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“The Manager of Champions” Travis Cook looks to lead Donovan Ruddick to WWE or TNA!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 4, 2010

Could Donovan Ruddick and Travis Cook be the new face of Pro Wrestling? (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Could Donovan Ruddick and Travis Cook be the new face of Pro Wrestling? (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Last night Missouri Wrestling Revival was on hand at MMWA-SICW to honor them with the 2009 MWR Promotion of the Year Plaque. As big of a story as that was it would be the ramifications in the MMWA-SICW title match between the Champion Dave Vaughn and the former Champion Phil E Blunt that would steal the headlines.

Blunt was DQ’d and his manager Travis Cook jumped into the ring to double team Vaughn. Thankfully Donovan Ruddick would enter the ring to make the save….or so it would seem. After holding back Travis Cook and Blunt , Ruddick took the belt from them then laid out Vaughn!!!

On the night that was to be a celebration for MMWA-SICW it would Travis Cook who would be having the most fun. Cook now has one of the most respected and feared wrestlers in the Midwest today “The Future” Donovan Ruddick in his stable “The Connection”.

TNA and WWE in 2010 will have showcased to the world PPV’s in St Louis with WWE’S Elimination Chamber and this month’s TNA Lockdown, the show me state is now a hotbed for Pro Wrestling. Add on the fact that ST Louis Talent Randy Orton and Evan Bourne have became major players it is without a doubt that the both companies will be wanting to catch the next big star in the Midwest.

One can not take away the power and reputation that “The Manager of Champions” Travis Cook will not have a say in who will be given the opportunity to be the next superstar in Pro Wrestling Today.

In an interesting twist Cook did not make any friends on this evening when he showed his clout in Ron Powers match as he was set to take on Billy Diamond and Bobby D in a handicap match. Before the match could begin Cook demanded that Powers show Ed Monihan (from the state Athletic Commission) a current Missouri Wrestling license. Powers licenses were infact not up to date therefore Powers was unable to compete. Words were exchanged between the two with Powers chasing Cook to the back. Powers returned to the ring to let Cook and the fans to know that Illinois isn’t a commission state so he WILL be at MMWA-SICW when they return in East Carondolet, IL next Saturday for the battle royal.

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MMWA-SICW Jan. 17 recap

Posted by reimaginejournalism on January 29, 2009

By Kari Williams and Patrick Brandmeyer

MMWA-SICW kicked off its year in East Carondelet, IL with a night of unique match ups, with The Connection trying to control assert their dominance yet again and champions fighting for everything to retain their titles.

“Night Train” Gary Jackson took fans on an impressive ride during his main event battle with Connection Member Phil E. Blunt with Jackson’s Heavyweight title on the line. Connection Manager Travis Cook—who was at ringside with Blunt—tried getting involved in the match early on. When Blunt gained the upper hand and tossed Jackson to the outside, Cook attempted to attack the champion but ended up being chased around the ring by “Night Train,” causing just enough of a distraction for Blunt maintain the advantage. Slowly, Jackson began to turn the tide in his favor and he relentlessly pummeled Blunt. However, Blunt’s evil tactics took control once again, as he choked Jackson.

The fans were solely behind the champion, and once they started chanting for Jackson, he strived to get control, but Cook interfered yet again, right at the 10 minute mark. The two men then battled recklessly for the remainder of the bout, with each scoring nearfalls. Just as Blunt looked like he would gain the belt, he had a confrontation with Commissioner Keith Smith, causing just enough of a distraction for Jackson to score a victory with a roll-up.

After the match, Cook provoked Referee Jim Harris, and Harris took off his shirt, prompting Jackson to put it on and pretend that he would be the ref in a match between the two, but Cook ran to the back like a scolded dog. Jackson then told the Connection, if they want some, come get some, and he called out Shaft, who had been at ringside watching the match.

Jeremy Lightfoot and Shaft continued their seemingly endless feud once again. However, they seemed to have a newfound respect for one another, as the match began with a handshake. Although slow to get started, Lightfoot and Shaft turned their bout into a brawl as they went back and forth, both inside and outside of the ring. At one point, Lightfoot shot Shaft into the table with the ring bell and Shaft landed face first on the bell and even pulled it down with him. Later on, as the two men waged battle on the outside yet again, Lightfoot took a fan’s (my) water bottle, drank nearly all that was left, then smashed the bottle over Shaft’s head. The match ended in a double count out at just over 16 minutes and the two continued fighting to the back.

