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St Louis Anarchy helps with a families’ loss

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 6, 2014

 photo 1_zps3af9b343.jpg

By Patrick Brandmeyer

Brian & Lori Davis had recently lost everything in a house fire, including their seven-year-old son. Fortunately, they had friends who were ready to lend a helping hand.

Brian, Lori, and Brian’s sister Lindsay were in attendance for St. Louis Anarchy’s Benefit Bash in Alton, Illinois. Members of the Anarchy roster were friends of the family and set up the event to raise money for the Davises; all of the proceeds from ticket sales and merchandise raffles went directly to the family.

As usual, St. Louis Anarchy presented a loaded lineup; Ring Of Honor stars Michael Elgin, Kyle O’Reilly, and A.C.H. were on the card as well as west-coast standout B-Boy. Several competitors made their debuts for the promotion and others made their returns after long absences.

Some people on the show were more concerned about their own matters, one of those being ring announcer/manager Greg Jovi. He had returned as a ring announcer for Yuletide Terror, but he still harbored deep-seated resentment toward the Anarchy fans. He lashed out at the fans in attendance at the start of the show before being run off by the Hooligans.

The Hooligans fended off a strong effort by the Two-Star Heroes (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) and vowed that they would give the same treatment to the Young Bucks on March 1st. The fans in attendance had less than flattering sentiments regarding Matt & Nick Jackson.

Brandon Espinosa was in the rare position of being a fan favorite against “The Money” Matt Cage. Cage offered Espinosa some cash to “go down”, but Espinosa misinterpreted Cage’s intentions at first. Espinosa took the payoff but attacked Cage anyway to kick-start the bout; Espy went on to win a tough battle.

Chaos was the order of the day in a six-way dance featuring newcomers to the Anarchy roster. “Showtime” Bradley Charles and Geek Singh formed a temporary alliance to eliminate the competition, but SBC double-crossed Singh by rolling him up for a surprise pin. That left Charles one-on-one with Alex Castle, but Castle would emerge victorious as he continues to gain fan support in SLA.

The fans recognized Jeff O’Shea as “Not Matt Cage”; O’Shea had filled in for Cage as Castle’s tag partner at a previous show. That brought Cage himself to the ring to shake hands with his counterpart. O’Shea and Mallaki Matthews took on the duo of Alex The Big Owl and Gorgeous Jordan Lacey; The Big Owl showed a more aggressive side in picking up the win.

B-Boy had once teamed up with Homicide and his resume includes experience with IWA Mid-South, Wrestling Society X, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and Jersey All-Pro Wrestling. However, this was his first appearance in the St. Louis area and he was facing a crowd favorite in A.C.H. A.C.H. has been making a name for himself in ROH as well as other national promotions…despite the difference in overall experience, A.C.H. was able to get the tapout win over “The New Age Punisher” and earn his respect!

Mike Sydal showed off his yoga-enhanced flexibility on a few occasions, but it wasn’t quite enough to take down the popular Bolt Brady; Bolt got the win after several innovative maneuvers.

Despite Michael Elgin‘s national reputation, the fans were solidly behind Jojo Bravo in his quest to topple the powerhouse. Jojo did his best to wear down the “Unbreakable” one with sleeperholds, but Elgin finally defeated him after a turnbuckle powerbomb followed by his signature spiral bomb. It appeared Bravo had impressed Elgin, but Elgin mowed him down with a clothesline after raising his beaten opponent’s hand.

With a title shot at Gerald James in his future, Kyle O’Reilly sought to pick up some momentum heading into the Gateway To Anarchy weekend. Evan Gelistico was far from a mere “stepping stone” in O’Reilly’s journey and matched the current Ring Of Honor Tag Team Champion move for move. In the end, O’Reilly got the victory and now looks to capture the gold in St. Louis Anarchy!

Adam Raw returned to SLA to face Ricky Starks...with the recent trend of “old school” in wrestling, the two used several moves that you wouldn’t normally see in an Anarchy ring like the bearhug and iron claw. Raw got the win with a familiar-looking combination of moves: A big boot to the face followed by a legdrop off the ropes.

