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One on One with St. Louis Anarchy’s Pierre Abernathy

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 12, 2015

 photo 00_zpsgimrl6o2.jpg

Pierre Abernathy and Gary Jay

It is a pleasure to have with us today pro wrestler and owner of St. Louis Anarchy Matt Jackson, better known to wrestling fans as Pierre Abernathy. Since his debut in 2003, Pierre has made an impact in the wrestling scene in many aspects of the wrestling business. Pierre, thank you for taking the time to speaking with us at Missouri Wrestling Revival

Pierre: No problem, thanks for having me.

MWR: What was your first memories of pro wrestling and who did you look up to growing up?

Pierre: The first pro wrestling event I can remember watching live was WrestleMania VI with Hogan vs. Warrior.

 photo 3067855449_f5dcc170ab_z_zpsw9d4ddlu.jpg

I was a huge Hogan fan so when he lost that sucked for me. I can remember going to the STL arena watching all the WWF live shows and I was at the only show WWF did at the old Busch Stadium, so that was cool.

MWR: The first opportunity that I got to see you in action was in Lawrence, Kansas for NWA Central States Wrestling as you and Gary Jay lost a three way to Nick Tyson on September 30, 2006. At that point you had been wrestling a little over than three years. How did you get your start in pro wrestling and who were the most helpful in your success?

Pierre: I first got my start when I met Jordan Lacey, he bought a ring and we were going to train in it. The issue was that he didn’t have the training to train us and to his credit he knew that. Most guys would NEVER admit that they had no business training people but he did. We later met Adam Raw and Nick Tyson and they did our training.

 photo Raw 1_zpsrngl05nn.jpg

Adam Raw- Photo Michael Van Hoogstratt

From there they started the LWA and we worked there and branched into Gateway Championship Wrestling. Unlike most guys, our trainers did not travel, so we didn’t have a lot of help getting out of town shots. It was Matt Sydal and Delirious who taught us in a 12-hour seminar that we needed to get in a car and get out of STL and make résumés and start sending them out and do seminars all over and that is what we did.

MWR: What early match that you had gave you the confidence to succeed as a pro wrestler?

 photo Pieree and Gary_zpsvnpdhop9.jpg

Pierre: Honestly I can’t think of one match. I always had confidence in my promo work more than my wrestling at the start. I think if I had to pick a break out match, I had a three-way match with Gary and Dorian Victor kind of early on that I liked. Plus, working Gary every weekend in a new state we could feel ourselves growing as wrestlers every week.

MWR: You would be part of the group that would spearhead The Lethal Wrestling Alliance. Who else were involved and what is the legacy of that promotion?

Pierre: Honestly I didn’t have anything to do with the start of LWA. LWA was started by Adam Raw and Jordan Taylor. When Jordan went into the Navy it went into the committee of five guys: Adam Raw, Nick Tyson, Frank Cashion, Mike D and Tim P ( I don’t want to butcher the spelling of their last names).

 photo 0_zpsfa8otrcl.jpg

Jordan Lacey has been a part of the most brutal matches in the modern era of STL wrestling. Here he wars it out against the former MWR Future Star winner Alex Rudolph.

So Tyson was supposed to write the shows and book the talent but he wasn’t doing it, so I would in the background write the shows and send them with him to meetings and no one would know about it and he would get the credit. Fast forward a few years, he was going to quit, so Raw was kind of freaking out thinking he would have to write the shows all himself. I had to tell him I was really doing it all this time, which shocked him and so then I started writing and booking talent from there. Years later when the others quit, it became myself, Raw and Jordan Lacey. In the end of LWA, it was just me and Jordan Lacey.

 photo 19_zpspstjvosy.jpg

Many of the top rising stars int the sport has made their way to SLA.

MWR: Fans at LWA were blessed to enjoy some great matches featuring local talent against many of the top stars in the world. Not too long ago, Austin Aries was the TNA World Champion, Davey Richards was a Ring of Honor World Champion and most recently one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions with Eddie Edwards, and Samoa Joe is quite possibly the most talked about free agent in the world today, but they all entered the squared circle at LWA.

These matches along with other stars including Delirious, Mike Quackenbush and The Motor Machine Guns against LWA homegrown talents are featured on the DVD US vs. Them (click here to purchase). What memories stand out about this historic matches at LWA?

Pierre: There are tons of thoughts I have about that. The two big ones being the first “name talent” we ever used was Alex Shelley and our fans hated him with a passion because he was facing their guy in Nick Tyson and when Tyson tapped him out the legit emotion that came after is what this business is about to me: real emotion. The Second was Samoa Joe: A lot of people were saying behind my back (but I hear everything) that I was making a big mistake putting Dorian in that match and not Adam Raw, and to be honest at that time Raw was a better wrestler than Dorian—hell, Dorian was only a few years in, I think. However, Dorian grew from that match and it taught him how to step up… That’s my job: I have to force you to go outside of your comfort zone and step up to the plate, because if you can’t I need to know that before you fall on your face in maybe a way bigger situation. That night Dorian stepped up and grew from it.

 photo 16_zpsomkphf8s.jpg

MWR: You are a member of the famed Submission Squad with. Time has shown that you guys are among the most entertaining tag teams in the country, but early on in your career you teamed up with Evan Gelistico against Davey Vega and Gary the Barn Owl to showcase LWA for Chikara’s King of Trios 2009. In a weekend filled with top Indy wrestling stars like Bryan Danielson (Future WWE Champion Daniel Bryan), Austin Aries, and El Generico (WWE’S Sami Zayn) , the match would receive chants of “DON’T COME BACK!” Many men after that night may have given up, but it only shows how much heart that the four of you had, during that time. Many people snickered and counted you out, but you guys have had the last laugh by becoming among the most traveled talents in the country. Looking back what went wrong, what could you have done different and what advice would you have for a young wrestler that would experience such a situation?

Pierre: I would say that you cannot let what people say bother you. When that happened to be honest it didn’t bother me, it did more the other guys for different reasons. Vega because he lacked confidence anyway so that almost killed him, Gary because the ECW arena was his dream and we just got booed out of it and Evan because he loved the idea of working Chikara. I am telling the God’s honest truth that it didn’t bother me because I was expecting it the whole time. Here you have the biggest weekend of the Chikara calendar with legit stars from all over the world and then you have four dudes from a company in Missouri that none of them knew.. How were they supposed to treat us? Plus, we did ourselves zero favors because of the way we worked the match. We are known for our personalities and we showed zero of it and that is what sucked. However we made a lot of money after that match because people wanted to see if either A) we really sucked or B) they knew we didn’t and wanted to bring us out. So I would do it all again, plus we went back there in 2014 and killed it, so it came full circle for us.

 photo 18_zpsgasyipp5.jpg

MWR: As I mentioned you have traveled around the country, including Canada. What has been your personal favorite places to wrestle and why?

Pierre: I love most every trip but I’ll pick one place and say ACW in Texas. Texas was like my second home for many years and I love the fans and friends I made there. Some of my favorite memories came from hangouts I had in Texas.

MWR: For seven years the LWA was known for an alternative style of wrestling that combined strong style, hardcore, comedy and good times for the fans, but a new day came that saw you announce the merging with the Texas based promotion known as Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW). That decision has allowed the fans to see many of the top stars of the Texas area make their way to the Midwest, while giving the young stars in this area to grow by challenging themselves against other top talents that may not have a chance to work with. In your eyes, who have taken advantage of working in the land of Anarchy and who are some of the top young stars that fans should have their eyes on for the future?

