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Former MWR Future Star Raphael ‘Big Brother’ King is Ready for the ROH Top Prospect Tournament

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 27, 2017


From the official ROH Website

What earns someone the nickname “Big Brother”? Is it size? Personality? Charisma? Looking out for someone in a brotherly way?

In the case of Raphael “Big Brother” King, the charismatic leader of the Omega Nu Anax Fraternity, it doesn’t have to be just one attribute. At 6’5”, King is one of this year’s tallest, most imposing competitors in the Top Prospect Tournament. Coupled with a confidence that commands attention, King has used his physical attributes and gift of gab to fight his way to a better life.

Subscribing to his fraternity’s core values of perseverance and prosperity, Big Brother King was born and raised in a neighborhood of St. Louis where opportunities were thin; a place where there existed a constant struggle to achieve the American dream. King has achieved in a way many he grew up with did not, serving as a Big Brother in the ONA fraternity while moving quickly through the world of professional wrestling.

The 24-year old rising star is married to Devyn Nicole and the two have made marks in the worlds of business, acting, modeling. and even reality television. While there is no doubt that the two are extremely talented, some have wondered if both have been poisoned by success and vanity, perhaps disconnected from their roots as they live in luxury in the wealthy suburbs of Atlanta.

Whatever Big Brother King’s intentions are, one thing is clear: he will not take this opportunity lightly. A win in the 2017 TPT would enhance both King and Nicole’s profile across all of their business ventures and the two have been preparing while in their first-class accommodations as they travel across the country to premieres and release parties. The verdict is still out on whether or not King will stay true to his roots – will we see the benevolent young man that helped others as a Big Brother at ONA or we will see a more sinister Big Brother driven by fame and fortune? We will find out at Steel City Showdown if this blue-chip prospect has what it takes to earn a ROH contract!

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Raphael King and Devyn Nicole King Debut on the Centric Network, Aug 20th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 19, 2016


Pro-wrestler Delenia Adams stars in Centric’s docu-series My Current Situation, where the 30 year old mother-of-two attempts to make peace with her doubts about the age difference in her relationship to 23 year old wrestler Matthew King.

Direct TV Channel 330

Click here for more information.


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Devyn Nicole- A Rising Star in the Ring and on the Gridiron

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 20, 2014

Editors Note: This was written for Ring Sirens magazine a couple of months ago before they decided to call it quits. I have had it in the drafts since then but the news comes so fast I have not had time to post it. This past Thursday in Troy Missouri, Miss Natural Heather Patera defeated Devyn Nicole for the WLW Ladies Champion for the 7th time.

Congrats to Miss Natural on her victory, but please take the time enjoy this article on one of the top female stars in the country, Devyn Nicole.



Pro Wrestling has a rich history of wrestlers that excelled in Pro Football. Wrestling greats such as Leo Nomellini, Wahoo McDaniel, Ernie Ladd, Big Van Vader, Ron Simmons Dick the Bruiser and Bronco Nagurski are many of the greats in the past that have thrilled fans in the past.

 photo 6_zps990289b6.jpg

For the first time , you can add a female to that illustrious list of athletes that can boast success in both sports. That’s right, the current AIWF and WLW Ladies Champion Devyn Nicole has burst onto the scene in less than a year to become a Champion with victories over Mia Svensson and the 2-time Missouri Wrestling Revival Female Wrestler of the Year Stacey O’Brien and now has her eyes set on become a champion in the Legends Football League (formally known as the Lingerie Football League) with the Atlanta Steam. The LFL is a women’s 7-on-7 tackle American football league, with games played in the spring and summer at NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS arenas and stadiums.

Trained by former WWE and WCW Superstar Curtis Hughes at the WWA4 Professional Wrestling School, Nicole has shown that she is a quick learner, and one that she is not afraid of no one in her quest to be the best. During her short career she has been to war with Amber O’Neil, Tiffany Roxx, Miss Natural “Heather Patera, Jordynne Grace and Melanie Cruise.

Wrestling fans be sure to keep an eye the rise of one Devyn Nicole as she is on the verge of Superstardom that combines talent and beauty to be a two sport phenomenon.

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Miss Natural Topples Devyn Nicole for the WLW Ladies Championship at the Lincoln County Fair

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 15, 2014


1) Miss Natural defeated Heather Savage February 16, 2002 Eldon, Missouri
2) Miss Natural defeated Wendy Rimmer December 8, 2003 Eldon, Missouri
3) Miss Natural defeated Helena Heavenly August 14, 2004 Richmond, Missouri
4) Miss Natural defeated Josie April 9, 2005 Concordia, Missouri
5) Miss Natural defeated Katie Syren November 17, 2007 Concordia, Missouri
6) Miss Natural defeated Stacey O’Brien April 19, 2013 Eldon, Missouri
7) Miss Natural defeated Devyn Nicole July 10, 2014 Troy, Missouri

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Miss Natural Heather Patera Presented with the 2013 MWR FOY Plaque; Becomes Number One Contender to the WLW Ladies Championship

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 1, 2014

 photo 33_zps112870c6.jpg

“Miss Natural” Heather Patera is one of the top female wrestlers in the country today. In 2013, she claimed her second MWR Female of the Year plaque, thus making her a back to back female of the year.

