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A ‘Diamond’ shines at South Broadway

Posted by reimaginejournalism on January 8, 2009

Second Generation Wrestler Destiny Diamond, a high school senior, follows in her father, “Wild Child” Billy Diamond’s footsteps while hitting the books as well as the gym

By Kari Williams

Destiny Diamond spent half of her high school career learning how to wrestle, and on Nov. 1, 2008 showed the fruits of her labor to the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association—Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling (MMWA-SICW), better known in the St. Louis area as ‘South Broadway’ as she fought victoriously against El Uno Loco.

For the better part of two years, she trained and perfected her craft, but the desire the step into the squared circle came much earlier.

“I came to MMWA shows since I was about eight years old with my dad, and I watched him, and I was like, ‘I want to do it!’… He was the biggest influence, like 98%. I don’t know how to explain it, just seeing him do it, he brought me to do it, and it’s something we can do together,” Diamond said.

As proud as her father, ‘Wild Child’ Billy Diamond, is, he had a few reservations about her entering the business.

“My reaction was mixed. I knew the politics in the business but also knew that she had the desire to do it and was going to regardless. So, I looked at it as an opportunity to train her and make sure she wasn’t misguided by the wrong people,” Billy said.

Destiny attends Northwest High School in High Ridge, MO and deals with the task of balancing wrestling and studying for her classes. No matter the cost—and the fact that she believes wrestling gets in the way of school—she would not change a thing.

“It’s hard because all of the big tests come up and you have school the next day after training for a couple hours, and it’s hard to do, but it’s worth it.

“The biggest challenge is having the energy to [wrestle] and trying to cover up the bruises…It’s hard to explain because you can go to school and say, ‘Yeah, I got these bruises from wrestling,’ and people take it the wrong way, thinking I’m getting beat up when really it’s for fun,” Destiny said.

During Destiny’s freshman year, her American History Teacher Bob Wilhelm revealed his love for the sport.

“I had a teacher who coached wrestling, and I wore one of the MMWA shirts to school one day, and he knew about the organization, and he keeps asking me about it every time I walk by,” Destiny said.

An avid pro wrestling fan, Wilhelm watches every Monday and Friday with his son, who also enjoys the sport. Having known Destiny for four years, he has seen her enthusiasm.

“I love that she is interested in wrestling. She has a real passion for it. She is a real go-getter,” Wilhelm said.

Destiny made a personal choice to let others into her life beyond the clasroom.

“I decided to tell people [about wrestling at school] because…guys in general will tell guys [about sports] just becaue they’ll talk about all their guy sports, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh yeah, well I wrestle with guys,’” Destiny said.

In addition, she let the whole school into her world through an article in the school newspaper and the yearbook, where she and her twin sister, Natasha, were featured wrestling. According to Destiny, her sister “was in training for a while but she decided to veer off and keep her head in the books for a while, but…there may be another ‘Diamond’ to shine soon.”

“I was training for a while to become a wrestler. I had decided to leave it for a while to focus on school because it is our senior year, and I wanted to make the best of it. I plan on returning to training this year and [will] start wrestling with my sister when I can. Before, when I was in training with her, we had some pretty good tag team moves for us,” Natasha said.

Despite putting her own dreams on hold, Natasha attended the MMWA-SICW show when Destiny made her debut.

“I’m honestly really proud of her. When she wrestled on her debut night, I couldn’t have been more happy. I was cheering her on so much, I think I lost my voice the next day,” Natasha said.

Destiny’s ultimate goal in wrestling is “To get [her] name out there and make a statement. [She wants to] show that young girls like [her] can do this.” After high school, Destiny hopes to branch out and begin working for other promotions in the area and beyond.

“I want to try and hook up with more organizations and get my name out there, and hopefully go big. LWA is good and UWA, and eventually I want to try ROH, but that’s really long down the road obviously, but that’d be cool,’ Destiny said.

With her father’s support and training, Destiny has the opportunity to accomplish the goals she set for herself.

