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One on One with St. Louis Anarchy’s Pierre Abernathy

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 12, 2015

 photo 00_zpsgimrl6o2.jpg

Pierre Abernathy and Gary Jay

It is a pleasure to have with us today pro wrestler and owner of St. Louis Anarchy Matt Jackson, better known to wrestling fans as Pierre Abernathy. Since his debut in 2003, Pierre has made an impact in the wrestling scene in many aspects of the wrestling business. Pierre, thank you for taking the time to speaking with us at Missouri Wrestling Revival

Pierre: No problem, thanks for having me.

MWR: What was your first memories of pro wrestling and who did you look up to growing up?

Pierre: The first pro wrestling event I can remember watching live was WrestleMania VI with Hogan vs. Warrior.

 photo 3067855449_f5dcc170ab_z_zpsw9d4ddlu.jpg

I was a huge Hogan fan so when he lost that sucked for me. I can remember going to the STL arena watching all the WWF live shows and I was at the only show WWF did at the old Busch Stadium, so that was cool.

MWR: The first opportunity that I got to see you in action was in Lawrence, Kansas for NWA Central States Wrestling as you and Gary Jay lost a three way to Nick Tyson on September 30, 2006. At that point you had been wrestling a little over than three years. How did you get your start in pro wrestling and who were the most helpful in your success?

Pierre: I first got my start when I met Jordan Lacey, he bought a ring and we were going to train in it. The issue was that he didn’t have the training to train us and to his credit he knew that. Most guys would NEVER admit that they had no business training people but he did. We later met Adam Raw and Nick Tyson and they did our training.

 photo Raw 1_zpsrngl05nn.jpg

Adam Raw- Photo Michael Van Hoogstratt

From there they started the LWA and we worked there and branched into Gateway Championship Wrestling. Unlike most guys, our trainers did not travel, so we didn’t have a lot of help getting out of town shots. It was Matt Sydal and Delirious who taught us in a 12-hour seminar that we needed to get in a car and get out of STL and make résumés and start sending them out and do seminars all over and that is what we did.

MWR: What early match that you had gave you the confidence to succeed as a pro wrestler?

 photo Pieree and Gary_zpsvnpdhop9.jpg

Pierre: Honestly I can’t think of one match. I always had confidence in my promo work more than my wrestling at the start. I think if I had to pick a break out match, I had a three-way match with Gary and Dorian Victor kind of early on that I liked. Plus, working Gary every weekend in a new state we could feel ourselves growing as wrestlers every week.

MWR: You would be part of the group that would spearhead The Lethal Wrestling Alliance. Who else were involved and what is the legacy of that promotion?

Pierre: Honestly I didn’t have anything to do with the start of LWA. LWA was started by Adam Raw and Jordan Taylor. When Jordan went into the Navy it went into the committee of five guys: Adam Raw, Nick Tyson, Frank Cashion, Mike D and Tim P ( I don’t want to butcher the spelling of their last names).

 photo 0_zpsfa8otrcl.jpg

Jordan Lacey has been a part of the most brutal matches in the modern era of STL wrestling. Here he wars it out against the former MWR Future Star winner Alex Rudolph.

So Tyson was supposed to write the shows and book the talent but he wasn’t doing it, so I would in the background write the shows and send them with him to meetings and no one would know about it and he would get the credit. Fast forward a few years, he was going to quit, so Raw was kind of freaking out thinking he would have to write the shows all himself. I had to tell him I was really doing it all this time, which shocked him and so then I started writing and booking talent from there. Years later when the others quit, it became myself, Raw and Jordan Lacey. In the end of LWA, it was just me and Jordan Lacey.

 photo 19_zpspstjvosy.jpg

Many of the top rising stars int the sport has made their way to SLA.

MWR: Fans at LWA were blessed to enjoy some great matches featuring local talent against many of the top stars in the world. Not too long ago, Austin Aries was the TNA World Champion, Davey Richards was a Ring of Honor World Champion and most recently one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions with Eddie Edwards, and Samoa Joe is quite possibly the most talked about free agent in the world today, but they all entered the squared circle at LWA.

These matches along with other stars including Delirious, Mike Quackenbush and The Motor Machine Guns against LWA homegrown talents are featured on the DVD US vs. Them (click here to purchase). What memories stand out about this historic matches at LWA?

Pierre: There are tons of thoughts I have about that. The two big ones being the first “name talent” we ever used was Alex Shelley and our fans hated him with a passion because he was facing their guy in Nick Tyson and when Tyson tapped him out the legit emotion that came after is what this business is about to me: real emotion. The Second was Samoa Joe: A lot of people were saying behind my back (but I hear everything) that I was making a big mistake putting Dorian in that match and not Adam Raw, and to be honest at that time Raw was a better wrestler than Dorian—hell, Dorian was only a few years in, I think. However, Dorian grew from that match and it taught him how to step up… That’s my job: I have to force you to go outside of your comfort zone and step up to the plate, because if you can’t I need to know that before you fall on your face in maybe a way bigger situation. That night Dorian stepped up and grew from it.

 photo 16_zpsomkphf8s.jpg

MWR: You are a member of the famed Submission Squad with. Time has shown that you guys are among the most entertaining tag teams in the country, but early on in your career you teamed up with Evan Gelistico against Davey Vega and Gary the Barn Owl to showcase LWA for Chikara’s King of Trios 2009. In a weekend filled with top Indy wrestling stars like Bryan Danielson (Future WWE Champion Daniel Bryan), Austin Aries, and El Generico (WWE’S Sami Zayn) , the match would receive chants of “DON’T COME BACK!” Many men after that night may have given up, but it only shows how much heart that the four of you had, during that time. Many people snickered and counted you out, but you guys have had the last laugh by becoming among the most traveled talents in the country. Looking back what went wrong, what could you have done different and what advice would you have for a young wrestler that would experience such a situation?

Pierre: I would say that you cannot let what people say bother you. When that happened to be honest it didn’t bother me, it did more the other guys for different reasons. Vega because he lacked confidence anyway so that almost killed him, Gary because the ECW arena was his dream and we just got booed out of it and Evan because he loved the idea of working Chikara. I am telling the God’s honest truth that it didn’t bother me because I was expecting it the whole time. Here you have the biggest weekend of the Chikara calendar with legit stars from all over the world and then you have four dudes from a company in Missouri that none of them knew.. How were they supposed to treat us? Plus, we did ourselves zero favors because of the way we worked the match. We are known for our personalities and we showed zero of it and that is what sucked. However we made a lot of money after that match because people wanted to see if either A) we really sucked or B) they knew we didn’t and wanted to bring us out. So I would do it all again, plus we went back there in 2014 and killed it, so it came full circle for us.

 photo 18_zpsgasyipp5.jpg

MWR: As I mentioned you have traveled around the country, including Canada. What has been your personal favorite places to wrestle and why?

Pierre: I love most every trip but I’ll pick one place and say ACW in Texas. Texas was like my second home for many years and I love the fans and friends I made there. Some of my favorite memories came from hangouts I had in Texas.

MWR: For seven years the LWA was known for an alternative style of wrestling that combined strong style, hardcore, comedy and good times for the fans, but a new day came that saw you announce the merging with the Texas based promotion known as Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW). That decision has allowed the fans to see many of the top stars of the Texas area make their way to the Midwest, while giving the young stars in this area to grow by challenging themselves against other top talents that may not have a chance to work with. In your eyes, who have taken advantage of working in the land of Anarchy and who are some of the top young stars that fans should have their eyes on for the future?

