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MWR Missouri Champion Barackus vs Ace Hawkins at MMWA’s Lone Survivor on Feb 11th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 31, 2017


MMWA presents Lone Survivor on 2/11/2017
Part 2 of the Championship Series
Brandon Espinosa (0-1 0pts) vs Moondog (0-1 0pts)


Garrett Shanks vs AJ Williams


MMWA presents Lone Survivor on 2/11/2017
Part 2 of the Championship Series
Da’Marius Jones (0-1 0pts) vs J-Mal Swagg (1-0 3pts)


MMWA presents Lone Survivor on 2/11/2017
Part 2 of the Championship Series
Ace Hawkins (1-0 2pts) vs Barackus (c) (1-0 3pts)


02/11/2017 MMWA (St. Louis, Missouri) @the Historic South Broadway Athletic Club 2301 South 7th Street Tickets 1-314-776- 4833

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PGP January 28th in Illiopolis, Illinois Stephen Wolf , Mario Crivello, Blake Belakis

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 20, 2017


Bunkers Rocked With Addition Of Jason Saint To THE JOB

Bunkers (220 Old Route 36, Illiopolis, IL) is blowing up for THE JOB!!! January 28th (Saturday) just got even better…. PGP has been informed by Jason Saint that he will be representing international star and former Middle Kingdom Wrestling Champion,”The Arrogant Atheist” Dalton Bragg. Mr. Bragg (w/ Jason Saint) is returning from China for a rare U.S. appearance before leaving to compete in Mexico. Seemingly money is no object for Dalton Bragg as he has retained the services of Jason Saint to represent him during his limited U.S. appearances, including his trip to Proving Ground Pro on January 28th.


We received a correspondence, after an apparent scouting trip, from Mr. Saint with a number of complaints including the height of the ceiling at Bunkers, the temperature of the beer at Bunkers, the lack of European or Chinese imports at Bunkers and the average IQ/ income of the native Illiopolis population. In response we promise to bring extra ice if they (Dalton & Jason) bring their own import “Fancy” beverages…And, we wish Dalton Bragg (and Mr. Jason Saint) good luck with not one, but TWO opponents as we now have another 3 Way Dance on the card at THE JOB. The “Arrogant Atheist” Dalton Bragg (w/ Jason Saint) will now face both C.J. Shine and Pat Monix!!!….This is flat out AWESOME!!!

THE JOB is the best damn night of independent professional wrestling in Central Illinois, look at this amazing card….7 matches of pure Proving Ground Pro mayhem… Two separate Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament qualifiers with “Leader of the Pack” Stephen Wolf vs. “BuckNasty” Bucky Collins (w/ Zeke Zshe) and “Iron Demon” Shane Mercer vs.“Bad Wolf” Blake Belakis (The winner of the 2017 RBMT will receive the vacant PGP Franchise Title)…Tag team Title 3 Way Dance with PGP champs Alpha Class (Danny Adams and Paco Gonzalez) vs The Curse (Draconis and Ovirload) vs Krotch & Dante LeoneMario Crivello in a classic confrontation versus Latin Thunder…”Fashionista” Marek Brave battles “War Horse” Jake Parnell… Twitter exclusive announcement ( @pgpwrestling ) has Barackus & Gyasi returning to face Eddie Machete & Xander Killen…And now we add “Arrogant Atheist” Dalton Bragg (w/ Jason Saint) vs. C.J. Shine vs Pat Monix in a second 3 Way Dance for THE JOB!!! You legitimately DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!

THE JOB happens at Bunkers (220 Old State Route 36, Illiopolis, IL) on January 28th (Saturday) with doors open at 6:30 PM and the JOB starting at 7 PM. Tickets for this monstorous night are only $10 adults and $7 kids. Save a couple,e bucks with $8 adults and $5 kids advance tickets available until day of show at Bunkers and The Riverton Party Store ( or message us on PGP social media)… Follow PGP on all our social media fronts, Proving Ground Pro on Facebook, @pgpwrestling on Twitter, pgpwrestletube on YouTube and PGPWrestling on Vid.me….Exciting times to be a PGP fan….TRUTH!!!
It really doesn’t get any cooler than this….ENTER THE PROVING GROUND!!!

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BREAKING: Barackus Defeats Brandon Espinosa to Capture MWR’s Missouri Heavyweight Championship.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 14, 2017


Photo edited by Derek Sharp from Curtain Jerker Designs.

