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The Uniqueness of Outside Championships- By Christopher M. Zack

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 24, 2009


Camera Guy Chris and Daughter

The Uniqueness of Outside Championships

By Christopher M. Zack

This column is the property of Christopher M. Zack and published here as agreed upon by Pro Wrestling Next. No duplication of this column is permitted without the exclusive written consent of the author and/or PWN officials.

General Disclaimer: I can be incredibly long winded. I have a degree in English and love to write, so I tend to write quite a bit. When I’m passionate about something, it comes out even more. I have a lot of passion about the wrestling business, so these columns will definitely be wordy, but it’s all to get discussions going.

That’s right, it’s the return of Angles W/Camera Guy Chris. First things first, personal business. I again would like to apologize for my sporadic posting over the summer months. It’s been hard to sit and focus on (no pun intended) putting together an article between my work schedule and spending time with my daughter during the summer months. Now that school has started again, it’ll be a lot easier to post this for you great fans who visit the boards and read my work.

I also want to announce two things about Angles. Firstly, I will not be posting on a weekly basis. At the moment, I simply don’t have the energy or time to get a new topic together and post every week. It would burn me out very quickly. Angles will be a monthly post at the very least. There may be 2 posts a month depending on time and topics. That leads into my other announcement. My work is going to look more exclusively on Independent wrestling. There are so many great Indy feds and Indy talent out there, that to look at the WWE and TNA would just be foolish on my part. Pro Wrestling NEXT is a great Independent Wrestling Organization showcasing the best young wrestlers out there, and that’s where my attention will be from now on.

I can’t think of a better place to begin this new focus than with some of the events that transpired this past Friday, August 21st, 2009. There are many excellent independent wrestling groups around the world and right here in America. Organizations like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Full Impact Pro, CHIKARA, and Combat Zone Wrestling come to mind as some of the top Independents that come to mind here in the States. (I left out Ring of Honor, because, honestly, they have a national TV deal and are on PPV, I can’t consider them independent anymore) Friday night’s event at the Bier Stube saw the World Heavyweight Champion of one of these top feds defend his title live for us in the Quad Cities, CZW Champion Drake Younger.

Younger, trained by the likes of Ian Rotten and Chris Hero among others, is a brutal, vicious competitor who has held the Combat Zone World Heavyweight Championship since July 12, 2008, when he defeated Nick Gage for the title. Holding any title for more than a year is a great feat, but it’s definitely a mark of a true champion. Drake is best known for his deathmatch wrestling, a main stable for CZW, but he is also a brilliant technical wrestler and mat technician.

Younger brought this combined style to PWN on the 21st, looking to take down Hunter Matthews. Hunter, former PWN Quad Cities Champion and self-proclaimed “King of Des Moines,” felt he was cheated out of a title and deserved a title match at Bier Stube Bash 2, The Sequel. So, Drake Younger stepped in to give him that opportunity. How often to you get to see a World Title from another organization defended? That is the main point of this article. It’s a treat when another group, especially one as big as CZW allows their title to be defended outside of one of their own shows.

Younger brought is reputation and his World Title to Moline and gave the fans one kick ass ride. I’ve already talked about this match to some extent in my response to the results thread, but I’m going to go a bit more in depth now.

Hunter came out first, and of course took the microphone, much to the dismay of the fans. Matthews has definitely not been a favorite of the QC crowd. He talked about how the Quad Cities Championship had been taken, and his need of holding a title. Younger came out to put a stop to the talking and start the action, bringing and emptying a beer battle as he walked to the ring. He was on Matthews right from the start. Hunter didn’t even have a chance to get out of his jacket before Drake took the fight to him. Eventually, he was able to duck out of the ring and get a moment to pull his jacket off and gear up for the fight, but a moment was all he got.

The CZW Champion quickly followed him out of the ring to continue the beating. Out amongst the fans, we saw many various weapons used and advantages taken by both parties. And under CZW rules, this was all legal. No count outs, no disqualifications. Matthews was hit by a water bottle and a beer can before fighting back and getting Younger prone on top of a hard plastic picnic table. Hunter attempted a piledriver on top of this table but Drake was able to counter. Younger looked like he wanted to slam the “King” down to the cement below, but Matthews was able to block that attempt and the two of them made their way off the table.

The World Champion would empty a garbage can and take that to Hunter Matthews’ skull, leaving an indentation of the King’s “crown” on both sides of the metal can. Younger would then take his empty beer bottle, smash it across the ring post and attempt to lacerate Matthews with it. Hunter was able to dodge that and fought Drake, leading him to the fountain in the Bier Stube’s court yard. He tried to force the Champ’s head under water, and Younger struggled to prevent this, but, Matthews was able to over power him and dunk him for several seconds.

The two men battled back and forth around the outside of the ring until Hunter was able to whip Drake over a couple more plastic picnic tables towards a set of stairs leading up to a balcony overlooking the garden. They fought up to the balcony, both men teetering and trying to push the other over the edge. Thankfully, neither was successful. That would have caused serious injury. After battling back down the stairs they made their way out to the parking lot and onto the metal bed that had carried the ring to the venue. Hunter would get scooped up and slammed on his back on the metal!

At that point, things were pretty well over. Matthews was able to stay on his feet as they fought their way back in the ring. In the ring, Younger hit a sick ass vertibreaker for the win and rolled out of the ring to celebrate with the QC crowd. The fans really seemed to enjoy this. Drake grabbed the microphone, told the fans that he’d heard about Matthews and how he liked to run his mouth a lot. He was glad to have given the fans what they’ve wanted, silence, and he hoped to see them all in the bar to share a beer! At one point, I remember him looking me right in the eye…er…lens…and saying “That’s what you get when you call out Drake Younger” while pointing to Hunter, prone in the ring.

This is the great action you see in Pro Wrestling Next. Not only are we bringing in great new talent, we’re showcasing HUGE matches with World Titles from some of the top feds across the country. This is only the beginning, too. On September 12th, PWN welcomes back Davey Richards, current holder of the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship (a title he’s had once before) and current holder of the Full Impact Pro World Heavyweight Championship, a title he Will Defend in Davenport on September 12th at PWN’S Severed Ties!!!! FIP’s World Title is one of the top 3 wrestling championships in the country, and seeing it defended here in the Quad Cities is going to be excellent.

Back to the Bier Stube Bash, now. The CZW World Title match was awesome, but not the biggest moment of the night by far, in my opinion. The biggest moment happened before that match when The Hooligans defeated the Submission Squad to take the Lethal Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Championships. As unique as it is to see titles defended from other organizations, it is extremely rare to see a title change hands outside of the confines of the group the title is from. What makes this title change even more exciting and controversial is the fact that The Hooligans are not a part of LWA.

First, I have some background info. I need to thanks Brian “Flair” Kelley, Pierre Abernathy, and Kari Williams for tracking down or providing this information for me. The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico) originally consisted of Pierre Abernathy, Dingo, and Nick Tyson, but the team has also included Evan Gelistico and “Blackheart” Johnny Vinyl. Before joining Abernathy, Gelistico was a member of the Bearded Men from Space Station Eleven (Gary the Barnowl—who was eventually corrupted by the likes of Gelistico, Abernathy, Tiffany LaFane, and Davey VegaBilly McNeal, XXX Jordan Lacey, and Evan Gelistico) for approximately two years. Abernathy and Gelistico won the LWA Tag Titles on April 4th in O’Fallon, Illinois’s Night’s of Columbus building from the Ego Express (“Spoiled” Steven Kennedy & K.C. Karrington). The Ego Express were the first team to hold the LWA Tag Team Titles, beating Dingo and Davey Vega on 12/18/2008 at Yuletide Terror ’08.

During their title reign, the Submission Squad squared off against the Hooligans, the Northstar Express, and the Ego Express. One of their biggest feuds (before claiming the LWA gold) came against the Bearded Men over a span of two years. This feud saw Gelistico turn on the Space Station, claiming to be Gary’s father. Their other noticeable feud happened when original members, Dingo and Nick Tyson began to distance themselves from Abernathy and Gelistico. This culminated in a match between the new and the old Submission Squad on May 30 at the Vetta Sports Complex. Abernathy & Gelistico emerged victorious.