Pierre: Since we started Anarchy, we have seen ACH become a top star in the USA and I won’t do what a lot of others do and try and take credit for that man’s success. His success has helped us grow, so thank you to him.
 photo 6_zps2qjnlbiu.jpg

Gary Jay and Davey Vega are in my opinion the two top guys in the area and they prove that every time they work in a ring. The fact neither of them are under a contract is a shame. The Hooligans are guys you have seen grow in Anarchy. Christian Rose has been tearing it up other places for a while but our fans are finally seeing how good he is. Two guys who I think could be the next 2 big stars are Jo Jo Bravo and Mat Fitchett. Jo Jo has gotten really good really fast and it’s up to Fitchett how far he wants to go. He has been ready for a long time now. One guy to watch I think is Everett Connor; I call him my new project because he is a good kid with potential.
 photo 5_zpsorpxpbtf.jpg

The only guy who I think may be worse now than he was when we started SLA is Evan Gelistico… [sarcasm]

MWR: The Submission Squad was ranked number 12 in 2011 in the MWR’S top 30 tag teams during the MWR years. Four years later, the SS is still running strong, even capturing the Metro Pro Wrestling Tag Team titles recently as the Commission.

Because LWA and later SLA did not have tag belts along with the outside travel, it may have hurt your rankings in the poll. That year a team that you guys know very well the Hooligans were ranked number one, and are currently the St. Louis Anarchy tag team Champions. What has made the Hooligans and the Submission Squad such a great rivalry?

 photo 2_zpsbbufxkhr.jpg

Pierre: We just have good chemistry and we strive to do the same thing and that’s have a great match. We clicked since the first match we had at an IHW show in Dupo IL.

 photo 17_zpszkx7qljf.jpg

At one time we worked with the Hooligans at least once a weekend for like five months in a row, I think… Plus those guys love tag team wrestling as much as we do so it’s easy, The Hooligans are amazing talents.

 photo 8_zpsgw7dpbuk.jpg

MWR: SLA has recently been the home of double shot weekends in Alton, Illinois. You have promoted events for years, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having back to back events?

Pierre: Well it doubles the stress. I mean we have only done two, so I really do not know yet. I’ll say the advantage is for the fans as they will get 2 events a weekend instead of 1. As we keep going with this I am sure more advantages and disadvantages will come clear.

MWR: St. Louis Anarchy events have always been a can’t-miss show as talents around the world have been in action during each of your events. Men like Kyle O’Reilly, Michael Elgin, Chris Hero, the Young Bucks, Davey Richards, Akira Tozawa, and TJ Perkins have all appeared in the past. Who would you like to see that has not appeared yet?

Pierre: We used him in LWA but I really want to bring our fans Alex Shelley as he was supposed to work a show but got hurt. I am hoping to bring some more guys from overseas in. To be honest we will always use that name talent that people have come to think about when thinking of SLA but I am wanting to use more guys who are great but not maybe as well known…. Like there are Gary Jays and Davey Vegas all over the USA who are great but just can’t get breaks and I want to give them their breaks because you never know who could be the next ACH that you just are overlooking.

MWR: On August the 21st and 22nd, Circus Maximus 2015, an event what many fans say is THE event of the year for SLA? Circus Maximus has always delivered with a great mix of national talent as well as the top rising stars around the country. I am going to do a rundown of this years’ SLA talent pool for the double shot weekend and I would like for you to give your thoughts on them. We will start off with the current SLA Champion Gary Jay.

 photo 20_zpsshakyghc.jpg

Pierre: Hardest working man in Anarchy, he tears down the house every time and then is the first person to lead people in tearing down the ring. He gives his all to the company and should be getting more chances outside it.

MWR: Tommaso Ciampa

Pierre: I’m looking forward to seeing him in SLA. He’s a tough dude so guys will have their hands full with him.

MWR: Davey Vega

 photo 4_zpsfn8rlotd.jpg

Pierre: The “Ace of Anarchy” isn’t just a nickname, it is who Vega has become. He went from a guy who would legit vomit before a match to a guy who I know will always have one of the best matches on the show. He’s the man.

MWR: Mat Fitchett

 photo 11_zpsjiuenk22.jpg

Pierre: The Dirty Rook could be a star if he is able to really hit the road and do it. Sometimes though real life things are more important but he’s an awesome talent.

MWR: Jonathan Gresham

 photo 9_zpsacxbzzv2.jpg

Pierre: He won’t be at Circus Maximus, but he’s an amazing hold for hold wrestler who stole the weekend at Gateway to Anarchy.

MWR: Jo Jo Bravo

 photo 1_zpsrttu3ky8.jpg

Pierre: One of the top up and comers in Anarchy. He has held his own with some of the best in the world.

MWR: Christian Rose

 photo 14_zpssodeshxf.jpg

Pierre: Great talker and wrestler and our fans are getting to finally see that. Plus, behind the curtain I love talking good and–even better–shitty wrestling with Rose more than maybe anybody.

MWR: Matt Cage

 photo 13_zps5xedkevm.jpg

Pierre: He’s a lot like Rose in that he has been tearing it up other places and our fans will finally get to see more of that in Anarchy.

MWR: Angelus Lane

 photo 7_zpsmhzeigut.jpg

Pierre: The 1st lady of Anarchy. I am very proud of Layne. She has grown by leaps and bounds as a wrestler and she improves every event we have.

MWR: Viking War Party

 photo vwp28_zpsyg6tfk4f.jpg

Pierre: Going to have to buy me chairs if they keep breaking them. Both guys are awesome. Alex I have known since before he started, I am happy every time I see them work and get better and better.

MWR: Ricky Starks

 photo 4_zpstuwapltk.jpg

Pierre: Big deal in Texas and I think he can do the same here so keep your eyes on him as I think he is going to do well.

MWR: The Cause: Mr. Gelistico, Mr. Raw, Mr. Adams, Mr. Everett

 photo 10_zpsibm5mp0g.jpg

Pierre: We will have to see.

MWR: Zakk Sawyers

 photo 5_zps1kj5recg.jpg

Pierre: The 2014 Anarchy Rookie of the year. He’s not a rookie but was in Anarchy and he stepped up huge. A hard worker in and out of the ring and really appreciates his spot on the roster and he earns it.

MWR: Mikey McFinnigan

 photo 7_zpsttfxkfcw.jpg

Pierre: Kinda just starting to see what he can do. He will do well in Anarchy, he’s very entertaining.

MWR: Jeremy Wyatt

 photo 3_zpsdvmyyysb.jpg

Pierre: The best LWA champion of all time. Jeremy is one of my favorite wrestlers and is a pure class act to deal with outside the ring. Jeremy makes no bones about his wrestling days coming to an end and I’ll be sad to see him go, but he’s a guy who will leave better than he came in and how many guys can honestly say that. He’s always done anything I asked him to do and I don’t think Jeremy knows how much I respect him and appreciate his run with the LWA title.

MWR: Steve O Reno

 photo 15_zpsuiutrzzb.jpg

Pierre: Honestly, I worked him in ACW and I knew he was good. Other than that I have only seen his two matches in SLA and that is it. I think he is very entertaining and he can wrestle, too, so I think big things are on the horizon for him.

MWR: Bolt Brady

 photo 12_zpsf7dnafpq.jpg

Pierre: I think his change in attitude will be good for him in SLA. I like making people do stuff they may not be used to doing. Bolt is a pro and will do great. He’s getting a lot of miles under him too which is awesome. I like Bolt a lot.


 photo 2_zpsnvp4cxwi.jpg

Pierre: In SLA, he became a star in one weekend. Taking Trik Davis to the limit and taking a hellish beating from Gary Jay. I think Paco is a hungry kid who will do big things.

MWR: Pierre, Thank you so much for joining us today, it is always a treat to get to speak with you. How can fans follow you and the world of St. Louis Anarchy?

Pierre: I am on Facebook under Pierre Abernathy and Twitter is @PierreAbernathy. You can like SLA on Facebook at Saint Louis Anarchy and on Twitter @stlanarchy. Thanks for the time!