Tonight, history was made at the historic South Broadway Athletic Club as the monster known as Barackus locked in his powerful claw onto Brandon Espinosa, then slammed him hard onto the mat for the 1-2-3 from referee Jay King to become the third Missouri Wrestling Revival Missouri Champion.

We hope to have more details as they come in from the packed house at MMWA.


Congratulations to Barackus and best of luck to any wrestler that is brave enough to challenge the new Champion for the title in 2017.

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Pro Wrestling Resurgence Street Fight in Swansea -Danny Adams and Barackus

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 8, 2016

Results courtesy of Ben Simon


Sean Orleans announced that Pro Wrestling Resurgence will return on January 14th. They will begin their tournament to crown the first ever Resurgence Champion! Keep an eye out for details TBA soon!




Paco Gonzalez d. Kevin Lee Davidson with a crucifix (7:47).





-Brandon Aarons d. Seabass after a superkick (9:17).




-Gary Jay d. Jason Roberts with a roaring elbow (7:48).





-“Risky Business” Everett Connors d. Mike Outlaw by countout (10:46).




-Brandon Espinosa d. Donovan Danhausen via cross-armbreaker (9:52).







-The Submission Squad(Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy) d. Austin Blackburn & Matt Kenway; Pierre pinned Kenway by blocking a re-entry sunset flip while holding onto Gelistico for illegal leverage (10:53).











-“The Millenial” Danny Adams d. Barackus in a street fight; Adams won with a guillotine lock as both men were tied up in the ropes (14:28).

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Mike Sydal Retains HRW Championship, Justin D’Air Gets Revenge, Espy Continues to roll, BABEWATCH is Back

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 30, 2016

Add the High Risk Wrestling Facebook Page here so you can check out the full photo recap later this week, thanks to HRW Promoter Frank Thurman


Fans enjoyed the St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame on tour was in attendance in Warsaw, Missouri for HRW





Kiyoshi Shizuka d. Elvis Aliaga & Danny Adams (triple)






Barackus d. Kevin Lee Davidson








Missouri Wrestling Revival Missouri Champion Brandon Espinosa d. Jack Gamble





Paco Gonzalez fought Jay Howard to a time limit draw










Brandon Espinosa & Brandon Aarons d. Jack Gamble & Matt Kenway to win the vacant HRW Tag Titles












HRW Heavyweight Champ Mike Sydal d. Tony Kozina













Justin D’Air d. Mike Outlaw to win the HRW Mayhem title

High Risk Wrestling Presents “Final Fight” on Friday, December 2nd, at the Warsaw Community Building in Downtown Warsaw, Missouri! The doors open at 7:00PM and The First Bell is at 8:00PM!

After reviewing the footage from October 21st in the HRW Championship Match, it’s obvious that Tony Kozina’s foot was on the rope before the 3 count!

Therefore, after having two great matches against the Champion and there yet to be a clear winner, Tony Kozina absolutely deserves another rematch!

However, since I had already signed the Championship match for December 2nd, prior to October 21st, it can’t be then.

After Talking with Tony, he said that he doesn’t want to make excuses and doesn’t want anything handed to him.

Per his request, Mr. Kozina will be in a number one contenders match on December 2nd, so that he can earn his way back into Title contention!

His opponent will be named next week!

I can now officially announce the Championship match for “Final Fight”!

Champion, Mike Sydal will have his toughest challenge to date as he will defend against a former ROH World Champion / former TNA – Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champion, who is known around the World as one of The Best Technical Wrestlers alive today!

 photo 12549054_1029184653789839_5139631570860566486_n_zpshp2lrsjj.jpg

HRW High Risk Championship Match!
“The Yoga Monster” Mike Sydal (c) VS “The American Wolf” Davey Richards

Also featuring:

High Risk Women’s Match!
“Miss Natural” Heather Patera VS Angelina Love

NEW Ticket Prices are in effect!

All tickets are for Ringside!

$15 for Adult’s

$10 for Kids 10 years old and younger

To reserve tickets, just send HRW a message with your name and number of tickets needed!

HRW’s “Final Fight”
Friday, December 2nd
Doors 7:00PM, Bell 8:00PM

Warsaw Community Building
181 W. Harrison
Warsaw, MO.