Pierre: Since we started Anarchy, we have seen ACH become a top star in the USA and I won’t do what a lot of others do and try and take credit for that man’s success. His success has helped us grow, so thank you to him.
 photo 6_zps2qjnlbiu.jpg

Gary Jay and Davey Vega are in my opinion the two top guys in the area and they prove that every time they work in a ring. The fact neither of them are under a contract is a shame. The Hooligans are guys you have seen grow in Anarchy. Christian Rose has been tearing it up other places for a while but our fans are finally seeing how good he is. Two guys who I think could be the next 2 big stars are Jo Jo Bravo and Mat Fitchett. Jo Jo has gotten really good really fast and it’s up to Fitchett how far he wants to go. He has been ready for a long time now. One guy to watch I think is Everett Connor; I call him my new project because he is a good kid with potential.
 photo 5_zpsorpxpbtf.jpg

The only guy who I think may be worse now than he was when we started SLA is Evan Gelistico… [sarcasm]

MWR: The Submission Squad was ranked number 12 in 2011 in the MWR’S top 30 tag teams during the MWR years. Four years later, the SS is still running strong, even capturing the Metro Pro Wrestling Tag Team titles recently as the Commission.

Because LWA and later SLA did not have tag belts along with the outside travel, it may have hurt your rankings in the poll. That year a team that you guys know very well the Hooligans were ranked number one, and are currently the St. Louis Anarchy tag team Champions. What has made the Hooligans and the Submission Squad such a great rivalry?

 photo 2_zpsbbufxkhr.jpg

Pierre: We just have good chemistry and we strive to do the same thing and that’s have a great match. We clicked since the first match we had at an IHW show in Dupo IL.

 photo 17_zpszkx7qljf.jpg

At one time we worked with the Hooligans at least once a weekend for like five months in a row, I think… Plus those guys love tag team wrestling as much as we do so it’s easy, The Hooligans are amazing talents.

 photo 8_zpsgw7dpbuk.jpg

MWR: SLA has recently been the home of double shot weekends in Alton, Illinois. You have promoted events for years, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having back to back events?

Pierre: Well it doubles the stress. I mean we have only done two, so I really do not know yet. I’ll say the advantage is for the fans as they will get 2 events a weekend instead of 1. As we keep going with this I am sure more advantages and disadvantages will come clear.

MWR: St. Louis Anarchy events have always been a can’t-miss show as talents around the world have been in action during each of your events. Men like Kyle O’Reilly, Michael Elgin, Chris Hero, the Young Bucks, Davey Richards, Akira Tozawa, and TJ Perkins have all appeared in the past. Who would you like to see that has not appeared yet?

Pierre: We used him in LWA but I really want to bring our fans Alex Shelley as he was supposed to work a show but got hurt. I am hoping to bring some more guys from overseas in. To be honest we will always use that name talent that people have come to think about when thinking of SLA but I am wanting to use more guys who are great but not maybe as well known…. Like there are Gary Jays and Davey Vegas all over the USA who are great but just can’t get breaks and I want to give them their breaks because you never know who could be the next ACH that you just are overlooking.

MWR: On August the 21st and 22nd, Circus Maximus 2015, an event what many fans say is THE event of the year for SLA? Circus Maximus has always delivered with a great mix of national talent as well as the top rising stars around the country. I am going to do a rundown of this years’ SLA talent pool for the double shot weekend and I would like for you to give your thoughts on them. We will start off with the current SLA Champion Gary Jay.

 photo 20_zpsshakyghc.jpg

Pierre: Hardest working man in Anarchy, he tears down the house every time and then is the first person to lead people in tearing down the ring. He gives his all to the company and should be getting more chances outside it.

MWR: Tommaso Ciampa

Pierre: I’m looking forward to seeing him in SLA. He’s a tough dude so guys will have their hands full with him.

MWR: Davey Vega

 photo 4_zpsfn8rlotd.jpg

Pierre: The “Ace of Anarchy” isn’t just a nickname, it is who Vega has become. He went from a guy who would legit vomit before a match to a guy who I know will always have one of the best matches on the show. He’s the man.

MWR: Mat Fitchett

 photo 11_zpsjiuenk22.jpg

Pierre: The Dirty Rook could be a star if he is able to really hit the road and do it. Sometimes though real life things are more important but he’s an awesome talent.

MWR: Jonathan Gresham

 photo 9_zpsacxbzzv2.jpg

Pierre: He won’t be at Circus Maximus, but he’s an amazing hold for hold wrestler who stole the weekend at Gateway to Anarchy.

MWR: Jo Jo Bravo

 photo 1_zpsrttu3ky8.jpg

Pierre: One of the top up and comers in Anarchy. He has held his own with some of the best in the world.

MWR: Christian Rose

 photo 14_zpssodeshxf.jpg

Pierre: Great talker and wrestler and our fans are getting to finally see that. Plus, behind the curtain I love talking good and–even better–shitty wrestling with Rose more than maybe anybody.

MWR: Matt Cage

 photo 13_zps5xedkevm.jpg

Pierre: He’s a lot like Rose in that he has been tearing it up other places and our fans will finally get to see more of that in Anarchy.

MWR: Angelus Lane

 photo 7_zpsmhzeigut.jpg

Pierre: The 1st lady of Anarchy. I am very proud of Layne. She has grown by leaps and bounds as a wrestler and she improves every event we have.

MWR: Viking War Party

 photo vwp28_zpsyg6tfk4f.jpg

Pierre: Going to have to buy me chairs if they keep breaking them. Both guys are awesome. Alex I have known since before he started, I am happy every time I see them work and get better and better.

MWR: Ricky Starks

 photo 4_zpstuwapltk.jpg

Pierre: Big deal in Texas and I think he can do the same here so keep your eyes on him as I think he is going to do well.

MWR: The Cause: Mr. Gelistico, Mr. Raw, Mr. Adams, Mr. Everett

 photo 10_zpsibm5mp0g.jpg

Pierre: We will have to see.

MWR: Zakk Sawyers

 photo 5_zps1kj5recg.jpg

Pierre: The 2014 Anarchy Rookie of the year. He’s not a rookie but was in Anarchy and he stepped up huge. A hard worker in and out of the ring and really appreciates his spot on the roster and he earns it.

MWR: Mikey McFinnigan

 photo 7_zpsttfxkfcw.jpg

Pierre: Kinda just starting to see what he can do. He will do well in Anarchy, he’s very entertaining.

MWR: Jeremy Wyatt

 photo 3_zpsdvmyyysb.jpg

Pierre: The best LWA champion of all time. Jeremy is one of my favorite wrestlers and is a pure class act to deal with outside the ring. Jeremy makes no bones about his wrestling days coming to an end and I’ll be sad to see him go, but he’s a guy who will leave better than he came in and how many guys can honestly say that. He’s always done anything I asked him to do and I don’t think Jeremy knows how much I respect him and appreciate his run with the LWA title.

MWR: Steve O Reno

 photo 15_zpsuiutrzzb.jpg

Pierre: Honestly, I worked him in ACW and I knew he was good. Other than that I have only seen his two matches in SLA and that is it. I think he is very entertaining and he can wrestle, too, so I think big things are on the horizon for him.

