about the man whose nickname is the Big Hurt:

“Abu Colossus has a million dollar look and I knew every night that we wrestled that I had to bring my ‘A’ game. That guy is just starting to show his full potential”.

[Michael Strider had his hands full during a Dog Collar match that you can purchase on the PWP DVD Year of the Phoenix 2.]

Abu takes great pride in representing Pro Wrestling Phoenix and working with the upstart wrestling promotion Magnum Pro Wrestling. He looks forward to showcasing his skills with the best to prove to the fans in the Midwest that he is the standard that all wrestlers should be compared to. The names that he would like to work with on the national scene were TNA wrestler Abyss, Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson. In the Midwest he would love to hook up with NWA/CSW Missouri Champion Dingo, Gage Octane, Brian Ash and Mitch Paradise.

When asked if there was anything that he would like to say to the fans he replied “We love what we do and we appreciate their support and we hope that they know that the Independent wrestlers will give a 100% to entertain. They are the reason we do what we do.”

Final thoughts

As a fan of Independent Pro Wrestling I look forward to seeing some of the best take on each other and there is no doubt that Abu Colossus should be in the sights of all promoters and would add to the show instantly.

Love it or hate it, the truth of the matter is fans enjoy powerhouse wrestlers and they are few and far between in this area. Abu is something special and I would love to see how 3XW Commissioner Todd Countryman and his men, Mark Sterling and Gage Octane would deal with this monster of a man. Maybe Casanova will need some assistance with 3XW Champion Devin Carter after turning on him at 3XW’S “On a Stick” show this past month.

Central States Wrestling in Kansas has stated that they will be making a comeback soon and though the talent in the company is plentiful, Abu would be a force from the start, and the fan favorites could use a little help with the “In Crowd” or the Barrio Boys, two factions that have been terrorizing the fans and their favorites in the area.

Let’s not forget that Lethal Wrestling Alliance president Luke Roberts is looking for a man that can defeat the Future Donovan Ruddick. Why not bring in an outsider to do their dirty work. Yet who knows maybe the Future will contact Abu to help him in his dominance of LWA, a combination that could prove unstoppable.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix fans are fortunate to have one of the most exciting wrestlers in the Midwest as their champion and some big matches will be in Abu’s future with the very talented roster that PWP now boast to have in Number One” Brett Young, Jaysin Strife, Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt, Arya Daivari, The Anarchist” Arik Cannon, Mark Sterling, Tyler Cook and familiar foes Simply the Best gunning for the title.

You can check out Abu Colossus at Pro Wrestling Phoenix http://www. prowrestlingphoenix. com/ where you can purchase DVDs and find out who he will be up against at future shows. He can also be found at Magnum Pro Wrestling at http://www. myspace. com/magnumpw . Booking info for Abu Colossus http://www. myspace. com/abucolossus

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