Previously, the fan favorite, A.J. Williams defended his Junior Heavyweight Title against Bobby D. The challenger controlled the beginning of the match and when Williams appeared to have injured his knee, D took notice and targeted the area. Just after the five minute mark, Williams had the opportunity to connect with a superkick, but he could not capitalize on the situation. With guts and determination, Williams continued his attack, despite the injury, and though D snuck in a few select offensive moves, Williams decisively ended the bout with another superkick at 11:20.

The Connection’s newest and most promising member, Dave Vaughn took on Eric Brewer. Vaughn’s pure athleticism clashed with Brewer’s more hard-hitting style, delivering one of the best matches of the evening. Vaughn dominated the majority of the match up with only a slight assistance from Cook, proving that The Connection has enough belief in him that he can win a match on his own terms. Nonetheless, Brewer pummeled Vaughn at every possible opening. In the closing moments, Vaughn readied himself for a spear, but Brewer telegraphed the maneuver. Mere moments later, Cook caused a distraction, giving Vaughn enough time to recover from Brewer’s spinebuster and connect with the second spear and lock up another victory for The Connection.

Prior to the match, Cook, Blunt and Vaughn came to ringside complaining about Jerome Cody’s suspension, which occurred at the show in St. Louis, MO the previous week. Cook proclaimed that his lawyers are trying to overturn the suspension and stated, “We are not down. We are not out. We are bigger and better than ever.”

The first title match of the evening pitted Women’s Champion Alexis Lightfoot against the former champion in Stacey O’ Brien. O’ Brien’s determination to regain the belt showed in every punch and every kick. She controlled the second half of the bout and had Alexis ready for the pin, but just after 10 minutes, Alexis began to feel her title slipping away, causing her to comeback viciously and retain.

Due to scheduling conflicts, this reporter missed the first two matches, and Patrick Brandmeyer has the rest of the details from the night.

The second matchup was Waco (w/ Big Texan) v. Saladin. Neither guy was all that popular with the East Carondelet audience, and neither seemed all that interested in changing that opinion. Both men used underhanded tactics, but Waco came out on top with a rollup and handful of tights.

In the opener Billy Diamond wrestled Big Texan w/ Waco. Texan focused his attack on the back, while Diamond attempted to work the leg to cut the big man down to size. The finish came when Diamond hit a Stunner, but Waco broke up the pin for the DQ. The masked team beat down Diamond until Jeremy Lightfoot hit the ring with a kendo stick and cleaned house.

The next MMWA-SICW show will take place Feb. 14 at the South Broadway Athletic Club in St. Louis, MO followed up the next weekend returning to the East Carondelet Community Center.

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A ‘Diamond’ shines at South Broadway

Posted by reimaginejournalism on January 8, 2009

Second Generation Wrestler Destiny Diamond, a high school senior, follows in her father, “Wild Child” Billy Diamond’s footsteps while hitting the books as well as the gym

By Kari Williams

Destiny Diamond spent half of her high school career learning how to wrestle, and on Nov. 1, 2008 showed the fruits of her labor to the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association—Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling (MMWA-SICW), better known in the St. Louis area as ‘South Broadway’ as she fought victoriously against El Uno Loco.

For the better part of two years, she trained and perfected her craft, but the desire the step into the squared circle came much earlier.

“I came to MMWA shows since I was about eight years old with my dad, and I watched him, and I was like, ‘I want to do it!’… He was the biggest influence, like 98%. I don’t know how to explain it, just seeing him do it, he brought me to do it, and it’s something we can do together,” Diamond said.

As proud as her father, ‘Wild Child’ Billy Diamond, is, he had a few reservations about her entering the business.

“My reaction was mixed. I knew the politics in the business but also knew that she had the desire to do it and was going to regardless. So, I looked at it as an opportunity to train her and make sure she wasn’t misguided by the wrong people,” Billy said.

Destiny attends Northwest High School in High Ridge, MO and deals with the task of balancing wrestling and studying for her classes. No matter the cost—and the fact that she believes wrestling gets in the way of school—she would not change a thing.

“It’s hard because all of the big tests come up and you have school the next day after training for a couple hours, and it’s hard to do, but it’s worth it.

“The biggest challenge is having the energy to [wrestle] and trying to cover up the bruises…It’s hard to explain because you can go to school and say, ‘Yeah, I got these bruises from wrestling,’ and people take it the wrong way, thinking I’m getting beat up when really it’s for fun,” Destiny said.

During Destiny’s freshman year, her American History Teacher Bob Wilhelm revealed his love for the sport.