“She is very receptive and listens when she is training and is watching and learning all she can. I never would have dreamed that she would take [wrestling] by storm like she has. She has unlimited potential, and I am amazed everytime I see her in her matches,” Billy said.

Destiny Diamond holds the Heavyweight Title of the then-champion Jeremy Lightfoot prior to her training. "[Jeremy Lightfoot] taught me the basics, and then he taught me how to jump off the ropes, do some high flying stuff," Destiny said.

Destiny Diamond holds the Heavyweight Title of the then-champion Jeremy Lightfoot prior to her training. “[Jeremy Lightfoot] taught me the basics, and then he taught me how to jump off the ropes, do some high flying stuff,” Destiny said.

To catch Destiny in action, one can attend the Jan. 10 MMWA-SICW show at the South Broadway Athletic Club located at 2301 S. 7th Street in St. Louis, MO 63104.

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MWR Spotlight: Luke Roberts (Part 3 of 3)

Posted by Admin on May 17, 2008

Luke Roberts (Part 3 of 3)

by Brian “Flair” Kelley

As far as wrestlers and the St Louis scene are concerned, we will start with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Have you had any past interactions with “The Legend Killer“?

I have had some indirect contact with Randy through his father. However, as far as direct contact, I have not had the privilege of working with him. He came to South Broadway about a year after I left to wrestle on the St. Louis wrestling scene.

How do you feel of his work as a wrestler?

As a wrestler, Randy Orton is coming into his own as one of the best “bad guys” in the sport. He has developed an attitude that incites professional wrestling fans to hate him. Given the right opportunities, I feel that Randy will be at the top tier of the WWE for years to come.

Let’s stay with the Orton family and talk about his father “Cowboy” Bob Orton, who I met at an OSWA show a while back.

I have had several run-ins with “Cowboy” Bob Orton. Every time I work with him, I always have a great time. Even though he may not be in his prime, he still can provoke a crowd to hate him. From working with him, it is easy to see that many of the skills that Randy Orton has are genetic.

St Louis has been represented well here recently with Delirious, MsChif, and Daizee Haze wrestling in LWA for the Michael Johnson Benefit show on May 3rd. Matt Sydal and Dingo have also made a splash. Which one has surprised you the most with their success?

If I had to choose one, I would have to say MsChif. The successes of the men notwithstanding, to excel as a women’s wrestler is a much more difficult task. Right now, she holds two of the most recognized championships in the world. That, combined with her athletic skills and her attitude, is the reason why I would choose MsChif as the St. Louis wrestler who has surprised me the most.

Who would you say in the past 18 years was the most underrated wrestler in the St Louis area?

In my career, the most underrated wrestler was John Blackheart. This man was technically sound and knew what it took to get a reaction out of the fans. He could go out and fly with the light heavyweights, brawl with the brawlers, manipulate the rules in the world of tag team wrestling, and do things behind a referee’s back that were pure gold. John Blackheart could go out to the ring with anyone and have a good match. He was just that good.

Who do you feel is the best tag team ever in professional wrestling?

The best tag team in professional wrestling, in my opinion, would be Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. They thought and wrestled in almost perfect harmony with little to no communication necessary.

Who do you feel is the best tag team in St. Louis in the past 20 years?

That’s easy! Billy Bob and the Techno Kid! Just joking! Seriously, the answer to this question will stun a lot of people. From all of the tag teams that have wrestled in St. Louis on a regular basis, I would say that the Ego Express is the best tag team that I have seen in the past 20 years. They know what the other one is thinking at all times. They genuinely seem to like and trust each other. Their knowledge of the rules and how to break them is outstanding. Also, they have a manager/valet that fits their plans perfectly. The Ego Express, whether you like them or not, has all the tools to hang with any tag team in professional wrestling.

Is there anyone that comes to mind that never got the chance, but really deserved it?

