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Dubi meets the IHW Fans June 2010

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 29, 2010

By Dubray Tallman

We are back with another edition of Dubi Meets the fans, last time we were in Des Moines Iowa for 3XW and for this one we had to travel through Missouri to Illinois to make our way to Dupo for Independent Hardcore Wrestling.

IHW has been red hot in 2010 with some large crowds that have been very energetic, in fact the size of the crowd have got so large that they are going to need to find a new building to hold all the fans. This night would be no different as IHW was filled with a great mix of talent including a non-title rematch between IHW Champion Brandon Aarons taking on the self proclaim greatest wrestler ever from Illinois, the current IHW Illinois Champion Eric Allen, the ultra talented Bailey Mannix met Tony Kozina while Mr. Late Nite caused chaos and Evan Money, Steven Kennedy, Billy McNeil and Sean Vincent went toe to toe to become the 2ND Annual IHW ST Louis Invitational Tournament Champion that Aarons had won last year. This year the hated Sean Vincent would take home the bragging rights.

Everywhere we go Brian and I have a ton of friends and with so many promotions in St Louis it is only magnified which makes going to the shows a ton of fun. Brian had spoken to our friends Jonathan Jones and his wife Lena on the way to the show to find out if they were going to make it to the show but one of their children was in the Hospital so he was unsure of what time they could make it.

Prior to the show started I ran into the people from Iconsofwrestling who have the wonderful Gods of Wrestling painting with so many old and new stars filling this must see painting. This was the first time that I had seen this and I have to say it was a sight to see. I went in to get Brian to let him know that the artist Icon, Ed Schultz and Dotty Mattis were there. While we sat outside talking fans where coming by to check out this masterpiece. Brian mentioned to them that they should contact both Metro Pro and Larry Barber about showing off the poster in Kansas. He also stated that this summer’s big Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremonies in Iowa was about to happen and would be a golden opportunity to share the art with many people that love Wrestling. They are really hard at work promoting this one of a kind piece and was on their way to do double duty that night as they were off to meet our good friend Herb Simmons at MMWA-SICW. If you would like to check out the Gods of Thunder click here.

Before I knew it the doors had open and the crowd filled the building waiting for some great wrestling action. Brian was busy proudly showing off the new MWR Trading card that Mephisto had done which went over well with everyone. The next day he was to announce that Tyler Black would be the 10th card but was keeping it a secret till he posted it on the site. I know if Brian won the lottery he would just make a card for everyone but though expense of making one is reasonable making several can become expensive , so for the time being he is unable to make as many as he would like. If you would are a wrestler, Manager/Valet or referee and would like to have an awesome collectable for you to sell or have I highly recommend that you contact Brian on the details. Already in the set are Santana G, Mark Sterling, MsChif Kahagas, and Mike Sydal. Likewise if you are a business or wrestling school and would like to sponsor a wrestler with your business logo on the card feel free to ask how. Personally I don’t think that it will be complete until there is a Derek Stone and Dubi card.

It seems as if everyone was excited to be a part of Dubi meets the fans so it is getting easier to find people to want to be a part of it. This night wrestling Superfan Erica Jones was joined with her sister Michelle brought birthday boy Joshua Jackson who had just turned 7th and little man Ellies. A great way to celebrate your birthday is at a wrestling show. They were all big fans of Mephisto who happily took the time to take a picture.

Joshua and Ellies with Mephisto (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Young Braden Pulcher was at IHW for the first time so I let him watch the matches to decide which IHW Star he would take his picture with. Not surprisingly he chose the charismatic “The Kid” Evan Money to have his picture with. Money was successful in the first round Jordan McEntyre in an exciting match and during the intermission posed with his new fan.

Braden Pulcher and Evan Money (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Next up was one of the most  hardcore  wrestling fans in the area Andrew Adams otherwise known as the “Firefighter”. Andrew choose Brandon Aarons at first but when he saw that I took Mickie Knuckles as my picture he changed his mind and we were more than happy to have give him his wish with the hardcore beauty.

“The Firefighter” Andrew Adams and Mickie Knuckles (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Dupo is Mephisto territory and he would be picked once again. This time Kolby Stephens wanted his picture taken with him as well. Mephisto fans would were happy to see him team up with Justin Wade to defeat MR Late Nites men Brandon Graves and Cable. The loss would lead to MR Late Nite firing Cabal while Graves and The Perfect Weapon Morbid attacking their former partner.

Kolby Stephens and Mephisto (Photo Credit Brian Kelley )

Dennis Corderant the winner of the MWR T-shirt that was thrown by superstar Adam Rich, gets to pose with the rising star (Photo Credit Brian Kelley )

The Wrestler of the night who would throw a MWR Shirt to one lucky fan turned out to be young Adam Rich. Rich was returning to the ring after a short absence and would have his hands full with the hated Canadian in the first round of the STL Tournament. Young Dennis Corderant would be the lucky fan that caught the MWR Shirt. Later in the night Rich took the time to have his picture taken with the young fan.