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History Made: Brandon Espinosa Defends MWR MO Championship at SBAC

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 22, 2016

By Patrick Brandmeyer
Photo Credit Brian Kelley

The show started with a ten-bell salute for Muhammad Ali.

Brandon Aarons vs. “Infamous” Tyler Copeland for the MMWA Jr. Heavyweight Title:





These guys have been around the horn a few times and had a good solid opener; Aarons won with the close-range superkick in 9:47. Copeland complained that he wasn’t adequately prepared since the match was the opener(suuuuure) and wanted a rematch, even offering to put his hair on the line. Copeland doesn’t have a whole lot to sacrifice in that regard, but Aarons accepted the challenge and the match was set for July 9th. If that stipulation went both ways, the female fans would have heart attacks over the prospect of Aarons’ luxurious locks being in jeopardy…in all heterosexuality, the man has a tremendous head of hair.


Tag Team Champion Brandon Espinosa vs. “The Millenial” Danny Adams for the Missouri Wrestling Revival Missouri Title: This was the first appearance of the MWR MO belt at South Broadway. Espy & Ace Hawkins’ Tag Title feud with The Family (Prince Moses & Damion Cortess) seems to be on the back burner as Moses is out of action with an injury. Espy referenced the fact that he and Adams both train with Michael Elgin, so he has a bit more respect for Adams than for a lot of the guys in the locker room.





They had a really good matchup that got a lot of time; Adams is progressing nicely and has been getting his name on people’s radars in recent months. The cross-armbreaker is a tough hold to transition into professional wrestling as people are expected to fight through the pain of submission holds…however, this particular maneuver can legitimately break an arm if fully applied for enough time.



In that regard, a wrestler/fighter is likely to surrender quickly rather than risk a major injury. (I say this as someone who is not well-versed in the mixed martial arts world, so bear with my relative ignorance.) Espinosa won with the aforementioned hold in 16:19(!), but not without a strong effort on Adams’ part…they shook hands afterwards, though Espy was still a bit dismissive of his opponent’s efforts.

Damion Cortess vs. Barackus: The big man turned on The Family in May to cost Moses & Cortess the Tag Titles to Espinosa & Ace Hawkins.







This one didn’t even get started as the combatants brawled at ringside until Hawkins blindsided Cortess, leading to a two-on-one attack. With Moses on the disabled list, it seemed like no one was available to help Cortess…but he got assistance from a surprise source in the form of J-Mal Swagg. Commissioner Jim Harris ordered an impromptu tag match as a result…playa.

J-Mal Swagg & Damion Cortess vs. Tag Team Champion “The” Ace Hawkins & Barackus: Swagg has his own fanbase at South Broadway, so this change of attitude seemed like a natural progression. he rulebreaking duo took a walk for the countout in 11:49; by that, I mean Barackus walked out with Hawkins slung over his shoulder. Heh.

Moondog Rover vs. “The Incredible” Matt Kenway (Look At Him): When I don’t make it to an MMWA event, I watch the archived webcast. The commentary is provided by The Dirty Heinous Show and “Dirty” is the main guy on the mic…his insistent reference to THE INCREDIBLE MATT KENWAY LOOK AT HIM created my above designation. (To be fair, being the only pale white guy in the building with cornrows probably prompted a few awkward glances at the May show.) At this show, the commentary was primarily provided by Evan Gelistico and Mike Outlaw, creating the unusual setup of a St. Louis Anarchy guy and a Dynamo Pro guy (respectively) calling an MMWA show. Moondog OVAH~! tends to be the fan favorite by default…whoever he’s facing rarely gets cheered against him, so opponents just have to go with that flow.







The Incredible Matt Kenway Look At Him tried to take out the leg, but Moondog simply overpowered him and won with a World’s Strongest Slam in 5:33. After the match, Gelistico left the webcast position and entered the ring with a chair…Rover turned his attention to Evan, setting up The Incredible Matt Kenway Look At Him to deliver a low blow from behind. Gelistico beat down Moondog with a chair until Big Hoffarth hit the ring to run him off; Evan and The Incredible Matt Kenway Look At Him left together.





“Da Bomb” Brian James vs. Big Jim Hoffarth for the T.V. Title: All things considered, Big Jim probably didn’t need to go back to the dressing room as he was in the next matchup; that left the door open for James to attack him from behind as he made his re-entrance. Jimmy D came out to ringside but didn’t actively get involved; his presence was probably a distraction to the challenger as they’ve had issues in recent months. James won with the sitout gourdbuster (not an easy task given Hoffarth’s size) in 6:56; Jimmy D made fun of Hoffarth’s losing effort afterwards, but D had his own matters to attend to.



