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Former MWR Future Star Raphael ‘Big Brother’ King is Ready for the ROH Top Prospect Tournament

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 27, 2017


From the official ROH Website

What earns someone the nickname “Big Brother”? Is it size? Personality? Charisma? Looking out for someone in a brotherly way?

In the case of Raphael “Big Brother” King, the charismatic leader of the Omega Nu Anax Fraternity, it doesn’t have to be just one attribute. At 6’5”, King is one of this year’s tallest, most imposing competitors in the Top Prospect Tournament. Coupled with a confidence that commands attention, King has used his physical attributes and gift of gab to fight his way to a better life.

Subscribing to his fraternity’s core values of perseverance and prosperity, Big Brother King was born and raised in a neighborhood of St. Louis where opportunities were thin; a place where there existed a constant struggle to achieve the American dream. King has achieved in a way many he grew up with did not, serving as a Big Brother in the ONA fraternity while moving quickly through the world of professional wrestling.

The 24-year old rising star is married to Devyn Nicole and the two have made marks in the worlds of business, acting, modeling. and even reality television. While there is no doubt that the two are extremely talented, some have wondered if both have been poisoned by success and vanity, perhaps disconnected from their roots as they live in luxury in the wealthy suburbs of Atlanta.

Whatever Big Brother King’s intentions are, one thing is clear: he will not take this opportunity lightly. A win in the 2017 TPT would enhance both King and Nicole’s profile across all of their business ventures and the two have been preparing while in their first-class accommodations as they travel across the country to premieres and release parties. The verdict is still out on whether or not King will stay true to his roots – will we see the benevolent young man that helped others as a Big Brother at ONA or we will see a more sinister Big Brother driven by fame and fortune? We will find out at Steel City Showdown if this blue-chip prospect has what it takes to earn a ROH contract!

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