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DI-The Podcast episode #3 (With MWR Editor Brian Kelley)

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 15, 2014

 photo WLWDeslodge188_zps6b8fba0e.jpg

The Drill Instructor tries to maintain an order as a special ref during the WLW Title Match between Trent Stone and Trevor Murdock., – Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat

Editors Note: Last week I was thrilled to be a guest on former Pro wrestler and author of his own story “Blood, Tables and Chairs”  the Drill Instructor‘s new podcast DI Podcast “Blowin the Smoke, Chewin the Fat and Spittin’ the Truth….Please take the time to listen as we  talk pro wrestling in the Midwest, Young stars to look out for , upcoming shows, how you can train with Chris Hero, Wrestlemania and the Ultimate Warrior….A fun time…

From the Drill Instructor


Check out the latest episode of my podcast. I sit down with Brian Kelley of Missouri Wrestling Revival and talk pro wrestling in the Midwest. Check it out and hit the follow button. http://www.spreaker.com/user/di-thepodcast/di-the-podcast-episode-3


 photo bloodtableandchairs_zps1d6e4f32.jpg

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Mike Van Hoogstraat’s World League Wrestling 7/17/10 recap Murdoch VS Stone and Hennig vs Santana G

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 2, 2010

WLW’s Johnny Gold shows the support to the WLW (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Ryan Drago clamps on the full nelson on Jack Gamble. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Gamble turns the tide on Drago.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Gamble uses the speed to his advantage. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

High risk move from Gamble. Will it pay off ?(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Drago moves out of the way while Gamble comes crashing down. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Drago gets the win. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Ryan Drago d. Jack Gamble

“The Icon” Chris Hargus returned to WLW. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Dave Vaughn with a nasty uppercut (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Hargus is about to get the boot from Vaughn. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Vaughn was determined to get the win. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Now that’s a drop kick. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

An impressive showing from Chris Hargus in Park Hills Missouri.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Chris Hargus d. David Vaughn

The fan favorite Cancun Kid. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

The Cancun Kid and Ethan Wright go toe to toe. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Ethan Wright puts the boots to the Cancun Kid.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Referee Mark Wilson raises the hand of the Cancun Kid. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

The Cancun Kid d. Ethan Wright

Santana G (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Amy Hennig and Santana G looks to be the future of women’s wrestling(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Santana G cranks on the arm of the WLW Champion. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

These girls are not just a pretty face as these two can go. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Just when Hennig thought she had Santana G where she wanted her, the tide quickly turned. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Santana G rocks Amy Hennig.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

1-2-3 for the tough win (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat.)

Amy Hennig proves that she is the very best in the female division in the Midwest today by just edging out the popular and upstart Santana G (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

WLW Womens Champ Amy Hennig d. Santana G

Sterling will tell anyone that will listen that he and Fender are the very best today. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

One of the true power men of the Midwest is Brian Breaker. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Jones sends a message to Sterling early on that he and Breaker have their sights set on the WLW Tag Team Championship.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Jason Jones lands a big body slam(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Fender and Sterling are two of the very best today.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Jason Jones is a heavy hitter. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Jones grimaces in pain from the powerful kicks on Fender. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

You can make the caption. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Breaker lands a flying elbow.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

A punishing chop(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Sterling finds himself in the wolves den. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

A smile of a man who has a very bright future in this sport. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Sterling pleads to Jones not to drop Fender in an adverted DDT. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

A master technician Sterling takes out the legs of Breaker. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

A beautiful superkick from Fender (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

A perfect bridge for the win on Mark Sterling. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

WLW Tag Champs Superstar Steve & Mark Sterling d. Brian Breaker & Jason Jones.

The leather becomes a vicious weapon. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Stone pulled out all the stops. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Clothesline by Trevor Murdoch. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Powerful spear from Stone on Trevor Murdoch(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Stone was so close to getting that final touch for the win and become a two time champion (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Murdoch makes Stone pay!(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Stone feels the pain.(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Special guest referee the Drill Instructor raised the hand of WLW Champion Trevor Murdoch. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

WLW Heavyweight Champ Trevor Murdoch d. Trent Stone in a strap match

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Blood Tables and Chairs “The Story of an independent Wrestler” Book Review

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 27, 2010

By Brian Kelley


I just purchased the brand new book by Dennis T McHawes called Blood, Tables and Chairs and must admit that I could not put the book down. McHawes wrestled as one of the favorite Indy stars of the Midwest in the 90’s going by the name of the DRILL INSTRUCTOR.