Shaft vs. “The Enforcer” Jimmy D, loser-wears-a-dress match: The stipulation said that the loser would be forced to wear a dress for all of his subsequent wrestling appearances in the MMWA. Shaft has been a consistent presence at local wrestling shows but hasn’t competed regularly in several years. Jim Hoffarth took a seat at ringside, looking for some payback for Jimmy D’s earlier actions.








Jimmy D appeared to be the more ring-ready of the two, but Hoffarth’s distraction allowed Shaft to get the rollup pin in 7:14. Unfortunately Jim Harris didn’t have a full-fledged dress for D to wear, instead opting for a black skirt that didn’t look all that notable against D’s dark-colored attire. Harris promised that D would have a brighter-colored ensemble when he faces Hoffarth in July.






“Night Train/Great One/Gorgeous” Gary Jackson vs. “2.0” Da’Marius Jones(w/ B.T.) vs. A.J. Williams: B.T. is the former Jackson Whitechapel/Clownman Jacko and he brought a stop sign to the ring. Since this match format is no-DQ anyway, B.T. blatantly whacked Jackson with the sign in the early going, prompting a fight at ringside between the champion and Jones’ security man. Since Jones and Williams are tag team partners, the main question was whether a split would occur over who would get the title-winning victory. We got an answer, but probably not the one we wanted…Williams locked Jackson in a Sharpshooter while Jones hooked a Crippler Crossface at the same time. Jackson tapped out in a surprisingly short 6:40…but who was the champion?

MMWA went through a similar situation last year when then-champion Williams fought Jones to a double-fall draw, leading to a title vacancy…and we got the same result here as Harris declared the title to be held up. The championship would be decided in July in a four-corner match involving Jackson, Williams, Jones, and another former champion: Kevin Lee Davidson.

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SICW Wrestling Explosion Classic Wrestling Championship Match: Flash Flanagan (c) vs Ron Powers, Ron Powers interview; Chaz Wesson vs Barackus; Plus a “Special Engagement Match”

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 21, 2015

11/14/2015 Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling (Swansea, Illinois) 8 pm cost $12.00 foe adults 6.00 under 12 618-286-4848

11/21/2015 Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling (East Carondelet, Illinois) 823 State Street Tickets $11.00 adults $6.00 under 12 618-286-4848

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Ron Powers Wins The Brody Memorial Battle Royal by Patrick Brandmeyer

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 14, 2015

All Photos by Brian Kelley

 photo BrodysicwMay-88_zpsnd4aitcr.jpg

Stan Hansen, Ron Powers, Herb Simmons and Barbara Goodish

 photo 0_zpsvhyhj757.jpg

Tim and Jennifer meet Cowboy Bob Orton.

 photo 2_zpsjsh2e0vf.jpg

The fans love the 2014 MWR Wrestler of the Year Ricky Cruz ( top middle) and the Prince of SICW, Keith Smith Jr. (top left)

 photo 1_zpslmxrca4d.jpg

Cowboy Bob Orton was one of the top wrestlers of his day. Here he is seen watching one of his classic matches at the Wrestling at the Chase in between meeting the fans.

 photo 3_zpsykgas69e.jpg

Fans were thrilled to pick up some rare wrestling memorabilia from AWA Ring announcer Mick Karch.

 photo 4_zpsgxjyjc3u.jpg

Brothers on Whatever host Nathan shows his love of Brody along with Big Daddy and Ron Powers.

 photo 36_zpsz9kbkdzl.jpg

These young girls were all smiles at SICW.

 photo 32_zpstjocqymr.jpg

A great opportunity to meet the legends and get there autographs for the past few years has been SICW.

 photo 5_zpso7ygr6id.jpg

Stan Hansen loved to meet his fans young and old.

 photo 7_zpsqtbn2uzk.jpg

A great photo of a father and son along with Mick Karch… This young man wearing the the Andre shirt is so awesome.

 photo 6_zpss3nuzw1k.jpg

The 2013 MWR Wrestler of the Year Jake Dirden made sure to get there early to pick the brain of the legend Stan Hansen for over twenty minutes.

 photo 10_zpsdx5oac7y.jpg

Larry Matysik is one of the greatest wrestling minds today, unfortunately he was unable to be there, but behind every great man is a great women, for Larry it is his lovely wife Pat.

 photo 9_zpseciwpmmg.jpg

Justin Berry rocks the Rob Schamberger Brody shirt while meeting his lovely wife Barbara Goodish.