The main event was a wild brawl right out of the gate as Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett rushed the ring to battle with Anarchy Champion Gerald James and Jeremy Wyatt. Dorian Victor wasn’t above getting physically involved so it was a three-on-two situation at times. Despite the odds, Fitchett managed to plant James with a cradle piledriver to pick up the win over the champion!

The night wasn’t quite over as James, Wyatt, and Victor went on the attack once again. Greg Jovi ran into the ring to attack his former protege Fitchett and that brought out the Hooligans. Alex The Big Owl and Jordan Lacey weren’t far behind…but out of nowhere, Lacey turned on his tag team partner! At the end of the show, Lacey stood tall alongside James, Wyatt, Victor, and Jovi.

While the events of the wrestling show were memorable for the fans in attendance, it was special in a different way for the Davises…their friends at St. Louis Anarchy had put on a great show and given them some much-needed financial support in a tough time of their lives.

 photo 1017349_10200317314294026_148967150_n_zps3adf247a.jpg

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Are the Young Bucks prepared for the Hooligans at St Louis Anarchy?

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 23, 2014

 photo sla3_zps993a0ae7.jpg

The hardcore wrestling fan base are quick to point out that one of the top tag teams that you have never heard of is the Young Bucks. They consist of southern California heart throbs, brothers Matt and Nick Jackson, two young wrestlers that represent the west with their stereotypical glitz and glam, but make no mistake about the two are much more than just two pretty boys.

Many of the top teams went into a match against the Young Bucks, thinking they would be able to control them by grounding the brothers, only to find out that it is easier said than done. Matt and Nick has a second level that only the best teams possess, that quality has lead their opponents running out of gas, breathing for air and within moments looking at the ceiling at the bright lights, wandering what went wrong.

This has been the case with so many wrestling tag teams around the world that have tried their hand to keep up with the Young Bucks. For the past several years they have won fans over in great matches at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Chikara, Ring of Honor, Evolve and most recently at New Japan Pro Wrestling capturing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship by defeating Suzukigun (Taichi and Taka Michinoku).

Tag Team Championship and wrestling on most recently wrestling on IPPV this month for Evolve has the Young Bucks continuing their hot streak and adding more evidence to those that say that they are pro wrestling’s best tag team not with the WWE in 2014.

But is that about to change?

On February 28th and March 1st the Young Bucks have signed to wrestle at St. Louis Anarchy for their biggest shows in SLA History. The weekend is filled with many of the top talents in the Midwest today, mixed in with some of hottest young wrestlers in the world as Eddie Edwards, Davey Richard, Kyle O’ Reilly, Darin Corbin, Gerald James, Jeremy Wyatt, Bolt Brady Davey Vega, Brandon Espinosa and Mat Fitchett will all be in action for this Midwest Supercard.

 photo 0_zps774663b9.jpg

The Young Bucks are set to meet the very popular young SLA tag team of Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett on the first night of the double shot. Vega and Fitchett are two of the young singles wrestlers that have come together to form an exciting team that will match speed vs. speed and heart vs. heart.

The Young Bucks could very well head into the second night of the 2014 SLA Gateway to Anarchy Weekend 0-1.

 photo HH_zps747c618f.jpg

Win or loss on the first night there is a team that is looking to prove to the fans of the Young Bucks that their favorite team has met their match. That team is the Hooligans, Devin and Mason Cutter, ask any wrestler or fans in the Midwest who the best tag team in the area is and the answer is sure to be these two brothers, that have kept tag team wrestling alive. Ranked as the number one tag team in the MWR Coverage area, they are the only tag team to win the MWR Tag Team of the Year Awards twice after being chosen again in 2013.