Saint Louis Anarchy presents Circus Maximus 2015

Stage One: Friday August 21st
Stage Two: Saturday August 22nd

Live from Spaulding Hall Club in Alton IL (402 E 4th Street)

Doors Open at 6:30pm, Shows Start at 7:00pm

Tickets (PER NIGHT):

Front row: $15, Second Row. $12. General Admission. $10 in advance all tickets are $15 at the door


$1 BEER, FULL BAR AND FOOD. Please do not record show or stand on chairs

Also special guest musicians Mental Fixation (Stage 2 only)


Main Event Trios Action: Team Anarchy: Davey Vega, Mat Fitchett, Angleus Layne vs. Team BOSS w/Dorian Victor and Greg Jovi: Gary Jay, Christian Rose, Jeremy Wyatt

Tag Team Titles on the Line: The Hooligans (c) vs. The Cause (Mr. Adams, Mr. Everett)

Zakk Sawyers vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Grudge Match: Alex Castle vs. Matt Cage

Jo Jo Bravo vs. PACO

Steve O Reno vs. Mikey Mcfinnigan

BOSS vs. Anarchy: Bolt Brady w/Greg Jovi vs. Ricky Starks


Saint Louis Anarchy Championship Match (NO TIME LIMIT) Gary Jay (c)w/Dorian Victor vs. “Ace of Anarchy” Davey Vega

Mat Fitchett vs. Former ECW/WWE Star LITTLE GUDIO

Christian Rose vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Matt Cage vs. Zakk Sawyers

Sugar Dunkerton vs. Steve O Reno


Saint Louis Anarchy Champion: Gary Jay
Saint Louis Anarchy Tag Champions: The Hooligans
Davey Vega
Mat Fitchett
Tommaso Ciampa
Jo Jo Bravo
Christian Rose
Matt Cage
Angelus Layne
Viking War Party
Sugar Dunkerton
Ricky Starks
The Cause: Mr. Gelistico, Mr. Raw, Mr. Adams, Mr. Everett
Zakk Sawyers
Mikey Mcfinnigan
Jeremy Wyatt
Steve O Reno
Bolt Brady (stage one)
PACO (stage one)
Donovan Danhausen


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Circus Maximus week: SLA names the top 10 matches ever in the history of Circus Maximus

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 26, 2013

By Pierre Abernathy

10. Adam Raw vs. Frankie Big Balls– The last match in the history of the WCWF Circus Maximus event.

9. Nick Tyson vs. Adam Raw- Two men who started the LWA in the last one on battle they ever had.

8. Davey Vega vs. Johnny Gargano– Two wrestlers at the time who were both on the verge on being the top wrestlers in there respected home companies. Both have grown into those roles in a great way.

 photo st-louis-anarchy-dvd-july-13-2012-circus-maximus-granite-city-il-57445054-350x250_zps4e75ddf1.png

To Purchase St. Louis Anarchy DVD July 13, 2012 “Circus Maximus” – Granite City, IL click here

7.  TJ Perkins vs. Davey Richards – Two men in the world of pro wrestling that are capable of having great matches in just about any style. A wrestling classic on paper and it lived up to the expectations.

6. ACH vs. Dingo 2 outta 3 falls: The present of Saint Louis wrestling vs. the man who helped put STL wrestling on the map.

5. Evan Gelistico vs. Davey Vega: The last ever LWA title match at Circus Maximus and a night that started a 17 month title run by Evan Gelistico.

 photo fb2421cf-3fca-4f80-adb3-8a2904bc1ed1_zps89cd15fc.jpg

Purchase St. Louis Anarchy DVD July 9, 2011 “Circus Maximus’ – O’Fallon, IL at Smart Mark here.

4. Gerald James vs. ACH– This was part of in my opinion the best feud in the history of Anarchy TX and STL. The two went all over the USA and both men grew as wrestlers and performers during this feud.

3. Jeremy Wyatt vs. KC Karrington– The longest title match in the history of LWA and SLA. This match ended the most underrated champion in our lineages history’s title run.

2. Dan Walsh vs. Gerald James: The bloodiest match in the history of the event.

1. The Submission Squad vs. The Bearded Men from Space Station 11 Street Fight: This match capped off the biggest feud in the history of the LWA and was the wildest match in the company’s history that would need to be seen to believe. The cops were called; a hand was set on fire and used as a weapon. At this year’s Circus Maximus two of those men that were in that match Davey Vega and KC Karrington will finally settle issues steaming from that very personal feud all those years ago.

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Dartallion Allen’s MWR Top Draws- Technical Masters

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 19, 2010

 Brian “Flair” Kelley

One of the most popular features here at Missouri Wrestling Revival returns with Dartallion Allen’s Top Draws and on this edition he allowed me to choose the name. When I got the artwork and discovered that Kurt Angle, Jeremy Wyatt, Dingo and Bailey Mannix were a part of this group, then Nick Tyson and Mike Quackenbush, I first thought to myself “These guys can hang with anyone” Therefore I call this edition Technical Masters.

My personal favorite wrestler today is Kurt Angle. Angle throughout the years has been in some great storylines but in my honest opinion most of the time they have not known what to do with someone so great. With that said no matter the situation when the bell rang you knew it was going to be a great match. Kurt is able to deliver in the ring or on the mic. As a good guy or as the hated heel he has able to get his point across. He is today’s Ric Flair.

The Technical Masters in the Midwest can do it all. Some are loved liked Mike Quakenbush and Dingo while others are hated like Jeremy Wyatt and Bailey Mannix but regardless you want to see them in the ring. Till the next match MWR fans sit back and enjoy a mix of some of the best wrestlers today drawn by none other than Dartallion Allen.

Kurt Angle

One of the most pure wrestlers in the history of the sport, Angle earned respect nationally by becoming a two time National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I champion in college. The world wide by winning the 1995 World Championship tournament, and made history by winning a gold medal in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, in heavyweight freestyle wrestling.

Angle has dominated in the past decade as he racked up World Championships in WWE, TNA as well as in Japan. Angle is one of the few wrestlers that claim the big three, the look, the Charisma and the ability to wrestle.

In my mind there is no one better in the past 15 years in pro wrestling than Kurt Angle.

Jeremy Wyatt

The Belt Collector has made an impact with main events around the Midwest with the tops stars today. Wyatt often angers fans with his big mouth but backs it up with by winning big matches in exciting fashion.

The 2008 MWR Wrestler of the year has taken down the biggest of wrestlers such as Donovan Ruddick, and then matched moves with the most technical wrestlers today like Dingo, Shawn Shultz, and Davey Richards. Love him or hate him, he is one of the elite in the sport today.


In a sport where it seems as if the big men rule, the truth of the matter is the size of a mans heart that determines where he is able to go. Judge the Australian superstar Dingo by appearance and you see a guy that is in shape but by no means the top wrestler in the Midwest. Then you see him in action and it is not mistaken, that the talent and drive is there. There is no wrestler in the MWR Coverage area that is offered more praise and admiration for his ring work by his peers than Dingo. Promoters love him because they know they can match him up with anyone and the fans will love it. When Dartallion Allen and I spoke about the MWR Top Draws for the site he was the first wrestlers that he said he was excited about drawing. There is no doubt that if MWR had been around in the past he would already be a multiple award winner for Wrestler and Match of the year

Recently Dingo announced his retirement from the sport of pro wrestling. MWR would like to wish Dingo the very best and secretly we hopes that he reconsiders.

Mike Quackenbush

“The Master of a 1000 holds” Mike Quakenbush skills and talent range reaches much further that the square circle. As founder of the very popular Chikara, Quakenbush has been the home of some of the most talked about wrestling today.

Quakenbush is one of the most influential men in wrestling he has trained today’s stars Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston.

Wrestlers in the Midwest have had the chance to get training seminars from “The Ring Wizard in the recent past NWA Missouri Champion Davey Vega can attest to the teaching ability of Quakenbush as he took two tours of training in the past 2 years that had to be an advantage when he was able to defeat his fellow teacher Dingo for the belt on October 16th of this past year.

