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Todd Letterman Presented with the Second 2016 MWR Future Star Award

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 12, 2017

Todd Letterman is a BAD man. Maverick can vouch for that after the two battle it out in a physical war for the NWL STL Championship.

Kevin Lee Davidson made history at the Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis in 2017 when he won the NWL STL Championship so if was only fitting that he would receive his 2016 MWR Future Star plaque in the same building.

On hand was our special sponsor and good friend Brandis Outlaw for KLD, or as he is known as now, Todd Letterman. There is no doubt that this is only the beginning of what could be an historic career in the Midwest and beyond as he is a unique and exciting young star.

Photo credit Duane Clawson

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Dartallion Allen Jr. Top Draw: 2016 MWR Future Star of the Year Todd Letterman / KLD

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 31, 2017

We named Kevin Lee Davidson  as one of the future stars of pro wrestling in the Midwest, little did we know that the future has come so fast. KLD has transformed into Todd Letterman and with the training of NWL he has used that knowledge and expertise to enter into the finals of the NWL STL tournament in just over a week at the Casa Loma Ballroom after a main event victory against fellow 2016 MWR Future Star of the Year,  (formally known as Mat Fitchett) that was a true classic.

Can anyone stop him?

The winner of the “The Bull City Boss” Cornell Douglass and “The Raging Bull” Maverick on April 9th will face Letterman for the first ever NWL STL Championship. Regardless the outcome, we feel confident that we made the right choice in naming “The Five-Star Phenom” Todd Letterman one of our MWR Future Stars.

This MWR plaque is sponsored by our dear friend Brandis Outlaw, and will feature this very own artwork in the frame. In the near future we hope to present it to him in person to honor him on a memorable 2016. .

If you would like to have some artwork done by the very talented Dartallion Allen Jr. here is how to do so. Tell him MWR set you.

Email Dartallion21x@gmail.com
Instagram and Twitter: Dartallion21x
9×12 Bristol board sketch : $25/ with grey tones $35
11×14 Bristol board sketch $35
/ with grey tones $45
11×17 Bristol board sketch $45/ grey tones free
Digital color prints 8×10,11×14,11×17
$10, $15, $20

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Wrestle Talk Podcast to Present Mike Outlaw/ Dez Wellston with the 2016 MWR Wrestler of the Year Plaque

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 24, 2017

Wrestle Talk Podcast with Joe & René

Hey yo.. Got some news! Not only will Dez Wellston/Mike Outlaw be at #UniverseMania3 but he will be presented with his Missouri Wrestling Revival Wrestler of the Year award at the event! Just another reason to make sure you don’t miss the biggest party this side of Orlando, FL!

I have reached out to our good friends at Wrestle Talk Podcast to see if they would be so kind to present our 2016 MWR Wrestler of the Year Dez Wellston, formally known as Mike Outlaw with his plaque at the biggest WrestleMania Party in KC this year. That is right, watch Wrestlemania and see local history being made at the same time as our friend Brandis Outlaw will be in the house to represent MWR in the presentation.

Mike Outlaw had an awesome year in 2016, but with the training that he has had with NWL his game is only getting better as the year goes on.

So please come out and show your support by being their at Rockstar Burgers.


#Universemania3 watch party is the best of it’s kind! Hosted by the Wrestle Talk Podcast with Joe and Rene, it’s an event that brings together the world’s best wrestlers, fans, podcasters and fantasy wrestling group all in one place. This the 3rd year that this event is taking place and it’s guaranteed to be the best one to date. It will take place at Rockstar Burgers in Kansas City, MO starting on April 2nd starting at 4pm CT. Here is just some of what you can expect at this incredible event:


DJ Theorie at the DJ booth all night playing all your favorite wrestling theme songs, rock hits and hip-hop bangers

– Two live performances (DBD and Deucifier)

– WrestleMania33 on the big screen

– Awesome pricing on food and drinks

– Appearances by three different wrestling promotions including:


– NWL (Todd Letterman, Dez Wellston & Blaine Meeks) 8:30pm-10:30pm


– GWF (Ric Maverick, Curt Gannon & Black Jesus) 6:30pm-8:30pm


– KCXW (J.Savage, Hollis Giroux and The Marksman) 4:30pm-6:30pm

– Also, all the wrestlers appearing at #UniverseMania3 will be signing autographs for fans free-of-change and will even have some fresh swag to give away!)