“I had a teacher who coached wrestling, and I wore one of the MMWA shirts to school one day, and he knew about the organization, and he keeps asking me about it every time I walk by,” Destiny said.

An avid pro wrestling fan, Wilhelm watches every Monday and Friday with his son, who also enjoys the sport. Having known Destiny for four years, he has seen her enthusiasm.

“I love that she is interested in wrestling. She has a real passion for it. She is a real go-getter,” Wilhelm said.

Destiny made a personal choice to let others into her life beyond the clasroom.

“I decided to tell people [about wrestling at school] because…guys in general will tell guys [about sports] just becaue they’ll talk about all their guy sports, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh yeah, well I wrestle with guys,’” Destiny said.

In addition, she let the whole school into her world through an article in the school newspaper and the yearbook, where she and her twin sister, Natasha, were featured wrestling. According to Destiny, her sister “was in training for a while but she decided to veer off and keep her head in the books for a while, but…there may be another ‘Diamond’ to shine soon.”

“I was training for a while to become a wrestler. I had decided to leave it for a while to focus on school because it is our senior year, and I wanted to make the best of it. I plan on returning to training this year and [will] start wrestling with my sister when I can. Before, when I was in training with her, we had some pretty good tag team moves for us,” Natasha said.

Despite putting her own dreams on hold, Natasha attended the MMWA-SICW show when Destiny made her debut.

“I’m honestly really proud of her. When she wrestled on her debut night, I couldn’t have been more happy. I was cheering her on so much, I think I lost my voice the next day,” Natasha said.

Destiny’s ultimate goal in wrestling is “To get [her] name out there and make a statement. [She wants to] show that young girls like [her] can do this.” After high school, Destiny hopes to branch out and begin working for other promotions in the area and beyond.

“I want to try and hook up with more organizations and get my name out there, and hopefully go big. LWA is good and UWA, and eventually I want to try ROH, but that’s really long down the road obviously, but that’d be cool,’ Destiny said.

With her father’s support and training, Destiny has the opportunity to accomplish the goals she set for herself.

“She is very receptive and listens when she is training and is watching and learning all she can. I never would have dreamed that she would take [wrestling] by storm like she has. She has unlimited potential, and I am amazed everytime I see her in her matches,” Billy said.

Destiny Diamond holds the Heavyweight Title of the then-champion Jeremy Lightfoot prior to her training. "[Jeremy Lightfoot] taught me the basics, and then he taught me how to jump off the ropes, do some high flying stuff," Destiny said.

Destiny Diamond holds the Heavyweight Title of the then-champion Jeremy Lightfoot prior to her training. “[Jeremy Lightfoot] taught me the basics, and then he taught me how to jump off the ropes, do some high flying stuff,” Destiny said.

To catch Destiny in action, one can attend the Jan. 10 MMWA-SICW show at the South Broadway Athletic Club located at 2301 S. 7th Street in St. Louis, MO 63104.

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MMWA-SICW November 1 Recap

Posted by reimaginejournalism on November 12, 2008

MMWA-SICW Recap November 1

By Kari Williams

MMWA-SICW provided fans with another night of controversial wrestling at the South Broadway Athletic Club. A champion was stripped of his title and a new champion was crowned. Two wrestlers made their debuts. And the newest member of the Connection showed his worth.

The main event consisted of Bobby D taking on one-half of the former tag team champions in Mr. Bibbs. Despite the match lasting just over four minutes, D had enough time to establish his dominance over the veteran. In the closing moments, Bibbs went for a splash in the corner, but D had the wherewithall to side-step Bibb’s attempt. This then gave D his golden opportunity to sneak up with a roll up and earn himself a victory.

Earlier in the evening, “Night Train” Gary Jackson should have defended his Heavyweight Championship against Shaft. However, Jackson did not show up at the time of his match, which prompted Commissioner Keith Smith to strip Jackson of the belt and award it to Shaft.

Jackson showed up prior to the final match of the evening proclaiming that he was ready to go. Smith then broke the news to Jackson, who, for obvious reasons, did not care for the news he received. However, Shaft did not want the belt under those circumstances and offered Jackson a title shot.