With 20 years in the sport Quakenbush shows that hard work does pay off in the wrestling business as Quakenbush is one of the most influential men in the sport today

Nick Tyson

Originally known as simply “Nightmare”, Nick Tyson entered the ring with his face painted for battle and let his wrestling do the talking. Employing a combination of submissions and strikes, Tyson held the championship in the WCWF(predecessor to the LWA) as well as in the LWA itself. A few years into his career, Tyson got rid of the facepaint and formed an alliance with fellow Midwest wrestling standouts Dingo and Pierre Abernathy…thus forming the Submission Squad.

Tyson has also competed for GCW and NWA Central States in Kansas. The biggest win of his career was his upset victory over TNA competitor Alex Shelley in March of 2007. Later in the year, Tyson teamed with longtime ally Dingo to battle Shelley and his partner Chris Sabin…the Motor City Machineguns evened the score on that night. One of Tyson’s most recent standout matches was a battle in January of 2009 with CHIKARA wrestler Mike Quackenbush.


Whether in singles or tag team competition, the “Technical Messiah” has proven himself to be a formidable competitor wherever he wrestles!

Bailey Mannix

The MECW Champion Bailey Mannix with his manager Lovely Leon looks like an odd pair but in 2009 they ran rough shot through the promotion to claim the title from Zach Thompson in a dog collar match.

A master of the suplex, Mannix was named the MWR Wrestler of the month in January of 2009. This past December Mannix debut at High Voltage Wrestling teaming with Eric Allen successfully against Markus Crane and Bucky Collins.

As great as a year it was for Mannix in 2009 look for 2010 to be even better.

Coming soon at MWR from Dartallion Allen “The Modern Day Viking” Shawn Shultz

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The Uniqueness of Outside Championships- By Christopher M. Zack

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 24, 2009


Camera Guy Chris and Daughter

The Uniqueness of Outside Championships

By Christopher M. Zack

This column is the property of Christopher M. Zack and published here as agreed upon by Pro Wrestling Next. No duplication of this column is permitted without the exclusive written consent of the author and/or PWN officials.

General Disclaimer: I can be incredibly long winded. I have a degree in English and love to write, so I tend to write quite a bit. When I’m passionate about something, it comes out even more. I have a lot of passion about the wrestling business, so these columns will definitely be wordy, but it’s all to get discussions going.

That’s right, it’s the return of Angles W/Camera Guy Chris. First things first, personal business. I again would like to apologize for my sporadic posting over the summer months. It’s been hard to sit and focus on (no pun intended) putting together an article between my work schedule and spending time with my daughter during the summer months. Now that school has started again, it’ll be a lot easier to post this for you great fans who visit the boards and read my work.

I also want to announce two things about Angles. Firstly, I will not be posting on a weekly basis. At the moment, I simply don’t have the energy or time to get a new topic together and post every week. It would burn me out very quickly. Angles will be a monthly post at the very least. There may be 2 posts a month depending on time and topics. That leads into my other announcement. My work is going to look more exclusively on Independent wrestling. There are so many great Indy feds and Indy talent out there, that to look at the WWE and TNA would just be foolish on my part. Pro Wrestling NEXT is a great Independent Wrestling Organization showcasing the best young wrestlers out there, and that’s where my attention will be from now on.

I can’t think of a better place to begin this new focus than with some of the events that transpired this past Friday, August 21st, 2009. There are many excellent independent wrestling groups around the world and right here in America. Organizations like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Full Impact Pro, CHIKARA, and Combat Zone Wrestling come to mind as some of the top Independents that come to mind here in the States. (I left out Ring of Honor, because, honestly, they have a national TV deal and are on PPV, I can’t consider them independent anymore) Friday night’s event at the Bier Stube saw the World Heavyweight Champion of one of these top feds defend his title live for us in the Quad Cities, CZW Champion Drake Younger.

Younger, trained by the likes of Ian Rotten and Chris Hero among others, is a brutal, vicious competitor who has held the Combat Zone World Heavyweight Championship since July 12, 2008, when he defeated Nick Gage for the title. Holding any title for more than a year is a great feat, but it’s definitely a mark of a true champion. Drake is best known for his deathmatch wrestling, a main stable for CZW, but he is also a brilliant technical wrestler and mat technician.

Younger brought this combined style to PWN on the 21st, looking to take down Hunter Matthews. Hunter, former PWN Quad Cities Champion and self-proclaimed “King of Des Moines,” felt he was cheated out of a title and deserved a title match at Bier Stube Bash 2, The Sequel. So, Drake Younger stepped in to give him that opportunity. How often to you get to see a World Title from another organization defended? That is the main point of this article. It’s a treat when another group, especially one as big as CZW allows their title to be defended outside of one of their own shows.

Younger brought is reputation and his World Title to Moline and gave the fans one kick ass ride. I’ve already talked about this match to some extent in my response to the results thread, but I’m going to go a bit more in depth now.

Hunter came out first, and of course took the microphone, much to the dismay of the fans. Matthews has definitely not been a favorite of the QC crowd. He talked about how the Quad Cities Championship had been taken, and his need of holding a title. Younger came out to put a stop to the talking and start the action, bringing and emptying a beer battle as he walked to the ring. He was on Matthews right from the start. Hunter didn’t even have a chance to get out of his jacket before Drake took the fight to him. Eventually, he was able to duck out of the ring and get a moment to pull his jacket off and gear up for the fight, but a moment was all he got.

The CZW Champion quickly followed him out of the ring to continue the beating. Out amongst the fans, we saw many various weapons used and advantages taken by both parties. And under CZW rules, this was all legal. No count outs, no disqualifications. Matthews was hit by a water bottle and a beer can before fighting back and getting Younger prone on top of a hard plastic picnic table. Hunter attempted a piledriver on top of this table but Drake was able to counter. Younger looked like he wanted to slam the “King” down to the cement below, but Matthews was able to block that attempt and the two of them made their way off the table.

The World Champion would empty a garbage can and take that to Hunter Matthews’ skull, leaving an indentation of the King’s “crown” on both sides of the metal can. Younger would then take his empty beer bottle, smash it across the ring post and attempt to lacerate Matthews with it. Hunter was able to dodge that and fought Drake, leading him to the fountain in the Bier Stube’s court yard. He tried to force the Champ’s head under water, and Younger struggled to prevent this, but, Matthews was able to over power him and dunk him for several seconds.

The two men battled back and forth around the outside of the ring until Hunter was able to whip Drake over a couple more plastic picnic tables towards a set of stairs leading up to a balcony overlooking the garden. They fought up to the balcony, both men teetering and trying to push the other over the edge. Thankfully, neither was successful. That would have caused serious injury. After battling back down the stairs they made their way out to the parking lot and onto the metal bed that had carried the ring to the venue. Hunter would get scooped up and slammed on his back on the metal!

At that point, things were pretty well over. Matthews was able to stay on his feet as they fought their way back in the ring. In the ring, Younger hit a sick ass vertibreaker for the win and rolled out of the ring to celebrate with the QC crowd. The fans really seemed to enjoy this. Drake grabbed the microphone, told the fans that he’d heard about Matthews and how he liked to run his mouth a lot. He was glad to have given the fans what they’ve wanted, silence, and he hoped to see them all in the bar to share a beer! At one point, I remember him looking me right in the eye…er…lens…and saying “That’s what you get when you call out Drake Younger” while pointing to Hunter, prone in the ring.

This is the great action you see in Pro Wrestling Next. Not only are we bringing in great new talent, we’re showcasing HUGE matches with World Titles from some of the top feds across the country. This is only the beginning, too. On September 12th, PWN welcomes back Davey Richards, current holder of the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship (a title he’s had once before) and current holder of the Full Impact Pro World Heavyweight Championship, a title he Will Defend in Davenport on September 12th at PWN’S Severed Ties!!!! FIP’s World Title is one of the top 3 wrestling championships in the country, and seeing it defended here in the Quad Cities is going to be excellent.