**For more info including how to pre-purchase tickets please visit http://www.WrestleTalkPodcast.com/events**

1116 Genessee St. Kansas City, MO 64102

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Dartallion Allen Jr. Top Draw: 2016 MWR Wrestler of the Year Dez Wellston / Mike Outlaw

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 2, 2017

MWR artist Dartallion Allen Jr. returns to the site with his MWR 2016 Award Top Draws of the 2016 MWR Wrestler of the Year Mike Outlaw. Outlaw had a great year in which he won titles and delivered exciting matches around the Midwest in just about every top promotion that we covered. MWR was not the only group that had an eye on him, as the new wrestling league the NWL signed him to an exclusive contract and fans can only see him at the Casa Loma Ballroom for NWL STL or the rare Scottish Rite Temple in Kansas City for NWL KC.

This MWR plaque is sponsored by our dear friend Brandis Outlaw, and will feature this very own artwork in the frame. In the near future we hope to present it to him in person to honor him on a memorable 2016. .


If you would like to have some artwork done by the very talented Dartallion Allen Jr. here is how to do so. Tell him MWR set you.

Email Dartallion21x@gmail.com
Instagram and Twitter: Dartallion21x
9×12 Bristol board sketch : $25/ with grey tones $35
11×14 Bristol board sketch $35
/ with grey tones $45
11×17 Bristol board sketch $45/ grey tones free
Digital color prints 8×10,11×14,11×17
$10, $15, $20

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Starr Studded Femme Fatale

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 26, 2015

 photo 337617_10150437995140605_1112939234_o_zpsqgmahezt.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Starr’s Facebook page.

By Brandis Outlaw

Paloma Starr isn’t afraid of anyone and is a badass; No matter if they are bigger than me, faster than me, or even better than me, I will step up to them in the ring. Male or female! I’m an intellectual smart ass who is happy go lucky and just happy to be here in the squared circle.”

Grace, elegance, Diva, kickass, glamorous, and fearless are just a few describing adjectives to describe a majority of the young women who are in the business of professional wrestling but only a few women stand out from them to become a beacon of light in the pro wrestling world, a role model, daring, going against the grain, along with the beginning adjectives added; For those great and small to become in professional wrestling. Paloma Starr is that woman.

Only having a small window of time to get to know her and become acquainted with her; Starr, a quickly rising young woman of the wrestling world is not your typical women’s wrestler. Her unique training with professional wrestler and former ECW Superstar Taz, in New York, to her outstanding background on how she got started, her bright themed gear, and positive outlook on her young career propels her for more great opportunities and wrestling hall of fame.

The raw passion Paloma feels for pro wrestling began like most men, women, and fans of the business; as child watching it on television.

“I grew up in Juarez Mexico and Lucha Libre was part of my life since I can remember. I would go to Lucha shows with my grandmother and we would watch it on TV. I specifically remember going to a grocery store and my favorite luchador, Tinieblas, was there taking pictures and signing autographs! I was so excited to have my picture taken with him and his sidekick Aluche and the feeling that I got when I stood next to him was awesome. I remember thinking wow this is pretty cool! It would be awesome if I could do that. But I didn’t give it much thought because I had this weird perception in my mind that you couldn’t train to be a wrestler that you just WERE a wrestler.

Following her training, she met and trained with former ECW Superstar Taz becoming the first female trained at his Dojo, Starr says that she felt incredibly lucky to have the opportunity.

“I was in shock!” She says, I saw that Taz was going to start a finishing school and he was only accepting a very limited amount of people who were already trained and just needed to get fined tuned to go to the next level. I applied and didn’t think much of it, next thing I know I’m getting a call from the strength conditioning coach telling me that I was accepted and that he was going to put me thru to talk to Taz. I was at work at the time; I had to sneak off to the back room because I was flipping out so bad. When Taz came on the line I was just silent I didn’t know what to say. I thanked him for accepting me since he said out of 200 people only 6 were picked for the traveling class and not only was I one of them but I was the first female to train at his dojo ever!

Fans are always itching to know if their hero or heroine is the same out of the ring as they are in the ring, what are they like on a daily biases, laid back and easy going, or completely opposite? Starr says Taz was all the same.