On June 28th ,at the Race Wrestling Arena, MWR’s Fan Relations Dubray Tallman presented Patera with her plaque. Surprisingly, Patera was offended by MWR on the occasion.

 photo 29_zps78076abe.jpg

The reason?

Because we had chosen Troy, Missouri for the location of the presentation and not in her home state of Minnesota. She was not happy about this at all and made her feelings known, still she had her goals set in regaining the WLW Ladies Championship from Devyn Nicole. To accomplish that goal she had to defeat her arch rival and one of the most underrated female wrestlers in the country Stacey O’Brien.

 photo 30_zps9c4e507f.jpg

 photo 31_zpsb37adda5.jpg

 photo 32_zps2954d2e5.jpg

 photo 28_zps26cd59dd.jpg

Natural and O’Brien had toured the country against each other , wagging war and thrilling fans and this night would be no different. Throughout the match O’Brien was able to withstand a plethora of suplex’s, bodyslams and illegal chokes. When Natural tried to use the MWR Plaque, after the referee, Brandon Schmit was knocked down and miss, she quickly threw the plaque in O’Brien’s hands as Schmitt was coming to his senses. With Patera screaming in pain on her back and O’Brien holding the plaque, one of the Midwest’s finest refs had no other choice but to disqualify O’Brien and award Patera with the win.

 photo 34_zpsbbe4a5b2.jpg

 photo 35_zpseffd0342.jpg

Patera has the momentum as she looks to regain the WLW Ladies Championship from Devyn Nicole, but there is no doubt that we have not seen the last of Patera vs. O’Brien.

Could the next time before Patera’s title ?

 photo wlwsign_zps1a4904f7.jpg

Photo courtesy of the WLW Facebook

7/10/2014 – World League Wrestling- Wrestling at the Troy Fairgrounds

7/26/2014 – World League Wrestling -Wrestling at the Race Wrestling Arena (Troy Missouri) 198 Cherry Blossom Way All Tickets $10.00 Kids 5 and Under Free

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WLW and AIWF Ladies Champion Devyn Nicole Adams looks to Conquer the LFL

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 1, 2014

Devyn Nicole

WLW Ladies Champion Devyn Nicole Adams looks to Conquer the LFL

The Current World League Wrestling and AIWF Ladies Champion Devyn Nicole Adams is always looking for a challenge. In 2014, She will continue to be one of the hottest women in the sport, but for fans that can’t get enough of her, all they will have to do is check out a Atlanta Steam Football games as she will be looking to bring the pain on the Gridiron for the Legends Football League .

Be sure to keep checking with MWR for updates on her matches in the Midwest and her impact on the field.

 photo 1521894_794455403902016_718524620_n_zps6d85ea59.jpg

 photo wlwapril_zps1bfbce9f.jpg

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History was Made in Otterville, Missouri, Devyn Nicole Wins the WLW Ladies Championship

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 15, 2014

 photo 2_zps5df1233c.jpg

WLW was filled with exciting and shocking moments in Otterville, Missouri last night as fans were on the edge of their seats from the start.

With the debut of WLW trainee Kyle Roberts, plus a man that my friend Jack Tierney calls the “Giant Killer” (after victories over Mark Sterling and former WLW Champion Brian Breaker) Jon Webb once again upset Sterling, and a new tag team of John E. Rock and Jamell Harris proved that they could take a beating as the Black Hand Warriors left them bloody and battered. WLW Champion Elvis Aliaga proved once again that he will do whatever it will take to hold onto his Championship as he delivered vicious shot with the belt to Jack Gamble secure a victory as referee Richard White was knocked out .

While fans had a lot to be excited about it would be a historical moment in the young career of Devyn Nicole when she was able to defeat Stacey O’Brien for the WLW Ladies Championship. Nicole who has trained under Mr. Hughes (a man that had been managed by the “Greatest Wrestler on Gods Green Earth Harley Race in WCW.) In the past Nicole had been overmatched several times against the 2-time MWR Female Wrestler of the Year, O’Brien, but in a quick moment Nicole proved that she has the championship quality of never giving up as she was able to have her hand raised in victory.

Via the new WLW Ladies Champion Devyn Nicole Facebook page we were able to get a statement from her on her feelings of the night “Tonight, I became your WLW Women’s Champion! Special thanks to Mr. Harley Race for the opportunity to make a home with his company

 photo dn_zps281e7be0.jpg

Photo credit- King Photography

Winning a Championship is truly an accomplishment but now the young Nicole is the hunted when she walks into the danger zone in Richmond, Missouri on April 19th when the stars of WLW return. Already signed for the new Champ will be a three way match against two of the top female stars in country Stacey O’Brien and the current MWR Female Wrestler of the Year “Miss Natural” Heather Patera .