MWR: Bolt Brady

 photo 12_zpsf7dnafpq.jpg

Pierre: I think his change in attitude will be good for him in SLA. I like making people do stuff they may not be used to doing. Bolt is a pro and will do great. He’s getting a lot of miles under him too which is awesome. I like Bolt a lot.


 photo 2_zpsnvp4cxwi.jpg

Pierre: In SLA, he became a star in one weekend. Taking Trik Davis to the limit and taking a hellish beating from Gary Jay. I think Paco is a hungry kid who will do big things.

MWR: Pierre, Thank you so much for joining us today, it is always a treat to get to speak with you. How can fans follow you and the world of St. Louis Anarchy?

Pierre: I am on Facebook under Pierre Abernathy and Twitter is @PierreAbernathy. You can like SLA on Facebook at Saint Louis Anarchy and on Twitter @stlanarchy. Thanks for the time!


Saint Louis Anarchy presents Circus Maximus 2015

Stage One: Friday August 21st
Stage Two: Saturday August 22nd

Live from Spaulding Hall Club in Alton IL (402 E 4th Street)

Doors Open at 6:30pm, Shows Start at 7:00pm

Tickets (PER NIGHT):

Front row: $15, Second Row. $12. General Admission. $10 in advance all tickets are $15 at the door


$1 BEER, FULL BAR AND FOOD. Please do not record show or stand on chairs

Also special guest musicians Mental Fixation (Stage 2 only)


Main Event Trios Action: Team Anarchy: Davey Vega, Mat Fitchett, Angleus Layne vs. Team BOSS w/Dorian Victor and Greg Jovi: Gary Jay, Christian Rose, Jeremy Wyatt

Tag Team Titles on the Line: The Hooligans (c) vs. The Cause (Mr. Adams, Mr. Everett)

Zakk Sawyers vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Grudge Match: Alex Castle vs. Matt Cage

Jo Jo Bravo vs. PACO

Steve O Reno vs. Mikey Mcfinnigan

BOSS vs. Anarchy: Bolt Brady w/Greg Jovi vs. Ricky Starks


Saint Louis Anarchy Championship Match (NO TIME LIMIT) Gary Jay (c)w/Dorian Victor vs. “Ace of Anarchy” Davey Vega

Mat Fitchett vs. Former ECW/WWE Star LITTLE GUDIO

Christian Rose vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Matt Cage vs. Zakk Sawyers

Sugar Dunkerton vs. Steve O Reno


Saint Louis Anarchy Champion: Gary Jay
Saint Louis Anarchy Tag Champions: The Hooligans
Davey Vega
Mat Fitchett
Tommaso Ciampa
Jo Jo Bravo
Christian Rose
Matt Cage
Angelus Layne
Viking War Party
Sugar Dunkerton
Ricky Starks
The Cause: Mr. Gelistico, Mr. Raw, Mr. Adams, Mr. Everett
Zakk Sawyers
Mikey Mcfinnigan
Jeremy Wyatt
Steve O Reno
Bolt Brady (stage one)
PACO (stage one)
Donovan Danhausen


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“The Best kept secret in wrestling today ” Gary Jay seeks your support for the 2013 Ted Petty Invitational

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 10, 2013

 photo IMG_3557_zps9b95cac3.jpg

Gary Jay pulls out all the stops at the 2013 St Louis Anarchy Circus Maximus against Adam Raw in a 10,000 Thumbtacks match main event !!

One of pro wrestling’s respected tournaments returns in 2013 when the Ted Petty Invitational tournament begins on Friday, September 13, 2013. The great history of the tournament has seen superstars such as Chris Hero, Ace Steel, B.J. Whitmer, Danny Daniels, A.J. Styles, Matt Sydal (WWE’s Even Bourne) , Low Ki, Mike Quackenbush and Drake Younger have all been crowned champions in the tournament. Superstars such as Colt Cabana, CM Punk, Adam Pearce, Christopher Daniels, Ken Anderson, Jerry Lynn, Arik Cannon, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Davey Richards, and Bryan Danielson (WWE’S Daniel Bryan)are just a few of the stars that have thrilled fans in matches in the tournament.

With the names of the men that are set to compete in the 2013 TPI tournament there is no doubt that this years winner will go down in history books as one of the best in todays’ sport.

Already set to compete are

1. Drake Younger 2. Jack Thriller 3. Eddie Kingston 4. B-Boy 5. Davey Richards 6. Kyle O’Riley 7. IWA-MS Light Heavyweight Champion Devon Moore 8. Roderick Strong 9. Andrew Everett 10. Chrisjen Hayme 11. ‘Confederate’ Chris Hamrick 12. Necro Butcher 13. Louis Lyndon 14. Flip Kendrick 15. Prince Mustafa Ali 16. BJ Whitmer 17. Dustin Rayz 18. Justin Credible 19. Bad Bones

The promoters at IWA Mid-South Wrestling announced on their Facebook page that the 24th participant would be chosen by you the fans and fellow wrestlers support. One man that is deserving is the man that many claim to be the best kept secret in the wrestling today, Gary Jay.

Gay Jay can be seen wrestling around the country for the land of Anarchy in Texas and St Louis respectfully. He has made an impact at Metro Pro Wrestling in Kansas City, Pro Wrestling Epic in Illinois and AIW.

 photo IMG_3566_zps9b524041.jpg

Adam Raw brutalizes Gary Jay as the two went to a classic in 2013.

Hard working and very entertaining Gary Jay puts his body on the line each and every match for you the fans. It is now time for you to take the time to go to the IWA Mid-South Facebook page and let your voice be heard. Be sure to tell them Gary Jay and WHY he is deserving of being in the tournament.

 photo IMG_3579_zps72f38273.jpg

When it was all said and done Gary Jay was bruised, battered and bloodied but was able to defeat the powerhouse Adam Raw.

Many of the fans and his fellow peers have been quick to come to his support. Straight from the office of IWA MID-SOUTH comes the announcement of what they are looking for “ The guy I hear the most about (OR GIRL) between now and August 14th will be the 24th participant in this years 2013 Ted Petty Invitational… but this ain’t American Idol! Don’t make a fool of yourself! If you ain’t got the goods, don’t have people push for ya!

Let’s take a look at some of men and women that have come to forefront to support Gary Jay in this high honor of being named as a competitor in the 2013 TPI.

Show your support by going to the IWA Mid South Wrestling Facebook.

Dingo Machete I as a former IWA MIDSOUTH CHAMPION whole heartedly endorse Gary Jay for this year’s TPI.

Jonathan Gresham Gary Jay would be a great addition in my opinion.

Joshua Neal Montgomery Gary Jay is consistently one of the best workers on any card he is booked at all over the country.

Kz Chif Gay Jay is a best who can do any style and can go with anyone.

Chris Eston Gary Jay is a great performer, seen him many times and can honestly say I have never seen a bad match from him, always entertaining!!

Phineas Bartleby Crackers Gary Jay is one of the hardest working guys on the indy scene. Great wrestler, a gifted bad guy. Easy to hate because he’s so damn good at what he does.

Alan Anderson Gary Jay is the total package…he can wrestle as well as work the mic and the crowd. I know if I’m going to a wrestling event and Gary Jay is on the card, I know I’ll at least be seeing one great match. Gary Jay never fails to deliver.

Mike Marnin Gary Jay is one of the hardest hitting and most entertaining guys I’ve seen in the ring! You’d be making a huge mistake if you didn’t put him on this TPI!

