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Dubi Meets the 3XWrestling fans January 2011

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 3, 2011

By Dubray Tallman

Hello everybody, Dubray here once again to ring in the new year as we had the very first Dubi Meets the fans for 2011 in Des Moines Iowa at 3XWrestling. The show was on a Friday so we both took personal days so we could not miss the main event of Mark Sterling taking on Jeremy Wyatt in a 60 minute Iron Man match.

We packed for two nights as we planned on staying in Des Moines as we were going to head to Kansas City for Metro Pro Wrestling the following night for Metro Pro Wrestling TV Champion Trevor Murdock defending his title against my very favorite Derek Stone.

Brian had met up with a new friend from Iowa and they were talking about Central
States Wrestling back in the day and before I knew it the doors opened early for the fans that had bought tickets in advance.


Elizabeth Robb and the New 3XW Tag Team Champions The Horndogs

The first lady I met were Elizabeth Robb from Des Moines Iowa. This was Elizabeths first time at 3xwrestling and she had came with her cousins to see what she was missing. Elizabeth wanted to get her picture with the Canadian Sex Icon Ryan Slade, but Slade had left the building after his match so Elizabeth took the chance to get her picture with the Horndogs, Krotch and Maddog McDowell.


Tyler Lindsey and Jonathan West.

Up next was the very excited Tyler Lindsey. Tyler quickly got permission from his family to be a part of Dubi meets the fans. Tylers pick was the young star Jon West.


PWI Photographer Wayne McCarty and Dubi meets the fans own Dubray Tallman.

Brian was excited about the chance to meet Wayne McCarty who I was told is one of the premier wrestling photographers in the country. Wayne wore the MWR shirt as he took photographs throughout the exciting night of wrestling throughout the evening.


Connor Olson with Sir Bradley Charles

The next group was a father and son duo from Ames Iowa Chad and Connor Olson. They were big fans that have been coming since last march to 3Xwrestling. Connor has great taste in his wrestlers as he chose the 2010 MWR Future Star of the Year Sir Bradley Charles and took the picture without his father.


Samantha and her husband Cory Sorter with Zach Thompson.

During the show I met two new friends Samantha and her husband Cory Sorter. They were partying after the show at 3XW’S after party at Z’s Bar but prior to that they got their picture taken with “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson .

The following evening we made our way to Metro Pro Wrestling. MPW is a promotion that is running on all cylinders with some exciting wrestling and some very interesting feuds. As you may have heard my man Derek Stone took down the Champ, Trevor Murdock to become the MPW TV Champion.

A great weekend of wrestling and good times with the fans and staff at 3XWrestling, if you get a chance I urge you to check out 3XWrestling this coming Friday Feburary 4th


and Metro Pro Wrestling

on March 5th for another TV taping.

Till the next time,
Love ya

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Wayne McCarty contributing photographer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated/The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling covers the huge 3XWrestling show with Sterling vs Wyatt Iron Man match.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 22, 2011


Jimmy Rockwell and Sir Bradley Charles explodes on Ricky Kwong (Photo Credit Wayne McCarty )

It was only fitting that the biggest match of the year, Mark Sterling vs Jeremy Wyatt 60 minute Iron Man match would bring out the top guys in our industry. One of the top photographers in the world, Wayne McCarty was on hand to photograph the historic evening in Des Moines Iowa at 3XW.

It was a pleasure to meet the man who runs the Midwestindywrestling.com website.

For a recap of the show from McCarty click here.

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World known Photographer Wayne McCarty covers 3XW Des Moines, IA from 8/6/2010

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 19, 2010

Briasn Ash puts the boots to Maddog McDowell.(Photo Credit Wayne McCarty)

I cant believe that I missed this but one of the very best photographers in the world today Wayne McCarty was in Des Moines Iowa in August to cover 3XWrestlings King of Des Moines Tournament.

I will give you the start of his blog and I highly recommend you add him to your favorites.

From Wayne McCarty at Midwest Indy Wrestling

For the first time since October 2007 I made my way down to Des Moines, Iowa for a 3XW card. Int the three years the 3XW roster has not changed much as many of the same guys were since the last time. One thing that has changed is the location for their events. 3XW now runs out of the Des Moines Social Club in down town Des Moines. This card was the second annual King of Des Moines tournament that featured 8 of 3XW’s best wrestlers and two title matches.

For the rest of his post and the great photos from that event click here.

Wayne is a pro wrestling ring side photographer based in the Minneapolis area. Since 2003 I’ve been a contributing photographer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated/The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling. His photos have also appeared in The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Punk Planet, Out and City Pages

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World League Wrestling Returns in 2010! Plus Amy Hennig in the Inside Wrestling/ The Wrestler

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 24, 2010

Missouri Wrestling Revival fans have asked me for the past couple of weeks, when will our friends at World League Wrestling next show will be? You will not have to wait much longer because in the Month of March when WLW returns.

Saturday March 6th
El Dorado Srpings Mo

Ticket Outlets
Community bank
Liberty Bank
Smokers Outlet
Mike and Joe’s Service

Saturday March 13th
Summersville MO

Ticket Outlets
Community Bank–Summersville Mo
Community Bank–Houston Mo
Community Bank–Eminence Mo
Stop and Spot–Summersville Mo

What you can’t wait for the next WLW show. Go to your favorite bookstore to pick up the brand new copy of Inside Wrestling and The Wrestler magazine then read Brady Hicks brand new article that covers WLW Superstar Amy Hennig along with photography by Wayne McCarty as she battles Ann Brookstone.