Back to the Bier Stube Bash, now. The CZW World Title match was awesome, but not the biggest moment of the night by far, in my opinion. The biggest moment happened before that match when The Hooligans defeated the Submission Squad to take the Lethal Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Championships. As unique as it is to see titles defended from other organizations, it is extremely rare to see a title change hands outside of the confines of the group the title is from. What makes this title change even more exciting and controversial is the fact that The Hooligans are not a part of LWA.

First, I have some background info. I need to thanks Brian “Flair” Kelley, Pierre Abernathy, and Kari Williams for tracking down or providing this information for me. The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico) originally consisted of Pierre Abernathy, Dingo, and Nick Tyson, but the team has also included Evan Gelistico and “Blackheart” Johnny Vinyl. Before joining Abernathy, Gelistico was a member of the Bearded Men from Space Station Eleven (Gary the Barnowl—who was eventually corrupted by the likes of Gelistico, Abernathy, Tiffany LaFane, and Davey VegaBilly McNeal, XXX Jordan Lacey, and Evan Gelistico) for approximately two years. Abernathy and Gelistico won the LWA Tag Titles on April 4th in O’Fallon, Illinois’s Night’s of Columbus building from the Ego Express (“Spoiled” Steven Kennedy & K.C. Karrington). The Ego Express were the first team to hold the LWA Tag Team Titles, beating Dingo and Davey Vega on 12/18/2008 at Yuletide Terror ’08.

During their title reign, the Submission Squad squared off against the Hooligans, the Northstar Express, and the Ego Express. One of their biggest feuds (before claiming the LWA gold) came against the Bearded Men over a span of two years. This feud saw Gelistico turn on the Space Station, claiming to be Gary’s father. Their other noticeable feud happened when original members, Dingo and Nick Tyson began to distance themselves from Abernathy and Gelistico. This culminated in a match between the new and the old Submission Squad on May 30 at the Vetta Sports Complex. Abernathy & Gelistico emerged victorious.

The Hooligans are Devin and Mason Cutter. The Cutters were raised in the outside districts of East St. Louis IL. They come from a working class family. They are just a couple of thugs or hooligans that enjoy a beer as much as they enjoy a good fight. You can catch them at any local pub after a hard days work drinking with there mates and at the end of the night you sure to see them in a fight. They are best known for their work in IWA-Mid South, where they have competed against some of the best IWA-MS has to offer, including (sometimes with Rain as their partner) Ian & Axl Rotten (sometimes with Mickie Knuckles)—better known as Bad Breed—on several occasions in many different types of hard-hitting, violent matches. The Cutters, in my opinion, are very no nonsense. They’re heavy hitters and consider themselves Working Class Heroes, though the fans from Friday didn’t consider them very heroic when they won the LWA Championships.

In Moline on August 21st, the crowd was already fired up, and it only escalated to see the first of two title matches. The QCA fans were definitely against the Hooligans throughout the match, especially after the match. Security had to restrain both the Hooligans and the crowd following their victory for the LWA Titles.

The match itself saw both teams getting in some early offense, until Devin and Mason cut Evan Gelistico off from his partner. The Cutters used classic heel tactics to divide and concur, isolating Gelistico and using moments when the ref’s back was turned to both double team Gelistico and trade places with blind tags.

During the match, Tim Donst and Jasin Strife came out to watch the proceedings. Donst had lost a match to Tony Kozina earlier in the night due to disqualification after Strife came down and joined Tim in assaulting Kozina. The Submission Squad had come to the aide of Kozina, causing Donst and Strife to flee the ring before Abernathy and Gelistico could lay a hand on them. I didn’t see Donst and Strife come out, since my attention was focused on the action in the ring, and rightly so, I am Camera Guy Chris, after all.

Back in the ring, Gelistico manages to catch a break, tagging in his very fresh, very eager partner, Pierre Abernathy, who proceeded to take down both the Cutters as they took turns charging at him. In the corner, Gelistico was down and prone to Donst and Strife, who chose that moment to strike, taking out Evan’s knee and leaving him crying out in pain on the cement below the ring. Then it was only a matter of time before the numbers game caught up with Abernathy. With no partner waiting on the apron, and the vicious Hooligans having 2-1 odds, it didn’t take long for the match to end, crowing Devin and Mason Cutter the NEW LWA Tag Team Champions.

A title change is always a sight to see, since they can be rare, especially in the independent feds. Seeing a title from another company even defended at an outside event is something big. PWN featured two outside title defenses at the Bier Stube Bash 2. What makes this particular match even more unique is seeing the titles change hands at an outside event. And if that were the only major deal about this match, then, while worth mentioning, it might not get all the attention it is getting. What makes this particular outside title defense and changing of the guard so incredibly special is that the new LWA Tag Team Champions are not a part of the Lethal Wrestling Alliance!

This situation has potential to get very bad very quickly. I know I’ll be following the situation as closely as I can and update the fans on how things turn out. I’d also like to welcome any and all LWA fans visiting the PWN boards and reading this article. I invite you to join in the discussion of both the situation with the Tag Team Titles and the uniqueness of seeing outside titles defended.

I would like to once again thank everyone for the information provided for this article. It’s very much appreciated. I’d also like thank Brian “Flair” Kelley, once again, as well as Missouri Wrestling Revival for giving me the opportunity to reach a new audience with my articles. I hope you all enjoy. For those viewing this on MWR, and would like to join the discussion, the main article can be viewed here at the Pro Wrestling Next board.

Christopher M. Zack

PWN Severed Ties Flier

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Dingo wrestles across the country, trains Midwest talent

Posted by reimaginejournalism on July 2, 2009

By Kari Williams

After battling in a losing effort for the Lethal Wrestling Alliance (LWA) Tag Team Championship with NickTyson, Dingo talks with fellow wrestlers backstage after the show. His endearing personality engages his Dynamo Training Gym Student Brandon Aarons. They joke about events of the past few days. Despite the calm exterior, a burning desire for pride and success lies within the Independent Wrestling Association-Mid South (IWA-Mid South) Heavyweight Champion.

“I want to go across the world. I want to work for Vince McMahon one day, eventually. I know all the independent guys [say], ‘Oh, I want to work for Vince,’ but I really, really do,” Dingo explains with intense determination burning in his eyes.

Dingo has traveled the country working for promotions such as Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, and Full Impact Pro (Florida), as well as numerous Midwest Promotions. Photo by Brian Kelley

Dingo has traveled the country working for promotions such as Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, and Full Impact Pro (Florida), as well as numerous Midwest Promotions.

“I mean, that’s the top of the mountain, what else are you going to aspire to? Work for World Wrestling [Entertainment]…I step back to the box, and I realize I’m a little guy, and is it possible for me to win the championship? It is; it’s not beyond means, but is it probable? I don’t know. We’ll see what happens in the future,” he continued.

With the future still uncertain, Dingo focuses on the present, where he travels the country working for Combat Zone Wrestling, Ring of Honor (ROH), Full Impact Pro (FIP) and an assortment of other companies. His ‘big break’ came from Samoa Joe when they worked on the same card, and he told Dingo to come to Chicago, IL. Although Dingo did not wrestle on the show because it was booked full, another opportunity came his way.

“Joe looked at me, and he said, ‘Right now, you make your promise that you’ll come to Detroit, and I’ll make sure that you wrestle in Detroit.’ Joe was retiring that night from Ring of Honor because he was moving on to TNA, and I said, ‘I make you that promise right now,’ and he goes, “Okay.” So, I went to Detroit, and I got on, and that was the rocket that just blew my ass into independent wrestling,” Dingo said.

From that moment on, Dingo immersed himself in his new world and never looked back. Perhaps seeing that burning passion, ROH Star Davey Richards gave Dingo another means with which to excel.