A standing-room-only audience packed the East Carondelet Community Center for Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling’s biggest show of the year. Fans flooded the building to honor the memories of both the anniversary of “Wrestling At The Chase” and the late King Kong “Bruiser” Brody.

The special guests were out in force. Along with Director Of Affairs Cowboy Bob Orton, the visitors in the house included Brody’s widow Barbara Goodish, Brody’s former tag partner Stan “The Lariat” Hansen, Larry Matysik’s wife Pat, and former AWA announcer Mick Karch. Promoter Herb Simmons acknowledged his guests at the top of the show before ring announcer Drew Abbenhaus kicked off the action.

In the opener, “Dirdey” Jake Dirden joined forces with Bobby D and “Dead Sexy” Daniel Gunner to take on the trio of Brandon Espinosa, “Volatile” Curtis Wylde, and Bubba Troll.

 photo 31_zps1wl4xzg5.jpg

“Volatile” Curtis Wylde was in the house.

 photo 11_zpsajuwj6rf.jpg

 photo 12_zpspub6hx8s.jpg

As always, Wylde was accompanied by his “Number-One Ginja” Wyldefyre.
 photo 13_zpsuoqktfab.jpg

It was a chaotic bout, as one would expect with so much humanity in one ring…as everyone brawled, Wyldefyre accidentally tripped her own man and that led to Bobby D finishing off Wylde with a Pedigree.

Two tough guys did battle as Big Jim Hoffarth locked horns with Ax. The two had crossed paths a few times in recent months without a decisive conclusion and were looking to settle the score on this meaningful night.
 photo 15_zpsyyv3pncq.jpg

 photo 14_zps5nke42nc.jpg

Big Jim with the body slam on Ax.

The battle spilled to the floor in the early minutes and Hoffarth went for a clothesline, but struck the ringpost when Ax moved out of the way. Ax pounced on the injury and targeted the bad limb with no mercy…Big Jim attempted to fight back, but had trouble defending himself and the referee finally stopped the bout out of concern for Hoffarth’s physical well-being. Ax was the winner…but Hoffarth still wanted a piece of his rival.

 photo 20_zpszienjwo8.jpg

Chaz Wesson made quick work of Waco.

“The Old School Warrior” Chaz Wesson was out to make a statement and he did so at the expense of the masked man Waco.

Wesson unleashed a flurry of offense from the opening bell, pinning Waco in about a minute with a cross-bodyblock off the top rope…proving himself worthy of being in the thick of the Classic Wrestling Championship picture.

 photo 18_zpsxyiurkrw.jpg

The Great One Gary Jackso.

“Night Train” Gary Jackson(w/ Big Daddy) had a literally huge task ahead of him in the form of the 300-plus-pound Barackus.

Jackson was attempting to rebound from his April loss of the Classic Title to Flash Flanagan, but he had trouble dealing with the size disadvantage. Barackus crushed the veteran with a huge Samoan Drop, but experience was the deciding factor as Barackus took his time on the pin attempt.
 photo 19_zps98bjmwh4.jpg

That allowed Gary to crucifix his shoulders to the mat for the pinfall, using the big man’s own size against him.

Herb Simmons interviewed Stan Hansen and Barbara Goodish about the night’s main event: The Bruiser Brody Memorial Battle Royal. As noted, the bout held special significance for them due to their respective connections to its namesake…many contenders would be in the ring to earn that trophy, but only one could walk away with it.

Midwest newcomer Paloma Starr went one-on-one with “The Queen Of Chaos” Lucy Mendez…the two had a wild fight in a mixed tag the previous month, but this time there would be no tag team partners to hold them back.

 photo 17_zpsr4m3qmrg.jpg

Paloma Starr has the 2014 MWR Female Wrestler of the Year Lucy Mendez in deep trouble.

 photo 16_zpsoaoqmmii.jpg

Starr had the power advantage, but Lucy’s experience would play a pivotal role in this one. She managed to outmaneuver Paloma and deliver a hanging DDT for the victory, continuing her run of success in the St. Louis area.