As I mentioned before I always try to choose a picture with a star as well though sometimes I get so busy I do not get it done. I have always been impressed with Mickie Knuckles and she happily posed with me prior to her match with Mia Martinez. Mickie is one tough girl.

Dubray Tallman and Mickie Knuckles (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

As far as Jonathan, him and Lena would not make it till the main event match with Brandon Aarrons and Eric Allen match. They were so impressed that they purchased tickets for IHW’S return to Dupo on July 24th.

MWR Fans thank you for taking the time to read this article. In the near future look for Dubi meets the Fans at Pro Wrestling Epic from Mt Pulaski Illinois and if all goes as planned we will make our long waited debut at New Midwest Wrestling in Springfield Illinois for their show Boiling Point. Keep an eye out for my special interview with Blake Steel as he goes after the NMW Title currently held by Jonathan Magnus.

Till next time fans, support your local wrestling. I hope to see you at a show real soon.

Love Dubz

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Dubi meets the AAPW Fans in West Frankfort, Illinois

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 9, 2010

Dubray Tallman here with a brand new “Dubi meets the Fans”. In this edition we are back at All American Pro Wrestling in West Frankfort Illinois.

Brian recently came up with the ideal to have a promotions superstar to wear a MWR Shirt to the ring and throw it out to one lucky fan. This helps out as the drawing sometimes can be a bit hectic to get everyone signed up before the intermission of the show.

Last week my good friend Santana G became the very first wrestling star to share the love of MWR to the fans. On this night was another good friend, Edmund “Livewire” McGuire who was nice enough to be a part of MWRs give away.

I must say that I had a great time before I even got to AAPW as we rode with our good friends Mike Van Hoogstraat and Jonathan Jones. Then we got to AAPW and caught up with old friends and before I knew the bell had ringed. Brian introduced me to Adam Testa from the Wrestling Daily website and one of the games Brian likes to play is “who is going to win” and this time he included Adam and Jonathan as Mike Van was busy taking some awesome pictures. Brian laughed as Jonathan and Adam got one right while I was wrong then I remembered that I need to find some fans before intermission, so I quickly caught up with some great people for the new Dubi meets the AAPW Fans.

AAPW is known for providing wrestling action that everyone can enjoy so there is always an abundance of kids in the house. Speaking of house, the fans love the Mississippi Madman and when the Madman asks “Who House is it?” the fans quickly reply the Madman’s house. I caught up with Josh Turner and his mother Patty Brockman, Mt. Vernon, IL who quickly said the AAPW Champion.

Patty Brockman, The AAPW Champion The Mississippi Madman and Josh Turner (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley

Up next was young Dakota Wagner and Austin Wagner, West Frankfort, IL who stated that they were fans of Edmund “Livewire” McGuire. McGuire as always was a gentleman and obliged the young AAPW Fans.

Dakota Wagner Edmund “Livewire” McGuire and Austin Wagner (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

I have to laugh about the next Superstar that the fans requested pictures with, Mike Sydal. Over a year ago we pulled up at a show and we had only seen Sydal a couple of times and he always seemed like a nice guy but Brian says” Great Mike Sydal is here! So I replied “What’s the big deal with Mike Sydal?

A year goes by and now wherever we go, from Iowa to Granite City to Kansas all to way to Illinois fans are asking us about Mike Sydal. I asked a couple of girls who their favorite was and they sheepishly stated it was Mike Sydal. When it was time to take the picture one of them got shy and didn’t want to be in it, but young Brittany Mouser from West Frankfort, IL was more than happy to have her taken with him.

Brittany Mouser and Mike Sydal (Photo Credit Brian Kelley )

I thought I was done with Dubi meets the fans when Tina Reyling from West Frankfort, IL approached us to have her picture taken with Sydal as well.

Tina Reyling and Mike Sydal (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Not to be left out I asked Mike for a picture of the two of us and as you can see I purchased the hottest wrestling wear in the Midwest, the brand new Mike Sydal t-shirt. .

Dubray Tallman and Mike Sydal (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

After the Main event between Madman and Jeremy Wyatt, I caught up with the lucky fan who caught the shirt thrown by McGuire before his match with “Badboy” Chris Thomas. We would like to thank Jack Holmes and his step dad Paul Fisher . AAPW star  KC Jackson was nearby and was gracious enough to get in the picture with the AAPW Fans.

One half of the Money Makin Jam Boyz KC Jackson on the left, Middle bottom Jack Holmes top middle Paul Fisher and far right Brian Kelley.

Till next time remember when your Dubin it your Dubin it and when your not, your not cool

Loves Dubi

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