Dingo battles with Kahagas at High Voltage Wrestling on Jan. 10, 2009 as Referee Eric Davis officiates. Photo by Brian Kelley

Dingo battles with Kahagas at High Voltage Wrestling on Jan. 10, 2009 as Referee Eric Davis officiates. Photo by Brian Kelley

“Davey Richards really, really helped me out. Davey Richards, as much of a hardass as he can be, every now and then just a tiny bit shines through and if you grab on to it, Davey’ll fuckin’ help you out. But you pay for it. You pay for it. He’s a tough dude. He’s a tough dude…God, he’s tough. He’ll beat the crap out of you.

“Davey helps me—and I know a lot of people too—but very few times is it like, ‘Hey, you’re invited,’ based on your work ethic. And that just really helped me seal the deal,” Dingo said with pride emmiting from his being.

Both Richards and Dingo act as Co-Trainers at the St. Louis-based Dynamo Training Gym, which Dingo, Jim Yount and Crystal Yount opened approximately two years ago. According to Dingo, Dynamo acts as, “a conservatory for wrestling where people can hone their skills,” and not worry about company affiliation.

One of Dingo’s students, who wishes to remain anonymous, attributes nearly all of his success to the training he has received at Dynamo.

“[Dingo has] helped me with everything wrestling wise. He taught me 95 percent of the things I know from wrestling; he’s taught me about respect and what not to do and how to act, in front of fans and in front of other wrestlers, and he’s gotten me to IWA already, and I’m sure he’ll get me to bigger and better places in the future,” the student said.

Dingo pummels Pierre Abernathy in his and Nick Tysons attempt to win the LWA Tag Team Titles on May 30, 2009. Photo by Kari Williams

Dingo pummels Pierre Abernathy in his and Nick Tyson's attempt to win the LWA Tag Team Titles on May 30, 2009. Photo by Kari Williams

The IWA-Mid South Heavyweight Champion can attest to that claim through his own experiences and his own connections in the wrestling industry.

“If you really want to earn it, and you do earn it, we’ll help you go to places like IWA, places like FIP, if you want to go to Ring of Honor. We have connections with TNA. I came up in the same school as Delirious and MsChif and Daizee Haze and Evan Bourne. We’re all from the same group. We’re all from the same mold. We’re all doing things on the road. Delirious, and MsChif and Daizee all work for Ring of Honor and Shimmer. Evan Bourne works for the [WWE]. That’s what we do. We provide the ability to move it on,” Dingo said.

As a student of Dingo’s since July 2006, Aarons can attest to his trainer’s statement.

“[Dingo] has more experience and knowledge as a wrestler than anyone one in the area, and he knows what you have to do to take it to the next level. He wants the best out of the wrestlers he trains, and he is willing to work with you if you are willing to give it all you have,” said Aarons.

A protégé of Dingo’s, “Spitfire” Davey Vega, has earned a wealth of knowledge in the three years that the two have worked together.

“He has increased my stamina, my agility and my overall confidence in myself as a person and a wrestler. He has also helped me get my name out by allowing me to travel with him and the opportunity to learn from him and my peers,” Vega said.

Dingo takes on Michael Strider in a Dog Collar Match at CSW on March 8, 2008. Photo by Brian Kelley

Dingo takes on Michael Strider in a Dog Collar Match at CSW on March 8, 2008. Photo by Brian Kelley

Dingo looks at wrestling as a ‘you get what you give’ type of business that he holds dear to his heart.

“Basically, wrestling is about paying it forward, and if you earn your keep [at Dynamo] through rigorous physical activity, I will show the wealth of what I’ve learned. And that’s the way I was taught. You give this gift, and if you’re deemed worthy, you’ll get the receipt of the gift. And it’s really hard. It’s very, very hard. Very rigorous. People think that it’s not all that bad, but it’s amazingly hard,” Dingo said with a sincere seriousness about his voice.

Aarons echoes Dingo’s warning. After three years of training with the IWA-Mid South Champ, Aarons continues to learn. On April 18, 2009 Aarons had the opportunity to wrestle his mentor in LWA. This was Aarons chance to prove that he is a legitimate competitor, that he could hang with, in his opinion, the best in the Midwest.

“I knew what to expect coming into the match, but Dingo is amazing. He has so many things he can puill out of know where, and even though I have been training with him for three years, he still caught me off guard—Proof that with experience comes great skill, which he attains to the maximum degree,” said Aarons.

Brandon Aarons (center) has trained with Dingo since July 2006, which has helped him advance his career. Aarons and Dingo are pictured with A.J. Styles from when Aarons began training. Photo courtesy of Brandon Aarons

Brandon Aarons (center) has trained with Dingo since July 2006, which has helped him advance his career. Aarons and Dingo are pictured with A.J. Styles from when Aarons began training. Photo courtesy of Brandon Aarons

A number of wrestlers, including “Thee” Brandon Espinosa and Aarons, have named Dingo as one who taught them the most about the business. Aarons went so far as to say that he “would not be the wrestler I am today without him. I would not have the confidence and intelligence on the business that I have today without him.”

With nervous laughter, Dingo said, “I feel very worried and very blessed and very honored by that. I worry because I don’t want them to get hurt or ruin themselves doing stupid stuff that I did because I tell them to go out there and give there all. And sometimes their all means they’ll put themselves at very, very big risks, but I feel very blessed and honored at the same time. I don’t have any children, but I liken it to seeing you put that thought process [in their heads], and they turn around and make good out of it.”

The zeal with which Dingo both trains and performs in front of the crowds makes him a role model for other wrestlers just breaking into the business.

“There is nobody in the world that I look up to more than Dingo. Nobody. Not my parents. Not Bruiser Brody. Not Jesus. Nobody,” the Dynamo Trainee said.

Dingo prepares to go to war against Jeremy Wyatt in the NWA-CSW title match from August 2009. Photo by Kari Williams

Dingo prepares to go to war against Jeremy Wyatt in the NWA-CSW title match from August 2009. Photo by Kari Williams

In the next five to 10 years, Dingo hopes to go to Japan and earn a contract or work for TNA or WWE. He realizes the difficulty that sits in front of him, but has no desire to hang up the boots. He will push forward and pursue his dream.

“It’s hard to imagine because I’m a small person. I’m not going to deny the fact of what I am, but at this point in this time from this moment on, I’m putting myself on the line because it’s now or never,” Dingo said.

From bell to bell, from New Jersey to Florida, whether he wrestles the first match on the card or the last, one can rest assure that Dingo will not leave professional wrestling without leaving his mark—not only in the Midwest, but throughout the country.

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Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico defend the LWA Tag Team Titles this Saturday in Saint Charles

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 26, 2009

lwa may 30th

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

This coming weekend in St. Charles Missouri, LWA returns with a double main event that you will not want to miss!

Last week, we looked at the LWA title match between Jeremy “The Rebel” Wyatt’s and “The Future” Donovan Ruddick. Missouri Wrestling Revival caught up with LWA Tag Team Champions Submission Squad members Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico prior to their defense with fellow Submission Squad members Dingo and Nick Tyson. They had this to say about a match that could have repercussions throughout the Midwest tag team picture.

Come out to The Vetta Sports Complex in Saint Charles this Saturday for a great night of LWA wrestling.

Doors 6:30pm
Show Starts at 7:00pm
Tickets:$10 advance
$12 at door
$15 front row

1425 Saint Peters Cottleville Road
Saint Peters MO 63376

Matches Signed:

LWA Title Match: Donovan Ruddick vs. LWA Champion Jeremy Wyatt
LWA Tag Team Title Match: Pierre Abernahty/Evan Gelistico vs. Nick Tyson/Dingo
Gary the Nightowl vs. KC Karrington
Dash Rando vs. Brandon Espinosa

Due to injurys Adam Raw and Davey Vega will not be on this event.