The Hooligans are Devin and Mason Cutter. The Cutters were raised in the outside districts of East St. Louis IL. They come from a working class family. They are just a couple of thugs or hooligans that enjoy a beer as much as they enjoy a good fight. You can catch them at any local pub after a hard days work drinking with there mates and at the end of the night you sure to see them in a fight. They are best known for their work in IWA-Mid South, where they have competed against some of the best IWA-MS has to offer, including (sometimes with Rain as their partner) Ian & Axl Rotten (sometimes with Mickie Knuckles)—better known as Bad Breed—on several occasions in many different types of hard-hitting, violent matches. The Cutters, in my opinion, are very no nonsense. They’re heavy hitters and consider themselves Working Class Heroes, though the fans from Friday didn’t consider them very heroic when they won the LWA Championships.

In Moline on August 21st, the crowd was already fired up, and it only escalated to see the first of two title matches. The QCA fans were definitely against the Hooligans throughout the match, especially after the match. Security had to restrain both the Hooligans and the crowd following their victory for the LWA Titles.

The match itself saw both teams getting in some early offense, until Devin and Mason cut Evan Gelistico off from his partner. The Cutters used classic heel tactics to divide and concur, isolating Gelistico and using moments when the ref’s back was turned to both double team Gelistico and trade places with blind tags.

During the match, Tim Donst and Jasin Strife came out to watch the proceedings. Donst had lost a match to Tony Kozina earlier in the night due to disqualification after Strife came down and joined Tim in assaulting Kozina. The Submission Squad had come to the aide of Kozina, causing Donst and Strife to flee the ring before Abernathy and Gelistico could lay a hand on them. I didn’t see Donst and Strife come out, since my attention was focused on the action in the ring, and rightly so, I am Camera Guy Chris, after all.

Back in the ring, Gelistico manages to catch a break, tagging in his very fresh, very eager partner, Pierre Abernathy, who proceeded to take down both the Cutters as they took turns charging at him. In the corner, Gelistico was down and prone to Donst and Strife, who chose that moment to strike, taking out Evan’s knee and leaving him crying out in pain on the cement below the ring. Then it was only a matter of time before the numbers game caught up with Abernathy. With no partner waiting on the apron, and the vicious Hooligans having 2-1 odds, it didn’t take long for the match to end, crowing Devin and Mason Cutter the NEW LWA Tag Team Champions.

A title change is always a sight to see, since they can be rare, especially in the independent feds. Seeing a title from another company even defended at an outside event is something big. PWN featured two outside title defenses at the Bier Stube Bash 2. What makes this particular match even more unique is seeing the titles change hands at an outside event. And if that were the only major deal about this match, then, while worth mentioning, it might not get all the attention it is getting. What makes this particular outside title defense and changing of the guard so incredibly special is that the new LWA Tag Team Champions are not a part of the Lethal Wrestling Alliance!

This situation has potential to get very bad very quickly. I know I’ll be following the situation as closely as I can and update the fans on how things turn out. I’d also like to welcome any and all LWA fans visiting the PWN boards and reading this article. I invite you to join in the discussion of both the situation with the Tag Team Titles and the uniqueness of seeing outside titles defended.

I would like to once again thank everyone for the information provided for this article. It’s very much appreciated. I’d also like thank Brian “Flair” Kelley, once again, as well as Missouri Wrestling Revival for giving me the opportunity to reach a new audience with my articles. I hope you all enjoy. For those viewing this on MWR, and would like to join the discussion, the main article can be viewed here at the Pro Wrestling Next board.

Christopher M. Zack

PWN Severed Ties Flier

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LWA Feb. 21 Arena Report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on March 2, 2009

By Kari Williams

LWA put on their best show of the year Feb. 21 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in House Springs, MO with 130 in attendance. From the opening match to the main event, there was not a single match that left fans disappointed.

The much anticipated and promoted six-man tag match for the LWA Tag Team Titles kicked off the night, as Evan Gelistico, Pierre Abernathy and Davey Vega tried to take down K.C. Karrington, Steven Kennedy and Gary the Barnowl. Gary and Abernathy started the match up and fought relentlessly.

LWA Starts the night of strong with an exciting 6 man tag match.

LWA Starts the night of strong with an exciting 6 man tag match.- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

However, Abernathy began to overpower Gary, giving the Submission Squad the early advantage. The moment that Gary tagged Kennedy, everything changed. Kennedy cleared the house and delivered the patented “Go That Way!” kick to Gelistico with the help of Karrington. It was not long until Abernathy was back in the ring and taking control, allowing Vega and Gelistico to double and triple team their opponents. Halfway through the bout, Tiffani LaFane cornered a confused Gary and convinced him to walk with her backstage, giving the Squad an extra advantage. Unfortunately  , LaFane’s cunning work was not up to par, becaue the Egos had more fire after Gary and LaFane flew the coop and dominated in the three on two situation to retain the tag titles.

“Future” Donovan Ruddick and XXX Jordan Lacey came to the ring next, talking about their match against LWA Heavweight Champion Jeremy Wyatt and the LWA Vice President Jewels. They proclaimed that they would rid LWA of Jewels and Wyatt, which prompted the VP to make her way to ringside.

Jordan Lacey makes a deal with Jewels, but you should never make a deal with the devil –Photo Brian Kelley

Jordan Lacey makes a deal with Jewels, but you should never make a deal with the devil –Photo Brian Kelley

She confessed that she cannot compete in the match and offered Ruddick a title shot against Wyatt as a settlement. Jewels also stated that “Thee” Brandon Espinosa—who came to prove the claim—would be Wyatt’s replacement in the match. Commissioner Adam Raw felt that Lacey needed a substitute as well and announced that Mark Sterling would do the honors.

After that debacle, Shorty Biggs and Dingo wrestled an impressive bout—one of Biggs’ best to date. Biggs appeared more focused on the task at hand than in previous months, and it showed, seeing as he made Dingo scratch and claw for a victory.

Dingo stretches Shorty Biggs as Ref Eric Davis ask if Biggs wants to quit- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Dingo stretches Shorty Biggs as Ref Eric Davis ask if Biggs wants to quit- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Filled with technical wrestling and pure athleticism, these men went toe-to-toe, with each man only mere milliseconds away from securing a win. In the end, with both men fighting with everything, Dingo defeated Biggs, who offered his hand to Dingo as a sign of respect.

Shamus O’ Flannery was pumped for his match with Super Electro- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Shamus O’ Flannery was pumped for his match with Super Electro- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Super Electro took on Shamus O’ Flannery in an electrifying, fast-paced bout. Complete with an electrical shock to O’ Flannery and multiple high-risk maneuvers on O’ Flannery’s part, it was hard to find anyone who did not enjoy this match.

Shamus O’ Flannery slowed down just enough to get his picture taken in this fast paced match- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Shamus O’ Flannery slowed down just enough to get his picture taken in this fast paced match- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Although not lengthy, O’ Flannery proved his worth when he secured his first victory since returning to LWA over Electro after a frog splash.

The ever-flamboyant Mike Sydal was in action next against “The Technical Messiah” Nick Tyson, in what one best describe as a personality conflict. When Sydal came to the ring, he declared that he is tight, tan and toned. Not one to sit around and wait for a fight, Tyson took it to Sydal, who put up an extroardinary fight in which each man scored multiple near falls. Sydal attempted to gain a pyschological advantage, but to no avail.

Mike Sydal puts all his weight on Nick Tyson – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Mike Sydal puts all his weight on Nick Tyson – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Tyson’s experience and tenacity in the ring far outweighed Sydal’s mind games. Sydal’s antics only seemed to anger The Technical Messiah, but Sydal did not go down willingly and even used submission holds against Tyson.

Nick Tyson struggles to defend a submission from Mike Sydal- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Nick Tyson struggles to defend a submission from Mike Sydal- Photo Credit Kari Williams

In the end, the flamboyant interim member of B.A.B.E.WATCH succumbed to pain and tapped out to the Gateway City Stretch.

After the match, Abernathy emerged to attack Tyson, which was followed by the entire Submission Squad and Gary.

Tiffany Lefane and Pierre Abernathy with Gary the Barn Owl ?? – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Tiffany Lefane and Pierre Abernathy with Gary the Barn Owl ?? – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Dingo made the save for Tyson with the aid of a steel chair, chasing the Squad away. Tyson and Dingo then revealed an alliance through a handshake.

