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Top 20 MMWA Power Rankings

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 31, 2014


By A.K. Edwards

Every month, fans pack into the South Broadway Athletic Club knowing that they’re about to witness something special.

Whether it be the high-flyers, the brawlers, the tag team or those hell bent on singles glory, MMWA wrestling fans know that each and every single month not only are they in for a show; they’re in for a ride.

Emotions run high, bonds are formed, friendships are broken and rivalries are made.

No matter the outcome, everything is always on the line. MMWA’s finest wrestlers do what they do best, often times leaving broken and battered.

Those who go down for the 1-2-3 head back to the locker room and back to the drawing board, always plotting, planning and finding ways to get better.

The few that leave victorious leave on top of the world, but knowing that they have a target on their back.

Below is the complete and comprehensive Top 20 power ranking of those who lace up their boots and put it all out on the line at the South Broadway Athletic Club.

 photo 72_zpsc3348e13.jpg

20. Jackson Whitechapel

Whitechapel is no longer a tag team champion, but he’s still a big, strong wrestler with a mean streak. Don’t expect him to remain this low on the power rankings forever.

19. J-Mal Swagg

Swagg has no shortage in confidence or athleticism. He’s got skills and he’s not afraid to show off what he’s made of. Expect Swagg to bounce back from a pin in July.

18. Webmaster Stevie K

The Webmaster had the crowd on its feet and firmly in his corner as he tossed around Sean Orleans last month. You could feel the momentum firmly in Stevie K’s corner as he swung Orleans around like a rag doll, but unfortunately, the Webmaster suffered a count out.

His strength and smarts are sure to keep him moving forward, though.

 photo 0_zpsedab655d.jpg

17. Mephisto

Not many can go toe-to-toe with The Moondog and hold their own. Despite losing the TV Title, Mephisto came away from his dog collar match looking strong, mean and dangerous.

His mean-streak is sure to come out in the following months, which could mean trouble for his opponents.

 photo 70_zps589a5e57.jpg

16. Barackus

Despite losing the Survivor Championship, Barackus is still one of the most intimidating wrestlers in MMWA. He can lose it at any time and isn’t afraid to make the rules, which makes him a very dangerous enemy to have.

15. Zulu

Zulu’s high-flying athleticism and heart is quickly winning over fans at South Broadway. If he picks up a few wins, he’s the type of wrestler who can gain momentum fast.

14. Gary Jackson

Despite taking the loss in a tag match last month, Jackson continues to be one of the most experienced and physically imposing wrestlers in the MMWA. His brand of power, explosion and passion is hard to match.

13. Tony Kozina

The journeyman veteran showed up to the SBAC in a big way last month, viciously flying around the ring and providing the “lighting” for Kevin Lee Davidson “Thunder” in a tag match win.

12. Kevin Lee Davidson

The big fella intimidated his way through his first ever matchup at the South Broadway Athletic Club, eventually securing a huge pinfall in a tag team match to start the show.

KLD has the size and mean streak to be a future main eventer.

 photo 73_zpsfdac1f86.jpg

11. Brian James

The veteran and fan favorite had Brandon Espinosa and The Elitism dead to rights before Sean Orleans pulled his legs out from underneath him.

James suffered a brutal chair shot to seal the deal for The Elitism, but it would be unwise to count him out. He’ll bounce back stronger than ever.

 photo 00_zps220d7d99.jpg

10. Andrew “The Wolf” Wilder

Wilder used a combination of crowd support, guts and determination to battle Ace Hawkins in the first ever ladder match at the SBAC.

Truthfully, he should have walked away as the Junior Heavyweight Champion, but Hawkins channeled his inner-Elitism and stole one away from “The Wild One”.

Wilder’s grit and determination will keep him in the hunt for big things in the future.

9. Chase King and Lamarcus Clinton

This tag team proved to be brutal, dangerous and willing to do anything it takes to get a win. Whether or not they stay together or go their separate ways in the future, both King and Clinton are forces to be reckoned with in MMWA.

8. Everett Connors

The little man proved that size truly doesn’t matter in the squared circle. Heart does.

He provided a huge boost for Team Harris with his big leg drop off the top rope, pinning not one, but two of The Elitism.

The feisty underdog will be someone to watch moving forward.

 photo b5_zps76ab214b.jpg

7. Dave Osborne *Survivor Champion

Big Dave Osborne literally survived a 2-out-of-3 falls match against Barackus, who may be one of the most physically and psychologically intimidating people on the roster.