I had the chance to see him wrestle several times in Boonville, Missouri with his tag team partner Johnny Jett for a promotion that I cannot recall and recall him becoming an important member of Harley Race’s World League Wrestling.
The books first words are ….. “ST Louis – The Checkerdome – 1982” and young Dennis is attending his very first wrestling match. He is excited and makes no qualms about it. McHawes does not deny that he was a fan of wrestling and because of that you find yourself cheering him on. The Drill Instructor would debut at the historic South Broadway Athletic club and Dennis goes into detail about how he went about getting his foot in the door.

Throughout the book, MWR readers will recognize some of the names that he worked with. The Magic Man, Trevor Murdoch, Rick Ruby, Matt Murphy, Pete Madden, Derek Stone and Steve Fender are all included as McHawes lets us in on his ups and downs in his career. Readers will also learn that during his time with Harley Race, McHawes had the opportunity of working and partying with wrestling stars like Meng, Abdullah and even the great Harley Race himself.

He continues to share stories of Koko B Ware and former NHL Star Tony Twist, gives a true insight of how it felt to share a dream with tag team partner and friend Johnny Jett, only to have life move them in opposite directions. You’ll learn about his opinion concerning certain promoters and what kind of advice not to take from the Iron Sheik.

His trips to working for WWE marked the highlights of this book for me. He lets his guard down for the readers, who are therefore able to truly feel how much he and other wrestlers wanted to impress.
You will also not want to miss his reflection on his relationship with Race. Most of us never get to work so closely and become friends with one of the greats. In all walks of life, you have friendships that have highs and lows. In the end you can really get a feel for how thankful McHawes is towards the people who helped him.

For only $12.00, I highly recommend that you purchase this book You can purchase it at Amazon.com 

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Blood, Tables and Chairs (Volume 1)

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 5, 2010

By Dennis T McHawes

A back jarring, bone breaking, bloody look at life on the road as an independent professional wrestler. A combat veteran of a Desert Storm, Marine, Dennis McHawes, left the military and began his battles in the squared circle. He enters the brutal, secretive and sometimes hilarious world of professional wrestling. From packed arenas to empty banquet halls, The Drill Instructor takes you through a career that span the better part of 9 years and thousands of miles. It is an honest look of how the business works and the people that make up one of America’s favorite hobbies. This explores the dark side of wrestling as well as bright, comical side of what happens in the ring. The story is told from a unique perspective that is rarely told, the guy trying to make it and having short trips to the big stage and then returning to the small venues. The travels include spots around the entire Midwest and the names are some of the biggest in the sport today and yesterday. A must read for the wrestling fan as well as those who enjoy a good story. There are no punches pulled and there is plenty of Blood, Tables and Chairs.

About the Author
Dennis T. McHawes: Raised in the small town of Herculaneum ,about 30 miles south of St. Louis, Dennis left home at 17 to join the United States Marine Corps. He found himself in a combat zone 6 months after graduation in Operation Desert Storm. In 1994, he was Honorably Discharged, moved back home and attended the police academy. He also began his career as a Professional Wrestler that fall going by the name “The Drill Instructor” During a career that lasted nine years he became the Missouri Heavyweight Champion, Missouri Tag Team Champion on several occasions and the World’s Champion for Harley Race’s World League Wrestling. He enjoyed a successful career that was highlighted with the opportunities to work for the major companies in the business. Since retiring from wrestling Dennis has continued his career in law enforcement as well as coaching high school football and running a successful photography studio, McHawes Photography. He spends his time being a Dad, taking pictures, writing and enjoying good music and a good cigar. He resides in Festus, Missouri. He is married to Gayla and has three children Denny, Madison and Marli.

To get your hands on a copy and support a former Midwest wrestler click here… I have!

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