Once the intermission ended, LWA President Luke Roberts and Raw came out to celebrate Mardi Gras and throw beads to the fans. Roberts then brought up the former LWA wrestler he wanted to bring back, and Raw revealed that he himself was the only wrestler who would stand up for the fans and bleed LWA. Jewels then brought up the fact that Raw turned his back on LWA one year ago, stated that Raw would have to work his way up and she will make it as difficult as possible.

“Irresistably Flawless” Brandon Aarons took on the masked newcomer Dash Rando. Unsure of Rando, Aarons looked reluctant to begin.

Brandon Aarons takes on Dash Rando in his LWA debut- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Brandon Aarons takes on Dash Rando in his LWA debut- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Rando quickly got the fans on his side, while the fans got to Aarons with their catcalls and accusations. Despite being new to LWA, Rando put up an impressive fight against Aarons, but Aarons held his own and did his best to overpower Rando.

Brandon Aarons welcomes Rando to the LWA with a crushing elbow- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Brandon Aarons welcomes Rando to the LWA with a crushing elbow- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Ultimately, Rando’s abstract arsenal proved too much for the “Irresistably Flawless” one, and Rando racked up his first victory with the company.

Aarons’ counter-part, Espinosa, was in action next, teaming with Jewells against Lacey and Sterling. In, essentially, a two-on-one bout, Espinosa started off against Sterling and did his best to hold his own.

Jordan Lacey sends Brandon Espinosa flying- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Jordan Lacey sends Brandon Espinosa flying- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Being unable to tag his partner, who refused, severely hindered his chances of winning for the team, especially when Lacey and Sterling began making frequent tags.

Mark Sterling and Jordan Lacey double teams Brandon Espinosa – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Mark Sterling and Jordan Lacey double teams Brandon Espinosa – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

At one point, when Espinosa was down, Lacey nearly got his hands on Jewels, but, out of nowhere, Sterling lunged at his partner, and prevented him from doing so.

The devil herself makes Jordan Lacey  pay with trusting her earlier as Dorian Victor and Mark Sterling ambushes the former LWA Champion –Photo Credit Kari Williams

The devil herself makes Jordan Lacey pay with trusting her earlier as Dorian Victor and Mark Sterling ambushes the former LWA Champion –Photo Credit Kari Williams

Jewels waited on the outside and Espinosa walked away as Dorian Victor came to attack Lacey, ending the bout in a no-contest.

The main event, with Ruddick challenging Wyatt for the Heavweight Title, proved how much these two competitors want that belt. They held nothing back, and Wyatt began attacking Ruddick before the bell even rang, trying to gain the unfair advantage.

Wyatt attacks Ruddick early to offset the power of “The Future” – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Wyatt attacks Ruddick early to offset the power of “The Future” – Photo Credit Kari Williams

Wyatt’s underhanded tactics did nothing to deter the 6’9” monster, who terrorized Wyatt inside and outside the ring. At one point, Ruddick had Wyatt in the air and planned to slam him into a table located next to the entrance ramp, but Wyatt countered and sent Ruddick flying.

Wyatt uses the air attack but The Future was ready and powers Wyatt with a devastating blow to the mat- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Wyatt uses the air attack but The Future was ready and powers Wyatt with a devastating blow to the mat- Photo Credit Kari Williams

After regaining his composure and focus, Ruddick went for, and connected with, his impressive powerbomb that sent Wyatt clear across the ring.

The Future was 3 seconds away from the LWA Championship but Dorian Victor distracts the ref- Photo Credit Kari Williams

The Future was 3 seconds away from the LWA Championship but Dorian Victor distracts the ref- Photo Credit Kari Williams

Before Ruddick had a chance to cover Wyatt for the three count, Sterling and Victor interfered, allowing Wyatt to steal the win with a roll up.

Sterling disclosed that after his match against Wyatt back in June that he knew they had to team up. He went on to say that Wyatt is the champion and the brains, and he is the muscle in the group. Then he made it known that Victor was never poor, that it was just a cover up, and Jewells was behind all of it.

To find out how this feud develops, do not miss the second LWA Double Shot on March 6 and 7. The first night is in Granite City, IL and the second in O’ Fallon, IL. For more information go to lwawrestling.com.


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LWA January 24 Arena Report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on January 30, 2009

By Kari Williams

Going back to their home base, Lethal Wrestling Alliance had a number of high profile matches for the 115 fans to look forward to at the Knights of Columbus Hall in House Springs, MO, but none more exciting than LWA Champion “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt versus Dingo. But of greater importance as the show kicked off was the fact that Dr. Katz, a doctor Jewells hired, said that a number of the stars were unable to compete.

‘Future’ Donovan Ruddick, Gary the Barnowl, XXX Jordan Lacey, Shorty Biggs and Billy McNeil all came to ringside complaining about Dr. Katz’s unusual diagnosis respective of each individual. K.C. Karrington then came out and said that he got a fax on his portable fax machine from Katz stating that he could not wrestle either.

LWA President Luke Roberts addressed the situation and called Katz to ringside to reveal some disturbing information about the so-called doctor. According to Roberts, Katz had three counts of downloading child porn against him, two counts of assumming another person’s identity and 36 counts of have sex with farm animals. Upon the release of this information, Jewells revealed that she made the athletes unable to compete because they are all worthless and do not deserve to be in the main event, let alone in the ring. Roberts allowed all of the men to compete that evening and announced that when LWA returns to House Springs on Feb. 21, Lacey and Ruddick will take on Wyatt and Jewells.

Mike Sydal took on the returning Tyler Cook in the first bout of the evening. Before the match truly got underway, Cook made a comment about Sydal’s body glitter, to which Sydal replied, “I sparkle because I have such a bright future in this business.” Cook controlled the first portion of the match and had Sydal down but only for a two count. Sydal soon turned the tide, but when he missed a high impact move, he gave Cook a chance to gain momentum, which did not last long. Sydal used his wit to steal a win with a roll-up and holding the tights for extra leverage.

Commissioner Adam Raw ventured to the ring to lay down some ground rules for the upcoming six-man tag match and call the Bearded Men and the Submission Squad to ringside. Raw decided that the losing team had to break up and that they will never team together again. He then goes even further, saying that each team must pick a captain—Billy McNeil and Pierre Abernathy were named—and the captain of the losing team would never be seen in LWA again. The commissioner’s final statement was that the match would be no disqualification.

Getting back to the action, Dorian Victor wrestled Shorty Biggs, continuing their feud. These two men took the fight to each other, but the fans did not take to this match as much as their previous battles. At one point, Victor locked Biggs in a double-leg Boston crab, but Biggs reached the ropes. Victor did his best to keep Biggs down, but he could not do so for much longer, as Biggs his Victor with a boot followed by the Shortcut for the victory. Biggs then got revegne on Victor for previous low blows by returning the favor.

Up next was the No-DQ six-man tag match. Davey Vega, Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico have been hellbent on ending the Bearded Men’s stable from the beginning. However, Jordan Lacey, Billy McNeil and Gary the Barnowl would not go down without a fight. All of these men fought for their lives, so to speak, as they brawled in and out of the ring. At one point, McNeil, Lacey and Gary had their opportunity—in succession—to launch across the ring and plant the Submission Squad to the ground. There was chaos everywhere, with neither team gaining a clear advantage. Near the end of the match, Gelistico threw Gary to the outside, and Gary landed hard on the ring entrance and Lacey was smashed through a table.

The match ended with Abernathy pinning Gary, but Abernathy had his feet on the ropes. Much to the dismay of the fans, the Bearded Men had to break up, but before the Submission Squad went to the back, Gelistico revealed that McNeil had taken him to Space Station Eleven and made clones of himself, one of which being Super Electro. He then went on to say that he is Gary’s father. Looking confused and upset, Gary left with the Submission Squad as McNeil thanked the LWA fans for the last time.

At intermission, LWA’s own “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy played with his band, Noiseland, much to the delight of the crowd. Noiseland played some original songs and a couple of covers. Kennedy brought Karrington out as a guest band member playing the spoons.