Pierre Abernathy – Gary Jay is not just someone who would be great in this amazing weekend of wrestling he is someone who would be a asset to the IWA show as a whole going forward. I book Saint Louis Anarchy and Gary is someone who always goes above and beyond for our fans and he does that everywhere he goes. Its time he gets the chances that others have gotten and he gets to show that even though he is small he is a great worker.

David J. McCutcheon Gary Jay, by far. He was lawn-darted into a wall, for Christ’s sake. The thud! Ow! Give him a break before he breaks something.

Billy McNeil Gotta echo what some others have suggested already, Gary Jay. More people need to be exposed to what that guy has to offer. His dedication to putting on the most memorable and entertaining performance of any given night is astounding.

John Meyer please put gary j in the tpi he’s a hard hitting guy and he loves thumb tack matches and anything goes matches put him in a spot thank u.

Andy Dalton I had the pleasure of wrestling Gary Jay in Dallas Texas a few years back…and have followed him (and the Sub Squad all together) since. Garys creative, hard hitting, and an absolute pleasure to watch. Great talent. Gary Jay for the TPI.

Aaron Roy Gary Jay Chops will make you bleed..

Jonathan Culver -Gary Jay. There is little doubt in my mind he will all but kill himself to make this show fantastic.

David Cox Gary J is easily one of the best “unknowns” out there, but he is also one of the nicest and most poliite persons I’ve ever met. The fact that on the few times, I’ve been lucky enough to share a car with him, he always got his trash out and threw it away. Little thing, shows his character. Too me, that’s the most important thing.

Ryan Masters I’ve known Gary Jay since I was 16 (I’m 22 now) and I’ve met a lot of independent wrestlers since then. Out of all the amazing and dedicated workers, Gary stands out not only in the ring but in a way not everyone may notice. I met Gary by working for the company he wrestled for. I helped with the ring set up, ect. To give credit where it’s due, Gary wasn’t alone but he was on a VERY exclusive list of guys who helped put the ring up and help take it down EVERY night. I’ve seen Gary Jay wrestle an hour long war and still stay up until 1am getting the ring where it goes. It wasn’t his ring and he didn’t get paid extra. He was already a main eventer in the company. He did it for one reason and that was because he wanted to. He probably still does it to this day. He cares so much about what he does. The level he’s on is irrelevant because he puts on main event matches no matter where he’s at or who he’s against. I’ve seen Gary play the biggest face in the company, drawing fans with his name, to being the biggest heel in the company. I know what he’s capable of and so do a lot of people at this point. His name is growing and he deserves this spot.

Show your support by going to the IWA Mid South Wrestling Facebook here.

 photo 6516_10151707435077039_1825076011_n_zps813a60d5.jpg

Friday, September 13, 2013

Colgate Gymnasium

203 E. Montgomery St.

Clarksville, In.

7:30 Belltime both days

First and second row for both nights-$50

Third and fourth row for both nights-$40

General Admission for both nights-$30

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LWA arena report March 7th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 28, 2009

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

When LWA comes to O’Fallon Illinois there is bound to be some wild wrestling action. Jordan Lacey and Jeremy Wyatt had set the bar very high the night before with a brutal match that was exciting from start to finish. LWA Has been red hot as of late and with a motto like “ St. Louis Pro Wrestling…A little on the Crazy Side” you never know what you will see when you enter the building.

Before the matches started Vice President Jewels entered the ring to remind the fans that LWA hero Adam Raw would have to make it through her three way gauntlet of matches in the upcoming shows to be reinstated. With an evil grin she stated that it would not be “easy”. His opponent this evening would be none other than Evan Gelistico.

The first match of the evening saw Adam Rich taking on Submission Squad member Pierre Abernathy who was joined by frequent tag team partner Evan Gelistico at ringside.

Adam Rich struggles to get out of the grip of  Pierre Abernathy (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Adam Rich struggles to get out of the grip of Pierre Abernathy (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Pierre was on top of his game and dropped Rich with a powerful clothesline that look to take the life out Rich. Pierre proved why he is one of the top wrestlers in the Midwest and took the win to set the tone for the rest of the Submission Squad members.

Tiffany LaFane was active the night before , this night was no different for in the second match she joined Davey Vega in his three way match against masked newcomer Dash Rando and J.C. Bravo (w/ Team Smurf(Chingo & Alektra Blue).

Dash Rando (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Dash Rando (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The three men electrified the building with swift moves that excited the crowd. Poor Rando was on an island when Team Smurf did their best to interfere on behalf of Bravo, and when that was happing Lafane was making her presence known by interfering for Vega.

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

My good friend Patrick Brandmeyer stated that “the Innovative move of the match was Bravo managing to get both Vega and Rando in a half-crab at the same time”.

Bravo has Vega where he wants him but Rando is all fun and games. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Bravo has Vega where he wants him but Rando is all fun and games. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Lafane would be the difference maker in this encounter of three rising stars and Vega took home another win for the Submission Squad proving that once again they are one of the most powerful factions in the Midwest.

The LWA seems to be motivated to bringing in some of the top women wrestlers in the world for their fans to see in the next couple of months. On the second night of the Double shot, MsChif made her return to the LWA to face Rachel Summerlyn. Summerlyn was looking to go 2-0 after defeating Alektra Blue in Granite City the night before.

Rachel Summerlyn lets MsChif know that she came to fight (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Rachel Summerlyn lets MsChif know that she came to fight (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

I have to give it to Summerlyn, Mschif stretched her, choked her and beat her down but there was no quit from the girl from Texas.

. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

MsChif would have her hands raised after she hit a Desecrator(stepover DDT) Summerlyn can feel good going back home to Texas feeling good for her self that she got a chance to test herself with the top women in the world and held her own.

Noiseland rocks the LWA (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Noiseland rocked the LWA (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

During intermission Ego Express member Steven Kennedy’s rock band Noiseland performed. Kennedy would be teaming up with his partner KC Karrington to take on the Northstar Express later in the evening but was as calm as could be on the guitar as the band rocked O’Fallon.

When we came back from the break we had a battle of the two big men between Darin Childs and Donovan Ruddick. Childs did not endure himself to the Donovan Ruddick the night before when he hit “The Future” with a chair. Childs and Ruddick were like two freight trains on the same rail on a collision course. Ruddick punished Childs outside the ring.

The Future “Donovan Ruddick punishes Childs for his attack on him the night before Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The Future “Donovan Ruddick punishes Childs for his attack on him the night before Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

When Ruddick took it back to the ring Childs attacked Ruddick’s formerly injured arm.

The Future “Donovan Ruddick punishes Childs for his attack on him the night before Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Darin Childs attacks the arm of The Future (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Childs was looking strong and seemed to have the former Champions number. Ruddick has the power to overwhelm anyone and Childs felt first hand the explosive force from the former LWA Champion. Ruddick lifted Childs up and delivered a Regal Roll for the victory.

The next match of the evening was between the LWA Tag Team Champions Steven Kennedy and KC Karrington and the MWR Tag team of the Year for 2008 The Northstar Express (Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz). The Northstar had earned a chance for the titles the night before when they defeated Submission Squad in Granite City the night before (See Kari Williams great recap of the show at MWR here)

The battle of the Express’s was on and from the moment that the bell rang I knew that I was ringside for a match that would be special. The Northstar was accompanied by their valet “pNut” Nikki Mayday. Perfect tag team executions were displayed by both teams. Ground and air attacks were plentiful with mind games galore.