Two men at career crossroads faced each other as Keith Smith Jr. collided with “Ironman” Ken Kasa (accompanied by Travis Cook). Kasa was hoping to get back on track toward the Classic Wrestling Championship while the upstart Smith had his sights set on his first one-on-one victory.

 photo 22_zpsqvlw3yhj.jpg

Kasa established his early dominance with his signature shotgun dropkick right after the opening bell…he could have ended the match at that point, but chose to dish out more punishment. Chaz Wesson came out to root for his protege and that drew the ire of Travis Cook…however, the manager accidentally distracted his own charge and Keith Jr. was able to fire back with a football-style leg dive.
 photo 21_zpszmahyjei.jpg

With Kasa down on the mat, Smith hooked his father’s signature figure-four leglock and Kasa was forced to tap out!

After the match, things broke down between Kasa and Cook…Kasa was able to leave the ring without his manager, but caught him in the act of attempting a cheapshot with a chain around his fist. Kasa cornered Cook and prepared to lower the boom, but his stablemate Chris Hargas clipped his injured knee from behind. Hargas and Cook dished out a two-on-one beatdown on the wounded competitor, essentially downsizing Ken Kasa from the Travis Cook Organization.

 photo 23_zpsh7rswxc4.jpg

The end of an era as Travis Cook turns on the former SICW Champion Ken Kasa.

Travis Cook had a full evening as Hargas teamed with the Mongolian madman Attila Khan against the unlikely duo of Ricky Cruz and Ron Powers. The longtime rivals had common enemies and worked surprisingly well against Cook’s team, but underhanded tactics made the difference in this match.

 photo 24_zpsv2ywc7cs.jpg

 photo 26_zpslromfphk.jpg

The match was chaotic and wild as SICW ring announcer Abbenhaus runs for his life as the action was everywhere.

As the referee’s attention was diverted, Khan stunned Cruz with a low blow before jabbing him in the throat with a foreign object passed into the ring by Travis Cook. After that, Khan scored the tainted pinfall on the former Classic Wrestling Champion.

 photo 27_zpssege9gox.jpg

The Classic Wrestling Championship was at stake as two-time titleholder Flash Flanagan defended against “The Man Of Tomorrow” Daniel Eads. Eads had received MWR’s “Future Star Award” and hoped to carry that momentum into a big victory, but Flash’s years of experience were too much to overcome.
 photo 28_zpsgouakfz0.jpg

 photo 29_zpsbqlwfytj.jpg

 photo 30_zpswpbnxytv.jpg

Daniel Eads is one of the 2014 MWR Future Stars of the Year, but Flanagan is one of the baddest men in the country. Eads put up a fight but the wily veteran once again was a step ahead to keep the title.

A missed move caused Eads to land painfully on the second turnbuckle and Flanagan followed up with a double-stomp from the top rope as Eads was hung up on the ropes; that allowed the champion to retain his title.

 photo 33_zpscw7wnggs.jpg

This young fan was rooting for Ricky Cruz or Ron Powers to win the battle Royal.

The ring filled with powerhouses at the end of the night, all competing for the honor of being the first holder of the Bruiser Brody Memorial Battle Royal trophy.

 photo 34_zpsylomp8nt.jpg

 photo 35_zpsvmijunzg.jpg

In the midst of all the battles, Travis Cook pulled down the top rope and caused Ron Powers to tumble out of the ring. He seemed to be eliminated at that point, but Cowboy Bob Orton would allow him to re-enter the fray. The match came down to Hargas, Khan, Cruz, and Powers…Cruz eliminated Khan only to be pulled to the floor himself. Hargas charged at Powers, but Ron pulled down the top rope and Hargas fell out of the ring…leaving the former Brody protege as the winner of the battle royal!