A great read for any wrestling fan as Amy looks to make a name for herself in 2010. The Inside Wresting and The Wrestler is TWO magazines in one.

For more information on World Leauge Wrestling check out their website here.

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MWR Spotlight: Shane Hollister

Posted by Admin on July 11, 2008

A Closer Look at Shane Hollister

by Andrew Scott

[Shane Hollister captured in a photo as he enters the cage. Photo by soon-to-be-profiled photographer, Wayne McCarty.]

Growing up in Davenport, Iowa, Shane Hollister always wanted to be a professional wrestler. He was five years old when he and his dad watched wrestling on TV, his favorite wrestler being Shawn Michaels. From then on he was hooked. Friends and family always knew that he wanted to be a wrestler, but it wasn’t until the age of thirteen that he personally realized it. These same friends and family hoped he would eventually grow out of the obsession to wrestle.

His chance finally came and his dream started becoming a reality when he was in his last year of high school. Shane was in the eleventh grade with Danny Daniels and had a few friends that were in a pro wrestling school in Chicago, Illinois. In his senior year, Shane finally started training to be a pro wrestler. He originally hadn;t planned on training until after he graduated, but since his trainer started traveling to Davenport it made it a lot easier to train and do schoolwork.

After lots of hard work and grueling training, Shane was finally able to live his dream and have the first match of his young wrestling career. I asked Shane to describe his first match and how it affected him.

He replied, “Wow, my first match was very bad. I had the worst set of butterflies I have ever had in my life, but I was in there with very good wrestlers who I learned alot from. They say in this business you continue to learn until you don’t want to learn anymore. I would say you learn something new everytime you step through those ropes.

So far Shane has been pretty lucky on the injury side of wrestling and hasn’t had any major injuries. Getting his two front teeth shoved up to the roof of his mouth and a having his nose broken are his two battle scars.

Getting hurt and just going to get it fixed up is all just part of the job,” he said.

I asked Shane if at anytime he felt like he ever wanted to quit wrestling and he told me with a very confident answer, “No, I haven’t ever felt like leaving this business for one second. I love it so much.

Shane has been in many matches so far, but his most memorable match in his own eyes was a tag match with Bryce Benjamin against Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, the Murder City Machine Guns (known in Total Nonstop Action as the Motor City Machine Guns). Speaking of Alex Shelley, Shane’s dream match is to have a singles match with him. If any promotions need a great main event then book this match. I know I would pay to see it.

Shane’s ultimate goal is the same as almost any pro wrestler, and that is to be on the biggest stage in pro wrestling, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Shane has won a few championship belts along the way. He is the Scott County Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and is also currently the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Iowa State Champion. He was also just crowned one half of the AAW Tag Team Champions. He has been a part of Scott County Wrestling, All American Wrestling, Ultimate Wrestling Alliance, 3XWrestling, F1rst Wrestling, Heartland Wrestling Association, and Luchacore, among numerous others.

While on the road traveling from promotion to promotion, wrestlers get pretty bored in cars. Shane told me that when he travels, he has to find fun things to do to keep entertained. One thing he does for fun on these roadtrips is making big signs to show to cars. He said it is fun to see what kind of reaction he can get from people.

My favorite sign has to be ‘I like to cuddle’. I love women’s responses. They look at you like, ‘oh, how cute’ or ‘oh, how creepy’. I love it!

If you ever see a bunch of guys throwing up signs in a car window, remember that it’s probably a group of traveling wrestlers. You just might get to “cuddle”.

Shane has not been contacted by WWE or TNA yet, but he said that he has been in dark matches for Ring of Honor (ROH) wrestling recently. This is yet another step in his progression as a wrestler. I have no doubt that he will be wrestling on ROH DVD and Pay-Per-View soon.

Shane says that if you want to be a wrestler, “learn as much as you can and always ask for advice. Remember there is always someone who has been doing it longer and better than you.” Great advice for anybody, regardless of occupation.

The last part of this report is something new that I decided to try out. I asked a few wrestlers that have been around or worked with Shane in the ring to say a few words about him. This is what they said:

Tyler Black – “He is one of my best friends and has a very bright future in the business. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him making an impact in a major way before the decade is up.

Trik Davis – “Shane Hollister is easily one of the top up and comers in all of the Midwest. With his quick feet and lighting-fast right hands, he can go strike for strike with pretty much anyone. Even with only two years under his belt he has held his own with such wrestlers as Chris Hero, Jimmy Jacobs, Alex Shelley, Tyler Black, and Chris Sabin. This makes me believe that in another two years Shane should be one of the top Indy stars in the country.”

Mark Sterling – “Cool Hair. On ROH’s regular roster with in the next year.”

“Anarchist” Arik Cannon – “Shane Hollister is what many call an ‘up and comer’. The kid has loads of potential, and he’s slowly making his mark in the Midwest. In my opinion, he’s definitely somebody to watch. He’s an asset to any show he’s on, and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

That does it for me and this closer look at a great pro wrestler from right here in the Midwest. I want to personally thank Shane Hollister for putting up with all of my questions and allowing me to write this report about him. There were a few times that I told Shane that this will be the last question and before I knew it I was asking another one. Shane graciously answered it. I feel like I have a new friend in Shane after writing this report. Thank you again, Shane. You are an amazing wrestler and I can’t wait for that one day that we will all see you on TV. I have no doubt that it won’t be long!

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