LWA Tag team Champion KC Karrington sends a message to Ryan Cruz that he can wrestle with the best of them (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

LWA Tag team Champion KC Karrington sends a message to Ryan Cruz that he can wrestle with the best of them (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The big hits kept coming all night long when the Ego and Northstar hooked up (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The big hits kept coming all night long when the Ego and Northstar hooked up (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

If ever there was a picture that was truly worth a million words, this is it. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

If ever there was a picture that was truly worth a million words, this is it. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Ryan Cruz powers Steven Kenndy to the mat for a near fall late in the match. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Ryan Cruz powers Steven Kenndy to the mat for a near fall late in the match. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

All eyes in the building was on“pNut" Nikki Mayday but the refs, as she choked Steven Kennedy  (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

All eyes in the building was on “pNut" Nikki Mayday but the refs, as she choked Steven Kennedy (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The two Expresses each had a chance for the win. In the end it was the Ego’s who took home the bragging rights this time when the Ego Express dropped Ryan Cruz on top of Corbin for the 1-2-3 and scored the double win.

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

After the Match was over Karrington took the mic to let the crowd and the Northstar Express to know that they were proud to have gone head to head with one of the most talented teams in the country.

LWA Superstar Adam Raw  (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

LWA Superstar Adam Raw (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

I thought to myself I would hate to follow that match but up next we had Adam Raw and his quest to be reinstated. Jewels must have had a heck of speech prior to the match because Evan Gelistico really was focused during this match. After withstanding Raw’s early onslaught Gelistico took advantage on a miss kick that hit the ring post. Gelistico methodically grounded Raw by taking out his legs.

Evan Gelistico looked to take out Adam Raws Power by destroying the leg (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Evan Gelistico looked to take out Adam Raws Power by destroying the leg (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Evan Gelistico attempts to make Adam Raw quit before he even got out of the gate (Photo Credit:Brian Kelley)

Evan Gelistico attempts to make Adam Raw quit before he even got out of the gate (Photo Credit:Brian Kelley)

Raw’ needed this win to be reinstated and it was slipping away before his eyes. I had never seen Gelistico at this level and what a bragging right it would be to retire LWA favorite Adam Raw in his very first match back. Raw rebounded and hit a fall away suplex for what I am sure would of have been the end of Gelistico a year ago, but not today. Raw finally was able to get the victory in a very tough match to continue his road back to the LWA full time. I had talked to a friend of mine after the show and I told him that was the best match I had ever seen Gelistico wrestle in and he stated “I prefer the Mike Quackenbush match from earlier this year, I may disagree but there is no doubt that Gelistico had learned from the match with Quackenbush and has upped his game.

The last two matches were main event quality anywhere in the Midwest and we still had the four way for Jeremy Wyatt’s LWA Championship.

Gary the Barn Owl with the devious Tiffany LaFane (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Gary the Barn Owl with the devious Tiffany LaFane (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

On one side, you had the very confused Gary the Barn Owl escorted to the ring by the devious Tiffany LaFane.

The multi talented, always exciting Arik Cannon (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The multi talented, always exciting Arik Cannon (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The deadly and exciting Arik Cannon stood across from him. J.T. Lamotta looked to take the LWA title back home with him to Texas. I was very impressed with J.T. Lamotta the night before and in this match he confirmed my belief that he is one of the rising stars in wrestling.

No one gets the fans fired up like the LWA Champion Jeremy Wyatt (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

No one gets the fans fired up like the LWA Champion Jeremy Wyatt (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Last but not least you had the Champion Jeremy Wyatt.

Gary the Barn Owl can strike from anywhere, just ask Arik Cannon (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Gary the Barn Owl can strike from anywhere, just ask Arik Cannon (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The action was intense from start to finish. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The action was intense from start to finish. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

One word can describe the match, exciting. J.T Lamotta delivered an awesome version of a suplex DDT on Gary the Barn owl that had me feeling it myself.

As the match continued Tiffany LaFane reinforced the thought of many that she is one of the premier mangers in the sport today.

Tiffany LaFane goes low on Arik Cannon late in the match.  (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Tiffany LaFane goes low on Arik Cannon late in the match. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Not once but twice she entered the ring to deliver a low blow on Cannon to keep Gary’s chances alive. Wyatt ever the opportunist continued his dominance of the Midwest when he took advantage of Cannon’s misfortune, hit a Lightning Spiral top retain the LWA Championship.

Still the LWA Champion Jeremy “The Rebel” Wyatt. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Still the LWA Champion Jeremy “The Rebel” Wyatt. (Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

When the match was over Lafane was furious and demanded that Gary take out Cannon. Cannon fought fire with fire and delivered a low blow of his own, much to Lafane’s surprise. Cannon was able to catch her before she was able to flee the ring.

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

With Cannon having a handful of hair, I would have bet money he was about to lay a kiss on her but unfortunately for Lafane, Cannon did not have romance on his mind. He hoisted up the LWA Diva and hit her with a devastating brainbuster that sent her crumpling into the mat.

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

(Photo Credit: Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The LWA is on Fire in 2009 with some of the best matches that they have ever had. This marks the second show in the past two months that did not have a bad match on it. I urge you to buy a ticket and see what you have been missing.

The LWA returns April 4th in O’Fallon Il ROH star MsChif returns to take on Sara Del Ray.


For more information go to LWAwrestling.COM

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Chikara star and NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champ Mike Quackenbush

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 2, 2009

The NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champ Mike Quackenbush started the year off in 2009 in the Midwest at Lethal Wrestling Alliance taking on Nick Tyson and Evan Gelistico in their first double shot. Mike has a love for the sport and took time to train inspiring wrestlers during the weekend as well.

A star in Chikara, Mike Quackenbush took the time to reach out to the Missouri Wrestling Revival fans with this message.

To add them as your friend on myspace go to Chikar-Myspace.

Plus take the time to check out their website and find out why Chikara is one of the most loved promotions in the world.

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LWA Arena Report Jan. 3

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 20, 2009



This was the second night of the LWA’s double shot weekend. There was a very nice attendance of 195. The fans were excited to see Mike Quackenbush who has wrestled through the world and is the current NWA junior world heavyweight champion. They were also looking forward to the main event with was a match that was sponsored by MWR as one of the best of the mid west match series. That match would feature Tyler Black a current ROH star wrestling Jeremy Wyatt the current and reigning LWA heavyweight champion.


 Luke Roberts the LWA president made his way to the ring stating that he had someone that wanted to make an announcement. That person was none other than Mike Quackenbush. He stated that he wanted Evan Gelistico in a match due to the fact that Gelistico and Abernathy caused his match with Nick Tyson the prior evening to be thrown out. He wanted no interference to be guaranteed and that is when Commissioner Adam Raw stepped to the ring and assured him that he would make sure that that did not happen.


The opening match was a six way match featuring Dorian Victor, Pierre Abernathy, Adam Rich,  Shamus O’Flannery, Eric Allen, and Shorty Biggs. Dorian made his ring entrance still begging for money from the fans saying that the Bavarian Boy was sick and that he needed money to take care of him, seeing him begging was quite funny. As the match got under way you saw quite a few tags between the different competitors. Then it all broke down and you had wrestlers inside and outside the ring. At one point five of the six wrestlers were outside fighting, Shamus was left in the ring and he excited the crowd when he delivered a “Helo” a head over heel suicide dive taking out his five competitors. Chaos was all around the ring,  when Dorian saw a chance to strike and hit Shorty with a low blow and covered him for the win. I don’t remember who it was, but someone made off with Dorian’s cup of money.