Before getting back to the matches, Ring Announcer Paul Parker called Roberts and Raw to ringside. Roberts had many ideas to make LWA better. Starting at the next show, bell time will be 7:00 instead of 7:30, ticket prices will be reduced on a permanent basis and beer may become only 50 cents. He also stated that he needs someone who bleeds LWA and is a former champion. Raw ruled out the choices of Frankie Big Balls, Mag Dog Dafronian and Nick Tyson, and then announced that Dingo v. Wyatt would change to a Jefferson County/House Springs Street Fight.

The Ego Express defended their tag titles against B.A.B.E.WATCH (“Thee” Brandon Espinosa and “Irresistably Flawless” Brandon Aarons) in one of the best matches of the night. B.A.B.E.WATCH has become the team to watch as the top contenders to the titles. Espinosa and Aarons did their best to come out on top, working more cohesively than they have before. However, they were not able to capture the gold on this exchange, as Kennedy and Karrington’s experience as a tag team aided them in the end. Kennedy pinned Espinosa after the Fatality and decisively ended the bout.

Follwing the impressive tag match, Mark Sterling took on Shamus O’ Flannery in a one-sided affair. Every time O’ Flannery tried to gain an advantage, Sterling used his strength to overpower him. Nonetheless, O’ Flannery did attempt to wear down Sterling by attacking Sterling’s knee, but it was not enough. Sterling locked O’ Flannery in the Markshooter and O’ Flannery had no choice but to tap out.

LWA Champion Jeremy Wyatt was in for a brutal fight against Dingo. These two men beat the hell out of each other all around the building. Fans ran from their seats and scurried away from the competitors to ensure that they were not hit. Both men scored multiple pinfalls but still could not put the other one away. Dingo and Wyatt even went so far as to bring one of the light posts that surround the ring into the match. Dingo had the title won via submission, but just as Wyatt was about to tap, he poked the referee in the eye, injuring the ref, so that the tapout would not count. He then used his trickery to steal the win with a rollup and a handful of tights. By the time the match was over, Dingo was a bloody mess and Wyatt left with the smug satisfaction that he had defeated one of the best wrestler in the Midwest. Only mere moments after the devastating brawl, Ruddick emerged and gave Wyatt a spinebuster and layed the belt across a wounded Wyatt.

LWA will return to House Springs, MO with a new start time, lower ticket prices and a tag match that you will not want to miss.


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LWA Jan. 2 Arena Report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on January 14, 2009

By Kari Williams

Lethal Wrestling Alliance kicked off the New Year the right way with a crowd of 75 at the River’s Edge Complex in Granite City, IL, despite the lackluster crowd.

“Irresistably Flawless” Brandon Aarons accompanied “Thee” Brandon Espinosa to the ring as Espinosa took on Dingo in a technically sound match. Dingo controlled the majority of the match up and did his best not to let Espinosa get the upper hand. Every time Espinosa tried to gain the advantage, Dingo put an immediate stop to it. Therefore, Dingo emerged victorious over one-half of cockiness personified.

Coming off an impressive first bout, Mephisto attempted to punish Adam Rich relentlessly, but to no avail. With the crowd behind Rich and completely against Mephisto, Rich had an extra advantage that allowed him to make quick work of his opponent. Despite Mephisto’s rage and anger, he could not overcome the boog boot-leg drop combo, showing shades of Hulk Hogan, which caused Rich to claim victory.

Aarons and Espinosa made their second appearance of the night, this time with Aarons facing off against Mark Sterling. Before the match even stared, Aarons’ sunglasses were stepped on, which astounded Aarons and prompted Espinosa to proclaim, “That’s the second pair this week!”

Once Aarons and Sterling locked up, fans witnessed the best match of the night up to this point. Aarons took the fight to Sterling, but Sterling’s tenacity outweighed Aarons’ on this occasion. At one point, Sterling tried to force Aarons to drink a beer, only to dump it on him instead. That seemed to light a fire in Aarons because he came back with an impressive offense, but it was not enough to put away Sterling, who won the bout via tapout.

Mark Sterling gives Brandon Aarons a beer bath during the match.

Mark Sterling gives Brandon Aarons a beer bath during the match.

LWA President Luke Roberts made his way to the ring after that bout and called out “The Technical Messiah” Nick Tyson and “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush to talk about their match later in the evening. Before much could be said, Evan Gelistico and Pierre Abernathy interrupted the proceedings, and Abernathy wanted to know why Tyson had the opportunity to wrestling Quackenbush and not himself.

After the Submission Squad put a stop to the meeting between Tyson and Quackenbush, the always-flamboyant Mike Sydal teamed with “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt against one-half of the tag team champions K.C. Karrington and a surprise partner. Karrington announced that “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy had some business to take care of in Hyannis Port, MA and could not attend, so he found a substitute in “Future” Donovan Ruddick.

Karrington and Ruddick controlled the early stages of the match, but Wyatt and Sydal had the opportunity to get in some formidable offense. Both teams meshed even though Wyatt appeared somewhat standoff-ish toward his colorful partner. That fact, coupled with the pending championship match between Ruddick and Wyatt, may have lead to the downfall of Sydal and Wyatt. Ruddick decisively ended the scuffle by pinning Wyatt.

Mike Sydal works over K.C. Karrington in tag team action.

Mike Sydal works over K.C. Karrington in tag team action.

The seemingly never-ending feud between the Submission Squad and the Bearded Men from Space Station Eleven continued as Evan Gelistico and Pierre Abernathy made an effort to put an end to Gary the Barnowl and Billy McNeil. After Gelistico and Abernathy finished heckling a fan at ringside the bout got underway, and Gary and McNeil tried to take quick control. They went so far as to pull off Abernathy’s tattoo sleeve, which elicited an uproar from Gelistico.

Pierre Abernathy works on a submission move on arch enemy Gary the Barn Owl.

Pierre Abernathy works on a submission move on arch enemy Gary the Barn Owl.

At one point, Gelistico had Gary down and out, prompting McNeil to send a paper air plane to Gary for assistance. However, Gelistico got to the plane first, chewed it up and spit it out. With any form of help out of the equation now, Gelistico forced McNeil to inadvertently deliver a DDT to Gary, allowing an easy win for the Submission Squad.

Shamus O'Flannery & Michael Morbid goes for a sneak attack on former LWA Champ Jordan Lacey

Shamus O'Flannery & Michael Morbid goes for a sneak attack on former LWA Champ Jordan Lacey

XXX Jordan Lacey returned to action, much to the delight of the crowd. Lacey stated that he is ready to get his title back from Wyatt, but Vice President Jewells said that he must work his way up from the bottom like everyone else. Just after that announcement, Michael Morbid and Shamus O’ Flannery rushed to the ring and attempted to defeat Lacey in his first match back. However, Lacey had other plans as he quickly put Morbid and Flannery in their place and emerged victorious due to a Knock Out.

Shorty Biggs works for a pin in the match but was unable to get the Victory in the end.

Shorty Biggs works for a pin in the match but was unable to get the Victory in the end.

Once again, Dorian Victor begged fans for money due to his financial troubles, using Bavarian Boy as a scapegoat yet again. After his opponent, Shorty Biggs, came out for the match, Victor announced that he would dance for money, but once he started Biggs joined in, ruining Victor’s plan. Thus, the match got underway. Both men had their strong points, but Victor’s persistance allowed him to overcome Biggs on this exchange.

The match that everyone was waiting for took place next—Mike Quackenbush v. Nick Tyson. Early on, Tyson tried to say that Quackenbush used illegal maneuvers such as hair pulling, slapping and eye gouging. Quackenbush had not done those things, but when he had the chance, he did them—right in front of the referee for effect. The match progressed smoothly after that, and the two men began to put on a wrestling clinic. Hold after hold and reversal after reverasl, Tyson and Quackenbush captivated the fans. Unfortunately, Abernathy and Gelistico interfered in the match, with Abernathy proclaiming, “You don’t get Quack v. Tyson!” Being such, McNeil and Gary came to the aid of Quackenbush and Tyson, after which the referee called the match a no contest.

Nick Tyson takes it to Mike Quackenbush in the corner.

Nick Tyson takes it to Mike Quackenbush in the corner.

Ending in an unlikely manner, LWA fans needed to attend the second night of the double shot in O’ Fallon, IL to see what other unpredictable antics would occur.