“Taz is as intense as he comes off to be on TV. He is so passionate about wrestling and knowledgeable. There were times where he would get so worked up about something that I thought he was going to start suplexing us thru walls. But his motto is “intensity”. As soon as you walked into the dojo there was a banner in black and orange letters with INTENSITY printed on it. He would always point and the sign and say that it makes all the difference in the world…and it does! He would always mention that he’s never trained a female before but he didn’t treat me any different than the guys. He pushed and motivated me and showed me that I was good. ”

“Since confidence is something I’ve always struggled with in the ring. I am forever thankful that I had that opportunity; it has made me ten times better as a wrestler. ”

 photo 1_zpszhmjut6r.jpg

Paloma Starr vs. Lucy Mendez at Dynamo Pro Wrestling.

Starr is all about the fairness and equality when it comes to the ring woman or man big or small she’ll take ’em on, which sets her apart from some of the competition in today’s squared circle. In the glory days of Chyna and Beth Phoenix who entered the Royal Rumble with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Great Khali, CM Punk, and other great main eventers in their respected time. These women showed class but were not above anything or anyone to step toe to toe with a superstar; she is no different.

“I was the only female in my wrestling training class, as I’m sure many females in wrestling were. I’ve been beating up and getting beat up since the beginning of my career. I don’t want any special treatment because I am a woman. I want to be treated equal and be seen as equal. I am a feminist so I believe in equality within the sexes. I believe as a woman if you want to wrestle a man you should be able to! I bust my ass just as hard as the guys do and my gender shouldn’t determine who I get to wrestle. I know some fans don’t understand inter gender matches but they are not for everyone, kind of like hardcore matches, etc. aren’t for everyone either. But with wrestling there’s always a niche that everyone will enjoy. ”

The absolute pure unregimented fire and devotion lives through Starr, yet there are some matches she’s not fond of participating in if she can help it.

“Battle royals have too many people involved,” She says. “It could get dangerous and most of them time nothing gets accomplished by them;” Although, the more extreme, is right up her alley.

 photo 1_zpsu1iuqtkv.jpg

Paloma Starr vs Lucy Mendez at SICW.

“While I prefer straight up pure wrestling matches, I did have a lot of fun doing a street match once. There were so many weapons I could be creative using them! At the beginning of my career all I did was hardcore matches. Light tubes, barbed wire, mouse traps, Tai Pei matches, chairs, anything and everything I’ve done. I can’t say I miss doing those kinds of matches but I also won’t say I will never do it again. ”

Aside from crippling her opponents with the Black Dahlia (Inverted double under hook facebuster) Starr loves to read and is an avid gamer and is open for any challenges when it comes to Madden.

 photo 11057386_10153099905620605_6686396737426057117_n_zpsgldn6n48.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Starr’s Facebook page.

“Last book I read was The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan. Like I said, I’m a feminist so I love to read feminist books, especially older ones. I totally recommend reading Geek Love by Katherine Dunn and The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. Both are really weird and absurd but they are great reads and hard to put down. Also Thr3e by Ted Dekker is a good book too. Madden is my favorite video game, I’m still pretty sure I can beat anyone at it. Other ones I’m playing at “MLB The Show” and “Jurassic Park Lego”. I play some first person shooter games but I’m not very good at them, and I don’t like playing games I’m not good at.” She laughs.

Back in early July many fans and pro wrestlers, including took to YouTube posting short video promos for World Wrestling Entertainment‘s renewed television show, Tough Enough. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show a popular named wrestling business their abilities and talents and reason why they should have a spot in the WWE. Yet, while in other promotions and traveling herself across the country, Starr believes that she’s just here to wrestle and entertain and that pro wrestling is more than getting signed to the WWE.

“Honestly it’s not just WWE for me. It’s making the most out of it. Whether it is WWE or not; I don’t see myself as “failure” if I don’t get signed, I honestly would prefer going to Japan and doing a few long term tours over there! But my view of “making it” is being able to wrestle full time and make a living off of it. But what would make me stand out is that I can offer so much more and bring a lot to the table. I am a professional and act accordingly, I have a college degree in Public Relations and advertising so I can bring in that aspect. I’ve have experience being a news producer, I speak Spanish; I am eloquent with social media. So basically I can do a lot more than just wrestle. ”

I always like to consider the inspired fans the ones who want to begin their career in professional wrestling with minimal to zero help in whether big or small towns with no sort of connection to the professionals I asked Starr what advice she can give to those beginners or an individual that wants to start following their dreams.