The second match of the evening had XXX Jordan Lacey facing of with Mephisto. This was a pretty lopsided match with XXX in control of most of the match. The match was stopped by the ref as XXX was on top of Mephisto, smashing him with  brutal strikes to the head. XXX was dominating for the second night in a row by defeating his opponents with a knockout.


The fans were treated to a LWA rematch of “The Future” Donovan Ruddick and Mark Sterling. Before the match got started Mark took the mike and told Donovan that you told me the last time we wrestled that as soon as you won the LWA title that you would give me the first shoot, since you are the number one contender why don’t you put in on the line instead. Donovan agreed they shook hands, which was nice to see and the match was on. This was a very high impact match and it was also a see saw battle. Donovan must have done something wrong because when he picked Sterling up he grimaced in a lot of pain, with sheer guts and power Ruddick finished this one with a razors edge and a cover for the one, two, and three. Many of the LWA Management came out to escort the former champion out of the ring.


The next match was between two gentlemen that I had not seen wrestle before it was a match between Hunter Matthews and Shane Hollister. This match was very enjoyable.  It saw mat based wrestling, hard strikes, chain wrestling, and even some high flying. This match had a lot of near falls. Hunter won the match with a pile driver. Shane received a round of applause as he left the ring. After the match there was an intermission.


The second half of the night started with a tag title match between the champs the Ego Express and BabeWatch. The Egos had a very entertaining entrance with the belts strapped around the both of them. This was a back and forth match, with neither team letting the other team get much of an advantage. The Ego express was able to take the victory in this one to retain their titles. I sure this is not the last time we will see these to teams face off.


The next match of the evening saw Gary the Barn Owl face off with IWA-TX U30 champion Nick Tyson. This match saw the two men battle inside and outside the ring. At one point I thought Gary would be counted out, but he managed to make it back. I guess that was what he needed, they wrestled for a few more minutes and Gary pinned Nick to become the new IWA-TX U30 Champ.


The match prior to the main event saw Mike Quakenbush versus Evan Gelistico. This was a fast paced and hard hitting match. They both put all they had into it. At one point Quackenbush had Gelistico set up for a Quacken driver and Pierre showed up to distract him, but Raw chased him off. There was a little more action before Quackenbush set him up for a Quacken Driver and connected with it for the pin


The main event was just plain awesome, it was Tyler Black versus Jeremy Wyatt. This was a very fun match for wrestling fans. These two had a lot to prove to one another, and I think the accomplished it. Lots of near falls in this one. The end came when Tyler went for a flying cross body block from the second turnbuckle and missed. From there Wyatt rolled him up in a small package for the win and to retain his belt.


This was a good night of wrestling. Thanks go out to the wrestlers and the LWA.


LWA Returns to House Springs Mo this weekend. For more info please go to LWA.COM



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“The Technical Messiah” Nick Tyson

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 20, 2009

Nick Tyson started 2009  off right when he went toe to toe with the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champ Mike Quackenbush on January 2nd in Granite City.  The man known as “The Technical Messiah” is capable of defeating anyone in the country on any night.


We caught up with him after the match and he had this to say to the MWR fans.





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LWA Jan. 2 Arena Report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on January 14, 2009

By Kari Williams

Lethal Wrestling Alliance kicked off the New Year the right way with a crowd of 75 at the River’s Edge Complex in Granite City, IL, despite the lackluster crowd.

“Irresistably Flawless” Brandon Aarons accompanied “Thee” Brandon Espinosa to the ring as Espinosa took on Dingo in a technically sound match. Dingo controlled the majority of the match up and did his best not to let Espinosa get the upper hand. Every time Espinosa tried to gain the advantage, Dingo put an immediate stop to it. Therefore, Dingo emerged victorious over one-half of cockiness personified.

Coming off an impressive first bout, Mephisto attempted to punish Adam Rich relentlessly, but to no avail. With the crowd behind Rich and completely against Mephisto, Rich had an extra advantage that allowed him to make quick work of his opponent. Despite Mephisto’s rage and anger, he could not overcome the boog boot-leg drop combo, showing shades of Hulk Hogan, which caused Rich to claim victory.

Aarons and Espinosa made their second appearance of the night, this time with Aarons facing off against Mark Sterling. Before the match even stared, Aarons’ sunglasses were stepped on, which astounded Aarons and prompted Espinosa to proclaim, “That’s the second pair this week!”

Once Aarons and Sterling locked up, fans witnessed the best match of the night up to this point. Aarons took the fight to Sterling, but Sterling’s tenacity outweighed Aarons’ on this occasion. At one point, Sterling tried to force Aarons to drink a beer, only to dump it on him instead. That seemed to light a fire in Aarons because he came back with an impressive offense, but it was not enough to put away Sterling, who won the bout via tapout.

Mark Sterling gives Brandon Aarons a beer bath during the match.

Mark Sterling gives Brandon Aarons a beer bath during the match.

LWA President Luke Roberts made his way to the ring after that bout and called out “The Technical Messiah” Nick Tyson and “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush to talk about their match later in the evening. Before much could be said, Evan Gelistico and Pierre Abernathy interrupted the proceedings, and Abernathy wanted to know why Tyson had the opportunity to wrestling Quackenbush and not himself.

After the Submission Squad put a stop to the meeting between Tyson and Quackenbush, the always-flamboyant Mike Sydal teamed with “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt against one-half of the tag team champions K.C. Karrington and a surprise partner. Karrington announced that “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy had some business to take care of in Hyannis Port, MA and could not attend, so he found a substitute in “Future” Donovan Ruddick.

Karrington and Ruddick controlled the early stages of the match, but Wyatt and Sydal had the opportunity to get in some formidable offense. Both teams meshed even though Wyatt appeared somewhat standoff-ish toward his colorful partner. That fact, coupled with the pending championship match between Ruddick and Wyatt, may have lead to the downfall of Sydal and Wyatt. Ruddick decisively ended the scuffle by pinning Wyatt.

Mike Sydal works over K.C. Karrington in tag team action.

Mike Sydal works over K.C. Karrington in tag team action.

The seemingly never-ending feud between the Submission Squad and the Bearded Men from Space Station Eleven continued as Evan Gelistico and Pierre Abernathy made an effort to put an end to Gary the Barnowl and Billy McNeil. After Gelistico and Abernathy finished heckling a fan at ringside the bout got underway, and Gary and McNeil tried to take quick control. They went so far as to pull off Abernathy’s tattoo sleeve, which elicited an uproar from Gelistico.

Pierre Abernathy works on a submission move on arch enemy Gary the Barn Owl.

Pierre Abernathy works on a submission move on arch enemy Gary the Barn Owl.

At one point, Gelistico had Gary down and out, prompting McNeil to send a paper air plane to Gary for assistance. However, Gelistico got to the plane first, chewed it up and spit it out. With any form of help out of the equation now, Gelistico forced McNeil to inadvertently deliver a DDT to Gary, allowing an easy win for the Submission Squad.

Shamus O'Flannery & Michael Morbid goes for a sneak attack on former LWA Champ Jordan Lacey

Shamus O'Flannery & Michael Morbid goes for a sneak attack on former LWA Champ Jordan Lacey

XXX Jordan Lacey returned to action, much to the delight of the crowd. Lacey stated that he is ready to get his title back from Wyatt, but Vice President Jewells said that he must work his way up from the bottom like everyone else. Just after that announcement, Michael Morbid and Shamus O’ Flannery rushed to the ring and attempted to defeat Lacey in his first match back. However, Lacey had other plans as he quickly put Morbid and Flannery in their place and emerged victorious due to a Knock Out.