Osborne’s size and intensity helped him snatch the Survivor championship away from Barackus, and after that showing; it’s hard to fathom somebody taking it from him anytime soon.

 photo 75_zps4369aa11.jpg

6. Moondog Rover *TV Champion

The fan favorite captured his first MMWA title in six years by beating Mephisto in a brutal dog collar match. Moondog proved to be more brutal than his opponent, despite a gash in his forehead filling his eyes with blood.

He’ll be a tough champion to beat. It’s going to be hard to control the dog.

5. Da’Marius Jones and A.J. Williams *Tag Team Champions

The tag team of Jones and Williams continues to excite fans with their high-flying ability and constant energy.

After defending their titles against Jackson Whitechapel and Sean Orleans, Jones and Williams have solidified themselves as the top tag team in MMWA.

It’s going to be tough to knock them off.

4. Ace Hawkins *MMWA Junior Heavyweight Champion

Yes, Hawkins cheated and low-blowed himself to a victory against Wilder in the first ever ladder match in South Broadway Athletic Club history. Yes, Hawkins wears more eye makeup than the average pageant contestant, and yes–he’s still despicable.

At the end of the day, though, it was Hawkins on top of that ladder holding the Junior Heavyweight strap, and that’s something this writer can’t take away from him.

3. Shaft

There are not many wrestlers who can go through what Shaft has gone through and still end up on top. Shaft suffered a pin at the hands of Brandon Espinosa last month, but he had the crowd on its feet his whole time in the ring–and the former MMWA Heavyweight Champion proved to the world that he’s still got it.

 photo 1_zps94697949.jpg

2. Sean Orleans

Orleans wasn’t able to win back the Tag Team Championships last month, but he was able to pry away power from now former commissioner Jim Harris.

Now that Orleans is in control–or at least now that he thinks he’s in control–it’s safe to expect that The Elitism will find itself graced with more than a few unfair advantages heading into the future.

Orleans, ever the conniving snake both inside the ring and out of it, is sure to be a corrupt commissioner and a tough opponent to beat.


 photo 71_zpsb462087b.jpg

Ace Hawkins and Brandon Espinosa

1. Brandon “Espy” Espinosa *MMWA Heavyweight Champion

The leader of The Elitism still reigns over MMWA as the Heavyweight Champion.

His title wasn’t on the line during last month’s “Christmas in July” event, but Espinosa did more than his fair share of dirty work in order to take down Team Harris and secure the commissionership for Sean Orleans.

ESPY’s reign, which started in February, doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon.


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Wild World of Wrestling from the historic South Broadway Athletic Club (12/28/13)

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 26, 2013

Wild World of Wrestling (12/28/13)
by StLouisWrestling
Producer: Tim Miller
Recorded: 12/8/12

MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Championship
Max Archer (c) vs. Brandon Espinosa

MO/IL Heavyweight Championship (Replay)
Gary Jackson (c) vs. The Big Texan

Battle Royal Championship (Replay)
Max Archer vs. The Big Texan vs. Webmaster Stevie K vs. Brandon Espinosa vs. Chase King vs. Andrew Wilder vs. Matt King

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Michael R Van Hoogstraat’s East Carondelet, IL MMWA-SICW 11-13-2010 Photo recap

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 10, 2010


Raze overpowers King. (Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)


Tony Raze looks to lockdown Chase King. (Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)


Lockdown Tony Raze picks up another victory at MMWA-SICW. (Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Tony Raze defeated Chase King


Exciting Ace Hawkins over the top rope onto Webmaster Stevie K (Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)


Did Stevie K find out Hawkins weakness on the computer?(Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)


(Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Don’t blink Hawkins will strike. (Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Ace Hawkins defeated Webmaster Stevie K


The one and only Ron Powers in tag action with Chris Hargas. (Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)



One guy you don't want leaning on you is BIG Ron Powers.(Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)


The masked men fight back. (Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

(Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)


Ron Powers & Chris Hargas fought The Big Texan & Waco to a double DQ

Waco with a big blow. (Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Waco defeated Max Archer



Danny Boy Hawkins takes control over.Jaysin Static/Cross (Photo recap Michael R Van Hoogstraat)


Danny Boy Hawkins defeated Jaysin Static/Cross






Jerome Cody defeated Chance King









David Vaughn fought Brandon Espinosa with Travis Cook to a double countout

MMWA at East Carondelet, IL returns this Saturday December 11th.

Be there!

823 State St
East Carondelt. Il 62240

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