The previous bout put the always-evil Connection members Phil E. Blunt and Dave Vaughn against fan favorites, Young Aladdin and Junior Heavyweight Champion A.J. Williams. Vaughn and Blunt used the typical tag team strategy of frequent tags, which aided them for the majority of the bout as they kept Williams and Aladdin alert and on their toes. Vaughn’s progress as a competitor has improved greatly and it makes sense as to why the Connection called upon one of the brightest stars in the company to replace the now-retired Tommy Knight. However, with the fans urging on Williams and Aladdin, The Connection did not stand a chance. Vaughn and Williams went at it with multiple reversals, one including Vaughn attempting to deliver the spear to Williams and nearly knocking his partner off of the apron. Williams used Vaughn’s misstep to his advantage, which allowed him to connect with the 360 splash for the win at 12:21. Vaughn made an effort to attack both Aladdin and Williams in the aftermath, but Jerome Cody wisely restrained him.

In the second debut of the night, Destiny Diamond gave it her all against the always unpredictable El Uno Loco. The match started off with Loco poking fun and playing games with Diamond, but she stopped Loco in his tracks with a powerful clothesline. Just as Diamond began to control the match, Loco rolled out of the ring to regroup. His tactic worked for a short while, but the determined Diamond in the rough made her presence felt. At one point, she delivered a dropkick that sent Loco flying out of the ring. After flying from the ring apron with an impressive flip that planted Loco even further into the ground, she delivered a turnbuckle walk bulldog for the victory.

Diamond’s father “Wild Child” Billy Diamond had his own battle against The Connection’s Jerome Cody, who was accompanied by Travis Cook. Diamond had the upper hand for the majority of the encounter, but Cook’s attempted interference and Cody’s wily habits proved too great to overcome. Cody definitively ended Diamond’s advantage with a piledrive for the win at 10:21, prompting Diamond to chase after both Cook and Cody.

In the third match of the evening, the newcomer Blade tested his strengths against Johnny Courageous. Despite only performing in his first match, Blade took the fight straight to Courageous. Once Blade gained momentum, he delivered a double-underhook suplex to receive a two count. Nonetheless, after taking a knee to the chest from Courageous, Blade succumbed to his pain, as Courageous defeated Blade with a hold reversal at 13:13.

Due to circumstances beyond this reporter’s control, she missed the first two matches of the night. However, anouther source informed her that The Lumberjacks wrestled Waco and Big Texan to a double-disqualification, and that Kevin X took on Lightfoot. Lightfoot won the bout with an assisted interference from Phil E. Blunt.

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The Kari Williams MMWA-SICW Recap

Posted by Admin on June 28, 2008

MMWA-SICW June 14, 2008 Results

By Kari Williams
After leaving the MMWA-SICW for an extended length of time due to his defense of the United States of America, “Night Train” Gary Jackson made his presence felt at South Broadway Athletic Club on June 14.

The returning Jackson, aided by Junior Heavyweight Champion A.J. Williams, worked as a cohesive unit in order to put an end to the tyrannical leadership of The Connection. After a “melee” of sorts erupted following the main event of the evening, Jackson and Williams prevailed, giving them a distinct advantage when they face two-thirds of The Connection in the coming months.

Prior to the fracas, Jeremy Lightfoot had the opportunity to soften up “The Main Attraction” Tommy Knight. Although hesitant to get started, Knight put up a decent fight against the former Heavyweight champion, gaining an early advantage when the match quickly spilled out of the ring. Connecting with a devastating back body drop on the hardwood floor cemented Knight’s initial lead. However, when the men made their way back inside the squared circle, Lightfoot’s instinct kicked in. Just as Knight launched from the top rope to deliver his finisher, Lightfoot caught him mid-air and slammed him to the mat. From that point on, “The Main Attraction” was unable to gain much more offense, despite his effort. Knight’s brief moment of valor came when Lightfoot prepared to launch himself from the top rope, and Knight telegraphed the endeavor, delivering a dropkick. The Indian warrior ended the match swiftly with a Lightfoot Driver.

Mixed-tag action ensued in the previous bout as Waco and the Women’s Champion Stacey O’ Brien waged battle against Alexis and “Wild Child’ Billy Diamond. The ladies started off the bout, with Alexis gaining the advantage for her team after connecting with an impressive monkey flip after walking on the middle rope. Alexis made the tag to Diamond shortly thereafter, leaving O’ Brien to fend for herself, which she did surprisingly well. Diamond had put O’ Brien on the top turnbuckle, but before he could even begin delivering the punishment he had in mind, O’ Brien’s quick wit and excellent skill caused her to deliver an astounding hurricanrana to the “Wild One.” That opportune moment allowed O’ Brien to tag in Waco, who went at Diamond with all the rage and fury he could muster. Despite the dazzling performance of the Champion, Alexis and Diamond sparkled as a team, working cohesively throughout the entire match—specifically the closing moments, where they delivered multiple devastating double team maneuvers—to claim victory.