After Barbara Goodish presented Powers with the trophy, Herb Simmons congratulated him on his win…but he had a bit of news regarding the June show. Travis Cook had been badgering him to settle the Red River Jack controversy and Herb finally had a solution: On June 20th, Ron Powers would face two members of the Travis Cook Organization…and Powers’ tag team partner would be Red River Jack. The news seemed to catch Powers off guard, but he promised that he and R.R.J. would come out on top.

 photo 37_zpseuobd8e6.jpg

On a night set up to celebrate Wrestling At The Chase and Bruiser Brody, the action in the ring told its own story and set the stage for a tumultuous summer in Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling!


 photo 11062772_10207193045330250_5062796062294316229_n_zpsnfhgljpb.jpg

 photo 11377150_10207193303936715_7225074216249033151_n_zps6meuvovz.jpg

 photo 11119144_10207193119012092_2893235382633007559_n_zpsbwzahani.jpg

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Evan Gelistico gains momentum at Cinco De Mayo for this Saturdays Title Opportunity vs. Da’Marius Jones

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 6, 2015

 photo 1_zpsgvkgq5tv.jpg

Kevin Lee Davidson, Evan Gelistico and LaMarcus Clinton

MMWA Champion Da’Marius Jones will be in action this Saturday night at the historic South Broadway Athletic Club defending his title against Evan Gelistico. Prior to the huge six man match in April, Gelistico had not won a match at MMWA, but that would change as he teamed up with Kevin Lee Davidson and LaMarcus Clinton to challenge Jones, Gary Jackson and the Survivor Champion “Da Bomb” Brian James. When the smoke cleared, Gelistico sent shock waves throughout the MMWA locker room by landing a jackknife cradle on Jones for the win.

With revenge on his mind, the young champion quickly accepted the challenge of Gelistico, a decision that Jones may regret by the end of the night on May 9th. It has been true that Gelistico has taken some time to find some momentum at MMWA, but history has shown around the country that he is capable of defeating the top talents around the country to win titles in singles and tag team action and now has his eyes set on the MMWA Championship.

That was evident during the Cinco De Mayo celebration as Gelistico and his band of thugs ran rough shot on the MMWA fan favorites. Gelistico & LaMarcus Clinton accompanied Kevin Lee Davidson against MMWA Tag Team champion Andrew “The Wolf” Wilder. Wilder fought with all of his might, but the shenanigans of the duo at ringside were took much for him to overcome as BIG KLD once again picked up a win at MMWA.

In a huge singles matchup Gelistico with Kevin Lee Davidson & LaMarcus Clinton ringside was tested against “The Great One” Gary Jackson in one on one competition. Both Jackson and the fans were furious as Jackson had to deal with interference and distractions throughout the battle. After twenty minutes of chaos in and out of the ring the match was called a draw with Gelistico surviving the dreaded Texas Cloverleaf finisher. The fans screamed for five more minutes as they believed that was all the time their favorite Jackson needed to put Gelistico in his place but it was not meant to be.

Gelistico was not done for the day as he returned to lend a hand to his partner in crime LaMarcus Clinton as they bullied young Austin Blackburn in one of his first matches ever. Blackburn showed off some exciting offensive maneuvers ,yet it would be for naught as Gelistico and KLD stopped any momentum that the kid had against the cocky Clinton.

Heavyweight Champion Da’Marius Jones had his hands full as he teamed up with Barackus against former MMWA Champion Brandon Espinosa & A.J. Williams. In an exciting battle that showed why Jones has been successful as the MMWA Champion, he was able to withstand the mind games and assault from one of the best in the country Espinosa early on, giving the big man Barackus a chance to deliver a clawhold flatliner on Espinosa for the 1-2-3 for his team after nearly 15 minutes of wild action.

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MMWA Heavyweight Champion Da’Marius Jones

Jones ended the day with his hand raised and the MMWA title chance around his waist, but in the shadows is one Evan Gelistico looking to make his second win at the promotion be his first MMWA Championship.
Was this his plan all along?

Be there this Saturday

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MMWA returns to the SBAC on March 14th Da’Marius Jones vs. Kevin Lee Davidson

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 11, 2015

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From the Office of the MMWA Commissioner
Jimmy “Big Time” Harris

March 14th matches announced:
For the number 1 contender spot for the MMWA Heavyweight Title will be decided when

Gary Jackson takes on Brian James

Jr. Heavyweight title on the line with Champ Everett Connors will take on LMC

Even Gelestico will take on Moondog Rover for the MMWA TV Championship

Also the MMWA Heavyweight title will be on the line where Da’Marius Jones will take on Kevin Lee Davidson

Also you will see in action Espinosa, Wilder, Zulu, Barackus, Jacko, Jimmy D, J’mal Swagg, Laurence Johnson and many other superstars of the MMWA.

It’s going to be a great card and you don’t want to miss out get those tickets early and get those seats and/or tables reserved at the same time

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