“It’s hard!” She starts, “I wish wrestling would’ve come easier to me but it didn’t at all. It would take me so much longer to learn something new compared to everyone else. But I would say just stick with it. Even when it seems like it can’t get any worse or harder. If you really love it and it is your passion it will all work out. Also wear knee pads and take care of your body because you will feel old fast.

“I use to lack a lot of confidence in my work and be in my head a lot but now I just try to focus on having fun. I try to do the sign of the cross before I walk thru the curtain and I’m gone. There is 100% truth to the statement that if you don’t believe in doing what you’re doing no one else will; How is anyone else going to believe it or buy it? Sometimes you have to be your own biggest cheerleader and biggest supporter. Nothing gets accomplished if you don’t believe it first.

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At Last, The 2014 Missouri Wrestling Revival Yearbook has arrived!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 20, 2015

 photo 6_zpsdo5wqe7q.jpg

From Brian Kelley- Missouri Wrestling Revival Owner and Editor

It is with great excitement that I am to announce that for the very first time the 2014 MWR Yearbook will be on sale this weekend. This is the the fourth yearbook celebrating and honoring the hard work of the men and women of pro wrestling in the Midwest.

To purchase it on Amazon click here.

This yearbook features a great cover from our friends at Curtain Jerker Designs that jump starts an action packed 300 pages and 500 plus photos and artwork of your favorite moments in the world of wrestling in the MWR Coverage area.We are honored to have World League Wrestling announcer Dan Gier deliver an introduction for you as you will have the opportunity to check out the Year-in-review by each month. The 2014 MWR Award recipients are documented in the book as we also remember the men and women we lost in 2014. A new feature called “Who do you love”, asks some of the stars of the Midwest who their favorite wrestlers of All-time are. Mike Wilson returns with the Shooter Spotlight while the fan favorite section of friends and family is filled with many of the great people that have supported wrestling in 2014. The book also features the MWR promotions complete results and much much more.

The book would not be possible without the support and friendship of the MWR promoters. To each of them I am very thankful for helping make MWR the official voice of pro wrestling news in the Midwest. I would also like to thank the wrestlers, referees and ring announcers that have been positive with the growth of MWR. Most definitely we would like to thank all the fans and people that have helped MWR throughout the past 7 years become what one friend stated MWR has become, “An institution in the Midwest.

In this years’ book we would like to thank the contributions of these fine men and women that help make the book a huge success.

A.K. Edwards ,Ben Simon , Brandis Outlaw , Chris Howser , Chris Roedel, Cody Murphy ,Crystal Mccormick Heather, David McCutcheon , David Schmida, Debbie Chmidling , Dee Clark, Derek Sharp, Drew Abbenhaus, Dubray Tallman, Eleanor Harris , Gary Giaffoglione , Jack Tierney , James Head ,Larry Matysik, Luke Roberts , Mark Taggart ,Miranda, Cantrell, Michael Laio ,Michael Van Hoogstraat ,Miss Natural, Patrick Brandmeyer, Paul Andrews ,Peyton Mitchell ,Raven Johnson, Stephen Drew.  (I pray I didn’t forget anyone)

The book will debut this Saturday at SICW in East Carondelet, Illinois and the special price for everyone that purchase the book at a promotion that we cover is still ONLY $20.OO

The MWR Yearbook tour will be moving along fast and furious in 2015 in the following weeks. Be sure to catch up with MWR fan relations Dubray Tallman to pick up your very own MWR Yearbook.

March 28th New Breed Wrestling

April 11th MMWA

04/11/2015 MMWA (St. Louis, Missouri) @the Historic South Broadway Athletic Club 2301 South 7th Street Tickets 1-314-776- 4833

April 17 St. Louis Anarchy

 photo sla2_zpsa1563475.jpg

April 18th ST. Louis Anarchy
 photo sla1_zps929ec2e3.jpg

St. Louis Anarchy (Alton, Illinois) Alton Knights of Columbus 405 East 4th Street Doors Open at 6:30pm, Show starts at 7:00pm Front Row $15 in advance, $20 at the door (only 50 seats available) Second Row $12 in advance $15 at door General Admission $10 in advance $15 at the door
Do not forget to add this titles to your collection


 photo mwrcover_zps1a1922d1.jpg

 photo MWRFinal495x640.jpg

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