Jerome Cody found out that the bark is, contrary to popular belief, not worse than the bite, as he had to resort to illegal tactics to defeat Moondog Rover. Tommy Knight and Phil E. Blunt aided Cody in his devilish tactics. Knight distracted the referee, allowing Blunt to toss Rover’s bone into the ring. Rover caught the bone, seemingly spoiling The Connection’s plan. However, just as Rover looked as if he would strike Cody, Cody fell to the mat, causing the referee to turn around. Not knowing any better, Rover was disqualified for “using the bone as a weapon.”

Before the match got underway, Cody made an announcement to the crowd in which he called out A.J. Williams, who happened to be sitting at the announcer’s table. Feeling that he had to make his presence felt in a more profound way, Cody slapped Williams directly in the face, causing Williams to chase the arrogant Cody around the ring.

The Connection’s presence was felt earlier in the evening as well, when Jaysin Static went up against Blunt, who was accompanied to the ring by Knight. After having battled with Blunt in previous months, Static kept him at bay, hitting impressive moves, such as when Static departed from the ring apron with a flying clothesline that sent Blunt to the floor. However, Blunt’s experience in the ring gave him an overall advantage and allowed him to capitalize when Static went for a splash from the top rope. Blunt had the wherewithal to catch Static with a crushing sit-down slam that solidified his win.

Previously, Shaft took on Tommy Riggs in what was a quick win for the fan favorite. Shaft dominated the entirety of the bout, while working on the leg and ankle of Riggs. Able to get in only a minimal amount of offense, Riggs did hit his version of the People’s Elbow, but nothing could stop Shaft’s tenacity and will to win. In the end, Riggs was unable to withstand the pain of Shaft’s signature ankle lock, to which he tapped out.

Dave Vaughn completely dominated Bobby D in the second match of the night. Vaughn’s natural skill and quickness proved to be no match for D, who barely had a chance to take a breath. The bout ended almost as soon as it started, when Vaughn demolished D with his signature spear for the win.

Starting the evening off was a contest between Saladin and The Big Texan. Both men gave their all and were determined to come out on top. The brute strength of The Big Texan, however, proved to be too strong for Saladin to overcome. Texan dominated the closing seconds of the match with two consecutive clotheslines followed by a pin at 8:47.

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The Kari Williams MMWA-SICW Recap

Posted by Admin on March 22, 2008

MMWA-SICW results for March 15, 2008
By Kari Williams

MMWA-SICW sprung into action in a resounding fashion on March 15 at the South Broadway Athletic Club. In a place where anything can happen, nearly everything did happen—wrestlers retired, a fan favorite was punked out by the Easter bunny and a new champion was crowned.

Topping off an unforgettable night, Dave Vaughn and Mr. Bibbs defended their tag team titles against The Lumberjacks. Set for a 30-minute time limit, Vaughn and Lumberjack Gabe started the match, where Gabe had the initial advantage. Only moments into the match, Vaughn was able to lock Gabe in a single leg Boston crab but only inflicted a minimal amount of damage.

Vaughn soon made the tag to Bibbs, and by the five-minute mark, Bibbs had gained full control of the bout. With this back and forth contest, no clear advantage could be seen until the closing moments of the match when Vaughn made his final tag to Bibbs.

Coming out full speed, Bibbs used his brute strength to knock Gabe off his feet, which then allowed Bibbs to apply a double leg Boston crab on Abe. Much to the dismay of the champs, Bibbs was shoved into the Lumberjacks’ corner and double-teamed relentlessly.

Unwilling to witness the demise of his team, Vaughn charged to Bibbs’ aid and connected with a powerslam and a perfectly executed flying cross body to Gabe. Trying to capitalize, Vaughn went for the pin, but Abe broke it up at the two count. Further commontion ensued, causing Referee Jim Harris to end the match in a no-contest, resulting in Bibbs and Vaughn retaining their titles.

Providing the first title match of the evening was the bout pitting Heavyweight Champion Jerome Cody against “The Urban Legend” Kevin X. Full of pent up rage and fury, X attacked Cody relentlessly from the moment the bell sounded. X’s temper may have gotten the best of him in this instance because Cody gained control of the match by the five-minute mark. At this point, both Jeremy Lightfoot and Shaft had made their way to ringside. Seconds later, X took a shot at regaining the advantage, but as he charged towards the turnbuckle at an apparently dazed Cody, Cody telegraphed it, forcing X’s skull to ricochet off the top turnbuckle.