Shorty Biggs works for a pin in the match but was unable to get the Victory in the end.

Shorty Biggs works for a pin in the match but was unable to get the Victory in the end.

Once again, Dorian Victor begged fans for money due to his financial troubles, using Bavarian Boy as a scapegoat yet again. After his opponent, Shorty Biggs, came out for the match, Victor announced that he would dance for money, but once he started Biggs joined in, ruining Victor’s plan. Thus, the match got underway. Both men had their strong points, but Victor’s persistance allowed him to overcome Biggs on this exchange.

The match that everyone was waiting for took place next—Mike Quackenbush v. Nick Tyson. Early on, Tyson tried to say that Quackenbush used illegal maneuvers such as hair pulling, slapping and eye gouging. Quackenbush had not done those things, but when he had the chance, he did them—right in front of the referee for effect. The match progressed smoothly after that, and the two men began to put on a wrestling clinic. Hold after hold and reversal after reverasl, Tyson and Quackenbush captivated the fans. Unfortunately, Abernathy and Gelistico interfered in the match, with Abernathy proclaiming, “You don’t get Quack v. Tyson!” Being such, McNeil and Gary came to the aid of Quackenbush and Tyson, after which the referee called the match a no contest.

Nick Tyson takes it to Mike Quackenbush in the corner.

Nick Tyson takes it to Mike Quackenbush in the corner.

Ending in an unlikely manner, LWA fans needed to attend the second night of the double shot in O’ Fallon, IL to see what other unpredictable antics would occur.

LWA returns to House Springs on January 24. The main event will be LWA Champion Jeremy Wyatt taking on Dingo. For more info go to LWA.COM.

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LWA Host MWR Best of the Midwest Match –Tyler Black vs. Jeremy Wyatt

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 7, 2008



Ring of Honor Superstar Tyler Black

Ring of Honor Superstar Tyler Black

Missouri Wrestling Revival is thrilled to team up with Lethal Wrestling Alliance to sponsor the third match in the exclusive MWR Best of the Midwest series.



When: January 3rd

Where: O’Fallon, IL


The number one wrestler in the MWR top 100 Tyler Black will take on the current number one ranked wrestler in the Midwest Jeremy “The Rebel” Wyatt. This match will headline the weekend when LWA invites the fans out for back to back nights of wrestling to start the New Year with a bang!!




Tyler Black is the hottest rising star today, a native of the Midwest . In just three years in the sport he was ranked number 88 worldwide from the magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 500 this year. A top star in the red hot promotion Ring of Honor that jump started the careers of CM Punk and Samoa Joe.  You can get first eye view of a guy who could very well be the next big star in the world.

Black thrills the fans with his electrifying and daring moves. Black has many moves that he assaults his opponents with and these are just a few of them, the 180 Corkscrew Enziguri Kick,  Snap Flatliner, Phoenix Spalsh are all that could lead to what Wyatt does not want to see the devastating finisher, God’s last gift (a vicious cradle DDT )








Jeremy Wyatt torments Ring of Honor’s Davey Richards in the corner of the ring.


One could make the claim that 2008 has been the year of the Rebel. With no regard for the fans he took a stranglehold of the LWA belt on October 24th after cashing his LWA medallion. He already has one victory of a ROH star when he defeated Davey Richards in November. Wyatt is ready to prove to the world that one of the best wrestlers is in the LWA. Look for him to punish Black with powerful strikes and a DDT of his own called the cropduster or the vicious Lighting spiral (snap cradle Olympic slam). 



This is the Super bowl of the Midwest with number one taking on number one. Wrestling fans you do not want to miss Wyatt vs. Black.


Matches Signed for night one: Granite City IL at the Rivers Edge complex.





IWA-Texas U-30 title on the line: Champion Nick Tyson vs. Mike Quackenbush

Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico) vs. Gary the Barn Owl and Billy McNeil

Dingo vs. All American Adam Rich

Brandon Espinosa vs. Steven Kennedy


Also signed: LWA Champion Jeremy Wyatt, Donovan Ruddick, Shorty Biggs, Mark Sterling, KC Karrington and more.


Matches Signed for Night Two: KOC hall in O’Fallon IL


LWA Championship Match: Champion Jeremy Wyatt vs. Tyler Black

IWA-TX U-30 Title on the line: Winner of Quack and Tyson vs. Gary the Barn Owl

Evan Gelistico vs. Loser of Quack/Tyson

Dingo vs. Shane Hollister

6 man scrample: Mike Sydal vs. Shorty Biggs vs. Mark Sterling vs. Pierre Abernathy vs. Hunter Matthews vs. KC Karrington


Also Signed for Night Two:  Adam Raw, Donovan Ruddick, President Luke Roberts, Steven Kennedy and more.


Tickets for these events will be: $10 in advance or $15 at the door.  However you can reserve tickets for both nights for $15.  However you will have to purchase both tickets on the first night when you get to the show.





For more information go to LWA Wrestling

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LWA Arena Report November 8

Posted by reimaginejournalism on November 14, 2008

LWA Arena Report Nov. 8
By Kari Williams

Taking the fight back home to the Knights of Columbus Hall in House Springs, MO, Lethal Wrestling Alliance gave 100 fans a memorable night filled with two surprise returns, the vice president being named and a performance by The World Police.

Paul Parker brought LWA President Luke Roberts to the ring prior to the first match of the evening because Roberts had finally named his Vice President and was ready to reveal his choice. Without much shock to the fans, Roberts chose Jewells, who delivered an acceptance speech of sorts.

After Roberts’ announcement, Brandon Espinosa, one-half of B.A.B.E Watch, took on Tyler Cook. After showing off to the fans, both men got down to business and kicked the show off with an excellent match. There were multiple reversals from both men and scuffles outside of the ring. Following mulitple pinfall attempts for each man and a picture-perfect frogsplash from Espinosa, the cocky Espinosa stole a victory with a roll up while holding the tights.

Roberts made his presence felt once again, to the disgruntlement of the fans. However, the news he delivered surely retracted the initial anger. Roberts announced that on January 2, the first night of the double-shot to start the new year, Mike Quackenbush will face “Nightmare” Nick Tyson, who then made his way to the ring. Tyson blatantly stated that he was putting, not just Quackenbush, but the whole LWA locker room on notice, proclaiming that he will resurrect the Submission Squad.

Those comments prompted Pierre Abernathy and the latest Submission Squad member, Evan Gelistico, to make their presence felt and defend what the Submission Squad has evolved into. Due to the dispute and tension, Tyson will get his shot at Abernathy at Yuletide Terror.

The next contest was a qualifiying match for Jeremy Wyatt’s LWA Heavyweight Championship, setting “Future” Donovan Ruddick against Mark Sterling. Ruddick and Sterling took the fight to each other,holding nothing back. Sterling’s technical prowess shined, but Ruddick’s forceful dominance prevailed, causing him to advance to the next round of the tournament.

In the aftermath, Wyatt attacked Ruddick from behind, adding more fule to Ruddick’s already burning desire to regain his belt. Once Wyatt returned to the back, Sterling had respectful words with a determined mindset for Ruddick.

“I’ve taken on the best…and pinned them one, two, three, but you are by far one of the toughest opponents,” he said.