We caught up with the Hooligans who had this to say on this huge match that is just over a month away “The Young Bucks are a world Traveled tag Team and one of the Best in the World. But in us they face a Hungry team one that wants what they have one that wants to prove they are the best. So in Alton il they best be prepared cause not only do they face The Hooligans They face us with we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

On March 1st, it will be 2 brothers vs. 2 brothers, the Jacksons vs. the Cutters in a war that will be of epic proportions. Not since the West Virginia’s, Hatfield family and Kentucky’s, McCoy’s went to war has there been a more talked about battle in this area.

 photo HOOLIGANS1_zps67d7a13a.jpg

Can the Young Bucks survive the onslaught that the Hooligans are capable of with a combination of, power and the underrated speed that the Cutter Brothers deliver early and often in a match?

The Young Bucks will hope to set up the Hooligans with excellent tag team moves such as the Aided dropkicks, the Crazy Dive, the Stereo 450° splashes Springboard splash (Nick) / standing moonsault (Matt) combination only to finish them with their breathtaking finishers the Early-Onset Alzheimer’s or More Bang for Your Buck (Rolling fireman’s carry slam by Matt followed by a 450° splash by Nick followed by a moonsault by Matt).

The Hooligans though have taught this generation of fans in the Midwest what true tag team wrestling is about by taking them to school as they cut the ring in half with perfect precision. That are masterful by creating chaos and havoc from start to finish that has left their opponents confused and bewildered questioning themselves on what happened after the Hooligans hit them with their own moves the Hooligan Rush and the Hooligan Driver.

The time has come for the Hooligans, will they be able to show the world that they are indeed the most underrated tag team today or will the Young Bucks add them to the list of victims that thought they were up to task to challenge them?

Purchase your tickets today to say that you were part of history when St Louis Anarchy presents Gateway to Anarchy and be ringside for this exciting ride to see the Best of the Midwest meet one of the Best in the World.

Saint Louis Anarchy presents: Gateway to Anarchy Weekend
Live from Alton IL Knights of Columbus Hall (405 E 4th Street)
Friday night February 28th and Saturday night March 1st
Doors Open at 6:15pm for all online orders, 6:30pm for everyone else
Shows both starts at 7:00pm
Tickets: $15 front row one night, $30 for both nights, $12 second row reserve for one night $24 for both, $10 gen. Admission for one night $20 for both

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Brand new Wrestling School in Kansas- Train with Al Snow.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 29, 2008


If you have the dream to become a Pro Wrestler and you are currently in the Kansas City area, I urge you to contact the brand new Dynamo Pro Wrestling Gym located in Ottawa Kansas. Take the time to get proper guidance and training from individuals with first hand experience on the happenings in the ring and out. When you exercise and you want your muscles to grow don’t forget to get the best HMB supplements for your trainment!

I won’t lie to you by saying becoming a Pro Wrestler will be easy, but with Dynamo Pro Wrestling you will have the advantage with the most thorough, intensive, and respected wrestling training in the Mid-West. The students will be offered the most opportunities to travel and wrestle all over the United States immediately upon completion of training as well opportunities to gain spots and be seen by all the top promotions in the world.

Dynamo Pro Wrestling Gym is a National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) sanctioned training facility. The company is proud to have two of the top talents in the world be a part of the training. Ring Of Honor Superstar Davey Richards who was trained by Paul Orndorff and Tony Kozina. Richards is a two time state amateur wrestling champion Wrestles all over the world including Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan, also working regularly in Mexico, Germany, England, France, and Canada. St Louis’s own Dingo, has excelled for all the top independent promotion in US including Ring of Honor, IWA-MS, Full Impact Pro among others.

It is often said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. You never know who may be out in the audience or watching your matches on youtube/ DVD. Don’t settle with just being cool in front of your friends; strive to earn respect worldwide. From the beginners wanting to learn, too the veterans looking to polish up there skills, Dynamo Pro Wrestling can assist you with living your dream.

The new school will open January 7th.
424 South Main Street
Ottawa, Ks.
Phone 785-248-6883 for more information.

Upcoming special guest wrestling seminars: Former WWE, ECW Superstar Al Snow. With years of experience Al Snow has wrestled around the world. His wrestling seminars have had rave reviews from the wrestlers who have attended.