For more information on this exciting night be sure to check out the WLW website and MWR for updates as they come in.

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Time to vote for the 2014 MWR Sexiest Wrestler of the Year

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 8, 2014

It’s time…….. To vote for the 2014 MWR Sexiest Wrestler of the Year today For the past three years Missouri Wrestling Revival.com has celebrated the month of February by having the fans around the world vote for who they think is the sexiest wrestler of the year. The contest is set up where we alternate the men one year, then the following year we have the women.

The first year was in 2011 as MWR fan relation’s Dubray Tallman let the ladies choose first on who they wanted to be the sexiest wrestler of the year. Chicago’s Bailey Mannix took home a whopping 43.97 percent on the way to being named the first ever MWR Sexiest Wrestler of the Year.

In 2012 it was time for us to find out just who the sexiest female was. The contest went back and forth as fans came to the site in full force to vote for their favorite. In a contest that came down to the last moments of the deadline, MsChif would take home the honor of being named the first ever MWR Female of the Year.

The next year it was to find out what guy would become the MWR Sexiest Wrestler of the Year. When the smoke cleared, it would be the exciting former 2011 PWI Rookie of the Year Ace Hawkins who would add the trophy to his collection of awards, belts and broken hearts.

The time has come for you to vote for who you think deserving for the 2014 MWR Sexiest Wrestler of the Year.

The poll will be set up from February 8th to the 13. We will announce the winner of the 2014 MWR Sexiest Wrestler of the Year on the day of love, Valentines Day!

 photo crazy_zps0a35ba23.jpg

“Crazy” Mary Dobson Photo Credit Jimmy Hunt

 photo devyn_zps890f9c23.jpg

Devyn Nicole

 photo JessicaJames_zps065a0143.jpg

Jessica James -Photo Credit Kelly Kyle

 photo jordynnegrace_zps1ce4226a.jpg

Jordynne Grace

 photo lucymendez_zps92fb8560.jpg

Lucy Mendez

 photo MelanieCruis_zps189e9e35.jpg

Melanie Cruise Photo Credit Rob Myers

 photo MiaMartinez_zps645fb881.jpg

Mia Martinez – Photo Credit Rob Meyers

 photo MiaSvensson_zps99bd787d.jpg

Mia Svensson

 photo missnatural_zpsea14fe40.jpg

Heather Patera

 photo s_zpsa04beba5.jpg

Santana G

 photo sarahsummers_zps84f24909.jpg

Sarah Summers

 photo staceyobrien_zps33ec53eb.jpg

Stacey O’Brien

 photo TheGreatCheyenne_zpse33da578.jpg

The Great Cheyenne

All photos courtesy of the wrestlers.

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World League Wrestling returns this Saturday Elvis Aliaga, Raphael King, Stacey O’Brien, Devyn Nicole and much more

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 4, 2013

 photo WLWRICHMOND_zps44beb6c9.jpg

To our fans! WLW’s last show of the year will be in Richmond at the Richmond Community Center! Tickets are on sale at Richmond Walmart, Richmond Chamber of Commerce and City Hall Collectors office! Get your tickets as this is looking to be a great show! As already announced, the WLW Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs as newcomer to WLW Jamell Harris will challenge reigning champion Elvis Aliaga! The next match just signed is a special 3-way dance as Dustin Bozworth will face off against Raphael King AND Richmond’s own John E. Rock!

Plus a WLW Ladies championship, as champion Stacey O’Brien has a newcomer to WLW in Devyn Nicole challenging her! Both wrestlers are ready to go, and Devyn has a big task in front of her, attempting to win the WLW Ladies Championship from the 5-time champion!

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MWR Top Prospect #12 Devyn Nicole

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 8, 2013

 photo d_zps20f7f228.jpg

Devyn Nicole, originally from Queens, NY, now reigns supreme from her throne in Atlanta, GA. Not only is she gorgeous, but she brings to the table what only a select few females on the indies can. The beauty of a Victoria’s Secret model, the skill of a master marksman, the athleticism of a league MVP, the heart of a lion, the fight of a champion, and the talent only Devyn Nicole can have. After being trained at WWA4 in Atlanta by the World Renowned Curtis Hughes, Devyn has had 80 matches in her first year of in-ring competition.

 photo IMG_7839_zps2859ee01.jpg

She doesn’t plan to stop there, debuting in NWA, WLW, and capturing the AIWF Women’s World Championship! Her ability in the squared circle as well as her black-widow like skills on the mic, make Devyn Nicole a true gem to our business. She can only go up from here and amongst the stars in the sky is where she belongs.

Definitely one to keep an eye on, I’d bank on it!

 photo 1_zps8cc39993.jpg

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