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LWA Arena Report Jan. 3

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 20, 2009



This was the second night of the LWA’s double shot weekend. There was a very nice attendance of 195. The fans were excited to see Mike Quackenbush who has wrestled through the world and is the current NWA junior world heavyweight champion. They were also looking forward to the main event with was a match that was sponsored by MWR as one of the best of the mid west match series. That match would feature Tyler Black a current ROH star wrestling Jeremy Wyatt the current and reigning LWA heavyweight champion.


 Luke Roberts the LWA president made his way to the ring stating that he had someone that wanted to make an announcement. That person was none other than Mike Quackenbush. He stated that he wanted Evan Gelistico in a match due to the fact that Gelistico and Abernathy caused his match with Nick Tyson the prior evening to be thrown out. He wanted no interference to be guaranteed and that is when Commissioner Adam Raw stepped to the ring and assured him that he would make sure that that did not happen.


The opening match was a six way match featuring Dorian Victor, Pierre Abernathy, Adam Rich,  Shamus O’Flannery, Eric Allen, and Shorty Biggs. Dorian made his ring entrance still begging for money from the fans saying that the Bavarian Boy was sick and that he needed money to take care of him, seeing him begging was quite funny. As the match got under way you saw quite a few tags between the different competitors. Then it all broke down and you had wrestlers inside and outside the ring. At one point five of the six wrestlers were outside fighting, Shamus was left in the ring and he excited the crowd when he delivered a “Helo” a head over heel suicide dive taking out his five competitors. Chaos was all around the ring,  when Dorian saw a chance to strike and hit Shorty with a low blow and covered him for the win. I don’t remember who it was, but someone made off with Dorian’s cup of money.


The second match of the evening had XXX Jordan Lacey facing of with Mephisto. This was a pretty lopsided match with XXX in control of most of the match. The match was stopped by the ref as XXX was on top of Mephisto, smashing him with  brutal strikes to the head. XXX was dominating for the second night in a row by defeating his opponents with a knockout.


The fans were treated to a LWA rematch of “The Future” Donovan Ruddick and Mark Sterling. Before the match got started Mark took the mike and told Donovan that you told me the last time we wrestled that as soon as you won the LWA title that you would give me the first shoot, since you are the number one contender why don’t you put in on the line instead. Donovan agreed they shook hands, which was nice to see and the match was on. This was a very high impact match and it was also a see saw battle. Donovan must have done something wrong because when he picked Sterling up he grimaced in a lot of pain, with sheer guts and power Ruddick finished this one with a razors edge and a cover for the one, two, and three. Many of the LWA Management came out to escort the former champion out of the ring.


The next match was between two gentlemen that I had not seen wrestle before it was a match between Hunter Matthews and Shane Hollister. This match was very enjoyable.  It saw mat based wrestling, hard strikes, chain wrestling, and even some high flying. This match had a lot of near falls. Hunter won the match with a pile driver. Shane received a round of applause as he left the ring. After the match there was an intermission.


The second half of the night started with a tag title match between the champs the Ego Express and BabeWatch. The Egos had a very entertaining entrance with the belts strapped around the both of them. This was a back and forth match, with neither team letting the other team get much of an advantage. The Ego express was able to take the victory in this one to retain their titles. I sure this is not the last time we will see these to teams face off.


The next match of the evening saw Gary the Barn Owl face off with IWA-TX U30 champion Nick Tyson. This match saw the two men battle inside and outside the ring. At one point I thought Gary would be counted out, but he managed to make it back. I guess that was what he needed, they wrestled for a few more minutes and Gary pinned Nick to become the new IWA-TX U30 Champ.


The match prior to the main event saw Mike Quakenbush versus Evan Gelistico. This was a fast paced and hard hitting match. They both put all they had into it. At one point Quackenbush had Gelistico set up for a Quacken driver and Pierre showed up to distract him, but Raw chased him off. There was a little more action before Quackenbush set him up for a Quacken Driver and connected with it for the pin


The main event was just plain awesome, it was Tyler Black versus Jeremy Wyatt. This was a very fun match for wrestling fans. These two had a lot to prove to one another, and I think the accomplished it. Lots of near falls in this one. The end came when Tyler went for a flying cross body block from the second turnbuckle and missed. From there Wyatt rolled him up in a small package for the win and to retain his belt.


This was a good night of wrestling. Thanks go out to the wrestlers and the LWA.


LWA Returns to House Springs Mo this weekend. For more info please go to LWA.COM



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