Al Snow
January, 30th
St. Louis, Mo.
Dynamo Pro Wrestling Gym
3957 Park Ave.
St. Louis, Mo
6:00pm -10:00pm
Cost $50.00 per person.

January 31st,
Ottawa, Ks.
3:00pm -5:00pm
Ottawa Middle School
1230 South Ash
Ottawa, Ks.
Cost $50.00 per person.
Only 20 spots available.
Be sure to reserve a spot early before they are all filled.

NWA Presents Dynamo Pro Wrestling will have a night of wrestling that evening. See for yourself, wrestling the way it is meant to be.

For more Information on the NWA-Dynamo Pro Wrestling go to their myspace .

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Combat Tested, Mother Approved

Posted by Admin on March 1, 2008

“Combat Tested, Mother Approved”
Issue 2

by Joshua Ray

More from the mind of the MWR owner.

When I first made the decision to get involved in professional wrestling, I knew that writing was the way to get there. I’m not saying that I am the best out there, but I’m acknowledging that I do have a God-given talent for taking my thoughts and putting them into words on paper or in a digital method of some sort. There is still much for me to learn before I become an all-knowing source of professional wrestling knowledge and business sense, of course. However, I seriously doubt that even if I was the most knowledgable on the topic I would brag about being so.

A few years back, I wanted to do some form of writing for WWE. I didn’t like the product, and I had plenty of experience operating within a strict and confining political environment while making my feelings known and respected. I felt that I was a great candidate for such a career path.

Unfortunately, I quickly learned that WWE has a different criteria for a writer than what I initially believed. Not to be discouraged, I started reading into the business side of professional wrestling in general. I’d love to say that my studying days are over but I think most people, whether fans, promoters, or wrestlers, understands that the business is constantly changing. There are differing opinions on whether the change is for the better or for the worse, but the consensus is that there is always change.

I began contacting every wrestling promotion in California that I could find, as that was where I was located. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla was very polite and told me that there were no openings for me to contribute to the writing aspect of their business. A few smaller promotions never really got back to me at all. At last, my prayers were answered when Roland Alexander contacted me and offered me an internship for All Pro Wrestling in Central California near San Jose.

Roland was a friendly guy. He wanted to put me to work as an intern on the production team. Unfortunately, a major change in my life due to a combat related injury in Iraq gave the Army reason to give me a medical discharge and I was forced to relocate my wife and son. I had missed out on an opportunity, but had learned that it was possible to get my foot in the door as long as I constantly maintained the professionalism, discipline, and persistence that I had gained from the Army. Roland has a bad reputation among most people involved in wrestling, but at least he planned on giving me a chance.

The next stop for me was Missouri. My wife wanted to settle down in Lebanon, MO, our hometown. I didn’t know of any promotions in the area so I did an internet search and through a series of events came into contact with Ed Chuman of NWA Midwest. Mr. Chuman was very helpful and informative, patching me through to Central States Wrestling (CSW) and then owner, Martin Thomas. Martin sent me some DVDs of the CSW product and I was instantly hooked.

I wrote for a few e-feds (internet roleplay-based fantasy wrestling organizations), conducted recaps and interviews for Martin, and generally felt like I was appreciated for the work I was doing. I’d like to think that I started to build a reputation for myself, and that is what lead to me focusing my energy into Missouri Wrestling Revival.

I still have dreams of becoming more involved in the business of professional wrestling. For now though, it’s important to take smaller steps, plan, and let everything fall into place. The more knowledge I have about the business, the more I find that I want to change about it. Recently, there have been good people that have chipped in to help me out with no other motive other than to befriend me and talk about shared interests.

Tobi Hope of Powerhouse Wrestling, good friend and MWR columnist Brian “Flair” Kelley, “Smart” Mark Anthony, Peter Hahn, and Jeff (isageek), to name a few. St. Louis Wrestling Community and the owner, Mad Conservative Crimefighter, has been a big help and drove initial traffic to my site.

Hopefully my saga in pro wrestling will continue…

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