LWA returns to House Springs on January 24. The main event will be LWA Champion Jeremy Wyatt taking on Dingo. For more info go to LWA.COM.

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LWA Yuletide Terror Dec. 20 Arena Report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on December 26, 2008

By Kari Williams

Every time LWA puts on a show, fans expect good wrestling, good entertainment and cheap beer. On Dec. 20 in House Springs, MO they delivered just that—and then some. With 130 in attendance, nearly every match set the bar for the next, and after the extreme tables, ladders and chairs match, not one person left the Knight of Columbus Hall in disappointment.

Billy McNeill and Evan Gelistico kicked off the show with a stellar performance that was flooded with animosity and anger. McNeill took the fight to Gelistico from the get-go, using his highflying tactics to his advantage. The former Bearded Men member slowed the pace shortly thereafter and connected with high impact moves on a number of occassions. Both men showed their athleticism and skill, but McNeill emerged victorious on this exchange. It seems the beard guide infographic they published as a joke was not so accurate (a joke statistic about their chances of winning in correlation to their beard sizes vs the opponent).

Following that stellar performance, Dorian Victor was scheduled to take on Shorty Biggs, but prior to Biggs’ introduction, Victor tried collecting money from the fans for a ‘sick’ Bavarian Boy, who happened to be sitting in the front row. Not one to leave empy handed, Victor did obtain three dollars from Biggs. However, he said it was to buy Victor a bra, not for Bavarian Boy. Victor put the money in his tights, and when Biggs and Victor tied up, Biggs retrieved his money. Many fans, specifically the superfans, did not care for this match—at all. These men put on a decent match with Biggs defeating Victor, despite the heckling.

Luke Roberts then made his way to ringside, accompanied by chants of “ASSASSINATE.” He announced that Vice President Jewells scheduled Jeremy Wyatt in a title match in Council Bluffs, IA. His next bit of news got a much better reaction. Roberts revealed that the briefcase he has carried around for so long contained the LWA Tag Team titles, and that the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match would determine the first-ever LWA Tag Team Champions, which elicited an “L-W-A” chant.

The next match put Mephisto against “Milwaukee’s Best” Rick Stone, but one could hardly call it a match. Mephisto pummeled Stone before the bell rang. Stone did not have a chance to get in any offense, and Mephisto quickly overpowered Stone and won the bout.

Gary the Barnowl took on “Future” Donovan Ruddick in the final match of the LWA title tournament. These men gave it their all and took remarkable risks in pursuit of the coveted title. The fans followed them with every kick, punch and powerbomb. Gary fought with every ounce of strength he had and then some. He kicked out of Ruddick’s finishing move, planted Ruddick to the ground and even attacked him ferociously on the outside of the ring. At one point, it appeared that Referee Eric Davis had reached a 10-count, then he said, “It’s not going to end like that,” and he helped Gary get Ruddick back in the ring. Despite multiple two counts for both men, Ruddick’s overwhelming power became too much for Gary, and the Ruddick earned a hard-fought victory. After the match, Ruddick extended his hand to Gary, who accepted, and then chants for Gary erupted.

After the intermission, Pierre Abernathy wrestled “The Technical Messiah” Nick Tyson in a classic match. Gelistico accompanied Abernathy to the ring, but the referee immediately removed him from ringside, which may have slightly altered Abernathy’s plans. Tyson and Abernathy matched each other hold for hold, neither wanting to give an inch. Just when it seemed like Tyson had the match won—and the Submission Squad would be 0-2—Gelistico re-emerged and interfered. The distraction allowed Abernathy to pick up a spoiled win, but Tyson came off looking like the better man.

The newly appointed LWA Commissioner Adam Raw made his way to the ring following the match sporting aviator glasses, which he threw out to a fan in the audience. After instigating a side v. side verbal war between the super fans and the rest of the audience, Raw announced that Wyatt successfully defended the LWA title. Just as Raw was about to go into a promo, the lights went off, and Mephisto confronted Raw, who responded to the entrance with, “With an entrance like that, I would’ve expected The Undertaker.” Mephisto put the locker room on notice, in a sense, by saying that he has been looking for someone just like him. He found this person in Shroud, who has yet to be introduced in the LWA. After proclaiming that, Mephisto said the era of violence and vulgarity has arrived.

In the following bout, B.A.B.E.WATCH was supposed to make their return. However, due to “Irresistably Flawless” Brandon Aarons’ extracurricular activities (according to “Thee” Brandon Espinosa), he was not able to wrestle. Therefore, Espinosa introduced Mike Sydal as an interim member of the tag team. Sydal said that Espinosa and himself have five things in common—“Shampoo, condition, shampoo, condition, (slight pause), condition.”

Shamus O’ Flannery and Super Electro took on the tandem, while Aarons observed the proceedings from ringside. Sydal and Espinosa worked surprisingly well together, despite having to contend with Super Electro, who shocked them every time they tried to lock up or attack him. In the end, Espinosa and Sydal defeated O’ Flannery and Super Electro. Then, adding fuel to the fire, so to speak, Sydal dumped ice water on Super Electro, which caused severe damage to the electric individual.

“Spitfire” Davey Vega, Dingo and The Ego Express (“Spoiled” Steven Kennedy and K.C. Karrington) wasted no time in starting the TLC match, as they busted through the hanging backdrop screen before either team made their entrance. Nobody was left unharmed, as chairs were brought into the mix early on, and the tables and ladders shortly followed suit. Fighting inside and outside of the ring, both of these teams proved that they deserved the belts. Every chair shot, every slam through a table, every punch, kick or slap had meaning behind it. The hatred between the two teams translated to the fans. Nevertheless, only one team stood above the broken tables, the battered bodies and the deformed steel chairs. That team was the Ego Express, LWA’s first ever—and most deserving—tag team champions. As risk-takers and innovators, these four men ended LWA’s year on a high note, possibly giving the match of the year for the Midwest.

Hoping to kick off the new year right, LWA will hold its inaugural double-shot, with the first show in Granite City, IL on Jan. 2 and the following night in O’ Fallon, IL.

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‘Future’ Donovan Ruddick goes for the gold

Posted by reimaginejournalism on December 10, 2008

By Kari Williams

“Future” Donovan Ruddick established his dominance in the Midwest in two and half years with eight championships and numerous main event-caliber matches to his name. However, the one title he values most—the Lethal Wrestling Alliance (LWA) Championship—escaped him under ominous circumstances.

Ruddick (champion) faced off against XXX Jordan Lacey (challenger) on Sept. 20 in a First Blood match for the LWA championship, where Lacey forced Ruddick to bleed with shards of broken glass as his ally. Chaos ensued in the aftermath of the match, in which Lacey suffered an injury that required him to relinquish his newly won title at the following show on Oct. 24.

LWA President Luke Roberts announced at that show that a tournament would take place to crown the new champion—that is, until “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt cashed in his Medallion and was awarded the title. The tournament now stands as this—whomever emerges victorious will face Wyatt in January.

“Honestly, I think the championship tournament is a load of bullsh*t. It’s f***ing stupid because I was never pinned. I was made to bleed because that was the only way that Lacey was ever going to pin me.

“When Lacey was hurt, I should’ve just been given my title right back then and there at the next show, and it just didn’t work out like that, so I’m forced to be in this stupid tournament, but it doesn’t matter because at the end of the tournament, I’m going to get back what’s mine,” Ruddick said.

Despite having held the Heartland Championship Wrestling (HCW) Illinios Title, the HCW Heavyweight Title, Independent Wrestling Alliance of Illinois (IWAI) Heavyweight Title, National Wrestling Alliance-Missouri television title, and currently holding Rampage Championship Wrestling Tag champ with Wicked Stiff Johnson, High Voltage Wrestling-Midwest Heavyweight Title, he holds the LWA title to a higher standard.

“It was cool to go to Texas. It was cool to go to Indiana, but the highlight [of my career so far] was probably winning the LWA title because right now it’s the title in the Midwest. You can’t deny that. You’ve got the up-and-coming feds that are competing with us and what not, but right now you can’t knock the LWA belt,” Ruddick said.

Ruddick’s life has revolved around wrestling since before his birth—his mother used to watch Wrestling at the Chase—so it is only right that he feels such a connection to the sport. Throughout his time in the business he learned an imporant lesson.