Sterling then requested a rematch if and when Ruddick wins the belt, making Sterling the number one contender.

Gary the Barnowl tried to gain some retribution for Evan Gelistico’s actions last month as the next bout commenced. With so much retribution on the line, neither man wanted to give an inch. They battled ferociously, taking it to the outside with intense rage filling their minds. Gelistico nearly won the battle after an superkick, but Gary kicked out at two and ended up gaining enough momentum to earn the win for the Bearded Men.

During intermission, the World Police provided fans with their eclectic form of music.

Once the action got back underway, “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy wrestled one-half of his arch nemesises, “Spitfire” Davey Vega. This match was simply hate personified, as Kennedy and Vega traded blow for blow, with intense loathing burning in their eyes. At one point, Kennedy went for a springboard moonsault, but Vega forced Kennedy to a stop with a devastating kick to the face. Nonetheless, Kennedy persevered and sealed Vega’s fate with a lionsault.

Before the next match started, Mike Sydal made his way to the ring only to berate the fans, as well as the LWA itself, proclaiming that he “knew they weren’t worthy of seeing a Sydal wrestle.” Once Sydal left, Parker gave a shout out to MWR’s own Josh Ray, for his departure to Iraq, wishing him the best.
Pierre Abernathy set his sights on Billy McNeil during the second to last match of the night. McNeil let loose in the opening moments, proving that he is not one to mess with in the LWA. However, Gelistico’s presence at ringside became the deciding factor. Not content with his most recent actions against McNeil, Gelistico took things even further when he interfered in the match, resulting in Abernathy picking up a tainted win.

Giving one of the brightest stars a chance to shine, Jeremy Wyatt put his belt on the line against Dingo and the future of the LWA, K.C. Karrington. Every man held his own and proved that he deserved the title belt. Just when it appeared as though Karrington would secure a victory and take his rightful place at the top of the company, the new vice president came out and said that she did not like the way the match was going. This distracted Karrington just long enough for Wyatt to sneak out with a victory.

Due to Jewells’ interference, Roberts had harsh words for her, then announced that he named a commisioner, someone who would have the same authority as Jewells. That man, was Adam Raw. After poking fun at Jewells and making not-so-similar comparisons between her and Sarah Palin, Raw got down to business and in his first act as the commisionher, he set the much anticipated Tables, Ladders and Chairs match between The Ego Express and “Blackheart” Johnny Vinyl and “Spitfire” Davey Vega. As the show ended, the last thing Raw said before he went to the back was, “That, my friends, is change.”lwa

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MWR Spotlight: Gary the Barn Owl

Posted by Admin on August 13, 2008

A Barn Owl Soars Toward Victory

By Kari Williams

Gary the Barn Owl soared into the hallowed ring of professional wrestling before he was even old enough to spread his wings and take flight.

Back in high school, Peter Townsley, Pierre Abernathy and Gary “used to always want to be wrestlers and we just jumped around in the backyard like a bunch of idiots.”

Townsley, who, at the time, worked at the Gravois Grill in Fenton, MO, ran into Jordan Lacey, his wife, Dawn, and Hellraiser.

“We got the flyer, called the number and ended up wrestling out in a field doing God-knows-what, basically we had no clue what we were doing, and then we eventually met Nick Tyson and Adam Raw and then it kind of snow-balled into the LWA, which snow-balled into us training,” Gary said.

His initial training began with Lacey and the XWA and was then followed up by Raw and Tyson. Under those two, Gary trained every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday for approximately a year and half, until he officially began his career.

However, his passion for the sport was born long before he ever set foot in a wrestling ring.

“I can just remember everybody used to like football, and then I just did not want to watch football because I just thought it was boring… I remember seeing Macho Man, his hat was pretty shiny; I liked it,” Gary said.

Flying around the Midwest for nearly four years, Gary notes one simple detail that intrigues him the most about stepping between the ropes.

“I like the physicality. For some odd reason, I’m a glutton for getting my ass kicked. I love it; it’s a good time, and I just like entertaining people,” Gary said.

Along with Evan Gelistico, Jordan Lacey and Billy McNeill, Gary helps to form The Bearded Men From Space Station Eleven—a group that Gary has associated himself with for as long as he can remember.

“When I was born I had a beard. I was the wierdest looking kid, I can show pictures but people will kind of laugh and gawk, so I just keep those at home. So, honestly, ever since I was born I’ve been a member [of the Bearded Men]. My mom has a beard, that’s really awkward, but she’s momma. Momma from Space Station Eleven,” Gary said.

The group formed because the Submission Squad was ganging up on Gary, and he needed help, so he joined forces with Gelistico, who was having his own problems within the Sexual Dynasty, of which he was a part. Lacey and McNeill—who is credited with naming the faction—enlisted as well, and the Bearded Men have been going strong for nearly two years.

Gary and Gelistico flew the coop, so to speak, and returned with AWA-PPW Tag Team Titles, which are from Indiana. On his own, Gary currently holds the U-30s belt, from IWA-Texas, based out of the San Antonia and Dallas area.

Despite the plethora of gold he currently holds, Gary’s greatest feat thus far was his LWA championshp reign.

“My biggest accomplishment is probably being the LWA champion…because I started off as just a trainee here, and they gave me the ‘Gary the Barn Owl’ gimmick, and at first I didn’t like it, and I started really warming up to it and getting in to it. Just basically, becoming from say your opening card guy and now I can main event, open a show, I can do anything because obviously I’m the greatest thing ever. Not really, but you know,” Gary said.

Locally, Gary can be seen wrestling for Lethal Wrestling Alliance (LWA). However, for one keen on travelling, he can be spotted in promotions such as NWA-CSW (Kansas and Missouri), IWA-Texas, PWI-Texas and PPW-Indiana, among others.

Gary the Barn Owl Fast Facts:

Most Important Lesson From Wrestling: Wrestling has taught me respect. That’s the biggest thing. A lot of people might say it, or not, but just respect, and how much you put in and how much you get out of it, you have to work really, really hard to make it to the point where you’re making it a living. So, those guys on TV, even if you don’t like them or you don’t like them because they’re not good or bad, those guys bust their ass, and I give them all the credit for it.

Favorite Match: (One of three favorites) I wrestled Mike Quackenbush and Evan Gelistico in February. That was a really fun match. Evan and me go way back. We met when the XWA/LWA started. We used to hate each other. But now we’re cool. We’re like brothers. He’s like a brother from a different mother—or alien, I really don’t know. We wrestled Quackenbush in a three way, and that’s just overall learning experience was fantastic. Mike Quackenbush is a great athlete, has a really good mind for wrestling and he brought a whole different style to what we were used to.

Dream Matches: I’d say A.J. Styles from TNA. Out of anybody in WWE, I’d wrestle Paul London because I really like Paul London. Either him or Brian Kendrick. It’d be really cool if it was Brian Kendrick and London verus me and Evan, that’d be a good match. Let’s see, anywhere on the indies, I’m a really big fan of El Generico, I don’t know why, I just really like El Generico’s work.

Who Has Taught Him the Most: I’ve learned the most from Nick Tyson, he’s the one that really got me focused because it’s hard to get me focused on certain things. But, he really drilled it in my head the respect thing, and just you can go out and have a good match, and he’d tear me apart. We’d watch it, and he’d tear it up, and about the small things that make things look even better, that I don’t notice it, but the fans notice or other people notice.

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