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MWR Event Report: LWA on September 20, 2008

Posted by Admin on September 30, 2008

MWR Event Report:
Lethal Wrestling Alliance on September 20, 2008

By Kari Williams

On September 20 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in O’ Fallon, IL, the LWA brought yet another night of incredible, fast-paced action for all of the 93 fans in attendance, including the Superfans.

Six-Man-Mayhem: Shamus O’ Flannery v. Mephisto v. Michael Morbid v. Adam Rich v. “Thee” Brandon Espinosa v. Billy McNeil

Bodies flew every which way in the opening bout of the evening as these six men battled it out for an opportunity at the LWA Medallion. Every wrestler showcased his physical attributes, proving that they all deserved the win. This mayhem kicked off the show in tremendous fashion and set the stage for what would come. In the closing moments, Space Station Eleven’s own Billy McNeil pulled off an impressive victory.

Billy McNeil def. O’ Flannery, Mephisto, Morbid, Rich and Espinosa by pinning Espinosa after a neckbreaker.

Dorian Victor & Darin Childs v. “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy & JC Bravo

Two IWA-Texas stars, Childs and Bravo made their debuts in LWA. Both had a good showing, despite the dislike showed by the Superfans. Victor and Kennedy worked as cohesive units with their respective partners, showcasing the level of talent on the roster. In typical fashion, Victor and Childs attempted to cheat their way to victory on numerous occassions. However, it was not to be.

“Spoiled” Steven Kennedy & JC Bravo def. Dorian Victor & Darin Childs when Kennedy pinned Victor.

Luke Roberts’ Statement

Roberts made a point to come out and let all of the fans, as well as those in the locker room, know the consequences that may occur throughout the evening. He stated that if even one man from either the Bearded Men from Space Station Eleven or the Submission Squad came to the ring for any reason other than his match, every member from both factions would be immediately suspended for 60 days.

“Blackheart” Johnny Vinyl & “Spitfire” Davey Vega v. Evan Gelistico & Gary the Barnowl

After the no-contest in August between the Submission Squad and the Bearded Men, both teams sought vengeance. Gelistico and Gary dominated the majority of the match, which caused Vega to say “What you don’t know is that he’s got this perfectly under control,” referring to Vinyl, who had suffered some brutal punishment. The outcome of the match proved that Vinyl truly did have everything under control, as he knocked out Gelistico with a crowbar.

“Blackheart” Johnny Vinyl & “Spitfire” Davey Vega def. Evan Gelistico & Gary the Barnowl when Vinyl hit Gelistico with a crowbar.

Michael Elgin v. Andrew Davis

In a battle of newcomers, neither man had the ability to win over the crowd, despite their athleticism and ability in the ring. Elgin and Davis wrestled a solid match filled with technical prowess, but with neither suceeding in gaining the fans acceptance, one could hardly know whom he or she wanted to win.

Michael Elgin def. Andrew Davis

Dingo v. JT Lamotta

This fast-paced bout began with an impressive display of chain wrestling, immediately followed by a standoff between Dingo and the IWA-Texas star. The match showcased the greatest talent in the area, and beyond, giving all in attendance a look at the best wrestling in the area. Lamotta showed his skill and tenacity, and although he came up short, proved that he warrants a return to the LWA.

Dingo def. JT Lamotta with a roll-up while holding the tights.

First Blood Match for the Heavyweight Title: “Future” Donovan Ruddick v. XXX Jordan Lacey

Ruddick and Lacey tore each other apart in their quests to retain or gain the title. They literally held nothing back as a ladder, a steel chair, a street sign, and even broken glass were brought into the mix. At one point, Lacey pummeled Ruddick with consecutive chair shots to the back. The broken glass became Ruddick’s downfall, despite him being the one to bring it into the mix.

XXX Jordan Lacey def. “Future” Donovan Ruddick by drawing first blood on broken shards of glass

The Aftermath

Only seconds after the bell rang, the Submission Squad attacked Lacey, prompting the Bearded Men—and the rest of the locker room—to come to the aid of their respective parties. Luke Roberts was at a loss of what to do, considering his threat earlier in the evening. During the ruckus, Lacey suffered an injury causing the show to end with a somber feeling.

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