“Restraint because there are a lot of times when you want to go out there a rip a f*cking guy’s head off, and you can’t do that. Or, you want to go down the crowd and slap a stupid fan that doesn’t know what the f*ck is going on. So, I would say wrestling has taught me restraint,” Ruddick said.

One place Ruddick did not show self-control was in his LWA title defense against Gary the Barnowl in a no disqualification match in St. Charles, MO, which also won MWR match of the month for May.

“We beat each other’s a**es, we went balls to the wall, and that was my first real wrestling scar. I have a scar from the kendo stick from my left shoulder all the way down to my right thigh, so it was great,” Ruddick said.

Ruddick plans to retake what he believes is rightfully his after he defeats Gary the Barnowl on Dec. 20 at Yuletide Terror to win the tournatment. After all, the belt means “the world [to Ruddick]. I mean, the world. Right now, that’s everything.That’s everything. Period.”

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HVW ‘Fuel for the Fire’ Arena Report Nov. 22

Posted by reimaginejournalism on December 1, 2008

By Kari Williams

High Voltage Wrestling definitely lived up to its name at its “Fuel for the Fire” show which featured eight matches that shocked the wrestling world (pun intended). With a crowd of 121, the fans surely got their money’s worth and then some as stars from across the Midwest graced fans with their presence.

DeAndre King took on Cheap Shot McGrot in the opening bout apparently under “Cheap Shot” rules in which nearly every illegal tactic is legal. It appeared that many fans did not know how to react to McGrot, as he got laughs from some and looks of utter confusion from others. Whatever he did got a reaction, which is all one can hope for. However, his showboating and playing to the crowd thwarted his plans, as King forced McGrot to tap out.

Cabal and Mark Smart went at it in what one can only describe as a brawl. Chairs were thrown around prior to the ringing of the bell, enranging fans in the front row. Very little fan interaction existed in this quick match, but the competitors gave it their all nonetheless. In the end, Cabal brought Mark Smart’s actions to a halt and won the bout.

“Number One” Brett Young and Mike Sydal had their hands full on this night against Eric Allen and Rick Stone in a 45 minute time limit match. The rough and tough team of Allen and Stone seemed determined to succeed against the glory hounds of Young and Sydal, who spent almost as much time yelling at fans as they did wrestling. One would think that such tactics would lessen a team’s chance of winning, however, Sydal and Young possess excellent skills along with their cocky attitudes. Sydal secured the victory after a leg drop from the top rope onto Allen.

Midwest newcomer Kahagas (the Coastal Championship Wrestling South Eastern Champion), managed by Magic Man, challenged one of the most technically sound wrestlers in the area in “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt. Only minutes into the match, Kahagas appeared to have suffered an injury while sidestepping a maneuver Wyatt attempted to deliver. Wyatt demanded to the promoter, TNT Keny G, that he find another opponent for Wyatt, to which Keny G accepted. However, Kahagas used his wit to fool Keny G, as well as the Rebel himself, who held the ropes for Kahagas to step through. Just as Kahagas made his way to the ropes, he quickly attacked Wyatt, securing his victory he attained a short time later.

After intermission, Mephisto wrestled against Keny G. From the moment the bell rang, it seemed as though the competitors would give fans an enjoyable match. But before either man could gain any real momentum, Kris Synz interfered and attacked Keny G, which prompted “Wicked” Step Johnson to make his presence felt. Establishing their dominance, Johnson and Keny G sent Mephisto and Synz running to the back.

The next bout consisted of the always-entertaining Bandana Mafia (“Point Blank” Pierre Abernathy, “Notorious E.V.A.N.” Evan Gelistico, and “Bullet Proof” Davey Vega) attempting to use their street smarts to outwit Jon Divosi, Cecil Cerveza, and Aaron Matthews. In a battle for the six-man cup, both teams pulled out all of the stops, proving their worth to the wrestling community. Vega took most of the beating at the hands of Divosi, Cerveza and Matthews, while Gelistico and Abernathy did everything in their power to try and tip the scales in their favor, but to no avail, as the Illinois tandem won the six-man cup to the disappointment of all in attendance.

Mark Sterling and DaCobra put on an impressive match prior to the main event. When two hardworking competitors such as these get in the ring together, one cannot help but enjoy what they are witnessing. Submissions and reversals remained a constant, keeping both fans and the competitors alike on their toes, anticipating the next move. Sterling and DaCobra both showed tenacity and desire, but DaCobra had the extra edge this night, as he delivered a splash from the top rope for the win.

Only moments after the bout ended, Sterling attacked DaCobra, prompitng Gary the Barnowl to fly from the back and attack Sterling. This, in turn, caused Keny G to stop the commotion at ringside and announce that at the next show on Jan. 10, Gary, Sterling and DaCobra would contend for the Livewire Championship.

In arguably one of the most anticipated main events, “Thee” Brandon Espinosa was set to take on “Future” Donovan Ruddick, but before the two men started the match, Magic Man demanded to know why Kahagas was not in the main event. These actions—and the two original competitors’ attitudes towards Kahagas—forced Keny G to make the match a triple threat. The three men went at it like nothing else in the world mattered. Bodies flew all over the ring—and out of the ring. Espinosa leaped off the apron onto Ruddick at one point. Shortly thereafter, a chair and a kendo stick came into the mix, as Espinosa, Kahagas and Ruddick fought through the fans. After this hellacious battle, if any of the competitors walked out with the belt, they would have earned it. When all was said and done, Ruddick stood tall with the High Voltage Championship, causing Kahagas to act out in anger and strike Magic Man and the general manager with a kendo stick.

Due to the ruckus in the aftermath of the match, Keny G anounced that on Jan. 10, Ruddick and Magic Man will take on himself and Kahagas.

For only its second show, High Voltage put on an impressive array of matches that left fans beggin for more. As long as they keep their momentum going, nothing will stop them from shocking the wrestling world—nothing.

Missouri Wrestling Revival has an exclusive message from the High Voltage Wrestling Champion “The Future” Donovan Ruddick and his manager The Magic Man.

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LWA Arena Report November 8

Posted by reimaginejournalism on November 14, 2008

LWA Arena Report Nov. 8
By Kari Williams

Taking the fight back home to the Knights of Columbus Hall in House Springs, MO, Lethal Wrestling Alliance gave 100 fans a memorable night filled with two surprise returns, the vice president being named and a performance by The World Police.

Paul Parker brought LWA President Luke Roberts to the ring prior to the first match of the evening because Roberts had finally named his Vice President and was ready to reveal his choice. Without much shock to the fans, Roberts chose Jewells, who delivered an acceptance speech of sorts.

After Roberts’ announcement, Brandon Espinosa, one-half of B.A.B.E Watch, took on Tyler Cook. After showing off to the fans, both men got down to business and kicked the show off with an excellent match. There were multiple reversals from both men and scuffles outside of the ring. Following mulitple pinfall attempts for each man and a picture-perfect frogsplash from Espinosa, the cocky Espinosa stole a victory with a roll up while holding the tights.

Roberts made his presence felt once again, to the disgruntlement of the fans. However, the news he delivered surely retracted the initial anger. Roberts announced that on January 2, the first night of the double-shot to start the new year, Mike Quackenbush will face “Nightmare” Nick Tyson, who then made his way to the ring. Tyson blatantly stated that he was putting, not just Quackenbush, but the whole LWA locker room on notice, proclaiming that he will resurrect the Submission Squad.

Those comments prompted Pierre Abernathy and the latest Submission Squad member, Evan Gelistico, to make their presence felt and defend what the Submission Squad has evolved into. Due to the dispute and tension, Tyson will get his shot at Abernathy at Yuletide Terror.

The next contest was a qualifiying match for Jeremy Wyatt’s LWA Heavyweight Championship, setting “Future” Donovan Ruddick against Mark Sterling. Ruddick and Sterling took the fight to each other,holding nothing back. Sterling’s technical prowess shined, but Ruddick’s forceful dominance prevailed, causing him to advance to the next round of the tournament.

In the aftermath, Wyatt attacked Ruddick from behind, adding more fule to Ruddick’s already burning desire to regain his belt. Once Wyatt returned to the back, Sterling had respectful words with a determined mindset for Ruddick.