Consequently, Cody used his quick wit and went for the pin, but to no avail. Trying to weaken his opponent even further, Cody ventured to the top turnbuckle and landed a startling dropkick on X. Preceding the 10-minute mark, X recooperated enough to give Cody a running powerslam and earn a two count.

Just when it seemed as though X would regain the title, Lightfoot and Shaft made their presence felt as they began trading punches, eventually making their way into the ring, causing the bout to end in a no contest. Consequently, Cody retained his title—much to the chagrin of the fans in attendance.

Bad blood boiled to the surface in the intergender tag match pitting Lightfoot and Alexis against Waco and Stacy O’ Brien. Alexis and O’ Brien started the match with a shoving contest which ultimately gave Alexis the advantage as she connected with a thunderous powerslam on O’ Brien. As Waco sensed that his team was heading to the burial ground, he tried to take a shot at Alexis, enraging Lightfoot. O’ Brien receieved a double-drop kick from the Lightfoots as payback for her mocking them prior to the match, which left Waco open to endure a double-teamed suplex.

After regaining their composure, O’ Brien and Waco made their way back into the ring and traded punches on Lightfoot, who just stood there—obviously unscathed. Lightfoot then tagged Alexis, and the women fought back and forth until Alexis slammed O’ Brien to the mat with a devastating suplex and scored a two count for her efforts.
Alexis rendered O’ Brien helpless with a double-leg Boston crab. As Alexis went for another pin attempt, Waco had the wherewithall to break it up, which, in retrospect, may have triggered the demise of his team. As Waco made an effort to salvage the match, he inadvertantly hit O’ Brien.

Just after the 10-minute mark, O’ Brien had apparently had enough, and she walked away from the ring with a disgusted look on her face. However, Alexis wanted to finish what was started, which prompted her to charge after O’ Brien, and she literally carried her back to the ring.

After a double team by Waco and O’ Brien, as they seemingly tried to repair the damage done to their team, Lighfoot sent O’ Brien to the outside to do battle with Alexis after delivering a headbutt. Lightfoot gained his revenge by hitting a low blow on Waco when the ref was distracted.

He then followed up by attempting to nail the Lighfoot Driver, but Waco reversed it. However, Lightfoot prevailed once again, connecting with a modified version of the Lightfoot Driver.

In the preceding bout, Shaft took on the Middle Eastern Menace, Saladin. A fairly one-sided bout, Shaft showed Saladin the American way from bell to bell. Shaft worked on the Anti-American’s knee nearly the whole match, not allowing him a leg to stand on. The pivotal moment in this match came only minutes before it ended, as Shaft rammed Saladin’s leg into the unforgiving ring post.

Ten minutes into the match it appeared as though Saladin’s prayer prior to the match was answered, as he attempted to mount a comeback. However, Shaft’s never-say-die attitude helped him prevail, as he covered Saladin for the win after a turnbuckle-walk bulldog.

Earlier in the evening, Commissioner Keith Smith called Jerome Cody to ringside. Because of the rule in MMWA-SICW that states that no wrestler can hold more than one title at a time, Smith asked Cody to relinquish either the Battle Royal Championship, which he won back in January, or the Heavyweight Title. After back and forth arguing and firing threats, Cody surrendered his Battle Royal Championship, which prompted Tony Costa to set a battle royal up that night to crown a new champion.

Lighfoot, ‘Wild Child’ Billy Diamond, Tommy Knight, Phile E. Blunt, Waco, Mr. Bibbs, Saladin, Moondog Rover, The Lumberjacks, Angel, A.J. Williams and Shaft all made their way to the ring to participate in the match. Lightfoot dominated the match, eliminating at least five wrestlers including Shaft and Saladin. The two men who remained at the end were Lighfoot and Lumberjack Gabe. Despite Lighftoot’s stellar performance, Gabe out-manuevered Lightfoot quickly enough to be named the Battle Royal Champion.

During the intermission, Lightfoot came to ringside with the Easter bunny as a treat for the children in attendance. What appeared to be a simple affair turned violent as the Easter bunny attacked Lighfoot in the middle of the ring. Athough confused at first, when the bunny revealed himself as none other than Cody, everything made perfect sense. But still the fact remains—Lightfoot was bamboozled by the Easter bunny.

Just prior to intermission, “The Main Attraction” Tommy Knight attempted to turn diamond into graphite as he waged battle against “Wild Child” Billy Diamond. Knight controlled the opening moments of the encounter, but Diamond had turned the tables five minutes in. For the remainder of the match, Diamond got in some formidable offense, including a back body drop. However, Knight capitalized in the closing moments with his signature move, securing victory.