I feel that “The Punisher” from the MVWA never really got his time in the spotlight. In his heyday, he could drive a crowd to almost riot status before he even entered the ring. If he would have had a company like an MMWA, GCW, or LWA to sign him and he could have stayed healthy, he could have been huge.

At the moment, you have the chance to become LWA President. You are running against Jacob Dangle, Steven Miller, Bavarian Boy. For those who have not been a part of LWA, tell us what that is about.

Since Yuletide Terror 2007, the LWA has been without a president. Management has decided that someone needs to take control of the LWA before chaos destroys the company. Seeing that I have refereed and ring announced for the LWA, a friend of mine tried to convince me to run for the LWA presidency and I brushed it off. Yet, as time went on, I heard that Steven Miller had found a loophole and weaseled his way into the election process. Once I heard that he was running, I knew that I had to give serious thought about running for LWA president.

Steven Miller thinks that, if Bavarian Boy or Jacob Dangle is elected president of the LWA, he can use his influence with Donovan Ruddick to intimidate them into doing what he wants. However, Mr. Miller knows that I am not, nor will never be, scared of anyone. I know that since I am running for LWA President against Steven Miller, if I lose, I will probably be out of a job.

The fans of the LWA need to make their opinions known. I recommend that everyone goes to www. lwawrestling. com and vote for who you think should be the new LWA president.

Let’s go to Word Association

South Broadway – lacking originality

MECW – professional

LWA – talented roster

UWA – rebuilding

CSW – tradition

AAPW – dedicated to its fans

WLW – Harley Race

SLAMZONE – hardworking

SHIMMER – true women’s wrestling

FTW – The Independent Icons

RCW – misunderstood

NWA – territorial professional wrestling

WWE – cheese

TNA – innovative

ECW – WWE light

ROH – True Professional Wrestling

St Louis Hall of Fame – tribute to St. Louis wrestling history

Best pro wrestling book – “Hooker” by Lou Thesz

Hulk Hogan – all about “the Benjamins”

Ric Flair – legend

Ultimate Warrior – joke

WrestleMania 24 – lackluster

HHH – heart of the WWE

Samoa Joe – class act

Kurt Angle – machine

Motor City Machine Guns – great people

Davey Richards – tough as nails

“The Future” Donavan Ruddick – monster

Michael Strider – crazy

Shorty Biggs – the “fifth”

Gary the Barn Owl – Bearded Men from Space Station 11

Brian James – “It’s All Good”

Scott Murphy – true friend

Stacey O’Brien – future of St. Louis women’s wrestling

Sean Vincent – Canadian superstar

Cameron Cage – funny, funny, funny

Cabal – Chewbacca

Edmund “Livewire” McGuire – outstanding

Adam Raw – intense

Pierre Abernathy – Submission Squad

Playboy HH – hides behind his stable

Austin Aries – quiet

Pete Madden – Trainer

“Atomic Dog” Ali Stevens – Powerhouse

Steven Miller – power hungry

Phoenix Twins – Tag Team Specialists

Brandon Aarons – Hollister

Mephisto – psychotic

Douglas O’Shea – hated everywhere he goes

Evan Gelistico – Zero Gravity

Jeremy Wyatt – The Rebel

Shaft – the heart of MMWA

Tyler Cook – underrated

Awesome Kong – brutality personified

Mark Sterling – intimidating

Trent Stone – impact player

Billy McNeil – death-defying

Lightfoot – Lightfoot Driver

Brandon Espinosa – No Fear

Johnny Greenpeace – Tree

Dingo – dedicated to professional wrestling

Ego Express – “old school” tag team wrestling

Johnny Vinyl and Davey Vega – arrogant

Eric Davis – versatile

Justin Wade – throwback

The Lumberjacks – tough

Dorian Victor – Must Be the Money

The Connection – Bullies

Editors Note: This has been the third and final installment of MWR’s Spotlight on Luke Roberts. Luke is a key piece of the pro wrestling puzzle in the St. Louis area, and I am proud that he chose to sit down and give us a little of his time. Hopefully we can chat again with him sometime soon.

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