“I’ve taken on the best…and pinned them one, two, three, but you are by far one of the toughest opponents,” he said.

Sterling then requested a rematch if and when Ruddick wins the belt, making Sterling the number one contender.

Gary the Barnowl tried to gain some retribution for Evan Gelistico’s actions last month as the next bout commenced. With so much retribution on the line, neither man wanted to give an inch. They battled ferociously, taking it to the outside with intense rage filling their minds. Gelistico nearly won the battle after an superkick, but Gary kicked out at two and ended up gaining enough momentum to earn the win for the Bearded Men.

During intermission, the World Police provided fans with their eclectic form of music.

Once the action got back underway, “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy wrestled one-half of his arch nemesises, “Spitfire” Davey Vega. This match was simply hate personified, as Kennedy and Vega traded blow for blow, with intense loathing burning in their eyes. At one point, Kennedy went for a springboard moonsault, but Vega forced Kennedy to a stop with a devastating kick to the face. Nonetheless, Kennedy persevered and sealed Vega’s fate with a lionsault.

Before the next match started, Mike Sydal made his way to the ring only to berate the fans, as well as the LWA itself, proclaiming that he “knew they weren’t worthy of seeing a Sydal wrestle.” Once Sydal left, Parker gave a shout out to MWR’s own Josh Ray, for his departure to Iraq, wishing him the best.
Pierre Abernathy set his sights on Billy McNeil during the second to last match of the night. McNeil let loose in the opening moments, proving that he is not one to mess with in the LWA. However, Gelistico’s presence at ringside became the deciding factor. Not content with his most recent actions against McNeil, Gelistico took things even further when he interfered in the match, resulting in Abernathy picking up a tainted win.

Giving one of the brightest stars a chance to shine, Jeremy Wyatt put his belt on the line against Dingo and the future of the LWA, K.C. Karrington. Every man held his own and proved that he deserved the title belt. Just when it appeared as though Karrington would secure a victory and take his rightful place at the top of the company, the new vice president came out and said that she did not like the way the match was going. This distracted Karrington just long enough for Wyatt to sneak out with a victory.

Due to Jewells’ interference, Roberts had harsh words for her, then announced that he named a commisioner, someone who would have the same authority as Jewells. That man, was Adam Raw. After poking fun at Jewells and making not-so-similar comparisons between her and Sarah Palin, Raw got down to business and in his first act as the commisionher, he set the much anticipated Tables, Ladders and Chairs match between The Ego Express and “Blackheart” Johnny Vinyl and “Spitfire” Davey Vega. As the show ended, the last thing Raw said before he went to the back was, “That, my friends, is change.”lwa

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MWR Event Report: LWA on September 20, 2008

Posted by Admin on September 30, 2008

MWR Event Report:
Lethal Wrestling Alliance on September 20, 2008

By Kari Williams

On September 20 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in O’ Fallon, IL, the LWA brought yet another night of incredible, fast-paced action for all of the 93 fans in attendance, including the Superfans.

Six-Man-Mayhem: Shamus O’ Flannery v. Mephisto v. Michael Morbid v. Adam Rich v. “Thee” Brandon Espinosa v. Billy McNeil

Bodies flew every which way in the opening bout of the evening as these six men battled it out for an opportunity at the LWA Medallion. Every wrestler showcased his physical attributes, proving that they all deserved the win. This mayhem kicked off the show in tremendous fashion and set the stage for what would come. In the closing moments, Space Station Eleven’s own Billy McNeil pulled off an impressive victory.

Billy McNeil def. O’ Flannery, Mephisto, Morbid, Rich and Espinosa by pinning Espinosa after a neckbreaker.

Dorian Victor & Darin Childs v. “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy & JC Bravo

Two IWA-Texas stars, Childs and Bravo made their debuts in LWA. Both had a good showing, despite the dislike showed by the Superfans. Victor and Kennedy worked as cohesive units with their respective partners, showcasing the level of talent on the roster. In typical fashion, Victor and Childs attempted to cheat their way to victory on numerous occassions. However, it was not to be.

“Spoiled” Steven Kennedy & JC Bravo def. Dorian Victor & Darin Childs when Kennedy pinned Victor.

Luke Roberts’ Statement

Roberts made a point to come out and let all of the fans, as well as those in the locker room, know the consequences that may occur throughout the evening. He stated that if even one man from either the Bearded Men from Space Station Eleven or the Submission Squad came to the ring for any reason other than his match, every member from both factions would be immediately suspended for 60 days.

“Blackheart” Johnny Vinyl & “Spitfire” Davey Vega v. Evan Gelistico & Gary the Barnowl

After the no-contest in August between the Submission Squad and the Bearded Men, both teams sought vengeance. Gelistico and Gary dominated the majority of the match, which caused Vega to say “What you don’t know is that he’s got this perfectly under control,” referring to Vinyl, who had suffered some brutal punishment. The outcome of the match proved that Vinyl truly did have everything under control, as he knocked out Gelistico with a crowbar.

“Blackheart” Johnny Vinyl & “Spitfire” Davey Vega def. Evan Gelistico & Gary the Barnowl when Vinyl hit Gelistico with a crowbar.

Michael Elgin v. Andrew Davis

In a battle of newcomers, neither man had the ability to win over the crowd, despite their athleticism and ability in the ring. Elgin and Davis wrestled a solid match filled with technical prowess, but with neither suceeding in gaining the fans acceptance, one could hardly know whom he or she wanted to win.

Michael Elgin def. Andrew Davis

Dingo v. JT Lamotta

This fast-paced bout began with an impressive display of chain wrestling, immediately followed by a standoff between Dingo and the IWA-Texas star. The match showcased the greatest talent in the area, and beyond, giving all in attendance a look at the best wrestling in the area. Lamotta showed his skill and tenacity, and although he came up short, proved that he warrants a return to the LWA.

Dingo def. JT Lamotta with a roll-up while holding the tights.

First Blood Match for the Heavyweight Title: “Future” Donovan Ruddick v. XXX Jordan Lacey

Ruddick and Lacey tore each other apart in their quests to retain or gain the title. They literally held nothing back as a ladder, a steel chair, a street sign, and even broken glass were brought into the mix. At one point, Lacey pummeled Ruddick with consecutive chair shots to the back. The broken glass became Ruddick’s downfall, despite him being the one to bring it into the mix.

XXX Jordan Lacey def. “Future” Donovan Ruddick by drawing first blood on broken shards of glass

The Aftermath

Only seconds after the bell rang, the Submission Squad attacked Lacey, prompting the Bearded Men—and the rest of the locker room—to come to the aid of their respective parties. Luke Roberts was at a loss of what to do, considering his threat earlier in the evening. During the ruckus, Lacey suffered an injury causing the show to end with a somber feeling.

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Your Trip to Space Mountain-Circus Maximus 2008

Posted by Admin on July 30, 2008

Your Trip to Space Mountain

by Brian “Flair” Kelley
Wise men say that there is always a calm before the storm. This was never so true as heading into the Lethal Wrestling Alliance’s Circus Maximus 2008. While driving to the Knights of Columbus building in O’Fallon, IL on July 12, 2008, there was a light rain and a coolness in the air before the show started. Throughout the year, LWA has been very active on the independent scene yet at times the quality of the shows have been questioned by not only the fans and the self proclaimed superfans, but also acknowledged by LWA management when they posted the “State of the LWA Address” to the LWA website on April 7, 2008. In the address, they asked for the fans to stick around and promised a wild ride along the way.

The ring was on the second floor of the building and as my girlfriend and I headed toward our seats, we saw our friends from SLAMZONE selling all our favorite wrestling merchandise and the Knights selling concessions to satisfy our hunger. As Dubray and I sat in the front row, she decided to drink a beer (which was only one dollar) and we got ready for a good time.

The show started with Paul Parker introducing Luke Roberts who spoke about the importance of why he should be the LWA President and said he was looking out for the fans and planned on watching some LWA Wrestling with the fans themselves and he sat in the front row near me as the first match was announced.

The first match pitted B.A.B.E.WATCH Brandon Aarons and Brandon Espinosa against Shamus O’Flannery & Mephisto. B.A.B.E.WATCH has been on quite a roll in the LWA and their teamwork seemed to be the difference between the two teams, as Espinosa was able to pin O’Flannery while Aarons made sure Mephisto was unable to help his partner.

