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2016 Missouri Wrestling Revival Future Star – Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 20, 2017

Bio courtesy of Patrick Brandmeyer

The names of Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett are well-known to Midwest wrestling fans, but the national wrestling scene has only recently begun to discover the talents of these skilled competitors.

Both men started their careers with Dynamo Pro Wrestling before branching out to the Lethal Wrestling Alliance, which would later become St. Louis Anarchy. Vega was first known as a tag team competitor and teamed with Johnny Vinyl to feud with The Ego Express(Steven Kennedy & K.C. Karrington), leading to Kennedy & Karrington becoming the first LWA Tag Team Champions when they defeated Vega and substitute partner Dingo. After that, Vega focused on singles competition…after holding the NWA Missouri Title in Dynamo Pro, he went on to capture the LWA Heavyweight Title from Gary Jay in December of 2009. Vega held the title for most of 2010 before dropping it to Evan Gelistico; this occured shortly before the transition to St. Louis Anarchy and Vega spent most of that promotion’s existence chasing the title.


Davey Vega explodes with a clothesline on ROH Star Jonathan Gresham.

In that time, Vega competed against some of the best wrestlers in the world and scored victories over many of them. That list included such names as Davey Richards, Kyle O’Reilly, Johnny Gargano, Arik Cannon, A.C.H., Michael Elgin, Roderick Strong, Chris Hero, Jonathan Gresham, D.J. Z, T.J. Perkins, Chip Day, and Martin Stone. In his final opportunity at the gold at St. Louis Anarchy’s last show, Vega finally capitalized by winning a triple threat match with champion Fitchett and Gary Jay for the title! Vega will continue to carry the championship in Pro Wrestling Championship Series as the “Gateway Heritage Title“.

As for Fitchett, his career took a similar path and he squared off with many of the same competitors as his often-time tag partner Vega. In fact, Fitchett and Vega were Tag Team Champions in both the Chicago-based All-American Wrestling and the Kansas City-based Metro Pro Wrestling!


TJ Perkins found WWE gold in 2016, but before that he and Fitchett put on a wrestling clinic at St. Louis Anarchy.

The “Dirty Rook” took his lumps in his early LWA and SLA career, enduring hard-hitting battles with the likes of Arik Cannon, Akira Tozawa, Alex Shelley, and his trainer Dingo. Fitchett was frustrated after several near-misses in title matches against Darin Corbin and Gary Jay, leading to him taking a sabbatical from SLA competition; however, it turned out that he was hiding under the mask of “Dangerous Deveroux” as he competed for SLA and PWCS. Fitchett had an uphill battle against Gary Jay as the champion rode a wave of momentum, holding the title for over two years with title defenses against some of the toughest competition in the country. Winning a thirty-man Anarchy Rumble in late 2015 finally propelled him back into title contention…and in February of 2016, Fitchett finally ended Gary’s monumental title reign to reach the top of the mountain!

Fitchett didn’t shy away from challenges as he defended his title against Evan Gelistico, T.J. Perkins, Jake Dirden, and Paco Gonzalez…but on STL Anarchy’s final night, he lost the title to Vega.

It took several years for both men to gain attention in the national independent wrestling scene, but their exposure in AAW and Beyond Wrestling has turned the heads of many onlookers. Now forming the “Blood Brothers” tag team in the National Wrasslin’ League under the names Davey Gibson and Matthew Grundy, the two look to add more tag team gold to their already impressive resumes! These two men have been considered the Midwest’s best-kept secrets, but that secret is finally getting out!

Look for an exclusive MWR Future Star artwork honoring Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett for their achievement from acclaimed artist Dartallion Allen Jr. in the future.

If you would like to sponsor the MWR Future Star Plaques for Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett then please contact MWR at flairwhoooooo@yahoo.com. The cost is 50.00 each or $100.00 for both (two plaques) and you will receive a past MWR Yearbook, a Tyler Black (Seth Rollins rookie card) and a mention on the MWR Website.