Also signed for this event: Shorty Biggs, Brandon Aarons, , Steven Kennedy and more.

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Jordan Lacey “Win or I retire” this weekend!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 15, 2009

Fresh from LWA Management

Jordan Lacey and Jeremy Wyatt face to face (Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley

Jordan Lacey and Jeremy Wyatt face to face (Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley

After putting up a hellacious fight a couple months ago in what was deemed a ‘fans bring the weapons’ match, Triple X Jordan Lacey came within a hair-width of becoming LWA Champion again. But like many of his title chances, he just couldn’t make it. With Nick Tyson out of the main event this Saturday, the Lwa decided to give Lacey one more chance at redemption. Upon finding out about his sudden title match, Jordan Lacey issued an unexpected statement.

Jeremy Wyatt went to all expense to keep his LWA Title against Jordan Lacey  in their “Fans bring the weapons match” ( Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Jeremy Wyatt makes Jordan Lacey scream on March 6th in Granite City (Mike Van Hoogstraat)

“This is it for me. I’m tired of getting so close but not making it. I promise the LWA fans this…if I do not defeat Jeremy Wyatt for the LwA Championship you will NEVER SEE TRIPLE X JORDAN LACEY IN A RING AGAIN.”
When: Saturday, April 18, 2009
7:00 PM to 9:15 PM CDT
Where :Knights of Columbus Hall KC LaneHouse Springs, MO 63051
This Saturday *$1 BEER*
LwA wild prowrestling!

For all your LWA news go to LWAWRESTLING.COM

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LWA Feb. 21 Arena Report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on March 2, 2009

By Kari Williams

LWA put on their best show of the year Feb. 21 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in House Springs, MO with 130 in attendance. From the opening match to the main event, there was not a single match that left fans disappointed.

The much anticipated and promoted six-man tag match for the LWA Tag Team Titles kicked off the night, as Evan Gelistico, Pierre Abernathy and Davey Vega tried to take down K.C. Karrington, Steven Kennedy and Gary the Barnowl. Gary and Abernathy started the match up and fought relentlessly.

LWA Starts the night of strong with an exciting 6 man tag match.

LWA Starts the night of strong with an exciting 6 man tag match.- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

However, Abernathy began to overpower Gary, giving the Submission Squad the early advantage. The moment that Gary tagged Kennedy, everything changed. Kennedy cleared the house and delivered the patented “Go That Way!” kick to Gelistico with the help of Karrington. It was not long until Abernathy was back in the ring and taking control, allowing Vega and Gelistico to double and triple team their opponents. Halfway through the bout, Tiffani LaFane cornered a confused Gary and convinced him to walk with her backstage, giving the Squad an extra advantage. Unfortunately  , LaFane’s cunning work was not up to par, becaue the Egos had more fire after Gary and LaFane flew the coop and dominated in the three on two situation to retain the tag titles.

“Future” Donovan Ruddick and XXX Jordan Lacey came to the ring next, talking about their match against LWA Heavweight Champion Jeremy Wyatt and the LWA Vice President Jewels. They proclaimed that they would rid LWA of Jewels and Wyatt, which prompted the VP to make her way to ringside.

Jordan Lacey makes a deal with Jewels, but you should never make a deal with the devil –Photo Brian Kelley

Jordan Lacey makes a deal with Jewels, but you should never make a deal with the devil –Photo Brian Kelley

She confessed that she cannot compete in the match and offered Ruddick a title shot against Wyatt as a settlement. Jewels also stated that “Thee” Brandon Espinosa—who came to prove the claim—would be Wyatt’s replacement in the match. Commissioner Adam Raw felt that Lacey needed a substitute as well and announced that Mark Sterling would do the honors.

After that debacle, Shorty Biggs and Dingo wrestled an impressive bout—one of Biggs’ best to date. Biggs appeared more focused on the task at hand than in previous months, and it showed, seeing as he made Dingo scratch and claw for a victory.

Dingo stretches Shorty Biggs as Ref Eric Davis ask if Biggs wants to quit- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Dingo stretches Shorty Biggs as Ref Eric Davis ask if Biggs wants to quit- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Filled with technical wrestling and pure athleticism, these men went toe-to-toe, with each man only mere milliseconds away from securing a win. In the end, with both men fighting with everything, Dingo defeated Biggs, who offered his hand to Dingo as a sign of respect.

Shamus O’ Flannery was pumped for his match with Super Electro- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Shamus O’ Flannery was pumped for his match with Super Electro- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Super Electro took on Shamus O’ Flannery in an electrifying, fast-paced bout. Complete with an electrical shock to O’ Flannery and multiple high-risk maneuvers on O’ Flannery’s part, it was hard to find anyone who did not enjoy this match.

Shamus O’ Flannery slowed down just enough to get his picture taken in this fast paced match- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Shamus O’ Flannery slowed down just enough to get his picture taken in this fast paced match- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Although not lengthy, O’ Flannery proved his worth when he secured his first victory since returning to LWA over Electro after a frog splash.

The ever-flamboyant Mike Sydal was in action next against “The Technical Messiah” Nick Tyson, in what one best describe as a personality conflict. When Sydal came to the ring, he declared that he is tight, tan and toned. Not one to sit around and wait for a fight, Tyson took it to Sydal, who put up an extroardinary fight in which each man scored multiple near falls. Sydal attempted to gain a pyschological advantage, but to no avail.

Mike Sydal puts all his weight on Nick Tyson – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Mike Sydal puts all his weight on Nick Tyson – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Tyson’s experience and tenacity in the ring far outweighed Sydal’s mind games. Sydal’s antics only seemed to anger The Technical Messiah, but Sydal did not go down willingly and even used submission holds against Tyson.

Nick Tyson struggles to defend a submission from Mike Sydal- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Nick Tyson struggles to defend a submission from Mike Sydal- Photo Credit Kari Williams

In the end, the flamboyant interim member of B.A.B.E.WATCH succumbed to pain and tapped out to the Gateway City Stretch.

After the match, Abernathy emerged to attack Tyson, which was followed by the entire Submission Squad and Gary.

Tiffany Lefane and Pierre Abernathy with Gary the Barn Owl ?? – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Tiffany Lefane and Pierre Abernathy with Gary the Barn Owl ?? – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Dingo made the save for Tyson with the aid of a steel chair, chasing the Squad away. Tyson and Dingo then revealed an alliance through a handshake.

Once the intermission ended, LWA President Luke Roberts and Raw came out to celebrate Mardi Gras and throw beads to the fans. Roberts then brought up the former LWA wrestler he wanted to bring back, and Raw revealed that he himself was the only wrestler who would stand up for the fans and bleed LWA. Jewels then brought up the fact that Raw turned his back on LWA one year ago, stated that Raw would have to work his way up and she will make it as difficult as possible.

“Irresistably Flawless” Brandon Aarons took on the masked newcomer Dash Rando. Unsure of Rando, Aarons looked reluctant to begin.

Brandon Aarons takes on Dash Rando in his LWA debut- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Brandon Aarons takes on Dash Rando in his LWA debut- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Rando quickly got the fans on his side, while the fans got to Aarons with their catcalls and accusations. Despite being new to LWA, Rando put up an impressive fight against Aarons, but Aarons held his own and did his best to overpower Rando.

Brandon Aarons welcomes Rando to the LWA with a crushing elbow- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Brandon Aarons welcomes Rando to the LWA with a crushing elbow- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Ultimately, Rando’s abstract arsenal proved too much for the “Irresistably Flawless” one, and Rando racked up his first victory with the company.

Aarons’ counter-part, Espinosa, was in action next, teaming with Jewells against Lacey and Sterling. In, essentially, a two-on-one bout, Espinosa started off against Sterling and did his best to hold his own.

Jordan Lacey sends Brandon Espinosa flying- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Jordan Lacey sends Brandon Espinosa flying- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Being unable to tag his partner, who refused, severely hindered his chances of winning for the team, especially when Lacey and Sterling began making frequent tags.