The first match of the night for The Connection had “The New Urban Legend” Phil E. Blunt taking on the former Junior Heavyweight Champion A.J. Williams. Blunt took charge from the bell, barely allowing Williams to get in any offense. Nonetheless, five minutes in Williams had the lead. Despite fighitng valiantly, Blunt gained momentum once again and drove Williams to the mat with a devastating piledriver.
Blunt tried to capitalize, but Williams just barely got his shoulder up as the referee’s hand came down for the three count. With one minute remaining and every fan in attendance rooting for him, Williams went for a 450 splash, but Blunt sensed it coming and moved out of harm’s way. Still determined to beat the clock, Williams then connected with a superkick, but just as the referee began to count, the time limit had expired.

Believing that victory was to be his, Williams started a “five-more-minutes” chant, and his wish was granted. Unfortunately, the time it took for the commissioner to determine that an extended time would be given, was just what Blunt needed as he captured a victory with a pumphandle powerbomb.

Moondog Rover attempted to bring Angel back down to earth in the evening’s first bout. Neither man seemed to gain a distinct advantage throughout the entire contest. Whenever Rover would start to control, Angel seemed to fly out of reach, and vice versa. As a result, the match ended in a draw when neither man was pinned by the end of the 10-minute time limit.

At the start of the evening, Kahyman, the newly crowned Junior Heavyweight Champion, made his way to the ring. He began by thanking Williams for giving him a third chance at the title and telling all the nay-sayers what he thought of them. He then informed his fans that due to multiple injuries, he had to retire. The two-time champ thanked both those that admired him and those that loathed him, saying, “You are the reason I was here.”

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The Kari Williams MMWA-SICW Recap

Posted by Admin on February 23, 2008

MMWA-SICW results February 16

By Kari Williams

Shock and awe. Pomp and circumstance. Hard-fought victory and crushing defeat. Welcome to yet another night of hot wrestling action hosted by MMWA-SICW at the East Carondelet Community Center in East Carondelet, Illinois.

In a return match from the previous week, Kahyman once again challenged Junior Heavyweight Champion A.J. Williams for the title in the evening’s main event. Both men fought with all the vigor and vitality that make them both champion material. Showing he is a true ring warrior, Kahyman came to battle with his left shoulder taped from the preceding week’s injury, and gained the early advantage by working on Williams’ knee, which he injured in an altercation involving Phil E. Blunt and the returning Steve Montana earlier on the show.

As the match progressed, Kahyman used a few of his devilish tactics such as biting and choking his competitor, but they made no real impact. Consequently, when Kahyman threw Williams into the corner and prepared to lunge for him, Williams connected with a boot to the face and gained the advantage.

The action then spilled to the floor, where Williams rammed the Rammstein loving vampire directly into the ring post and brought a chair into the mix. With the chair, as well as the competitors, in the ring, Williams hung Kahyman upside down in the ring corner and set up the chair in the center of the ring. He then proceeded to launch off the chair and connect with a devastating dropkick.

However, when Williams attempted a second maneuver with the chair as his aide, Kahyman telgraphed the endeavor and stepped out of the way, causing Williams to land squarely on the unforgiving chair. Kahyman’s quick thinking gave him the advantage as the men once again moved the match outside the squared circle.

Using Hammurabi’s ‘eye for an eye’ law, Kahyman forced Williams to collide with the unrelenting ring post. These rabid competitors re-entered the ring where Kahyman seeked to regain his title, but received two consecutive two counts instead.

Williams then attempted a comeback, where the challenger and the champion exchanged fierce punches. Sensing that victory was near, Williams journeyed to the top rope and went for a moonsault, but, once again, Kahyman sensed what was coming and moved out of harm’s way. Taking advantage of the situation, Kahyman connected with a swanton bomb for the pin and 13:47, recapturing the belt he rightly deserves.

Prior to the main event, Phil E. Blunt accepted a challenge made by Steve Montana earlier in the evening.

It was then revealed that MMWA-SICW announcer Travis Cook aligned himself with The Connection, becoming their manager. Cook called out both Lightfoot and “The Urban Legend” Kevin X, proclaimed Blunt as the real urban legend, then declared that Knight is the future of the wrestling business and resigned as announcer—effective immediately.

The match which lead up to the unforeseen turn of events pitted Blunt against Angel, who sported an unconventional black mask instead of his traditional black and white face paint. Blunt gained control in the opening moments with a harsh clothesline, but just as he began to capitalize, Montana charged from the back with his head wrapped in a bandage from a steel chair beating courtesy of Blunt.