Surprisingly, the next was a match that I thought should have been closer to the main event. The LWA Medallion holder Jeremy Wyatt defended the Medallion against LWA Favorite XXX Jordan Lacey. Lacey has been able to defeat the Monster and current Champ Donovan Ruddick so I knew that in match Wyatt would have his hands full and Wyatt must have known as well because he threw everything at Lacey. With Lacey out of the ring trying to catch a breath, Wyatt was in the ring when he decided to suicide dive onto Lacey, I told Dubray to “get ready here he comes” and stood up to catch a picture of the action. Wyatt slammed into Lacey and I hear a THUD coming from Wyatt’s head on the cement floor which stopped me from taking pictures, hoping that he was alright. I looked over to the right of me and there was my girlfriend on the floor with her legs in the air by the rail with an empty cup in her hand. She was getting help up. I was laughing, and asked her why she did not get out of the way when I warned her to move.

The LWA family was first class and offered to get Princess a band aid. I looked over and half the room was concerned for her health with this tiny little scratch on her leg. I joked with her that Wyatt had went head first in the pavement and here she is getting babied with her small little boo boo. Dubray apologized to the fans next to us for giving them a beer bath and Wyatt was able to defeat Lacey with the Crash Landing and we had started the night off with two very good matches.

[The Rebel Jeremy Wyatt had to hit XXX Jordan Lacey with all he had to retain the LWA medallion.]

The action was soon restarted as we had ourselves a four-way with four men who have made names for themselves around the Midwest. They went at it to prove to the LWA crew why they should be among the LWA elite. The four corners were filled with talent. In one corner you had the ladies’ choice Tyler Cook. In the second corner was the Livewire himself, Edmund McGuire. In the third corner was the unpredictable Payday Patterson. To finish off the four corner affair was the ultra talented Mark Sterling. Payday was able to disrupt the match with some crazy antics at the start and went back and forth with moves galore until Tyler was able to pin McGuire with a Perfectplex. This was a big win for one of the most underrated wrestlers in the Midwest as he hopes to catapult himself towards the top of the LWA.

[Edmund McGuire and Tyler Cook send Payday Patterson on a trip he would like to forget.]

Intermission was here and everyone that I spoke to was very pleased with the first half of wrestling. Dubray went to get another beer, and Chuck from SLAMZONE asked her if she was going to drink it or spill it. She thought it was funny because not only did she lose a beer with the fall from the Wyatt/Lacey match, but also during the four way when the guardrail was knocked back towards us during some wild action. Dubray’s beer count was 3 (bought) and 1 (drunk).

The first match in the second half was a contest between one of my favorites, MsChif, and her old rival, Billy McNeil. This next comment may upset some of my good friends in the business, but I don’t think too highly of women taking on men in a matchup unless it’s meant to be a joke such as a woman wrestler feuding with a manager. With that said, I am not qualified to comment on the match except to say that MsChif is one of my favorite wrestlers in the Independents and among the top ten wrestlers who I would pay to see on the local scene. Though I don’t really approve of the concept, I respectfully watched the match and applauded the wrestlers for their hard work.

[MsChif and Billy McNeil battle once more at Circus Maximus.]

Up next was the highly anticipated match between LWA favorites Adam Raw and Nick Tyson. Both had stated that this would be their final match. What a shame, though, as I have not been able to see LWA from their beginnings. I have seen Tyson many times, including the classic match in which he made TNA Superstar Alex Shelley tapout. If you missed it, LWA has it on the Cuts, Scars and Superstars DVD.

Adam Raw had some classic battles with Michael Strider that are still being talked about to this day. Unfortunately for the fans, these two wrestlers have stated they have lost their love for wrestling and this was to be their last match. With no disrespect to either man, this match never seemed to get momentum and before I knew it, the match was over and the crowd seemed stunned as Raw was able to get the pinfall victory with a brainbuster. Tyson left quickly and Raw stayed in the ring to thank the LWA fans for all their support throughout the years. One has to wonder if this will leave a bad taste in each ones mouth and we can only hope for a return.

[The Technical Messiah Nick Tyson brings the pain to Adam Raw.]

The second match of the triple main event was for the LWA title, as Donovan Ruddick defended the belt against the man he took the belt from, Shorty Biggs. Shorty fought with all his heart and every time Ruddick would knock him down, the Don Mega would get back up to hit Ruddick with all he got but Donovan proved to be too powerful as he hit Shorty Biggs with a spinebuster to retain the LWA Heavyweight Title.

[The Bearded Men From Space Station 11 and The Ego Express were united and ready for a fight.]

We were warned but, to be truly honest, no one had prepared for the aftermath, destruction, and betrayal that was to come when the The Submission Squad (Dingo, Pierre Abernathy, Davey Vega and Johnny Vinyl) took on Evan Gelistico, Gary the Barnowl, Steven Kennedy and KC Karrington in a Survivor Series Hardcore Streetfight. This war had started ugly when Vega and Vinyl had taken out Ego Manager and Karrington’s girlfriend Tiffany LaFane with one punch heard throughout the LWA in Granite City. Since then, Karrington had been out for revenge with Vega only to have Vega get the upper hand and attempt to set KC on fire in one of their encounters.

The eight men entered the ring and to the crowd it was like slow motion. Then all hell broke loose as wrestlers were everywhere. The Ego Express flew from the ring in unison onto Dingo and Pierre, who were on the floor. The next thing I knew, Evan Gelistico threw Pierre head first onto a table and before I knew it I was sandwiched at the bar trying to take pictures with Evan and Pierre battling on one side and Dingo trying to give Steven Kennedy a face lift with his hand on the other. The action was everywhere. I looked across the room and Gary and Johnny Vinyl were laying into each other. Then Evan and Pierre decided that Knights of Columbus Hall was not big enough for either men. They battled down the steps and into the parking lot with body slams and pinfalls on the pavement as well on top of the cars. These two were not giving an inch.

[Pierre Abernathy attempted a pin after body slamming Even Gelistico in the parking lot. Just one of the many brutal actions that brought the police to the Knights of Columbus to be a part of Circus Maximus.]

Curiosity was killing this cat, so I headed back to towards the ring to see what I was missing. It was total pandemonium in the building, with chairs everywhere.

[The Ego Express throws caution to the wind as they go airborne on top Dingo and Pierre Abernathy.]

The fans were loving it while trying not to become part of it, and at one time I found myself standing next to fellow MWR columnist Kari Williams. I asked her when she was going to train so that she could be part of the first all-girl street fight, but I was unable to get a reply as Karrington and Vinyl tore each other apart and were coming our way.

You will have to ask somebody else about who pinned whom to get out of the matches, as this was no place to be keeping a score card. I heard that it came down to a bloody K.C. Karrington and Davey Vega with ladders and chairs in the ring, with Karrington getting the upper hand by bringing out his secret weapon, lighter fluid. Just as he was to get his revenge, his girlfriend Tiffany appeared from the back to plead for Karrington to just let it be. Karrington was blind, with nothing but payback in mind for Vega. As he attempted to put lighter fluid on the ladder, Tiffany did the unspeakable by doublecrossing her lover with a punch below the belt. She assisted Vega to his feet and the two of them lit a glove with lighter fluid and with one throw ended the match and broke one man’s heart.

[Davey Vega, with the disgusting Betrayal of KC Karringtons girlfriend/valet Tiffany LaFane is the last man standing after burning KC’s face with a loaded glove.]

As the LWA team rushed to Karrington’s side, Tiffany LaFane pranced around the ring with a smile on her face, proud of her beautiful chaos. Circus Maximus had been everything and more for this writer, but I yearn for the day that Tiffany is put in her place. I plan on being there to see her get what is coming to her.

The LWA delivered a night to remember and many questions remain. Can anyone defeat Donovan Ruddick for the LWA title? Just how will Karrington recover from the betrayal of Tiffany? Who will be the LWA President? What surprises do LWA management have in store for us as we head toward the second half of the year? Time will tell, and I can’t wait.

The LWA returns to the Vetta Sports complex in ST. Peters MO on August 9th as the Ego Express takes on Vinyl and Vega in a grudge match that you should not miss. Check out http://www.lwawrestling.com/ for all of your LWA news.

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