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Dartallion Allen JR MWR Top Draw: 2016 MWR Future Star of the Year Davey Vega

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 15, 2017

Davey Vega has been one of the best kept secrets in the Midwest for some time. One of those reasons is because of his limited exposure in the area due to seeking out challengers outside of the area, but if you were to ask any of the fans of St. Louis Anarchy, they would tell you that he has been a star for years.

MWR agrees with them, but there is no doubt that he has only touched the surface of what he is able to accomplish. Recently at NWL (as Davey Gibson) we watched a wrestling clinic when he went toe to toe with the former Ring of Honor World Champion Kyle O’Reilly in a match at the Casa Loma Ballroom that is an early candidate for match of the year.

Speaking of matches of the year candidates, Vega recently had not one, but two battles that would have to be considered when he teamed with Blood Brother teammate Mathew Grundy ( and fellow 2016 MWR Future Star of the Year Mat Fitchett) against the Royal Blood (Jet and Jax Royal). The two matches left fans wanting more and as my friend Patrick Brandmeyer stated had a feel of the Rock and Roll Express and Midnight Express clashes that set a standard in tag team competition in the 80’s.

Regardless if  he is to find success as a singles star or in tag team action, it is our belief that Davey Vega is one of the premier stars in the sport for many years to come. We welcome you to come out next Saturday at Cape Championship Wrestling as we present him with the 2016 MWR Future Star Plaque in the epic card in Cape Girardeau , Missouri when he will take on former TNA star Joey Ryan.

This MWR plaque is sponsored by our good friend Mike Wilson’ Shooter Spotlight, and will feature this very own artwork in the frame.


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The Champagne has been Popped- Dak Draper is the First Ever NWL KC Champion

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 2, 2017

The Mile High Magnum Dak Draper and Blain Meeks went to war at the Scottish Rite Temple in the finals of the NWL KC Championship last night that had fans clamoring for more.

Early on it looked as if Meeks speed would be the deciding factor on his way to the title, but Draper was able find an opening to force his will at key moments of the match. Meek chants from the fans shook the building as their favorite looked to have the match won with his daring and fearless aerial attack he was able to hit, in and out of the ring with expertise timing and perfect location on Draper’s body and head.

After a roller coaster chain of events that saw Marco and Leonel Howlett enter the ring in hopes of helping out Draper, the Royal Blood, Jax and Jet came out to run them out of building. It was still anyone’s match to win. When the smoke cleared it was Draper that was able to get the 1-2-3 and make history as the first ever NWL KC Champion.

Now Draper has his  million dollar looks, the perfect tan and the NWL KC Championship belt around his waist with the finest drinks in hand. Meeks can hold his head up high and learn from this classic match to prepare him for his rematch that we can’t wait to witness ourselves.

Keep an eye out at MWR to find out who will be the first to face the new champion for the title.

We hope to see you this Sunday as the huge NWL STL Tournament  is set to happen  at the Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis.

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NWL KC This Saturday Royal Blood vs. Niles Plonk & Ken Dharma, Jeremy Wyatt vs. Thor Theriot

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 18, 2017

Don’t you dare miss the second NWL KC event at the Scottish Rite Temple at Linwood & Paseo this Saturday at 7 p.m., with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. It’s a special night as we kick off the tournament to crown the first KC champion in history with two qualifying matches. League prez Major Baisden will appear to display the stunning KC championship belt—a title definitely worh fighting for.

In other bouts, Thor Theriot will attempt to dethrone the The Monarch Jeremy Wyatt in what should be a classic. Dakota Draper will be there to impress without breaking a sweat. And be prepared for the debut of the maniacal mercenaries from the West Coast, cousins Marco and Leonel Howlett.

They informed us they were “a little disappointed” to find they weren’t booked for the inaugural NWL KC event. So they took negotiations into their own hands—by taking one of our NWL interns hostage. Normally, we wouldn’t cave to such horrifying tactics, but to ensure Harold’s safe return to his family, we agreed to not only air this graphic video but also book the Howletts on this Saturday’s card—against The Union. Joe and Mack are so angry, they are ready to kick these punks’ butts all the way back to California. See what we hope is the first and last appearance of these maniacal mercenaries from the West Coast: reserve you seats at fightkc.ticketfly.com.

NWL KC #wrasslin’ returns to rock the Scottish Rite Temple this Saturday at 7 p.m. In the main event, Royal Blood_NWL will take to the air against high society’s Niles Plonk & Ken Dharma, who claim their organic teamwork will be enough to ground the high-flying favorites.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Reserve tix at fightkc.ticketfly.com.



Hey, there, super friends, if you subscribed to the NWL Slam-O-Gram newsletter, you would have received this super deal from Blaine Meeks, offering heroic savings on any ticket at this Saturday’s NWL KC event at the Scottish Rite Temple. Never fear, we’re here to save the day—and save you some cash. Enter the code SUPERMEEKS at checkout and save $5 on each advance ticket you purchase at fightkc.ticketfly.com. Then sign up to receive more amazing offers at fightkc.com. #POW! #WHAM! #FightKC


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