The two men attacked each other relentlessly, showing no remorse, causing “The Main Attraction” Tommy Knight, Williams, Jerome Cody, Eric Brewer and “Wild Child” Billy Diamond, among others, to separate the two brawlers. Once Blunt and Montana were separated, Montana issued a challenge to Blunt.

Before the controversy ensued, Mr. Bibbs took on the middle-eastern menace, Saladin. In a fairly even match, both Bibbs and Saladin snuck in formidable offense, where Saladin worked on Bibbs’ arm and Bibbs used his brute strength to capitalize at opportune moments. Five minutes into the contest, Bibbs was in control and went for the pin, but Saladin popped his shoulder up at two.

Bibbs tried to maintain control of the match, but when he went for a splash on Saladin, who layed helpless in the corner, his knees gave out on him. Saladin then capitalized on Bibbs’ misfortune and attempted to end the match, but his pompous attitude became his demise.

Saladin could have won the match. However, when he pinned Bibbs, he prayed to Allah simultaneously and refused to cover Bibbs for the entire three-count. As a result, Bibbs secured his victory at 11:25 with a stiff boot to the face of the now-meager middle eastern.

Initially, the preceding match was set to be Montana taking on the “True Lluchador,” Chucho. However, with the ambush attack by Blunt, Montana was unable to compete. Therefore, “The Main Attraction” Tommy Knight served as a replacement.

A fast-paced bout from the start, Knight controlled the early stages of the match, nailing Chucho with powerful punches and a devastating clothesline. Chucho was able to recover just enough to deliver a hurricanrana that sent Knight to the outside.

Reacting on instinct, Knight quickly made his way back to the ring and locked Chucho into a submission hold. At the five-minute mark, Knight had control of the match, but Chucho took an opportunity to sneak in a second rope moonsault. Unfortunately for Chucho, “The Main Attraction” proved his moniker correct, when he hit his finisher in which he soars from the top rope, and plants his knees squarely into his opponent’s face, and secured yet another victory for The Connection.

The first title match of the evening pitted the challenger Jerome Cody against the Heavyweight Champion, “The Urban Legend,” Kevin X. Cody and X began pummeling each other with a barrage of fists before the bell even rang, as the two hate-fueled men battled their way to the ring. Once they entered the squared circle, X controlled the match and pounded away on Cody with 10 consecutive blows to the head.

With the match fully underway, Knight made his way to ringside to distract X. Knight’s presence forced X to ensure that his presumably unwavering mindset did not falter. Just prior to the 10-minute mark, Cody had X in the corner and delivered devastating chops to him. Much to the pleasure of the crowd, X reversed Cody and became the one laying down the thunderous chops, then followed up with an impressive drop kick.

Knight, possibly sensing defeat for his fellow Connection member, jumped on the ring apron, but was met with a swift shove by X. In retrospect, that may have been the deciding factor for this bout, as Blunt then rushed to ringside to aid his fallen comrade. Commotion ensued, as the commissioner, Keith Smith, entered the fray at ringside, which allowed the Connection to take advantage, stealing a win for their boy, Cody. At the conclusion of the match, Blunt hid something, presumably brass knuckles, in his ring gear.

Holding up the belt and glowing with an evil aura about him, Cody smirked to the crowd and belted, “My southern ways keep me laid and paid,” as he rejoiced with The Connection, until X chased him from ringside.

“Wild Child” Billy Diamond waged battle against Waco in the second bout of the evening. Only minutes into the match, Waco clotheslined Diamond out of the ring, and followed up with a dive over the top rope, landing directly on Diamond. To ensure the match did not end by count-out, Waco crawled back to the ring to break the count, giving Diamond time to recuperate. Consequently, Diamond forced Waco to collide with the ring post. After tossing Waco back into the ring, Diamond attempted to exploit his challenger, but his cocky pinning predicament allowed Waco to get his shoulder up at the two count.

From this point on, Waco gained control of the bout, hitting Diamond with three consecutive suplexes and a death valley driver to gain another check in the ‘win’ column.

Eric Brewer took a trip to the dog pound in his opening match against Moondog Rover. In the back and forth contest, Rover did not gain a clear-cut advantage over Brewer until he connected with a full-nelson slam. Utilizing his lead, Rover also connected with a modified falling head-butt and a ‘low blow punch’ when the referee was distracted. Brewer got in very little offense for the remainder of the match, and left the pound with his tail between his legs after taking a running powerslam from Rover.

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