Mark Sterling and Jordan Lacey double teams Brandon Espinosa – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Mark Sterling and Jordan Lacey double teams Brandon Espinosa – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

At one point, when Espinosa was down, Lacey nearly got his hands on Jewels, but, out of nowhere, Sterling lunged at his partner, and prevented him from doing so.

The devil herself makes Jordan Lacey  pay with trusting her earlier as Dorian Victor and Mark Sterling ambushes the former LWA Champion –Photo Credit Kari Williams

The devil herself makes Jordan Lacey pay with trusting her earlier as Dorian Victor and Mark Sterling ambushes the former LWA Champion –Photo Credit Kari Williams

Jewels waited on the outside and Espinosa walked away as Dorian Victor came to attack Lacey, ending the bout in a no-contest.

The main event, with Ruddick challenging Wyatt for the Heavweight Title, proved how much these two competitors want that belt. They held nothing back, and Wyatt began attacking Ruddick before the bell even rang, trying to gain the unfair advantage.

Wyatt attacks Ruddick early to offset the power of “The Future” – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Wyatt attacks Ruddick early to offset the power of “The Future” – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Wyatt’s underhanded tactics did nothing to deter the 6’9” monster, who terrorized Wyatt inside and outside the ring. At one point, Ruddick had Wyatt in the air and planned to slam him into a table located next to the entrance ramp, but Wyatt countered and sent Ruddick flying.

Wyatt uses the air attack but The Future was ready and powers Wyatt with a devastating blow to the mat- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Wyatt uses the air attack but The Future was ready and powers Wyatt with a devastating blow to the mat- Photo Credit Kari Williams

After regaining his composure and focus, Ruddick went for, and connected with, his impressive powerbomb that sent Wyatt clear across the ring.

The Future was 3 seconds away from the LWA Championship but Dorian Victor distracts the ref- Photo Credit Kari Williams

The Future was 3 seconds away from the LWA Championship but Dorian Victor distracts the ref- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Before Ruddick had a chance to cover Wyatt for the three count, Sterling and Victor interfered, allowing Wyatt to steal the win with a roll up.

Sterling disclosed that after his match against Wyatt back in June that he knew they had to team up. He went on to say that Wyatt is the champion and the brains, and he is the muscle in the group. Then he made it known that Victor was never poor, that it was just a cover up, and Jewells was behind all of it.

To find out how this feud develops, do not miss the second LWA Double Shot on March 6 and 7. The first night is in Granite City, IL and the second in O’ Fallon, IL. For more information go to lwawrestling.com.


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Pierre Abernathy puts the Bearded Men to rest

Posted by reimaginejournalism on February 12, 2009

By Kari Williams

Throughout his nearly four-year career, Pierre Abernathy has been involved in a number of feuds as he travled across the country, but none more impactful than the Submission Squad versus the Bearded Men from Space Station Eleven in his home promotion, Lethal Wrestling Alliance (LWA).

The feud has had many matches regarded as favorites by the fans, including the eight-man elimination street fight at Circus Maximus ’08 and the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match from Yuletide Terror ’08.

“I thought [the street fight] got really crazy, and I was happy with that. This was a feud built off hatred and it should [have] gotten out of hand, and it did. A lot of people in the crowd were scared, and the cops were called, so, in [an] odd way, it is exactly what we wanted.

“The TLC was great. Those guys risked it all for the first ever LWA tag team titles, and although I was not happy with the outcome, you have to respect all the guys in that one. I am not a fan of the Egos, but my beef is more with the Bearded Men. Davey Vega, however, has a score to settle with K.C. Karrington. Although I dont like K.C., that guy will be a star one day,” Abernathy said.

This feud has gone on for years, and comes down to one simple point that Abernathy will never forget.

“What started this feud was that we feel there is a way wrestling should be done and the [Bearded Men] feel there is a way wrestling should be done, and we do not agree at all. Wrestling is not built off funny and flipping and a 130lb guy thinking he is a wrestler because he can go to Highspots and buy tights. Those guys are a joke and should not be in wrestling at all. I will not sleep until they are gone,” Abernathy said.

After LWA’s Jan. 24 show in House Springs, MO, Abernathy was sure to get a good night’s rest because he pinned The Bearded Men from Space Station Eleven’s Billy McNeil. As per stipulation, the losing team was forced to break up forever in the LWA and the captain of the losing team would never be seen in a LWA again.

The Submission Squad formed becaue of Violent Jay Caster, who is no longer in the wrestling business. According to Abernathy, the name stayed and Nick Tyson and Dingo joined the group, and it took off from there. Since its inception, only good has come from the Squad and stars have been made from the feud.

In spite of the Squad working well as a coheisive unit and having the same technical wrestling techniques, Abernathy feels that the group cannot show their full potential.

“With what the Submission Squad is supposed to be, a lot of guys who are really entertaining don’t get to bring that out as much because the Submission Squad is about pure wrestling, so that’s what they do, and they’re in the Submission Squad, but just because the guys can wrestle doesn’t mean they’re not also entertaining,” Abernathy said.

Abernathy believes that Tyson taught him the most throughout his time in wrestling.

“[Nick Tyson] taught us how to wrestle, and we pretty much picked up everything else on the road. You learn from everybody and what he taught us that I don’t think gets taught a lot anyway—a lot of people do it, but most don’t at least in this area (Missouri/Midwest)—is respect. How to respect the people that came before you and how to respect the people you’re working with,” Abernathy said.

Abernathy’s Submission Squad cohorts followed him to High Voltage Wrestling (HVW) in a slightly different form as the Bandana Mafia to wreak more havoc on the wrestling world thanks to Evan Gelistico.

“The Mafia was 100 percent Evan Gelistico’s idea. It was formed as a joke to make fun of the serious bad ass wrestling gimmick that I think you see way too much of in indy wrestling. We had no idea that us just being funny would get over so much,” Abernathy said.

“I came up with the Bandana Mafia, when I was told that instead of teaming wih Pierre I would be teaming up with Davey Vega. So I called him and said that we would be doing an unnecessary gangsta gimmick and that [we] would call ourselves the Bandana Mafia because we both wore bandanas,” said Gelistico.

According to Abernathy, “nothing is more dumb than a 150lb white kid acting like a bad ass gansta so we make fun of that all teh time and well Evan decided to take HVW as a chance to put it in the ring.”

As a member of both groups, “Spitfire” Davey Vega feels confident with Abernathy and Gelistico on his side.

“The best thing about being apart of both groups is that I get to be in a group of people I know and can trust inside and outside of the LWA. I dont have to worry about teaming with someone who I don’t know and possibly dont have both our interests at heart. They got my back and I got theirs,” Vega said.

Gelistico feels that the Submission Squad has had more success since they have “won 2 sets of Tag Titles…and gone all over the states.” However, in HVW the Bandana Mafia recently won the six-man cup from Aaron Matthews, Cecil Cerveza and Jeff Harris.

Through all of the trials and tribulations of the Squad and the Mafia, Abernathy still believes that the most important lesson he has learned through wrestling is quite simple.

“Respect. How to respect people, how to respect the people that came before me. I think it’s a lot of stuff that people are not doing and need to learn, but respect and how to be humble,” Abernathy said.

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Chikara star and NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champ Mike Quackenbush

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 2, 2009

The NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champ Mike Quackenbush started the year off in 2009 in the Midwest at Lethal Wrestling Alliance taking on Nick Tyson and Evan Gelistico in their first double shot. Mike has a love for the sport and took time to train inspiring wrestlers during the weekend as well.

A star in Chikara, Mike Quackenbush took the time to reach out to the Missouri Wrestling Revival fans with this message.

To add them as your friend on myspace go to Chikar-Myspace.

Plus take the time to check out their website and find out why Chikara is one of the most loved promotions in the world.

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