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Adam Pearce wins Metro Pro Title

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 4, 2013

 photo IMG_4621_zps8678b406.jpg

By Mike Wilson

Fans of Kansas City wrestling were witness once again to pro wrestling history as the Metro Pro title changed hands Saturday July 13. The night started with champion Jeremy Wyatt facing off in a main event caliber match with number one contender Mark Sterling, who had The King Brothers at ringside with him. The two battled it out going back and forth giving the fans at Turner Rec Center everything they had, and then some. Sterling came close many times to gaining the three count, but could not hold the shoulders of Wyatt to the mat, or get him to tap out with his finisher the Markshooter.

Anyone who has seen Sterling in a match knows he only has one major weakness and that is his temper, which has ended up costing him more than one match. In a fit of rage Sterling grabbed his kettle ball and with the King Brothers holding Wyatt’s arms he attempted to end the belt collector’s career permanently. Thankfully referee Michael Crase caught it in time ripping the illegal object from Sterling’s hands. This however did not stop the match from breaking down into complete chaos.

Three on one Wyatt fought them off the best he could until in a surprise move 5 time NWA champion Adam Pearce hit the ring, running off the Kansas City Kings effectively saving The Rebel from the beating of a lifetime. This was not however a completely selfless act on the part of Scrap Iron as he immediately called in the favor as he challenged Wyatt for the title in the main event of the night.

The anticipation was high through the rest of night as fans enjoyed match after exciting match waiting for the main event to see if Pearce, who had failed in his attempt at the gold four months prior, was going to knock Wyatt off as champion. Which was Scrap Iron’s main reason for challenging him, stating he could not get his loss out of his head, and wouldn’t be happy until he proved what he already knew… That he was better than Wyatt.

Ever since winning back the Metro Pro title in a 3 stages match in December Jeremy Wyatt has been on a mission to prove he really is the best wrestler in the Midwest. Over the course of 2013 he has put his title on the line against the best he could find all over the United States.

 photo IMG_2473_zpsa93100d3.jpg

In February he went one on one with former TNA talent T.J. Perkins, showing off his agility in a spectacular fashion, coming out on top with a very decisive victory over the young, able opponent. March gave us our first Pearce vs. Wyatt match of the year which was an an all out brawl that The Rebel proved to be the better man on that night.

When April’s event came we saw him take on and beat one of his most agile and well rounded opponents to date Ring of Honor superstar and one half of their tag team champions Kyle O’rielly.

 photo IMG_1298_zpsffedc494.jpg

The Commission tried to knock him off the top by bringing in the like minded and former leader of WWE’s Right to Censor leader Steven Richards, who in the end tapped out to Wyatt’s crossface submission move. Proving no matter what the style, be it high flyer, brawler, or technical he could beat them all. Wyatt was definitely on the top of his game, and everyone could not wait to see the rematch of the year.

The minute the music hit to introduce the first combatant in the main event the crowd erupted. The energy was literally vibrating through Turner Rec Center, and as expected the two men gave it everything they had from bell to bell. Each man trying to out do the other in and out of the ring.

 photo IMG_4605_zps045963e4.jpg

In the end the pile driver beat the lightning spiral, and Adam Pearce got the 1-2-3 becoming the new Metro Pro Champion.

 photo IMG_4585_zps24bf4d97.jpg

That however is not where this story ends. In an uncharacteristic act by super heel Pearce he extended is hand in a show of sportsmanship, showing Wyatt that he had done something few others had done in the ring, gained his respect. Wyatt’s reaction… attacking Pearce with a ferocity, pummeling the new champion before rolling out of the ring to escape retribution, but did he?

With the crowd chanting “hardcore rematch” over and over Pearce obliged by challenging Wyatt to a dog collar match in August, and if you have ever seen one of these matches they are as brutal of a match as they come. Metro Pro’s August show will not be one to miss, as these two go at it again only this time there be no way to run, and oh yes there will be blood.

 photo 996879_593613227350653_124565691_n_zpsea019812.png

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